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so yeah, we got yes sir and Pete

Yes, yes, yes, sir. It looks like he's a deer in headlights. Did I say? Yes. Yes. Yes. burpee

everyone your max today apparently

I am Maxwell. And then I can see I called out a Steve I don't know why. If you can do me a favor if you can share the show in your Facebook group that you're part of subscribe to the YouTube channel and smash that like button we would really appreciate it also everything can be found on our website to download the podcasts look at our old videos blogs gig economy slash note hyphen podcast calm that's gig economy hyphen podcast.com. Alright, story since last podcast well with the pandemic. It's been a little slow. Beat zero he's still wearing a plate issue. Yes sir. Zero. Me zero Brian zero. Brian over his stories, but well driving stories. Yeah. So One thing I do want to get up and I think I got the blessing from this person, but Ben got kicked off Uber Eats. I didn't hear

that. Yes, I missed it in the chat. I don't know if he talked about

so apparently he if you go bubble below a 4.80 they kick you. He got deactivated from from eats. So isn't that weird? First of all, how did he get that low of a rating? Like what did you do? Did you? You know, later on, there's a video of a guy with did that did some with ice cream. Did you do that? Did you get reported?

You got to figure that? Uber probably uses situations like this to call the herd? I think so. Oh, yeah. I mean, they probably have so many drivers right now because Oh, yeah. Nobody wants to take take rides. It's true. Right. So they got so many people on eats?

Yeah, yeah, for sure.

sneeze drunk. Oh,

yeah. I was just shocked when he told me that. I'm like, Man, you're like the nicest guy around like, how did you get deactivated from Uber Eats?

Maybe I don't know. Who knows. Yes. been taken off the phone. Maybe trimming off the top

guy in India. I was scraping off the spaghetti. nasty, nasty mess. I will not be driving this weekend. I'll be out of town. But soon enough. I'll be back out there and I'm looking forward to it. Need to save for a bathroom remodel. So I need to get out there.

That shadow

There you go. So you're just gonna be delivering titone

No, I'm gonna make the chatter. Oh, man deliver the food. Oh, chatter is another term for money. Welcome to America.

I was trying to make a play on Hey,

before we get going, we should go around the room and say Who are you gonna vote for? Yes.

I can vote. Yeah, that's not my fault. Hey,

I want to ask anyone else, no matter what I did not my fault.

All right. So we have a telegram channel where you can join and talk shit or hang out with other rideshare drivers. And if you go to the description in the Facebook or YouTube or whatever, you can click on the link and go from there. What are you laughing at?

Sam called you a jackass. Oh, man.

Who said what's up Dad? Someone said what's up Dad? Is that your daughter?

I don't even see that as my son.

Oh, your son. Like I just swore he's a guitar player. Does she know that this is you know, we try not to say the F word but it does slip out sometimes. Also, if you are interested, even though some guy gave me some hate on Twitter, you can get a activist tablet that you can put in the back of your car and earn an extra hundred dollars a month. $100 $100 I know it's not a ton. But is that here now? I don't think so. Not in Grand Rapids. But the shows are nationally a true internationally international news. We have an international people. That's right. Janet still has not received the merge. It has been one month that I sent it to New Zealand.

But yeah, you got it got a camera and four days.

Well, that's Amazon. We're relying on the post office this time. Sure. But anyways, if you click on the link you and it's available in your area, you get a free tablet and yeah, the hate I got on Twitter is like why are you promoting this in a pandemic? I'm like, Alright, bro. Take a deep breath.

All right.

Oh, that's my new that's my new tone. Everyone stop that.

Yeah, somebody's phone going out. Who's online?

Yeah. So I was hoping I would get y'all. That's the following one then left is the like one. I was a little creative. A little bored. Anyways, newborn?


I gotta go take that ride. Hang on with it.

Honestly, I stopped and thought someone had their phone on it. Did a ride. I was like, Oh, wait, that's right. I changed

the shit man that goes who's on Hoover.

I know. I know. That was super funny.

I was awesome. Awesome. Jason like it.

Thank you. I even surprised myself. So before we get into the gig economy news, we're going to talk about Irvine's auto repair and Grand Rapids hybrid. They are located on Stafford just off of 44th Street East of 131 call them at five three to 6600 or Irvine's dot com. They are doing sorry to swallow their need drink some water. They are doing brakes for breasts this month. And we talked about this last October. They have been a sponsor for a long time. But basically for the month of October every brake service that you get the pads or shoes are free. All you pay for is the labor and any other necessary parts or $30 off any service does not include oil changes for that $30 off if you need an oil change, you go to oil looper.com you like that transition? That was great. And so they're gonna take 10% of the labor. I am. I am. He's gonna they're gonna take 10% provide it too, is a clinic in Cleveland that they're working on a vaccine for breast cancer so breaks for breast but anyways you can go to Irvine comm to schedule service or call them at 532 6600 they would love to hear from you. And the girl

said she just legit checked her phone

we got both of them

I love it That's so funny. I can't believe I surprise myself I totally forgot about that.

I mean the second one I couldn't recognize you know It's been too long

yeah cuz he got kicked off the platform. Wow. All right.

So our first article up for today is a

it's hot in here.

It is hot in here it does get we have four people in here the door closed. Are you embarrassed to be a rideshare driver? So this found this on Reddit. It's not okay now when I read these y'all I am I suck at reading but this is I'm reading verbatim so whatever verbatim verbatim it's not and never has been a matter of making money. I can gross two k a week here. I just feel like rideshare drivers are looked down on and it's something I have a hard time dealing with in my mind. funniest part of it all is everyone. Everyone else? always super cool. All right. Well, that was bad English. I have a 5.0 rating on lift and for everyone does. Or 4.90 rating on Uber. I've done a total of around 6600 rides as drive a 2019 Toyota Camry I get a lot of compliments on the car, but I would be embarrassed to pick someone up that I know or to tell people that drive for Uber or Uber and lift if I really busted my ass I could gross three k per week housebreaking camp. I also enjoy doing it for the most part.

