Unknown Speaker 0:00
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Unknown Speaker 3:17
Hi guys, welcome to the gig economy podcast. Thank you so much for joining us we're super excited to have everyone here tonight we have Sam again and

Unknown Speaker 3:27
he was not here last time but the time before but

Unknown Speaker 3:30
thank you so much. We just haven't

Unknown Speaker 3:33
eaten Candy.

Unknown Speaker 3:35
Candy we had a great 30 minutes of Tick Tock and different sounds.

Unknown Speaker 3:41
So you may hear something random like

Unknown Speaker 3:45
premium users I'm sorry.

Unknown Speaker 3:49
Yeah. For Patreon

Unknown Speaker 3:51
Yeah, if you want to hear a really fun before episode. chatter that was a really good one. Yes For even took his pants off.

Unknown Speaker 4:00
Did not pletely off I was there

Unknown Speaker 4:03
is Mark watching the stream is and he's working

Unknown Speaker 4:08
Hey guys if you could share the show and your Facebook group and and we really want to get our YouTube channel pumping again so if you can subscribe to youtube three people please subscribe right now. I don't see any chat in Facebook right now but anyways, if anyone else sees it Sam's like typing. What did you do last

Unknown Speaker 4:29
time? There's 20 people on Facebook. There's not nobody on YouTube. What did

Unknown Speaker 4:33
you do last time when you're here? You didn't complain about the stream last time. Are the the screen issue?

Unknown Speaker 4:39
Oh, no. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 4:41
I just see you doing this.

Unknown Speaker 4:42
Yeah, no, I I had the mic over further. But you were fishing today that you couldn't hear me so I'm having the mic closer. So now I can't see my screen. Just kind of set it off to the side.

Unknown Speaker 4:54

Unknown Speaker 4:55
I don't have a sign in. Sheet.

Unknown Speaker 4:57
I gotta I gotta run. I gotta reconfigure that

Unknown Speaker 5:00
Someone's taking up all of the fucking screen with the fox.

Unknown Speaker 5:03
Beeping all the time. It's

Unknown Speaker 5:05
got three different accounts, bro. I'm liking and sharing. Oh, stop

Unknown Speaker 5:09
talking and

Unknown Speaker 5:11
Janet's here. Okay, so yes if you could go to YouTube and please subscribe to the channel and hit the like button and then please hit the bell to so when we go live we're trying to build a little

Unknown Speaker 5:29
wasn't me you know before the actual podcast goes out I actually go mute although it's only for the live

Unknown Speaker 5:35

Unknown Speaker 5:36
That's good. I wouldn't want to hear that if I was listening to the audio.

Unknown Speaker 5:43
It wasn't me.

Unknown Speaker 5:47
Well, okay, yeah, like

Unknown Speaker 5:50
I didn't I didn't know you to work.

Unknown Speaker 5:53
Oh, shoot. It's your mother got somebody on Twitch. We do. A rando. Oh no. That's Miguel.

Unknown Speaker 6:01
He hasn't been in the chat. Yes. He's been up to Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 6:06
yeah, he hasn't chatted much So anyways, yes, please go. We're streaming on Twitch Periscope, YouTube. We prefer YouTube and Facebook, YouTube, YouTube prefer YouTube, but I know a lot of people on Facebook so I get it Facebook's a little bit easier for everybody but YouTube actually we get a little bit of revenue and we would love that. So this studio is sponsored by Irvine's auto repair and Grand Rapids hybrid. We will talk about them in a little bit. I want to talk about the picnic. It is still live and still going to happen. We're super excited about that. We're going to try to do a live stream. Sam, did you get an email back from the city? Okay, about 10 days away. Yeah, Pete's going to check he's going to drive by there and check if it has power. Yep, because if it does, well, even if it doesn't, we may pull it out of our ass but

Unknown Speaker 6:53
do you have to make it? I'd like if you want to make it explicit. I get it. It's like,

Unknown Speaker 6:57
I'm sure I already said the efforts

Unknown Speaker 6:58
to say Esper

Unknown Speaker 7:02

Unknown Speaker 7:03
Anyways yes it's gonna be good 10 days from now burgers hot dogs free food yep and it's sponsored by Herman on

Unknown Speaker 7:10
oh yeah sponsored by mines what's going on Leo you audio in twitch this

Unknown Speaker 7:13
you walk all over me Esper stuff all over the shocker anyway I'm trying to shut up I got a lot going on right now I gotta wait like so yeah it's sponsored by Irvine's Thank you so much. They're amazing. Megan said she even make a visit so that'll be nice to see so yeah, did I mention I would love for you to subscribe on YouTube and like and follow? That would be great. That would be awesome. No stories I did not Dr. Sam is the only one working right now but I think I am going to go out this weekend. Sam, do you got anything?

