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So I can't thank them enough for you know, take The extra step to make sure that your car is safe and you know we that they don't miss things and you don't miss things. So 532 6600 Irvine calm and don't take my word for it, go check out their Google reviews. I mean, it's close to 300 reviews and way above a four or five I think it's like a four a four nine average and they always respond to positive and negative comments to make sure they can make things correct. Again, thank you to Irvine's auto repair and Grand Rapids hybrid. A new sponsor for the gig economy podcast is oil Luber. So there's a question on how to say it. Oil Uber oil Luber. We get we had a good time with this on the on the podcast and the live stream on Wednesday. So what is oil Luber? While you probably figured it out, it has something to do with oil. They are on demand oil change service they are actually located at a Byron Byron center, what an idiot, and Arbor, Michigan. And, yeah, what you do is you say, hey, I need an oil change. And a notice goes out to a tech. And the tech goes to your house, and all you got to do is pop the hood. And they change your oil. And there's no contact, it's pretty great. Go to oil uber.com where you can sign up to be a customer or you can sign up to be attacked. A tech is kind of like the gig economy podcast, it's or the gig economy. You just drive around and you get a notification, hey, there's someone that needs an oil change, and you have your tools with you. You go to AutoZone you pick up the product, it's already been paid for. None of that comes out of your pocket. And after you complete the job, you get paid and they're powered through stripe, which is the same processor that Lyft uses. So they're looking in the area all over Michigan, but especially in Grand Rapids tax and customers go to oil uber.com to sign up. Also, there's an A Ambassador Program so even if you're not attack, you can still be an ambassador. What does that mean? So you create an ambassador account and get a code and you share that code with your friend and your friend gets the oil change, you get 10% So, and synthetic oil changes $90 which is about what it is if you go anywhere like valvoline or any of the other major change, and when that even when your friend gets his oil change, you get nine bucks. So what a great deal again, oil uber.com and then please follow them on their Facebook page. You can search oil Luber, that's OIL Ub er, and please follow them on their Facebook page. We look forward to the relationship coming soon. They're going to offer jump starts. So basically you can have a jump box if you're an Uber driver driving around get a notification so and so needs to jump that you just go over there jump home and and leave and you can do that and not be a tech too. You can you can do either or we can't thank them enough for believing in us and we hope this relationship goes a lot Time. I know this is long winded and I apologize, but I appreciate everyone and enjoy the show. Hi guys, welcome to the gig economy podcast. Thank you so much for joining us. This fine beautiful evening. This studio is sponsored by Irvine's auto repair and Grand Rapids hybrid. And we will talk to them talk about them a little bit later but we do have a new sponsor tonight we'll get to in a little bit and we're super excited about that. If you've looked in the rundown you probably already know who it is, but we'll talk about them in a little bit. It's gonna be cool got Jesper and P and Sam in tonight so Well, you're pointing up when you say yes, but you look down. I already pointed to you. I said yes for me insane or whatever. He's already pitching me. Yeah. It's been like 30 seconds. So we're already arguing. Like, that's good. Hey, if you guys could share this the stream we'd love you to watch on YouTube, if you can subscribe, like, hit the bell for notification to let you know each time we go live. And then of course, you can share the Facebook stream that would be great. Also, to get all the information about our site, or our business or whatever you want the hell you want to call it. You want to go to the gig economy, hyphen, podcast, calm, gig economy hyphen pad, podcast calm. Apparently, at some point I said slash or something and I was confused. Yeah, yep. It's a hyphen. So it's gig economy. difficult. Well, you know one here, the only time get the geek army podcast, without the hive in the cage like thousands of dollars No it was it we offered like we offered 100 bucks that lady said she said she said no so she kept it si si te partners who is that? That is Chris. Chris says the cats suck Chris crispo yard rocks yes yes silverfox sorry so story since last podcast I actually did drive so I'm just going to say that I beat yes burrs ass and he wind like well maybe in time Okay, okay maybe so that night in the wind that much. Yes you did but then the next day I got all my tips. I was good. Yeah, so honestly after you being out for like 25 minutes I just stopped listening to tell him I'm not gonna lie. So I talked to yesterday and I said, Hey, yes sir. I'm gonna post all the audio of you whining and you said you better not and then he was like Then he got like dead serious like he was like No, do not post that. I was like Oh, do it. I wasn't going