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Oh no.

Wait, wait, wait, this is thread seems.


Holy shit. I was just saying to the guys. I'm like, you know threat. Threat doesn't doesn't stream anymore. So I all the settings are the same. Wow. That was awkward. So anyways, hi, y'all. Welcome to. I'm gonna piss everyone off because I want to vote yes, on Prop 22. Tonight we have

Jasper and Pete. Hey, and I'm gonna know

your vote. No, you're off the show.

This studio is sponsored by apparently threads and Irvine's Auto Repair in Grand Rapids hybrid. We'll talk about them a little bit later. God That was funny. But Ben's gonna get a huge kick out of that. So yeah, tonight we're gonna kind of I'm going to kind of go over some things we're going to talk about proposal. 22. We've already had some Uber or Dave, the Uber slave is mad at us because we're I can't vote. We're from Michigan. So but we feel that you should vote yes. Because you want to stay independent. You don't want benefits. This is not what this is about. We're going to talk about somebody that was charged with an assault after farting in an Uber. That's awkward. We're going to talk about an aunt tripping on acid we're talking about Uber was sued for rider ratings to fire drivers. What else what else? We're going to talk about

restaurants stealing tips, and much more, but lots of fun stuff.

Yeah. And we want to hear what you want to talk about to you know, put it in the comments. We'd like interacting with y'all. And yeah, we we super appreciate it. Just so everyone knows it is Pete's last night on the show. He's pissed. He hates us.

I'm not sure why but

I it's because of the beard. It's because of the beard and look at my beard and look at that.

I'm sorry, do you need me be sorry


No, actually, it does look like you did something with it.

So it actually was trimmed a little bit when I got my well you haven't even seen this hold I knew I could take out I got it cut short again. Wow. It's not long but yeah, my my haircut lady decided I need to trim that up a little bit. So she helped me out but it looks really good. Thank you. So Pete is working full time. Time for an insurance company and he's not going to do any gig work and so yeah, he's gonna just not be a regular but gonna step in as a Yeah, I'm not going away no as a co host here there and and

he'll be back sometimes

you just gonna have to deal with the Esper and i times i hope that's okay Jason so it's just you and me I guess

yeah maybe I'm gonna dry pasture one day and like the house is gonna be burned down

maybe it maybe I'll quit to what?

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We don't have anyone in California let me say North Carolina you have to say it like North Carolina.

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Urban similans is talking about urban cap

Who said that? Did you use it?

I said, Irvine and I said that's what I heard. nice haircut. Oh, Megan. Megan is in for

podcast shenanigans. So

Oh, is that? Is that Meghan? No, it's Megan.

I'm just kidding. Probably don't know because my Megan is spelled different. But anyways, no.

Speaking of Irvine's we have to show a video. Hold on. Let me get to that. This is what they do at Irvine's. Just kidding. They have fun. They fix cars, too. So let me see. Yes, sir. There's one for you for hitting the mic. All right, here we go. Here it is.

supposed to do with that airbag.

That was Yeah, I should have explained it. That was an airbag that they had to detonate so they thought let's put

it in a pumpkin. If you ever had an airbag go off. Yeah, don't worry friends

when I basically drove in a big hole on 131 and my air and put $1,000 worth of damage. And so now the airbag went off. How'd that feel? It's frightening. And I had airbag burns. Yeah. Because I was driving like it actually burned where my tattoo is because I was driving like this. And it went off and it just

my brother. His airbag went off in an older car that he had. I think it was a dad shadow. Okay, and if you remember those Yeah, I do. I just dated myself here. Yeah,

they were not the most quality

automobile. But yeah, it went off like broke his glasses on his face. He had like burns all over his face.

Yeah, I just had it on my arm. My are mostly scared the shit l every time.

Speaking of Mark Mark

marks always got our jam. Yeah, it scared me. It was so loud. My ears were ringing for like, I don't know, half hour. 45 minutes. But Wow. You wanna hear the story about that? You know? I've never

heard that. No. This the same level you have?

Yeah. Wow. It was almost brand while brand new to me. Okay, this is embarrassing. So, you know, on the highway, they cut out like these huge sections of concrete. And they repair them. Right. They you know, especially on 131 that's not as a construction. Yeah, it's always under construction. So I was it was raining. It was like 230 in the morning. I'm tired. Okay, and I go over so the cones stop and I go over to get off I haul speaking of haul and there was there was no there was no cones in front of the whole I drove right in the hole right? It was probably three feet deep. And then I went down and then of course I didn't go back up and smash right into it and airbag went off

to get airborne.

No, I wasn't going fast because I was it was raining and I was slowing down to get over so I was probably I was probably doing 2530 but enough to pay the thousand

dollars going that. That's I mean not that slow. But I

mean it destroyed the front end.

I like how you say there was no no colon there wasn't sure

I actually took a picture. And I there was no corn afterwards. No, listen.

You will notice yes for that. Jason's got some

what some hand movements tonight?

No, maybe it's the haircut. It is I feel lighter. No, but listen, listen, I'm serious. Like you're you're cutting my story off. I took pictures of it there were no cones. Like when I got out I like once I maybe a minute or whatever a guy drives by construction worker. I start rolling film. He's like, Oh my god, there was no cones there. Holy cow, we better get that taken care of I go you think you didn't

pay for that? Did you

know I sent it to the insurance company. I sent him the video. They're like, Oh, yeah, no problem. We got this and I never paid a dime is everything got fixed and

they send it on to the company that was like the government. He

basically says he goes, You know what? You're not gonna have to hear from me again. This is all taken care of. So

you have to tell Megan that story tomorrow because he's like, Whoa, what Megan Irvine? Why? Cuz he's like giving him you know, faces like, she's never heard about that.

Are you flirting with Megan? Because he

was Nah, I think he did. Paying attention to the chat, man. Maybe you should do that.

I have Jason, can I do that? No, I have many things. To focus. I just do the back.

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Did you say try to find a vaccine?

Yeah, for breaks for breasts for breast cancer. There's no vaccine for cancer dude. What do you think they work on all the time? Yeah, super. vaccine. What do you think HPV is that your daughter gets at the at the doctor. That's a vaccine so you don't get cervical cancer?

Whatever, whatever. It's a cure for cancer. Well, instead of actually I guess that's,

that is a cure. My daughter gets a vaccine two shots for HPV. And the boys get it too. I guess

I've never heard explain this, I guess. Yeah, I'm for cancer. Well,

yeah, that's actually I got that from them. So if you think it's bullshit, you

know, and Megan, Megan put me in my spot. Sorry. Thank you see,

breast cancer vaccine me so but, but how crazy it is that with the HPV that my daughter gets it and she will not get cervical cancer.

Like that's awesome.

They need that for everything. So one day, we'll kick cancers ass.