Unknown Speaker 7:50
Um, I mean, nothing crazy. No fistfights.

Unknown Speaker 7:54
No mask fistfights?

Unknown Speaker 7:56
No, honestly, everybody's been wearing their masks. Yeah. Pretty good I was a

Unknown Speaker 8:01
really nose yeah under the nose

Unknown Speaker 8:04
above the nose okay I was the Karen at the start of the day I forgot their mask and just walked in anyways yeah you were yeah you worked no oh just I was going in to get alcohol from my tubing trapped and left my mask I already turned around wants to go get my ID and I wasn't turning around again

Unknown Speaker 8:25
I ran back with my head down the entire time

Unknown Speaker 8:28
so nobody would look at me alcohol for your tubing trip. Okay, I just want to put that out there.

Unknown Speaker 8:35
Well, what do you do?

Unknown Speaker 8:37
Yeah, besides get sunburned anyways, I only have a little bit for you. I don't know how you didn't use your white

Unknown Speaker 8:43
No, I had a lot of sunscreen on because I forgot to do my back racist. I mean it's pretty thick but I didn't do my back so my back has some sunburn.

Unknown Speaker 8:51
Going tubing but my skin like I can wear SPF 110 don't matter.

Unknown Speaker 8:55
Yeah, no, I it wasn't very sunny on Sunday. Pretty overcast. Usually When it's cloudy, it's Oh, I still put it on. So I mean, but no, it was good. I mean, I, I don't know how to swim. So, yeah, it was a little concerning at first, but wow, no, no, no, no. I told mom that and she looked at me What do you mean? You

Unknown Speaker 9:22

Unknown Speaker 9:23
her advice was just to hold on better.

Unknown Speaker 9:29
I know how to swim. Mom. I know how to swim and I almost died.

Unknown Speaker 9:35
And we were not at an MCU remember, but we did it again. So you don't

Unknown Speaker 9:39
wear a jacket rim and you brought alcohol.

Unknown Speaker 9:42
Haha. Check it out really good.

Unknown Speaker 9:44
Yeah. Good. How's it grown up?

Unknown Speaker 9:48
Brother proper safety here. Miguel said his car got stolen.

Unknown Speaker 9:51
Oh shit.

Unknown Speaker 9:53

Unknown Speaker 9:54

Unknown Speaker 9:56
Somebody said that stream keeps freezing for me well Get better internet.

Unknown Speaker 10:01
Yeah, he's probably on Twitch

Unknown Speaker 10:04
as far as

Unknown Speaker 10:07
like instacart is getting worse. So I've been doing shift Do you think it's because people are on appointments want to know

Unknown Speaker 10:14
100% of people who weren't working because I didn't really have to now have to and it's just flooded the market terribly. Oh, good. No, it's not over is like there's not a lot of Uber drivers but I bet you there's now like triple that there was and there's not the market.

Unknown Speaker 10:32
Yeah, well, I was even thinking about like driving again as long as like everything staying as is and it doesn't get I control but I'm not doing it till the college kids are back.

Unknown Speaker 10:41
Right. Yeah. Like I'll drive again in at the end of August when the kids come home. Do we even know the cars are gonna come back? Yeah, they are NC as of now. I mean, not everybody has to right but they're offering and seat

Unknown Speaker 10:54
right? Yeah, but I mean, a lot of them are gonna do you know, virtual

Unknown Speaker 10:59
like me, me. Going to like, school or anything like that, like a medical program like they're gonna be here.

Unknown Speaker 11:05
They still want to go to their apartment so they can get drunk.

Unknown Speaker 11:08
Yeah. Get away from mom and dad, right? Have a campus experience. Yeah. Like one of my classes was just changed from in person to a real time virtual and I'm pretty ticked about it.

Unknown Speaker 11:19
No. So Oh wow.

Unknown Speaker 11:23
So anything else nothing. I think I'm gonna go out this weekend. Nothing interesting. Maybe Friday night tips are getting worse.

Unknown Speaker 11:30
Well yeah of course Yeah, people are getting running out of money just because they're losing out on planning but also they've been paying all these tips all summer long to get in there at the point where like, I can't afford to keep Well yeah, dropping 20 2020 $30 tip

Unknown Speaker 11:43
every week adds up pretty quick.

