With Comfort being rolled out nationwide this last year many eligible drivers are benefiting greatly from it. I still see many people asking what exactly Comfort is. This newer option has already started confusing drivers, passengers, and has given passengers another way to cheat the system. To clear up any confusion, I’ll describe each option below.

To start with the basics we will begin with Uber X. Uber X seats four and can be almost any standard size vehicle, with restrictions on year based on the region.It is the most economical option currently.

Next, by price, is Uber Comfort. Comfort is any vehicle on the eligibility list Uber puts out yearly. It can be a 4+ seater vehicle, however it is intended to be a larger, more comfortable Uber X. In this case, passengers are not paying for the extra 2 seats from an XL. It also allows passengers to set certain preferences, like sound and temperature. Lastly, Uber XL. The beast of the bunch. It is the most expensive option and the only option allowing for 6 passengers. In case you’re wondering, it does not need to be a large SUV or comfortable, it just needs 6 passenger seat belts.

It stands to reason most people will still choose the Uber X out of price consciousness alone. One thing we at GR Rideshare Adventures are finding though, is many XL groups of people are ordering the cheaper Comfort option in lieu of the XL option in hopes that they will get someone with an SUV. Because many Comfort vehicles are XL also, they often luck out. This puts the driver in the position of either saying no, upcharging the ride after the fact, or just cancelling and leaving. All of these options have negative repercussions for drivers. Saying no and limiting the ride to 4 passengers is asking for a bad rating, sometimes the ride has a surge on it and Uber will not adjust rides with surges, and cancelling hurts cancellation rates.

We have also noticed the longer Comfort has existed that more people, especially couples, are using it. It’s like goldilocks. The middle option wins out. So check in your market to see what is considered Comfort. It may be a worthwhile option to have the next time you go car shopping.