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Y'all Welcome to the gig economy podcast.

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already screwed up. Already didn't put the video on loop. So thanks guys for joining us tonight in this beautiful studio sponsored by Irvine's auto repair and Grand Rapids. Hybrid. We will talk about them a little bit later. How's everyone doing tonight? Good doing? Yes, Bert. I'm awesome, Peter. Terrible, terrible. I'm just kidding. We don't have sand tonight but we will. We will. If you if I remember everyone, anyone on here at 945 someone sent me a text or, or whatever. And to let me know to bring salmon Rob needs from New Zealand says are you on the West Coast? Yes or no? No, we are. Well, yes, there is bi or east coast. How can that be? But we all in the same studio. I know. That's super, super weird. Now we are in the Midwest. Rob, we are in Grand Rapids, Michigan Eastern Standard Time. And everyone if you could share the live stream and any of your groups that would be great. I would appreciate it also everything gig economy related you can go to the website gig economy slash No. hyphen, podcast calm. It looks like a slash to me. But it's not a slash. This is a slash. This is a hyphen hyphen gig economy. hyphen podcast. I'm gonna put this out there real quick. Guys. Would you buy it if we get apparel? I think they would. Yeah, I would like to know. Yeah, we want to know. We would love to know.

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Rob said. Rob. That was pretty bad. That was a bad joke. That was a bad joke. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 1:49
yeah. Oh.

Unknown Speaker 1:53
No, no, that's too soon. Rob. Sorry, man. That's too soon. It's pretty horrible. What's going on over here? Put it horrible.

Unknown Speaker 2:01
That's uh, you get robbed. Yeah.

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You know, pretty bad. I didn't catch it too. Yeah, that was pretty bad. Anyways, so um, yeah. So if you go to gig economy, hyphen, podcast, calm I have all the podcasts the old shows, blogs everything. We are thinking about putting some merge together. I know we had some A while back but we never really did anything. I think one person bought a shirt.

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Yeah, don't don't be advertising that we don't know if we're gonna use them up in Jesper are wearing merge hat. I'm not and everyone laughs at me. So my brother took a brother. Yeah, where's your brother? I don't know. Um, okay, story since last podcast. Go ahead. Yes, sir. I'll let you

Unknown Speaker 2:44
so I hit the road once.

Unknown Speaker 2:47
I tried. It was too early man too early. So for some reason.

Unknown Speaker 2:54
I'm still only I mean, I'm still only driving goober eats. So I know. I'm also taking the doordash No, no, you are. Yeah. Yeah, I had to you had to request a I gotta get I gotta get a new red card. Yeah, but I'm technically a doordash. Driver.

Unknown Speaker 3:12
But and then Uber Eats. Holy shit. Stop. What? Keith bot I tip view in the app from Zazzle when we had it, that's the one shirt that got bought.

Unknown Speaker 3:26
out there's my brother.

Unknown Speaker 3:29
Where's your hat? Oh my gosh. That just made my night. Like there we go. Recently. I think one person you gotta show it to us key. Oh my gosh, that's hilarious. Oh, sorry. I didn't I didn't mean interrupt you. I had to talk about that. That's awesome. All right. That's awesome. Anyways, I hit the road once. I tried to go out because Uber had this whole they had that special going on for a long time where they would give you $3 extra right? I figured well, you know, they started for they did well yeah, they have a promotion that was only if you had the card. What card the their new pay card. No, really it was no matter what yeah, I get I qualified for the promotion. But I also do have the Uber card so maybe they No

Unknown Speaker 4:17
no, this is a different card This is so that you can buy you can order for somebody and pay for it if they don't participate with it's like oh, well, my promotion my app and my promotion my upset I will qualify for an extra $3 Okay, from four o'clock to eight o'clock all we gone. Try that. Okay, and from four to six nothing. It was just crickets. There was absolutely nothing that was what crickets it was though. I I did not have no that's not true. I had two requests. Yeah, one Starbucks. It was like $6 and so no way it's gonna take me $29 to complete it is 29 minutes, right? It's that and then I had and then a chicken run.

Unknown Speaker 5:00
I was like seven hours and I dead to drive 19 miles to get.

Unknown Speaker 5:04
Yeah, no, we're doing bucks for an hour work. Seems reasonable. So I said no to those two and then I drove home. And I had pizza with my family which I bought a Domino's, by the way.

Unknown Speaker 5:19
Anyways, so yeah, that was my so in the past when I talked about it, you can't go out at four o'clock on a Friday night. Now, you may have been the pull that off on a Thursday, because people order but at Friday night people order later, it's the weekend. Well, and and again, the promotion is one of the things that Sam also said, incorrectly. So two promotions, but many more drivers out. It was just right. Well, so I went out on Saturday, and I had a great day you killed it. I worked a total of six hours and I made $185. And again, I can't beat that. That they did have some promotions on there. But I think it was just the boost, like a 1.4. I didn't I didn't get anything like a $3 per that's so weird, because my app even said, I think they had a promotion on the Saturday too, huh? Yes. I did see something if you if you would the pay card, but you obviously didn't order that. No, I don't have to buy a car. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 6:17
So I had a great, a great Saturday, one of the things I want to tell new people and I've seen some posts on Facebook about it is

Unknown Speaker 6:27
Thanks, Robert, that when you get the quote from Uber how much you're gonna make it includes the tip. Right, right. It's the estimated what they think they're gonna tip. That is actually what they tipped, but they have an hour to change it. So people are looking at is like, they kind of tricky with the verbiage like, Am I going to get this? Out of all my deliveries? I got exactly what was quoted. So it's kind of turned into the grub. No tip baiting? No. Well, kind of Oh, yeah. You mean where they changed it? Right, right. No, I mean, I'm sure it does happen. But it didn't happen to me. So people are like, Oh, I don't know if I should take this. I'm like, if it's worth it to you the price presented, you're probably going to get that unless you totally mess it up, or the restaurant messes it up because they have one hour. And it takes one hour before that tip to come in. So if you do like three or four deliveries in a row, you're gonna be like, Ah, no, it tipped me. It will they will pop in. But so just just as a heads up for new people. I saw that three times this week on Facebook.

Unknown Speaker 7:31
So yeah, for sure. A couple of things. I had to uh, so for new people to when you get an order, now you can get an order that is actually where the word Uber is working with a restaurant, and one that when Uber is not so somehow they just like, I don't know,

Unknown Speaker 7:51
scan the menu in and you can order one I had one at the Wynn tavern, which is a bar and genossen Well, they're not participating with Uber. So that's where we use that pay card. That's way out there too. Isn't that Baldwin? And yeah, 20th 20th Yeah, so I ended up getting a request for the wind and the wind is so freakin popular. Like it is a great and it was a good money. It was gonna be like $20 and it was a short delivery. I mean, tiny like a half a mile. Well, I called because I wanted to place the order and the phone was busy. I'm like, Nope, I cancelled it. And then I had one, I had one item, and I picked it up and it was at McDonald's. Now I told the Esper, never take that. But it tempt me because it was $20. And I was like, I accepted it. I looked at the menu, it was 48 items. And I'm not talking a cheeseburger and 47 packets of

Unknown Speaker 8:48
ketchup. It was like lattes fries, the whole nine yards. So

Unknown Speaker 8:54
I can't tell

Unknown Speaker 8:56
why. Because it's too much rule. I'm not dealing with lattes. And like it just wasn't worth it to me. So I cancelled it. It was a bunch of it looked like I don't know. I just seem like it was a bunch of kids just ordering a shit ton of food and I do probably hungry. Well, someone else can do it. Then.