Unknown Speaker 11:46
You know, the same people go to the bars still, you know, so

Unknown Speaker 11:50
well. They're not going to the bar now.

Unknown Speaker 11:53
Why not? bars are closed bro.

Unknown Speaker 11:55
Again, they've been close.

Unknown Speaker 11:57
I mean, most places if you

Unknown Speaker 11:59
70% Have your out. Yes. So every bar and green

Unknown Speaker 12:03
bars are closed like just bars like Mulligan's places like Stella's that are open are still closing early.

Unknown Speaker 12:09
But yeah, they're closing early but still so I saw last weekend.

Unknown Speaker 12:13
Mike up you're talking

Unknown Speaker 12:15
last week in those a story about one of the new bars down on the strip that had huge problems with just way way too many people. Down on bridge Street. What was it a

Unknown Speaker 12:25
must have? A social

Unknown Speaker 12:26
point, whatever the thing that's called,

Unknown Speaker 12:29
I know what you're talking about. Yeah, but they may serve food so

Unknown Speaker 12:32
okay, but after after eight o'clock or whatever they, you know, I can't think of a guess. I guess I'm only open till eight and nine to 10. But yeah,

Unknown Speaker 12:39
right. Interesting.

Unknown Speaker 12:40
Again, it's a lot harder to get

Unknown Speaker 12:44
drunk at a bar right now.

Unknown Speaker 12:46
Just get drunk at home. It's doable.

Unknown Speaker 12:47
It's just harder.

Unknown Speaker 12:48
So much cheaper.

Unknown Speaker 12:49
All right. Well, since you guys are all driving, you need to get your cars fix. You go to Irvine's Auto Repair in Grand Rapids hybrid Irvine calm or five, three to 6600 mega Then Jamiel take care of you. You My wife's car is going in Friday for just maintenance. And then my pilots going in next week Friday. So they love us, they said that, you know, they love everyone we send to them so far. So please, if you need maintenance or a inspection or anything, they'll do it all. And they have free loaner cars. And they have like almost a five star Google review. I'd like 300 reviews. So

Unknown Speaker 13:28
remember, you mentioned you heard about them from?

Unknown Speaker 13:31
Yeah, that's true. I never talked about that. Because that was really important so that they know that were they the person

Unknown Speaker 13:38
when you go to make your appointment they asked to

Unknown Speaker 13:40
Yeah, you know, they don't ask me because they know where I'm coming from. But right, you're right. Maybe they would with you.

Unknown Speaker 13:45
And they did when I like my first appointment. I set it up through their website. There was like a box where I could put it in there. And I did. But now at this point, I don't I assume looks back and sees me. Yeah, she's like, okay, yeah, once they put it in there, it's fine. So

Unknown Speaker 14:00
Well, yeah, yeah. repeat business.

Unknown Speaker 14:02
Yep. And they're sponsoring the picnic. So you got to come now. So yeah. All right, the first video up. This one is kind of interesting. I titled his mask, asshole, but that's really not a mask issue. I don't know why I title it that way. But this one the guy has a partition in the back and it gets a little weird. I encourage you to watch this video after the stream when you really can listen to it because I think this was a plan from the get go with these guys what he did. I don't think this was he was mad at the partition. I think they were planning something. So well watch it. It's a little long but and then well, you know, three, four minutes, but I'm a positive in between.

Unknown Speaker 14:47
I'm really like you're like how well you feel about like the roof of your car.

Unknown Speaker 15:00
Give a man

Unknown Speaker 15:03
two sided double sided

Unknown Speaker 15:07
Velcro. So I put it with some rice right? Like how'd you seal that up?

Unknown Speaker 15:14
So pay attention to the guys in the back Don't look at the driver because either they got a plan of something. I don't know what it is. Well, I know what it is but

Unknown Speaker 15:26
you did that yourself. Yeah, I did it myself.

Unknown Speaker 15:32
Sometimes dropping man when we did is like perfectly straight.

Unknown Speaker 15:39
Yeah, because we've requested

Unknown Speaker 15:41
something like that. The guy's got a bad tie rod or something in the car to

Unknown Speaker 15:49
kind of beat. Yeah, sometimes I'm picking up like, the

Unknown Speaker 15:58
plastic that I'm talking about. Like When you're parked Okay, you got this for your like career like for you to drive a car and you put the car like you installed it yourself. Yeah. Really? So like you got this off Amazon and was this across here? Yes. It's so funny because it looks just like the last three free people that I like had in the backseat

Unknown Speaker 16:33
just like this

Unknown Speaker 16:36
same distance, same with all that stuff. So I think you're a liar.

