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So tonight the the studio sponsor is Irvine's auto repair as always in Grand Rapids high but they also sponsored the picnic, and we appreciate that. If you could do me a favor. We'd love for you guys to watch on YouTube and subscribe. I've been you know like and put the bell to get a notification also to get all of our stuff if you want to download the podcast you can go to gig economy dash podcast comm that's where you can download on Spotify or Stitcher I don't think sitters on there but anywhere you get podcasts you can do that or if you're having trouble finding it, you can just go to the website geek economy dash podcast.com so we got Sam yes burn pee. Boo boo boo boo boo. Whoop whoop. Just means celebrations. Want to say real quick. jump over to Irvine's Facebook page as well and like that page don't like that. Yeah, that's, uh, that'll help us out too. Yeah, that's a good day. They had a kind of a bad day today. One of their loaner cars got smoked, smoked, what even word is mocked. So yeah, that would be great. That's a good idea. I should encourage people to I wasn't It being loaned at the time. Yeah, it was out as a loaner. But the person was was fine. No, nothing happened. So well we don't know that. It says so. Right. Oh, does it pictures was fine. Okay. Well, we don't know that. Yeah, I was making shit up. I was like, do we know that? Right So, story since last podcast. We had somebody join our group. I'm not there yet but thanks for jumping ahead. No Do you want you want to run the show? No. Okay. Go ahead. You've already interrupted the lineup up children who join was above that so go ahead. No, no, it's fine. I don't have any she doesn't want to say it. It makes them uncomfortable. What the name No. So we did have a new person join the group. Her name is Cass whole data tell us name like castle. Oh, it's at our username. Yeah, I know what a castle we I'm assuming it's Cassie. We don't Andrew don't actually know. But yeah, you can join our telegram group it's in the description in the Facebook page, click on that link and you can chat with us and have inappropriate gifts and whatever it is a very adult group so if you're very few of those Yeah, if you're offended easily Jason hasn't been much there. So this year a few of them now writer Yeah. It's been better. I mean, I did share footage of a cannon shooting it down at a but earlier so did you I did. Okay. So that would be kind of funny. It was. I'm a little I'm a little thrown off by the boob gifts. That one kind of little like might be a little inappropriate. But you know, as long as we put out the warning that it's adult, right adult NC not nc 17 No. That means there's nudity. There's no pG 13 def No, it's definitely our it's usually pG 13 Okay, it's our fair enough. So no stories. I am actually planning on going out this weekend. Sam, you have anything going on? You've been working this week. Um, I mean, I worked on Monday, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are just garbage. Yeah, they're pretty garbage. So yeah, I just stayed home but like I started Amazon back up to three routes. And they were all very good. Good. I got lucky. Yeah, really lucky. Good route, like good as far as pay and route. Yeah, they've all been 23. And then, like, the one was two packages, not that far away. So I was done 25 minutes. And then I got to Norton shores route still on 45 minutes early when I had a jennison route and oh, and in two hours. I mean, everything is good except the Norton shores because that's a little bit of a draw, considering I'm 45 militarily and it was the end of my day. I had done enough grocery shopping earlier in the day that I was done. Oh, that's good. Yeah, I did I don't understand Amazon i gotta tell real quick I got I got a package today out two cans of deodorant like like aerosol spray and there were two different packages it was the same order order them at the same time that you were the exact same it did come in two packages at the same time. You know what probably happened? They probably someone like that. I'm sure it has a machine that does it that either drops it in and seal the top and they're like crap, we need it too. Why'd you just buy a twin pack? Well, I thought I did but oh it did it didn't show too but whatever. When you select like the delivery option on Amazon where it's delivered later and last packages, it still comes in like six pack like it. It's two deodorants in six pack and now No Okay, is it some some assembly required? Yeah. Anyways, I'm gonna let everyone know I have terrible allergies so if i sniff I'm sorry Sam already yell at me once she's like you can't do that but I'm already on the struggle bus and we're like six minutes