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You guys could do me a favor if you're on YouTube, can you please subscribe and hit the like button and if you're on Facebook, can you please share to your local gig group or rideshare group or whatever so also, we never really talked about this but I want you guys to go to the website it's gig economy gig economy dash podcast calm that's gig economy podcast.com gig economy dash podcast calm so Check that out. We've updated it. It looks great yesterday has done a great job. So yeah, we would love you to go there. But so, a picnic picnic, we are still doing the picnic. It is coming up soon. It is a couple weeks. Yep. Come we're gonna we're gonna do a live stream from there. I'm going to bring this board. God helped me. And we're going to run it through my phone. God helped me twice. And then yeah, we'll have I think it'd be kind of fun. We'll have like impromptu interviews, people could sit down. It'll be great food and we Unknown Speaker 3:36 are going to try our best to do our social distancing and stuff like that as well. So yeah, it's gonna be outside so it'll be fine. It's outside. But, you know, still for people who are worried about that. We are gonna Unknown Speaker 3:50 I'm not coming. JOHN said he's not coming. So Unknown Speaker 3:53 I know. That's crap. Come out. Why Unknown Speaker 3:55 is john coming? Unknown Speaker 3:57 Well, it's his work thing. He Yeah, I don't I don't blame him and he basically thinks he's gonna have to quarantine himself. Because he works in hospital and stuff. I don't know. Unknown Speaker 4:08 What about what about Unknown Speaker 4:11 later? Yeah. I don't know. I think it's still up in the air with Larry. Unknown Speaker 4:14 Larry, are you in? I think Unknown Speaker 4:18 Aaron says he's actually watching so that's great. I realize time Unknown Speaker 4:23 Aaron watched it's been Unknown Speaker 4:24 a hot second. Oh yeah. Aaron Hey, Sam's not on the show anymore. Unknown Speaker 4:31 And he was talking about that in the chat. I know. Unknown Speaker 4:34 This is weird. I move my mic over to this side and like when I want to talk to yes for I feel like I'm going off mic. Anyways, no one cares No. Unknown Speaker 4:43 So the side before Unknown Speaker 4:45 Yeah, cuz I kept hitting it with my mouse. So I Unknown Speaker 4:48 thought I'm gonna move it over here again, the whole thing? Yes. I Unknown Speaker 4:51 know like this. Unknown Speaker 4:56 So stories from lamis last podcast, Unknown Speaker 4:59 you names and everything. Unknown Speaker 5:01 Yeah, cuz I gave her shit. But we love her. Um, I actually worked. I actually worked. I went out and did Uber Eats and grubhub not last weekend, but the weekend before. I followed through, like I said on the last podcast that I would be going out that weekend, and I did. And I was actually quite impressed. how busy I was for the short amount of time I'm like, man, back in the day, we would stay up to like three in the morning, like I'm working three or six to nine and 11 to two and making good money. So Unknown Speaker 5:39 I'm telling you, if you're still out there, Unknown Speaker 5:43 worried about work. did not go live on YouTube. That's a good job, Jason. It's not automatic. We're going live now. It used to get a hair somewhere. If you if you want to work. It's out there right? At least in the Grand Rapids market. Every single Person tipped at least $1. So I was happy with it. And I plan on going out the Saturday so Unknown Speaker 6:06 when Yeah, you made good money. So yeah, I did. Oh, Keith, how was vacation yesterday? It was great roads was awesome. I mean, we gotta have that question. Yeah, no, I'd be drove 4000 miles back and forth to the canyon. And it was it was a great time. So definitely. Unknown Speaker 6:24 Yeah, we're glad to have him back. How much driving? Unknown Speaker 6:27 Yeah, 4000 miles, right. Unknown Speaker 6:28 We drove at least six hours in a day. Well, two or two other days. We did he live. Unknown Speaker 6:35 All right. Cool. Um, well, good. We're glad to have you back. glad it was safe. And was it restful at all or did it? No, it wasn't that kind of vacation. Well, Unknown Speaker 6:46 it was restful because you You didn't i didn't spend any time thinking work. I didn't think he spent any time thinking travel at all. It was just, you know, we obviously we didn't really do much other than we did. We