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Hello, hello. Hello. Welcome to the gig economy podcast. Someone's got awry. Grab it. Thank you for joining us tonight. My name is Gideon


Yeah. And we got Jasper in the corner. corner and Pete Thank you so much. Maybe Nobody puts baby baby in the car. This studio is sponsored by Irvine's auto repair and go Grand Rapids hybrid. Thank you so much for supporting us. How is everyone? swell? swell? How often are we going to go shit that's a ride right there.

It's a ride

again. Hmm. And again and again.

If you guys can do me a favor if you can please share this to anyone you like any Facebook group you might be in? You're probably here because I shared it in a Facebook group but find another one. Damn it and share it. I saved

about 30 groups too. So I think we

just now Yeah, we may have double shared.

Yeah. I Larian Jana. Also if you can

watch it on YouTube as well and subscribing like we would really appreciate it. Yes For how much driving Have you been doing since the last podcast?

Let me think I got it's gonna take some time think not. Not

p nothing at all. Nothing me there. So

we're tarea experts and we are out there. We are hitting the pavement and we are awesome. Thank God we have like a lot of rides before COVID previous history

right. So In a couple of weeks, I will have tons of stories or at least I have tons of driving. I'll be doing food delivery and amazon flex and all that stuff.

But stay tuned Anyways guys, because we have some pretty cool news tonight talking about some new platforms and everything like that I hate when he does

that I look at him like a deer in the headlights because I'm like, What is he gonna say? About what is he gonna say? Yeah, we did. We actually had an interview before this. That was really cool. So, but um, before we get into the news, I want to play this awesome video of one of our Patreon subscribers, so it's not too long, it's worth it. And then you should join our Patreon. Alright, here's Janet.

Hi, Jason. Hi, team. As you can see, the gig economy podcast cap has arrived 35 days from Grandville, Michigan, USA, to why Taranaki New Zealand pretty good for standard post, I will wear it proudly as I'm proud to be a Patreon of the gig economy podcast. I've been listening to the podcast live for about nine months and have been back and listen to the recordings of the GR rideshare podcast as well. I have learned a lot from the comments from the jokes from the study tips. And from the stories. I've been able to share those with Rob here in New Zealand and he joined me is a member of the telegram group as well. So we have the opportunity often to chat about what we have heard from the podcasts. And it has made quite a difference in US leaning about the things that we can do to make our experience a great one.

Thanks again for the Kip.

Look forward to keeping in touch. Bye for now. Why?

And the lawnmower you hear in the back is not me mowing the lawn.

She's in New Zealand, y'all like that's crazy. That's like the furthest. What did we talk about? It was gonna be like, other side of the Yeah, but how many hours? Wasn't it gonna be like 35 hours or something to get there? something crazy. something crazy? Yeah. Great.

Question. Yes. Can you see the name of her city?

No, no, no, I had, she sent me an address to ship it. And I had to have some clarification because they don't write it like we do. And I'm like, okay, which is the city, which is the state?

You know, I know, it's not a state, but like, but not everybody does it like the Americans to know.

And I'm disgusted about that.

Oh, yeah. Thanks. Thank you so much. It was awesome. And it's great to share that. And thanks for both you guys for being a member of our group. It is Yeah, great. You guys are adding tons of value as well. And it's just it's just really good to have such an active group we have so we have about 56 members.

Oh, no, it keeps dropping. So after a year if you're not active, it cuts it off. I think we're down to 51 but I still Yeah, that's okay. Um, yeah.

Nothing else. No stories chats been picking up again is as more people are starting to do more. Yeah, I think Steph again.

Yeah, I'm looking forward. I mean, I tried to stay in tune while I'm working during the summer but it's it's tough, but I'm looking forward to get back into chatterbox and in there and right. You know, blown up yells phone. And so you said about two weeks you'll be out there full time gig. Yep, I did add a snowballing job this winter. So but that's obviously not doing with

the with your

my Honda, your Honda. Yeah, no, there is a plow setup for the Honda Pilot. Really? You can buy one? Yeah, I would never do that. But those Honda's already have transmission issues. I'm not sure you want to go back and forth, but no local company here that they do, Lance. It's like a bark place, huh? It's called Best bark and stone. I'll just throw it out there. And then in the winter, they snowball. Yeah, very cool. So I'm looking forward to that. I hope it's a very snowy

winter. So I can make lots of money. Yeah, because you still get paid by the time right.

No, I get paid by the hour.

Yeah, but obviously only when they use you.

Right. Yeah. Right. I mean,

yeah, it's not like when you have a snow plow service, you got to pay no, no, no, no. Yeah. Yeah.

Yeah. And they may not like abandoned me last year because I think they were out three times. I pay 250, which isn't bad people act like snowballing your boujee. If you got snowplowing service, it's $250 for the whole season. For my driveway. It's it's a basic standard residential. That seems super cheap to me. They want

500 for mine, I've had about 10 but I have a double and they consider that a double and the exit. I just I'm too cheap. I'll just do it myself.

Yeah, 500 seems a little steep. But anyways, but anyways,

All right. What's it called? digress,

we digress. Irvine's Auto Repair in Grand Rapids hybrid located on Stafford just east of 131 off 44th Street? They are doing boobs? No boobs. No, I even said to myself Don't say boobs. Brakes for breasts. That's hard to say during the month of October for every brake service, the brake pads or shoes are free, or $30 off any service not including oil changes so and all 10% of those earnings go to the clinic and Cleveland to try to find a cure for breast cancer. So that's really good. provides always gives a ton back. Yeah. And I

really appreciate that. It's a great, great, great cause.

Yeah, we had one of my other friends went and got some service done there. So So yeah, go there. When you when you go there and sign up for service. please mention the gig economy podcasts because that helps us and and shows them that you know, we're getting the word out and people are responding it. So Irvine's dot com or 532 6600. You can schedule online. Everything's COVID friendly. You're that that's like an oxymoron right? in front of a friendly? No, no. No, I'm just saying that they're taking precautions. They sanitize all that fun stuff. So we appreciate them being the studio sponsor of the gig economy podcast. All right. So what everyone's talking about as we jump into the news. I mean, is 85 the same as prop 22?

Like, Oh, I think I think AB vi came first it did 22 comes to kind of help. So okay, yeah, I think it's it's probably no, it's it's 25 right now it's 22. Okay, but I think it's all about implementation of AVI file. Okay,

yeah. So we're gonna watch a little Tic Tac video. I'm not gonna describe it. At first, I want to, I want people to hear it, and then just kind of give the feedback on it. So my California

peeps, are you seeing this prop 22 being promoted everywhere on apps? Apparently, companies like Uber, Lyft and doordash and instacart, etc. has spent over 180 $5 million campaigning California to vote yes. From my understanding of what prop 22 does is that allows companies like Uber, Lyft, etc, to keep drivers as independent contractors. Now, why I'm really suspicious of this moment is because do you see the yes 22 site? It is way too nice to be designed by a coalition if y'all know what I'm saying, seriously, look at this, it's too well designed. Now, if this passes, there's a lot of hidden clauses the apps don't tell you about. Apparently, when someone Sue's you under Prop 22, they sue you, not your tech company, and you're liable for all charges. And you have to keep in mind that tech companies control surge pricing, meaning drivers are basically dictated by how they're paid by the tech company, and they don't set their own price, which is what an independent contractor does. If so many tech companies are banding together and calling it a coalition. It's definitely for the benefit of them, not you.

I honestly think that that's all in there anyways. Like them suing us, I don't think they're gonna sue like, do you? Don't you feel like that's already in their terms of service or whatever?

Probably, yeah. It's been too long since I read the terms and toes or maybe never.

But yeah, I, I don't know it. What it boils down to me is I want to be an independent contractor, yes, by probably the definition in the dictionary, and it does not follow true independent contractor because you can set your own prices, I get that. But what I'm saying is I just want the flexibility. Everyone thinks that they're going to have that flexibility when that passes, and it's it's, it ain't gonna work.

But can you really set your own prices as a true independent contractor? I mean, I know if I if I'm,

if I'm a drywall guy, and someone calls I can charge whatever I want. True, but you can also then not get any work. Well, well, right. I mean, I mean, you're right. Yes. You

know, I want $2,000 to put on one sheet of drywall.