in so I'll try to mute my mic. And hopefully that helps but yeah, he's on YouTube. Yeah, cuz we didn't go to twitch. We're only doing YouTube and Facebook tonight so alright, let's just talk about Irvine's real quick before we get into it. You can call him at 53266 6600 I got no sound There we go. Yeah, or Ryan's calm and like yesterday said go please go like their page. Follow them. They do actually put some interesting blog articles out just about repair crap. So I mean, just like I mean, they talk about all the cool things they can do. No, Jason meant to say. I didn't say they're crap. I Just saying repair crap. Go to Irvine calm or to schedule, you can do everything online. They sanitize everything. In fact, I had my car and on Friday when I went to pick it up, Jamie brought it out with a wipe on it and she had already wiped my keys. I didn't wipe the loaner keys off when I handed it back to our way. Even when I went had them at the beginning of all this nice little magnetic hooks on the door. Yeah, they still do. He's up there. You didn't talk to anybody. Well, it's funny. I tried to go in there and the door will get out. The door was locked like that. What do you say? Yeah. Speaking of door keys in the door. Have you guys seen those privacy keys? What are they like those things you can put? Like a hook? Yeah, it's like a hook. Have you think about those. I mean, it's just kind of a as long as you sanitize after you're done. I mean, what's kind of a weird thing to have? No, it's a little hook you can put on your keys. Hearing right? And so instead of you using your hand to open the door, you you hook hook the door and use it to open with or if you push it in, there's a side of that thing you can actually use to push in with. So you don't have to have a whole door handle that turns like I have to call people Captain Hook. Sounds like a lot of extra work. Just wash your hands. Yeah, but we also be washing our hands more anyways, so but I have seen those enemies. I'm not saying I'm gonna buy one where's the if anything I needed to buy the commercial. Good. Yeah, you want to do an ad spot for them? Apparently so. Alright, so we're gonna jump right into the gig economy news. And yes, we're gonna we're kind of gonna bump a story up because we're talking about Oh, yeah, California hot news or the allophones. This week here. We want to preface by saying this article is seven days old. Yeah. And there was some new stuff. Coming out yesterday and it's all kind of up right now as to whether or not Uber is going to leave California and Lyft. Well, yes, rideshare drivers in general. But anyway, so this article goes here Uber CEO says it is its service will properly shut down temporarily in California. If it's forced to classify drivers as employees. I saw something today real fast on this, that they were talking about possibly franchise exactly at doing the franchise models all of us are, well, they're not then I had that article for next week because we ran out of room But yeah, I read that. Yeah, they're not they're no longer contract. franchise owners. Hey, if Ubers gonna make some money, they're gonna figure out a way to do it. Good luck with that, that'd be a lot easier for you idiots. Plus, I mean, wouldn't they be required to give drivers a lot more flexibility as a franchise owner? I don't know necessarily. They can pretty much write the rulebook. So exactly how we want to do to allow them to use the Uber brand as a franchise. You I didn't read the article, but did you read it read? No, I'm just wondering if it's legit, or I don't have any deal on EBS. But who knows, but it was just yeah. Wouldn't be kind of cool. Like, you'd be like a fleet owner. Right. So I would own the franchise when only a fleet owner if you wanted to, and you know, they depends on exactly how they write up. I mean, a franchise owner doesn't have to be, you know, geographically specific. So you don't have it's all about who owns the franchise, they can write the rules about the franchise. So this is why the one number one reason why being a franchise owner is a terrible idea. Why get into an accident? Yeah, because then you're liable. Well, no, we have a huge insurance money. 