to didn't whine a lot. No with you. So that night I ran grubhub and Uber but did all grubhub and with grubhub it shows you the price up front tip price included. So at the end of the night, I knew exactly how much I made. And yes for was out maybe two hours more than me. Well, I was out a total of three hours and 14 minutes. And I made you were out longer than that you went out at like 515 and we're done at nine, three hours and 14 minutes was about the episode. Okay. And I made just shy of $50 while I was out there, but then I did make an additional $27 on tip next day, so that's not bad then No, it was okay. On average about $20 an hour so it was fine. I mean, you would thought that you know he was making a weekend night too, right? Friday night I thought he wind like he was making like three cents an hour like this sucks. I'm never doing this again. This is just an experiment. I mean, those three hours you've done food delivery ever in your life. Hey, I've done I did four deliveries before that for you. We're doing Uber Eats, right? Yeah, that's all. I feel like Uber Eats is very, like, hit or miss. Yeah. Either you do well, or you just don't. Because the two options Well, it could be like middle of the ground. So this is our last week, right? But that is a good a good thing to bring up about the good or bad. You know, I told yesterday He's like, yeah, did this McDonald's order. I'm like, oh, problem, one problem. Why did Donald's order go the Michigan one did you know Okay, I'll never in a million years. So my tip for any new drivers out there is. Don't go to fast food restaurants, the lower end fast food restaurants. You're not getting You'd really think someone's going to tip you 810 bucks for order from McDonald's. It's not gonna happen. I never got a tip from that but it was of course it didn't it was only about 10 minutes It took me to do that right. So there was that right boy Really? I lost most of my time was panda out on 20th Street. Okay, they were just being idiots. They had closed the dining room. For some reason they had a sign on the door dining was closed and everybody had to go through the drive thru. So that took about 40 minutes Yeah, I would I interject a little bit. I think any fast food restaurant they've kind of gone on the way if they have a drive thru, they closed their lobby. No, but the panda didn't do that. Normally. Normally you go inside and get the food man. They had a door note on the doors. How do you know that you only been out one time because they they had a note on the door. Oh, that said we usually have it open but we're close tonight. They say today the diner was closed because a special circumstance. Okay. Well, then you definitely clarify. Thank you. Yeah, I didn't hear that. But yes, a lot of Slow, fast food places they're just not keep opening dining rooms, right, even for delivery drivers, which is a bummer, because if you got to take a leak or whatever, you know, right, that's probably actually part of the point is they don't have to pester you. As Chris said that he made $131 in four hours Monday night. Well, that says from food delivery. Oh, sure. mitali does. It was a joke. Oh, yeah, he did well, on the olio. Anyone here? I wasn't a funny joke. But last night okay. So is that all you missed me? All your recap for your driving? Can you give any other insight? I mean, especially for someone that doesn't do it, right. This is all brand new for me. Yeah. And so yeah, I think the biggest thing was just I mean, I think it was pretty much it, you know, make I mean, I brought up brought a hot bag out and, you know, use that and yeah, yeah, it was. It was It wasn't bad It wasn't as horrible as you thought it was you were like standing firm that you are not going to do food delivery. What do I mean? Yes, I was and and food delivery only does the money it gives me the money part. Yeah, cover the other part. That's why I'm driving. Yeah, right. I like I like the conversations and stuff I do. It doesn't do that for me. If you're fortunate, my God, I've been on mute you, but I'm gonna say no, you're saying you're missing the companionship. So is missing that part of riders? Exactly right. And so that's why it's really not that interesting to me. Yeah, but it was fine. What I did get though, was the ability to go out and being on the road with everybody else. Yeah. And so I got that companionship back, even though I was apparently bitching all the time. So sorry. Clearly, Sam, stop listening. problem but definitely It was good to be back on the group. Because, I mean, I can listen in the group from home but it's just not as fun. It's not the same. It's not the same if you're not out You got me swearing You can't let you got can't listen on the speaker around your kids. It's just, it's just one of those things. So, my girl says, is that the guy who swears all the time? Well, Did I ever tell you what Ben's kids said? He they said something like that, but they're like, how do you know Jason? Oh, he says the F word a lot. I was like I felt really bad. I was like, that's how your kids know. I gotta work on that. But Judah is he knows to leave the room out there is not gonna leave the room. Well, at least most of what I send that's bad is like imagery. Yeah, no windows like yeah, I had that happen on a messenger group that I ended up