All right. Sorry. I didn't mean to put you on the spot.

Oh, no, I want you to brighten. If I'm wrong, I'm wrong.

Okay. As long as you admit it, okay, so

I'll tell you,

prop 22 we're gonna watch a video of someone that wants it and does it and let's just have a discussion. So I'm gonna play that real quick. And then we'll come back and chat.

That's right. Well, many rideshare workers call this decision of victory, many worried that it could affect their bottom line. And even though Uber and Lyft are expected to appeal the decision, they are spending 10s of millions of dollars to bring the issue before voters in November,

independent contractors have been keeping a community society moving

out. Porsche was grateful to switchover from driving for Uber and Lyft to delivering groceries and food during the pandemic. But feels like California judge's ruling suddenly threatens his freedom and flexibility. We have the option to work

either during the day

in the middle of the day, late at night,

Porsche drives in San Diego he says handling deliveries on his own time is an ideal gig for an army veteran. But in a stunning decision Monday, a judge is ordering Uber and Lyft to stop classifying their drivers as independent contractors and instead make them employees as stipulated in California's A B five law is called independent contractors. They don't have to pay their their fair share. Mike Robinson drives for Lyft and is a member of the mobile Workers Alliance which hopes to form into a union. He's part of the gig economy workers demanding minimum wage overtime, sick leave and other benefits the law affords them

have been older. We need medical insurance.

This is more about unionizing drivers than it is about drivers getting benefits due to Bell maintains independent contractors can actually earn more than full time employees. I was a full time driver. And I was making approximately $30 an hour. She's counting on the November election when voters will decide on Prop 22 ballot measure backed by Uber and Lyft would override a B five by classifying all gig economy workers as independent contractors.

We're gonna keep fighting. We're not going to give up.

So we'll drivers on the other side,

will Shriver support prop 22 it allows us to keep our independent

contractor status and flexible schedule. How that

shakes out, we'll know when voters turn in their ballots in November. As for the author of AB five San Diego Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, she is praising the judge's ruling tonight for demanding quote, Justice for hundreds of thousands of drivers seeking benefits in California.

Alright, we're back.

Such a sensitive topic. Absolutely. When you get hate before you go live, it's usually maybe you

should specify out to start by talking about you know, AB five, prop two and not a beaver. So prop 22. What does he mean? And what does no mean? Let's stop by that. Yeah, I

think most of the people that listen to our show and obviously follow us are want a vote of Yes. So basically, if the no vote goes through, Uber has to classify their workers as employees. All right. So they have to offer benefits, sick time, like everything you do for a W two employee, not not an independent contractor.

And if we if we go yes, then we got to do everybody gets to stay as independent contractors, right.

And now now there's obviously probably more details than what we're just saying. But that's the gist of it. That's

the basic gist of it.

Yeah. And there's just there's I feel like I see more vote no, when I'm on Reddit and stuff like that. But it's like, Why Why?

It's kind of worded weird. Those maybe if you don't understand it correctly, that well,

that's part of the that's part of the problem is that depending on who's putting out the surveys, right, they're wording them, you know, oh, I don't want to say confusingly, but confusingly

Well, that's what legislators do. Right. Both sides. They're both doing it right. I mean, the vote yes. Or vote? No. I mean, I I just to me, how is that sustainable? It's not sustainable. I mean, I know they have gobs of money, but, I mean, it's not gonna work. It's not gonna work. And I I personally feel Uber and Lyft are gonna pull out for a while if that gets so and then what do you got? You ain't got shit, then you don't have anything. So Dave. He says, and so Dave is is on from from YouTube. And he goes, I'm driving in California. We are voting no on pro proposal. 22. So Uber can't keep effing us over a union union gives us a seat at the table to negotiate a better deal. But and and we understand that you guys want that we all want a better deal. The problem is, comes with strings.

Well, yeah. And do we do we really want that better deal? I mean, do I don't want to give up my I don't want to give up my status of independent contractor. I didn't want to have this as an extra eight to five job.

Yeah, I mean, I want to reiterate what yester said, I think all that would be great. I mean, I'm not saying I don't want any of that stuff. But we're not really taking Uber side, we're taking our side. Exactly. I want to be an independent contractor. I don't want to have a boss Tell me when I can go online. And when I already have one of those bosses. It's not a bad boss. But I mean, I have to be to work at 730 every day, and get my work done. Now, you know, I went out today, it was slow as hell I said screw it came back and did some editing work. So I mean,

Dave, we can we all agree the fact that Yeah, they have taken too much of the pie right now. Those things we agree with that. And we don't want him to do any of that thing. But we don't believe at least the three of us in the studio right now. We don't believe that the answer is to become employees.

me read something, but I found an article, okay.

That was a little loud, because I bumped up for that video.

The most murky benefit is guaranteed wage for proposition 20 to ensure 120 120% of minimum wage, and 30 cents per mile for drivers adjusted for inflation,

wait 120% of minimum wage, so they would get paid 120% of minimum.

But there's a pretty big catch. The guarantee is only for engaged driving time, right? defined as the time between accepting a service request and completing the request.

So not sitting at the airport, right? So you actually have to be in transit. Well, we kind of talked about the Seattle one where you said that you at least had to have that one ride. If you had that one ride and you made three bucks, you at least would get 16 for that hour. So it's kind of something like that you have to be

but I don't I wouldn't want to drive Uber if I made the $16 an hour No. Why no.

Someone from actually periscope I think it's our first comment from periscope says it's better remain independent contractors. You need to want to take away our freedom. I mean, I am not a I feel like there is unions for the right thing like the basketball Union, the sports union is bullshit. I think that's dumb. I think, you know, a union for a worker that is in terrible conditions like, yeah, I, I get that if it's a W, you know, they already get benefits or whatever. I mean, I don't know, I flirt the line with it. I'm not against unions, but I'm not for them. I'm just like they have their place, but not in rideshare. Not in gig economy. That's the whole purpose. You're gonna kill the actual gig economy if you do this, not just for Uber and Lyft. But for Amazon, then doordash. And all the other ones. I don't care if they fund

it. I don't care at all. They started the proposal 22 because they don't want it.

And they already gave California the cat's meow. Anyways, before this, they were like, letting them know how far everything was like, and you didn't even have to have diamond status. Right?

Again, again, they we were not necessarily on Ubers side.

