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Hi guys, welcome to the gig economy podcast. Thank you so much for joining us tonight. Super excited. We're back. It's July No, by live still June.

I need to mark down the mics and make sure let's see.

There we go. Okay, we're back. I need to write them down because we changed everything. So hi, guys. What's up? Hi, john. Hi, Mark. Hi, Janet. How's everyone doing tonight? Yeah. So, one thing you can do for us is share the podcast to all your favorite groups or your personal page. We would love it. And of course, this beautiful studio is sponsored by Irvine's Auto Repair in Grand Rapids hybrid, who just signed on for a whole year. Whoo.

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no, it's gonna be awesome, though. Lots of food, lots of community. Games. Probably. That might be a drawing even Who knows? Yeah, it's gonna be awesome. And we are still looking for a company sponsor. I was gonna say that whereas Paul, he said he wanted to do it. And then I have been I think Paul ghosted us. I have been trying to get a hold of Paul. If you're not seeing my messages or what the heck, excuse me what's going on? But definitely if you are interested, let us know.

Yes, please. We would love that. Mark Spaulding says fix the logos

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fixed we must have fixed it he must have fixed them. Oh,

no the logo I was working on was the Patreon well

then you need to change the logo on the graphic for the picnic and you did so that's what you also tell you. Oh, I didn't do that. You did that. Oh, well that was a non oh really to fix for the for the Patreon Irvine to add. Nope.

Oh god Marquis a frickin throat.

Now you can hear us derailed everything. Man Nate can hear. Nate, turn off your speakers.

I think Nate's Nate's fine Nate's trying to how the roads Nate

is trying to troll us. How are the roads made?

So um, I think I forgot to pull the

audio from john today, which was pretty epic, but just want to talk about our telegram group. And he does a What is it known as? A couple different? No, it's motivation Monday but what's Wednesday, is he always says it's Wednesday and I prepared a statement.

statement Wednesday. I didn't think he did one today, did he? He's Yeah,

he's been doing the last couple of he stopped for a while. And then the last couple of them.

Yeah, he hasn't been driving either. So you know,

Vaughn Yeah, some places say GR. Rideshare.

Adventures. Let me change the name. So

we'll work on that though. Facebook is nice. You know, it's nice good people at Facebook. Funny downs. You can't be saying that. They might caught us off guard. I might say I do just like the Trump people. They got a cut off. I don't

care. I got YouTube. I got Twitch. I got Periscope.


YouTube, I said YouTube went late. I guys sorry. Maybe I


monitor YouTube. Thanks. Thanks, Alan. Yeah, we know we could hear Nate's trolling us. So anyways, yeah, check out telegram. The link is in the description. We'd love to have you we had like, a little bit of a spam issue. Yeah,

like seven or eight people, john,

it was more than that. Was it? Some lady added like 1015 I was a shit time. Yeah. And so I let him be there for a while to see if they're going to contribute. And then I'm like, yeah, that's spam. So we we we cut them loose.

JOHN says it's I've prepared a statement Wednesday. Well, that's a stupid name. We need a better name. JOHN, fix the name.

Somebody fix the name tonight. Fix the name or you

need to stay. He's never gonna come to your Creek. What? I think it needs to stay is perfectly fine. The name it's a good name, john. I like it. Got my support. I'm voting for that name. JOHN.

You want to create a poll? No. I'm the start of this. Cast just feels like just fucking we have

no storage.

I feel like I'm in another dimension right now. I don't know what's going on. Okay, so good to be back. Well yeah, it's been two weeks. I know you missed me

know at the studio I know he ran last time too but this is where you guys should have heard the feelings home again you

guys should have heard the the pre chatter when Jesper was Whining like a bitch about his microphone.

I was I had to stand up and get in between them.

Yeah, it was pretty epic. No video on that though. Of course reviews. There's a link in the description as well. If you really love us. Please give us a review on Apple podcasts. Anything else before we jump in?

Thank you suppose Dharma again. Oh,

I'm a professional. If you want to produce you come over here and produce.

I'm just trying to help you

You want to produce? Come on

over. I'm okay. You can produce Alright, it's okay.

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Do you think they extended it because of COVID

COVID wasn't happening in February?

Yeah, sorry. Good try though. It technically was it just wasn't

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and then the whole coolness about getting the quote electronically on text message and pay the same well

I it's so cool. You know some sometimes I like want to get all that stuff tech wise like it a text message and all that. I don't want to talk on the phone. I don't have you know, and they will oblige and you prove what was wrong with it. And then you cry a little bit in your car when you're at work because you know when it comes up

1900 and $25 with the phone.