visited a lot. Nature Park you know national parks you got to see Rocky Mountains we saw Arches National Park we saw the Grand Canyon National Park Of course and then we saw Petrified Forest which is amazing that that's crazy you see this giant pieces of wood which is not what yeah cuz they all petrified Dell Dell crystal but you can see can you can clearly see that they're still that they were wood it's just it's just crazy Unknown Speaker 7:30 so what is so petrified meaning it's like so old that Unknown Speaker 7:34 it's some kind of a process but all the wood has been crystallized so so you see you can see that was bog one still has the structure of bike. Oh, it's all rock and crystals. So it's like Harley Yeah, it's it's it's you Unknown Speaker 7:54 know what I would like? You know what I would really like to see is the the red the Is it the redwood forest that redwood trees where you can like drive Unknown Speaker 8:03 has gone on for those one you could drive through, but it fell. Ah, no, it's Unknown Speaker 8:08 Can you imagine the sound that it Unknown Speaker 8:10 was hundreds of years old? That tree was hundreds of years old. Unknown Speaker 8:14 That's crazy. Crazy Crazy. So, um, yeah, I just want to talk about our telegram group. It's starting to get more active again. We just added do we add a new guy recently? I forgot his name. Maybe someone can look it up. But hilarious. It's not Larry. We did get a new guy. Yeah, just earlier this week. Yeah. Unknown Speaker 8:35 Hey, but it was a comfort right? So it's okay. He thought he wouldn't do that. comfortable. Sure. Unknown Speaker 8:40 Hundred percent. But yeah, go to in our Facebook description or I don't know if it's on YouTube, but you can download telegram and join the group we chat. We're x rated sometimes there's a lot of weird gifts. Unknown Speaker 8:54 So mostly buts Unknown Speaker 8:56 mostly. Pizza or gummy bears, hitting butts. Unknown Speaker 9:01 Not yes first bought so you can rest assured but we'd love to have you in to discuss you know the economy you know Unknown Speaker 9:09 then if that's your boss that's on there then you and I need to talk Unknown Speaker 9:17 is that me Unknown Speaker 9:20 Sorry about that. I'm not sure why I was gonna monitor hey oh Unknown Speaker 9:27 that's okay Unknown Speaker 9:27 wasn't an add on our channel. Yeah, you should just let it play Unknown Speaker 9:33 also in the description we would love a review we have not gotten a review and hot second I know as people are starting to drive more our numbers have been down down which is totally understandable I'm sure a lot of people listen while they're driving but we'd love to review that description is in the Facebook thing as well. Unknown Speaker 9:52 You guys got anything else? You any p trying to figure out what this guy's Unknown Speaker 9:55 name is? Unknown Speaker 9:57 Oh in the group. Yeah. I could probably tell you if you go into the list of all the names it'll say who has been on most recently? I bet he is about the 15th down something like that. But I'm Unknown Speaker 10:12 Bradley overbeck Unknown Speaker 10:13 Is that what it is? Yeah. Hey Bradley. Welcome to the group. Welcome to the group. Alrighty, let's get into our first of course our awesome sponsor Irvine's they may be sponsoring the picnic so that'll be fun got to reach out to them maybe kind of connect Unknown Speaker 10:28 we had that one guy but so Pete didn't have any stories. Unknown Speaker 10:32 He had no series. P Are you gonna be driving? I got my battery replaced but there's still something draining it so I'm going to get my car into Irvine's auto Unknown Speaker 10:41 repair. Yes Get it done because we want you out driving I can't be the only one Unknown Speaker 10:47 I may have to take mine as well because my my rear tire is leaking the van. Unknown Speaker 10:53 I'm glad that the van held Oh yeah, it's still well. Good. Well Unknown Speaker 10:58 anyways, if you need maintenance and stuff Which I got a weird email from Uber saying that they needed my inspection which I gave it to them in February. So I'm just gonna ignore it. But anyways if you need an inspection you can go to Irvine's it is not for free, but they do more than just what the Uber inspection requires. They look over your car to schedule service with them for three to 6600 or Irvine comm you can schedule everything offline, or a woman owned veteran owned