Right? Well, you have to be reasonable. But I guess my point is, is they're not it's you're not a truly independent contractor. But I don't I don't want to be an employee. And I'm no no, I'm man, guys, if this passes, how long is it going to come before it comes to Michigan or Florida or

anywhere? I think the big thing is gig economy is here to stay. Yes, it they're going to find a way around it. There. Yes. I there's no doubt in my mind that that the standard eight to five, being at the same factory or whatever for 30 years that is gone that that Yeah, we're gonna be there anymore. And we already seen change in how people do work, and it's going to continue changing in how people do it. Yeah. And it's going to be some kind of a hybrid between the gig economy, you know, a day today, and the full time work we know today, right? Where's it going to be? I don't know. But I think right now the gig economy we see today is very much pendulum swung the other way, and it's gonna land somewhere in between, of what the to what the two jobs I was like, give some flexibility to the people, but to the workers. Wow. Also, obviously protecting the the employers.

So Can anyone give any feedback of how this would be good for drivers? Other than like having? I mean, obviously, the benefits, but do you really think that we're gonna be able to provide all that like, no, no. Would they pull out a California? I don't know.

That'd be weird. Because their base there,

right? I don't think they would matter. I don't think they would, it would matter to them. No, no, they would pull it out in a heartbeat if it if it made sense.

I have a question. And maybe you guys can answer it. Are they back in Austin? Because I know they pulled out of Austin, Texas. Are they back in there? Are they all don't know, I haven't seen? Yeah, I'd just be curious. I know there's other rideshare companies in Austin, but I didn't know if

another back end was in London.

Yeah. But they I don't think they ever actually pulled out a London right there was there was they were they were gonna do it. But then they were saved in the 11th hour,

something like that. Yeah. And they must have a lot of lawyers on payroll to keep up with all that. I mean, they have to spend all our money with some nice parties. Remember, we talked about that? Sorry. Good. All right. So you know, during this podcast, if you guys want to comment on that I know there's not too much live chatter going on right now. That's okay. But if you if you do want to talk about the prop 22, I want to hear your feedback as well. Why and then is it as is that? What do you guys want? What do you think? What do you think prop 22 would help you? And what way? Yeah, I mean, the way that that, you know, the people are saying is the benefits the the fair wages, but I mean, what's a fair wage?

Right, right. I tell you what,

my heart like my gut like dropped, though, when she mentioned that. They sue you instead of the company.

Yeah, but I think they already can do that.

I don't. I mean,

I don't know. I mean,

what are they suing you for? Right? A car accident, right. insurance company takes care of that? Yeah. I mean, I guess if you sexually assaulted somebody, I mean, I guess they could go after you. But then you're gonna be in like, jail. So that you have bigger problems?

I don't know. I just feel like hesitate. You just like small claims court or something for negligence or

I guess, but I feel like they can already do that.

Well, this is some small claims is not civil suits. No, it's not. So that that wouldn't be the same. Yeah. Small Claims is mean. somebody forgot the laptop in your car. And yeah, you don't have it.

Yeah, I just feel that you could get sued anyways, I don't think she and again, I just saw this on Tick Tock. Y'all are may talk. Actually, I don't know. I think someone I don't know. I think I actually saw it on Reddit. But it's from Tick Tock. I don't know who this girl is or anything. So I just wanted to have it. spark conversation.

Yeah. So no, absolutely. Let us know what you guys think. Do you guys think that prop 22 and a minimum fair wage and moving away from the working model we have today would help you do you think that would help you? I just

I just feel like it's just I don't know if we can, but I think

it has to do with the market. You're in as well. Yeah. I mean, I there's no doubt in my mind. It would kill Gravis market. I think it would it would not work at all.

I'm at least I'm glad that they're leaving it up to the the residents. Like it's a voting thing. And if they voted now, now it is but I mean, if they voted in then there's really nothing you can do about it. Right?

Stop driving. Yeah.

I mean, you're gonna end up stop driving, because you're not gonna be able to get on the schedule, because they're to have enough right drivers. Yep. And then and maybe Uber will base it on, like rating. And all of a sudden, if you have a little bit of an acceptance rate, like once you're an employee, they can do whatever, you know what I mean.

When I exactly now they can fire you whenever they want to. Right. Yeah. I mean, they can say they can, but they can. Hey, I want to say welcome to Nick and, and and Galen, thank you for joining us.

Yeah. All the volumes down. Yeah. That was getting me some buzz. GALEN said Wish I could get some rides.

Yeah. How's that going out there. So we just heard that people are starting to slowly start taking driving passengers again, right. Yeah. And so we want to hear about that. You guys. Taking passengers. What kind of What kind of precautions are you guys taking in your car? Obviously, you know, everybody has to wear masks. are you guys doing anything more than that? That kind of stuff?

You know? Yes, sir. And I were fighting before the show about a little bit. He

just read I

know, I see this black guy, or whatever. And I processed what we talked about, but I I wouldn't hesitate to get a divider. I mean, I don't think I would have a problem with that to put one in there.

Yeah. I mean, yes, but but it's the writers there is it is the drivers, no writers there yet in good habits. Are they? I mean, I

don't know. I mean, I

there's lots of times where I see lots of big surges, but at the same time, people are complaining there's nobody there to to do to pick up.

I feel like there's something broken with a surge right now. I've heard a lot of

Yeah, I think they fixed it now. But there was an issue.

Seth on YouTube said

I don't see prop 22 working for part time drivers like me. The reason I do this, because I can work when I want. That's 98% of you. Why would I Why don't want it to pass because like I want to be able to just turn it on when I want to.

Exactly. So Miguel is saying that right now there's a promotion going and there's way too many drivers out there. You know, so there's no path no riders,

Nick is from Detroit aces. It's dead in the de la. They anyways. Alright, let's keep going on the next article. Yes for me.

Hang on.

It's your I'm sorry. I surprised you. Talking about the shift. Yes. Yeah. Shoppers for the holiday season. Yes. A lot of regular shoppers off.

Definitely. And I kind of heard I was surprised when I read this article, because I was kind of hearing I heard that, actually from Sam, that it seemed like ship hasn't been so busy lately, but maybe, I mean, I know they're, they're winding up for busiest season. So anyways, the article goes shift is adding 2700 new grant avid shoppers for the holiday season. And more than that, you know, throughout the entire country. They're adding just a ton new new shoppers. I wonder

if they're the like all of them that came on with COVID they just been shitty and they've already been fired or quit or went back to the regular job or what

Yeah, I don't know. I don't know. So But anyways, the CEO goes we embarked on the holiday season like none before, and taking proactive steps to ensure we can help American families get everything on the holiday list. groceries essential gifts, essentially gives home decor and apparel in a safe, affordable, convenient, convenient way. Ship says that they will continue to keep shoppers safe by providing PP equipment such as gloves, masks and hand sanitizer. And they add that financial support will be offered to those who may be unable to work as a result of Conan COVID-19. So I think me I guess it's okay. But I hate to create another situation like we're having right now with Uber. What just wait, there's way too many people out there. Nobody has anything.

Right now the shipped app has five orders. That's it open in the metro. And

at like, nine, it's 930. It's getting a little late man is

little late. But I mean, think two months ago when there was like, yeah, hundreds.

Yeah. Hey, I want to go real quick back to what we were talking about with the prop 22 Seth made a good point, also, I think would lead to scheduling. And that would make it harder to run multiple apps. That is a really good point about if you're driving for Uber and you're not gonna drive for Lyft or vice

versa, they're gonna put the foot down and oh, yeah,

and I have trouble with that on grubhub. Because I will pick up a shift on grubhub. Let's say it's three hours, but I have Uber Eats on to and then it's tough to juggle that. Because if you sign off grubhub they give you like five minutes and they send you a text like hey, you need to sign back in or we're kicking you off the schedule. So right when you're you're kind of even though you're still independent contractor for

him, it was dry.

Yeah, but the

con tractor

I was wondering if you're gonna catch that. I was fighting down a burp and then I just let it go. I'm sorry for anyone that heard that. The word and the burp, knows. I'm still an independent contractor through grubhub. But you still kind of feel like an employee when you're on the schedule, right? So that's a really good point. Sorry, I didn't mean to sidetrack you. So what do you think about I mean, if they're gonna add a thought, is that just 1020 700

not just the file for Grand Rapids. Yep. 2700 new Grand Rapids shoppers.