Where's this guy from someone move there and right three grand a week doing right?

Why not anymore? Because COVID Yeah, true.

Well, so he brings up a good point. Do you? Do you ever feel like you didn't feel like that now? Like, this isn't my real job? Well, it was for you for a while? Yeah, there's nothing wrong with that. But did you ever feel like no,

no, I would share I mean, talk about it openly and no big deal.

But what if somebody said to you, is this your full time job? Or?

Well, I would say that my part time job. But I mean, there's many weeks or I mean, up to I think there was many weeks that I would be bringing home a lot more money than my people who went to college. Oh, for sure. So

yeah, I mean, I don't know. I felt it a little bit. Like I didn't. I don't know. I have a problem with like, even the kind of work I do. I kind of I really love.

There's nothing wrong with mow lawns. Hey,

do me Me, me, me. Got him.

So it's an inside joke. Everyone says I mow lawns. I don't mow lawns. I'm a certified pesticide applicator.

And he's a little bit you know, upset about it? Well,

the people that mow lawns No offense, anyone listening, we are above you. I'm just I'm, I'm licensed. Okay. by the state of Michigan and you

have to take continued it every year.

Yeah, I've say classes and all that. But anyways, um, I do kind of feel like, I know, like, lawncare is kind of like, you know what I mean? Like, I probably could have done more, but I don't know. That's, I think, for me to be my therapist to talk about.

There you go. For me, the big difference was always on why I never really worried about it. It was the number one focus of dying wasn't for the money. I mean, I liked the money. Yeah, don't take it wrong. But I like the social and the social aspect and getting out there and helping people and that was my that was the reason why I did it. That's why I don't do food delivery. Because Yeah, I think for me,

you don't get it, especially with COVID. You don't get really any social interaction other than like the staff at the store. And they're usually pissed at you. When you know they don't want to deal with other people waiting at the door when they say contactless to delivery.

Yeah, like me. I always do that by accident. Yeah. I don't mean to, but like my dogs bark a lot. When somebody comes to the house. Yeah, I just stand by the door. I try to time it for walking away about that one guy with a pizza guy. Didn't you have the pizza guy that put it in a pile of shit in the front lawn? Yeah, I know. You may have talked about it. But say yeah, I ordered Uber Eats actually that time. And I like I have two stairs that go into my porch. And so I say leave it on the stairs. And so I walk out and the guy put it in, like, on the sidewalk, halfway into my lawn where my dogs, you know, took a to z took a to z and I'm like, and it was literally like, this distance away from a pile that I hadn't cleaned up that bro really

like Yeah, well, even if the customer said leave at that spot. I wouldn't do it because

one guy Leave Leave my stuff on my garbage bin.

Okay, like,

just put it that steps. I mean, there's space if there's

space for it, right? I mean, that's crazy. Janet in the chat says she's proud. she's proud of what she Doesn't that you know, that's fine. I just, I think I think people

Janna get that you got to ride

does it goes away? Does it sound the same in New Zealand? That's what I want to know. I'm sure. Not kidding. Oh,

I thought you were serious. Alright, moving on. Yes, sir. This is kind of a funny one. I haven't.

Damn, it's busy tonight.

So I'm gonna, I'm gonna preface this by you got mail? You've Got Mail. See? See what I did that you did? So you're gonna play the video? I didn't know if you well can. So

it's good to explain it for the people that aren't watching. This is a

this is an Uber driver and he has a special story. And all the people driving with him kind of recognizes the voice.

You've Got Mail, these Uber pass. Just orange shock. No. Why? Because their driver is Elwood Edwards, the guy behind that famous greeting from the early days of the internet. You've Got Mail. So how did you end up driving for Uber? everywhere I go. People say you get residuals. You make a lot of money from it, you know?

And the question is always answered with no.

Elon was paid just $200 for that famous recording. His wife was working for AOL at the time and get this. He did it as a favor. I recorded. Welcome. You've Got Mail miles done goodbye. On a cassette deck in my living room. Now, Elwood makes extra income driving for Uber in Cleveland, and his passengers are blown away to learn about their drivers history. Welcome. You've Got Mail? No,

this encounter went viral on YouTube.

You've Got Mail.

At that point, I would pull out my pistol and shoot my

so fun fact, did you know that when AOL was actually really big, at one point, they used up all the capacity of making CDs in America. All of it really doesn't surprise me. I had they had I bought a thing. Yep. You got us free AOL CD. I know they were making so many. They took up the entire production capacity of CD ROMs at that time for like, three months.

That's crazy. Those damn CDs, but you are so excited because you got 500 hours and then you if you think about it now 500 if you had 500 hours of internet, it would be so much but then it seemed like a lot. But then when it took 45 minutes to dial in, you're like, Alright, just wasted an hour just to get online and download that one picture.

No, I didn't. No, no.

I wonder where that was?

Cindy Crawford. Farrah Fawcett. Who's that?

All right about moving

on beat. Alright, so this next article is about a lady from NYC. And she disinfects her car after every ride since the pandemic started. And she's a basically she's an immigrant to the United States. It's been in there, New York since 1993. He lives in Queens. And she's a full time Uber driver, excuse me for nearly four years. And she drives mostly from 5pm to 2am. But the big thing is, she washes it in and out after every single ride. That's crazy. She said the article talks about she washes it you know, she starts the day by going to carwash. Mm hmm. Which I think most of the serious drivers out there. Do.

That's my son's gamer profile.

I said it looks like

what did it do? It was xx Lord. I don't know what he did. Like. I don't know. That's. We never had that one before. All these

noises so distracted. Oh, that wasn't that was in YouTube. That was YouTube. Okay. Oh,

yeah. But she uses Clorox wipes and sanitizer. And I just gotta imagine that like

Sam's doing this.