company, amazing Google reviews and they work on hybrids. So Leo, you know, if you're in Grand Rapids, you need a little tune up on that hybrid that Prius, take the Irvine's auto repair Grand Rapids highborn. We would appreciate it and we appreciate them supporting the Unknown Speaker 11:41 show. Yes, we do. Unknown Speaker 11:44 All right. What are we doing here? Oh, I'm up for some of them. Yeah, ouch. Okay, so Unknown Speaker 11:50 should take that up with a guy who makes the Unknown Speaker 11:52 high now I know this new mic thing why I decided 10 minutes before the show starts to be like I'm gonna move the mic to the other side. It's totally throwing me off. So Uber is becoming the new trip, apparently because they've launched a new feature called drive pass. So this is only in San Diego right now, but I'm going to kind of run down real quick how it works, you can buy a drive pass for a select number of Uber x trips, requests and pay a zero percent service fee on each of those trip requests. Once you purchase your pass, you have seven days to use the number of zero percent service fee trip request app that you've purchased. After you used all the requests that you purchase, you will go back to paying the 25% service fee. You can always buy more, you can always buy another dry pass at any time. Unknown Speaker 12:39 So the way that works is they're hoping people won't use all the passes. Unknown Speaker 12:44 Well, you wait till I get to the end of it and you'll be like, Alright, this is bullshit. So as an introductory offer, we're discounting the price of the dry pass prices will vary from week to week. So right now it's $7 for 10 requests $30 for 50 bucks. requests are $50 for $107 Unknown Speaker 13:02 for 1010. And then what was the next 130 dollars for 50 Unknown Speaker 13:10 and $50 for 100 Unknown Speaker 13:15 not too good at math, I feel like we're getting left. Or Unknown Speaker 13:19 I'm not good at maths either but so and that's a discounted they said because like the the hundred requests normally would be 300. Unknown Speaker 13:27 But it's just the booking fee them and if they have to pay for the ride on top of that I wanted this. Unknown Speaker 13:32 I don't know about that. So the next slide I threw up on the screen. Basically, your earnings out of 10 trips would save you $23 if you had the drive pass, that's what they're saying. So the more trips you know more trip requests you accept while using dry pass the more you save, dry pass can be used for Uber x trips only ever Extra be received counts against your drive fast. Whether you accept, cancel or decline. So basically you don't take it it just you just lost it. So for us that that are selective it would be Yeah, Unknown Speaker 14:17 that's a Yeah, killer. Unknown Speaker 14:19 That's why I said wait till the end it didn't really have to do with what you said earlier. But yeah, you have to. Yeah, the only thing that doesn't count is rider cancellations will not count against it. But if you cancel decline, Unknown Speaker 14:32 yeah, so looks like you drive out to Allendale to pick up that student. Yeah, Unknown Speaker 14:36 well, but wise. So tell me with this, where would this be worth it? I guess Unknown Speaker 14:42 I don't know. Well, if you can, if you can buy them for certain periods, like when when when it used to be busy and we drove downtown, you know, after midnight, we would easily have 1015 minutes an hour. Yeah, right. So So at that point, get get attend to 20 Pass. Unknown Speaker 15:01 Thanks, Dave. I pass Unknown Speaker 15:03 and you only pay 75 cents. You know, as a ride fee per per drive. Unknown Speaker 15:08 Yeah, if you're if it's only $7 for 10 of Unknown Speaker 15:11 the 70 cents fee per ride right? Unknown Speaker 15:15 What's the average fee per ride in our market? Unknown Speaker 15:18 Well, you got the booking fee. I mean, Unknown Speaker 15:21 it's at least over $1 that there is a rider pay that that comes out or not right so as a driver that comes out of unfair Unknown Speaker 15:31 Yeah, yeah, I mean, again math, but we don't have to break it down because it's been so long since we drove but I don't know. I just don't I still don't think cuz like I if I see a ride is Unknown Speaker 15:43 a nightmare ride for Lyft driver he was punched by a passenger who then apparently tried to spit on a field trip attack happened when she would wear a facemask inside it