That's not the forums, the forums, the Facebook page for shipped and Instagram. here locally both have like so many people complaining about all of these shipped shoppers and instacart shoppers that are like fly by night. Yeah, I know just breaking all the rules don't care.

So one thing for people that don't know what shipped and I just posted an interview with Kristen we did it a couple months back, but we gave it to Patreon first but then wanted to get it out to everyone else. She's the lead ship shopper. Yep, she said that that honeymoon period that we talked about the first 10 you get first dibs. But then after that, if, if you're not good if you don't have a high rating, you're not going to get the shops now. I don't think instacart is like that. It's just a free for right. Yeah, as far as I know. Anyway, Yeah, I think so too. I don't think writing is super important. Yeah.

instacart but every time I go to Aldi I see more and more instacart shoppers. Yeah, I mean, it's definitely a growing service.

So I feel all the has a curbside service. Now I wonder who shopping for that? It's

It's the instacart shoppers. Okay, so it's just like the mic it

is anyways, it must maybe that's why you're seeing more, so they're not actually delivering it?

Well, so they have a big area up front where they put all the finished orders. Okay. And then when they pull up, I think maybe it is actually an employee who brings it out. Yeah. But somebody carries it out to the car. Yeah.

I would hate to I hate to say this for instacart shoppers, and no offense, I told my wife about the pickup and she's like, ah, if all the employees do it, I think I'm okay. But if if if a app base person does it, I don't think I'm interested. And I think it kind of we've had some issues with instacart before shoppers just not caring. Yeah, like, this is my food like, right, you know, the produce, like, give directions, and then it's just like, but you even look,

but that's what it comes back to also with what Kristin was saying, right? It's like the good ones gets weeded out pretty really good, you know, really fast with bad, bad bad ones. Good, but not instacart. No, that's true. But yeah, yeah. All right, moving on point.

So this next one is

this is great.

It says from Reddit, it says I made my own Google ad to mess with Lyft. And says, says Lyft. tipping is now mandatory. So drivers can make a livable wage. If you don't tip they make about 350 an hour. Also, you can get to 711 to buy a candy bar lifts Need a ride, get a lift.

So that was the ad that he created. That was the adequate and then read the comment or the the initial poll. And

so Lyft came back and it says lift. Hi there, tipping is completely optional and not mandatory. The wording of that ad is misleading. And we'd like to bring this to the attention of a specialized team of hours. Can you please send a private message with a direct link to that? What

will the ope the original poster said hey, lift I was searching for your app so I could download it to call for a ride and I came across this advertisement for you. I didn't realize that I had to tip my driver. So that's that's that's how it's hilarious and then less like we DMS I hate that. Anyways, I feel like I want to reach out to the guy that did the ad.

Next one from prompt to man. The next one says lift the specialized team already makes a livable wage. So you don't have to tip them either.

I didn't know people could do that like you can create an ad for for a business and not have any verification.

Well this is just you can you can I'm sure he didn't it wasn't live this is just using AdWords to set up that oh you think an example app? Oh yeah. Well,

lifts responding though.

Well, cuz he's posting a photo. He's posting a screenshot to them that he's not he?

Oh, yeah. Right. He does. Okay, I see what you're saying. He probably okay, screenshot

as long as you know, I don't

know. It looks pretty legit to me.

Well, cuz you can anybody can sit up, but this is an AdWords.

All nerds. Okay, we don't all know that. nerd, Doug. If you want to talk podcasting nerd out with you, but Taliban. I don't know what the hell an ad word is. Alright, so this next one's mine. It's just kind of funny. This is a little. And what add would this picture for our audio listeners is it's about the debate. So it's been a while. But it's it's a poll on a news. Probably some 24 hour news site. But how did the debate make you feel? first answer? Ah, 69% second answer. I longed for death. 31% The third answer? Can you hire a newbie, a newbie to run you over? 19% I just thought that was funny and informed was 70%. That's this the shitty part is like the actual legit answer is the lowest one.

Did you notice how the total is more way more than on a present? Oh yeah, I just didn't even realize that

math. Can you hire an Uber to run you over? Can you hire should it be? Can I hire anyone

who wrote this? This fake news?

Of course. Okay, fake news whoever whoever had the Photoshop

right? Yes sir is going to talk about we got a lot of shift articles in this yeah

tonight. So this is actually a good story and I posted it in there because you know, it's just always good to to run by those and kind of have the good the good stories The Good News come up and you can I

tell you that my response is not it's not a good story. So just read it. You can we'll talk about it because you are. You know, your heart is like, yeah, you told that to the zoom ride people that I'm heartless I said ADB bro. No, ox Don't touch my radio.

I'm not crying, you're crying. So anyways,

I sound effects.

Back in May, I placed an order and asked the shopper to check target for a hula hoop. She's not fine one. Later in that day, she came back with a hula hoop, and a card and a gift for my other daughter who was graduating high school. We had a sign in the yard. Since then, I've seen how about while shopping and we talk The only other shopper that stops and talks. Fast forward to the other day. And she claimed my order. And we were talking on the port and I told her that insulated bags are awesome. They fit so much next days he shows up with two backs for me. There's so many days I wonder what I've done to the to be in the position my family's in and wonder when the good I've done will come back around. Well, here it is someone showing us kindness my six year old daughter was even teary eyed from the gesture. Thank you Evelyn from Lakeland, you rock. So it was just somebody who took the extra time and the extra effort to just do a couple of nice things.

While I think it's nice, I mean, this is what I talked about with those ship shoppers like, how can I even get close to getting a shop when you're frickin buying gifts for your people? Like, I understand the thoughtfulness but like, I've never actually now that the pay that you get seems to be pretty reduced. Yeah. So you're on your shop and I spend in half the money and cards and yeah, and that's why I'm so frustrated with ship because like, I mean, I like

i would i would understand more. I think if she said that this was a lady that always does her shops, but it appears just from reading it that it's been twice that she got her. And I'm like, you know, okay, if you if you shop somebody all the time, you know, week after week, okay? You know, you guys build a relationship. And yeah,

I can see it a little bit. Right? You started somewhere. Pete, you start that relationship somewhere by

buying all this stuff for somebody.

It's not that she's buying stuff. A hula hoop is three, four bucks. It's the it's the attention to detail and the willingness to step out. That's that was what I kind of I that's what caught me on the story. I thought it was cool.

If we were playing Call of Duty at Comic tryhard.

You all you also just have a have no hide. Can you pull your mic?

I'm not merging them. Yeah,

it was it's pointing to your chest, your neck. So

you're on my chest is talking to

Yeah, your boobs

don't want to have them too. So

I think she's you know, I get what you're saying.

I do too. I'm looking at it from a perspective of like being a gig worker. This is like, this is why I'm not successful on ships, because I'm not going to do that. And so I'm not going to have the highest rating. So let's go get the chops.

Let's go back to the you know, so I not everybody remembers Ben but Ben was one of the founding members of the GR rideshare was and now the gig economy whatever everybody remembers Ben, everybody remembers Ben so he is he used to many moons ago and way before even Uber and Lyft was even a thing. He used to be part of a ministry downtown that would drive people home. Yes, right. Isn't that the same thing? is out there showing love? Yeah, out there showing compassion showing that you care. And yeah, it's a $4 hula hoop, but

well, and a card and a in another gift to freezer bags.

No, I understand but but it's just for some people the GI economy is not all about making money.

That's true. But But don't you feel like that's a little over the top like how are How are other people supposed to compete that have to have that in mind. She's She's

not doing it to compete, right? She's not doing it to be better than you. Oh

no, she's not she is cuz then the shipped platform, the higher the rating the more shops you get,

but she doesn't care. She may not care. I can't say she doesn't. I don't know her. No, I, but she may not care about that at all. She may just actually have Evan have Christina's mood in mind. He dm or

WhatsApp ask her.

So we don't know. Right,

right. We're both speculating, but I just wanted to look at it from a guy that struggles on shift because I can't get the shops because I don't have

both. So how are you gonna get it? You gotta get those who love rings. Okay, get those cards. Get those extra gift. You know, daughters,

you know, from now on, everyone's getting a $50 gift card and their groceries. Might as well. I mean, I like being poor. Oh, my goodness.

I mean, at some point. I mean, a lot of shops. You know? I mean, you're getting what? 15 to 20 bucks. You're spending $4 on a hula hoop. That's 616 you made you buy into freezer bags. That's you know, what are those like four bucks apiece at Meijer?

freezer bags? Yeah, I don't know. No, this demo backs

thermal bags. Yeah, for probably six, eight bucks.