That was a rough bill. I think Sam just brought her car there too. So good. Thank you Sam. Yeah, so first thing up in the gig economy news is I know this is kind of old news but this kind of broke the day that I think the day that we podcast but just eat takeaway confirms it's gobbling up grub hub. Oh, no. gobble gobble and a $7.3 billion deal. So it's all stock. And, you know, I think they just couldn't figure it out. You know, though, to work with somebody I

got fired for dropping that.

Well, I'm kind of glad that we didn't buy him. I was a little worried. I mean, it's like, I mean,

I've kind of done grub hub. So I don't know how better or worse

Well, it I feel like grubhub is the best one out there. Now I know COVID has changed things I know Uber Eats is like bawling right now. But, you know, normal time of year without COVID Uber Eats was the bottom of the barrel. I prefer grubhub. And then maybe doordash. That overeats and Postmates is the worst. But this company is out of Europe, so maybe it won't affect I don't know. You always just worry on a takeover. Right. And they kind of came in on the back end and like scooped in and I'd never even heard of them either. Not I've heard of all the companies out. No, I've never heard of them either. Yeah,

I gotta tell you I was a little bit not not happy tonight. We my wife and I ordered While we actually went and picked up the food ourselves, it ended up doing because we were looking at doordash for a local restaurant, and I know this is how they all work. I was it annoyed me. First of all, it said it was free delivery when I first logged in, okay, right. So I was supposed to get free delivery. But then I started comparing the prices on doordash to the prices on their online menu if I just call in the order myself. Yeah, if the item was like between 25 and $1 25 cents and $1 more expensive and this was tackles just like nothing right? Yeah. So the tackle was like a buck more expensive because I ordered it through doordash

Well, they're all like that. No, I understand that's how they they tell the recover their costs, but but I

still ended up having to pay a delivery fee as well. Yeah. And then I haven't added much, much bigger text to text when I picked up my food myself was a buck 25 the text on the door that was $6. I don't know why the text was so much bigger because you have to pay taxes on the fees to

know really

put the order to door that would have been $47. And the order when I picked up the door It was 20 or $32. Including.

Yeah, have you used doordash before?

No, I have I do but it was just it was too big of a difference to me. I got

no it is it that doesn't surprise me it normally what that expense.

What really bothered me is the driver doesn't get that. No mo though. Most of that goes to the company, which I'm okay with the company getting the delivery fee. But why? Yeah, it's

just it just I've never actually even used doordash I've done Uber Eats. I've gotten that a bunch of times. Actually. I

think I've used them all except Postmates. Yeah, okay. But I don't do it very regularly. Every time

I look at doordash it's like the same thing. Yes, percent. It's like even compared against Uber Eats doordash is way more expensive, really.

And so Vaughn saying just call the restaurant and mom that's what I ended up doing. I just called the restaurant super nice lady took my over or over the phone. And the cool thing was is I drove up to the restaurant like two minutes away and then you She came out with the food to me she ran my I didn't have to go to the car. Yeah, man my car and I was gone. Two minutes later.

Yeah, yeah, no it honestly it is it's more expensive if you if you if you look at the prices, it's like Ooh, I'm gonna go pick it up. Yeah, like how lazy have we become?

Again? I was fine paying the six $7 in tip to the driver that would have had no problem

but you pay the let's say you pay $7 to the driver $7 in fees so now you're at 14 You don't even have your food. Yeah, and

now the tip was also another the taxes was now $4 more expensive as well.

Yeah, also paying at least regular menu price when sometimes you can get a coupon or discount if you pick it up anyways.

Yeah. It just it it just didn't feel right. That's, you know?

No, I mean, you pay for convenience. I mean, that's just what you're paying for. But if you look at it, though, if you want to compare it to like pizza delivery, Don't pay those up. You know, you get a pizza delivered and it's from the company and you pay $2 and 50 cents. That's typically

all you got to remember. It's kind of like we're getting used to it now. Because remember pizza places did that too. They didn't used to charge for delivery. Yeah, right now all of them to 250 to 250 plus the tip. And so 10 years from now we're gonna look at Uber Eats and doordash like, oh, whatever. Yeah, it's just gonna be just one of them. Probably. Right. I

think they're gonna be around 10 years from now.

I don't I don't see. I mean, 10 years is a long time if you really think about it, but I don't see automated

in 10 years,

I think automatic maybe close, I think automated in bigger cities, but not not in our size, I think.

