Hi guys, welcome to the

podcast. Thank you so much for joining us tonight. We are live back in the studio

we're so excited and yeah it's it's just feels good to sit down and see my friends and and just enjoy their beautiful faces and not just talking What do you mean friends? I'm fine all thanks p see he's nice your look what

do you mean friend? You gave me one of these vanilla ci thing well what what do you want?

I mean, do you want a beer that needs to be bought by the business company? Yeah. So of course we have yes for over here and P There are nine Jason so for anyone that's new looks like Janet and Keith are on So hi, guys. We appreciate everyone joining. Thanks, Justin. So tonight's studio sponsor is Irvine's Auto Repair in Grand Rapids hybrid. We'll talk about them a little bit later. But thank you for supporting the show. Everyone that's listening. If you can please, please share the stream and in your groups that would be that helps us more than anything when we can get our name out to other people. So just want to talk about the picnic real quick, which is still on, at least in Michigan, the governor says up to 100 people with social distancing.

So Janet, there's room for you as

Janet book your flight now. There we go. It's August 15. And Rob, if you guys want to come down from that, for that it's noon to four it's gonna be a blast. I haven't talked to you guys about it. But I thought about live streaming during the whole thing will be kind of fun. Absolutely. You know, have different people sit down and just chat about it and maybe not the whole time. For hours, but I think that would be kind of fun. We can figure something out. Yeah, that'd be great. And of course, we're always looking for a sponsor for that. We haven't reached out to our current sponsors, but if anyone wants to sponsor that picnic, we would be open for that. Hey,

we might even let you you know hand out brochures and stuff.

Oh, we might

real quick to a picture of Mr. Miguel who is a Patreon Patreon member of ours and we gave it way a camera it was not an in it was not inside outside just outside outside. So my guess is he'll sell it on Facebook marketplace But hey,

I know he actually said that he did not in one of those vehicles to not have a dashcam Okay, he's gonna put it in there. Oh nice. He does use that for the gig work sometimes.

Okay, so yeah,

yeah. And even if he did sell I don't care if you want it fair and square. We are going to test a van true camera. That one is actually going to go in my car but that will be given away the black view which will be giving away

the black room. Yeah,

which is a $500 camera. I'm not a huge fan of it. I Can't say it's a bad camera. I just like the simplicity of the van shrews.

It's not a bad camera. I don't know. It's just a different camera.

Right? It's just different. Yep. So we'll be doing that.

Oh, Paul wants to message about sponsorship needs. Paul will be reaching out to you. Thank you so much. Right. Um, so stories.

Funny story about Miguel. Oh, all right. Let her settle in him. I didn't even realize I met him. I was at the shell. At Johnny's over I was at Michigan. Fuller. Yeah, Michigan falling oil, and I'm pumping gas and I see this Uber driver pulls up next to me. And he goes in and I kind of wave at him and he comes out and I asked him how he's doing. He says, Good, and I'm like, Alright, well have a good night. And so I roll on and I see in the chat. He's like, Pete, was that you? I just talked. Oh, whoops. whoopsies Yeah, yeah, thanks.

Yeah. Well, it's weird. You know, you join that telegram group. You don't really see pics. It's not like Facebook, right where you're seeing their life. It's just they're just messages, you know. So I wouldn't quite recognize them outside the group either. So although he does have a he does have his own picture up for his eye.

My Profile Picture avatar on telegram by the

third column avatars

kind of old I know, but it sounds right to me. Yeah, I don't know. So yeah, we don't have any stories from the last podcast I have announced to the guys that I'm going to be driving after the fourth. So I'm ready to get back into it. That when face masks are like done no, there is no there has not been having like

now you're gonna wear a face mask. I am gonna wear a face before the beat up or you're gonna get one of those. Yeah, like gamepad. Yeah,

what are they called?

