Already doing gig work? Thinking about it? Well, here's 4 tips to help make it a full-time job

Whether you already do gig work, or you’re simply toying with the idea of joining the gig economy, you’ve probably asked yourself: Can I do this for a living?

Short answer, yes.

Long answer, yes and here's how:

How to Make Gig Work a Full-Time Job

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Tax time for gig workers doesn't have to be scary. We're here to help.

Tax time is here again. Well, for gig workers, tax time it's constantly around the corner. So here's a few tax tips for gig workers:

Gig Work Tax Tip #1: File Quarterly

Did you know that most tax sites recommend gig workers file quarterly? That means filing every APR15, JUN15, SEP15, and JAN15, otherwise you could pay an average fine of $130.

OK, so pay that it?


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Gig economy drivers need a dash cam. The guys at The Gig Economy Podcast can help you find just the right one!

Gig Economy Drivers!

Ya know, dash cams are pretty neat little gadgets, with more uses than you might think. Particularly with parking mode (see here for more info on parking mode). Consumer Reports has an interesting article on some lesser talked about dash cam applications. But for the sake of gig economy drivers, we’re going to stick to what works best when you’re on the job.

(**PRO TIP**: No matter what dash cam you get, reformat the card in your dash cam at least once a week!)

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