Unknown Speaker 16:43
I should have cut some of this out well this is when the stars get in sketch.

Unknown Speaker 16:47
You get this

Unknown Speaker 16:52
high paying 25 value. Now you put a light on. Now you put the light on

Unknown Speaker 17:02
You open the door, man. No.

Unknown Speaker 17:05
Nobody's open to open the door.

Unknown Speaker 17:20
car so loud I know. Sorry for that.

Unknown Speaker 17:34
Okay, I should add it somewhere else. I'm sorry.

Unknown Speaker 17:38
Dude, do

Unknown Speaker 17:51
Samantha shut the

Unknown Speaker 17:55
hair combs.

Unknown Speaker 17:57
See he's talking to him like he's gonna do something Ready he says ready?

Unknown Speaker 18:05
By the way, there's a kid in the car.

Unknown Speaker 18:08
between those two

Unknown Speaker 18:42
cars drive

Unknown Speaker 19:03
What happened to the kid?

Unknown Speaker 19:05
They? I think the cop. I think they either got out or they pulled the other guy. The guy jumped out of the car. Yeah, no, the other guy

Unknown Speaker 19:17
was terrified.

Unknown Speaker 19:20
He just gets out.

Unknown Speaker 19:28
Like, I think they plan to do that because he's like, are you ready? If you go back to the video

Unknown Speaker 19:35
I didn't get a chance to watch this

Unknown Speaker 19:37
was the purpose?

Unknown Speaker 19:39
I don't know.

Unknown Speaker 19:40
I don't know if they wanted a free ride or if they

Unknown Speaker 19:44
that's just horrible. So Janet said the year of the video is 2018 Oh, and so obviously the camera must be this must have been set up wrong because why would you have you know, a plastic or would you have a plastic thing and

Unknown Speaker 19:56
yeah, I mean that's a good call cuz Yeah. Why was he wearing a mask. Wait.

Unknown Speaker 20:01
Yeah, no, there would have been no problem. No reason for that.

Unknown Speaker 20:05
He's a time traveler.

Unknown Speaker 20:07
Anyways, that's

Unknown Speaker 20:09
that was crazy and unexpected.

Unknown Speaker 20:11
Yeah, I mean,

Unknown Speaker 20:12
that's why you thought I thought somebody was leaning up you can. Oh, really? Yeah. I like I thought the door was open because the person was out.

Unknown Speaker 20:19
So he pre opened the door. Yeah, like that guy should have stopped that car immediately. I don't know why he kept driving and he turned the light on. I know why to get better light in the car because he figured something was up. I think the light turned down when the

Unknown Speaker 20:29
door open.

Unknown Speaker 20:30
Yeah, that's right, Joe.

Unknown Speaker 20:33
Shut up, Sam.

Unknown Speaker 20:38
That's, that's nuts.

Unknown Speaker 20:41
That's a scary one.

Unknown Speaker 20:42
I wonder mitre somebody who just hates people for like, people who get mad at other people for wearing masks right now. Yeah, I think he maybe he's one of those it could be and he's got the divider up. So he's like, oh, you're just a little bee or something like that. I had a woman thank me for not having them. Ask them when I was delivered. groceries to the door.

Unknown Speaker 21:01

Unknown Speaker 21:02
Yeah. Thank you for not buying all that looks Shut up. Did you tell her to shut up? No. But

Unknown Speaker 21:10
I was just dropping her stuff off and going, like I didn't really plan on interacting was but she thanked me for not having a mask.

Unknown Speaker 21:17
Most people expected to be completely touchless and may even do you drop them off and leaving before you

Unknown Speaker 21:22
99% of time and some people don't care and they just come out and I don't that's fine. I don't care but it's just the fact that she thanked me for not having went on. I'm like, oh, you're one of those you know, the people have

Unknown Speaker 21:35
that and I'm not gonna make this politic. Oh, too late, Nicole, but it's just my thing to people who think that, you know, the pandemic is gonna be gone once the election is over.

Unknown Speaker 21:49
Or that the whole world is faking it.

Unknown Speaker 21:51
Oh, yeah, no, no, just just for just for us. I almost said his name. Cancer.