I don't know what they're called. But I definitely looked online for today. You just basically pull them up. You basically pull them up and it's good if you have a beard. Oh,

yeah. Because when I put my face like depends

You're not even getting a hail for that. Because like with my beard it like it kind of comes right here. So if I can just talk all everything in and then pull it up. I think that'll be fine.

Some made with a logo on epic cool.

That would be kind of weird.

Yeah, I mean, let's be honest, I'm not gonna wear it when there's no one in the car. What's the point and here's the thing with those pull up ones you can just kind of quick pull them down and then put it back up and then pick somebody I

thought about getting one of those plastic shields.

Nobody not not for the face. Not one of those. Like the ones

we talked about in the last podcast.

Well, they made some they've since then they've come up with the it's not it's made our last last

podcast. He wasn't here remember? Oh,

the last podcast I kind of left up and I had an issue so so what if since rating Oh, no, I can say what I want. But But I saw a pretty cool one that it was actually

it was pretty Plastic It was not

like plexiglass,

so it was more flimsy.

Oh, yeah. No, it was it was actually plastic, but it was it was all velcroed all the way around. And that seemed like a pretty good idea.

But here's the thing. Uber driving for me is about the connections. I mean, it's about the money, but it's about the phone connections. You put that up and it's just like it's weird then then you lose dashcam like it's kind of all wobbly. Right? You know, and I don't know, I like the belt. If I were to have to do it like this is required. I do like the Velcro option because you can just pull it up and rip it down really easy. Right, exactly. But

saran wrap.

So you could just wrap the ride up before he gets

noticed have a dispenser that goes right across the door. They walk in and there's like two sides

like that. Spin twice, exit.

Nice. So Scott, I asked if we're wearing branded bill hats.

We actually are

But unfortunately not without bread

right and afford it but we'll get there. That's funny that he caught that he loved these hats,

and then they got a frame. Ha. Scott frame. Yeah. Do you

know him? Yeah, okay. Yeah. And they Hendrick said where's the social distancing guys? No face Mac How are the roads? I mean, if we

about six feet apart so

you two are but I think we are

close close though you know

it's fine. It's fine so

the roads are not good what they're I guess they're fine

they're wet right now there were a lot of branches.

Yeah there was like for not having a tornado. Well Granville

got hit with a 75 mile an hour wind gust at some point and apparently on the other side Ivan rest got hit real bad but we I had a few branches down in the front but nothing they shut that one 196 for a while because of the downpipe. Oh really? I think there was in Holland there was a semi trailer that got flipped over. I'm like that's pretty powerful. Right there. Hopefully was empty. I know if it was full I don't think he got flipped. So but anyways back to Yeah, I'm gonna start driving.

I don't know yes for is on the fence.

The problem is I have a day job and I have some responsibilities to them correct and so I'm trying to figure out when is the right time for that because I mean I have business partners I have you know daily responsible that have to do and if it I don't know I want to go back on the road just as much as you do. I mean I itchin right. I want to go back. I'm missing my I'm missing my weekend therapy is missing the extra money. I mean, that's Yep, I definitely I never did do any of the P ua or anything like that.

No, you know, what you're really missing is whipping out of vetoes. I do I do. 230 in the morning.

Well, it's like but

it's the whole it's the whole experience though. Right? It's all of it. I'm missing. It's missing going out. It's the adrenaline, adrenaline rush that still was there a little bit right. Not allowed. anymore, but you still missing? Yeah, you miss going out there and catching all the rides and having fun and as you said, you know, talking to the people, and yeah, because that was the best part.

Yeah, and is the best there. I wish I could have one where I could just push a button and be like, okay, you're assholes.

I mean, like, but I also

have been in the limo seat. Yes.

Yeah. I don't know. But what about up? Have you thought about it at all or not?


not really. No. I mean, I have. I'm kind of in the same boat. I'm kind of like, itching to get back out there. Yeah. Like, again, it's not I mean, it is about the money but like, talking to people and like picking up those awesome riders on Friday nights when the bar gets out. You know, the good ones.

