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Recently, Jason picked up an active duty young man enlisted in the Air Force who was going home on leave - to Traverse City. This was Jason’s longest ride to date. The passenger was not 25 years old yet, and was denied the ability to rent a car. It seems the rental companies are not making it easy to rent a vehicle these days.

Q: Would you want your wife to become a rideshare driver?

The flat out answer is no, I do not want my wife out rideshare driving. Here’s why:

Recently, I took a very pleasant group of people to a small city by the water. Their final destination was approximately 50 minutes away. I picked them up at the airport. They were here in Michigan to spend the week of July 4th by the water.

Rideshare is becoming what appears to be a permanent fixture in our culture. A year or so ago, when I would type in the word “rideshare,” I would get the red squiggly line telling me I had a misspelled word. That is no longer the case!