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Hi, guys, welcome to the gig economy podcast. Thank you so much for joining us. We are super excited to be back. Yes, we're ready to burn out of here with a Camaro.

I don't know. I just, it's the fastest car I could think of.

It's the Uber vehicle. The Uber vehicle. Yes. It's a comfort boy.

Yeah, I don't think a Camaro is comfort. That's by many means. So tonight we have Yes, burpee and Sam is filling his

bag not filling you not

really filling in, but just stop it in. You got to bump that mic close to your mouth girl.

Hey, oh.

Thanks, Mark. Oh, sorry. Yeah, that's our little. When's the last time you watch a show?

It's been a while.

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My phone is never turned on. So it's not me.

Is it me?

Oh, well, we'll hear it again. But anyways, if you can share your

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let me know.

I just muted

my wires all the way down.

Do we need to start over? No, we're good.

Thanks a lot. It was definitely

good. Oh, that was up. So far. I've been good so far

I haven't screwed up. So anyways, um, yeah, so share everything. We're glad we're back. Keith. Keith wants to know how the roads are. And of course Janet's here too, which is our Patreon our newest Patreon member, and Keith his Patreon member, too. So I'm just real quick we want to we are still doing the picnic I mean, I know things are not quite cool down yet but we're going to be all socially distance and all that so that is August 15. from noon to four ish. So plan on that still looking for a sponsor for that. So Paul, still looking

for a sponsor? Yeah, unless of course we plan on to be more than 100 people in which case we can have the movie

I don't think that's gonna happen.

Unless of course, she's gonna shut down the state again who might know who the hell no now

Who the hell knows. So I'm just want to real go over.

It's falling apart. That was my boy.

Just want to go over cut. This star is just been a shit show.


I guess I should stay away.

No, you're fine. Do you need to bring this around a little bit more exciting. So in the description you'll see, I've been drinking the link

to the picnic and you can see a link to our telegram group which we absolutely love to have starting to get more active now as people are driving. So go to telegram, download it and then click the link you can join the group. And of course we'd love to get your reviews. There's a link in the description as well. Definitely review us on Apple podcasts. That would be great. So sorry since last podcast, I have nothing but I am going to start gig work this week, not weekend. If you're when you're hearing this. I've already worked the weekend but if you're watching it live, it's this weekend. Yeah, you'll be busy. I'm planning on it. I don't think I'm gonna be taking passengers.

Certain somebody talked me out of it. So I mean,

we're not gonna mention any names, but

I ran into AJ at Costco last week, and he's just doing eats and he is clearance and good money, right? Hey, yo. So secrets.

Okay, I know it's not a secret.

No worries. He just

pop it and it's in. This is crazy, because eats is never poppin

Well, we'll talk about this later, too. Right. But with the Uber Eats buying Postmates I mean, that's gonna only make that better.

Yeah, yeah, so hopefully, right. Oh, fully. Well here

though. Who knows?

Postmates sucks here. Yeah. All right, Sam, do you have any stories?

I mean, no,

no. Really. Stories. My days are pretty simple. I did. I mean, last week for the first time ever. I had a temporary vote. Okay, yeah. How does that work? I mean, we opened up the app thinking the end of the day and made 200 bucks. So it was 180. And somebody pulled the $20 tip off the order, and I'd have no idea why. There have been times where I've genuinely made mistakes. And I'm like, Oh, I'm gonna lose my tip haven't even gone in and seen an extra $20 quite a few times. But um, yeah, no idea.

But don't think people do that just because they add the $20 to you got to get you to take him and then they took over Yeah, to me. Yeah, maybe

I don't in Grand Rapids. I don't think it's a huge issue. Oh, it is. I think so. Yeah. cuz I've got over $100 order. They give me a $90 tip and they left it.

Damn, yeah, that's crazy. I'm gonna

sharpen our biggest order was just over 100 bucks. And

I mean, I remember we talked to Kristin miles. She said she'd heard about it. He was from

shipped shipped. Thank you. She's like a local Delete isn't delete. Dang. Yeah,

I mean, I haven't really had a huge issue with him and tips have they fluctuate and instacart shifts and whether or not you get everything and even like the weights of things, like they want four pounds of steak needed them 4.1 pounds you're gonna get paid just a little bit more. But um, yeah, it's the only time I've ever had tip just pulled for any reason. Well, that's just sucks. Yeah, it did. Hope you wanted them. Oh, that's not an option. Oh, no, I wish I really would. I wish I could pick customers to never return to their homes again. It shouldn't be an option. One Two says he can't

hear us.