Yeah. Well, I think it's a little different from you because you've transitioned to, like, hated when I say a normal job. I feel like I feel like you have People but like a non gig job where you work an eight to five, so it's a little bit different. But, yeah, I mean, you you probably do miss it. I mean, it's probably been a nice break, but it's I mean,

I'm ready. I'm

good della.

Yeah, I mean that weekend, I won't be doing anything but the weekend after the fourth I think I'll be out. I mean,

I'm thinking it's already gonna be slow. We all know summers are slow as heck true, right? I mean, so they are slow. They will always slow college is probably nothing. Yeah, they used to be down to like minimum now then nothing because they're gone. Right? They'd be they would like they took all three months early.

Not all of them only the people that were on campus. Anyone off campus were still on

campus was a lot of the traps true.

I did see somebody complained about the on the I know we're kind of getting off topic, but that's fine. In the in the Grand Rapids group, how slow it was, I'm like, well, it's kind of Yeah, it's slow because a it's summer. Right. You know, everyone's Well, I think it was the first night they were open. They were like, yeah, everyone's walking around. I'm like, yeah, it's summer.

That's what people do. Just wait a month when we get those. How many scooters don't? Oh,

don't Why'd you have to remind? We all

have scooters. We have drunk people. Yeah, that seems like a really good idea.

Hey, yo, yeah, you weren't?

Yeah, the last episode. So a dust off those dash cams, because you're gonna be getting some good footage.

posting that stuff again. I know.

But once again to say you're old.

I was gonna say something that was important too. And it'll come back.

So real quick. The telegram group, we're talking about it. The link is in the chat. I know Jana and Rob just joined from New Zealand, which is awesome. It's funny three months ago.

Yeah, just

wow. They're the newest Yeah, I met. Well, it's funny. I've looked at our stats and our New Zealand stats are going up a little bit. It's

I love it.

Yeah, I see that New Zealand is declared. I know,

they're the only ones in the world. Hey, good job. They did something right. Good. Yeah,

they shut down. They shut down.

Yeah, completely. And but but I mean, there's not that many people in New Zealand though, right? I mean they they had advantage of and their island so that's an advantage too.

But it's not a small island

No, but I'm saying it's not like Michigan, Ohio where you can just drive to the next day, you know, right. But anyways, so yeah, so join that telegram group that would be we would really like that. And if you have to download the app, and then click the link in there for some reason, or maybe just try to click the link. I've been saying that for about two years, and maybe it's different now. I don't even know they fixed it. Maybe they fixed it.

It is a pretty cool app. And it's a very, very cool community.

Yeah, and I missed that too. Like the other day, Larry He said he got back on the chat because I had started chatting and then all sudden you were in there and he's like, it's like 40 messages I missed. This is like the Oh yeah.

It was like 130 message. What happened the world and what's going on?

Yeah, there was nights where there would be thousands mess messages. Yeah, no.

People have just

yapping, right. Janet says there's 5 million people. So Michigan has 10 million. So that puts that in perspective.

So Denmark has 5 million people. Yeah, I think 6 million but yeah,

so yeah, that kind of puts it in perspective of how small now I'm not. I'm not Pooh poohing it by any means. So just for just for fun. I always like the stats in our group. It's we've shared 5050 500 photos, 338 videos.

And 55,523 voice messages since when it doesn't give me a sense when they were created. Yeah, but yeah.

Does it say how many gifts?

No. Well would that be Under videos or it's media,

no images,

probably images. Yeah, it's 5500

it's got to be more now I feel like there's nights where we lay out the whole way of communicating. Yes.

It's probably you know, the same GIF is only one comment at once.

It might I don't know.

There's a memory usage of gifts.