No, I'm on my side. We just

don't want independent contractors. And if the answer not to become an independent contractor is proposal 22, then let's Well yes, that's what we are saying. But we don't want any of those. I mean, we just don't think that that being an employee is the right answer. Because here's the other side, because we don't want to Well, here's the other side. Dave and I know I'm speaking a lot today on YouTube, basically, what's gonna what's gonna stop them from just firing you. Right? or giving you less work, or and all that. I mean, we can't get you have all then you have no control. The

problem is you shouldn't have said the firing, because he's going to jump all over you on that because drivers get deactivated all the time for no recourse. That's where I feel like, and maybe that's not a union, but some sort of coalition would you know, because you get the activated, you're like, there's no recourse. You know what I mean? At least if you're a W two employee, you get fired? Yeah, you're an at will employee but if it's a wrongful fire, you can sue them and say, Hey, this wasn't correct, right? First of all, check out Dave, the Uber slave his YouTube page, it's really good. He's got a lot of good videos, even though we don't agree, he's still he puts out a good product. Yeah. I've talked to him before, so just throwing that out there. But um, I guess, you know, he says, how what killed gigs. I just think when you get the government involved, and all this extra rigmarole it just eff things up.

What, and I think the biggest thing for us, at least with gig work is the flexibility. And you're saying how is it going to change the flexibility? I think it will mean, all of a sudden, if they're your boss, they're gonna determine when you're gonna work when

you're gonna drive. Yeah, you're like, oh, and your rating is a little bit lower than then driver, Joe. So guess what you don't get first. I mean, it happens with grubhub. Now, if you want to get the first shot at the schedule, you have to have a high rating, you have to have a high acceptance rate, like that's already starting to creep into the apps. If you do this. It's gonna be all the time. So I don't know. I don't know who this on Periscope. I think it's Joe on. I don't know, go 29 if prop 22 fails with Uber and Lyft hire only a certain amount, of course.

Yep. I mean, you won't be able to do both platforms. No,

yeah, that's another

good point. You and I there's, I mean, I'm almost

I don't know, could be that would be that would be part of the rules at once. So I think I think the really cool thing, we have an opportunity here, Dave. So I'm gonna I'm gonna ask here and you respond. come on the show. Let's do an interview. Let's talk about this. At our next one of the next future

shows the problem is is voting next week?

What the let's talk about the result afterwards. Yeah, we can do that. Yeah, I mean, it

is another thing. If proposition 20 passes, it would prevent local governments from passing laws that require companies to provide additional benefits protection for gig workers not including proposition 22. That's because of the seventh seventh eighth provision. single sentence on page 18 of the initiative requires a seven eight vote of both the State Assembly and Senate in order to amend proposition 22 in any way. This particular requirement is unprecedented. Some propositions have required two thirds or three fifths, but never seven, eight.

Wow. Wow, that's crazy. Sam, Sam brought up a good point to your ability to turn down rides will be gone. Now. These are all speculation. Because if you turn down rides and be like, Oh, we don't need you anymore. Right. By by

what and so Dave says we can't find too many because you have to have some drivers. Absolutely. But I mean, so we end the Michigan market right when Grand Rapids Michigan market and there's way too many drivers his it is I bet they could find a half two drivers and there's still be plenty of drivers to cover them. Well

even says in LA he it's hard to get trips anyway. Well, this is COVID world right now, too. So you know what I mean? You can't really judge the amount of rides you get via COVID. But yeah, I mean, that being said, I mean, we're looking at it just from a different perspective. You know, we We don't do it full time. I mean, when he did it full time, I'm sure he would still want to remain an independent contractor because

you just you look, I was working three days a week. Yeah, I mean, we talked about this a lot of times I would stay home. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and most of the day Thursday, I'd like go out for a little bit Thursday morning. But I would bust my butt. Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Yes, you couldn't do that. You can't do that. As you know, as a regular regular worker, right. It's the freedoms that you're allowed being independent contract.

Now one thing I would like, this is way off, not way off, but a little regulation of how many drivers they do not allow on line. So well, I don't want that as because I want to go when I want to do it. But they need to go by demand. Like I wish. I don't know. Right. I mean, maybe I'm flip flopping not flip flopping. I want my independence. But I mean, you talked about the saturation of the market. So sometimes you can't even make money, which again, you go to go like, Hey, I'm gonna do something else. I'm gonna do food delivery. I'm gonna do I mean, new new apps keep opening up. If you join our Patreon, we've interviewed two companies yet that I think are going to be a game changer. They could they had

to certainly have the potential of being game changers,

and they're not rideshare companies. So if you join our Patreon, you get early access to it.

So Dave, contact us on team at gig economy good gig economy gig economy dash

Yeah, we couldn't buy that. Yeah, didn't want to give it up whatever

gig economy dad don't get economy das podcast calm, and then we'll set something up. And or maybe just send us a Facebook message. Or you could do that. And all the things you bring it up right here. We don't agree with that, either. Oh, yeah, they shouldn't be doing I'm playing the game that way. There's no way there's no I agree. 100%.

Yeah, it's it's it's a good discussion to have. I'm not saying we're we're for Uber doing all this stuff. Like I think some things to change. I don't think they pay us enough. But I also don't want to work for a boss. I don't need benefits. This This was set up to be I mean, and nothing against p I mean, I do this full time in the winter. So it's, it's with me too. It was set up to be kind of a gig kind of thing. It is it is a challenge to do a full time not so much anymore, because there's more different options, but just, you know, I don't I don't want somebody to say Oh, because I even thought like, just for an example. And gigs gonna be a little light this year. Maybe I'll get a pizza delivery job. I'm like, No, I don't want to work on a schedule. Like I'm doing snowplowing this year. I'm like, how am I gonna do that? If I got to go out and plow and I got to go deliver pizza. I was like, yeah, screw this. I'm not going to get a pizza. No, that mean, so?

Yes, RM says, you need exactly the number of drivers for the amount of riders. Even if riders wait a little longer. They will insist that drivers are back to back non stop.

I still remember when we just started when we this is when I started for you know, I guess three, four years ago. We went back to back all the time. And that's when it was what it was fun. It wasn't so much about the making money at the time. It was just it's being fun with your back to back. Good. I don't want to sit still.

No, no. I mean, now today was obviously today. See, this is a good example for new drivers. Let me just throw this out here about how you have to have a little bit of a

sorry, I'm sorry. He's plowing and learn on line. Oh my god, I can't know.

Somebody I know who's our who's our Patreon from Georgia. I feel bad. I forget his name. He pops on anybody who's like oh, I hear you're driving a Zamboni now. The joke you know what I mean? What is his name? I feel so bad. It's not like we have that many of them or anything. What was I gonna say?

I had a good point. But you new drivers.

Oh, for example. It's still a skill today. It's been raining for the last two days. Great time to deliver right. today. I was like, I'm gonna go out. I'm home for my other job. I'm almost wrapped up. It's beautiful sunshine. It's the middle of day on Wednesday. And I'm in Granville, which is a suburb of Grand Rapids. How many deliveries Do you think I got? Or that were worthwhile? Yeah, I got to one I went to the restaurant and it had already been picked up. And the other one I got one more and the rest of it. I never got a ping. You got to still do the work to find the money. So you can still do it. But anyways, that's my little, little tangent, but yesterday is going to talk about people farting. And I can't wait for that because It already smells in here.