Unknown Speaker 9:13
Just going to check with the chat. Robert asked what side? You guys are with AB five. This we will find out if Robert hates us or loves us. So we think we should remain independent contractors. Yep. We don't want to be employees. So

Unknown Speaker 9:31
yeah, I don't know what side you're on. But yeah, you know, I didn't tell you guys and maybe I can bring it up now. Because Roberts bring it up. I had somebody messaged me from one of the big groups because I share the podcast and he wouldn't let it show. And he's like, Well, hey, let's have a conversation. Maybe we can work together. Come to find out. He's part of the union and he wants to do all that. And he was not happy that I wasn't on that side. I'm like, it's okay. We can disagree. He goes well, I don't want to work with you. I'm like, that's okay too. Like, it's

Unknown Speaker 10:00
I like it. It's kind of weird that he's like, Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 10:04
Was the amount of one of the groups or something? Yes. And he's supposed to be pretty like down the middle right? Yeah, it's not and it's it is a big group it had 27,000 people in it. So it would have been great but I wasn't gonna go against what I what I believe in or not, you know, I don't want it and Roberts on our side. Thank god right.

Unknown Speaker 10:25
Mark city had his first bad experience with it. He's a car guy. only had two hours with him so far. They forgot all of his produce today.

Unknown Speaker 10:35
Oh shit nuts. Is that from all the I'm assuming? Because the Jews used instacart he was all the all these great. I love all the I cannot wait to the open just up the street. No one cares about you. Nobody cares.

Unknown Speaker 10:51
That being said, a mean man. I had a I had a great time. So when all you newbies here Yes. Super had no luck. It's operator error.

Unknown Speaker 11:02
Yes. heckum or whatever it's called.

Unknown Speaker 11:05
What is it?

Unknown Speaker 11:07
What is it? Yeah. peb CAC. YouTube. YouTube crashed. What? I like Peckham, though. Crash YouTube. Yes, it did. Well, it says I'm not for proposition 20 or AB five. It's all bad. Keep government inner fence out of free market. Yeah, I mean, came back. I top that was Pep gang.

Unknown Speaker 11:31
Still can't say right. All right. Hi, Dottie. picnic proposing Jen other than computer.

Unknown Speaker 11:38
That's a fucking nerds on the show. All right. Again, please subscribe to the YouTube YouTube.

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This is gonna be a good night. Please subscribe to the YouTube channel. Thank you, Janet, for watching. Don't worry about Yes, sir Janet, he, hey, operator. We prefer you to watch on YouTube. But we love Facebook, too. Also, I got some hate about the activists tablet on Twitter. So I've been sharing that because I think it's a great platform. He's like, Hey, man, this tablet sucks. And you shouldn't be promoting this during the pandemic. I was like, all right, dude. I said something in the same group. No, no, this was on Twitter. The other one on Facebook. I can't remember what I said. It was something snarky. Like I'm My life is much better. Now. He was saying something. I know. Right. I don't remember seeing that. I usually. Yeah, it was on Twitter. Yeah. And also if you want to participate in the telegram link, you can click the link in the show notes and you can talk to us. We'd love to talk to you. Alright, so let's hopefully this the picture works tonight. Yay, works. Irvine's Auto Repair in Grand Rapids hybrid located on Stafford just east of 44th street you can call them at 532 6600 or Irvine calm. They are the studio sponsor of this. Somewhat fantastic show at times a little rough tonight. But it's okay. We're having fun. Yeah. 532 6600. Woman veteran owned.

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She's 51% owner. Apparently if you have a woman phone the company, it's a little bit better off. Is there 51% owner than 49 Did you know I think there's tax incentives, tax incentives or something like that. But anyways, they will fix your car do maintenance, they're the best in the business. They don't mess around free loaner cars. They basically even if you go in for an oil change, they'll take a look at everything you know if anything needs to repair they'll let you know you don't have to use it. And what's great is you get a tax. You click on it you go decline decline, decline, accept accept and they'll fix whatever you accept and it's not awkward to say no I don't need that fix. You just hit decline. But although they will send you a follow up email, which has been good business, a decline this service but we'd love them Meghan and Jamie and Erica Irvine's Irvine's comm to schedule service or five three to 6600 thank you for being the studio sponsor of this. Okay show. All right, I am over. Wait. Okay, show what the I mean, did you just almost drop. Oh no, I already say I swore insane. This is a great show. I know. I'm just an okay show. It's a great show. Robert Irvine's is in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I'm not sure where you're from.

Unknown Speaker 14:32
But yeah, Grand Rapids, Michigan. All right, first article is mine. Then the title of the show Uber pledges to go all electric but it doesn't own the cars, which is

Unknown Speaker 14:45
it's hilarious. Oh, get off the frickin ad G's do brown Tuesday pledged to convert its fleet in US and Canadian European cities to fully electric by 2030. By the end of the following decade. Uber says all of its rides will be a board of electric vehicle.

Unknown Speaker 15:00
It goes either cars, bikes or scooters, the pledge follows a similar one from Lyft. Rival Lyft in June that they said that so let's see.

Unknown Speaker 15:10
Yeah, that if you want to drive to Cali Robert, you can but that's gonna be a hell of a drive.

Unknown Speaker 15:15
Kelly. Yeah, he's from Cali. Let's see he there was a couple of things. I should have highlighted this.

Unknown Speaker 15:22
They do say that rideshare drivers are the worst for carbon footprint, because of all the idling that we do more than buses and all that stuff. Because apparently we sit around waiting for rides. We'll get that group. It's just not the airport. Yeah, the airport, any golf. But see, I turn my car off. Even in the summer. Now, if it's cold, I'm not going to do it. But I mean, I turn it off and roll down the windows. Why waste the fuel? Why would you want to waste the fuel brass band on the starter?

Unknown Speaker 15:54
Yeah, you have starter problems. Did you get that fixed yet? No, not starter. Battery, you have the problem. 99 problems. But basically this article breaks down is like Uber wants to go electric but they don't have cars. They're going to offer all these

Unknown Speaker 16:11
discounts. But you know, electric cars are expensive still.

Unknown Speaker 16:16
They said to offset the higher cost. Uber says it will spend 100 and 60 million annually until 2025. They are going to offer $1 more per ride if they drive a battery or electric or hybrid. Apparently they did this program last year lasted about a year where they did pay $1 if you had a hybrid or an Eevee, do you think that the writer would pay more for an Eevee? vehicle? No, it actually says an RV type. They actually get a discount to if they choose it. They gave it they got 50 cents off. All right. I should have highlighted this. So there's some markets that actually has that as a type, but I don't think they do anymore. I go whatever. Says driver. I know I hate doing this. I hate listen to podcasts and people are trying to read basically the the passengers got a discount in the drivers got more. So Uber was just eating the cost. That's cool. It's cool, but

Unknown Speaker 17:07
I'll get rid of this a lot of questions like, what about us? Well, you don't have a hybrid car. Exactly.

Unknown Speaker 17:15
That's exactly what I'm saying. You know how to say somebody? let's say somebody buys a 2020 right now. 20 brand new car. Do you want to do Uber for the next 2020?

Unknown Speaker 17:25
No, selling regular car? How long is the

Unknown Speaker 17:29
like, what's the cutoff for a car right now? In here, riders. So in 10 years, you can't use you can't drive for Uber anymore, is what you're saying? Well, but they see in First of all, if you drive full time, you're gonna pay that baby off in more than two and under 10 years. And it'll be you can write it off as a business expense. Well, they can't they can't drive for Uber regardless, if they bought it now it's 2030 they would have to get into regardless. Your example. Yeah, but what if, if they bought it for 29? Right? What if they don't want to buy an electric car? I'm gonna guess I can't drive for Uber around this article. Exactly. That. I mean,

Unknown Speaker 18:06
that's just a business decision to have to make. Yeah. Can you tilt your mic a little bit towards your mouth? I can try. Is that better? That's beautiful.