Right? Right for sure. You're up? Yes,

sir. I am up. So again, talking about all these things that helps us we want to make sure that obviously, we encourage our users our listeners, not users, this practice here to to write a review on is an essential lockdown listening. What does that even mean? You wrote that? No, I didn't. I didn't write that. Anyways, we just wanted you guys to write reviews on our show. On all the places you can review it and right now, the biggest place For us to do that is on Apple podcasts. And I think maybe also Google's home I think I've seen on Google But anyways, definitely have a podcast. It does make a big difference. It helps us a lot. So

yeah, I you know, I had a sticky note. What I do with it, I think we're rated in for podcast charts were like 350 in our category. So that's pretty good. I mean, if you make the top 200 is where you want to be. So every review helps us kind of bump up or bump down however you want.

I chose Of course, and listen to us regularly, you know, helps.

Yep. And we

thank our sponsor, one of our sponsors, and there is a new website. So if you go to a gig economy,

we couldn't get the walk with I

hate the dash. I hate it. It's gig economy dash podcast calm but if you go to the old website, I'll reroute you to the new one too, right? Yep, yep. So but yeah, check it out. We'd love you to take and it's a work in progress. Yeah. is always a work in progress. So, speaking of sponsors, our studio sponsor is Irvine's Auto Repair in Grand Rapids hybrid. I was just there while they did the the brakes on the van. And I told them to do it as cheapest possible because I was selling the van. And so they actually did like they, you know, they they trimmed it down a little bit because they had a caliper bad on one side there was gonna replace the other one on the other side. I was like, No, it's fine. I don't need two new calipers. They're like, that's fine. It's fine. You know, we'll we'll we'll do what you want to do. So they saved me a little chatter there. But you can schedule on line at Irvine calm or 532 6600 are trying to tighten them up on a year sponsorship. So you'd be looking for that intense. So yeah, yeah, they're great. You can do everything digitally. You don't have to go in there. See them. They have free loaner cars. They work on hybrids, and all pretty much everything. So they've been in the business a long time and their Google reviews are amazing. It's like a 4.8 average with like 300 reviews which is pretty damn good, right? And they respond to every single one. So which is great too so thank you to Irvine's Auto Repair in Grand Rapids hybrid. Yep. All right. So gig economy in the news we're going to jump right in. first story is mine. It's Uber by the hour. So pay apparently writers can now book drivers for an hour for $50 an hour. But no, Mike, it's not an all market. Well, I read the article today. Let me see if I can find where it's at. Oh, following the successful pilot of hourly in the cities across Australia, Africa, Europe in the Middle East. I'm like

so no. Us base no and

I it's not like go America that I'm saying but I'm like not even North America, right? No, no. And I'm like, okay, that just caught my eye didn't isn't that weird? That is At least, but anyways, so within the Uber app, you'll be able to request this trip as you would as any on demand ride while setting multiple stop multiple stops needed throughout your journey the cost is 50 per hour with mileage over at varying city by city. riders can book an hourly increments per

Oh, Uber comfort.

So my question is what it doesn't say is what did the drivers get out of that? I mean, is that normal your normal rate you know, we always go over this right, like Ubers ripping us off and everything. Is it just the normal time and mileage route? any extra bonus? Because if that case, I'm not interested?

No, I would think that they would get Of course to no no more mileage and stuff. But I would think then when the car is sitting still,

they would increase the time I would think so. Yes.

Yeah. I have to dig in dig. I hope so.

because no one's gonna do it right? Because you can opt into those or not, but right now currently, it's only in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas DC. Houston, Miami, Orlando, Philly feed. Yo Tacoma in Tampa Bay

for anybody in those markets please let us know how that works Yeah,

I know I know this month DC market for stats was up there away so anyone that DC market or Chicago we'd love to hear but yeah I'm just not doing it if they're gonna pay me the 10th whatever our market What is it 10 cents a minute.

My man It's been so long I need to get back driving stat

but no me too.

I mean, I think it's good for the passenger though. But I mean, I feel like they're just gonna take advantage of it just like they always do.