It was it was Pete Hey.

We still use that or is that trademarked?

Okay, so the article is from the New York Post, which is I don't quite know the the whole thing about this website. Certainly not. It's very just kind of If he funny

no no the New York Post is not the website is just full ads. It's stupid you better mute it cuz it's probably okay

so man is charged with assault after fighting in Uber and this whole thing is just drange. And so you came in was has been charged with assault after allegedly fighting in an Uber and attacking the driver for protesting. He behaved in an unattractive manner that night defense lawyer Anthony bignault told the Bristol Crown Court about his clients behavior. The difference

is that is that is that a farting term?

difference incident reportedly occurred last year when Kingswood James mallet 35 Let It Rip in the back of the ride ride on the way to a local nightclub with a few people. This was the final straw for the Uber driver named Alexander bond Jeff, who had allegedly suffered abuse at the hands of other passengers, according to court testimony. So basically, he had a bad day. And then this guy fights in the back of the car and just it's just been enough. Yeah, exactly. So Alexander just had enough and they stopped fighting.

I was waiting for a break. And

so basically James got said vonshef told malad to leave the vehicle were upon the Fletcher and fair offered to fight the driver and struck him in the hat bunch of reportedly responded in defense by punching the mallet in the face, not going into the ground. So they got it. They got in a fight for that. The biggest I mean, so it goes on and on and on. The biggest problem i think is it's kind of it ends on a on a on a kind of a bad note to deal has proven worse for bond chaff. So basically, the guy who fights gets a fix on a $50 fine 120 hours community service. And the guy the guy who was the driver, Bond czev ended up losing his job his vehicle in his house and has since returned to his home country of Bulgaria. I mean, obviously it was a little bit worse for him. He shouldn't have reacted the way he did. Yeah, it's it's it's bad that that the drive of fights in the in the vehicle, but that is what it is. We all deal with stupid stuff all the time. I mean, I've had many people puke in my car and you just deal with it. You move on. Yeah, but he had a bad day. And that's what happened. And it's just, you know, I think

there's more I there's probably more to the story.

I mean, you'll get half the I'm sure there's much more to the story.

Yeah, I'm sure there is. But

yeah, so I guess the the end of the story is don't fart. fart in your Yeah, just,

um, you know, if you're gonna do it just crop dust as you get out. Like,

I know, I had somebody do that. Oh,

gosh, I had it several times. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, or what happens is they fart and they're sick. Look.

No one's gonna want to sponsor the show. We're talking about farting.

Yeah, yeah, x is three.

Yeah. Earlier he was you know doing this up and down for I need to swap his out because his for whatever reason is loose right there. Anyways. What was he talking burning? farting? Yeah. Talking about no one would sponsor this show. Oh, no, they go while they're sitting down. I do it at my own house and you get up you're like, Oh, God. Oh, God. My wife's like, what did you do? I'm like, that was like 20 minutes ago. I don't know.

Oh, man, what's your boys?

All right. All right. So this next one from one of the Facebook groups is passenger. Why do you guys always do that? Me? What's that? packs? Run red lights? You guys always do that? Me I ran a red light when packs just now see you didn't even notice. Me You mean left on red. You can do that when it's one way streets. packs No you can't. me Yes you can. I'm positive pack Seriously? Me Yep. 100% packs. Oh shit. Me. Yeah. packs I've been reporting over Uber drivers for running red lights. What do I do me? data packs maybe call Uber and try to retract it could be deactivated for that tax. What does that mean? Me fired it means fired. packs. Oh shit. I mean, yeah.

Yeah, I mean seriously, they could be deactivated or that I mean if you get a safety violation of like running red lights like I mean, the first one you're probably okay but for chance you got another one then you for sure out? Yeah. So yeah,

America is weird, though. We are. It's just my family when they were first over here. I'm from Denmark when they came up with the first time and I would always do you know as we do all the time, we took turn turn right on a rat. And he's like, what are you doing? Here? Why no, but you can't in Europe. Oh, you

guys got shit to do, man, we ain't got time to be like

doing the red light

you ain't going nowhere and paying 80% taxes so I go to university for free. I mean, come on universal health care. We got shit to do.

You guys driving the left hand side of the road to No, not Denmark drive on the wrong side of the car.

Nope. That's in Britain. Well, what's weird about Michigan today, for people that are listening or watching in Michigan, you can turn out if you're gonna turn left and it's a blinking red light. That means Hey, you need to stop. But when it's clear, you can go but no one does. They if it's clear, or rush right through, like no one stops. So that's a little freaky for people that aren't used to that kind of stuff to the you know, if you're got somebody from out of town, you're in your Uber and they're like, what the hell

or Michigan left?

Michigan laughs So those are fun two days that he has a video where passenger farts in the car and they couldn't stop laughing. They're pretty high to that. farting and high or bad combination that is like, you know, you know that that's just gonna go crazy. Okay, this got to give a shout out to Gabe for this one. He shared it. It's a picture of like, drop off instructions. I don't know what app that is. I've never seen that one. But it says drop off instructions. My aunt is tripping on acid. And she needs food leave on the porch because she doesn't want to put clothes on knock though. So she knows it's there. Thanks, Mike. Can't make this shit up. I mean, now you guys are the what the Photoshop snobs is this photoshopped or not? Doesn't look like it doesn't look like me either. But I bet

bullies it's very much lined out correctly. If it is. I mean,

I don't know. I don't know if it is either, though. Yeah, I don't know. It says Uber ride on there

were no no, that's overlay for Android. Were iPhone, guys. We don't get that sweet little overlay. Yeah. So they basically that Uber will be on it. It'll Why does it do that? So you can access it quickly. Is that basically it's going to Yeah, yeah. Instead of like searching for it. So

that is pretty nice. Santa says Can we turn left onto one way is in Michigan on red?


Yeah. About

on red, though.

Yes. Yeah. On a one way.

On one way. We just talked about it. In the frickin

No. One way have to relearn. Oh, wasn't blinking at one we have to go left.

Right. Yes. She wasn't thinking. No, no, it's just the article doesn't say it was blinking. Yeah, we just talked about it'll

specified if you can't,

yeah. No, I turned left on red all the time. I mean, we don't have a ton of one way is and I mean, Selman gr but not enough that I feel like I've turned a lot. Maybe. Yeah,

I guess I have to. Yeah. I mean, I've had to, again, like we don't have guard. He got time to wait, we got time for that. We got time for that.

All right. Where are we at here? I'm on that page. A Yes. for Uber

driver. Again. He got

all the articles at night. Sorry about that.

This is a follow up to the other one.