Unknown Speaker 18:16
So yeah, I I was gonna ask, do you guys are you guys? Would you guys purchase it? Just I mean, I know the answer is no. I don't even know. I'm asking. Would you purchase it to just drive for Uber? If they said if it was my full time job? I would Yeah. Yeah. I guess. Yeah. But you would what's the what's the percentage of Uber drivers that use Uber as full time? They've always said that it's like a 2%. Yeah, super small amount. I mean, the other thing you got to remember to this tax incentive to to buy a hybrid car. I mean, there's lots of they're innocent. Yeah, but what about these drivers that are that are struggling? As it is? No, I get that. Yeah, yeah, but should they be driving Uber in the first place? Is should this be their Lifeline? I think it's just stupid for Uber to be like, 2030 we're gonna like, what happened to self driving cars like I will be throwing that shit out the window because I thought we were getting to have like three years out, but they decided that's not gonna happen. Well, right. Exactly. They've gone from self driving. We killed somebody to we were going to do ease now.

Unknown Speaker 19:18
I'm sorry, we kill somebody.

Unknown Speaker 19:21
So anyways, apparently you better put your Benny's away because TVs are more expensive even with a tax stuff. It is more expensive because then you got to think charging stations. I mean, charge on an outlet has got charge all night. I mean, I don't know. I think it's gonna be interesting because

Unknown Speaker 19:40
so I was looking at my brother's comment.

Unknown Speaker 19:42
I said, Man, it's one of the one of the one of the largest European delivery companies just announced today that they're moving away from

Unknown Speaker 19:55
gig economy drivers.

Unknown Speaker 19:58
Which company

Unknown Speaker 20:00
Just eat I think it was called

Unknown Speaker 20:03
just bought grub hub. Yeah. Or vice versa. They just announced I think it was today that they're moving away from their drivers being an independent contractors, they're gonna be like full on employees.

Unknown Speaker 20:17
how's that gonna work?

Unknown Speaker 20:19
Oh, that sounds like California, right? Oh, I mean,

Unknown Speaker 20:25
I guess it kind of it depends on on, on how the pay works right? Yeah, I mean, you figure out how to competitive competitively pay the drivers. Well, I think the problem is with,

Unknown Speaker 20:38
you know what we're looking at with prop 22. Okay, I know I'm not completely up on it isn't prop 22. The same as AB five? I thought it was I thought it was too. But anyways, the problem with that is they know how broke Uber, what they claim is. So they're like, that's why a lot of people like us and like, there's no way they're gonna be able to have benefits and like, we know how much we're making. Right? That's why it just, it blows my mind that someone thinks that actually that's gonna work like Uber is just gonna saddle up, you know, sidle up, saddle Seidel said, Get the money, whatever and give it to them. I don't know. It just seems odd to me that even in the European market, I bet. I bet.

Unknown Speaker 21:21
Sam can talk about this. He says, Hey, you got to wait till 945 that's the plan. We just ran 45 got 1519 minutes. What we're gonna say?

Unknown Speaker 21:32
I bet if Uber was to redirect some of their money, though,

Unknown Speaker 21:36
they probably could pay the driver. I mean, they probably could because they're spending How much? millions or even billions of dollars on you know, driverless cars. Technology. The problem is you think they're going to be able to pay the whole world of drivers that way. Are you just talking California?

Unknown Speaker 21:54
Whole world?

Unknown Speaker 21:56
Either a spelling Sam sorry. She says math isn't that guard was like

Unknown Speaker 22:03
Yeah, I don't know. I You're right. It's gonna be interesting. Now for sure. Yeah. You know, electric cars, driverless car. I kind of feel though that the European markets are probably more bro union anyways. I don't know. I feel like that they definitely are. Yeah, yeah. Well, yeah. The even from

Unknown Speaker 22:23
there's much more taxing. Oh, yeah. The universe, you know, the University gets is free. You know, why am I struggling at what anarchism where you're from reads? Then my Denmark I can my Danish in my head. Danish country? Yes. But that's also a more social country than over here. Right. Right. That's it. I mean, more than Google is illegal. Yeah. In Denmark? Oh, yeah. No, that's crazy. They killed them. Yeah. But they are they have taxis. All right. Well, yeah. But that that's why it's illegal because Uber doesn't want to have to pay the tax that the extra taxes to the government. So all right, let's move on. Moving on. Yes, I'm up talking about a really cool new app that a guy from Wayne County had has developed. I can't talk either. Sorry, it's an Uber of ABS to lend a helping hand. And it's called I need a hand. And it's really cool. Did you do the video? I just Yep. Because of the video. You sent me to screenshot Oh, I know. But you initially you didn't do that. Okay, so it's an article there's a video and the article but that's fine. You didn't get so anyways does you have to do this ever seemed too much to handle If only there was an app for that. And now there is. So it's pretty cool. Michigan in Michigan man Wayne County has developed a new app that connects you with people nearby who are willing to lend a helping hand.

Unknown Speaker 23:43
He did it because he years ago needed a help helping hand to move a mattress.

Unknown Speaker 23:52
And there was no helping hand until you figured out this was a new cool way of doing it. It is really it is just Uber for

Unknown Speaker 24:01
if you need a helping hand, or if you want to be able to give a hand in hand. So basically, the gig workers are the people who are willing to give up that time to you like a hand service to do well. You don't have the doesn't have to be a handyman service. Right? It can be pickup groceries, it can be do X, whatever. So if you pull up the app, this Oh, you have it up. Right now you can see the categories

Unknown Speaker 24:26
that they have on the app is all the things that you can kind of do, but one of them I just signed up today just to kind of to see about one of them is rideshare that I thought was very interesting. You can actually use the I need a hand to be a rideshare driver. Well, it's funny on the other picture, it says rideshare five dial $5 a mile $10 a minute, right that's what he that was this guy out this was a guy downtown Grand Rapids. I'd like to point that out that he was on the map as a I needed a hab driver and I need a hand

Unknown Speaker 25:00
worker good dude. Sorry, I had to get out of my system.

Unknown Speaker 25:06
Five dogma?

Unknown Speaker 25:09

Unknown Speaker 25:10
better be more than that regular ride.

Unknown Speaker 25:14
Anyways, buddy bone cause brings up all the normal questions, right? What about insurance? Yeah. What about whose will it bring? It brings up all the insurance for being a handyman. You go to somebody's house didn't one of these apps, like just closed this year? There's a couple of apps like that. I don't know. There was there was another like big one rabbit, or TaskRabbit. There's another like, Tasker, I think, down? Yeah, that's the beginning of COVID. And it was very similar. You'd have somebody come, you know, fix your lights, or, like, you know, do random stuff. Yeah. Now it did say, when I signed up, it says, please be sure to trust the guy who's doing the work. So they apparently don't have because I'm already approved. So they probably don't have like background check or anything I know.

Unknown Speaker 26:08
So there's word, there's something else going on? So you know, I'll always hear saying it's an awesome idea. And yeah, it is. It is certainly a great idea. But there's a couple of things that need to be, you know, covered. Yeah, I don't think that they have those yet. Oh, only that going? I'm gonna go back to that picture. But look at it just some random profile. TJ 222. I'm like, Okay, I'm not, I'm not gonna you know what I mean? Exactly. It doesn't even have a photo of the guy. So I actually signed in with my, and it was pretty easy. I logged in, and I just used my facebook profile to log in and automatically pulled my profile from Facebook. Yeah, I love that. It was very, very easy to sign up. And as I said, I can I can actually start right now to say, I want to work and what what kind of service Do you want to do? That's clear. you mow my lawn? Yeah, I could, but it's gonna cost you $150.