So just everyone that listens to the podcast, I actually go in there and mute all those sounds. So it's not so just for the live stream. So I'm sorry be been interrupted twice. That's all right.

But yeah, I mean, most of the serious drivers do that. Anyways, you start your day with cleaning your car. Yeah. Or you end up like cleaning out whatever. Yep. But she was like wiping everything down sanitizing after every single writer.

Do you think she really is doing that?

I don't know.

I mean,

doesn't ever ask you to do that after each one. Because that the checklist when you go in like

isn't it also talks about she picked up somebody Who was probably positive and kept on working?

Oh, well, that's a problem.

What do you mean? Do you really mean? You hate to say it right? But they could just be saying that. You don't know whether they actually are true. Was it enough? I mean, somebody will do it just for the for the publicity, right for for saying, say something.

But can't imagine that wiping down your car that much with?

Well, here's the thing. How do you do it with? Well, it looks like she does have cloth seats. So she wipes the cloth seats down with Clorox wipes. Yeah, so I was wondering, I would think you would just spray it. But by anyways, she seems like a better person than all of us. Alright, right up next, Uber releases a new mask policy. So this is on top of the original one basically their hat, they're still having trouble getting passengers to wear a mask. And if a driver reports to Uber that a rider was an American marrying a mask wearing a mask, the rider will be required to take a selfie with their face covered before they able to take another trip. But I thought they already had to take a selfie or do they just have to check a box that says that they are wearing a mask? I think

this is this is for the rider. So the rider big difference. So yeah,

I thought that was already in place. Oh, no, I don't think so. No, thanks. Okay. Apparently since in in implementing the policy in May, more than 1200 50 riders had had their access to the rap removed after multiple reports. 99.5% of our trips have actually had no complaints. So I actually appreciate what Hoover's doing. I'm actually quite impressed. I wish they put that much effort into car car seats. I mean, I think car seats is such an individual thing. It's not a pandemic, right. So I don't think they'll do that.

In the summertime when you're

That's true. We have to cancel all the rides. They won't do them. But so that's good to hear that they're making them take a selfie. Although you can get away with I've tried every time to Yeah, I tried to put my hand up. But my shirt up. It's never flown. I've always had to have a mask on. Really? I don't know why I can't beat the system. Everyone talks about them doing it. But I don't know. Maybe I've been blacklisted or something. Oh, no, he's recognition, right? Something like that. If I'm wearing my hat too low, it'll flag it to it'll say say put your whole face on, put your old face on. So I put my hand up like that. And so then it can see why it wasn't, wasn't it john that sent us a video one time imagine doing it like 10 times or something? Because it wouldn't recognize Yeah, something like that. All right. Yes, sir. I always picked a really awkward ones for you. This next one's yours.

Of course it is. Is Uber. know if Uber is your main girl? Which app is just side check.


Not, but that's what I said. The first one says lift That's true.

No, it's actually it brings up a good conversation about not putting all your eggs in one basket now are married. You should not have a side chick that is just going to cause lots of trouble. Don't do it. Not the grass is never greener on the other side. Not the same. But you haven't tried with the lady don't get another lady.

So why? Why do we keep talking about grass? You always bring up grass.

I know because I love it.

Sometimes mowed the grass mow my own. So did you want me to finish reading this? Do we

really need to read it? This is more summing up the conversation. The people that are listening, What are you all doing?

Right? How many airside check baskets? Do you guys have a Yeah,

yes. Well, the question is, is Uber really anybody's maid or all right now? No,

Sam said she actually drove passengers this week. I'm like, lucky she had like, she had a really good run that she teased me with or something. I don't know. It's like $123 for one run. I was like

Sam has a whole harem of side chicks.

Well, so Sam does Uber Lyft and shipped and instacart instacart the card and although

she said instacart and shipped

it also flex

shipped today ship was head ship had one order at I think it was 11 o'clock in the morning when I was talking to her at one order available. Really? area. Yep.

The weekends is where it's at. I mean, just like Uber and everything. And Lyft you know, Oh, she does. doordash

she did doordash this


Chad says he's been averaging about 700 a week. That's great chat. I know. I'm assuming that's just on rideshare but you always got to have a sidepiece the saying there's lots of them out there.

Yes. And the newest is of course oil Uber that you got to sign up for right now.

nice segue. That was pretty good. His ad was coming up. I'm just gonna have him do his own ad. Oh, no, no, no.

Bad All right.

So Pete All right. This is this is interesting. This might be a little deep for me. I'm just saying a lot of math, a lot of math. Sam, we need you.

Would you pay 1000 a month to receive 100% of what passengers pay?

So think about that. you'd pay in Uber 1000. But you get you keep every penny. Right passers by.

Now last year, I think my fees to Uber, there was pre COVID. Of course, my fees tuba was about nine grand over the course of the year.

That's so much, even with Oh, sure. You do it part

time. That was only part time. Yeah,

that's nuts.

Yeah. A lot more than that.

Yours was meant a lot more than that. Not more than

what? Yeah, of course it was. Yeah.

So one of the comments says so far this month, I paid over 240 upfront for 300 trip offers where I get to keep 100% of the fare. But he's in California, right? I don't know. The guy does math here. I don't know if you want to break it down. I'm gonna screw it up. But so

he said, I've been driving for nearly three years in those three years. 35 months to be precise. Uber has made 37,000 off of the rides I've given that's not 16,000 in booking fees and 20,000 in service fees. 37,000 divided by 35 is thousand 64 a month. So he would have made an extra 2200 with this hypothetical situ situation over the 35

months. Exactly. That's the thing, right? Age 2200 over over mods. It's not and then is that really worth the risk? Because there is more risk, and which is what the second part of his he talks about the risk because he lives in a college town, right? Where it slows down.