100% Yeah. On the hook. Yeah. For all legal. Because if you're a franchise owner, that's your business. Well, you don't think corporate would No, no, I don't think they can. Now. I don't I don't think I don't think we can for the insurance right when I was part of a franchise of a restaurant, train, train chain was everything anything legal that happened to our franchise was just here was just our franchise now anything that happened at a corporate level they would cover okay, but if one of your drivers like schmuck something that's out of your pocket, hmm. Well, maybe we don't want to do that right now, I would say anyway is the key point of this article is Uber would like to shut down temporarily for several months if a court does not overturn a recent ruling requiring it to classify its drivers as full time employees. We know that part. Oberon rival Lyft, both have about a week left to appeal of eliminating injunction granted by California judge on Monday, though, and this is again, this was last week so I just about up over why they have to do that. And if the appeal doesn't work out for Uber We'll bang on voters to determine its fate in voting on proposing 20, proposition 22, which would exempt drivers for app basement petition and delivery companies from being considered so they're just waiting on a ruling. And if it doesn't happen, then they're pulling out tomorrow. If it doesn't get overturned, yes. Then they have to pull out and I think it is tomorrow. Well, they don't have to, but they're Yes. Yes, because they Yes, but they are they'll be forced to call them employees, and all the other stuff. Now, the article does talk that talks about the CEO was talking about a third model, where both Uber and Lyft would would pay into a pool that the drivers could use could pull could pull money out from based on how much they ride or how much they drive. So it's kind of a middle middle game, like the one the big thing to drivers. One is they want health insurance, they want benefits, right? And so they can kind of pull out based on how much they drive they will be able to pull some of that money out. From this pool, so that would be like a third, third model. So the The question is, and I know Jason, you said you talked about we are you and I actually talked about a little bit. I think maybe you said you and yes, we did as well. But what happens to Uber and Lyft? If they pull out of the biggest state? Oh, the thing, the thing they like so the thing the article mentioning is that it's actually coming on a pretty opportune time because that the the riots is already down crazy much in those areas. So nobody, they don't really think that it's gonna affect Uber or Lyft. Very much, it'll affect the areas and the remaining people who are out driving will be shafted. Right, exactly. But um, you know, did I share an article or is that for? it? wasn't an article about that. Maybe I shared that on social. I think maybe I should have done it for the podcast that Uber Eats is not going to be affected by this. Yes. So Uber Eats is independent of Uber rideshare. But how does that it's still, it's still they still do that work? I don't know. I don't know, either. I don't know where I did with what the I've seen the articles on the lady's pages a few times over the last few days that the Uber rideshare was sued, but Uber Eats Uber Eats was not sued. So you can you can stay being an Uber Eats driver, right right now. His delivery drivers, I think have different regulation. I don't I don't know why. Well, I thought no, because the AB five was supposed to be for like it could be for strippers, like remember that wasn't a 1099. Right. Well, that's Uber Eats, right? I don't know why it is different for them. But for some reason, or Uber, it's just not fighting for their eats division right now. And they're gonna let that happen. Yeah, when it comes because that's not that, you know, maybe a big enough chunk that they care about. I don't know. I don't know. I have to find that article. I just tried to log into my So Daniel Daniel is on Facebook and he's writing How can California be the biggest state? If according to local drivers, I've been proven they make, they make if lucky $150 a day. He says Dana says I made $200 a day and I've been wanting to jump to 500 so as the number of drivers exactly that sheer saturation of drivers, so so both Lyft and both Lyft and Uber is from California This is that that's why they started so obviously that's why they've been the longest and and it's just yeah, this exact the market so saturated, there's so so so many drivers that their driver per capita is much higher than it is other places. And we saw that in Grand Rapids, which is our market. Oh my hands. Let's do that again. Now Disney jumped in was awesome. Oh, that was just sorry. Oh, My gosh, I'm sorry. So am I good? Grand Rapids is a medium sized market and somebody is bringing up the Chicago is next but but Grand Rapids we saw that ourselves before COVID there was way too many drivers right and and that was an area where a time where there's just yeah, unless you're driving in the most opportune times there's just no rides. Yeah, it was rough especially in the summers. I mean, it was just it was was always weird when there's no school students and stuff. I still remember