Yeah, it's, I mean, we're not a small city, buddy. We're

not here. But we had that interview we had yesterday with Janet that surprised me that was interesting, you know, her market was 75,000 people. And ours is 900,000. I always kind of consider grand as a medium sized market, but it's

a little bit bigger than that our city, Grand Rapids is half the size of our country, right? It's to 2 million people. And

now I think it was 5 million but is half I mean, Michigan's around 10 Yeah, yeah, I just was I couldn't get over when she was talking about, there's three or four drivers out and I'm like,

three or four drivers. Now, if you want to listen to that interview guys, that's coming out to Patreon do is actually livestream to the Patreon today, and it's getting posted to the Patreon ASAP and then it'll come out to everybody else in about a month probably.

If I get to it.

Now you will. All right. Yes, for Europe. I am. There we go. Hang on. So I'm going to be talking about how Lyft changed. Lift change there that can Installation fee. Again, I thought I had my computer's having technical problems. So lift it starting on six 16th the lift cancellation fee is no longer just a set fee is now based on your time and distance to travel to the pickup. There's a $2 minimum fee.

But after that, it's always depending on how long it take you to get there is such bullshit. No Yeah,

yeah, stickers the driver.

Well, not always. I mean, most of the time you will but there's no there's no more than five and drive.

Right? Yeah.

Yeah, we got a lot of stories from Reddit, which is really nice, but I've been five and driving a while even for Uber.

Well, was a three at least three and a half 385 or something. I don't remember what you get anymore. I haven't read was five and guys, I think

five guys. Right?

Yeah, that's what we're saying. Yeah. So I

still remember when I did that. When that The one bad thing about comfort like eight minutes you have to wait. Right? Oh my god, I'm not waiting. Oh,

hang on one second. Hey y'all. Nate is just trolling us. So everyone that says he can hear fine. I'm just gonna delete his comments. I can Amy. Dang it. No one knows the joke. Like you're the only one that knows I'm not gonna delete the carbon. I don't even get it spinning anyways. So yeah, we can hear fine. Everyone can hear fine. He's just trolling us. There's kind of a long standing joke with me. I don't know, I was a little harsh, but how's the roads would have been preferable.

So yeah,

it just, I mean, they gotta they gotta boost their stock number somehow.

I mean, why? Yeah, but not that way.

Yeah, it's too bad. I don't know if this is in Grand Rapids as far as that but I mean, this is on Reddit. So um,

yeah, I don't know. Leo was saying it's changed in Detroit.

To this Yep. Okay, so then it's here to Yeah. I cannot wait to get out and drive.

I will do that this weekend. Can't wait to get out and drive and get screwed by lit I know. I know what a dumb thing to say.

I can't wait to get screwed by left

What an idiot I am

sorry notice it again today again I opened up Dubai, you know, quite often and and again today in the middle of the day search is going 678 dogs. Yes,

because there's no drivers out there.

Thanks, Diego. Thank you. Yeah, there's no drivers out there. That's,

that's just insane. I know.

I mean,

so get out there and drive. Well, I gotta get one of those. One of those barriers first.

Oh, yeah, that one that you showed me is way too expensive for what they offer.

No, it's not 300 What was it

329 for the minivan one so it's probably a little bit but did you

guys see that that one also have a sideshow to the passenger. It has a little extra thing to cover is the area in between The seats that opens up so you can actually reach things back. It's pretty sick. Come with snacks

or anything.

Cuz again, I always say does it come with a backrub swiper Drive.

The thing I thought was cool was it came with a quick on and off mechanism to disconnect to the headrest. And that that right there is key it's gotta be easy to put obedience.

Yeah, it's a pain in the ass. No one's gonna use it

looks professional. It's just like it's not just a piece of saran wrap. Right? It looks professional and looks nice. It does. I mean,

yeah, I think it'd be a bitch to clean but

I just don't know if first of all 329 bucks. A lot of money, tax deductible business a second of all,

you and your business. I don't

I mean, I just don't know that. It's that

worth all the trouble.

Let me let me throw something out to you to bounce on them.

They're sitting behind you. You have a mask on. So the whole point is If they have a mask on,

well, there's no if if I drive they're gonna have to have a mask on if I had to wear a mask, five and drive,

so let's say they do have a mask on Pete's car, cuz he's the boss.