Yeah, you're paying $1,000 a month and like barely getting rides. I wouldn't pay 1000. But I'd pay half that.

Well, but then yeah, but they wouldn't offer it for that half. No, not gonna be enough. Right. Well, we talked a little bit about the California service. A couple weeks, a couple shows ago, where we talked about the goodbye 100 100 rides or whatever. But yeah, but it was a counter. Right? And what what you and I were talking about today, if you did kind of ride, it's still counted.

Yes. It's still counted as one of your rides. Yeah, it's, it's wasn't really worth it. Because it basically, it's just Ubers way of manipulating you to take every ride, right? And that's like, well, with Lyft, you got to see or even with Uber for a while, if you maintain, what is it 90% or 89. You get to see all that they're forcing you to diamond status, right? Whatever, you ain't diamond anymore.

Are you really? Oh, yeah.

What do you get it like you your diamond, and then you get the next three months as diamond. And then if you don't hit the points by the end of that three months, then they boot you down to blue?

Yep. Your blue bitch. Sam said she would if she was still driving full time. She would.

For $1,000 a month. She said she just wouldn't work in the summer.

Hmm. Well, that makes sense. Yes.

Ricardo says main chick is that Uber? Uber, the one I love doordash is the side chick is always there for me.

That's hilarious. So all right. You ready for your ad? Alright, let's try it. There you go. You're up. Alright. Welcome to oil Uber. The only thing I can really say right now is I'm gonna give out a 10% discount if you use the code, get her done.

Wow, get it done.

So for a customer if you go to oil luber.com and use the code get her done, you get 10% off your oil change and you go in Word, they are looking to expand and Grand Rapids. So oil Luber is a on demand oil change company, they will come to you and change oil. And it's also a good way to earn extra money as a technician, right? If you want if you're able to change oil, you can make money on the side

that can be one of your side checks. And remember, if they're not currently in your market, go to their anyway, sign up and there will be determining how fast they'll be in your market.

Right? Like Yeah, so just go to oil uber.com they need tax they need customers help trying to grow their brand, and we appreciate them, you know, partnering with us and have some fun. So

being here. Thank you so much.

Yeah, 10% off guittard. So let's get away. Whoa, we better specify how to say that.

It's g e t e r g or get it up here.

Gi TT er d o n e one word all lowercase. Okay, you get it done. Who's that layer? The cable guy.

get her done. So, yeah, go to oil word.com for more information to sign up for being a technician or to get your oil change. Yep. I mean, the prices are comparable to go into valvoline so why not get it done on your time? Not

the house in your terms? Yeah, right. It's gonna open your hood. Right That's

about it. Yep. We did an interview with Brian or That will be posted sometime next week that talks a lot about I can't wait. Right. Alright, let's get back into it. Oh, Dustin's on. Hey Dustin. Dustin firm.

Oh, that's this Facebook group. Dustin is driving there it is.

Sorry. Dustin is driving. Alright. I want one thing I just saw Larry's on. Larry. Are you in?

Where was it?

I don't know. But you say the Indiana Yeah,

Larry. Are you in Indiana?

If he's in Indiana, that his ass better drive up to Michigan because you're pretty close.

Right? Well, depending on where it is today. So he he's in the middle packs just to tell waiting to take them to eat.

So they are in the middle of a ride.

So we'll see.

Well, Sam says he's and I got so excited. I was like, damn it, man.

Sorry, Larry.

Happy Hump Day, Dustin.

We hear we need to get that drop. Because we podcast every Wednesday. All right. Yes, we're Tick Tock. Yeah, what this one is

Oh, this is funny talk. That is the craziest thing.

Explain it or before?

No, it's a video. It's a video you just gonna play. So basically, this is COVID right. And that's all I need to say. All right. We didn't

pack my bag. I'm gonna keep me on my laptop. You and your bag in the back. Like the backseat. No, no in the bed. You want me to ride the bed of the bed of the truck? Are you fucking serious? Do you want me to sit in the truck? No.

All right.

So it gets in the back.

He puts his seatbelt on.

Obviously that's not real. But it's it's kind of funny earlier if you didn't you couldn't hear the guy had his window rolled up. And then he rolled it down Put his mask on and said in the back

in the Bad.

Bad. Bad. Yeah. Tick Tock is coming through strong for us.

Like Tic Tac Why? Cuz they waste too much time. So that's

the best part. Would you rather be on Facebook and here never bitched about the baits? Or would you ever see funny stuff on Tick Tock? I don't do any of them. Yeah, that's true. I love Tick Tock so all right, Peter. We're talking about tipping.

Dear passengers, this is a this is a note. Somebody wrote we're flying through this by the way. Yeah. I never solicit tips. However, if you voluntarily, voluntarily tell me you're going to tip me and never follow through. Especially if I went above and beyond to accommodate you. Please realize how much of an irredeemable piece of shit move this is. This has happened to me dozens of times in my experience of giving over 5000 rides. I found less than one in 10 people tip anything at all. And of those it's usually about $3 average if I compare this figure to what passengers pay for the ride, which bear in mind is very different is very different figure than when I'm actually being paid per ride. We're talking about a 1% tip rate for jobs provides a much more personalized experience than food delivery of that promise a tip that they don't hand me in cash I found less than one in four actually do

yeah, we can skip the last part hit me

in the Yeah, well

that's we go round and round in the discussion about this is why is it I deliver your food right? And you tip me every time but I deliver your human body gosh dang it I'm gonna have to keep them in there because people are gonna hear the reaction. But why is it I deliver your your blood your body everything safe lately? You don't tip Do you think it's because how Uber started out back in the day from the get go? I don't

think so. No, man, that's been so long ago.

I mean, they don't promote it anymore that you don't have to tip but I don't know it just I don't understand that it's so frustrating to not get a tip when you provide great service even if you don't provide great service or or adequate service. But did you die like that?