I didn't want to make Pete do a ton of Article since his last night.

So this is so nice. Yeah. Oh, my gosh, this talks a lot about the things that Dave actually was just talking about, which is the other side of proposal. 22. Yeah. One of which is, which is to coercion, basically. So the article talking about how Uber is, I guess misusing or kind of using their platform to to have people come in and kind of vote yes. For the for the

I mean, do you blame them though? I don't I mean, their platform, they can do whatever the hell they want.

Well, yeah, they can, but they shouldn't. They shouldn't. I mean, it's why.

So what is your What is your problem with it? Does it make sense? Because it I mean,

well, as one of the I agree with what he was saying is so they're giving away free food at at the at the greenlight hubs, what because they're using those for for voting mode in places so so they're basically coercing drivers to come in. And while you're there eating their free food, your mind is a vote.

Oh, is that? Okay? I didn't really so

that's what they're doing. And and then they are doing then they're putting apps all over on on the platform. And there's some confusion and there's some disbelief as to whether or not if you if you are clicking out of the apps too much if you're not getting rides that kind of stuff, because it's connected.

Yeah, I mean, I don't I don't mind them showing me a message in app but it would be weird if like you came into the green, the green light hub, and they'd be like, oh, by the way, why are you here? Why don't you vote for this like,

free lunch come good Freelancer the green light hot button. your minds will vote right. Yeah, I don't agree with that. That's not but that's the only that's the reason why this should be no money in politics, period. But

it Yes. Berg, President

I got my vote 24 I can't be president. I'm not born on American soil.

The podcast won't be the same.

I don't want Trump to come and get me.


I am not elite I'm legal. All right, Pete the alien

podcast won't be the same without Pete's pink shirt.

Well, Mark can come wear it instead.

Alright, so this next one is, Uber is being sued for using biased rider ratings to fire drivers. So Uber is aware. This is what this guy is saying. Uber is aware that passengers are prone to discriminate in their evaluation of drivers but Uber has continued to use this system that's making it liable for intentional race discrimination former driver Thomas Lau said in his complaint,

I was wonder how you gonna pronounce it I will read a log with you.

Over prompts customers to rate drivers on a scale of one to five stars, and then deactivates workers who average rating it deems unsatisfied. unsatisfied, according to the lawsuit. law says that while driving for Uber in San Diego, he experienced such signs of bias such as customers canceling when installs photograph, or asking an unfriendly matter where he was from. He claims were terminated in October 2015. Because his average customer rating fell below its minimum of 4.6. The 4.6 cut off automatically deactivated anyone who look different dress different talk different or act a different Lau said in an interview.

Yeah, I mean, it's tough. I mean, there's always going to be that discrimination. Unfortunately, that's I can't I can't

speak on being discriminated against. But I can speak on that. I 100% don't agree with Ubers rating system.

Yeah. Well, how how do they change it? What can they do better?

Well, I think for one, if they're going to allow riders to score below a three i think is is a fair, no. Yeah. There has to be unintentional. And relaible reason. Yeah, you just can't do a you can't just get stars and or one star. Yeah. You know, hit a button that says my driver, what's

gonna stop them from lying, which they do? I mean, how do you how do you vet that?

I think I think lift system isn't all that bad. It's the same thing. But if they don't vote for you, if they don't rate you at all, yeah, it's an automatic five.

Well, I can't. Okay. Well, I kind of feel that and I know, Uber has, what, how many drivers? Millions, maybe I mean, one movie, kind of wish that they would be like, Okay, this guy's been great. Like, up till now. So okay, let's, let's address it. Let's talk to him about it. But let's okay. Like, if I don't know,

the problem is they have one of one of the problems is they have a system where you get voted on, but you can't. You can't find it.

Yeah, and you don't know what it was like, you could be like, okay, like Sam says, I have dashcam I you tell me what time which rider It was, like, I mean, I know they don't they think maybe the driver will have some retribution because they know where the person lives or whatever like that. But I actually had a lady tell me that,

what's that? She was afraid to rate her other drivers badly. Because she was afraid that they would come back.

I mean, so it's, it's funny you bring that up because I watched started watching the Uber videos that you get five bucks. I don't know if you've you guys have watched him. There are there's like five or six videos. It's like 25 minutes of training about sexual harassment whenever they but they actually I actually did learn some they bring up a good point it could make someone be uncomfortable. You say, Oh, you hadn't home. Like even though like I pick somebody up from the airport that might make them feel uncomfortable. I didn't even realize because you're just like making conversation and they may not want to know where that you know where their home is. So those videos I actually did learn something which shocking Usually, it's just bullshit.

Some people. I've had people before who have had been dropped him off a couple of houses away because they don't want to

we had that one time out 3200 to one and maybe they were doing a different house and I didn't know and as I drove away, they walked down. Yeah, but I've only had one person say I'm gonna drop me off about three doors down and then I'm just gonna walk to the house.

I had Yeah, I had one day was three girls, they will all know probably early 20s. And and they had been dropped them out the outside of the trailer park. That was it.

Yeah. I don't think it happens very often. But she said Sam says I've had at once obviously don't know what that means. I feel like that's a joke that we know or a story that we know but where she's had to drop somebody off, not at their house. Yeah, I've had it once. Obviously. That doesn't do anything for us. So let's move on here. But I'm a woman.

Are you a woman? woman?

Shit, where am I am totally out of my lucid

ad spot.

Oh, it is all right. Speaking of ad spots, I don't know why lewbert calm and I just saw on the stream that they now have put it up mirchi services is live on their website right now. You can sign up to be a tech. And you can only if you want, you can only do the jumpstarts, which I'm excited about. I'm sorry, Joe. Well, I'm not an oil change guy. I think it's still a great service. But I'm gonna, probably this weekend, buy a really awesome jump box. and sign up for that. Don't you just use cables? So in situations where you can't, well, I will have cables too. But you do run the risk of damaging your electrical system. I mean,

is that real, though? Oh, yeah. You know, we might we should talk about after the spy. Yeah, let's

talk about after that. So if you go to oil you can sign up for on demand oil changes as a service get done at your house. Or you can sign up to be a tech you can change oil for people. You go to their house, you change the oil you get paid. So go to oil, oil to sign up for either getting the service or attack and the sign up to jumpstart cars. So that's awesome. I'm glad that they sweet. super sweet. I cannot wait to do that. I will probably sign up after the podcast and

after Yeah, I'm not I'm not an oil change person. I can sign up to do jumpstarts to find out about

Yes, that's super easy. And so Oh, back to the jumper kit

a real thing.

Someone that's watching the show right now please fact check it Mark Come on. Like let's figure it out.