not that it's Unknown Speaker 15:54 shocking. They're not forcing it on you. Unknown Speaker 15:56 Sounds like Uber's way of trying Unknown Speaker 15:59 dashcam video captured a Lyft driver by passenger. Yeah, because if they know the moment I'm on rosecrans and Crenshaw and you know that she wasn't wearing a mask. When he asked her to put one on he says things escalated from Unknown Speaker 16:12 it's always gonna work out. What happened was Unknown Speaker 16:16 that I said on the app is there, she was already mad because of the match Unknown Speaker 16:22 wasn't jiving to the day Unknown Speaker 16:27 he didn't start recording the Unknown Speaker 16:31 20 minute started shouting out, reached for his charger in the bathroom. In the video, you can also see the woman allegedly spit out a car with the ongoing pandemic. Now worried about his health it gets to me but she wasn't positive. Unknown Speaker 16:51 Now, she's having problems. Unknown Speaker 16:52 I think it was just heading Unknown Speaker 16:54 towards push start investigating the statement live said the behavior shown in the video. is unacceptable and has no place on the lift platform problem. Upon learning of the incidents, we removed the writer community. The company also said it's cooperating with authorities. cobia says he began another driver have to go. Yes. Unknown Speaker 17:14 Camera Unknown Speaker 17:15 justice. Unknown Speaker 17:17 Fair reporting in South LA Candace Chrome's take out my Unknown Speaker 17:20 horrific video. So if you don't want to watch it, you don't want to watch some. Unknown Speaker 17:26 I don't see that hurt. I mean, it slips Unknown Speaker 17:29 through. No, of course not. But it's you know, I wouldn't want to be that pet that driver that's for sure. Unknown Speaker 17:34 No, no, this is why you have a dash cam. So live that then then talk Unknown Speaker 18:37 Oh that's the worst part is Unknown Speaker 19:15 keep replaying that Unknown Speaker 19:17 flame that Unknown Speaker 19:18 makes me mad. And my situation was not anywhere near that by any means. Yeah, but how it is that guy? I'm not gonna say his name that I picked up four times three times. Unknown Speaker 19:37 I'm flaking on it. It's ivory. Unknown Speaker 19:39 Yeah, give me a chance. How does he not get banned right? When he was like that close from doing the same Unknown Speaker 19:50 well doesn't doesn't he just create an account Ali al al Yo, Eliot aliases, uses wife but that only can go so far. I mean, or can you put like anyone's credit card on there as you want but Unknown Speaker 20:04 the phone number, the phone number, so yeah, they have to have a phone number. So, but yeah, I mean I my biggest thing about this and I don't I don't know. You're right. He died I don't know how he get that but going back to the video, I don't I am not somebody who hits but I would have been David Yeah, I don't know if I could have stayed as controlled as that pet as a driver was. Unknown Speaker 20:29 What's weird is he said he didn't start the recording until like right before them like you have a dash cam clear that was a dash cam. Why wasn't he recording? Oh, he was just somebody said it was just weird because like I wanted I wanted to see I actually tried to find that video raw without the news part because I wanted to see what happened before but I couldn't find it. I don't know if he sold it to them. Unknown Speaker 20:51 What state was he in? It could be a state where you're supposed to notify him by before you start recording and maybe maybe he was recording them before they got He didn't he didn't tell her Unknown Speaker 21:00 Yeah, maybe it's a two out of two party party state. Yeah, I don't know. But I would have been livid. Oh my gosh. Unknown Speaker 21:09 Yeah, you can hear that. That punch. Unknown Speaker 21:11 I know I've Unknown Speaker 21:12 been here. Yeah. I want to Unknown Speaker 21:17 like I don't want to do Unknown Speaker 21:21 I don't like it like, really? Yeah, I just and I know it's weird to see food deliveries hot right now. I like famzoo interesting. Why? Unknown Speaker 21:32 What? What don't you like about it? I don't think I don't know getting it out of the car. Like, you mean actually, I know. You don't like to sweat. Would it be better if it was cold out? Yeah. Unknown Speaker 21:43 No, I just you know, I don't know I was in just I was in food for so long. Like I don't want to