Unknown Speaker 27:03
Just kidding. I'll do it myself.

Unknown Speaker 27:06
Hey, I'm a cheap, man. I'm not cheap. So I said, Oh, yeah. handys are great. Yeah, they're.

Unknown Speaker 27:14
So anyways, I think I mean, just like all the other apps is a great idea. But they really got to get their stuff together. I mean, honestly, you got it. They're probably don't if they're not doing background checks. They don't have any insurance. So it's just basically a platform. here's the here's the question. Did you have to, like, agree to a bunch of legal stuff. Did you read through all that when you signed up? I'm sure there was. I didn't read it. But I don't read it either. Say yes. Except, sure.

Unknown Speaker 27:42
But yeah, but how many people are going to sign up and then but the car accidents say, but the problem is always. They're gonna fight those. Hey, one accident, and some good lawyers gonna fight that term. Yeah. So I have a question. Does this guy from Wayne County, Michigan? Yeah, well, why don't you book an interview with them? Why haven't I don't know.

Unknown Speaker 28:06
Wow, I can.

Unknown Speaker 28:09
What No, I moving on. What is wrong with

Unknown Speaker 28:13
that, but what you meant to say? He's, uh, he's getting back for future possibilities. Right. Well, we should get him on because we can ask him those questions about the insurance and, and all that stuff. It is a good idea. It is a great idea. But there's a bunch of apps out there it's like Tasker or whatever. Right. So we'll we'll we'll keep you updated. Maybe we can get him on the show. All right. Be right so next up, we got a from the local ship shopper group.

Unknown Speaker 28:43
coworker called me last night as she had worst ship experience ever. I told her to call shipped. She did not get half for groceries and two people showed up at her house a girl and her boyfriend or husband not only came to her house, but walk into her house. And we're looking around it scared her to the point. She didn't know what to do as she was home alone. And her son was just killed in a car accident. Three weeks ago normally it's home with her

Unknown Speaker 29:09
now she is scared they know our address Why can't people follow the rules I explained to these report this and a contact me I'll do her order as I feel horrible. This gives us shipped a bad name. Isn't it fun to read stuff verbatim and you don't realize how

Unknown Speaker 29:24
it sounds like you're, you're dumb when you read I've done it too. Like

Unknown Speaker 29:29
I always say okay, this is I'm reading this for verbatim so please write the I didn't type this. Yeah, I mean, that is like I know there's people that in our like group of people that go out and do shops with their family members and friends or whatever.

Unknown Speaker 29:45
At least like just go to the door. One person. Yeah, it does not bother me that I know. It's against the rules. I don't really care, right? I mean, I'm not gonna I'm gonna spend more time just shopping. I'm not gonna worry about what Joe Blow is doing. But you're right. If you are the shopper

Unknown Speaker 30:00
You need to be the one that go right up to the door. I mean, don't enter like, Don't enter the house. No don't Well, a lot of people asked to bring them in. Really? Yeah. And when I actually asked the customer when I received when I was doing, shipped, and instacart it was like, right as COVID was hitting up, so everybody was like, Oh, yeah, we're down the steps. Don't know. Yeah. When I was when I did it last winter, I would say would you like me to bring them in? Or would you like me to leave them here? Yeah. And some of us have the old Betty's want me to bring it in, put it on the counter, which is crazy.

Unknown Speaker 30:32
You know, when we've done it, we've just like, we've actually just grabbed it from them and walked it in ourselves, but so that that's not uncommon to come inside. But yeah, you just Sam says, even if mom and I co shopped. I told mom to stay in the car. Yeah, right. Yeah. We're gonna you just gonna raise bells. And but it's a respect issue too. Right? I mean, what do you mean respect don't walk into the house unless you ask? Well, it doesn't say

Unknown Speaker 31:00
well, it says her now husband, a boyfriend walked into the house. Well, yeah, I guess we don't know if they were asked to come in or if they just walked out. They just walked in without like any, like, That's messed up. Like, why would you want to do that?

Unknown Speaker 31:14
We used to have a couple of times and he every time they we had them. We asked him to put this off in the mudroom. So we but we also have a mudroom. So what? I b ci

Unknown Speaker 31:27
asked me, Mark and you got to do a show. I mean, we got to do it. Let's start another podcast. He's just so effing funny. Jason is bringing stuff in the house of what that's why there's COVID now I got to share that one. I mean, I'm serious. We got to do a show together. It's just got to happen. Um, yeah, just don't walk in people's houses. Just follow the rules. Or you're gonna get a you see that a lot with, like the food deliveries to like, one of the ones we covered a couple weeks ago was the guy with the wings that ate the wings. He wasn't even the driver. Yeah, he was, you know, riding with the driver. That was weird. Yeah, he that was weird and a lot of a lot of different reasons and reverie. Okay, speaking of weird this next video, I'm just gonna play it. Just gonna play it. So why did you Why do you have to take time? I hope we don't get a Hey, Tom from Chicago. Holy cow. I don't think he's ever been on the podcast. tellement telegram group. Oh, let's hope we don't get banned on this Tic Tac. Last one we did. Or but I don't I don't think we will. Here we go. This is awkward. Hello. Hey, welcome to Uber. Can I use this? Yeah, for sure. Go for it.

Unknown Speaker 32:38
Damn, this stuff takes forever to dry. Why would that drive? That's lube. Why would you let me use lube? Oh, I nothing.

Unknown Speaker 32:46
Okay, so for people that are watching or listening just audio. It's basically the guy gets in the car. You hear he hands this hand sanitizer. It's lube. And then you look around and then the guy's like basically wearing boxers. Back box boxers.

Unknown Speaker 33:03
Very funny. Just kind of a lube Luber. louvered Uber for nice sorry, God, y'all I did not have any whiskey tonight. I swear to God, maybe you should have had so yeah, loosening up a little bit pre show on loose. It's just my mouth. A little

Unknown Speaker 33:21
pre show it was the worst and worse than it is now which is almost impossible. All right. Uh, yes, sir. This is hilarious. Here's a tweet. from Dr. goon Dr. Live Dr. I had known him for a little

Unknown Speaker 33:39
Hey, oh, linoleum flooring info is minivan too much a totally necessary first of all, why does this look like all of our childhoods will known him? When we were growing up? First of all I know. Yeah. I do you see how he took the exit took the seats out. I think that's a great idea. Like if you're a full time rideshare driver in a city that has the seasons like

Unknown Speaker 34:07
Michigan, Michigan, where it's snowy City, Michigan gonna have it? Yeah. Yeah. When you have the I meant the like, the four seasons where it's, you know, not just sunny and 80 in California. Yeah, I think that's a great idea. Yeah, I think it's good to do again, I wouldn't do it. No. I think it's a great idea, but I wouldn't do it.

Unknown Speaker 34:27
Like it does look like he took the seats out and install the seat. It says he had it he had it. I don't think he had it installed. I think he did that. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 34:38
hundred percent. He did that. Um, so so far. It looks pretty good, though. I mean, Sam says it looks trashy, I mean, but effective. I mean, yeah, instead of you know, having to shampoo what if somebody pukes.