But I I can see, I can see like parties. Such as, you know, wedding wedding parties. Yeah, it's like that they would schedule like two or three hours.

Yeah, you actually

I come from a van or something like that. You know, I would often have rides with what was it a bridal party is not bridal hope but but wouldn't bachelor Thank you. parties, and I would have people say, Hey, can you come and get us and yeah, oh, you just got just all on a ride. I can see like that they would want to pre pre order for the whole night. So what would be if, if it's charging the customer 50 bucks?

What would be your ally to do it to do it?

Because that's the thing like if they drive one mile, like they pick you up, they're going into let's say they're going to meet a hooker. So they go to the hotel there. It hasn't happened yeah, they live a mile and a half away. You drive them you get paid for that mile and a half and then you sit there for you know 49 more minutes

unless you know he's Jasper then probably 10 seconds but

hey, oh.

But anyways, I mean, I'm not gonna do it for the regular hourly.

Yeah, no rain. So I think I would want to get $30 out of it.

No, that's not happening.

No, but then I would do it. I mean, well,

you're not easily barely get well, I shouldn't say you barely get $30 an hour when you drive. But that's not true. But here's the thing, though, if you if you could get less per hour, you're not putting wear and tear on your car. So you would probably take less, right, because you're using less gas. True. So would you do it for 2020? No,

I would not go below 25.

I think my line would be 25. Because it also depends on what time of the day it is. What Yeah,

there's tons of variables. You're

talking about Friday night at? You know, midnight. Yeah, yeah. Make way.

Yeah. Yeah. Well, I'll have to look into it. I haven't seen a lot of chatter about it in the I mean, we follow the groups all the time, and I haven't seen I've heard about it. Yeah, I haven't seen much, how much the writer gets. So that would be interesting to see. But, yep,

yes for Okay, so this is a share from

Facebook, I think it is one of the groups. And this is Angela who is talking about she's a writer, and she's talking about one of her drivers and this was doing the whole thing after well, within the last month or so is everything with the black my black lives matter. Yeah. Blackout Tuesday. What determines, uh, basically this, this Angela, she's sharing the post of La Tasha. And she had a she was a writer in a Lyft car and this one driver has been his or her I don't know if it says just read it or, okay, fine, man. I was complaining all morning about lift jacking up my morning commute but God, everyone meet Christina my Lyft driver. Thank you. She's a woman. She literally asked what's your address? I was so confused because in my head, I'm like shooting you already have it. I almost hopped out the car, y'all. Long story short, you can summarize. I could Go home for free. She's been lifting all day only taking African Americans to and from wherever they need to go for free. She said, this is how she's using her voice and she's contributing to blackout Tuesday. So thank you, Christina for saving me a $30 $33 trip from work. But most importantly, thank you for advocating for us. So I think that's pretty cool. Yeah, well way of doing it and definitely a neat way of supporting

Yeah, it's always good to see you know, we I feel like we always focus on the shitty part of rideshare driving or gig economy in general. General, what the hell yes, we're said y'all. And I'm like Jean or

one way that that Christina could have done it, though is she could have taken her the past in there and then she could have said, Please refund the Yeah,

you She probably should have done that. Because at

that point, the insurance still covers

that's such a good point. Yes, Rosie, there is a very good point. We're thinking about,

like my No, there's a professional

right there saying Hey, be careful when doing that. not covered. Wow. Nice one. Yes, sir. I appreciate that. Good job.

Yeah, I'm trying. So he also still leaves the option for tipping if they want. Because,

well, if they refund the ride, I don't think there's an opportunity for them to do anything. So unless they unless you went home and did it,

right. I mean, who knows?