having to mute the messenger group because it popped up on my phone. I mean, it was not just It was more than racy. It was like an A and I was like, my kid, like my daughter was like right next to me. I'm like, okay, because when you move the messenger it just doesn't pop up. You have to physically go in there to look at it, but I was like, That was That was close. Yeah. Apparently Dennis says we're stupid. So I don't know what he's. See. I don't have any comments either. Yeah, I don't know what you're getting it. I don't know. Yeah, I'm not seeing no idea. Maybe he blocked us all. That could be it could be so Sam, tell me your Big B story is nothing special. I just I went through baby to get a criminal episode or the other day. I like handed the girl my card. She stuck with the machine and she said to me, do you want to leave a tip today? No. Oh, you ask for tips. Yeah. Do I get to be you know, working or even now. I mean, hey, you're not tip wage. No, you get paid minimum or you don't Like if I had wanted to I would have said hey put a tip on there it is. I did wow that is pretty yeah sketch city which one was that? The one on Alpine Well there you go Alpine should just be burned to the ground it should I fully agree with that Meyer is often busy so I do I ship you know, I've done a lot of shipped out of there too. I don't like the store at all. I don't know the layout of it. But so I feel so the ship shop but we talked to actually they said that the Meijer store is one of the biggest ship stores. Alpine one. Sorry, Alpine. Yeah, I believe that it there's always orders there. Yeah. Well, I mean, it's got one of the biggest apartment complexes in the county shot your Creek over there. So which thankfully I have not delivered to. No, I wouldn't. That was that that was a drop. I gotta say about that one, by the way since my last order last Friday. It just made me so angry. Because I picked up at Applebee's on Alpine. Yeah, I know. It's the final one. But I could not find a stupid, the stupid house number. It just got the house number. Oh, it just got dark. Was it at your Creek? No, but it was a small apartment complex behind your Creek. And it's it's more it's more houses or it's rows or houses everybody lamoreaux Yeah. And you could I could not see this. I walked around for 15 minutes trying to find this stupid guy to call them. I yeah, but nobody picked up. We walked around for 15 minutes. Why don't I drove around trying to find the right number and it was just, it was just all BS. Why don't people effing pick up their phone when they're expecting food? I don't know frustrating when I spent an hour shopping for someone at my air to get almost the checkout line for them to send me 15 text messages of all the things they want to change and I feel like that I've been here an hour. But it's happening. Do you think sometimes they come out because they come at that point because the delayed signal? I think it will the problem is those texts get routed. Through like shipped or whatever, so I feel like if they all come pretty rapid, I feel like it's delayed. It could be but some people just don't answer you until you're done. Yeah, I when I was I was too late. If when I was doing shift if I, if I was in line and I was trapped in line like you're trapped in a drive, there's too late, too late. I text him I say I'm sorry, it just I can't do it. Yeah. So no, I agree. That's what once I'm, there's someone behind me and I can't just step out. No, of course not. Yeah, not good. Well, I agree. It's a little distasteful for the for the tip thing is, especially in a non tipping. Yeah. stablishment No, I mean, I know like all coffee shops have tip jars, but I've never put money in them. I do if I have cash. And I mean, if it's like, loose change, I'll throw it in there. I guess like if my coffee was 475 and I paid with a five like I'd throw the quarter in there. Yeah, I mean, I'm not but I don't go out of my way to do that. Yeah. And I almost always use that can happen. To pay so it's not a right thing. Real quick again, of course, please, please subscribe to the thanks, Isaiah to the YouTube channel, we would greatly appreciate it. And then of course, our telegram if you look in the chat, or actually the description of the Facebook page, you will see a link for telegram which you can connect with us like yesterday I was talking about, you know, not having to put it on mute because he was a big boy and out of the house. When Jason says the F word he doesn't have to worry about it's easy when there's nobody in the car. That's the benefit of only delivering food. They don't care what you say, yeah, you can play telegram whenever you want. That is nice. I mean, it is a good change. I agree with you. I missed the interaction. But I would like to, I would like both. I would like a little bit of rides. And then I'm like, you know what, I'm done with this. I'm doing food. Uber came back 100% full force like it was before this. I would still do some shifts during the day. It's especially just for something different. Yeah. While I was doing it today Just to get some exercise because I'm like stuck in this car doing rideshare for six eight hours sometimes you just get those you know magic orders almost make bank Oh yeah. The other day when I made 100 bucks in less than three hours, bro I had a $10 promo a $20 promo Yeah. And I had a $50 order from Costco. So between those things like I made 100 bucks in just under three hours that's like okay, I'm going home for the day like I called it how it's done. Yeah, very good. All right, we're gonna jump into our new sponsor it is oil. Oil Luber, I Luber let's turn that down a little bit. So we're super excited. So basically, what oil Luber is is a on demand. oil changes. That's basically what it is, is the Uber of oil changes. So in the description, there'll be a link you can go to oil, Uber dot.com. And then there's also an ambassador link where you can get paid 10% for each person that signs up and gets an oil change. So let's say synthetic is $90, you'll get nine bucks. So that's pretty cool. Yeah, they are definitely looking to get their followers on Facebook up. So if you could go to their page, yep. Just search oil, oil lubricants. I'm having trouble with that word. We had a change of how we said it. We have to talk to Brian about that. But if you go to their Facebook page, just please follow them. What am I missing? No, that's about it. That's about it. And then of course, sign up for that services. I mean, yeah, absolutely. You know, it's just the price point is very, very close to for the for the expensive stuff. Very close to what you will do in at any other regular play. Yes. And they come to you. It's brilliant. They will come to you. They will no contact. No Contact tech will come to you and he'll change your oil and it'll be cool. He will win. The frickin logo I don't know what the hell happened yeah I do like the idea of being able to just be sitting at home watching TV and have someone outside watching my oil and in particularly when you're done driving you don't want to spend any more time driving that right that's why I get my groceries delivered I crushes shop all day grocery shop 40 hours a week mostly yes sorry about that Brian I don't know what happened is a low they happen to the low I was I set it up all last night I went to and it was gone so so I'll get that fit. But everybody guys go to oil uber.com sign up for a phone and look them up on Facebook or sign up become the one to go follow them on Facebook. Yeah, follow him on Facebook and become an ambassador if you want. Yeah, the ambassador is where you get the the 10% off. So you basically create your own you get your own code, and you share it with your friends and family and all that and each time they get an oil change. You get money you get 10% Yeah, by the way, there's another way to make money from them is for you can be attack I mean they're looking for texts in the area these these guys are out of Ann Arbor so they're they're local to Michigan company. So um yeah, you can sign up to be a tech and you can make money that way too and they're looking for texts they go through pretty rigorous training to become a tech but yeah it's all part of it. Yeah and they're working on expanding to jump services yep jump yeah and it's all what what's cool about it is you basically you get the order you know and you're like, Okay, I got an order you go to AutoZone it's all ready to go all you do is pick up the items. You go to the customer the customer already has the hood popped, they change the oil clean it all up, close it and close it out like you don't talk to anybody. You don't do anything. You do it right where they're at. So yeah, I think it's great and you paid you paid right away using stripe. Yep. So use the same thing that then when you have set here The moment you accept the order, and then you're done till you're done and you get paid. Yeah, that's nice. Nice instant. cashed out. Yeah, so yeah, check them out oil ober.com and then the link for the ambassador is in the description too. So we're really excited to have them out for a couple of months. We talk about it all the time you want to not put all your eggs in one basket This is definitely if you feel like you know how to change an oil and no one's heads and tails in a car. I shouldn't be doing it because I don't do that. But if you just do a little bit then get go out and add this as one of the things that you're doing in the gig. If you see Uber and he's gonna change your oil. Ron cancel, deny Uber yes or yes. Oh, yes. Sorry. One of the cool things I just thought of some I know we were spending a lot of time on it because they're new but once you have a tech that you like, you can favorite them Yep. So it's a great feature that Rio other gig services so basically, you're like, hey, I need an oil change. Oh, I've had Yes, do this before I've had Pete. I'm gonna go with yes for this time or whatever. You know, no, he has to. So go with me. At least one of us really should be competent. change our oil. I know how to do it. I change it on my own in the summer. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, I've done it once in my life. I will never change my oil again. I've never been under a car. Well, we can fix that. No, no, we cannot. And I was coming up with a joke, but you like jumped right in? No, you're fine. Yeah, I'm just impressed that you came up with it. I mean, that quickly, as English is your second language. But uh, oh, gosh, I lost my train of thought. Oh, the jump sir thing. How great would that be? Right? Like, you're not like you said you can do? Just jumpstarts are just oil change. Oh, yeah. Right. Yeah. So you're driving around, you buy one of those really badass jumpstarters and someone needs to jump and you're like, Okay, this is still, just to let you know, these guys are new. They're working through things too. They're, they're, I mean, they're up and running. But they're startup. They're a startup. They don't have an app yet. So it is still web based. So they're they're still working through some stuff, but we're pretty confident in The concept is definitely strong. I know I can't believe like, why have I not heard this more? Because I always tell. You know, when I get my oil change, I'm like, I'm a bitch. Like, I gotta take time out of my day. And especially since the prices are competitive, you know, it's like, why would I even not have someone else do it? Right? Right. So the biggest thing is you don't have to go anywhere, right? Yeah, yeah. The only one trying to upsell you. $100 worth of products. Yeah. Don't you like this air filter for $75? Yeah, yeah, that's a store for $3 Yeah. And yeah, yeah, it's $72 labor. Yeah. I did the map. Very good. Okay, yeah, no, so let's mark Mark's comments are so funny. The company's called oil Luber but I don't think they're doing jumpstarts No, they're not Yeah, caught retests car disease. Ouch. Yeah, that that disease went out for like three months. Like hey PG get new battery yet. Alright, so Is it all settled now? Finally? Of course no, no, it lives in my garage. A trickle charger when I'm not driving fill my cash. You're such a hillbilly. I'm getting rid of it though so he's got a full time job. I mean, he's just slinging cash you know what I mean? Living the dream stand at home. Yeah. Only guys okay, we I got to say this and move on. Maybe I taught before but Pete was like at the picnic. He was like, Oh my gosh, this is longest I bet outside all summer and sweet Jesus. Like I was out today for eight hours. I have you know that I did go tubing. Yes. It's a good thing. We can go. Right. How was that? It was good. I used SPF 100 except in a couple spot. Yeah, I got a yellow drone. Keep an eye kill those lights. Keep flickering. They're really bad today. Hey, so those lights have been here since we started the podcast in 2017. Why would I turn the lights off? We can't you it'll get dark in here. They flicker today. They flicker every single day that just pants and I'm sorry. You're mad. I hate to antagonize but I actually do feel that they are worse than normal. They've distracted me three times. I know that's nice. But I'm not saying hey, when Papa John's sponsors of the show you can jump this place and get our get a real studio. Get a real studio studio a big boy. All right, can we go I mean, we're 25 minutes and we have taught zero gig stuff but how nubra is good. We need to talk Oh, yeah, then that Yeah, well, we're so yes. Okay. First up is picture you'll see on your screen doordash customer slams terrible delivery over batch food order so it's okay hopefully this doesn't play audio cuz I already had it muted. You know what I like about Chrome when you mute it. Once it stays muted. You don't have to go back. So doordash user a string controversy where they're terrible delivery experience the customer running out of the username jafer. org share their negative experience on Reddit. Their post show, allegedly what happened when they tried to order Wendy's the food never made. through the door according to his post a doordash driver mark, the order is completed, that's charging with the food then sent along the following photo. So what happened is he marked it as delivered and didn't cancel it. So my guess is an inexperienced driver, he admitted he dropped it. It wasn't like he was trying to be shady. But this is just kind of an example of like, I probably wouldn't send a picture that if I dropped the food to the customer, I would just reach out to doordash and say, Hey, I messed up. What do you want me to do? like can you cancel it? Can you refund the money? And he did get his money refunded and that's one thing I've experienced with doordash at least with doordash is their customer service. Of course we hate it because customers always right. They give you refund like you don't have to say a thing. I'm not encouraging people just to lie, of course, but I'm gonna refund to doordash Yeah, if they mess Ober eats, okay, if they mess up there, they will. They'll say yep, here's, here's a. I guess it cracks me up about Luber eats is like if most of your orders could put One item is wrong, they will refund you. So one item, you know your that doordash does that too. They? Which is fair. Like if if you're only complaining about one item, you shouldn't get your whole meal for it. Yeah, no, it's just something was missing. So they should find the one item was like, okay, that's perfect. Yeah, I made a complaint. They didn't do anything for me. Oh, well, did you do it through the app? Or did you call through the app? Oh, I have. I've always sent to the app and I've got every minute. Now. What's it? What is it? telephone? I mean, sometimes it's the only way to go. I have a sex machine and app machine here but I don't know about phone calls. Yeah. Yeah. Someone calls me I'm like, Are you an asshole unless I'm unless I'm being diamond bitch and I need to talk to somebody about