So you're looking at eight bucks you made?

I mean, I guess I would

I would isolated Yeah, sure. It's isolated. But it just, I, I have it on there. Don't touch my radio.

That's all I can say.

I have it on there. Just to put in perspective on what you have to compete against as a ship shopper. That's really all the reason I taken the counter argument. It's super nice. I love that people will go out of their way to do that. Because we need more of that. Right? In this world right now. Especially with all the crap going on. But all right, Pete's gonna talk about Uber Eats and they want to deliver. I mean, what are they going to start doing weed? I mean, they're delivering everything else.

So what they're doing flowers.

Yeah, flowers and pet supplies. Flowers. So the latest update to Uber Eats app will make one thing obvious to consumers. Uber Eats wants to expand beyond delivering pizza, tacos, noodles to also delivering flowers, pet supplies, convenience items and unique finds from local shops. This is Uber Eats entering its next chapter of maturity. So the head of product for Uber Eats coming to place for instant access to local commerce. And really, this isn't a really a huge surprise to me. At least we know. We've talked about how they're expanding into delivery with Uber. delivery. I think that is what they call it one. Yeah. Yeah. So I've always thought to myself, why they haven't they expanded into stuff aside from food sooner. Yeah. Because they already have the, the network and the

Yeah, who didn't? Yeah, yeah, they have the technology. Who does the like the Home Depot runs? Or like for the bigger? Is that a? Is that an app that we know of? I don't know. Yeah, sure. And is that an instacart? Is that a but isn't?

I think there's at least one big difference for for just entering that market. Right? It's a different insurance, right? Because now if I if I'm driving, big items, big ticket items, delivering a big trend TV or whatever. Yeah, I mean,

because Best Buy must I don't get

no big screen TV. Oh.

Oh, Nick brought up a good point. roadie, duh. Yeah. roadie does like Tractor Supply. I think they do Home Depot to

Larry delivered to massage therapy. Oh, I bet you did.

I was gonna say some really nasty

notic because it's Larry. He's just such a nice guy. I feel like he's like, Dad, like, I didn't want to embarrass him too much.

That's right, roadie. You wanted to pick him up again. The next day. They wouldn't let him right. Yeah. I can't believe I forgot. roadie. Yeah. I was thinking you were talking about a different one besides roadie so I was like, what's the other one? Besides? Is there another one there is another one because Gabe was doing it for a while he signed up for it oh really deliver for he did some BestBuy things. And something else but it wasn't. wasn't ready. And it wasn't Uber obviously.

Yeah. That reminds me like I get so many apps. I'm gonna have to re sign him to deliver.

Deliver. Deliver.

Yeah, right. Like D Li ve Rs. Yeah, that's right. Yeah, never heard of that. Yeah.

Interesting. Huh.

But it didn't do much. I thought, I think that died pretty quickly.

It's not around anymore, though. I don't think so. Joe says Uber connect in my market delivering packages. Well,

where's your market? I mean, just make sense. Like, I have all this infrastructure already set up. Didn't

we talk about like a bazillion moons ago with Lyft that they were going to start Integrating that because they're like we know where you are. So we can imagine the the coding for

what they were supposed to do that during COVID. Right. Like one of the things that they were supposed to set up for the drivers was that you could deliver, like medical supplies or stuff like that in your downtime while you're slow. And then it never like material at least at least in our mark. Yeah,

I never heard

some of those things that testing some markets. Yeah. So Joe is in Baltimore. I know we talked about Uber Connect before an earlier episode. Yeah, talking about that at some point, but they're testing in some markets and apparently they have it in in Baltimore right now. That's pretty big city. Oh,

yeah. Yeah, I would love to do that. I actually enjoy doing amazon flex, like, Yeah, I don't want to be out there for 12 hours delivering packages, but it's really nice to get a three four hour route. And just like go I don't know, it's just a break from passengers. Obviously, we've had a long break right now, but in general, I still

miss it, man. I know I do.

But I love the packages because it's all it's a challenge for me. I my my brain is so production oriented. Like when I get 50 stops. I'm like, Alright, I'm gonna bang these out. You know, man. Yeah. Larry said lift talked about hasn't done anywhere. Any Oh, yeah. Yeah. Anyways. All right. Our next sponsor is oil Luber. I didn't have any good transition for that. So oil They are new into the market. They are out of Ann Arbor. They are a mobile oil change company. Yep. They'll come to your home. To change your oil. All you got to do is pop the hood. Yep. And, yeah, they reach out to us. And they said, get the word out for us. So if you can go follow them on Facebook, they would really like that in oil. And also, there's a new gig like this is this is like a twofer for y'all. If you need your oil change on demand. Yep. Or if you want more gig work, you can sign up to be a technician. And soon hopefully, by the end of the month, Brian told me he they're gonna have jumpstarts ready to go. I tried. It's not quite ready yet. So right.

This is a startup. But the cool thing about that is for everybody who is out there already is no burning and lifting around, put a put it put us some jump box in your car and sign up for the for the jumpstart service. And it's an extra way of making an extra 1015 minutes.

Yeah. Yeah, for sure. And if you know how to change oil, they're looking for that too. So Yep. Yeah, go to oil to sign up for being a technician or getting your oil change and on

to be the other end. Right. I think

that's for ambassadors.

Okay, I really apologize.

That's right. I don't know if he really wants to talk about

don't don't confuse them.

Yeah, dude, oil.

nerd. All right, back to the show. I set


Do you guys see my telegram message?

Now? Okay. What's telegram?

What is telegram?

You're up? Yes, sir. We're going to talk about zoom. Right? I just

said look at telegram message. Well, look at

telegram it doesn't take 20 minutes to do it.

Okay, when pizza up. That's what's going on. But you're up first. Nice zoom. Right. So that's a brand new platform opening it up. They're doing a soft launch right now. Right. And they are they are from the Detroit area assume right calm, my assume right calm and it's a new competing platform to Uber and Lyft. And it sounds so exciting. We have some just really crazy cool new features, new ways of getting paid that the whole point is is going to be much safer to be a driver and your writer and well driver, writer, and you and as a driver you end up getting keeping much more of the of the fare. They are talking about having cool new features, test pay for the day. And then keep to keep get to keep all the fares as all you can do. A commission a commission base where you get to keep everything about 20% cool new features. As a female rider you can request to only get female drivers you can request to get a ride with a with a car seat, and just just a slew of awesome cool new features that I think we actually didn't we have been talking about needing in hooba enough so that's that's really cool.

And yes for that was a great synopsis. You nailed that sucker. Oh, yeah. I we interviewed him at seven tonight. And I man I was blown away. And they had a map behind them.


That was a lot of cars.

It was a live map. It was I think it was probably made out of 636 inch TVs. So there's a giant TV screen behind Yeah, but it was really cool. And they had I think it was probably a 250 cars on that man.

Yeah, I'm sure they have a lot of people that are approved and have it on because they're hoping to get a ride and they're getting there. I mean, they need lots of lots of customers. So what markets are they in right now? So they're in Florida,

there's an area or they're working on Florida working on Florida, but they are still only soft launching in Detroit.

Yeah, okay. They're they I think they got the license in Florida, but so it's gonna be soon. But yeah, we told them, they said something that we tell them to come to Grand Rapids, or like Grand Rapids is easy, because they obviously have looked into it. So whatever the easy part is, meaning

they made it sound like providing that the soft launch go. Well, that made it sound like most of Michigan will go fast.

Yeah. Mark asks, Can male riders request female drivers to know? This is only on a rider and so riders? No, male riders cannot ask for females. You frickin creep. Anyways, but yeah, that that, uh, I was super stoked. Yeah. during that interview,

it was a great interview, and just Yeah, very, very excited about what's going to come there.

And Carol, that's a moderator and one of the trade groups actually works for zoom right now. Yep. And it was fun to talk to her. She's a driver. She knows our podcast, which was kind of cool.