know I can see that and I want to do I really want to drive people in like those kind of situations. Yes, the Unknown Speaker 22:00 thing is just there's just one more reason for hate just Unknown Speaker 22:06 this whole situation. Unknown Speaker 22:11 Well, everyone's on edge. Like, that's the problem. And that's one of the reasons I told the guys before the show started that Unknown Speaker 22:20 because I get only my news. Unknown Speaker 22:24 News, all the channels just because I get stressed out. It's just not worth it like all the fights. Unknown Speaker 22:35 Everybody makes everybody makes a political thing. It's not political. Unknown Speaker 22:42 It's just, Unknown Speaker 22:43 it's all about their republicans Unknown Speaker 22:51 being real. Unknown Speaker 22:53 So next up is another video and we got this one from excuse me from Reddit. And another great example of what's going on out there so go ahead and Unknown Speaker 23:10 starts out a little slow but Unknown Speaker 23:13 Hello know I just got assaulted by a rider who I gave a ride to on darting Uber. I'm at airport. Unknown Speaker 23:29 Okay, let me explain. She's complaining because originally he didn't let her use the charging cable. So he's a man after my own heart in Her phone's dead. So she's mumbling about she can't even call anybody and stuff. So I forgot that was kind of the prime. I Unknown Speaker 23:43 thought it was because of her wearing that mask thing or whatever she could. Unknown Speaker 23:47 I think it's her Sure. Yeah, I know. Unknown Speaker 23:49 Yeah, I know those males. You can't dial a phone. Enough. Unknown Speaker 24:54 Hello when people like do it behind you and he she smashed his car like smack them, turn around Now he calls the cops. Unknown Speaker 25:04 Cops are gonna do anything. I mean, Unknown Speaker 25:07 but he needs to get it on record right? Unknown Speaker 25:09 Yeah Unknown Speaker 25:16 All right, we're just gonna go back cuz he's just basically cops. Unknown Speaker 25:22 The only thing is she does not if her phone is dead. I mean he did she did drop her off at a gas station. So I guess it I guess a little later in the video you hear that? So it's not just some random spot but Unknown Speaker 25:36 I always kind of like Unknown Speaker 25:37 feel like I went from zero to 61. Again, Unknown Speaker 25:41 you only see just, yeah, you only see what is there. You don't get to see everything else. What happened before after so they kind of control the narrative but Unknown Speaker 25:52 I think it felt like that he decided to drop her off when she kind of continued on Yeah, my Unknown Speaker 26:00 guess it had been going on because she was already when she had covered her mouth. I'd see in her eyes. She was super fussy. So clearly there. Unknown Speaker 26:06 So let's let's look at that situation. Let's say that happened. Hang on abbotswood you guys have dropped off. Would you guys? Would you finish the ride? I will and just accept it and yeah, no, no. So yeah, I can see myself saying no, it's the chords true, but I don't think I would have dropped off. I think I would have just chalked it up and taken her to where she needed to be and then be done. Unknown Speaker 26:31 Yeah, I don't I don't I feel like he really kind of, Unknown Speaker 26:33 he jumped the gun. He jumped the gun quite a bit, and she's Unknown Speaker 26:36 bitching at it. And it's like, but but but then you also say like, Unknown Speaker 26:42 you're gonna get a bad review. So now so some people really want that, you know, I'm diamond bitch. You know what I mean? And they don't want to get a Unknown Speaker 26:50 copy. I was gonna get a bad review anyways. Unknown Speaker 26:52 Unless he cancels the ride. Well, yeah, yeah, she can't review them. Like, even if he drove for 10 minutes. You just can't Sir can't you? Yeah, you can. Yeah, I mean it's been that long since Unknown Speaker 27:06 we bought we all like Unknown Speaker 27:08 can you Unknown Speaker 27:10 think where the gig economy pot no Sam Unknown Speaker 27:12 Sam. Sam says I just did a bit pissy not worth kicking out. Yeah. And I think I'm the same way you know? Yeah, but the thing I think that took him and I understand him Is she was clearly disrespecting him right and some some people don't do that and I can see that you know, so I Unknown Speaker 27:32 I guess I cannot stand you know, I can't even I said that. I felt like