Like I feel like I always hear about you know, oh, you could damage your battery if you move in a little bit. But that's I mean, I guess I don't hear that

I don't hear the the battery I hear that your electrical system where if you get a surge from the other car because what if there's a screwed up or whatever and all of a sudden, I mean, I've jumped start probably 30 to 50 times now I'm a little different because I have equipment that sometimes dies and I have to jump started so I've done it more and I've never had an issue. Yeah, so but I will bring cables just in case because those boxes sometimes. I mean, you

got to charge them regularly. Me Jamie Lynn says I was told not to give a jump with my car when I bought it. Yeah.

Again. I mean, I think there is there is a chance that you could screw it up now. Again, if you did two jumpstarts a day for six months you maybe you never nothing would happen. I mean I think there's a risk with all that. But I mean I guess it's a risk of hitting a gigantic pothole

that's rude. Last night you're here on the rag

out of here

got you out of the camera right now.

Pretty sure mark that if the cables Connect incorrectly there's a chance that the cables might burn and smell really really really really really really bad. Really bad really bad. Well, I may know that from personal experience. I mean

Jamie Jamie said hybrid if that matters so that might be a different I mean

I guess I can see that

all electric and there's 15,000 volts on all electric but there's $15,000 worth of batteries in there so maybe you don't want to jump start but if anyone can fact check that

thanks everyone under Jamie Lynn's

a hybrid if that matters I don't know the next

comment what's the next comment say shut

desert dick. Anyways, I'm gonna sign up for it I'm gonna get a nice jump box Sam shut up

definitely definitely gonna jump box

Yeah, and don't get So did you and I talked about those little square ones that you can get that was it you

I have it's just about the size the same size as a phone

extra extra foam batter right so my boss bought one from Yeah, he bought one from Costco thinking that this thing is gonna do great. The truck battery was dead. You put it on there it didn't do

shit. Not fun drunk battery. I had one just like that and it could it could just about starting escort starter

Yeah, I told my boss I'm like this isn't a one time it's

an f3 jumpstart a Honda Fit with that maybe.

So I told him he needed to buy the nicer one so I'm gonna buy a nice one. Yeah, so anyways,

and then maybe I mean you probably not getting China getting paid for it. But what if you also get a compressor? That might be nice. Good. Maybe one that has both.

Well, yeah, then it helps you. I mean,

Well, yeah, but when you're there anyways, you can check there, check the air and

come on man. Then we talked about this last about doing all the extra stuff.

Yeah. Well,

how are you? Good? How are you? Good?

Good. I know we were just picking on Jason but come on now.

Yeah, we only picking on Jason tonight. Come on my bed.

Oh, you guys had a pre meeting.

We should pre mean about him. We should pants him as he's walking. I'll tell him the livestreams over just make sure it's only as back end we don't want to show gonna tell you. Alright, moving on. Yes for this is the rest of these are kind of pictures. Yeah.

Hang on. Hang on.

No. So ever prepared.

I am I was Hank. I was talking.

Yeah, you get all excited. Pete I don't have to tell Pete. Hey, Pete. He just rolls he just he here's the pause. I know I'm stuck with your

just deal with me. Sweet Jesus. Someone helped me.

Whatever happened to God's gift to ride share?

That's what it is. Right.

Right there right to trip.

So I can't I can read what it says.

And then the comment says it's in Biden's laptop.

So but

yeah, the way you give it to me, because I get it might not. It's not It's not. It's not Joe Biden. It's in Hunter's laptop. Oh, yeah. But anyways, but yeah, I'm pretty sure that trip is done. No.

Larry posted some in the chat. They're like doing deliveries now. So I got in a huge fight with somebody on Facebook. Recently calling another company that we had an interview zoom. That's that's live. You heard the interview for that. If you listen to the podcast, boom, right zoom ride. Thank you. Good God. Like it's just another trip. I'm like, No, it's not it's not a subscription base. But for those of you out there that see those companies that are subscription base, please don't. Please don't do it. Don't do it. You should not have to pay to be on a platform. No, they pay you that's how it works.

Now there is certain models of Uber where you can pay a little bit to get more back. Yeah, some markets. Yeah.

I guess.


Yeah, what were you guys laughing I feel like I missed something. Oh, Mark said why? why not bring them a dozen doughnuts for free to who?

Mark said that about the I was you? You're the people. You're starting to batteries. Oh

yeah. Oh, what are we gonna do like ship shoppers? We're gonna put gift cards and hula hoops in the damn thing. If you missed that show, that was last time that was last time frickin Yes. Or wanted to basically rub their back.

All right.

Oh, I didn't see. Pretty much. Oh.


Got it. All right.

This mountain Mike's location uses doordash for its its delivery services. They

pocket all the tips the customers leave for delivery and tell the drivers the customers didn't tip. I know for a fact. I have first hand witnessed the customers app versus the restaurant tips. It's always zero. It's a shame they are thieves. Okay, before you read the comments, explain what is going on there. How would the restaurant see the tips if it came through the app or? I'm confused. It says they use it for delivery they pocket all the tips that the customers leave for delivery. And tell the drivers the customers didn't tip. I'm sure maybe they have one delivery account. And then they paid the drivers that way maybe Yeah, I'm kind of confused because the app is between you and doordash it's now doing you doordash in the restaurant.

The restaurant signed up for one delivery account through them and is using that to pay their drivers with me.

Maybe maybe they're not actually a door maybe they're not doordash drivers their work

for it worked for the restaurant. They're

sealing the tip so you can continue on I was just confused by that

does the drivers This is from I lost my place. Sorry. No, you're good. says Hi. Thank you for your feedback. doordash charges $9 per delivery of any order we have to make ends meet. Due to pandemic we are short staffed and having difficulties hiring new staff. Thank you for your understanding as we move through these uncertain times. And somebody commented the drivers have to make ends meet as well when they get $180 worth of food to deliver in a customer asked they received the $6 tip or an $85 order in a 20 hour tip then doordash pays his drivers $3 to deliver foods you contracted out to them to deliver

See I read the rest of the comments earlier. It doesn't make sense our theory doesn't make sense because it's like I can't comment on doordash policy the driver can work for us and get paid hourly plus tip so is this even is this I don't even understand this. Sam says maybe the restaurant is the customer and call drivers that way. Maybe. I mean while I when I initially scanned I'm like this is bullshit but now I'm reading it I'm like I don't even know how they're doing it. Maybe we should skip this article. Yeah. Oh shit. I got an article next. I didn't even read it. Damnit

talking about me not being prepared right? Again, you almost said the F word again. I didn't I said what the

anyways it's not it's kind of older news but lift deal with with it what am I doing? What is this article about? Oh, okay, so Uber rival Lyft is announced it will be partnering with grubhub This is such an older article that Yeah, so providing its lift pink subscription members access to grubhub free food delivery another person. Well, that's kind of cool. I you know, it this one article I saw and then I really haven't seen anything else about it. But the food delivery service has exploded during the Coronavirus with onsite restrictions in many places. After Ubers failed bid for grubhub agreed to buy Postmates for Uber bought Postmates. What kind of podcast is this? Had? I'm overwhelmed, I'm hot. I'm embarrassed that I didn't read this article. It happens like at least once a show one of us does it. So anyways, apparently lift We are experts

don't do it. We're experts.