Unknown Speaker 34:52
Okay, your first thought is, well, a great because it sound linoleum this mop, but if you're driving and somebody pukes it's gonna start yelling

Unknown Speaker 35:00
spreading everywhere. There's no lips anywhere, like you're just a three minute cleanup job for a little bit of puke just turned into 45 minutes of trying to get underneath your seat. So wait, what you're saying what you're saying is use maths. I mean, I think if you put like some cheap mats right there something

Unknown Speaker 35:20
that'd be great. Well the whole point of the like the WeatherTech it's Yeah, it's got lips. So it catches all that in that one spot in. You can just take the mat out but and rinse it with a hole. I don't know. It's kind of funny. It is funny. I just don't know how effective it is. It kind of looks like tile. But yeah, anyways, that's just huge. That's one thing I do not miss. Honestly all. I don't think I'm ever gonna go back to the to a bar stuff like I just, I was struggling with it before COVID just because I was so tired of it. I don't you're gonna have to pay me a lot of money to go out there. I miss it. I mean, how I missed it. I missed the chatter with you guys in the stories and like this drunk be like, I missed that. But I don't miss it happening to me.

Unknown Speaker 36:07
Put it Frank. All right.

Unknown Speaker 36:11
All right, next one. Right. It's me. Yes, sir. From the Uber Eats delivery drivers group. Lucky for me, Jonathan, I've delivered to your complex 1001 times. So john, left a note in the in the order says leave that door. Look for at least to sign and turn in there. Then take your first left up the hill and stay left at the top of the hill. You'll see an open door on your left go in there and up the stairs to the first floor. And then the signs are pointing to my apartment getting murdered. If you do not follow these instructions, exactly. You'll be the 1,000th driver to get lost trying to find me because they thought they didn't need instructions.

Unknown Speaker 36:54
I mean, that's pretty specific. very specific. Sam be nice. That's not nice. I'm gonna ban you. Um, I actually appreciate the instructions I actually do. Right? But I don't like how he added if you don't follow these instructions because it probably does happen and he probably gets annoyed by the text and the phone calls. Just I read those instructions I follow him I always follow the instructions. I don't try to like not listen to what but don't think there's a lot of people who don't care. Yeah, that's the problem. Right and that's probably why he does it. Absolutely. Now that one night I was out and I actually did do some deliveries I wish I had instructions that night because Holy smokes I couldn't find nows and it was just getting back in the house numbers forget about it right we got to deliver to your Creek no this was like this was like them not do that. No, no, no, no Don't do it. I didn't this was like the cheap the cheap houses behind drill Creek. I thought those are more expensive. I don't know how to find slopes. Yeah, they don't they look more a little more expensive. But yeah, you cannot tell you cannot find the house numbers and those things no offense anyone that lives in Alpine slopes or your Creek no there's lots of offense

Unknown Speaker 38:12
over there looking like he's I don't know find a singing Chocolate Rain he lost me Chocolate Rain you lost me there no more podcasts Mark I'm out.

Unknown Speaker 38:23
No, that is a good thing to bring up for a tip if you are driving at night bring a bring a spotlight

Unknown Speaker 38:30
it's it's tough. I it boggles my mind. How many people don't have their address, at least on their mailbox. Granted I don't have mine on my house. I don't and we move boggles my mind how many people don't have theirs. I don't have mine. Well, I don't have it on my house. I have it on my mailbox. Okay. Yeah. We always say we're going to do it. We never do it because we have to

Unknown Speaker 38:50
nail it on the wall. It's concrete like we have on either side. So it's like you gotta get the special drill bed and it's just like, I'm not gonna bother. I put new house numbers on my mailbox did a good job. My minor little faded. The nice ones that the reflective and well, all you need is something little because everyone has GPS. It'll get you close. Yeah, exactly. You just need to be able to tell that there. See what Sam said about Grand Valley. Yeah, you see their announcement today? Yeah. Shelter in Place. They've had 740 positive since August 1. Oh, Chris. You better go get tested, bro. Yeah, it wasn't Chris doing some like Uber Eats or something out there. Yeah, he was a couple days ago. Yeah. Oh, man. That's crazy. All right. Speaking of not crazy. Our newest sponsor, oil Luber. Yay, the it stayed up there. They are an on demand oil change company. So you don't want to bring it to Irvine. So have them do it have oil. Oh, yeah. Like you're eating like I just realized, competing sponsors. That's okay. Everyone's don't really want the oil change. No. They don't know why.

Unknown Speaker 40:00
They do because they get to see what else is broken and see if they can fix it. But yes, go to oil Luber on Facebook and follow them and go to oil Luber calm for to sign up for an oil change. They also looking for tax but you know we got to get I can barely change a tire so I'm not saying no, no, it's not that hard, bro. I can barely change I can change a tire. Didn't you swap out this alternator, the alternator? Um, I would never tackle that. So you're one of those right on the top though. So it was Yeah, but you got to get a tensioning like thing erdinger like you don't get to rent a tool to like,

Unknown Speaker 40:36
take the valve on and off. I decided

Unknown Speaker 40:40
maybe that's my car. Oh my god. Sweet Jesus. Right in the middle of this ad please go revise get fixed. Oil Uber. Yes. So they're new out of Ann Arbor. In the next couple of weeks. We're gonna sit down with Brian from oil Luber gas. And he's going to talk about the company. It's a startup. Super cool idea. It's a great idea. cool idea. So yeah, you can follow them on Facebook, go to oil luber.com to sign up for,

Unknown Speaker 41:08
you know, to get an oil change. And the prices are pretty competitive. Now they are a little higher on conventional but I mean, they're coming to your house. Right? Right. But for synthetic, they're right with Mark, this is perfect for you because you don't wanna leave the house. So right. All you got to do is pop the hood. Yeah. And if you do want to be attacked, it's all lined up as well. You just go to the closest Which one?

Unknown Speaker 41:32
What, what changes AutoZone to pick up the stuff and you do it. Yeah, that's great. Um, they they are down, they got it down. They're coming soon with tire changes and emergency services, which I'm gonna sign up for that for sure. Because I'll keep a jump box in my car. And like, if I get a notification, I'll be like, Alright, I'm gonna do that for 20 bucks or whatever, whatever it is. Especially if it's slow. So yeah, I'm super excited that they partnered with us and they trusted us to get their word out. So please go sign up if you need an oil change. Shoot, if I needed one right now I would do it. But I don't need one right now. It's at 100% so I need I need one of the black car. You do? Get er done. Get er done. I don't know if there's any. drive it enough.

Unknown Speaker 42:19
I don't ever leave my house. If it needs to be done. You need to get it done. Yeah, but anyways, so yeah, go to oil uber.com for more information and follow them on Facebook, because it is a piece of shit.

Unknown Speaker 42:34
And it's a Mazda which is disappointing. Because I didn't treat it nice. Alright, yes, there's that. Yes. Buzz up. So someone Yes. First pissed car. That's how I titled it.

Unknown Speaker 42:47
Someone said my car smells like piss. I couldn't believe it. It's been a whole week since I urinated all over my seat cuz restaurants wouldn't let me use the bathrooms. I used reprise and everything. And she was wearing a mask too. How could she tell? It's not febreeze it's five breweries. That's how she spelled it. It's far breeze. Okay, so my my immediate comment, of course was why didn't he use a bottle? Right? Yeah, don't be a savage. I mean, why?

Unknown Speaker 43:16
It's just I when I read that, are you gonna see pee in a bottle? Yeah, no. Right. So yeah, and he probably had cloth seats. So what a fucking dump. Right My gosh. So Jason, like the point that Jason uses the bottles with the bigger the bigger opening so he doesn't have a problem? Yeah, the Powerade ones are a little small for me. So I used the Gatorade ones and they fit just perfect.