How mark your damn brother so freakin funny he throws me off to die. Um

How is the the the spittle? I always talk about going to get on you. If they're wearing a mask, you're wearing a mask and you're facing forward and they're hitting the back of your head, right? I mean, I don't that's why I always look at that. Is that is that thing really necessary for peace of mind? I guess.

I think I think it's just as much peace of mind. And it's then you're sending the What's it called? It's at least sending out the the message the message that you are. You're taking this serious? Yeah,

right, right. I know. I'm really worried. I've been seeing stuff on the Grand Rapids. group about like, maybe it wasn't great atmosphere but not we're in mass like some people don't care

who's seen a lot of people in Grand Rapids. Oh, yeah.

Was it in Grand Rapids group? I'm in so many damn groups. I don't know what city ICP

way. I mean, I've been to the store a couple times in the last month and each time. Like when COVID first started, we had to wear the masks. If I went to the store I always had it on. Now, everything's mostly opened up. Like I keep forgetting. Yeah, they haven't stopped me though.

They're not gonna stop you. The only place they'll probably stop you is Costco. So they're pretty strict without a menards. And, yeah, I've been wearing mine as much as I can. I actually got a Let's call the neck Gator.

And other has one of those. Yeah,

and it's really comfortable and it just kind of sits underneath there and I just kind of, like we talked about with Gabe. And I just kind of tuck my beard in and it just it's so comfortable and it just sits right perfect. And then I just pull it down when I'm done. And

just get a rubber band and like Pull the beard off and just kind of rubber band

that's my that's my worry about driving as well is I just I, whenever I where I'm at when I'm asked my glasses fogged up like crazy and I can't see it

well that's why I need to wear the the Gator thing is not it. There's really no gap. There's elastic that goes right there and so and it's in Yeah, it's it's super comfortable. I think I paid like 10 I could wear one of those. Yeah, it's super comfortable. Yep. But um, yeah, I went to my chiropractor and we'll get on moving here, but he had it and 95 on. And apparently which my wife told me I didn't know that 95 works both ways. So ours is to protect you. Like if I'm wearing a mask if I have it to protect you and 95 goes both ways. Like it protects you and the other person's. That's why everyone wanted him so bad. Yeah, they were so expensive. But uh, Allen says you can't get any kind of seal with that facial hair Jason. Yeah, no kidding. Got the next article and

Alright, so this one was from Reddit as well. And it's a picture of a driver. I might have.

Oh yeah, I had this.

And for those of you who can't see it says a face covering required it's got a little graphic of a of a head wearing a face mask. In it says I got them to avoid fights Lyft has never sent me any peepee I'm 67 years old Five Star Driver I drive because I cannot find a real job. I am in high risk Health Group just put on car 611 2020 damn things were 45 for $4 including tax and shipping.

Yeah, I mean, it just, you know, talks about the mass thing and everything but

$45 before that, yeah, that seems a little pricey.

JOHN, that was for the masks though. Or for the stickers.

That's a good point. I never thought about that. One of the first comments is Like, I'm sure I'm telling, not telling you anything, if you ever heard her try, but casca will pay $20 an hour you don't necessarily need to do any hard labor. That's some bullshit. They work your ass are hard, and then you kind of work your way up to the cashier job but the guy 67 and I don't think he needs to be working at Costco.

I mean, and why is he working at all? I mean, it's high

risk to that was kind of like I mean, why

is he working at all because some people didn't save their money for them. I guess they have to work but I don't think that sign will would mean to me it's a waste of money if you paid that much money for the signs I mean, it's really not gonna do anything

to that guy paid $329 for the divider, though.

It's a it's a nice

I will pay to be on

thought took him about a half a second sticker though. It's a nice,

you're right. Reminder or like, Hey, I'm taking this

shit. Seriously. Exactly. Yeah. And hey, see the sticker. It's It's real. If you're not gonna do it you can get out of the car right? It's just

Yeah, what I need to get is a sticker that says no damn baby's not in a car seat

if that case is a no minors no open container like the whole window is great covered.

I saw a sticker particularly well I saw people using it now because right now they don't lift on what you're sitting in the in the passenger seat. Yeah. So I saw somebody put up put the sticker on the window, saying only use the backseat. Okay, so that was nice.

You know, there was something about a lady putting a skeleton in the front seat. I saw I don't know why we don't have this on this podcast. I swear I share that in the group. But when I was putting the plan together, I never saw somebody

as he had a skill scan of them sitting in the front. Yeah,

I mean, I guess that eliminates unless you want to sit on the skeletons lap. That was funny. Alright, so next up is a video on a racist Lyft passenger. It's a little bit long. I did try them. Some of its hopefully shortened down, but it's a good one to actually I mean, it's gonna be cringe worthy. When you watch it was better.