Unknown Speaker 21:58
Please don't we'll probably definitely get back

Unknown Speaker 22:01
Alright, so

Unknown Speaker 22:02
somebody is looking for a couch auction on Facebook

Unknown Speaker 22:07
where the couch Oh bro was that there's like a group of people that bomb livestreams

Unknown Speaker 22:17
okay yes there is they used to go into like vent chats and mess with you

Unknown Speaker 22:23
might want to get the ban hammer ready

Unknown Speaker 22:24
is that is the man

Unknown Speaker 22:26
the Bo Diddley, you might

Unknown Speaker 22:29
I hit the comment I'm not I don't know how to ban people from Facebook unfortunately,

Unknown Speaker 22:34
a Esteban has the question. Okay, that's what's up. What's your question?

Unknown Speaker 22:40
So we'll move on. And we'll talk to him. Maybe Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 22:44
so the couch. Yeah. The next article.

Unknown Speaker 22:48
Some of these are silly guys. If you're new to the show, some of these are funny. Some of them serious. That last one was serious. This one's a little

Unknown Speaker 22:54
right. A little, even a little bit after Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 22:57
that was pretty

Unknown Speaker 22:58
that kid was a little kid. thing that it was terrifying. It was crazy. So this next one's from Uber Eats delivery driver group.

Unknown Speaker 23:07
I skip mine.

Unknown Speaker 23:10
That's my fault. I did. I did skip yours. Go ahead, just, hey, let's just be professional and just like maybe just let him roll with it. And then after he's done, though, then after he's done, then you can say, Oh, hey, Jason, I think you skip mine. It was my fault. Why is it your fault? Because I put the, the Oh,

Unknown Speaker 23:31
geez. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 23:33
It's always Jason's always Jason's fault. Okay, keep going.

Unknown Speaker 23:37
Alright, so this next one, for those of you who can't see it says, The doordash man asked if I can meet him in the lobby. I asked him you work for lobby dash or doordash.

Unknown Speaker 23:51
Oh, I laughed really hard. The first time I read it. I've now seen it 15 times on my Facebook page, so it's decreasingly. Bye But by now you know,

Unknown Speaker 24:02
keep keep talking, please. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 24:07
So, um, so my,

Unknown Speaker 24:10
there's another one so I just, let's just

Unknown Speaker 24:15
let's just roll with it. Okay. Okay, so my story here is how unfortunately a Uber driver was, was killed doing a car chase. He was not the one being chased but a police officer, you know, obviously accidentally hit him. So it is a car chase and the Uber Uber drivers vehicle was struck by a deputy after associate vehicle tried to go around him the entrance ramp. There was a driver in the car. The driver was not did not die but but no, the driver died so he did not die. But the driver was announced it at the hospital. I'm sorry I'm a little bit knocked out of it here for a while.

Unknown Speaker 25:01
What was I gonna say? That was one more thing I wanted to mention.

Unknown Speaker 25:06
I forget what it was.

Unknown Speaker 25:07
Okay. What's the matter? I got knocked out of this this a little bit when all the rock is in the studio right now. Sorry. No, it's me.

Unknown Speaker 25:15
Now it's me to Pete and I are trying to

Unknown Speaker 25:18
trying to figure out how to deal with people. I'm just trying not to laugh at all the comments coming in.

Unknown Speaker 25:28
Okay, sorry. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 25:31
I think that they're just trying to write us out. Yeah, yeah, that's good.

Unknown Speaker 25:36
Um, what did Esteban How would you react to an angry Uber PACs?

Unknown Speaker 25:42
I'm the same way Jason reacts to anybody who tries to target any of his chargers or his radio starring in a band.

Unknown Speaker 25:50
No, no,

Unknown Speaker 25:50
I mean, I do have

Unknown Speaker 25:53
Yeah, I do have more of a an issue when somebody

Unknown Speaker 25:59
I don't know. Man, I'm I've never been in that situation. No, so not not like that. Like, I mean not not even an assault. I don't think I've ever had anyone scream me down like that.

Unknown Speaker 26:11
I had one time. It's about two and a half years ago now. I had a group get into my car, they tried to steal the ride. And they were to do the whole thing. It was down downtown, but there were six people getting into my van. And and I did confirm where they were, but they were I don't know what the hell happened. But they got in there. And they wanted me to change the address. And then I said, well do it on the app. And he said what my phone was just stolen. Yeah, of course it was get out. And so you know, at that point, I knew what happened and they got upset. Yeah. And this one guy started not he sounded pounding on the door. Yeah, he didn't nothing happened to the car, but he was like,

Unknown Speaker 26:51
Yeah, but you're kind of a calm guy can't Well, I've never seen you get

Unknown Speaker 26:56
one video which is now taken down that one where he was just He was just bad guy. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 27:03
So he also asked this Esteban i think is in Detroit I seen a post he has for delivery Do you guys go inside hotels and apartments?