Unknown Speaker 43:41
And then he leaves them in there when he takes a kind to get detailed and then they throw it away fire him

Unknown Speaker 43:48
that happened one time one time

Unknown Speaker 43:53
no one gets it oh man

Unknown Speaker 43:57
who wrote us a bottle lol under that. I did. All right. All right beat we got a video alright, so this next video Sorry, I couldn't believe you gave it to me. That's why I did right. So this next video is of a Uber Lyft driver. I'm not sure which one it was. But he takes his family on a ride and

Unknown Speaker 44:19
well the guy tries to steal his tablet so I rewatch I added it because the first part of it was Yeah, it was a long intro so I edited edit. You can't say that I edited it. edited it out. I added some right didn't edit I just started a certain time. But I want you to focus on the little girl because that will make you even go Holy shit, not him because I mean you can do both. Maybe We'll play it twice. This is very long, but it's it's kind of hilarious. So

Unknown Speaker 45:05
She captures mom's legs and points.

Unknown Speaker 45:11
They looked at you. All right, they grabs the tablet.

Unknown Speaker 45:15
Now he's just holding on to it.

Unknown Speaker 45:19
She taps her dad.

Unknown Speaker 45:31
So they're just kind of slowing down here. He's got the tablet in his hand right now.

Unknown Speaker 45:38
Now he's putting in his pants.

Unknown Speaker 45:43
The daughters like

Unknown Speaker 45:45
what is my dad doing?

Unknown Speaker 45:49
What a piece of shit in front of his kid.

Unknown Speaker 45:53
I never noticed notice the daughter when I watched it. Probably not the first time though. I'm going. I need to. I need to solve it.

Unknown Speaker 46:04
I don't know why you would do that man. You're literally on camera, right?

Unknown Speaker 46:15
Even if he did take it, it's literally I just found my tablet. tablet.

Unknown Speaker 46:21
That's somebody else's. Someone else's.

Unknown Speaker 46:26
And he took the up. He took that phone too.

Unknown Speaker 46:30
So basically, it was hard to hear. Yes, sir. Started interrupting but I yelled at him. Okay. Let's go back to the main screen. Sorry about that. Like how my brothers thinking. He took he took the phone.

Unknown Speaker 46:43
And it wasn't even his phone. He's like, Nah, my phone and he took the phone so the guy was gonna steal the tablet. And then take the phone. No, she didn't need to be in a car seat. Maybe a booster? Maybe? But I don't even think she had a seatbelt. Well, that's not the big. Who cares? We're not talking about that right now. God damn it at all, man.

Unknown Speaker 47:02
We're not talking about car seats right now. But anyways, it was just weird. Like, right? You're really stealing a $60 tablet like the other the other thing I thought that was weird was he obviously had a fake leg as well.

Unknown Speaker 47:18
So how is he gonna run a run away? How? Wait, wait a minute. Yeah, fake leg didn't catch that. Yeah, I will spin all over Mike. He was probably a veteran or something. And so yeah, he I mean, who knows what he worked, but he had he How was he gonna run with that? Well, they can run there. I mean, though, I know they can but not that fast. What about blade guy that from? Well, yes, but that was not what it was. Man.

Unknown Speaker 47:48
There's just so many things wrong. I need to I need to

Unknown Speaker 47:54
do the through

Unknown Speaker 47:56
pegleg I don't know why you would do that man. yet. It's hard to hear with all the masculine tags. pegleg you guys.

Unknown Speaker 48:07
Even if he did take it, I didn't even notice that. Like it's not my tablet company tablet.

Unknown Speaker 48:13
That's somebody else's. Someone else's. All right. I'll take it.

Unknown Speaker 48:19
Daily Damn. thing, man, we we missed a lot. Like I didn't even notice the pegleg That's terrible. Jason. Well, it's just me doing what's going on Dennis? More than anything. It's like, why is he doing this at all? Why is he doing in front of his daughter? Right? Like, there's so many things wrong. Yeah. Hey, y'all. If you're in the Uber, chances are they have a dash cam. So yeah, just saying don't have a dash cam. They should should always have a dash Tam dash cam. And if you have a dash cam have a little extra money. We'd love to have you as a Patreon member. Go to gig economy. Nope. Go to patreon.com slash gig economy podcast. No gig econ pod.

Unknown Speaker 49:02
I had such a good transition to It's like my goal to do transit a gig econ podcast. Yes. And we haven't had one in a while. We need someone on there you get behind the scenes.

Unknown Speaker 49:14
We can do behind the scenes video to Jana. Did you get your merge? Oh, yeah, that's right. I haven't heard from me. I'm on YouTube. Yeah. Yeah, if you go to patreon.com slash the giggy con podcast you get behind the scenes. You get an extra podcast a month, which we have to schedule that y'all. And you get some merge. And we send it all over the world guys. Yeah, we international you'll get the merge. Yeah, we send it to New Zealand. We don't know when it's going to get there. But yeah, we would love to have a new

Unknown Speaker 49:46
What am I saying? Hey, timer number. Yeah, we haven't had one in a while. And we appreciate those that are members because it really helps pay the bills and all that fun stuff and your buys Yes. For whiskey and

Unknown Speaker 50:00
No, I'm just kidding. Doesn't I make them by that? Joan? Did you skip your own Walmart thing? I sure did. I sure did. Yes, bird that is my mo if it's not in XSplit I fucking skip it.

Unknown Speaker 50:15
So, Sean Tucker to answer your question.

Unknown Speaker 50:19
He said he doesn't have one. I'm trying to find the right one. The right one, by most people's accounts is the vantrue. T two

Unknown Speaker 50:28
into two. And yeah, there's a new one that we're reviewing right now. I that's the T four, right? The one and four and two and four. The one we're reviewing. Um, yeah, it definitely is. I think it basically it is a little bit better camera, but it actually has a third camera in the back, which is kind of cool. So like if someone rear end to it really does nothing for your in cab. So I mean, it's like, it's just more for your outside protection if and choose what you need. At the very least, right and at least yesterday, there was a $30 coupon. So yeah.

Unknown Speaker 51:06
Right. And Mike, Jason already have several hats. I have the hats.

Unknown Speaker 51:12
I have it. It just doesn't fit right. I don't know. It's not a Brady, maybe not Brandon, Bill and Bill. So we need to trim your man bun. Yeah, maybe I need to trim this frickin beard.

Unknown Speaker 51:26
And I'm like, no one's from a beard. You may have to look at YouTube and figure out how to do it. She's like, Yeah, I don't think so. Daniel says he'll be a member soon enough. Come on, Daniel. Do it tonight. You can do it. 10 bucks. You get some free merge to I had that probably will fit your head. unicorn level. There you go. Yep. Come on, Daniel. All right. So go back to my article, which isn't, you know, it's whatever. But it's like all these damn apps. Shut up. Sam. abandoned her. That's it. So Walmart is launching a service to compete with Amazon Prime.

Unknown Speaker 52:02
And they're gonna offer for $98 for an annual membership. You get groceries in store items delivered same day. So Amazon hasn't. I mean, they do that in some markets and the new store in Gaines township is supposed to offer that but I don't know because of COVID maybe they're not doing it yet. But they're supposed to offer same day delivery. Like if you place an order. You're supposed to get it within two hours. I got I order sorry. I ordered a vibrator. vibrator. I ordered a electronic food scale. You trying to lose some weight fast? No. I was doing some bacon weed and not weed.

Unknown Speaker 52:39
And it was supposed to take a week. I didn't even use MX I don't have amazon prime. I just have regular Amazon got there in two days. No shit. You know what really impressed me.

Unknown Speaker 52:49
I bought a new handle for my sliding porch door. Right.

Unknown Speaker 52:55
And I put door after five o'clock and I headed the next day. Wow. Yeah, I mean, that's probably coming from somewhere in Flint. Or, like, it was like, it wasn't it was. I mean, it wasn't like something I don't think that many people are ordering handles for signing for Well, yeah, that is crazy. Cuz you that must be on the stock must have been stocked in Michigan. I know. Of course. I mean, which is bizarre. It's like, well, it's a pretty common slider. I was on Labor Day delivered it on Labor Day.