Although it so to put it in the interaction, it would be weird if you said you were going to refund the ride, because then the customer is like, Yeah, sure. You are. Right, right. You know, I mean, so to get the good connection with the customer, it was probably good. She did it that way. But But I agree with that. Maybe you say, Hey, I'll show you that. I refund the ride right after it's done. I don't know. But either way,

oh, you can wait and have the interaction afterwards. Because they're still there. Right. And then you don't have the weirdness of asking for the address. You taking them there. That's true. And then you say, Hey, you know what, this is my, this is what I'm doing today. Right? This ride is free and you go in, you refund it and it shows up on their phone right away. Yeah

within like, yeah probably 30 seconds. Yeah, like driver refunded you so that's that that's a good way of doing it, then you're covered so, alright, uh, last so this is

yeah this next video

I mentioned it to hear your point on it so I didn't I cut out a lot of the garbage beginning and but so

you want to watch it okay

for my

I actually have to

what I have to cancel your

flight. I have to cancel your ride I cannot go down

there Why would you come here if you can't go that far because it doesn't tell me that. It's okay, we'll get another

You can't You can't drive to Miramar

too far or you don't show up.

Bye, guys.

Alright, so I'll wait to hear because when I watched it, I'm like, okay,

I don't know who that guy is.

I don't really like him either.

No, just the way he was sitting the way he was talking to him. And I guess the one thing we don't know is how far was the ride?

No, it was it was like, I cut it out. But it was like, it was either 16 miles or 16 minutes. Yeah,

it was not that long.

Well, I think he, I read some of the comments and I kind of agree, I think he just didn't want to take five right? And so he used that as an excuse, but why not just use the correct excuse that You're not supposed to take five,

because he just lost himself the cancellation right? Yeah, he canceled he didn't get he didn't get the cancellation rate.

Yeah, there's a weird vibe from him. Yeah. And I don't know why, but he's talking real quiet and I don't think the girls were. I don't think that we're being that like one of the comments is like, well, it's good to you cancelled. She was gonna puke and I'm like they didn't they didn't see that.

They seen the little little over? Well, but if it was 1616 miles or 16 minutes, either way, that's not a fire drive. No, it's not not

and I do agree. They don't tell you where they're going. So I mean, unless you're like diamond bitch, right like Pete.

Well, are you still

not anymore? I'm still diamond. You're


Oh, that's funny.

Yeah, I when I saw that video, I was like, that guy's just his attitude is

You know what though I swear cuz you guys have seen some of my index cameras I have set that attitude sometimes. Oh yeah, that girl that I still remember don't touch the radio.


I'll never let that one down.

So why was this camera like on the ground? Yeah it was

a weird front camera just don't talk to me

again what like racers do right right like their camera down at the bottom

yeah hey Miguel we are on Twitch I don't know what your problem is


yeah it sounded like he had like a souped up muffler too You could hear it was a stick shift or, or whatever but anyways Alright, we're gonna jump into our awesome insurance provider Michigan insurance financial services. Jackie who is amazing. Caller emailed her the other day Can you drop the van? Yep, I'll take care of it. I'll backdate it to the date you sold the car real easy like that's. That's the kind of service you get with Jackie you don't have to eat Mail progressive or whatever Jackie is going to take care of you. She's you don't have to deal with a phone tree and all that stuff. So yeah, give her a call at 269-569-6127 that is her cell or email her Jackie at mia fs.com Have you done a insurance out it with her yet?

Not with her now,

you probably showed or do you have a guy I have a guy? Yes. We've got a guy for

Jackie if I did not have a guy I've been with him for I don't know at least five years.

Oh, wow. A whole five years huh?

Well, he's always treated me really well.

I bet he has. He's like a Jackie. But it's not what I thought you're gonna say.

But you know,

well, what's great with Jackie, as we wrap up with that is just just the personal service. She takes the hassle out of switching, which can be a pain in the ass. So email her Jackie Mia Fs calm and she will take care of you. Okay. instacart This is a Heather Marie. She's local to Grand Rapids. But she said she had the worst encounter today with two men instacart shoppers tag teaming Costco, asking other customers where items were because they didn't know running through the store like they were 10 both are running to phones. They would shop on put it in the in their back pocket and shop the other very disappointed on how instacart handled this. Yeah, I mean, generally the rule is for instacart and shipped you're not supposed to tag team things. I know what happens if you're gonna do it. Don't be like these guys like it. Just be quiet about it. Like why running around in the store? I wonder what she meant how instacart handled this. I mean, like, what Yeah, what are they supposed to do? They don't know. They're gonna be like, okay, we'll look into it.