I think I think that was one of the cool things, too, is they actually took and they went out and talked to drivers. Yeah, in there. I didn't say what do you guys need? You know? Yeah, that one. And so a lot of those features that that put into this right is a synopsis of having talked to veteran drivers. So people have been doing this for many times for many years,

I want to give a little small feedback, and I didn't talk to him on it. I know I said, I would tell them, I don't think it's that big of a deal. But they can turn your camera on in the car if an SOS button is pressed by either the driver or the passenger. I mean, I know it's just for safety. But when someone has and it's in the terms of service when you sign up for it, right? That you sign up for that. It just always and it's really hard to trust. I'm not saying there anything bad about them, because I think they're gonna do great. But if you had to sign up for Gmail, right, and they said that they could turn your camera on at any time, if they felt that something was unsafe there reading an email, let's say that you were typing, I'm going to kill myself, I'm going to kill myself or whatever. I know. I'm going way off topic here. I remember, but would you be okay with that?

Why wouldn't you? You have nothing to hide? Well,

sort of liberal says.

Pretty political now.

It's a pretty, I mean, it's a slippery slope. I mean, I can see it both ways. You know, I think it's right off the bat. It sounds like a good feature. But yeah, when you can when you kind of

think about it, dig down into it, because I'm sure.

So here's, here's a question. Yes. Are they ever going to be getting that feature approved in a dual consent state?

No. Huh? That's a good point. You just thought of that, didn't you? Yeah.

Yeah. That's a good that's a good point. Single consent state easy, right. Michigan

absolute? Well, here's the thing if you if probably in the terms of service for a rider says that if you accept it, I think that probably overrides the

it can though because the other party that's also being recorded did not consent to it.

Yeah. Their terms, their terms, they consented to it when they said I want to ride so in the terms of service for the rider, it'll What

if there's a third person in the car that didn't consent to it?

And then he got me there. Okay. He got me there. That one got him.

Well, Michigan and Florida are not two parties right

now. No, I mean, that's something single consent states are easy, right? Yeah.

I think I would be okay with it. Until like you start hearing stories. Oh, yeah. My camera was recording. Okay. Yeah. Done.

Yeah, I mean, again, they're,

I would not say, Man, cuz you if they have a tech error, and like, something accidentally, like, turns down the camera.

Well, that's the thing, like I'm at home, or somebody hacks

the app. I mean, there's there's some issues there. I mean, I'm not a tinfoil guy. Like I'm not sitting here cuz I'm not I tend to trust technology over then be like, I get that like, wait,

that's not right. Yeah.

Well, that's for a different day.

But yeah, it's a it's interesting. I think it's going to be great. I would love to have that because then honestly, if someone does, well, here's the thing. And maybe we did ask them but if someone does have a complaint for you, is it recording all the time? Like I don't think it is, but like how could they? You know, I'm saying

I think the biggest thing here is what the way they were talking about it. It's not until you push the nine one Right got

the SOS button. I honestly would feel more comfortable if they had a dash cam in there that was their dash cam that they could access anytime I would have much more I'd be like whatever take it don't care. My phone I take my phone everywhere. The basketball not the shower but in the bathroom in the bedroom. You know what I mean? Like I don't need nothing on only fans like

what what's on the fan? I don't

know. I've never been there. I just heard it on talk about a podcast But anyways, anyways, going back to zoom That being said, I'm sure it'll be fine. I'm not worried about it. I mean, the discussion point right

now you brought up you know dash cam now then I kind of give you a dash cams, but they are gonna give you the ability to get they had like a UV light that that cleans out for bacteria. Oh, yeah. And and they give you they have the option to give the drivers like a separation and the divider. Yeah. Now those are free. No, but there's an options for reimbursement of that cost. So that's really cool. I thought that was huge.

Yep. And it just this it's almost seems too good to be true. Like that's why I'm really worried that they may not get what they need. Like I'm really worried about that because I'm like so excited about like, I want you now come to me that was very sexual. saw what I meant but as soon as I said it I was like Nope, that's getting laughed

out tardy


it's live I can't change it. Sorry. Oh,

all right. Anyways, my zoom rights calm.

Go there. Sign us especially if you're listening. You're right or sign up.

Yep. go sign up. If they're not in your area if you know you might get right now still sign up you absolutely. The quicker you guys sign up, the more the more they will get the attention of your market and get that yes.

Or sign up as a driver. He's already denied. I'm not. They said speeding, they called lifts. And they said hey, you know, this guy is like, Oh, he's a lead foot. Don't even

they didn't deny me yet. I haven't. I haven't given up giving.

After they called lift they called vetoes to see how many times you feel

Oh my god, how

many times you hit the curb coming in.

such an idiot. Alright.

Alright, so this next one I'm before I get into it, guys. I'm gonna ask everybody in the chat. Has anybody been downtown? In ridden the scooters yet?

No. No, I seen one.

Right. I've seen him too. But so the next the next article is spin which is who is running all the scooters downtown. They have a bunch of job postings available for being a charger doing scooter delivery, maintenance specialists, mechanics, collectors, Operation specialists.

All for the scooters off of the school. Yeah,

I guess the reason I wanted to talk about it was it's not like gig work. So it's it's like you have to be on the clock from like a certain amount of time you drive a bunch of vans around and bring them back. So I wanted to say like 15 our 20

says earn up to 25 an hour.

Okay, full time. That's pretty good. It's not bad. I mean, I don't know if it was if you were a W or 99 or a W two. I don't know. But Has anyone seen those scooters? Anyone from Grand Rapids? I think

I saw a photo of one on

I saw one. I didn't see anyone seen him. But I

haven't ridden I'm waiting for the story. Now. Oh, yeah, guy gets killed because he was drunk. He fell into the street and I feel

like a lot like I don't I don't dislike our downtown by any means. But I feel like our downtown isn't really set up the greatest for foot traffic. No, let alone scooters. Well,

here's the thing can't so those scooters have. Can they go on? Are they on the sidewalk? Or do you have to ride them on the road?

how fast they go.

So I I some states, you're supposed to ride him in the road. It's illegal to ride him on the side.

Just like technically, it's illegal to ride a bicycle on this. Oh, isn't it?

I was gonna say isn't it the same rules at the bicycles? So bicycle has to be on the road unless there is a bicycle path.

Right? That being said, I gotta pee. I don't care. I'm just for some reason. I thought your article had a picture. So I was like, that's why you didn't go on like, you know, I don't care. Just keep talking. I'll be back in a minute. I drink like a bunch of water except headache.

You Bye bye.

Yeah, so. So scooters, it'd be interesting to see what they're like operating areas too, because a lot those got to be geo geo zone right?

geo Yeah, geolocation. Yeah. But I mean obviously, and the areas We can drop them off a rechargeable, right so those are like a charged man so you can get in touch again. Yeah, no, you gotta ride.

Thanks for the follow jack. But I didn't see when I was downtown, which was like once and I wasn't even all the way downtown. I was close to downtown. I saw one of the scooters. But I didn't see any charging stations. Okay, well, I don't think I think they pick them up and they get charged that way. You put it Oh, like when I was in Tulsa and used the scooters, there wasn't charging stations.

Well, so when we I saw I saw some of the setups in Chicago ones and they were definite charging station for you drop them off and pick them up now. Okay, so you would like take them to one of those areas. And that's how you got to pay electricity for that. While the city like subsidized or whatever, then I'm assuming Yeah, you you you pay for that that way.

So my sweat pants so Nick says in Ann Arbor you have to write them in the road right now, Nick, the question is, do they get written in the road? Or is it on the sidewalk for the most part are people actually follow the rules? I wouldn't

want to ride those suckers. I mean, if even if they go what probably 10 miles an hour.

Look at look at last. Was it last summer it was last summer it wasn't this summer look at last summer. How many pedestrians got hit? It was around talmer

was drunk driving. But still but yeah, it's the same same result right?

Like Can you imagine being on a scooter downtown? Oh

no, no. So oil Uber is actually on here tonight. Thank you guys and this ain't an IBO pickup in an hour guys pick up and charge them and

right that was the the job offers that they got for Grand Rapids. Okay, so they have a team that goes out and charges

See I wish it was just more of a gig where you just be driving along be like had no for the night you're like you know

I'm gonna Mexico it is in some cities. Yeah,

it is like I heard or line. Yeah, yeah. Nick says in the road or get a ticket. Oh, wow. I mean,

yeah. You know how busy it is downtown in the summer. Like, it's gonna be crazy once you get drunk people driving,

right? Well, when we get back to normal in here, I'm being ignorant or the bars open in Grand Rapids right now.

Yeah. Oh, they are ones that last time.