There'll be partnering with grub hub. They're not buying them. So I think it's a good idea. They should all be integrated anyways, I mean, Lyft what's Lyft gonna do? I mean, there are at the bottom of the barrel, they're only doing rideshare and some, some delivery stuff, at least Uber, it's got Uber Eats, and that that's exploding that saved their ass during this pandemic is, is that Uber Eats? So yeah, I don't know why Lyft is not doing more, maybe they don't have any money. So.

So Sam said, maybe the restaurant is the customer and call drivers that way. So basically what happens is, you call the restaurant to order. The restaurant places the order on doordash to get a driver to come pick it up. Oh, that makes sense.

But so then how does the restaurant keep the tip?


so how did they do that?

So that mark part makes sense. But how they're the customer? If they're the customer, then they would be the one tipping, right? So how are they keeping the tip because the customer that cause the original order? Is tipping, like my credit card or something? And then the restaurants using doordash to place an order.

Oh, so they're not giving the tip. So when Okay, so the which is

such a weird way, just sign up and use.

So doordash doordash? Is the drivers coming to pick it up without a tip right? No, they're not getting one. But they're still picking it up. But the customer called Okay, I get it. Thank God for Sam. Yeah, I was very confused on it. That is shady. And then they say it right on their Facebook page. Like oh, times are tough. We'll figure it out. We're all figuring it out too. That's douchey I hate that company. Not doordash but the other one that's mountain bikes. I don't think that we haven't I've never heard of them. I've never heard it either. But speaking of saving money, Guess who's back?

Meet me at

Michigan insurance and financial services. Jackie, she is back she especially with the insurance reform. Now it's time to save money if you call her at 269-569-6127 or email her directly Jackie at Mia Fs calm you know, now's the time to say money Christmas coming up. You know things have changed. As far as the rates go, you want to make sure you have enough protection. So give her a call. We love Jackie she's been on the show before for the new people she I don't know what was it like was that before you for a while it's been like six eight months but color 269-569-6127 Jackie is my insurance agent. And basically what she does is she's kind of like an insurance broker. You call her and she checks with a bunch of different companies and figures out what's the best for your needs, the best price for you and etc. So 269-569-6127 or email Jackie at mia

I think she's actually exactly like an insurance broker. Not kind of

well I feel like she heard me say insurance broker what and she goes well that's not it and I didn't get an alternative like what else should I call that? Well,

I think they call independent agent so they don't they don't sell for one agent correct one comp company they would sell for multiple Yeah, so they're calling the right solution for you.

So I need to say independent agent instead of insurance broker you don't know but you really don't know. No. Okay, speaking of zoom,

so this one is a good one gonna be a picture and this is of

this is from Leo from Detroit. Yeah. And this is just basically what a screenshot what

he got it. So I'm trying to figure this out. So the seven minute total ride, right. He had he had to go 2.2 miles to pick up

distance a pickup 11.2 miles time to pick up two One minutes, so

we had to drive 21 minutes to get there. He didn't take this ride

right away. So he had to drive 21 minutes to get there to make $5. So, that being said, zoom actually pays you a premium when you do long pickups like that, right? Yeah, it's if you listen to the last podcast, it was a bonus episode. With zoom. She talked Carol talks about it, but I'm just curious. I just like all the information like they're telling you everything up front.

When and honestly, this isn't any different than getting a call downtown to fucking Allendale. I mean, sorry, but all the time, you would have to do it.

Hello. We had three almost and he just dropped it. Yeah, but you wouldn't. But see, the thing is, you wouldn't take that one. Because you see how short the

ride is? No, I know. But as you're saying, at least they're giving you the long pickup fee. And

yeah, and I don't know what that is. And it's different from Ubers. Carol. You know, it was a 30 minute interview. I'd really like Karolina to be on the show. Like I want her to come in and sit down like in studio and talk a little bit more in depth about it.

what time of the day was this?

That is a good question. Because honestly, oh, it was 2100. So that's 950 at night.

Yep. Oh, okay, just kidding. Why won't you say I saved cuz that's during the day during the slow time? I mean, you get for those rides?

I mean, you get five bucks. The estimating bucks. I mean, it's been plus your you would get paid to get to go. But I wish it would tell you like you're getting an extra $4 for this trip, because it's more than Ubers it's not. Yours is pennies.

But But eventually, eventually, you'll know how much you're gonna get to pick up. Yeah, just like getting to know one.

Right? So I just thought it was.

I mean, if I okay, at nine o'clock at night, it's not really all that great. No, during the day, like

right in there, they're at a soft launch right now. Like they're not even officially launched. So this is all new. I know. There's a lot of drivers out there that are excited about it. When we interviewed and we saw the map, and there was a lot of cars on there, and he's not getting a ton of requests, but

I'm telling you what guys, Jason is being giggly about this. I know the interview like giggling

I'm like everyone thinks I have to say just a preface they don't we don't they don't sponsor us. Like they're not as I'm just excited of how I'm passionate about all the features they have that I want.

Right well and and more than anything, it's it's it's a contender in the market. Yes, it's a third player, and it could have the potential changing the rules

is entered the game.


And you do make more but when they talked about it in their interview, it wasn't an exorbitant amount, which I'm okay with. Drivers just want a little bit more money. And they want some features that are a little bit better. They're not asking to get all the money from Uber. I mean, I'm sure some dumb asses are like the ones that are gonna vote no on Prop 22 you're gonna you knew that was Calvin. Okay, speaking of dumb asses, so I'm gonna try to explain this. So I found this on Reddit. This guy, but basically he's trying to start a new rideshare and it's it's weird, right? It's this on this lab fun. You have to vote to get it funded or something like that. But they use cryptocurrency. They're gonna background check the riders like safety rideshare drivers should not be placed in unsafe working environment. What is again, prop 22 we only require drivers to be background check if dev is able to that's what's called DB is able to save riders money in your riding cost is a $30 yearly background check provided by the writer too much to ask. Okay, that's fucking Whoo, damn it. That's not gonna happen. They're aiming for a 10% commission rate. I don't know. It just seems and then cryptocurrency like someone commented, like, how no one even knows how to use that and I he's gonna back it by crypto. So it'll look like a credit card when you pay for but it's actually crypto is

so like, unreliable. Oh, yeah. I know some guys who were almost millionaires and then dead broke the next day, and then almost millionaires and then dead broke. Yeah. They're like, it's so bad.