Well, one has some she is quiet. Sam needs to get up on the mic. But Wanda also has trouble hearing it every time. He comments on the

back in a Sam's phone. It's always Sam's fault. It's not.

Anyways, so. Yeah. Oh, here's the picnic. I always forget the little icon. So yep. Saturday at noon. Saturday, August 15, noon to four. Do

you ever go back home? Well, the logo, did you ever go back and get the beer license for that? You know we have it. No,

no, you probably still could. We probably could. I don't know how much it is but

I think it was $50. But still,

yeah, for sure. So just wanted to touch on Irvine's again, before we get into the gig economy news. Why is it? There we go. Call Irvine's at five three to 6600 or go to Irvine comm they are veteran woman owned company. And we love them. Check out their Google reviews. They're close to 400 almost a five star. I left one. Yeah, I saw that you did. It's it's they're just great. They do such a good job. And we're looking forward to some time this summer. They usually have a car show and we are going to livestream from there. Do a podcast but they're not doing it this year because of COVID. So they're trying to figure out something else that they can do. So we can be involved with that at some point but

Real quick before we move on, Nate, we found out how to mute you this time. So you're the only one who can hear us.

If you go to Irvine comm, you can schedule everything online. Sam did that. And it said all the pictures of what's f stop and what needs to be repaired and what's leaking. So,

yeah, and if it's like more complicated than a picture can likely give you a call for sure, explain it very simply, like I don't know cars. And I understood the issue. And

what's great about it is when you look at the repairs, you can be like, declined, like my brake fluid was all dirty decline, decline, decline, fix, fix, fix,

that's how I do like a tune up and replacing a tail light.

Yeah, that kind of stuff this stuff, right? So, guys really support us by going to use them. So

please, please, please do that. Thank you.

Alright, so we're going to jump right into the gig economy in the news and I am up first and you know, I'm not going to read this article. verbatim but as everyone's heard, post mates and Uber finally agree on a 2.65 billion things Sabrina billion all stock deal, which is nuts. My question is, why are they are they just trying to dominate because they're like, oh, grub hub, okay? They don't, we're not gonna come. They're just like going like, it's like they had a plan a business plan, like okay, we're gonna go to grub hub first. And then we're gonna go to Postmates. Right. And I just, you know, I just curious. I mean,

Oh, that makes sense for them to buy up the other platforms. Why not?

I mean, it does. But they're broke. Right?

broke. Oh, they're not they making so much money. You can they broke on paper. Everybody should be broke on paper.

Their revenue is fine. They just start turning a profit.

Yeah. But it just seems kind of weird. But

that's kind of the way those startup started a startup anymore. No,

no, but they've been around for like almost what 10 years now. Have you really? I bet? Yeah, not here. I mean, it's been at least five here. Yeah, right. So figure

out why it's more than fighting. I've driven for four. Yes, mates.

Oh, no, I'm sorry. I was I thought you're talking about you talk about post mates has been around for I think it 2011

and they're big in California.

Yeah, I was gonna say huge in California.

Everybody post mates everything in California.

May 1 2011 post mates.

Okay, so 2011 right. You got the date? What about Uber? You want to Google that just for shits and grins? I didn't know but this I knew it.

Did he said I

didn't. You met? I didn't go

March 2009.

Doing Yes. Smoke on the Google foo.

Yeah, Google food or computers a little bit faster. So yeah, I mean, Guess it's a good thing I'm looking forward to doing Uber Eats and just doing some gig work and

I wonder if Sam is does your computer have windows? Yeah. Yours is faster than

ours not please say

like I should know the answer to that question.

Better stickers on her computer y'all

I don't ever take them off ever I just gave them their

Samsung add on there

that's hilarious. Okay, I never

take them off. So we'll see how this I are the My question is and maybe I didn't read an article are they gonna run separately? Are they just gonna? I don't know. I

don't know why you would I don't know why it would either them all in one app yeah brand whatnot now Postmates is food and

anything deliver other stuff right any delivery if you want it you pick the store where you want it from me Tom what you want and then they go get it. But see that's the

that's the market who was entering with delivery? Yeah, anything though. Yeah, other markets are doing that. So it makes all

the Gotta they gotta ask her get off the pot because now that COVID happened and who knows if it's gonna research or what the game has changed for grocery delivery and all that other stuff so they need to be like game to change for rideshare as well.