he jumped the gun but I've had nights where it's just been a crappy night get a bad run after bad run you finally get that one person there being like her just being disrespectful and you like I've done it. See ya. Yeah, I'm done for the night because I don't want to deal with Unknown Speaker 27:51 I just wish I knew what she had said before because honestly, even if I even though I don't want I do let people use it look like she was coming off the air. plane like she had a lot of luggage like I like airport runs used my charger court all the time like I get it you probably been traveling for eight hours here I can give you a 3% radio you don't even use but the charger cord yes no now the radio they were drunk in a noxious sitting in my front seat but I kind of feel like he should have let her charge your phone to like I Unknown Speaker 28:22 I didn't know that maybe you have a cable that matched true I mean, we could have just said that. Unknown Speaker 28:27 Well we don't know that if we did or not because he cut he only showed us that part of the Bible. Yeah, Unknown Speaker 28:32 but she was kind of acting like he he wouldn't let her know versus like train have the ability. Unknown Speaker 28:38 I mean, true maybe see me again we don't know the whole story. Maybe she was just a stock up all the way right? We don't know. Unknown Speaker 28:45 Yeah. Well, Sam said you can end it not cancel but then they can review Exactly. So if you want to get a one star and report that you were drunk, then go ahead and if you just want to move on with your life and eat the eat the money on that, then Just hit cancel so Unknown Speaker 29:02 I think I would have just taken finished it and taken the one star move on. Unknown Speaker 29:06 Really? Unknown Speaker 29:07 Oh yeah. Unknown Speaker 29:08 No, not me. No me I would have canceled because I didn't want to deal with their shit. All right Unknown Speaker 29:14 way to come I'm made to wait to unconfrontational Is that what it's called? I can see. Unknown Speaker 29:20 Yeah, we know you are. Unknown Speaker 29:24 Sam said it's quiet here you know the last couple weeks the last couple shows that has been quiet. I'm not sure why. But whatever we still love doing it doesn't matter. So I have to lift articles back to back. They're both kind of counterintuitive. It's kind of funny. So Lyft said on Friday that it would distribute 60,000 vehicle partition shields to its most active drivers as protection from the Coronavirus. The ride hailing company in may require both passengers to wear and drivers wear masks blah, blah, blah. And then has provided North American drivers with over 150,000 sanitizing products just wait five minutes for the next article in mass since the outbreak of the pandemic lifted began designing the shields and they're basically giving away for cost and then they'll sell them for like 50 bucks at production costs without markup What do you guys think about that? Would you take a shield? I know we've kind of talked about that. Unknown Speaker 30:24 But yeah, Unknown Speaker 30:25 do you ever hear hear from that shield guy? Unknown Speaker 30:28 And well, but see that's that shield guy was a different shield. This shield is the shield. It just goes over you know, it's Unknown Speaker 30:36 not it's a vehicle partition. Did I read it wrong? Unknown Speaker 30:43 vehicle partition shields to its most active drivers. Oh, Unknown Speaker 30:47 so it's not wrong. Okay. Unknown Speaker 30:50 I was like, I don't think Unknown Speaker 30:51 I would take a shield. I don't know if I would drive but I would take a Unknown Speaker 30:57 while if you can get it for $50 like because obviously You're not even on the platform. Correct. But if you were you wouldn't be the most active driver. None of us know. Right, you know, but I would buy it for 50 bucks. I don't know. Yeah. Unknown Speaker 31:16 would you would you Unknown Speaker 31:18 if lift offered you one today for free? 30 bucks. Would you drive people? I don't know. Unknown Speaker 31:29 I Unknown Speaker 31:32 mean, like, I need to somebody needs to do like a Mythbusters on those partitions, right. Like literally I need to see like spittle and aerosols going to see where they end up. Because if I can see it actually protecting like it's supposed to, then I might say, Yeah, why not? I'd have to see them too. If they look, I'll get out like you've seen some of the pictures