Said, Pete. I bet when you started driving your first passenger is going to be a no car seat.

You just quit literally Can you

please go live? My done. That's it. I'm out of here out of here. It's great. All right, let's watch this video and kind of discuss.

Hope this doesn't kick me out.

That's a talk show.

Hi, sir. What's my name, Richard.

Sure. Yep.

Yes, sir. Thank you No problem by any chance that you have a mask. No I don't. Do you mind to put your shirt on top right here so I'd be really appreciative

yes I do. Because I have a family that is that is a take of that.

Well, it's not it's not the government it's the people that I'm sorry I've never

heard of someone ask me

Well, it's because we're really close right in the car.

I don't know where you're going. Oh, he's taking me to the freeway. You want to think that way or do you want to drive without a mass? That's fine. You want to get me home quick your

returns fine.

I don't know.

You know what?

You can get out right now? Yes. No, I've been I've got a contract with you. I've been a writer. I've got a contract with you have a write the contract right now. No, it doesn't. No, it doesn't. Yes, yes. Yes. Do you think it? Nope. The contract is not. Yes. I told you I didn't like your standards. I'm the title the free speech eighth. Yes. You cannot cancel the contract for that. Yes, I do. know it's my car and you can get on right. Nope, that's not your car. It's lift. It's

represent lift London to lift

your weight classes. Mm hmm.

Fucking crush if you're on video. I'm not gonna do that. I'm an idiot. Yeah, your video right? No, no, maybe it just took me home. No. I'll get And then we'll keep

backpedaling now.

Nobody will cancel this ride and I want you to cancel the ride. pay five bucks. you cancel there

I don't see this

show up on my phone. No No Get out. Okay, I don't know. I don't know much to you.

I finished it three already. Get on my car.

Your car

it doesn't show it canceled here. No Have you been canceled? I finished at three under three miles four miles that way you finish the trip? I did. Yes, I did. How can you say you finish the trip and I live four miles that way. Because look right here. I already ended up the trip. And now Please get out or I'm gonna have to call the police.

How can you say you finish the trip?

I think the trip you didn't cancel the trip. I did. No, I didn't cancel. I finished the trip. Okay girls have to call it and they complain about it. Okay, that's wrong. Oh, hey, I have video. You got video? Yes, you got video? Yes. You got video? Yeah, you got video

piece of shit I know you think model plus model was mortals didn't even

know I don't know because I speak English but yeah, you think you're speaking or

I'm from here

yes I am. You're fucking you're

American motherfucker I fought every time I'm on American TV time to the goddamn war I'm an American to be you don't speak English yes I do. How can you just want to rip me off for my trip that's all I want to know I don't want to repeat From the truth you can't sue me for for it when you only gave me 100 100 hundred yards of ride. Why would you do that? And how would that be? fair to be fair? I was that concerned to me? Sure.

Is that considered fair in your country?

Yes, because this is my arm.

Yeah, I got video and I'm gonna pretend

I don't know who you are. Yeah. Yeah, go ahead. Go ahead.

Wow, I know that was a long one. But I feel like there was like a range of emotions from that guy like he was respectful and then he was a dick.

I want to hear what would you have done? Because I know. I mean, I would have not been able to be so so patient as he was.

I was getting anxious watching that, like I wanted to be like, get out of my car right now.

You would have gotten out of the guy you would have ripped him out.

Cuz he's bigger than me he would have, he would have beat my ass.

You know, you could have taken him he wasn't

he was. Well, he had to put he was probably gas out in 10 seconds. But

yeah, I mean, Vaughn said, don't engage.

And I didn't I don't think the driver engagement driver did really well.

He did exactly what he handled the situation Great.

Now, one thing I would have done it just canceled the ride because you asked yourself on a one star because he just ended what he drove and like, Is it really worth the pennies or a couple of bucks like that's the only thing that I would have done different is just cancel the ride like you want it and maybe you would have got out but no, I think the driver did not engage at all he responded to what he was being taught to and he tried to be as calm as possible.

And what started it was not the driver's fault. This was started was lifts, you know, notorious for taking me to the highway. I mean, yeah,

yeah, I knew as soon He's like, Hey, man, you're supposed to laugh. I'm like, Ooh, this is where it turned down so fast. And the thing is to the guy did say like, okay, I mean I can go the other way. It's fine. Like he rolled with it. You could tell who this guy is not a rookie driver. He's like, Alright, that's cool. I'm sorry. It was taking me the highway. Oh, I was good. food.

