It’s almost daily that I see a post on Facebook asking for advice regarding driving full time vs. part time.  It seems like a great plan. Right now, you drive 15 hours on weekend nights and bring home $400. Imagine what you could make if you drove 40. I get it. I did it.  But do I recommend it? No.

There are a lot of factors to consider when looking at driving full time.  How much more gas you will use, the ability to manage your money and prepare for a $0 week earning occasionally, setting aside a nest egg for repairs, and the simple loss of stability and maybe benefits your current job provides. It’s a lot to take in.  If I had not had the intention of returning to college, I would not have risked it.

As a part time driver, you won’t see a significant increase in vehicle needed maintenance. Sure, you might pay more for gas and go through brakes a bit faster, but nothing dramatic.  And it’s fun. Driving part time for extra income is enjoyable. You can brush off the bad rides more easily. When you drive full time, the maintenance is unreal. Monthly oil changes and tire rotations. New tires and breaks at regular intervals.  Other increased maintenance costs based on your vehicle and its age. Easily $200 a week in gas. And honestly, when your ability to pay all your bills is based on how much you make driving, it’s a lot less fun. You don’t get too look forward to it on Friday night.  Its every day, all day.  

Of course, depending on your circumstances and market, it may be a breeze. It really varies based on your market, your love of the job, and your personal situation. It may be a saving grace from a dead-end minimum wage job. It also might end in financial ruin.  Odds are though, you probably shouldn’t quit your day job.