on line like saran wrap. I keep seeing the story gets air conditioning for us. fasteners, whereas like the two coming from the front, I mean, that looks really ghetto, but it probably work you hose. Yeah. I mean, I would want to see how it worked. And if it worked well, I think Unknown Speaker 32:11 I would drive. Yeah. So Unknown Speaker 32:13 yeah, I don't know. You wouldn't? Unknown Speaker 32:17 I don't know. I just I miss it. I miss I miss it a lot. Unknown Speaker 32:22 Yeah, key said that some riders would be uncomfortable, but I mean, Unknown Speaker 32:27 why do you think riders being uncomfortable? Unknown Speaker 32:29 I mean, it just feels because it probably looks like a cop car. You know, I think it would change the environment, even though it's a clear piece of plastic. I mean, I'm assuming it's going to be like, Knock Knock plastics. Yeah. I'm sure it would change it a little bit. But I think they would understand I don't I mean, I think if people are taking ride share right now as it is, Unknown Speaker 32:57 yeah, yeah, I think they're gonna mind Yeah, that extra step of well except for the people who won't wear a mask maybe they'll be the ones be upset right? Well, Unknown Speaker 33:07 why would you then I would be less likely to be fussy if you didn't have a mask if there was a partition there so Keith brings up another good point is just another thing to clean if they even work like as opposed to oh my gosh Can you imagine a bar night just go Unknown Speaker 33:24 look in your mirror and you just see it like that like a milkshake Unknown Speaker 33:30 oh my gosh how horrible would that be? Yeah you know the ventilation is actually a good point like my pilot has floor ventilation so they would get air conditioning and heat but like my wife's SUV doesn't have that might neither does my comfort has ceiling. Oh, my comfort car. My bumper he can't his looks like I hit a deer but I don't know if first thing came to my head. It doesn't look like Unknown Speaker 33:56 it does, cuz I don't want to pay eight bucks to get it fixed. hundred bucks. Unknown Speaker 34:01 All right, all right. I told you about the, like one of my last rides doing rideshare when COVID was hitting was this couple and she she she had the entire ride she had her head out the Unknown Speaker 34:17 ride Why? Cuz COVID because the COVID yeah Unknown Speaker 34:23 the entire like it was like a 10 minute ride it wasn't like you know down the block it was like 1015 minutes and the entire ride like I talked to him the entire time because she had her head out the window Unknown Speaker 34:34 she probably wasn't the head didn't ever head screwed on right? Unknown Speaker 34:37 either. Unknown Speaker 34:38 Could be Sabrina asked wouldn't you need some sort of PV to clean the partition? I mean, I guess if you knew that person was positive otherwise I would just Lysol it well, but call it a day. Nice. All the same thing you will PV is personal protection equipment. So that means like gloves. You know, they say when you clamp any other movement, right? Which I don't use. Well, yeah, I guess they use gloves. But Unknown Speaker 35:01 like I used Unknown Speaker 35:05 to scoop it out Unknown Speaker 35:08 broccoli it's gross. Unknown Speaker 35:10 Okay, so my article, I'll be ready to that one though. Unknown Speaker 35:15 Yeah, you can just jump right in. Okay, Unknown Speaker 35:18 so this is about a Lyft Lyft drivers are happy about Lyft selling them pp. So, again, they do say the same amount here so they say it was COVID-19 showing no signs of abating in the US most companies are providing their employees with personal protective equipment such as masks. Ride hailing giant lift, however, is selling PP to his drivers through an online store. And that is not going down well. So basically, again, they're saying they have produced and this the same numbers were the article use that they said today we have distributed 150,000 sanitizing products and master drivers at no cost to them. most active dials will now receive a free safety kit consisting of a reusable cloth face covering sanitizer and disinfectant. But some drivers say the number of PV items lift distributed was woefully low. And after the company closed many of its service centers hops at the end of March they're struggling to get hold of free pp. So basically now they're selling it to the guy was, yeah, what do you but this isn't my