Unknown Speaker 53:27
Holy shit. I mean, I love Amazon. I do feel bad how they do. I mean, they can work. I always look at people that say, Oh, you feel bad for the Walmart employee. But they choose to work there. They there's plenty of other jobs, they can go there. I'm not saying it's okay. For the for a company to mistreat somebody. I'm not saying that at all. But I do feel bad for about the employees inside the factory. Because they work them like dogs like, Hey, I mean, they time their bathroom breaks. Like I've seen a few leaked videos of what they have to do. It's nuts, how fast they have to work and it's all day. It's constantly that's why you get your package the next day, but I still want the package right? I know.

Unknown Speaker 54:06
But anyways, um, what am I doing here? Oh, yeah. So currently Walmart offers home. Thanks me. Currently, well, Walmart offers home delivery from about 27 nurseries using companies like Postmates doordash rhodian point pickup. I don't know point that GM obviously around here. But customers haven't been promised same day or even two day delivery like Amazon Prime.

Unknown Speaker 54:28
Walmart plus is out to change that beginning September 15.

Unknown Speaker 54:32
So go like to get out of the crowd. We highly recommend you sign up for Postmates instacart and doordash. But yeah, I think it's 9898 bucks. Yeah, it's an Amazon. It's more it's Yeah, amazon prime is what 50 bucks right or 59 or something knows that prime is like 120 Oh, go Yeah, but listen this you get that streaming service, you know, with Amazon Prime. Oh, you get and you get the music service with Amazon Prime. It's not

Unknown Speaker 55:00
mean and y'all Amazon podcast launch day and beyond it's on there um yeah it uh it's great Amazon is it's worth it I think amazon prime did i when i got we've been in member since I know 2008 maybe and it was under 100 bucks so they've really they've raised it some but I mean it's so worth it if you don't get a lot shipped obviously not but we buy all the time I know you do. I mean it's it's addicting you have to be careful though. You can spend a lot of shit and in a real hurry I have I'm sad to get in trouble for that. I have gotten in trouble for that and I am I have to be careful brand new microphones No, I bought those from Sweetwater tried to support the local business and these he got it approved before he did it. I don't need nothing to prove I

Unknown Speaker 55:54
know anyways, Alright guys, the next one I give you I didn't go to my picture.

Unknown Speaker 56:01
Amazon uses former government agents to spy on workers. Tell them what site you got this from beat world socialist website. ws pbs.org. I love it. I added I did this for I set up the the rundown. I'm like, I'm gonna give this up. I'm gonna see how long it takes before he says something about the website it's coming from. Because I looked at it too. I'm like, I'll just seems shady as shit. But I skim through the thing. And

Unknown Speaker 56:30
I don't think Amazon is doing much different than any other company. I mean, a lot of companies are hiring. Yeah, you know,

Unknown Speaker 56:38
people to review their data about employees and what they're doing and everything. But the the people that they hired are going through a lot of data. This I guess, like so level seven is what they were saying, I guess Jeff Bezos, Bezos, whatever, he's level 12. So a lot of people, all their information is going

Unknown Speaker 57:04
being checked.

Unknown Speaker 57:07
Isn't the article about I thought the article was more about them spying in Facebook groups and stuff like that? Yeah, it's they're going through like social media accounts, like looking through

Unknown Speaker 57:19
tracking and worker's productivity.

Unknown Speaker 57:25
Kinda like what you were talking about, like timing, their breaks and their lunches and yeah, their bathroom breaks. Yeah. I guess the whole point of where where I wanted to add this article is just like when you're in your Facebook groups, just be aware that there's probably people and maybe people don't maybe people realize that I don't know. But I don't think it's just Amazon. I think it's no no Uber Lyft. Now instacart like there's employees in there. So just be careful what you say in those groups and, and who you're messaging but

Unknown Speaker 57:54
they said that in July 2018 there were seven companies are seven posts looking for positions like that. And as of September 8 of 2020, there's 46 companies that are hiring really, people like that to like dig through social media and get all that data together. So Damn, you're being watched, always being watched? Absolutely. So I need to take a little bit of a sidebar about

Unknown Speaker 58:25
Keith actually, the shirt that he bought he shared it in the group so nice. Hold on a second. I have to do something I have to do this live so you're gonna see a blank screen in a minute but just hang tight.

Unknown Speaker 58:37
Let's hope it doesn't crash

Unknown Speaker 58:42
talks amongst you so I was talking talking talking. It is a pretty interesting article. But there you go.

Unknown Speaker 58:53
Yours truly design that shirt. Nice. So I had a bunch of other like, a like things around it like designing and it wouldn't let me print it because it was like copyrighted or something like that. But that was from Keith. The one guy that bought a shirt the old school logo. Those are looking right now. That's the old school logo. Yes. Yeah, I will tip you in the app. I can't believe he bought it that Ah, that's awesome. Anyways, he he's the one who bought it. He's the one because like I don't count it there's the $2 is still in there. It was like $2 and 16 cents. You know, you have to have $10 to pay out. Oh shit, but we do. We are thinking about having some merged done and haven't done much better. So yes, for sure. We're in the process. By Design a Jason won't design the next one. Thank God. Uh, okay. So this kind of has to do with AB five and, and I just thought this was kind of funny. And the prop 22

Unknown Speaker 59:54
if Uber says vote yes, vote yes, you morons. That's the title. I thought the dumbest people

Unknown Speaker 1:00:00
On earth or on tik tok, or YouTube when I was wrong the dumbest are an Uber threads on Reddit Fucking hell, I don't even want any benefits or any of those other offers that they are presenting we still pay for those things like any job I want to be a subcontractor. I would like rates as high as possible only but these morons want even more they think will be full time employees making bank for waiting in the parking lot for a ride to ping. They won't they will not be hired most of them dumb Fox fuck these idiots running a good thing for most people who like the fact that you can turn on and off Uber when you want. What the fuck is wrong with these morons? Are they being brainwashed by lawyers? Bloody Fucking hell, and they dropped the mic and left. I mean, that's great. That's great. And that's kind of how we feel. But we just didn't say it that way.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:49
You're not going to get all that shit. Like, nope, stop. Stop.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:56
So are you voting? Yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:00
So what you're saying is what you're saying is they're all effing morons. Right? And Sam is struggling today with the typing. Oh, yeah, I think she's drunk. I mean, she was half nude in the in the video.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:12
I wish I could get her audio to work. Oh, shit. That was funny.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:17
What do we got next? Yes, for earnings. This I thought this was interesting.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:23
Yeah, looked at this. Hi. No, I thought it was. Okay. So anyways, we estimated earnings using data from Orlando, Florida drivers who drove in the past four weeks is particularly difficult to predict driving patterns due to COVID-19. So actual earnings may greatly differ from estimates.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:41
And so they this person drove on 50 hours and made $684 which include 57,000 tips.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:52
I don't think that's worth 50 hours worth of work. Yeah, that what I'm bringing up is is now this was during COVID. But that I have Have you gotten any of these estimates at all in your app or email? No, I haven't either. You made 684 for 50 hours. Wow. That's a lot of work. But it didn't have that you can see in the picture. It didn't have the includes deliveries with Uber Eats. I just thought it was interesting. That's a whopping $13 and 70 cents an hour. If you have 50. Also $57 in tips, like 50 hours of driving. That is the worst. I mean, I get it. That is like an example. But it's an estimate. But man, I don't think I know a lot of people posting on the group's the local groups that they're estimates have been coming in or they're blank. Oh, really? Yeah. I've never I've never gotten one. Well, I'm not driving. I'm not driving passengers. Maybe that's why.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:54
Yeah. That's crazy. That's ridiculous. That's way, way. Christopher says he drove 30 hours on Lyft. And he made 1032 cents, Chris. I mean, it's pretty good. It's possible. Yeah. I mean, depending what market you're in, even with COVID. I mean, there's a lot of markets that are up back and running. You know, not us, not with Grand Valley. Holy shit, like now even if the bars were open.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:21
We would be getting nothing. So don't plan a