I can hear right now. Don't

touch the fucking radio.

Ah, sorry, I didn't say that.

That's all right. Yeah, you said the F word. And then

I was just trying to you though. These are words coming out of your mouth. Not true.

Speaking of F words. Jackie This is our last ad for Jackie and we really want her to stay on so if you need an insurance quote, please reach out to her. Jackie at 269-569-6127 that is her cell phone or you can email her Jackie yet. Am I a Fs calm? She works for Michigan insurance on finance. services, but it's kind of like an independent broker. So you deal with her. She takes the hassle out of changing. You don't have to leave your house. You can do it in your underwear if you want. I know you all picture me in my underwear. Go ahead. Yes, sir.

I was just gonna say if you guys have questions about the Michigan, you know the new insurance. Yeah, one, she can answer them all. Yeah, absolutely. So and she will help you get a new quote or whatever you need to do. Yeah,

so 269-569-6127 give her a call or email or Jackie at m ay ay ay ay ay. fs.ah

boom. Okay. This one's mine again, g Antonio.

Sorry, what's up? It's an Antonio. Oh

my my chats a little behind yours must be because I the lat I didn't see that.

Well, no, it was just his name on the graphic is Antonio.

Oh, my bad.

Oh, you threw me off. Yes. Okay, here we go. So this is doordash was the so the person posting it on Facebook looks like it's the customer says the driver says, Hey, Antonio, this is your Dasher, one of your nuggets fell out of the bag as I hit a sharp turn. I didn't think he would want it. So I ate it be there shortly. Response just bring me my food before I get angry, sir. Now, we all know we think this is fake because of the iPhone thing. This is an iPhone. So that's a little weird. But it's still funny. Why is it weird? Because I don't know if it's real or not. So when you call when you do texting through like doordash or grubhub, it's all through SMS, which is Android platform. And this is an iPhone screen because of the whole iMessage

Yeah, and it only works with other Apple iPhones. I'd like to think that

that kind of thing wouldn't happen and yet every week we Have a video of some guy eating somebody else's food right? Or you know, something like that. This

is the funny part of this though this this problem, even if it is fake it I could see this happening. Yeah, hundred percent.

You should know the DSM S is not a manual platform. It's like all the other phones like Well, sir, your burger

touched my seat. So I went in ate it for you. Yeah, I think you'd want it.

Yeah, sorry. The there's there's apple and everybody else right? Yeah, exactly the best and everybody else. Some would say that.

Well, I appreciate you thinking about it. That manner maybe you think you don't care about it, but you know,

apples better.

Ah, that's AMD.

You're gonna go?

Yeah, I got to talk about Massachusetts leaders.

I had all the fun stories tonight. I don't know what happened. So Massachusetts leaders increased driver earnings when the commission Do you need it most? It's more like a statement. They want you to do it right. Not not.

Yeah, they're not not a question. So

because the problem is and Massachusetts during the whole COVID crisis COVID COVID mo emergency Massachusetts is one of two states in the country that does not allow search prices at all. And of course the drivers here does not like that at all. This is a organization it's it's it's essentially as its What is it? change.org so it's somebody you know, goshen.org Yeah, exactly. They're, they're a they're getting getting signatures trying to get the Massachusetts leaders to listen to open up for it. So that D will allow that there the system will allow for right for surge pricing doing that and, and so I would be I mean, I obviously like surge pricing. I also like that there's a cap on surge pricing in some of those areas, but I don't think that they should completely get rid of them by any means.

Yeah, I mean, you know, the reason I added this as as just a talking point about you know, the government involvement in private business because that's kind of what it is. And when I when I see things happen like that shooting in Seattle, this is way before all this disaster that's going on now. You know, and they caught it and they're like, okay, we'll stop it, which is legit, like I'm fine with that.

But the thing about the difference here is Uber stopped it and found out themselves and paid back themselves. Yeah, they didn't need the government to tell them to do it. Right.

And this this whole state of emergency is a lot like this has been like three months. So these drivers are supposed to drive without any search for three months. I mean, I would be mad about that. To now, I shouldn't say this change.org doesn't do anything, but it's just just get out there. To me, I look at it, like, just get out there and hustle. Like, there's no surge, there's nothing you can do about it. So, move on, but,

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