But what's the big deal with the two people? Right? Yeah. And they're handling two orders.

Yeah, technically, that doesn't seem wrong. If there's two separate accounts.

I don't see why the problem what the problem Man, I mean, I I was I was shopping pretty late the other night and I saw two obvious in, like shoppers, I don't know what they were using one platform, but it was a probably a couple out doing it together. And they were just doing one order. So I don't know what the issue there is, I guess.

Well, it's against the rules. You know, okay. This just takes advantage of like, can you chime in on this? Like, am I missing the point why it's now the rule? I don't know. Like now that yes, four brings up a good point. I'm like, I mean,

it's just one account. I mean, there's nobody else in the cars not like the three other writers.

I think it's just taking advantage of the people that don't have that extra person because honestly, if if you were technically they're doing four orders right there one in two phones each. Does it say they were running two phones? They're running two phones. Oh, total.

running total. We're running two phones. Oh,

yeah. I can see that problem. I have a problem with that today. Yeah,

clearly they're using some else's account, right? Yeah. But I can see how it would be easy. if let's say I missed that point. Yeah, I did too. Thank you. Reading as hard as I can see, if you had like, let's say you have 10 items, and you have two people, you're like, here's a screenshot because like, sometimes it'll be like some stupid cat letter. And then the rest of it's in the dairy. So you got to walk, although I could see having your partner or your wife or whatever, run over get the cat litter, bring it back. But that would be the extent of it. I mean, when using double phones and that kind of stuff, but I was

so confused. Those are the first time I was at Maya for two months and stupid arrows on the floor.

While you're there like this going around, like

oh, no, I'm going the wrong wrong way again.

How's that Walmart and the guy cussed me out as he went past me.

Well, what's funny is because like, well, you shake your head, but you're a rule follower. I feel like you would be the old man cussing everyone else out.

The problem was is I wasn't doing it on purpose. Of course, I just didn't notice the big gigantic blue arrow somehow,

or we had what's her name on the ship lead? She said she didn't follow me there. She's like, I got shit to get done. Like, I'm not following things. I mean, I give

them I don't really know what it actually

think i think it what it does is it keeps people the cross. So when you're going this way, the arrow says and some people that go this way, then you know, you have the potential for exposure. But if everyone's going the same way, I mean,

that is smaller. It's much easier to do the social distancing is everybody's doing one direction,

right? But it's almost impossible. Like especially if you're not familiar with a store and you walk past it and then you have to walk but like what are we just doing laps here until we get our item like I have an IRF

wire the other day and like I was getting laundry detergent, and we come up to the ion laundry detergent aisle was coming up towards us. Yeah, and like I can see the large detergent I had to get

put the arrows the other way around the other way. So I had to watch

All the way around come back up. He's,

he's I'm not walking. Yeah. Pizza brothers in here. Yeah. But yeah, I mean, I would have just grabbed it.

I would have I mean, I honestly I did do that

though several times I went the wrong way. I did it again.

Yeah, that's like whatever. Obviously it must have been a store policy because I didn't see anything come down from the governor about direction of walking. Yeah. And so I'm not you know, I wouldn't be too worried about it. I

think most of the stores did it though.

You're right. They did. But I don't I don't remember hearing like

maybe it was maybe there was still in a written in the Yeah, you're right there. I don't know.

It's like 40 pages and it's not like I read it. We shall we shall read each one. Each time. She puts one out.

How many orders did she put out? like crazy many? It was?

Yeah. Well, each time I feel like since it's like an emergency status, she has to make it official like that. She can't Just Say

No no, no. Yes. And there's a full auto been written out. Yes.