the guys who would who would they would camp out of the cars. Yeah. We've been there like all day sometimes. I mean, I guess if you hate if you're retired, you hate your wife. I mean, I guess you can just sit out there and I can clean your car but a golf, play golf mini golf around there at that point, let's just call fair marriage advice from Sam. Economy pod. You're talking about what what was it? What's that? Oh, Ashley Madison. Yeah, that's what it is. I am that scared the shit out of me you guys I'm really calm. How come Did you have an account? No. No the noise? Oh no. I was not will sponsor you though you can or you can sponsor the show? No, I was so intently listening to you. And then when that came through, I was like, did you see me? Literally? Jump cuz he normally does but it was fine. My question is what do you guys think? Like with prop 22 do you think voters are gonna be like yeah, we missed our ride share. I don't care if they're paid fairly or not like let's just get our rideshare back. I think they will. Because if, if Uber I can't believe Overwatch or the rideshare companies are actually going to stop giving rides I just so the person at this article says It ends with that talking to one of the one of the politicians anyways, he said basically the into the quote saying any business model that relies on shortchanging workers in order to make it probably to make it probably shouldn't be anywhere, whether California or otherwise. So I mean, the thing is, this person seems to think that they're shortchanging the riders. And again, I'll say now when I told you at the picnic, I think it this is the drivers that has it all wrong. Yeah. I mean, no, you don't want to be employees. No, I say Uber could have avoided this. They would have kept the number of drivers in the market right and not cut fares so dramatically, to fight with Lyft they could have prevented all this from happening. Right? their drivers were happy for a long time. Sure. Very happy. What what what happened is all of a sudden, Uber did change. rules and the drivers didn't like that. Right. And but but the problem was, it wasn't anymore. Like the good old days, where people was easy to making hundreds of dollars in a night or whatever. Yeah. I mean, I still remember some people who start out earning an average. They said, you know, in a weekend they would make 567 hundred off. Yeah, just on a Friday and Saturday. I mean, when I had a good weekend when my comfort Yeah, I haven't. I would do 362 5375 in finance, and I thought that was pretty good. Yeah, I've had, you know, $400 Fridays and Saturday. So the Excel option, right there not every weekend, but they happen. Well, I have two questions. One, can you change your name to come for queen? No, no, no, no. And then who says Who doesn't? Or who's saying that all the drivers want this? There's probably a lot of politicians that are lobbying to I'm sure there's a handful of drivers who I have who have legitimately been shortchanged and yeah, have valid reasons to be like, You know what? I just want like insurance. I want to do this full time and I want insurance. But I don't think the majority of drivers feel this way. No, I don't think so. So, so again, going back to Facebook, Ted lobby, I'm hoping I'm not killing your name. Sorry about if I am. But so he's and he's asking is Uber, paying their drivers a fair wage? And then Daniel says, I'm wondering if he's answering the question. He said, Maybe he's answering one of your questions to me about Yeah, they could have prevented it pay fair pay to show the work we put out. I'm a veteran, I can't work but the VA doesn't see rideshare as a job, more of a gig. So they allow me to make as much as I want, but as long as I'm not employed. Oh, so, Paul. Well, that's the government for you, right? I mean, here's the thing though, Daniel. I and I know this is a damn dangerous topic. I think we all have paid I think it's fine. Yeah. No, I don't know. It's millo minimum. Minimum rides should be fine. Our take home should be $5. At a minimum ride. I've always thought though, decide when you want to go out, right? Yeah, you decide when you want to go on when I was driving, I was I would average unless it was a very, very poor weekend. I would I would always average $30 an hour. I can't see that as bad. I wonder how many of the people who have complained about this. So I think the people who wake up at noon and try to drive from like, noon to, you know, six o'clock and like I'm not making any money. Oh, yeah, I'm sure a lot of its drivers who don't have an optimal hours. But at the same time, if Uber wants us out there driving during those non optimal hours, there needs to be adequate compensation for us being available to them so they