This past weekend Grand Rapids was lucky enough to host a 3-day EDM celebration.  For any of you that don’t already know, EDM is electronic dance music. There are DJ’s, lots of lights, and lots of sound.  It’s a giant festival with a family-style following. People travel the country follow the acts around and seeing their “festival families”.   In GR the festivities began on Halloween. Now some may expect that with the crowd that attends these festivals things might get a little crazy.  Electric forest certainly can. There are a lot of people and a lot of drugs. Surprisingly, this was one of the best groups of people we have ever picked up for a large venue event.

Many of us were quick to remark about how nice and polite everyone was.  Also, how composed. People weren’t getting drunk. They were already having too good of a time without copious amounts of beer.  Many of them were easy to talk to, easy to find (which is really saying something here), and many also tipped well. We were expecting a cluster and were pleasantly surprised.  Of course, there were some difficulties because of the sheer number of people but everyone was so understanding and helpful when it came to finding them, and getting them home. Jason was talking to all of us that night and said that the only people that he had trouble with were some drunk college students. I really think that when it comes down to it, alcohol is usually the X factor when you have troublesome riders.

And beyond all of this, it was a massively profitable weekend. It surged like crazy.  And only the locals complained about pricing. I think I speak for all of GR when I say, Bassnectar, please come back next year. It was a pleasure having you.