Yeah changing.

Yeah, I saw somebody in the Grand Rapids group said Hey, does does anyone get pings at the airport? Because I just dropped people off and someone commented the airport staff is just telling me to take taxis because there's no drivers out there. Yeah, I believe a Sox like when it does go back to Yeah. to normal but

I saw roadie at the airport and I said otherwise was any dollars like how the hell when you have so few people fine Can you not get a bag to where it's supposed to go on time? I mean,

how hard is it it's the airlines so

so key is apparently read the article he said they're gonna run them separately for a while.

Yeah. Which makes doesn't have to for a while. Yeah. But I wonder if those

the group of guys out the airport are still sitting out there.

Those guys

the guy in the Tesla, the guy,

I think I saw him delivering food when I was doing lawns the other day. Like, I mean, maybe there was another test of delivering food, but I swear it was that Saturday to

in rapids. I mean,

yeah, I don't know.

I don't know that. Grand Rapids actually has a factory that makes Tesla parts. Okay,

it makes sense though. Grand Rapids a huge like mini manufacturing. Yeah, like not the big companies of all these little minor companies that make three screws for

another car every single car.

Yeah, exactly. Are the mirrors gentex Yeah, mirrors Right.

I mean, girl does some of the bodywork and feelings for

those. I bet those 50 plus bye.

Bye go. What do they call like bye shops and not body shops pawn shops who does parts?

Yeah, I'm gonna call that manufacturer something.

Yeah, plastic. Yeah,

probably that royal plastics out in Pottsville probably does a lot of parts. So yeah. Yeah. When you see the big automakers go down. It's affecting a lot of people. Oh, yeah. All right. Yes. Barry, you're up next. And I'm just curious what everyone's opinion about this

wonderful, wonderful SBA. Uber is set to agreed No, no, hang on, hang on. This is all

this is about

this guy said that he got approved for $6,600. Right. Mm hmm. For the but

sorry. So this is the this is the

SBA loan. This is

not the idea. It is the idea. This is Yeah, okay. Yes. So I mean, it's prettier.

First of all, he shouldn't have been approved for the idea right.

Now if you are a contractor. Yeah. So You can, okay, I guess

you can get approval as long as you do your credit

determines your approval amount, just like any other loan, I got approved for a lot. And then for this, but the amount of the grant you get as an independent contractor will only be $1,000. Right? big businesses can get a grant of 10 grand

and then get alone. Well, only if they have 10 employees, right. Yeah.

But yeah, yeah. So yeah, he totally can be qualified for 600. That's fine. The question is, can he spend it on business expenses only and document it? Right, and be appropriate with it, but I'm assuming he has 30 years to spend it then. Yeah, of course. Why would you pay it back for 30?

So that's why

he just cut I don't think he has to

know that's the terms. Most of them are 30 year terms. No, no, I know. Yeah. Well, yeah. Yeah. I mean, I guess my point was, why would you do

I mean, I think most people do. Don't read because I went through and I read like every single line and most people don't realize you have to run with that right? Because I was like, Oh, I got some credit card debt from when I wasn't working I'll just pay that off

right way better interest rate or pay your car payment off.

pay it off if you pay it for other stuff you because you have to supply receipts right but what if you don't it's fraud to pay it back. Money and penalties? Yeah. Oh, so they Okay, yeah,

that's what you've committed fraud. What about

the first thousand then? That seems to be no bubblegum, do that whatever you want with the first thousand they don't care. Do you snack cakes?

Anybody can prove they spent $1,000 on

exactly. So they don't care. But point three on that so

that if he so 5600 he gets, let's say, can you use that for payroll? No, no.

The EDL absolutely cannot be used for payroll.

So it's different from the PP PPP long

Yes, the PPP alone is just payroll and you paying yourself is payroll I cannot emphasize that enough to people so

that that's exactly a really contract worker cannot get the PPV

no they cannot you paying yourself as a business owner is not considered payroll.

Oh, legally. No, it's just what is it this?