Unknown Speaker 27:13
Yeah, I mean some places you can some places you can't

Unknown Speaker 27:16
yeah every hotel I've done any delivery to whether it be luggage or food or whatever they make you display it in the lobby. There is no go into the rooms and even hotels. Yeah. Or apartments. Yeah, go to their door. Sorry I'm

Unknown Speaker 27:30
inside but don't is something some of them just need to drop them off in the in the by the entrance, right. What's it called? He took the food out by the What's it called? The chicken?

Unknown Speaker 27:44
I don't tell you.

Unknown Speaker 27:45
Yeah, I mean, usually they expect you to wait for the person to come downstairs. Just drop it and go. But

Unknown Speaker 27:51
our newest comment. It's a pleasure for me to write this testimony. Hi, I got my genital herpes cured over a month ago.

Unknown Speaker 28:00
Yeah, we've been in for

Unknown Speaker 28:02
I think we found out why we have so many people listening to our podcasts.

Unknown Speaker 28:08
I think I shared it in the wrong group. I think that's part of the problem.

Unknown Speaker 28:13
Well, there's a there's a Facebook group of people. And what they do is they go around and they harass live streams, until you like put a shoe on top of your head. And then they all leave. I can do that.

Unknown Speaker 28:26
But how that works? Yeah, how does a how to, how do they?

Unknown Speaker 28:32
Whatever, man,

Unknown Speaker 28:33
well, let's see if it works.

Unknown Speaker 28:34
I'm sure just one of them stumbles upon it, and they just share with other friends and What

Unknown Speaker 28:38
I don't understand is get a fucking life.

Unknown Speaker 28:40
Well, there's my friend. What else? Do it's really COVID-19 bro? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 28:45
well, they're bored. Yeah, is anyone else logged in as as the actual page that can start taking care of this so I don't get distracted or not? Are you all logged in?

Unknown Speaker 28:59
I just put The shoe in my head today is gonna be over now. Yeah, no.

Unknown Speaker 29:04
Anyways, um, I kept saying I kept seeing people say doordash slides up doordash slide. I was like, What the fuck is that mean? Oh, we had the doordash slide up. So,

Unknown Speaker 29:15
sorry about that. Okay, so we're on to my nap. Go ahead.

Unknown Speaker 29:20
Okay, so I have a little Reddit.

Unknown Speaker 29:22
I mean, you can summarize you don't have to read it all. But if you

Unknown Speaker 29:27
read it, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 29:30
You come to the show. gets right in and you want to come on. So go ahead, then you can read the whole thing. Yep. That'll

Unknown Speaker 29:37
give us time to start being

Unknown Speaker 29:38
exactly. It'll give you some time Jason to get together. I'm

Unknown Speaker 29:41

Unknown Speaker 29:42
Yeah, you get some time. So I pick up a guy at the bar who did the zombie shuffle to my car. In my head I SAW said oh shit. This is gonna suck. So long story short, he pukes in my car, put down my window down down my interior in the window jamb between the seats. father of three with the submix so I kept my cool didn't miss a beat. We get to his house and he says he'll go get supplies to clean it. He leaves me my car, maybe smart snapped a bunch of picks. He comes back out and starts cleaning. by cleaning I mean smearing he gives me 20 bucks and apologized. I drove away. Park a few blocks down I call support the email me a link I uploaded the pics before I got to the 24 hour Walgreens, it's $150 in my account, I spent his 20 and 10 of my cash on supplies so I cleaned my car for 30 bucks after making 140 because I spent my 10 and he gave me 20 I'm sure he was pissed I saw the charge but come on you're you're a stranger and this is my car. only reason I was pissed is because it happened on my third. My third ride so early in my night. I drive third shift. If it happened at the end of the night I would have made a killing with an ending ride like him. Next day I was cleaning what look like Taco Bell chicken burrito. I don't use the stick to get the checks for my windows. Yeah

Unknown Speaker 31:00

Unknown Speaker 31:02
Yeah, I mean, we've been there. We've all been there, especially Pete, like mostly. Have you ever had

Unknown Speaker 31:08
somebody wanting to clean up after the incident?

Unknown Speaker 31:12
Um, I've had somebody offered anything

Unknown Speaker 31:15
Someone has to worry about, ya know, I had one guy from Grand Valley, his buddy pute. And he came out and tried to wipe it up and didn't do a great job. But he tried.