I still I still think that people are not used to having to tip for rideshare it's just I

think that's it I I kind of disagree with you a little bit. I think it's ingrained it's just been passed around a ruin that for us. Well, I kind of look at it as and bring it back to the green industry is like trugreen is just a terrible company. I shouldn't slander on it. No, you should not. That was right. Not a good idea. Whatever.

We're gonna be the big, the big. The terrible company.

We have so much money.

So basically, you know the joke is that they're they're not a very good Good company and everyone knows that it just gets around even though people still sign up for I don't know, maybe that was a bad example. But it's just one of those things that's ingrained in people like tipping in a restaurant or tipping for food, like, you know, when the food delivery started the everyone tips like it was no big deal, but I don't know, I think but I'm agree with Jasper.

So Dustin on YouTube is saying it's because people are cheap. They care more about food than safety. And it's absolutely tracked after correct.

I mean, that is weird, though. Oh, yeah. I just I don't know if it's cheapness or just the mentality again, have like we've always tipped for food. That's just how it is up. You tip the pizza delivery guy. And right. You're so new. I don't know. I tip every time So Sam says she got zero tips last Friday.

We're driving people. Yeah, she

was Yeah. That's terrible.

It's just so frustrating when you provide it especially when you go above and beyond like airport. I get out I put your bag in. Right. You know, I make sure not to

throw it is to get out. I've seen drivers like

yeah, I can't pop mine. I actually physically have to get out and do it. But I would anyways even so because your bag? No. I don't know. It's just frustrating. Just tip your drivers, y'all. I mean, seriously. Doesn't says I tip the guys that filled my gas takes us I can't put my own gas in New Jersey. What the hell, they're still states that you can't pump your own gas.


it I just realized this, like just a couple months ago, and I had no idea. You know, crazy. All the states. Not that I've traveled on a lot. But all the states have all been like right here in the Midwest. Yeah, I think I went down to Florida, but none of them over on this side are like that. That's so strange. So I was like, what you're not allowed to pump your own gas or so I've heard.

Yeah. So is the gas more expensive? I mean, you would think they'd have to they have to charge the service somehow, right? Oh, Sam says I wish we couldn't hear that because you don't like to sweat Sam. And if you have to get out and sweat like he you're like two peas in a

day. I'm not even judging her because I don't like to sweat either. So

just Dustin says the only state has ever been in where you couldn't is crazy. So

one says they don't tip because both packs and driver here in Canada hardly get paired again. Well, that shouldn't matter if you get repaired again. I mean, you should tip if the service was good. You should tip it shouldn't matter if you re up again. I think

the i think i think the whole and this is a whole different conversation. But I think the the whole rideshare industry kind of needs to relook at what they charge. And well, the tipping

they are looking at look at California, right? I mean, that's all gonna change. It's constant. One of the features that I would love that oil Uber comm has is you can pick your favorite driver or your tech and you can choose them each time. I want that for Uber and Lyft. If I'm a badass driving

Uber used to have that right?

No, I don't think so. He was even asked to talk about it.

Yeah, but it never happened. Yeah, I mean, I understand why because they want it was actually one of the features that ready. She ready. What was it called baby daddy fair, Daddy fair had, yeah, you could pick your driver. But all

the new apps like zoom and Detroit, they all have that feature. Because I think that's the number one feature requested by drivers is having you know someone that you can fav I think

the big problem and I think one of the reasons why Uber and Lyft maybe don't want to do it is one of the reasoning that is so effective is the speed of which you can get your ride.

Yeah, they want butts in the seat. Exactly. They don't care about your favorite driver. Well, because

if you if you have to pick your favorite driver, it could be half an hour, 45 minutes before you have time to get to you.

Well, I would I would never do that. I would be like, Hey, is he online? No. Okay, I'm not waiting. 45 minutes, right? Normal people I think would just feel openly

he might be online but have three rides picked, you know, already queued up because three other people already picked them.

Well, they have the technology to do it

as soon as they do. But yeah,

yeah, I wonder how zoom is gonna do yeah, I don't know. I haven't heard much chatter about it. Zoom, zoom, zoom, zoom, zoom zoom. Yep. Sam said I think ship can choose favorite shoppers. I don't think you can. I didn't think so either. So you'll what what happens was shipped is you'll get paired up with them in behind the scenes. So when that person orders and you're been a good like a shopper for them, you get it offered. If you're on the schedule, you'll get the offer first. That's why when I started doing shift it was great early on, but then after I got over my honeymoon period, they call it I wasn't getting any orders during the day because I wasn't a quote unquote favorite shopper behind the scenes. Yep. So it's kind of a I like that they reward them but it's also like I only could do

cuz you weren't good enough Manning running around Meyer like the mother shopper.

Putting a frickin gift card in your

Like a thank you card. I'm like, I'm like I go back to it. Did you die? No. You're okay. That's it. Me.

Speaking of

I know, you may not touch the radio.

No, I don't have

I do not have an ox cord. You cannot vape in my car. No. So speaking of a new rideshare dumpling, which is a kind of what we talked about that a while back, we tried doubling. Yeah, doubling is a grocery app. Yep. And it's kind of like independent people using the app instead of shipped or instacart. So they are actually starting, but the shoppers has to pay to use it. Correct? Yeah, it's like, what's an example of it? I mean, one is not that one. You always bag on the rideshare. When you try Apex? Apex? Yeah. Um, yeah, kind of, yeah, you pay the service, you pay a fee. And then you connect you with people. Yeah. So it works. It's nice, but they are long, they're launching a rideshare. Well ride hail application. Basically, it's kind of the same thing, what they do with groceries, you basically do everything. So you get the ride. Basically, they charge a 3% credit card charge and drivers keep the remaining 90%. And you pay a monthly fee to dumpling a month. But what about the insurance? doesn't say anything about an insurance?