Yeah, it's Yeah, it's a withdrawal you take out of the bank that's it. You don't get a tax break for it. You

don't get anything now. If you are an escort. I thought he said escort.

Your company is technically an S Corp. Then you are hired by the company and yes, and you're

the CEO. There's wiggle room around it. Yes. It's just difficult. Sam. No independent contractor you

might be like,

Oh, yeah.

But um, yeah, gently but like Uber driver, you can't get a checkbook from a business bank account and cut yourself a check for $1,000 a month. Call it payroll right doesn't work that way I guess going to get

I guess why I brought this up. I want to get all your opinions would you do this loan the way this guy has it set up? I mean No, no judgment to anyone that does it. I just don't think it's unless you're desperate for the money

if I knew that I was gonna have six or $7,000 of business expenses this year unexpectedly like I don't know my transmission going out on my Nissan. It could be worth it. Okay, um, because I could use it for that I still have chosen not to

what about replacing a car?

I don't think buying a new cars purchasing capital. It's not a business expense to

capital nurture here.

So I don't think so.

So is this guy is he so well now? This you still get his 1000

I could your you'll still get your thousand. Yeah. But if you were to take like 10 grand and then go buy a new car with it. It's possible it could hurt you because it's its capital. It's not a business expense.

Jamie Lynn Brooks And quite a few drivers are thinking they could pay off their cars as a business expense not sure how far they will get with that. Yeah, I mean you should probably clarify that before Yes After finally get it in writing from the person issuing your loan that yes, you can use it that way. I have a question with this SBA loan is this a new thing? Yes. Okay, so calling an attorney or someone or a tax person may not have the knowledge the

people issuing the loan should know the answers to these questions should they should they should

you're actually not allowed to hire a lawyer anything to help you with this right? I don't know. Cuz I remember when I was going through it you have to like put on there specifically if somebody helped you or you paid somebody to help you fill out the paperwork and then which case they don't allow it. What

seems weird

attorneys that are gonna review this before you

when I filled in the deal paperwork just till the day and there was a spot for me to put in a name somebody had helped me fill out. Yeah.

Hey, I'm sure they want to know who It was

maybe that's what it was. maybe I misunderstood. Yeah.

Did you wrong?

Yeah. Yeah. Like an audit. Yeah. You know, like my tax guy. When he signs the thing and the IRS comes, they come to him first,

right. And if he did something wrong, he will be on the hook for covering your issue. Well, it's

funny, I brought in some deductions on some sticky notes and just wrote it down. And he's like, he's like, Oh, you know, you don't need he goes, I don't really. Or he said, I don't really need those numbers because you're below a certain thing I took them back is like, Oh, no, I'm gonna keep them in your file. Because if the IRS comes back and says, This guy said this, he's gonna open the file and see my pink sticky notes in there. So it's kind of funny. He kept

everything I gave him if he had made a mistake. Maybe you were above that line, right? You're actively throw those in.

I mean, I even wrote the mileage and I was like, Oh, you can round it up. He's like, Oh, I'm writing Exactly. down and it was on the sticky note. It's like well, just in case they come back, I can be like, well, you wrote it.

But anyways, alright. Let's move on because we got a lot to get through.

All right, so the next one is what the what Since when do we ask for tips my food hasn't even left the building and he sent me this, what would you say? And the picture says hi, food orders on the way tips would be very much appreciated Blessings to you and thank you enjoy your mail.

Your mail or your mail, mail.


Hey, Dustin's on. Hey Dustin. Justin, Justin. Um, hey Dawson.

It's a bit early to be sending a text like that like if a thank you your food has been delivered. I guess you could do it. I still wouldn't. But not before the food has even arrived like in there by people

like in this might be just because I spent almost 20 years in a business where like it was severely frowned upon for asking for tips. Like the driver as a driver. He did not watch the right Corporate America you don't ask for likes. So to me if I would get this text message, you wouldn't tip. I don't know if I wouldn't tip but it would be like, two bucks.

three bucks, something,

I would still give them their tip, but I would certainly text back. It's inappropriate to send this text message.