So that kind of a pain in the ass but alright, Jesper. So this guy, go ahead.

No, I mean, I always do. I always do it. So this is an interesting video. It's a it's a guy who is a delivery guy who is. Well, according to himself, he's essential. But then somebody else thinks otherwise.

Yep. Don't play that right now if I pay attention

I'm not even doing anything

that tells me


serious, serious. So the cop he's saying Calm down, calm down. He's I would be like, I wouldn't be calm if you weren't falsely arresting me. Right. So I wonder how many times that did happen. I don't know if anyone that's listening. I saw any issues like that, but

it was obviously in Britain Right. I mean, cuz you look at the hat.

No, that's that was New York. Pretty sure.

Sure. Anyways, okay, so

it looked to me like

it was well, I think they have their riot shields on. That's why it looks a little a little weird. Okay.

Yeah, but it's still weird though. I mean, why would they arrested? Well, I can't help but wonder that something happened before will be there you're not seeing but

I don't know why I have a lot of things in the past few weeks happen.

Yeah, I mean clearly there was a miscommunication. They didn't they did not care to even look at as I mean, clearly he's delivering although you could sneak by with just a delivery bag, but then there must be something on the app. I mean, we apologize. We have not been driving so we don't know. But if there was why didn't the police officers they like but they're just like no bullshit right now. They're just like, right, arrest them and we'll deal with it later.

Yeah. thing i did i didn't recognize the backpack. I didn't recognize what app he was. I think

it was either doordash or grubhub one of the two was red one it's either grubhub or door it was orange

but either

way so do we need to watch the 19 second video again? We arguing about colors

Yeah, absolutely yeah we know we only 44 minutes enemy a lot of time, right?

does look it does look orange, but that bitch

Come on,

give me give me the fight

and the elbow.

All right, so next up, he This is this guy that wants to rent something.

Oh, yeah, I came across this.

And it's a guy asking a question in the Uber Eats livery drivers national. And it says how much can you rent out your bike in the account? per week. I got it. Another job I want to make extra cash.

Well, first of all, it's a bike, like,

well, but I think some of the biggest cities that they do beat on bikes,

yeah, for sure. But why you can't get a $10 bike from a grad sale? Like, why would you want to ride your bike out? He just wants to rent the account out. Right? Yeah. So I have a question. So why do Why are there some posts that I see that people will maybe it's not the account maybe it's the car they're running, but I swear there was like this group for a while that was renting out their accounts, and maybe that what they were doing, I'm sure is wrong. I know it's wrong. But I swear it was like some legit Facebook group that I followed for a while that they were in New York, they were like renting out like how did probably is but like how does somebody do a fleet I that's what I'm talking about. Not maybe the accounts but where they work for somebody. Let's say the guy has 10 cars that he's just renting the individual car, and then then he pays a portion of it back to the owner

Didn't we have a we had a fleet like that and gonna have it's a One point well let me get Yeah, they called

it stay the guy always post yeah still post because he owns a garage to

inspect car now what was it called?

Yeah I forget.

There was he had more than five I would think. Definitely had a small fleet of vehicles.

Yeah, I didn't know he was like renting them as like that.

They were all they were always out new and I saw them with the apps in the cars so they will definitely do Uber and Lyft

Yeah, well anyways, you can't do that y'all because obviously, you're not the person doing the work. Although no one cares. I know Uber Eats. I mean, do you really care? Do you actually look at your profile picture from your food delivery.

Now, I have only had delivered once and

I've had a couple of times. You know, I saw I was out doing mowing lawns. You know, like Last week and I saw a guy with his girlfriend in a Tesla delivering he he was driving and she was doing the delivering. Like all he had to go pay for that car. I mean, yeah, but like maybe you should get out there and do it like she was kind of funny. That's just to see a Tesla doing that. There's somebody there was someone I did train and I did that

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