getting the problem fixed. No, you won't. You'll tweet them. That's my wife calls the phone rings. I my stomach drops a little bit because we literally use telegram to communicate like all our voice messages through telegram who's dead quiet. Yeah, like when it's called. I'm like, okay, the kid needs to be picked up like ASAP or someone's sick. Someone threw up. I don't know. Anyways, all right, yes, yes, Burr is going to talk about the franchise like model which we kind of brushed on we, the last time we hit that on it today because we you know, we talked about it, we didn't have it. Okay, so we talked about it. And then what's I mean, the reason for the article is, so the headline is, hang on, hang on here. Uber and Lyft consider franchise like modeling California and of course it's all it's all about the 8042 a b 40. Law out of Chicago. It's prop 22 vote no, yeah. 85 and prop 22 was that say at 40? Yeah, I think that's a bad thing and a Ub 40. Why? Okay, whatever is the California law right. And, and what ended up happening we know that no, no end up happening. We know that now is they ended up being able to stay because one of the judges gave them a give them an out basically saying yeah, so I thought that was supposed to be like a five day stay and then is it now gone to the voting on November 2 is that will believe so? Yeah. Okay. So yeah, yeah, but again, so basically this all this whole article is about how Uber and Lyft is considering doing going into the actual franchise models but mainly for, for people with multiple cars so that that's the whole like it's for for bigger companies. An option one option that both companies are seriously discussing is licensing their brands to operators of vehicle fleets in California. According to three people knauss the plans to change would assemble an independently operated franchise, allowing Uber and Lyft to keep an arm's length association with drivers. So the companies would not need to employ them and pay their benefits. So that's kind of at that point, the employee the the people or the drivers would be employees of The fleet companies right, and wouldn't have anything to do when left. Yeah, so then the fleet company can pay the benefits if they want to, or whatever they want. Exactly right. So then it would all kind of move move the needle a little bit further away. And what what I thought was interesting in this article was that fact that both Uber and Lyft in other countries are already using those mines. Oh, really? Yeah. So that's the thing So lift I believe it says lift in Europe in some European countries, companies do countries is doing it. And Uber as well in some of the some of the other doesn't mention what companies are. So they're very used to the model and they have a very bad memory No, the law the model. I feel like it would be useful if it was maybe not don't don't kill me on this like a second World country like what do we call like a lower income country that maybe the country well, not third world I don't think there's over a third world. But I'm saying maybe if they couldn't own a car that that franchise fleet model would work more within America, everyone. Even everyone's got a car. It'd be interesting to see how those work because I feel like here the risk you would have to assume owning your own franchise for Uber or Lyft. Yeah. Because you have to do all your surance but that's only when they're not on the app though. Like kazoo we're still gonna cover that if they're that franchise. I think they're gonna that's gonna be on the show franchising insurance. Yep. Keith said developing countries. Thank you, Keith. Yeah, he's always in this thing in a pinch Keith. Like I got this. So I'm almost surprised that it does work. I guess in other countries. There's a lot more requirements for what a business is required to offer their employees than there is here. So I can't why we're in lift want to push it off. They don't want to offer insurance or Yeah, like that, which in some places is like this law regardless of the situation, but um, You know, one thing that I have often thought about that I think it's interesting and why Uber and Lyft has not offered, why they don't they should be so easy to branch out and make a taxi service and offer it up to taxi companies. They do. They do Uber taxi is a thing. No I know but not Uber I mean, Uber taxi Okay, so that their own own servers maybe. But are you telling me that Uber has that it's a taxi companies can use Uber as a platform for themselves to get rides as a taxi company? It's like a franchise Masek? Basically I did not know that. Okay. It's in a very big cities. We're not ever gonna see it here. But Uber taxi is a very real thing. The other one right, where you just pick up random people, right? I mean, so here, we'll be seeing you trying to think of the name of it. We don't have it here, but pick up random people when you pick up people on a route. Oh, no, no, no, let's do a taxi service and the calls just go into them. And then you get the full benefits of a taxi service. So like more elderly people may use it for like errand running, because you can still do that. Whereas with a regular Uber, you're gonna get left at the store. So if you're a jerk, now, if you're any one of us, you will get left at the store. I mean, you know, in our markets I