Well, what if it would be at the time of drop off and he would change the words a little bit like Thanks for using Uber Eats, we would really appreciate a tip if you you know, basically the same thing. It doesn't change it. I just

like fishing for tips like

what he's not being instant. He's not being a D about that,

which is why I would still tip them. But I don't know that I would tip him as good as I normally do when I get

well, it's funny, I'm kind of fighting, you know, going against you a little bit but if I'm in a restaurant, and I give cash in the in the server says all set, right. Like that's implying, I know she's not being that way, but she just wants to know but like Why would you say that? Like, what if I had 100 in there, right?

You know what I mean? But she wouldn't say all said 100 I'll do the thing.

No, but she doesn't know what's in there. She grabs it from me. And she says, it's all set.

I don't I'm just more old school or like, I want you to offer change back. And then I'm going to be more apt to saying, Oh, just just keep it

there. Real quick, Dustin. Yeah, we're not streaming on YouTube. It would not stream for us tonight. Never had a happen before so I don't know. We tried twice. It's never

happened before like this. It's never

not working. So yeah, I guess I'm on the fence with it. I'm not offended by it. I mean, but I

mean, he wasn't rude by any means. You look

at it, though. You being on a drug as a driver seeing that, does that piss you off more? Or like are you looking at it from just like a customer perspective? I'm looking as like you're not a driver because I know how the hustlers out there. So I

is it customer. Okay, I'm not if he would say, I just think that he took the tips part out if you sent the rest of the message, I would be okay. And fine. And, you know, I'd probably be more apt to tip them better because he's communicating and letting me know. Yeah. But as soon as you start, you know, throwing that line out there to

Yeah, I mean, forgive me. He said she showed up. also added food is on the way and I'll be there as soon as I can. Please remember that tips are always appreciated. Right. So yeah, maybe change the verbiage a little bit. Yeah, like average little bit value to it doesn't sound as

please tip me. Right.

Yeah. I mean, again, if it was like right after the food was delivered, ended the order. Yes, your food has especially with no contact deliveries. Your food has arrived. It's outside your door. tips are appreciated. Have a good night. See, that's all I was asking. You

drop the fade off like the food's there. And I think I probably care less.

Yeah. So So the difference is in the word are as opposed to what? I mean. That's the whole thing. Right? So you're saying tips are appreciated as opposed to tips would be appreciated, because in this case, the word would, is a little more forceful. Exactly. Right. Yeah. So that is that the difference that make it doesn't mean make it right. I don't know.

Alex kind of changed the game with this comment. You can always rate my service in the app. Because then they're seeing the tip

a little sneakier to get Yeah,

I kind of like that even better. That's a little cleaner. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, yeah. I knew this would get a lot of discussion because it's kind of I didn't know

it. It's the same thing. I would never I was always uncomfortable asking for the tip driving.

Yeah. You know what, I would never put a tip

tips out appreciate it. Well, yeah, because it's

personal. You're not doing it via text message just so

people know tips are appreciated. Well, it's not a secret. It's not news to anybody. But unless you're not right,

so when when Justin put up the signs in his car about the tipping and how it says tips are appreciated. He got more tips. Yeah, and he got more fire sorry

I swear when I used to put cash up in the visor. I swear I got more tips like early on no Uber days not so much no cash less and less.

Yeah they do can even get coins anymore.

No, No you can't. I'll be put court to all the corners on their carts.

Dustin said the tip box is awesome no matter what anyone says. I know a lot of people see it say it's trash.

I love it. And that's fine. You know, just

make sure Mountain View again.

Grabbing that money that thing went viral. I mean, there's like millions of views on that thing. But

I never did anyway when like eight bucks. It was good.

There wasn't much in there. Alright, let's jump into

Sam's article.

Yeah. So I mean we kind of covered this just a little bit the beginning

let's go for sorry Sam before we go on Sam is like doing instacart like a like a boss now right now so that's why kind of why we brought her in to kind of talk about instacart stuff not that there's a ton going on with it.

No, I mean it's pretty repetitive but still it's just it's been interesting shifting from like 90% Uber yeah percent random other things but never groceries because I hate groceries. I know

that's so you are you ordered shift yourself. I still do sometimes.

The store all day I register for 10 hours and I get home and I realize I need groceries. I am not going back to the store. I am ordering them on shift.

I gotta figure out how to sign up for my free shift account.

Yeah, it's only saving you 50 bucks you still pay out the ass of you know the increase of sat that much

Much Yeah.