Unknown Speaker 31:25
I've had two people want to clean up and one of the persons I actually ended up not even charging at all because they did a really good job. It was the middle of the night. It was only on the outside of the car. Right? And they came in of course, that's why you know, but they came. So it was two girls, and the one was like dead drunk.

Unknown Speaker 31:43
They have one cup.

Unknown Speaker 31:45
Well, I shot

Unknown Speaker 31:48
so grow Oh, so gross. Anyways, so

Unknown Speaker 31:56
she was very drunk and she was the one who puked out the window. How to friend her girlfriend not walk friend. They were not girlfriend.

Unknown Speaker 32:03
We know what you mean.

Unknown Speaker 32:06
Yeah, I got them all frazzled.

Unknown Speaker 32:09
But she was she was sober until she cleaned it up. Now,

Unknown Speaker 32:14
I know Gabe had someone who tried to clean up but he has those weird seats in his jeep that have a little holes in them. Oh, I remember

Unknown Speaker 32:22

Unknown Speaker 32:24
He borrowed my seam back because he couldn't get it all out. He should just burn the car.

Unknown Speaker 32:32
Oh, poor buddy. Wait.

Unknown Speaker 32:34
Yeah, I think I've had I know I've had a few peakers my my worst one was in my wife's van that we don't have anymore. But that was that was gross. It was everywhere.

Unknown Speaker 32:45
I feel like there's like a lot of nooks and crannies to in a van because the front seats are split. It's not a bench. So there's just more places for it to get into. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 32:53
she was in the back and just kind of puked on the side of the van. It was cute.

Unknown Speaker 32:59
It happened to way too many Anytime.

Unknown Speaker 33:01
Yeah, I think it's your drive and we saw you at one time when you hit the curb. That

Unknown Speaker 33:04
is not true. we raced downtown for

Unknown Speaker 33:06
that search.

Unknown Speaker 33:08
That one didn't work so well.

Unknown Speaker 33:11
Anyways, so this one is officer though. Yeah, so was that ticket he gave you There you go. So on the screen you'll see it's I call it hustler and I kind of like this. He's got for sale, three ply mask. $1. canine 90 mass three. canine canine. Why am I saying canine Han Cayenne. What? What are they? What are the what are they? They're not called? What do they call are

Unknown Speaker 33:37
usually in 95 and

Unknown Speaker 33:38
95. So what's the

Unknown Speaker 33:40
flux? Maybe it's formerly k n, but nobody says Well, he's

Unknown Speaker 33:44
selling them for $4 So yeah, a gator mass $4 faceshield $3 10 foot chargers $8 Colby shirts $10

Unknown Speaker 33:54
I'm sorry you missed one. Hey, I was that was the finisher you have to wait

Unknown Speaker 34:00
The second last one is condoms $2 or three for five bucks. I mean, some people have high hopes. I mean, three. I don't know they're gonna be so drunk they're gonna screw up the first two and it's gonna take three of them to get it right.

Unknown Speaker 34:16
so crazy All right, yes for your up buddy.

Unknown Speaker 34:22
The three condoms or the two girls one cup. No.

Unknown Speaker 34:30
You I just not doing well. So this is a story from a lift Reddit nearly drowned while caught in five feet flash flood waters around 9pm Wednesday evening in South Carolina.

Unknown Speaker 34:44
You blame this man over

Unknown Speaker 34:47
his flood.

Unknown Speaker 34:49
All right, we gotta get the

Unknown Speaker 34:50
fuck out here. water's coming up to the damn things tell.

Unknown Speaker 34:55
Hey, you.

Unknown Speaker 34:58
Hey, don't don't crank it up, man. How you doing?

Unknown Speaker 35:07
Bro? Hey, buddy. Hey

Unknown Speaker 35:14
there I don't know if you realize this or not, man, but there's war. Cool back here, buddy.

Unknown Speaker 35:21
This is so crazy. Well,

Unknown Speaker 35:22
I love the accent.

Unknown Speaker 35:24
Oh, I know. Yeah, you can tell that's not Midwestern.

Unknown Speaker 35:29
Yeah, that's so crazy. That is crazy. Um, so what day was that? Do we know?

Unknown Speaker 35:34
Well, I don't know why what does it matter?

Unknown Speaker 35:36
Well, because it wasn't there a couple of storms. It wasn't this new, right. Just a couple of times about

Unknown Speaker 35:41
from the hurricane.