Unknown Speaker 1:03:26

Unknown Speaker 1:03:29
It's my favorite. All right. So

Unknown Speaker 1:03:32
this is just kind of for newbies. I know all of you that are on the live chat right now. Listen, our podcasts are not stupid. I just received an Uber.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:42
I just said not that stupid. And I just received an email from Uber asking me to become an ambassador. They said that I've been so great and that I'm qualified to make over 100 $1 50 per mile from now on. It's nice to feel appreciated. Hmm. I mean, there's a sucker born every minute. I mean,

Unknown Speaker 1:04:06
I could be I could have egg in my face. Maybe this is legit. I've never heard of it. I'm not saying we know everything about everything. But I've never heard of it. Nope. Someone said I got an email like that last week. You didn't pay any attention to it sounded like bs to me. Did you call the phone number they listed? And then the next comment was what market are you in? What else did they say? The program involves? There's a lot of scammers out there. There's a sucker every day. And I'm not saying it isn't true. Because I don't know. I didn't research it. I saw it on Reddit and I just, you know, whatever. But the tip basically is just saying, just be aware. There's people out there trying to get your money out and try it. They'll try really hard and do a great job, real job. They will know things about you that you should do you think to yourself, they probably should, you know they're probably the jet they know this stuff. So and please remember that Uber support will never text you and they will never call you. Yeah. Unless you're

Unknown Speaker 1:05:00
Unless it's you know, you have initiated it. Yeah. Sandberg brings up a good point I'd call Uber directly NASA about I mean, you're gonna wait on line for like 60 minutes, but if you got nothing else to do, you might as well call. But yeah, that's only Sam. They'll have to. Yeah, she I mean, she's talked so much on this FM podcast. She should have been sitting here talking shit instead she's talking shit from her phone, but she didn't have phone didn't have time that pisses me off. I should have I should have tested that out. Okay, pisses me off. Okay, we need to get past this next one because I'm starting to hyperventilate, just thinking about it. Which one, though? Your next up one. All right. So we're gonna do social media shenanigans and get out of this sucker. I don't even think I have Oh, alright. So the first one up says, oh, boy, I can't read it. So it's a picture for people that are listening, have these giant steps and they're in Grand Rapids. And basically people walk up and down them run up and down them for exercise. And it's tough. I mean, what do you think there's probably what? 400 steps or no, maybe not 400? There's maybe 150. But it says, so there's more than 150? Thanks. Oh, yeah. So there's a guy in a fighter stance. And I know the audio people can't hear that or see that. But he's in a fighter stance. And the comment says, I'll leave you a nice tip. If you bring my food to the door at the top of the stairs and watch out for the dude halfway up. He'll want to fight you. Thanks, Mary. It's just kind of funny. The guy like I said, if you can, I tried to zoom in a little bit, but he's in a fighter position. Yeah, I think he's doing the rocky

Unknown Speaker 1:06:38
That's hilarious. Yeah. I just thought it was funny. Now my wife and I and kids tried this.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:45
And it it. It didn't seem like it was gonna be that bad. We didn't run. I walked. I was gassed when I got to the top like, I just walked him up just a normal pace. I need to sit down and take a break. Just looking at this picture. Well, we know you don't go outside.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:02
Oh, that's hilarious when he

Unknown Speaker 1:07:06
spurs Oh question. I was looking at my Uber driver profile. And I see everything is in English, but where the compliment icons are. It's in a different language. Why is that? It never looked like it's not really funny. It's just bizarre if you if you look below that. Everything since Spanish, but her profile and everything. My guess is for some reason her app thought this he was in Spanish, like her app on her phone was in Spanish. But why is everything else the same? Because that's just data from her profile. She put in that data? Ah, the other the other stuff? Well, you would think that when she gets a request that it would come up in Spanish to correct the trips. She doesn't put in though 22,873 trips over two years. That's true. She didn't but that's true ma'am. knows. It's kind of interesting.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:02
Auto limp

Unknown Speaker 1:08:04
Auto limpio Come on

Unknown Speaker 1:08:08
the program. Why is he Esper whispering I don't know. I'm not whispering? Is he quiet?

Unknown Speaker 1:08:14
He likes to whisper

Unknown Speaker 1:08:16
he wants to do the whisper sound with a handy

Unknown Speaker 1:08:21
know he doesn't sharing with you all this awkward moment I had with my member today. I think she was thankful for the door drop off. That was bad since that's that. Yeah. When you read it, you read it verbatim. You're like I don't best laugh I had all day. So she the the passenger or the customer says we can try that flavor. Sure. Naturally, who gets cast? He had a reasonable hour. How are your nipples?

Unknown Speaker 1:08:50
And so the the Dasher says sends back a question mark. And then the customer says oh gosh, I'm so sorry. Best Friend with new baby. Oh my god. That's very embarrassing. And I apologize.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:03
I'm sure that happens on a daily basis. How are your nipple? nipple Nye asking how are your nipples but like

Unknown Speaker 1:09:10
texting the wrong How would you answer that question? If you got that. How are my nipples? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:15
They're a little they're a little firm. Would you say they're a little hard right now? They

Unknown Speaker 1:09:20
would be hilarious look like little grapes that says that an Android phone that looks so weird. That text messaging? I don't know.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:28
It just looks weird. Is that what your text looks like with those stupid little red lines? And no, because this is not this is not this is not using the Android to standard text app. This I think this might be the Verizon text app. That looks to me like the Facebook Messenger. No, well, this is the bottom that's Facebook icons on the bottom bro. Were the very but the

Unknown Speaker 1:09:54
I'm not seeing your eye cut out. I'm not looking at either that or they screenshotted it from somebody. Oh yeah. It's a

Unknown Speaker 1:10:00
screenshot that's not sorry. I cut it off on XSplit so I didn't know what you're looking at. But anyways,

Unknown Speaker 1:10:06
Sam says her nipples are fine. They're fine. Well, you were nude. I mean, we know that so

Unknown Speaker 1:10:17
what do you think about the show? Yes For I thought it was a little bit of a dumpster fire but it was a dumpster fire.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:24
I escalated quickly. Wow. No, it was a good show. It was a little bit rough. A little bit of a dumpster fire on the area. That was a good reaction show dumpster fire. Again, check out our sponsors Irvine's Auto Repair in Grand Rapids hybrid, the studio sponsor and then of course oil over oil uber.com to sign up as a tech or for teacher oil change. Yep, what else we got?

Unknown Speaker 1:10:50
We got anything coming up exciting. potential new sponsor,

Unknown Speaker 1:10:54
automotive related What could it be?

Unknown Speaker 1:10:58
This sponsor could partner was someone of another sponsor that I just mentioned. Who is it? which one could it be?

Unknown Speaker 1:11:09
Anyways, thank you so much guys for staying on. And remember, we are always looking for new Patreon Thank you so much.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:17

Unknown Speaker 1:11:20
we're always I was like, Okay isn't gonna say sponsors is you're gonna say we're always looking for new Patreon. I just was like he looked right at you in the eyes. Yeah, it was a little sexy Lodi for new sponsors, Patreon.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:35
Everyone check the nipples. My pits are wet my nipples are saw. What does that mean? My pregnant. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:43
Sweet Jesus, Jason. Bye bye.

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