can make money I get during the bar crowd, they have no problem staffing those hours. I think we're fine. Uber could easily fix this by charging the riders a little bit more. Yes, I do too. Because if you look at the difference between an Uber fare or lift fare and a taxi cab fare, there's still a very large difference. Sure, you can easily make up a lot of money and they still almost double right their fares and still be cheaper than a cab and more reliable. It's still trackable. On the app, you have a convenient cleaner. Well, here's the thing, like yesterday was really in tune with business and it always says like, you can't be a bottom feeder. You have to raise your rates. Yeah. Are you gonna lose some people will of course you are but you're making more money. So that's okay. You can't just always be on the bottom and expect to be successful. I mean, like, during the daytime, they might lose some money. But I think when it's busy, I don't think it's gonna matter which one costs more people I want to go home, right, especially at night. Yeah, it's $5 more $10 more people don't care, right? Don't go home when I was driving, and I agree 100% when I was driving, I would drive Friday and Saturday, right? And I started nine. And I ended 230. The night way I know if I'm not, if I don't take, if I don't take the last two and a half hours, I'm not gonna make that average that I want. So it we all we talked about this a lot. A lot of it has to do with being smart when you drive. Right. And it has to do with knowing your market and being good at what you're doing. You can't just sit out there and turning down the rides because you don't think it's worth the money, right? or whatever it is. You got it. You got to do the work. Yeah. So could we get paid more? Absolutely. And could they raise the rate? Sure they can. But I don't think it's such a bad model as it is. I guess that's my point. Right. So The guy who's not driving what, right, but my main recommendation I would have for Uber is just start capping your drivers. And I said that I said that all along time works. So you can guarantee you can guarantee earnings just by limiting the driver pool without a dime coming out of your pocket. Right? And what people maybe have to wait 10 more minutes for their ride. Right? Why? And the thing is, too is if they kept two drivers, they would also be and this is part of it, right? That would be a more constant search, right? And we would have that problem solve that you said, you know, if there is more constant supply and demand if there's a time where and we could actually trust that the supply and demand model is working. Then in the timeshare in the night with fewer drivers on the road. Then the search would push for Preston ride the ride fare up and you'd get more money are you but you're okay with Uber like capping the drivers during the day. To keep that's what y'all were talking about. Yes, Lord. I always said candy gyros. Yeah, yeah. Okay. Yeah. Even if, again, I don't, I wouldn't be opposed to having like a scheduled system like Amazon where you sign up, you want to work from nine to 230 on Fridays and Saturdays. That's when you get to login. And that's it. I mean, I've always thought that great way to cap drivers. Yeah, it is. Keith says, How about paying by how much experience you have and orating the problem with that is is the people who've been here, you know, for 234 or five years driving, right and have good rating, good experience are going to be heavily favored and somebody who's trying to break in will have a hard one. And and the other thing too is the shift we need. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Another thing is we, the drivers would need a more control over the ratings system because there's still too many passengers, riders. Just call us bullshit, right? Yeah. Drivers, I'll start with the five star rating and it takes some time for that to go down. So you may have you know, 492, which is pretty solid rating, yeah. Anything above before nine with a lot of rides, but maybe I think that could easily be overcome. You could just say that one once you have 200 rides on the belt, now you switches to you will switch to the rate that depending on your on your on your rate, if you will, but the rating system definitely will have to be improved. Yes for that to happen. Because right now it's a it heavily favors the riders. Yeah. And now the drivers, it's always I mean, if you look at a regular business model, they always favor the customer over the employee. Oh, sure. I mean, I can't say my work does, but I mean, smaller, smaller businesses can trust their employees better to know that you're being honest and that they are an actual business like with a storefront. You have