Well, but um, okay, sorry, the article is about instacart changing their policy and when tips can be adjusted after placing an order. In the past, it's been a three day window that you have as a customer to change your tip for whatever reason, no reason even had to be given, which is infuriating. But now it is down to a 24 hour window. And they do have to leave feedback, even though last week when my tip was revoked. I didn't receive any feedback. So either it wasn't institutes Yes. Or they aren't passing it on to us

the same problem with Uber,

right? They don't

give us the feedback you're supposed to be able to if you like one star, your driver Yeah, all three stars. You're supposed to be able to put in the reason and then they're supposed to give that reason to the drivers so they know how to improve or what if some,

they do they didn't generalize it Don't say no.

Well, I mean, it's cart does have like if you actually check your How am I doing in your ratings, so People have left comments for you. Yeah, but that isn't a part of the comment they leave for why they're revoking a tip. But that's a whole separate feature. So that part doesn't get passed on. And I mean, the reason that they did this, though, is a tip baiting. It happens, people will put fat tips on an order, because they know it's the only way a drivers gonna pull it, especially if they're pretty far from the store. And then go afterwards, just go and pull it, which they've had every ability to do. And it's really frustrating. I mean, you know, I go into an order that, you know, it was like a $36 order. It was still a waste of my time because it was a triple a batch and ended up being a nightmare. But she got all her stuff. She had an entirely timeframe. I actually talked to her quite a bit in the store about couple of replacements and we had a long conversation. We're like, make friends. Oh, mad.

Yeah. When you go, Oh, yeah. Like

I'm actually talking to you. And she kept going on to me about her health conditions and why things had to be a certain way and said, Okay, that's cool. It's Fine, I'll get you whatever you want. But I'm into then like, I'm like, Okay, I'm gonna make 35 bucks on this then I go, Oh, I made 15 bucks on this and it took me an hour and a half. Well

worth it instacart in this article does say it's only point 5% of orders have tips removed? Yes.

I don't feel that it's common some markets it might be worse.

I feel like I've seen a lot of people in Grand Rapids complain about it.

Well, we've probably heard a lot about the big ones that got that

right. And I'm sure right uncovered hit it may have been worse than normal. Yeah. And I Some people also probably don't know the difference between tips being polled and text being reduced. Because when you give a percentage tip like a 20% tip, and the bills 100 bucks, then you know, you get your 20 bucks, but if you only get $99 for those groceries, you're gonna lose some of your tip. That's and people don't realize that that 15 cents it was taken out. Wasn't someone pulling it back, right. Why are you not finding an item? Yeah, no. If you're still if you're missing, like 12 items off of a 30 item order it adds up. Yeah, sometimes you can lose 567 bucks on an order because the storage doesn't have it or any reasonable replacements.

Yeah, Alex brought up a point I was kind of gonna say is why can't they limit the reduction so it's like $20 you can only reduce it 50% right that was sometime I made the

same point that you shouldn't be able to take the whole 20

and now I bet sure I don't have the article or I don't have the picture I did save it but Mazal talk about it as shipped is going to upfront tipping now to which is great.

You think it's good? Well, yeah, cuz they waited three hours for my groceries that were never delivered.

Oh, you think they're doing that to get people out more people out in the street? To the limit? Yeah, I

think it'll just give customers the ability to say hey, I'm willing to pay you this much prioritize giving my groceries

Exactly. That's why my idea for Uber if you live out in the boonies, like if you if the passenger could offer a $10 bonus you drive from the airport For $10 on top of the rate, yeah, plus sure whatever tip there's

probably a lot of trips that I would take if I knew for sure what I was going to be getting extra.

Yeah, the exact same thing I used to say to people to the to the kids getting picked up early. Now, Dale, as you know, the moment somebody accepted a ride you text and says, Hey, I will give you 20 bucks in tip or whatever. Yeah.

Because then you won't get the Oh l&l thing. Yeah.

And now, they could screw you on that as a driver. But most people I would say probably over 90% follow through what they say most people, although they now tip you in the app, when they say that that's not gonna happen.

I got some nice, it's my own nail.

It's a much bigger deal to actually put the tip there and take it back then to just say, oh, I'll tip you in the app.

Yeah, I'm telling you, you take a tip back if everything was perfect, you're just some sort of badass or something. Cuz like, you have balls of steel because you probably wouldn't do that in person.