have often I mean, I know we've all seen them right. caps who also have an Uber phone. Tell me Oh, yeah, you can see them running over. Absolutely. The individually own taxi cabs here locally. Yeah. When they are driving, they have the Uber and Lyft going it's just the to the tech. I rarely see a taxi like do they own their own cars. Some some of them do. Actually against the terms of service for Uber, I'm sure it is because it's a marked car. Yeah, no, yeah, you're right. You're right. You can't You can't drive in a month. It's against the terms of service for for Holland city of Holland was finding that one girl because she was using her vehicle as a taxi service. Oh, like last last hour? Yeah, what happened to her? I see. I can't remember her name. Cindy. Cindy. Yeah. Cindy? Yeah. Really? She got in trouble. I don't know. I don't. I'm not everybody in our group. This was somebody that I that I like I read something in like a news article. And she was she got in trouble for the city of Holland. Probably was heard though, because she she did have her own company with her husband and they did like off app rides. You just called them and they'd come get you from the bar. Well, they're stupid because they named their comfort. They said Uber like was it Uber? Lyft like Or something like right made West Michigan rideshare something like that. Yeah, but I swear they were you. Oh, maybe they were using the logo. Yeah. logo or something like that there. Yeah, they're advertising like an Uber left. We're doing everything off app which Yeah, yeah. So Miguel says from YouTube says she was operating a taxi company without a license. Yeah. So yeah, cuz the Uber pays the license for Can you imagine how maddening it must be as a Uber administrator not I don't know what role that would be have to go to each city. Like I have to go to Holland. I have to buy a license for how and just this little dinky city that I'm gonna make like six bucks from I mean, I'm sure it's mostly done for we can we can start the podcast now Larry just tuned in. Oh, boy. I'm so mad at him because he missed the picnic. Oh, man have already prioritized his children. Children. They're just money suckers. All right. Yeah, that you see that meme I shared earlier. No. Putting the baby back. Oh yeah I almost commented. Thank you crystal. Alright, so this one is I should have figured out my microphone a bit better before you need to read your screen What do ya need like a big monitor like that? I know right? Hey can we button up line line item that I think he might strangle you? Which one? Yes. So I this is a COVID-19 verification scam. So I just wanted to share this with Everyone gather some insight on this. I'm also very interested to see if anyone else has experienced this I'm 100% sure that's a scam Uber support would never kind of diary about suppose verification on like account. The premise of a passenger here's the full story. So I was working pretty late tonight past midnight and I got a ping from Pax. Rachel was her name. Got the location. she messaged me. ring me, she said figured she had some strange circumstance. She didn't tell me so I called her a mailman to the phone and explained that he is Uber support and This is not a real passenger then because of COVID-19. A lot of drivers have been laying their friends and family use the app. And it's been happening pretty frequently in my particular area or Katy a Phoenix. You went on the state of my rating, my number of rides, my years of Uber and some other information which are all visible on my profile to the packs. He then stated the My Account was locked and he had to verify my phone number to get it unlocked. Which is when I realized it was bullshit. Someone could use my phone number as security info to gain access to my account, and presumably dump my earnings into a different bank account. After the guy asked me for my phone number I hung up. Number one, my account was not locked in anyways, I had been doing daily nonstop rides for the past seven hours. Number to over support, not contact me through the front of a packs when their support contacts me through the app. It says right there. Uber support. Yeah, and well, my next story is about kind of what happened. Yeah, it's not really specific COVID-19 scam. Right? Just a scam that they use COVID going on for a long time to get Yeah, we used we used to have those back from a driving do. Yeah. So I'll just jump into mine and then we'll kind of talk about the whole thing this guy talked about an instant pay it said someone did instant pay for me stole my money. Be careful guys. And it shows he lost $710 and two cents. So I actually went this was earlier in the week that I shared this and I actually went back and looked at the comments. And basically just kind of the same they called this guy didn't really realize, as I was reading the comments him responding. English is his second language. So that already is trouble for him because I mean, just socks like if you don't understand what everyone is saying you might miss a word and be like, you know, while you're Yeah, I mean that we joke about that, but it's it's pretty close. You can speak both, but I've had that happen to me. What the call the call. Yeah, and I feel like more They were they were like,

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