things on camera. Yeah, the customer was actually wrong here. You did everything right. Yeah, there's not a freedom we have because Uber won't even review our dashcam footage. They will I I'm telling you, we I have a side hustle as well, why sell stuff on eBay? And no matter what, the customer is always right in his system. Yeah, they're always gonna get their money back the customer, they will always grant the customer that money back even though they write in stuff and saying it's my fault or whatever. They will end up getting their money back. And it's just I use serious. No, there's then you have to refund them. Yeah, it comes out of my money and I have to pay them. I have to pay them back to ship and ship it back to me. And I have no control of it. Uber just decide not to buy eBay. eBay just decides. Oh, wow. I mean, it's ridiculous. Those big companies. I mean, the customer's always right. Well, and that that who pays the bills? The customers do so that's why I why I pay $350 a week to use the month to use eBay. Yeah. That's gross. We'll use an platform there's no other bowl then you better start designing well and I am and I'm growing and growing my platform but that's the part of it right yeah. If you want the easy and if you will then you got to tie into stuff like that right? Yes, probate calm No it's not. Alright, let's wrap up these comments and then maybe move on. Sorry about that a john says 600 rides got deactivated for being under 25 on Lyft I don't I don't know. I don't know what that one's under 25. What, right sir? Daniel says I 110 1026 1036 Drive and on an awful lot through the years. That's why I love love it I work when Yeah, he works when he's at his downtime. Again, if you're an employee, you're gonna have to you have to work work a schedule. So, yeah, I think we have, I don't know. Well, I have about 4000 rides. Jason would you have a probably around there. I haven't looked in a while. So I mean, that's roughly where we are. I had no three to $4,000 If you didn't know Yeah, why Yeah, but that's because you are full timer for a while. You don't have more than game games you have more prop it doesn't stop and are tight in our like Grand Rapids group games got the most rides of anyone so did you ever get the 10 grand? What was that? Oh, yeah, he got a 10 $10,000 check. Oh, I don't know. Yeah, he's got 10,000 Ryan What was it? Do you go yet? 10,000 Nice. Yeah, you had to have like oh, I get your Yeah. He might have gotten something but he was full. So Daniel, no, I didn't point out all right, to say that we are the master. That's not the point. The point is, is we've been kind of doing it for a long time as well. And and we have seen that we have seen the price models change. And I remember saying when you first went from the percentage surge to the flats or if you are like scared about it, no, I thought, but it really wasn't that bad. Because they do actually bother to increase that flat rate right when it's a appropriate to do so everyone thought it was the world including I know tell us they were going to do that says plus four. You could still get plus 25 if you're going to hell and like, so that changes things right and then but let's isn't really doing some of these. Still there right. So all right, let's move on moving on. No, don't say sorry. It was a good conversation had a lot of good little chatter about it. So doordash has launched a digital storefront which is kind of like what was go puff, puff puff go What does that damn thing that's supposed to come and Grand Rapids? Yeah, does it pop off go? So not here. It's still not here. It's basically an online convenience store. Chips ice cream spices, packaged food. Condoms, sex toys. Oh, sorry. I was just mentioned Larry thinks is caged out with over finally. They can only dry. Oh well. No worries perfect now. Yeah, so yeah, there's gonna be about 2000 items in the dash Mart warehouse associates pick up pack the orders and deliver then delivery workers known as dashers. Come to collect the order and deliver to the customer. So I think it's great. I need to see more of this. I I am so lazy sometimes that I want a monster and I'm like, I don't want to go to the store. I mean, bitch bring me ice cream whiskey. I didn't say here, even though you hadn't said it. I probably did say it in my head. Probably. But yeah, I mean, what a great little service. I'm so they rolling this out nationwide. I think markets probably partner 1800 convenience stores. Virtual storefront comes a few months. Oh, it's a virtual storefront. Yeah. They're still giving it all from like CVS, I think but you're just ordering. Okay. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. I mean, I think I read that wrong. It says your friend. Yeah, but it says they're essentially micro fulfillment centers that carry around. Okay, so like a little a little warehouse. Yeah. I don't know why that stuff stopped. Oh, sorry, let me rephrase that the move into virtual storefront comes a few months after doordash partnered with convenience stores. So the virtual one was like CVS and, and this is sorry, I should have read the whole paragraph. So did you read the article? I breeze through it? I breeze through it. So read my article this push the button beat don't push any buttons. The only button you can push is you know, so if we loosen up our buttons. I'm wearing nothing with buttons, so I'm just gonna pull my pants down. Alright, so the first video of the night Jasper's and you want to describe it? Sure. So it's a video with a driver and a writer of course and the writer. Yeah. It's a video well Didn't you know it was a second pause? It wasn't 22nd but so we'll just see that the I guess the right term is to write a texted driver. Yes When I were talking about before the show and he thinks that drivers a dick, but what he said it's not doing him any favors. No. Indiana Jones is even wearing a shirt is unbuttoned down to his crotch. Put your mask on, man. Excuse me. Over there. You need to be out of my car. I'm not kidding. I'm gonna cancel this ride. Because I don't like the way you started it. Well, yes, it's either site man pickup, pickup out, decided that the site had less cars on it. Please leave shirts on budget. I will soon as you get out there you go Danny Okay, there you go. I don't want this right get out yes sir I am Wow, that's a shitty thing to do. I'm so glad that that's all on camera. So I like is kind of embracing your inner spirit me. Yes I am. I just think it could have easily been avoided. That was it he like he went from zero to crazy and like no time and it's just I think he knew he was in the wrong spot too. I kind of got that feeling like I don't think we do you think He wasn't wrong spot. Me Well, I mean if you're across the street Yeah, I mean we're better if I'm going north on I own yet I'm picking up a hot hopcat hot cat hot Cat Cat I'm gonna park. I'm not gonna do a U turn. Yeah, I mean, so I guess it really depends on you know where he was at and, you know, lab but but no, I mean I've had a passenger who like I was dropping them off across from wealthy street theater. That's where they were going yeah, I dropped crap on the other side of the road because that was the direction we were going and she got pissed that I didn't go around the block to come back and drop her off two feet from the door. Right? And I was like, see ya, like get out like you can cross the street. It all depends on the road if I go pick up bad rumors, I do a U turn on division because five lanes of traffic Yeah, and I would do that too. Yeah. pialba in front of you must know what the real comment or the real talk about is how deep of a shirt he had on like it was on button down to his belly button. He We're in this weird hat. But Daniel did say he went from high to to go screw you really quick. I think he was having a rough day and that guy to set him off because that's the radio like power guns. Yeah. The guy got in the car with attitude, right? You already know you're like, Well, once it attitude though, I didn't think it was the passer. You were supposed to be over there. Like Thank you. Hi, let's just be done with it. Well, let's face it, it was the mass stuff that started it because he didn't quite have this mask up. And the guy's probably like when he put a mask on and put something on at least not that you should have to be told to know I mean, that's the rules, but I don't know. I don't know. We're never gonna I think it could have easily been avoided. Yeah. Now what we should say at the end. Danny was an idiot too, right? Cuz he ended by throwing whatever it was hand sanitizer. I had him. Yeah. And it shouldn't be scored an atom too is that yeah, that's what it was. But it's like Larry said he had the woman asked him three times if he was going to rape her. Oh, I remember that. That was so weird. Oh, I remember him talking about that. That's so. And Larry is such a good family dad. He would never rape anybody. Hey, oh, oh, but she didn't know that. I guess that was a weird thing to say. Yes, for. Thanks, Jeff. All right, Pete, you're up. All right. So this is a picture of what would you do? What would you do? And for those of you who are listening to the podcast, it's a guy with a backpack on and he's got a very large non Jason Please tell me what kind of gun This is because I have no idea. It just looks like an AR 15 looks like an assault rifle. 15 It's not an assault, right? I didn't say I

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