No. I mean, I've Reduce tips for bad service for bad service but never removed the entirety of a tip.

Yeah, but you also know the value of the tip, because you do it every day. Right? You know, it's the same reason we always said that the people would tip the best other people in the service industry. I mean, I, every time I drove a waitress or waiter or whatever, I would get a tip. It was usually cash, usually cash tip, you know, all that stuff. Because that's, they know the value of it, they will be

great. And that is, wouldn't be great. If everybody had to work like two years in the service industry as they were growing up. People do so much nicer.

Yeah, even if you didn't do service the rest of your life if you did something out, right,

the memories of somebody screaming in your face would forever put you in your

I feel like it's either military or food service.

Mandatory you either got to go to the military for two years, or you got to do food service for

two years. So Sam While we're talking about tip scamming, I noticed that the other thing that's been going on now is that they're setting their deliveries for locations that aren't. Yeah, I saw that if you hit any of those,

I've seen the zero mile ones pop up I've ever taken they've never been enough money for me about it. Like I won't take an order that's less than like 20 to $40 Sure. It's just not worth my time right usually like 13 $14 ones do that. But yeah, so what smooth talking about on the pages if you are outside the delivery zone for instacart which is a huge delivery zone like USB way out there. I've

taken some way out to like,

way out Rockford almost Greenville. Yeah, I heard and I'm there outside the area so they put the address that they're delivering to as the store so it shows up as a zero mile delivery. So you go you pick all this stuff up. And then I would have assumed they were gonna come pick it up. And that's what I was doing. I wasn't doing a full service. I assumed I was Just doing a shop and pick up. And though they're they're texting their shopper. This is my address. This is where you need to bring my groceries. Yeah.


for which point you're not getting paid for that mileage. Like, I would go over it. No, I wouldn't either. I would just cancel it.

Yeah. probably three or four times on the page here in Grand Rapids.

Yeah. And I see him and I'm like, I don't. The one person said they did get paid mileage, but it's not enough.

But here's the thing. The only way that customers gonna learn is if you just put the groceries back, because I know you don't want to because you want to get some pay. But yeah, I would be like no.

At that point, I think instacart will actually they will they try to do right to a certain extent right. I'm sure. Like when I had to return alcohol once which Fun fact you cannot do in Michigan, no state of Michigan and this whole legal to return alcohol.

So what did you do with it? So I drove I


back to fresh. Goodnight, fresh time to bring the wine back. Yeah, like you can't accept alcohol. can't return alcoholic. It's against the law. Weird I like called instacart. And I was on the phone with them for an hour and a half a I couldn't get the order to complete. And I kept telling the guy, please just override the complete the order has been delivered. Yeah, he's just override. Eventually he gave it to a supervisor because that was too difficult to request just mark the order is delivered. And then I was like, Okay, so now the alcohol issue. I'm at the store, ready to return it. They won't take it. And eventually they said, Okay, we'll just take home with you for now and we'll be in touch and they sent us one email. I was like, whatever and I cracked that wine open. I drank it

was very good.

What was the situation that you couldn't deliver the alcohol?

her driver's license expired, so what's everyone else's in the home? Oh, that's Yeah, weird. It's a How is everybody and

yeah, like at least someone in right will have a valid right because,

you know, I'm in the car insurance and home insurance business now. Like not selling it. Yeah. They actually have the column more towards the

moratorium yet the state of Michigan does. Yeah, but alcohol is a federal issue, not a state issue. So the government can't actually override that technically. And instacart policy, regardless of what Michigan says, Wow. So yeah, expired IDs. No, go. I cannot leave the alcohol. But I had two very nice bottles of

organic white wine. Oh, hopefully two bottles. Yeah, organic the way they have no agenda, all their license are expired, but they're ordering organic white wine. They

were very pushy. German people actually. Don't know why.

You're over that for now.

But yeah, very nice. Um, yeah, I'll go there groceries organic. So of course their wine was too bad. It was delicious. It was very good.

I just want to point out before you let me interrupt you, but now Yeah. If you don't say something on Twitch this episode, we're quite into it. But

I meant to get the point was that instacart does you right? Like they give you 15 bucks for the effort of returning the alcohol. And the lady actually gave me a 20 for making me have to go back to the store. Oh, so I got 35 bucks to

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