My Experience with the Uber Gobank Debit Card

In late August, after my car fiasco, I decided to go try the Uber debit card. I finally achieved Platinum Pro Status on Uber  and the 11% cash back made it seem worth it. In reality, though, the 11% back was just a brief summer feature.  I am still going to use the card, because 3% cash back is better than 0%.  

I like that I earn cash back on gas (1.5%-4%), cashback on groceries at Walmart (2% up to $100 per month) and that I have the ability to keep my gas money separate from my main account.  There are other rewards offered, like 15% at Jiffy Lube and 10% at Advanced Auto Parts. Sadly we don’t have Jiffy Lube and I never go to Advanced Auto Parts, so those are inconsequential to me.  With my gas spending I get between $24-$30 a month back on gas. So that’s great. One free tank of gas a month!

Even with these good features, there are some downsides, however.  The Gobank platform is not business friendly. They do not offer a CSV download or export to QuickBooks feature.  It also is just another account and card to manage when I am splitting up my income from Uber. I already have a business bank account, which really makes the lack of business features inconvenient. I also can’t load my Lyft funds to the card fee-free like I can my Uber funds.

At the end of the day, the minor inconvenience of having to manually enter my income into QuickBooks is worth the bonus $24+ I earn a month.  I also can make money if I use it at Walmart, even though I rarely shop there. Hopefully next summer they will increase the gas rewards again and it will be a more substantial cash back.  Is it worth getting? For me, yes. Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think!