cost at least so that Unknown Speaker 36:28 I mean, I I think people forget that. This is supposed to be independent content, but that's the thing. Well, dare Unknown Speaker 36:36 you take my social media posts. I actually use this for a social nice like, aren't we independent contractor Unknown Speaker 36:44 is That's exactly right. You can't have both ways. You cannot have it both ways. If you wanted to be independent contractors, then you have to pay for these things yourself. Right? If you want to be employees, which I don't think most of us want to be employees in California they want to be Yeah, but Unknown Speaker 37:01 You know, that's the thing. If you want to be employed, then they're gonna pay for that. Unknown Speaker 37:04 I mean, do Am I glad that I get it free from other places? Yeah. But if they said that I had to pay for it, I might go somewhere else to buy cheaper. Like, if I can find some I don't have to buy it. You don't have to buy it from them. So if someone's fussy about paying for Sam's Club, yeah, I mean, I feel like the masks are not. They're pretty, like my wife was able to get sanitizer. I think that stuff is all available. Now. I know, early on, you couldn't do any of that stuff. But I think it is now. So if you don't like it, just go by yourself or don't buy it. Unknown Speaker 37:35 I don't get a job in McDonald's. Unknown Speaker 37:37 Right? Yeah, we're independent contractors. They don't owe us anything. You know, everything we get is a bonus. Right? Right. So in fact, I was actually it was kind of cool. grubhub is like, hey, by the way, it's time to order more PP and it's free. Like, every 30 days, they just send you an email and say, Hey, you need more and I haven't really even used any of it. So I probably don't order anymore. I guess I was taken right. I would have a bunch just to say hey, I you don't have a mask. Here's one it's brand new. You have to wear it. That's what I would use it for. So I have my own mask, but cool. So this one's great Unknown Speaker 38:16 Alright, so this next one Unknown Speaker 38:19 guy says had this very interesting exchange the doordash customer yesterday. Dude wasn't happy about missing his missing Whopper and I was adamant that I and was adamant that I immediately refund him Unknown Speaker 38:31 now this one is legit there's one later it says text message Yeah, there's a one later on in our Facebook shenanigans. That's not legit but it's still funny as hell so Unknown Speaker 38:40 so since this text conversations related to a doordash order, you left off a sandwich refund me now exclamation question mark. Pay attention to your transactions refund me refund me. Drivers Sorry about that. I'm not able to issue a refund you have to contact doordash support Four times the same message you do it it's your fault not mine. I was like if you read all those I'm turning your mic dog driver says Have a great day sorry about your sandwich. guy says you suck. Driver says you're rude or says that's rude. guy says you are rude for not doing as your doordash agreement promises driver says technically it's the restaurants responsibility to ensure all items are there. Once they confirm with me that it's all there. I'm not going to unseal the bag to check again. Again, I'm sorry doordash should issue a full refund you'll just have to contact them the guy says that's long and basically useless process. I will just delete the app as every order has issues and the delivery person is lifeless and refuses to help the Hey you let me give you money for nothing. You win. Guys so you see it that way. Hope your next delivery turns out better. Best of luck. Unknown Speaker 39:57 Yeah, I mean, so early on. When I started food delivery, not all restaurants seal their bags like in even now q doba does not right. And I remember when Gabe he would when I started doing a little food delivery with grubhub he said like make sure you check that they have napkins and utensils and everything like that, but maybe with COVID now it's getting more strict cuz now like AAA it's sealed up. McDonald's is sealed up. Not that. That's the first one. That's pretty good that 40 minutes in. So, yeah, I mean, I agree with him. It's not his responsibility, especially if the bag is sealed. But I yeah, I mean, I've used doordash and I have got a refund and it's not hard to do they they are very customer oriented. I've you Transcribed by https://otter.ai