You have no i think i think you have to be 70% of your income has to come from food. Then you can be open, right?

It's not I saw that somebody posted in Grand Rapids. Like the anchor was open. And I'm like they're not 70% food.

Well, they may claim that they are.

A bunch of bars got shut down Flamingo.

Oh, yeah, that place is a dump anyway.

That places a dump. I wouldn't be caught. That's I was gonna

poop on him. But

that's unfortunate, right? Yeah. Oh, man. There's some shady shit going on in that bar. I'm telling you right now. I don't like to pick people up from there. No offense.

Well, I can't I can't even place it.

It is near the salmon zoo. Yeah. Closer to the zoo on the south side of the road. Kind of kitty corner from Joey's ever. Yeah,

yeah. No, they lost

her license to for a while. Yeah, yeah, that's another

that was before COVID. Yeah, that was that's

such a such a burrow bar.

Not too far from puppets. But Joey's is right across the street from puppets. Yeah, but then Flamingo. Yeah, they're all kind

of cool. That's not quite as far down as okay. Yeah.

All right. That was one time. It was so funny. I picked up a a, it was a wedding party, and she was definitely not done being out partying. So I picked I picked them up. They were done with a with the reception and they cleaned up everything. Yeah. And I took him to puppets.

What kind of life what kind of marriage Are you gonna have to

know we're going to Butbut and he was already

drunker than drunk. I cannot cast the stone. So when I got married, the bar taps was around. Oh, yeah. Remember tabs? Yeah. I went there after reception. And God drove. Like I got spilled mustard. The hot dog out there. I Oh, I said Megan's you

news? Yeah, it's gone.

I said inappropriate things to her friends about certain body parts on me like it was like, it was me to before me to my wife. Megan's like, Oh, my God, I'm married. But

can I get this dinner? No. It's been less than 24 hours.

All right.

Moving on, I thought this was interesting email. I don't know where I think I saw it on Facebook. It says hi, Josh. From left, we received numerous reports from passengers that you're not ending the rides at their drop off locations, thus causing them to be overcharged for the rides. After further review with our risk team will be deducting a total of $261 and 46 cents from future earning rides. You did not properly end. Please know Lyft reserves the right to withhold all or a portion of ride fees if it believes you To the fraud abuse lift payment system.

Look. I'm not saying that's never happened to me, or I've never done it. But you got to be trying. Yeah, I $160. So to access

that website, what do you do? So you drop the peasant off and you don't drive?

Basically. You drive somewhere because I've done it. Not on purpose, but I've done it.

I've done it on accident. I've done it if the rides too short, if it won't let me close out, you know, when the ride around the block happened

once to me. That has been too short. Really? Yeah, that's it.

Okay. I've had a bunch of times.

I it was so crazy, because I had to I took them from Stella's to around here whiskey. Yeah, that was practically what it was. Just there it was. What was that? What is the the food joint on the other side? Yeah, exactly. Two minutes. And it was too short.

Wow. I feel like that would have been long enough.

No, that's not long enough. Oh,

yeah. percent i can tell you a fact.

Yeah. But then I drove up to be to be dubs Neverland.

Yeah. And then the vetoes eat more pizza.

Yeah. Um, so I brought that up. Just I didn't know Lyft could just be like, yeah, a few. I'm taking $261 out. But if they're, if that's based on just the extra, he must have been doing every single ride, yeah, unless he's like going for five minutes and then doing it. But honestly, if you're a writer and listening this podcast, first of all, I don't know why, like, get off our stream. But

use your writer doing this.

know, if you're a writer in general, we don't want your stream.

Why not? I'm just

I'm just teasing. I'm just giving you please pay attention to your driver. Because there's a lot of drivers. I think when they're intoxicated riders, they just they don't care. They put the phone in their pocket till the next ride. So

just be vigilant all the time to hook up to your ox.

Yeah, then your one star.

Star. Just be vigilant. And when you take a ride, just make sure that the driver is doing the right thing.

What and while we will ever do that, but the driver has to just be respectful. Don't do that.

Yeah, well have ethics, right? I mean, it's you're stealing. You're stealing from the customer. I mean, let us look at it this way.

Your average ride is what we'll just say average ride is

10 bucks. Right? Right.

ish. That's 26 rides. If they did double what they were supposed to. Yeah. I mean, they had been skimming like, a ton because I'm skimming $10 at a time.

No, no. Yeah. So yeah, it could be like a couple weeks worth of

and now. They only taken what they can prove. And why didn't they just kick

his ass off the platform like that? I mean, yeah, you we teach you you got to lead what but like, you're good, dude. I think

by the way, I think what they're doing is that getting them money, and then they get no,

that's true. Go turn that back and then we're gonna kill Yeah.

Oh, by the way.

You seized and it says right here that he was not allowed to sneak Yeah, right.

They probably eventually did take him off. But speaking of ripping people off slash the

i like i like i like

it is a shit on us. It was a good segue. Yes, we are behind this month. But we're gonna have two episodes for you this month.

Cool. Awesome. Interviews scheduled?

Yeah, two new apps. One is going to be live soon. Probably December January one, probably not in the future yet. But yeah, if you go to slash the gig econ podcast, or just search the gig economy,

they won't weigh in on like it yet. But then the markets, they're coming into some pretty cool features.

Yeah, it's an app that you gig that you'd I don't know if you'll want to do it sounds a little weird. But there's people doing it. And

I Why not? I'm just excited about all the cool new gig opportunity. Right, coming.

Look, how much has it changed since we started back in the day? I mean, there's probably 10 apps right now in Grand Rapids that you can use them on, but anyways.

No, non mine. Yeah. Yeah.

I wonder how many people get that. Like, I mean, anyways, go to patreon and search the gig economy podcast, you get a bonus podcast a month you're getting to this month, you get a free piece of merch, and you get

before the scene after two or three months, right? It's two months. Yeah, we

got to get at least $20 out of you.

I mean, come on that we're on a shoestring budget over here. Yes. Where does the lobby spend shit. So

there you go.


All right. Pete, you're up next.

Alright, so this next one

speaking of money,

Yeah, it's from a person on Twitter that said, um, I just realized that Uber has taken 577 out of my bank account every day since October 7.

And this was posted on the 10th. So in the 10


first of all, who's got who's got 1500 dollars in their checking account? That's pretty nice. It's fine to have that.

Well, we're not

over saying, Oh, are you bragging that you're rich? No,

but people have that. That's it. I'm not rich. I just don't think it's done a reasonable.

He's off. He's done. dunzo. He's bragging about how rich he is. My point was having that amount of money. Like it was a joke. Yes.

No, I know. But it can already be called for I mean, right. Yeah. But yeah, it's just, um, my takeaway was is Uber isn't doing that. Right. I don't think so. No, you're telling was that?

Now the comment I'm in the comments kind of hit it. Right there is it's very unlikely. It's very likely someone hacked your account, Uber can get in big trouble for that. I would file a complaint with FTC right away. Oh, yeah. Yeah, I don't think that Uber I think that she,

yeah, but how? Okay, so you think she's a drug? I thought she was a passenger. How is the passengers account getting hacked? And how would Uber like, so she must be a driver, then?

I assume she was a driver. Yeah,

that's what I assumed that is weird that they can just take money out of your check. I mean, I get it as a rider because you're paying for a service. But when you're a driver, I guess. I know. Just what wears me out when it goes down.

Details. Really?

Yeah. So not enough detail. Technically, technically the way we getting paid. That is a car. It's a two way connection to your bank.

I go to a yeah.

Oh, yeah. What?

But yes, they can take thing the both take money and give you money. Right. I

didn't think that I didn't think Uber could just take money out of your checking.

lifted into the last guy.

Yeah, that's true.

It's an AC h connection. And you can technically do both.

Even on a debit card. If you're using a debit or credit card.

There's Yes, you can do both. But they are not allowed to do it. Right. It is technically possible. Yes.

But I didn't know that. I just assumed she was a passenger passenger. Not a driver. But

I still don't think Uber doing it. You don't think so? No, I think the account was hacked. I don't know.

Either that or someone is getting some. Some Uber rides on her. Right?