It that's just a match. So you have to have your own commercial insurance. So how does that work for grocery shopping, though? Because you feel like you should have someone but this No, because you don't have that people in the car. Who cares if some of the if you lose $50 worth of groceries in. Whereas if you if you if you're transporting me and my family, you better be insured if you had an accident, because I'm gonna sue you.

Yeah, that's a good point. It doesn't really say anything about that. But it's basically your own business. But they,

you know, provide the processing in those kind of things. So you said is 3% credit card fees? But then you said they keep the rest of the 90%?

So you're gonna keep 97%? Oh, the only so? No, no, every hundred percent or every hundred dollars, they take three bucks you keep 97. But

that's not even enough to cover the finance charge.

3%? No, yes, it is. It's like two and a half percent to run credit cards. It depends on when you run. Well. Are we really gonna get into brass tacks about frickin credit card fees right now? I mean, seriously,

but why would you do it? If you make that little? Why would they even do it? It's just

because it's like free money

for because they're getting Don't forget to get in the monthly you got to how much? They're getting a monthly to write?

Yeah, so So pay the monthly. Okay. Yeah.

So that like Christine that we use that use dumpling she paid 30 or $40 a month to be on the app and in the advertiser finance charge?

Yeah, that makes sense. Right?

It might be a side chick. Uber.

Yeah. It could be true. I think it might be as I generally Yeah.

Yeah. A little bit more. So I would agree. It's kind of like, Apex rider.

Question is, are you gonna be able to make that up?

Yeah, I mean, you basically creating your own business. So it's basically create your own clientele. Right? I mean, just like grocery shopping, say, hey, I need to go to the airport once a week. Okay, this is the price I'm charging. Right? And so you just tell them you set your own prices, so you just tell them use this app? Yep. This is how you bucket, you know, dumplings, gonna take 3% of whatever it is, and I get keep the rest. But so it's not a bad idea to if you want to build your own clientele. That is true. Um, I don't know. I kind of like that. I don't know, it's a big hustle. But I have insurance.

Especially if you're doing rideshare cuz

it's not a bad idea that when you're if you're driving for Uber or Lyft anyways, and somebody wants to Hey, can you do this on a weekly basis? Sure. Yes. Here's my card. And the card will have the dumpling information on it.

Yeah, I'll share this article. I'll post it on social media because it's really good. If you're interested in it. It might be a good way to build your own clientele.

And as Dustin says, as long as you have the right endorsement, you'll find

Yeah, yeah, that's that's huge. That really changed the game, didn't it? Yep. I mean, I drove without me for a long time. It it saved my

not not us all insured because Lyft screwed me.

Yeah, my gosh. Yeah.

But the second they offered rideshare insurance in Michigan the first company was Farm Bureau I like it's no no take that back. I was with Farm Bureau then farmers are fed it first. I switched immediately. As soon as I found out I felt bad. I felt kind of like rolling the dice.

Oh, absolutely. I mean, it's because you can mean if I mean the same with me. If I drove about a year without that extra insurance, and if I had been an action I would have lost a car door Sibley no done. Well, possibly

Dustin says Seattle just made me Minimum Wage driving as well as $16 an hour. I posted that in our thing for next week.

Oh, our next guest What?

What are the what? I didn't even know that was on the agenda. 16 an hour, huh? Yeah. So are they like, is that gross? Or do they take turns? I didn't look I didn't see you posted didn't read the article. I mean, two weeks, bro. That's, but I will I do want to I do want to post this article about both.

Thank you. Thank you.

It's still scary. All right. Speaking of money, we would love you to be one of our Patreon ins which I just realized tonight. I didn't start the recording early so you're not going to get before scenes tonight. Sorry.

Ryan screwed it all up.

Steve So anyways, if you would like a bonus episode each month behind the scenes and some free merge go to gig economy Nope. Go to patreon.com slash gig econ podcast. Did that right? patreon.com slash gig. The gig I did not do it right the gig economy icon pod search the gig economy podcast on Patreon you'll find it speaking of we're have to do another episode after tonight because tonight's the last night of the month but we haven't done a bonus episode this month. Oh my gosh Damn it. Yes sir. It's gonna be a long night. Oh my my fault it is you're following me. All right. Well, we're doing to next month so so it's gonna be a busy October. But we'll have people on that. We have on last time we had we had Janet on from New Zealand but then we had

some we had a ship chopper on

it. But somebody after Janet too, didn't we? I don't know. I don't remember. Um, it all blends together. It does, man. So many podcasts. But yeah, go to go to patreon.com. Search the geek comm podcast and sign up and support the show. All right.

Okay, here's my next video. Here it is. I mean,

I don't even know how much intro you need to do for this man. This This video is nuts. Literally, literally.

Ice cream is hands. Rob. Rob. Rob. Rob. Rob. He's probably trying to put his boner down.

Okay, we're gonna we're gonna play that one again.

Let's see, can I do this? Can I switch back and just okay,

make sure you watch the groin area?

Yeah, it's crotch Jolla.

Maybe he's one.

But look at him. He's like, push it down. Push it down. He's coming. He's coming. Okay.

I don't even think he thinking about it. He's

just doing it. He has like a tick or something. So basically, for the people that are listening to the just the audio podcast, he's holding a like a pint of ice cream.

Yeah. And his hand. Figure out what pizza company that is. Oh, it was it was Domino's.

That's my thought. But I didn't know they delivered ice cream.

I'm for sure. It's Papa John's hundred percent.

Papa John's used to used to deliver ice cream.

Thanks, Dustin for the donation. I think that's a donation thing. It's cut off. I never I never took it down. I never expected anyone to do it. 20

bucks. Holy shit.


Thank you, Dustin. Whoo, am appreciate that. We just got to figure out how to get that money.

Don't even scare me like that. Thanks, Dustin. No, I said Papa John's because I wanted to shit on it. Because I know you've worked out John's but um, yeah, we've seen some of the strangest

stuff that dry.