Unknown Speaker 35:43
The Hurricane. I don't know if it was that from there. I mean, it was afraid to say it was a flash flood. Yeah, but it's crazy. That comes silver. There was one time we had a rain like crazy. It was the middle of the day. And I was driving on Alpine. Yeah, I know it's right by an st and right underneath the bridge. Oh, something. I don't know what happened but it was crazy. And I had tons of cars behind me All I all I could do was go through it. Yeah, I luckily I was not in the black car. I was in the van. Man.

Unknown Speaker 36:15
I'm in Michigan division in 2007 the other spouse division and 20. So man, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 36:22
Yeah, you got to be careful with those flash floods cuz you're not supposed to go through them. No, I know, especially if you don't know the depth.

Unknown Speaker 36:30
But I had two cars behind me.

Unknown Speaker 36:32
What am I supposed to do? I mean, flipping off, I would just get out, run through it. See how deep it is. Don't worry about your pants. Don't remove it. Yeah, you're like, Okay, I'm good. So Pete wanted me to add this for the Grand Rapids group. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 36:46
Grand Rapids people is kind of an info thing. And it was kind of a funny thing. But the new hotel Mertens, the French style restaurant downtown Grand Rapids has been closed because of COVID is changing its name to Burton's prime, Mertens and I thought it was funny because never fails. Everybody always asked me is the hotel nice and they

Unknown Speaker 37:13
never asked to happen. Oh really?

Unknown Speaker 37:15
No. Oh, well, it makes you think the hotel.

Unknown Speaker 37:17
Mertens isn't a hotel? No, I swear to God.

Unknown Speaker 37:22
It used to be 100 years ago. It was a freaking idiot.

Unknown Speaker 37:25
I swear to God, I didn't know.

Unknown Speaker 37:27
It was a very nice French restaurant. Well, that's why I

Unknown Speaker 37:31
added it for Pete because I didn't know what the hell he was talking about.

Unknown Speaker 37:33
It makes me think of like,

Unknown Speaker 37:36
are they doing some steaks or something on there now though?

Unknown Speaker 37:38
They are the pop up kitchen. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 37:42
Yeah, Miguel says on Twitch the KNN like the car filters.

Unknown Speaker 37:49
But I'm not really good food and they're changing their menu a little bit and I really hope they don't take the truffle pasta off. is so good. It's truffle in a ham. Oh man, no,

Unknown Speaker 38:01

Unknown Speaker 38:02
Yes sir. Are you mushrooms are growing?

Unknown Speaker 38:05
Are you on my side with this?

Unknown Speaker 38:07
I'm all over that. Yeah, no,

Unknown Speaker 38:08
absolutely. We have a more refined palate. Oh.

Unknown Speaker 38:15
song called truffle butter.

Unknown Speaker 38:25
was at Drake and Nicki Minaj I don't

Unknown Speaker 38:27
know. I've never heard this song. Okay. No, that's not really my genre.

Unknown Speaker 38:34
Yeah, talking about skeletons probably no.

Unknown Speaker 38:37
Sam. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 38:39
play it again. Sam.

Unknown Speaker 38:40
Play it again.

Unknown Speaker 38:43
This video? No.

Unknown Speaker 38:48
Second here. Oh, we keep talking about great food. I remember the first time I was on the podcast.

Unknown Speaker 38:55
I feel like I'm now

Unknown Speaker 38:58
saying the mushrooms are the best. I'm not sure that Sam, you know, thinking about mushrooms and truffles is the same thing.

Unknown Speaker 39:06
I'm thinking about the truffle shuffle.

Unknown Speaker 39:09
I don't even know what that is.

Unknown Speaker 39:11
on, man. I guess that is I don't know. It's understandable that

Unknown Speaker 39:16
he was in the 80s. You were here in the 80s. No.

Unknown Speaker 39:20
What your Did you?

Unknown Speaker 39:22
Oh, you did? Yeah. You don't know.

Unknown Speaker 39:27
Yeah, I know The Goonies. The truffle shuffle.

Unknown Speaker 39:30
So the kid does. Do it. Come on. Do it.

Unknown Speaker 39:36
Now he does the truffle. Okay, I guess I'm

Unknown Speaker 39:38
never seen, but I know what it is. I saw the movie many times.

Unknown Speaker 39:42
I'm in 90s. Baby. Why would I ever seen that? Because it's a classic. No.

Unknown Speaker 39:45
All right, whoever thinks it's a classic. Please chime in.

Unknown Speaker 39:50
Classic. Thank you. It is a class Next you're gonna see Piper never saw Gremlins. Nope.

Unknown Speaker 39:57
The only thing I know about Gremlins is the Family Guy parodies.

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