Yeah, yeah, that could be too although that's quite a bit of Uber rides around Salar so

but then no matter what just call your credit card and dispute the charges. Hey,

I have a digression. Speaking of credit cards, I had a Patreon $50 withdraw in my checking account or but not Patreon. Only fans know i mean shed busted hopefully doesn't listen this podcast. Hey pal, I had a $50 pay like $50 even right. And I go to paypal my paypal account there's no record of it because I buy stuff with PayPal all the time. Like it's just easy to me when you're buying stuff online instead of getting your cart your credit right? I mean, I just use PayPal. There's nothing in there. So what do I do? Call my bank and dispute it like yes. So then my next aggression is I waited online or on the phone on Tuesday, so I can work in be on hold because I just have bluetooth headphones in for two and a half hours to get a hold of the bank to stop That's crazy. Isn't that craziness? someone bought our bank got four words for you. Oh he says if you say Bank of America

Chemical Bank link Lake Michigan credit union.

Okay, so this is

our focus we need to talk about first of all yes chemical TCF took over it's been a disaster I guess like Michigan I think they are one of the best banks and credit unions or credit unions in Michigan. Their app sucks their their mobile app is terrible. It's very clunky new stuff coming. Oh yeah.

Yes, they they I I've had there with them too. And they say that all their systems are getting improved. They know they're behind. Yeah, but it's getting much much better.

I'm not saying I'm old but I've been with them since they were teachers credit union. Really?

Your Honor. I love everything I have with them and I have been I was fifth Fifth Third would stay shot.

I don't like them you know I'm at the pump that

Chemical Bank was okay. I was okay with them. They were a little behind I'm not impressed with everything FTC or whatever. That's all Yeah, I think oh my god. I mean, I

understand. I understand COVID but but call screens Like what?

She probably heard her name that

my wife joined The stream Jason

Well, she can look at the bank.

So we I have a story to okay about TCF. No, no, but about credit cards, listen to this and apps. So Julia has an app has a tablet, right? Yeah. And she apparently signed up for and I, I it taught me a little bit because I thought I had all these things blocked. Apparently I didn't. She signed up for this stupid little app to make to make dog and cat talk, right? It was a three day free trial, right? Guess how much that cost every month?

I think you think us was like 250 bucks. $212.


And it's total bullshit. Wow. Right. And I'm still we're still trying to get that dispute. I'm pretty sure we are gonna get the money back. But it's a $212 a month to use an app.

Yeah, it's just a scam. It's for the kids who

are paying attention to their kids.

But it's like that is we did kill us.

Yeah, it is ridiculous. But anyways, sorry about our digression about the fangs.

Oh, and apps. Then.

Be careful out there guys, because they had taken taking your variety we just

talked about before the podcast. How older people struggle with technology and

awkward and call me Oh, not you.

I mean, you are old, but you're the oldest one in here. Call me old. You are beautiful, though.

Yeah, no, that's okay.

All right. What are we doing? steaming packs, okay. thieving packs dropped off a packs as she was exiting vehicle. And she asked me if the keys including key chain on the backseat were mine. I told her they weren't but I would return to the previous writer when they reported them loss. She sees that she snatched them up and said, I like the key chain. So I'm going to take them again. I said I would return them to the owner. Her response was fuck them. I was stunned as as she walked off to her job at McDonald's.


I mean, it doesn't surprise me.

But that video we had last week where the guy got right to steal the tablet and then still stole the phone. Right?

Yeah, I don't know if Yeah, the last

week, but maybe it's two weeks. And we also talked about them driving around with a MacBook for like seven to seven days in the back of the car. Like I was just an idiot.

Yeah. How did you not know that? There was like, you should check your car. Here's a tip y'all check it before you start. You should? Some people say they check it every time. I think Ben did. I was like you're full of ship and you're

not looking. I swear there was one time I had a a wallet in the back of my car for seven days. And I could not find I know I had

that happen where you look in it. I mean, there are a lot of crevices and especially your van. I mean, nothing's huge. But uh, yeah, you should check your car at the beginning of shift for sure. At the end, just look back. And I will like when I drop somebody off, I might look back at the back. Right. But I'm not like getting out of my car. Me What?

I did the same thing. I mean, when I was working Fridays and Saturdays all day, I would start you know, I check the car in the morning. Yeah. And then it's like somewhere around five in the afternoon or whatever. I check it again. And then at the end of night.

Yeah, at least you know, that's just like to find out that people that the person who dropped the wallet got it back. Sorry. Yeah, got it back to them.

I've had people request crazy stuff. Hey, man, I love my iPad in there.

No, you didn't know you didn't.

You didn't. I've looked I know an iPad didn't slip down the crevice. Like it's, you

know, it's my iPad now.

What do we always say if you find a phone in your car, though that fucker right out the window? No, don't do that.

No, just turn it off. Yeah, somebody's showing up to your house

right in the middle of the night, Ben.

That's what I was gonna say. Ben. Ben share that story threads last night. Tune into that. All right. Yes. For last article before.

So this is a Yahoo Finance app. Seattle approves minimum wage for Uber and Lyft drivers. So this is another minimum wage. Yeah, we didn't talk about this, I think, right. Am I I saw it in there. It was after the date of the last podcast. So I said No, we didn't talk about it. But so this is another one, you know, a little bit connected to the whole AB whatever. And I maybe five top 22. So but this is in Seattle. So Yahoo. So here it goes. This has to do a minimum wage law. I believe it's Seattle, if you aren't Uber or Lyft driver, I can't imagine this. It says a couple people talking together. It's kind of weird. So but big thing is obviously the Seattle is now jumping on the bandwagon of approving minimum minimum wage to Uber and Lyft drivers. And what they're basically talking about is that they are proving I think they're saying 16 done. As an hour, as a minimum minimum drive after expenses, as well, yes, but it's also, and this is why it's getting gray areas, right? It's only when you're on when you lie when you're Yeah, if you don't have a ride, it's exactly the

way that if you take a 10 minute ride, you just get paid for that 10 minutes.

What the whole point now is, so that, I would think the only way it could work is so you're taking a 10 minute ride, right? But but that ties into your 16 minute give parents

if you only did one ride and you only made eight bucks, you're still gonna get the 16 for that hour. Well, yeah, but right. That's the whole point. Yes,

the app has to guarantee you at least 16. But the moment you have two or three rides, Now, obviously, you're more than that, that you minimum minimum,

but but then it does, then then you are getting paid. If you're not taking a ride, then I mean, you have to be on the app. I'm saying like, okay, you sit at the airport, let's say, right, and you get zero rides for the whole hour, you get no requests, not by

one, but you're not getting paid. Why they don't have a fare. The point is the amount, the total amount of pet fares you have for the hour is going to give you $16 or more.

Okay, so if you don't get off fair that hour, you don't get paid. No. So what's the minimum wage then?

Yeah. Well, you have to have a fair. That's weird. But But I think that that's how they protect themselves against offering rights, you know, taking?

Well, no, that is fine. Because if you don't take a ride, then you don't get paid. I'm saying if you don't get a request, right? I'm saying not. Not not accepting. I'm saying just a request in general, like it's deader than a doornail, which could be in Seattle. But I'm saying so you don't get paid $16? Yeah, at least. So that's

from what I could read in the article. No, then you have to have a ride. So

you basically have to at least have one ride an hour to get that 16 an hour. Right.

And but but more importantly, what they're saying is this is another situation where this is not what the drivers want. No, they don't want this. No. And this Yeah, it's just it things are changing. Be aware of what's going on in your market and just have an opinion about if this is actually what you want. Right? You know, it that's that's the big thing. We can expect many other cities and states around the country to sort of issue a similar sort of mandate, as we see in California when lift heavy human lead denied implementing adea 85, which did go into effect. And in November, we should anticipate that prop 25 to potentially create that third class of employee will potentially get passed when you say prop 25. That's what the article is saying. Yeah, prop 25 I wonder

if that's something in Seattle, maybe that's where it because you were

talking about prop 25 in California.

It's prop 22

whatever. That's what I'm

trying to clarify. I thought was another one in anyways in Seattle. So

So anyway, so they're talking about creating a third category, you know, you have your employees and you have your gig you have your contract workers. Yeah, there's got to be a third which is kind of an in between. So but yeah, again, people I don't think drivers wanted that's all somebody wants it. Well, yeah, but isn't it just isn't adjusting the government. Yeah, they want their tax. They want their tax money, right?