Yeah. Hey, just

a tip to everyone. There's cameras everywhere. Everyone has a front door camera. I have one. Yeah, I know what's going on at all times. Don't rub ice cream on your crank. Just bad business. Oh. Dustin, what a good guy. Love that guy. All right, what's up next? Oh, it's me. Shoot. I didn't read this one. Damn it. All right. oopsies. I thought I only had two articles. So ships effort based. Hey, model, it just blanked out.

quality's really bad on Facebook right now. I don't know, is it?

Yeah, ships effort base pay model decided a 1400 item order was worth about $20. And we're gonna end shenanigans talk about that one. So, basically, lift strike that shipped has changed there. You know what this is from? Ypsilanti? I just looked in the pictures. This is from your neck of the woods. Right? So they really changed the model and we had Sam on and I don't know what she said because I couldn't hear she said

yes, that's a noob she she just posted

fuck new pay model. Oh yeah. So I know I went live in Kalamazoo like last year stupid ads, but I don't exactly know cuz I didn't read the article. And I forgot about this but basically they've reduced how much you get paid for the amount of work we do. And later on I'm able to spoil it's what was it like an 1100 item for like, $30 Yeah. And I don't know it could have been packs of rice for I don't know, but it's, it's, it's for either way. 1100 items for 30 bucks 30 bucks.

It will be because

so I was looking through the groups and that guy that posted that one that we're sharing later, he said there was an update. I don't know how he knew it, but a new guy took that order with it with a partner. I don't know how he knows. Yeah. Did you see that? Yep. I don't know.


1100 items for 35 bucks.

Yeah, it was like 27 to $30 that was your as I saw

it no way

Yeah, I don't know what changed or if they were just losing too much money but

Dustin's saying it's a negative ghostrider I'm not quite sure what that means. But

that's his tagline when he doesn't something's not legit and he's not gonna do it. Negative ghostrider should watch this channel once in a while you know supports the show you dick.

Anyways, I'm not gonna I'm not gonna read this. I'll pay

it back. I'm gonna send you five bucks Um, so basically show you those shipped as being an asshole I saw

one of these so bad right now. What do you

Why are you worried about it? defeat the quality of the feed is really bad. Yeah, I don't know what to tell you man. Something is up with the quality of Comcast

Well, maybe just go to YouTube we want you to watch on YouTube anyways, it's the

same there.

Hmm. I don't know. Who cares? What do we always say? Yes. For

98% of our listeners listen on the audio podcast I do but we do try to put out a good product All right. Yes, Bernie here's your Mac Book. His last check

book bullshit.

Honestly, I think we needed a computer upgrade Don't you think p Excel with AMD AMD processor? I ain't doing no Intel bullshit

did a new r tx 3070 they're pretty cheap right now. He's

he's getting hot. Are you talking about spending money?

A Pax last laughter mag book in my car. I got a voicemail from saying she might have left the laptop in the vehicle. I checked the backseat and trunk and saw nothing and didn't call back because the number was in audible because of background noise. I even vacuumed a few times back then nine days later. These two very high passengers get in and I thought I heard one say there was a MacBook in the backseat. didn't think much of it since I know mine wasn't back there after the accident. I remember getting back giving getting that voicemail. So I went back and looked around and almost missed it again. It was in the backseat pocket. How can you miss it? How the hell did this go? No. Nine days without getting stolen. I mentioned I managed to find the passenger I have to call him many different numbers I could make out from voicemail. She was Uber grateful and tip me that a $40 Really? You gave a $40 for giving me a MacBook back. Who? There is so much you're right the stream is hot garbage by the way.

It is I don't know why that's crazy. The funny

part was when I arrived at a house I realized how she could even forget something like that. Oh, why would she put it in the pocket? Well

the whole weird thing is that he's he didn't know is now there. But look at it. It's right. How

do you miss that? I know it's in the packet or you're not cleaning

your cleaning? Yeah, or something like that. I don't know.

Anyways, I guess it kind of falls in with the color but still, it's like my biggest takeaways. How can you only mean you tippin for $40. Forgetting I yeah, I can see somebody

thought that I could see. Okay, I could see somebody forgetting their Chromebook.

But not but not. Not a apple. MacBook. Okay,

is that I missed the joke. I don't know what you're joking.

I think $40 is okay. I don't think it's that I think that's fair. I mean, it's not like, you know, built the Mac Book. No, I mean, you literally just handed it to the person. I mean, 40 bucks for for doing that as is I take it I mean, because what you're gonna get 15 through through Uber or Lyft. Right. Yeah, lost or returned. Yeah,

yeah, for sure. So 40 bucks, doubling it.

I mean, I've had I've had too many phones back for 15. I guess so. Alright, we good. We're good.

This is from Pete.

Question my insurance company said I could not drive for Uber unless I had commercial insurance. Is that true? So a lot of the tips that we like to provide is for new riders or drivers or riders. I guess I don't care. And no, you don't need commercial insurance. What are you laughing at?

Sam? Sam got my joke.

Okay. You don't need commercial insurance you need what we talked about earlier is the rider rider.

rideshare endorsement.

Thank you. Right choosing a rider, app rider, rider rider.

It's also called a rider. So right.

rider, it is an additional rider to your insurance policy. It's cheap. I mean, I think I pay like, I don't know, 50 bucks every six months or something that's super cheap like that. Obviously, if you're terrible, or not that good of a driver. It might be more, but please get it. It's cheap. It's worth it. It covers your assets saved pizza, save me. I mean, if you want details, you can email me or whatever. I've, I've told the story a bunch of times, but yeah, it's super important and save me. Right? Yep. All right, social media. Let's see, I'm up first. This is I don't know, I didn't know this. Anyways, says Hi everyone. I'm looking for an Uber Eats partner so I can finish my orders faster. If you live in the Bronx and drive. Please hit me up. Guys like is like, huh? How do you expect that this will work? You're going to have someone sit in the car and drive? Will you pick up the orders and drop them off? Well, this will save you a second or two seconds per trip is that we're splitting the pay. You're just gonna ride around with a random stranger. Yeah, that's not safe. It's actually it's against the rules. I know a lot of people do it. I don't really care. As long as the driver will remember that guy that ate the wings that was walking up. He was definitely not the driver. As long as the driver or the person on the account walks it up. I don't really

I did it before with with my wife. Yeah, she she, you know, we use her account. So she got the food and delivered it. I just drove.