They still get it we still pay at the end of the year. Stupid. But

yeah. All right. Ah,

thank you so much. Whoever did that. No, that's our tip time. Oh.

can't keep up all your Let's try it again. What

is that? Okay, Google. How did that even happen? We weren't even talking it was

my phone is off. See? And we're talking about

cameras coming on

with apps running

in the background. Anyways, tip time so I saw this on the Reddit group. Uber drivers on Reddit it says if you opt to refund a rider does the entire refund come out of your earnings or just the share you got paid so first of all, what is the answer to that?

Does anyone know

when do you get paid?

Right? Well it says I had a ride and I forgot to check before I started turned out to be a round trip to a notoriously so pack McDonald's drive thru the only way to know that I know of is to hit arrive and stop and then end the ride. No, that's not the only way of doing it. Hold on. I know. This is why it's a tip time. There's lots of air parentheses if I'm doing this wrong, someone please tell me. Yes, sir. Tell them Yes, you're doing it wrong. Okay, you can just cancel the ride. The rider asked me if you get a $72 back and I honestly don't know. First of all, if he said that before I ended up getting Like, I'm staying on. Like, I'll sit in this drive thru. I got my comment immediately says I got paid about $9 for the ride since there was a driver surgeon for 575. If I try to refund the packs, will it take that $9 out of my earnings? Or I lose a 72? He was charged No, you're not gonna lose the 72 if it's just my portion that I give up what happens to the rest of Hooper? Keep it How can he's gonna get it back? I know. So well. First of all, the 72 was probably what he was quoted for the entire ride. There's some mis communication going on there. Like that guy did not pay 72 for what that driver did. But damn if i like i said if he would have said 72 I'd be like, I'll sit in this drive thru right?

You're probably gonna make 50 bucks off that. Yeah,

so Uber doesn't keep it everyone gets their money back. If you refund a rider you don't get paid. Like it's just like it never had.

It's your choice to cancel the ride.

Yeah, well, he stopped it like a dummy.

Instead of canceling the ride, right? If you would have just cancelled it, that would have been fine. No one would have got paid no one would have got charged it would it would all be good. I just

want to know who's paying $72 for McDonald's.

Well, clearly there was a surge. Right? There's a 575 search for the driver. So we know we've seen some of those rates. These people are paying like especially on Lyft we're not we're getting paid pennies and they're getting you know charging the customer $100

I we've been talking about that now. What?

How much Uber and Lyft gets and how much you get

heavy bag talking about? You're talking about that. I'm just like, I can't fathom in my mind. I

was hungry. He was probably drunk and he was

drunk. I am. Yeah. And $72 Hell no.

No, I'll go eat out of the freezer section at Meijer before I do that. Right No way,

because it's right next to the Ben and Jerry's.

Well, I feel bad for this driver. I feel like I need to message them and say hey, do you need some help? Hey, Brian, you're driving like let me just give you a few tips just just to help a brother out you know what I mean? Once

you check out this Facebook groups called GR right? Yeah.

GR Rideshare Adventures

you on Facebook? It's called a

good kind of podcast. Yeah.

All right. Let's jump into social media. Get the hell out of here cuz it's hot as hell on this. I even turned the air on a hot thing. Speaking of hot our next shenanigans, it's for audio listeners. It's a big I wouldn't call it a rape van. Because it's not a Reaper van. No cuz it has windows all the way around. Yeah, but it says Cougar Uber Xl 35 Plus, and then on the back it says Got Milk. I mean, what does that mean? Mother, I'd like to

wear where

I might swear but I'm not gonna say in that form. It's just funny. So I enjoyed that. Jasper.

It is funny. So this is a guy's it's not that there's no right it's that I'm just going so fast you can't keep up apparently. So this is a photo that takes you to a shared on our local group in telegram and it must have been and and obviously an app failure because apparently he was going to 179 miles power I mean a 35 mile must be in a Tesla

Can I ask a technical question? Is anyone monitoring the Facebook feed I have there literally been no comment there has

been nothing going on. I just I don't know what's going on. It's quiet.

I was wondering if stream yard was glitching I think it is I was on stream yard isn't because I asked cuz he's on regular feed.

I'm on Facebook too, but I think Facebook is glitching

Oh okay, cuz I mean there's no that seems odd for us to not but

26 minutes hadn't been anything yeah. Anyway, and I even tried to be a refresher. Hmm. Anyways, I don't know what that boring Sorry guys. Yeah,

don't say sorry, guys. Oh, well. Somebody who said oh, what's you said break away.

Oh my break your break.

I'm gonna go Alright, this is Peters. All right,

PSA, if you

live again, so grip.

If you pick or peel your toenails or fingernails and leave them in people's cars. You are a disgusting human. How hard is it to not peel off a part of your body while in my car? Like GFC stop being trash. Okay, what is g? Jesus fucking Christ. Yeah,

that's bad.

That's bad. Okay.

Stop being trash.

Ryan from oil Luber. We're just in awe. I know you're all dead on me. Now. No one's talking that's it broadcasts

over. You know, that that one reminds me of a guy that I picked up over The northwest side, I pick them up twice. And both times when I want

to turn the corner, same guy that tried to not pick up all the time.

No, no different guy. He's on the west side. I agree. Yeah. Both times I had to make a right hand turn. So I look in the corner of my eye. dude's got his phone and hand on his

groin area. So

you can

both times but yeah, the same guy. The same guy.

Oh, yeah. Did you report him

now? Oh, it's even worse. I didn't. I mean, I didn't turn and look and say Hey, man, you grabbing your balls. You just have a grand. You know?

You got a dashcam you'd be like, what? I couldn't see. You couldn't?

Right? Yeah, I was gonna ask What's the weirdest thing that people have done in your car? I mean, just like gross stuff like toenails. I've never seen people like painting nails. I definitely

had a close sex experience. Not me, but people doing it in my car. Are you sure? Oh, yeah. Yeah,

I had a girl that like was I put a video that's on my my Instagram, but she was like, putting in weave? What nodding her hair.

Putting it in? Yeah, well, so but you have to cut your hair.

She was like cutting hair. She was doing something like she was like cut she was definitely cutting did you do Did you report I dropped her off and I pulled around the corner. And I got out and there wasn't a single hairs anywhere. What did she pick them all up? She must have put them all up. vacuum. I mean, I looked I was like this girl is like doing her hair in my car. Like I was expecting to find stuff everywhere. There was nothing interesting. Yeah,

I haven't really I don't really have any stories of like anything have got to go out during the daytime.

Yeah, this was when all the weird stuff

this was the right out to to college town. And they moved halfway out that they moved from the middle seat to the backseat.

Oh yeah, they got that van. Doing something that share the van sure doesn't quite get to the back. Nah,

not all the way back there. But yeah, I'm thinking about getting the new version of the van true though because it's a bigger screen better camera. Yeah, I only if I start driving and then you got the

rear camera. Now. It doesn't. It's rare for the outside. So if you get rear ended or Yeah, whatever. But yeah, it's nice. I know. I haven't finished that review yet. So

Carol, my teeny thank you so much for for for the CFO tuning in tonight.

Oh, Carol. Yeah, I didn't know what Carol's last name was,

either. But she's apparently Martini

Martini. Yeah, I'm really stoked for zoom. So I know we talked about it earlier, but come to Grand Rapids, sign up, sign up everyone sign up. So I think that's it, y'all.

We got anything else. I think that I

turned the air on. Feels good. That's Yeah, I know. I get it gets so damn hot in here. I got

so hot anymore.

I'm hot. Yeah, check my

undercarriage. Shitting Oh, yeah. You have to go that table that's

so long.

Because you have to go there. Oh my

gosh. All right, y'all. I got no easy guys. Please subscribe to the podcast. Via Patreon.

Come on support us.

Yes, we're tough talking. Sign up for Patreon. Damn it.

guys can't wait to come to Grand Rapids.

I know man. I'm telling you

if Hey, Kelly come to the picnic next year. Oh, gee,

are you really promoting the picnic for next August already? Cause I

am they better maybe the third year in a row. We

got a stupid COVID xover we got to do like we got to have a get together. Like just maybe go to puppy. No

say we're supposed to have that puppies get together.

He knows I

know not vetoes. I know I kept telling you I kept pushing back the day and then I gave up and you're like Hey, bro, this is supposed to be like last week. I'm like it's COVID like just delete it. Alright guys, have a good night. Yep. Thanks for watching and all that fun stuff. Bye


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