Well, again, it is against the rules. It's against the rules, which is surprising. Don't do it. Yeah. What a surprise. I did it. Yes. I was talking to my wife earlier and I don't know how you came up. But I'm like Pete's even more of a rule follower than me. And that's saying something. So I says Facebook stream shitty.

It's not just the team. They it's how they're getting the quality. Its quality from here, because it's on YouTube too. So yeah,

yeah. Well, it's probably guys it's probably quality from I think is from stream yard. Yeah, that's what I had a

bad night tonight. So sorry, guys. Um, well,


My turn now. All right.

Ah, yes. I'm a little distracted. I apologize.

So has anyone on here ever dated or had a relationship with someone that they

deliver always aka runs for? Yes. Right. Purposely like any p ones? Or like sex ones.

And somebody says, I got paid to be a con one time. Say thank you.

Not that I would have muted it or had it? Yeah, I don't know. Have you guys I mean, I've we've all been hit on.

Oh, no. Not

me. What about that? Didn't you have like a police officer hitting on DC had

a guy that grabbed your leg or something?

He was drunk. That's still that's still


I mean, do you did you accept his? Oh, I did not throw him out of the car shoulder. I almost threw him out of the car.

I have chicks try to rub my beard. Can I touch it? If they ask I let them they can do this. But when they just come around the side and touch it. I'm like, okay, you need Get the hell out of my car.

Yeah, Jason yelled at me. I'm sorry.

You won't let them touch your radio. But


I am such an old man, Boomer when I drive if the radio is too loud, I have trouble focusing. I need to focus on what's going on in my car. This is like when I'm trying to look for something I turn the radio down. Like, just help me focus more. I don't know. Yeah, same thing. Yeah, it's a big thing. So shut up. Yes. We're

funny that Jason lets people just touch his beard cuz you yelled at me one time on Instagram. Right? Yeah, cuz I posted a picture of this. It was New Year's Eve and I was I was delivering this girl home,

delivered her home.

I brought her home

and she like is in the backseat and she like comes forward and like gives me this big hug. And I

remember that took

the writing with Rita picture. And then Jason comments on it. personal space.

Well, I mean, the picture if I didn't know that you let her do that I would have known but I mean, if someone asks, I'd be like, yeah, I can touch it. Nice and soft. I got really weird.

I just said that. I just see. Did you see Sam's comment? No, I'm not saying it.

I got really uncomfortable when I said that.

Yes, I'm not saying that. Nikita

Ah, see. Don't make me ban you.

And Sam right there, that's why you no longer on the podcast. Yeah, right.

All right. Last but not least is in Grand Rapids. We talked about it earlier. Yeah. 1100 and 40 items for

27 to 37. Estimated. And this is local. This is at our local This is your Meijer. Right. That's your Hi Mark.

Ah, no, we go to Granville.

Okay. Yeah, an hour and 55 minutes estimated. That's how long it's gonna take that up

it that seems very not enough time No, no for 1100 and 40 items. I wish you could see what they were ordering. Because when I picked up a McDonald's order, and I was like, Oh, this is a really good pay. And then I looked at it was a 46 items and I got to look what it was. I was like, nope, cancel, cancel, cancel. It was like a bunch of lattes and sodas. I'm like, This shit is gonna spill all over.

Yeah, that's crazy. Oh, all right. What else we got anything else? We got a

read in the context set and funny. One in chat says first time here wants to know if Lyft also gives us a driver's rider credits 20 $20 car per referral. When you get other competition passengers sign up with

I think we had something like that for a while. You got

credits. Uh, I've never seen that. That. So I had been like over.

It was three. They give you a referral fee. Right? They were given that for a little bit.

Yeah. Yeah. Dustin says I stay away from McDonald's. Yeah. I tried to tell Yes. for that. I was like, Yes, sir. When you're doing food delivery, don't go to McDonald's. Don't go to Taco Bell. Don't go to the fast food places. They're never gonna tip.

I'm just not doing food delivery. You just

got to listen to me. I'm not

even worried. When I did food delivery. It wasn't even like the not getting a tip part from McDonald's. It was the waiting in line for 30 minutes. Yeah, because there's only two of them at night that do. Uber Eats the one on Michigan Street and the one on one of the ones on Alpine

I would rather get a root canal and go right to McDonald's on Michigan. Worse worse. I might even get a colonoscopy and the Taco

Bell I Michigan's like that. Oh,

no, no both of them I've tried they've they've tapped me twice on that Taco Bell with a little bit because I was close still didn't matter I was literally right next to the Taco Bell I was there for 30 minutes yeah

getting the food so so Juan does answering you I think Uber was all the way done they had no refill fee here for a while. Yeah, yeah, they won't had nothing but Lyft had a little one right so Yeah,

all right guys. Thank you so much to our sponsors Irvine's auto repair and grind overtired and Brian from oil lube

you haven't

Yeah, no absolutely on sorry about the stream quality I'm not sure what happened I pay my I pay out the ass for internet here so that pisses me off.

So let's get on the phone with Comcast next. Yeah,

no kidding or stream yard one of the two. All right guys. We will see you in a couple of weeks. Hopefully I'll get the episode with Brian from oil Luber out

next week. And I think that's it but to add that next basket to your system and sign up on over the next side check whatever we can do that.

Alright guys, enjoy your side chicks everyone. Good night.

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