Yeah, it's just

maybe someday it'll be great.

Yeah, I don't think so. I think the whole idea behind cryptocurrency is just

Yeah, no, it says we aim to improve safety on our platform by requiring drivers to be one year vetted. rideshare drivers have respectable ratings.

So Bala tile.

Yeah, I mean, the kryptos. To me, that's the biggest problem. I don't want a company that's dealing in crypto because I've guarantee the next day they're like, Oh, yeah, we're shut down. We just lost $2 billion, right. Like it just seems weird, but yeah, this is an app you want to stay away from. I mean, I don't even think it's an app. They're just trying to get it funded. It's this weird like, like I said, lab fun. I don't know. Stupid. Don't do it.


no dumb.

Shit. We never did a tip time. Son of a bitch. Anyways, yes, for Europe next. This is kind of odd. But, sorry, what

are you jumping on? I'm like a

kid in a candy store, right?

Everybody, if you lock your keys in the car while it's running, and it's a newer car, mine is in 2015 you can press the keyhole or little square by the door handle and pull the door handle at the same time. And it'll open. I spent $75 to find this out. It's worth it to try now with the windows just in case it ever happens.

Okay, you This is stupid cuz everyone would break in everyone. I think it was unlocked the whole time. And she just got it. She was like, Oh, sweet. Jesus

was open gonna be the same on every make and model.

Well, I mean, who would even do a car like that? I mean, with the internet out. You can just Google that and be like, Oh, I can break into all these cars. I think the key is while the car says if you lock your keys in the car while it's running. Oh, did I miss

that I was running.

Oh, maybe. Oh, shut up mark.

I could do but I still don't think it's the same idea. It's like that for every make and model. Why would it be that way?

I don't know. It just seems okay. So while it's running while it's running, though, no, it doesn't how many carjackings happen you go to frickin you lock your your lock? I guess you're right. But I mean, if you knew that that happened and you walked up let's say you're like you're you steal cars. You know this make it Mater like Oh shit, they left the car running. It's locked. I know how to unlock it. Baby. I'm sure that it probably

trips. Those those tricks. Mark says the Father has NFC chip and will unlock it when it's well. What's cool is

my wife has that. So it's it's not even that. I mean, it's a nice, it's 2016 it's four years old. But it has it's loaded. It has that feature. She has the key in her purse. She just walks up and grabs the handle and it freakin unlocks. It's

right insane. We had his NFC

Yeah, it's great. We had a car when I was at the pizza shop. We had a car. Somebody came pick up pizza at that store. You park right in front right by the front counter. Yeah, it's probably is that the 44th and Byron center? No, no playing field store. Oh, did you say that? I was not reading. Okay. But just like the 44th Byron center store. It's right there by the front counter. But the lady left her vehicle running. Walk inside to pick up a pizza. Yeah, we ran out to cover your car.

Yeah, I mean, I'm sure I'm sure it happens. I mean, so Samantha says that she can't even lock her car if the keys isn't it? Yeah. See, that's the that makes more sense to me.

Yeah, that yeah. I can't lock Yeah, my car we even when it's off if the keys are in it. Every other door will lock except the driver door so you don't lock your keys in the car. I don't know how she was able to lock it with its running. I don't know where Anyway,

I'm gonna try that with the

shit. I gotta move on. Oops, sorry. Free plug. Sorry. You're gonna try that one with the Honda?

Oh, it might work. I don't know. 15. So

yeah, it might work. It's hot down here. I just turned the heat off. It's me.

So there's no tip talk. Keep going.

Yeah, I'm gonna keep going. We'll wrap this sucker up. How long have we been podcast and

on 10 minutes,

or 10 minutes? Pretty good.

Okay, who's up first? Oh, me. Yeah. Uh, oh. I forgot our Patreon ad. Dammit. We'll do that. The end. Do that. All right. When you find out it's an apartment delivery. And it's Kanye being Kanye.

with Kanye faces. It's got so

I actually don't mind it. Like why do these people Okay, do I want to carry six cases of water from Costco up three flights of stairs? No, I would be pissed at that. But if you're making a delivery for food, it's like okay, it's some stairs. You probably need the damn exercise. Anyways, I know I need it right? It's just kind of funny when they

are fussy. I don't need to exercise.

Yes, you do. I ever heard you walk in this morning my temple

chapel for food.

Hey, no. Hey, hello. Kadam I accepted it. $2 and 45 cents order. I was dying to Holwell there because there's a comment. And the comment the note from the customer goes leave a door. Do not knock dog will bark. I will yo shit well. Good real.

Yeah, I've seen that quite a bit

$2 and 45 cents.

That's what I do though. When I ordered delivery from somewhere. It's not to some lead on the step. Yeah. Don't ring the doorbell.

Well yeah, I totally get it for sleeping kids and if they have dogs in Kids are sleeping. You rang the doorbell guess what's going to happen?

Samson stfm Jesper. Yeah. What

she told you shut up? I didn't do anything. Yeah, I don't know what she's telling you to shut up for.

Alright, so next one. In order to protest the new Uber. Uber Eats 250 base pay. I'm going to decline every offer until my acceptance rate is zero percent. Then I would delete the app. Uber is garbage.

Oh, get over yourself. Like

well go to fucking California and sorry. Go to California and vote no. Oh, she was laughing at the temple thing.

Yeah. Everybody knows it's it's interesting.

Well, guys, this has been fun. It's hotter and shit in here. I got a I don't know. I think I need to open the windows when we podcast while you're gone. But I want that gigantic buggin don't see it around this time. Well, I have a frickin screen but yeah, I need to open the windows. I just turned the heat up. I heard it kick on again. I'm like, oh my god. I'm sweating. And I'm in a T shirt tonight. Buddy Pete wear shorts. I think about

my brother. He my brother picked me up to bring me out here. And he's like, you got shorts on? I'm like, Yeah, man. It's not as balls in

it. I think you know, it's just so closed up and you know, the door close. And it's not the big bodies. It is the big bodies and we're just running our mouths for Laughing Laughing Oh, yeah. And I should probably close that vent when we're podcasting. So. Um, john was over in YouTube the whole show not commenting. Thank you.

Hi, john. rude.

No, he was a little bit. Oh shit. Hold on. We got he was the everyday is like your field trip.

It's my anniversary today gonna say Happy anniversary. Happy anniversary. Happy anniversary. Happy anniversary. Happy anniversary. happy

with your wife.

Hey, it's been like, a touchy subject that I podcasts on an anniversary. Now mind you. We have a weekend scheduled in two weeks. So anyways, Jamie says I'm having a hot flash. I didn't mean to

touch on that.

Yeah, that's a touchy subject. That's a that's for threads to talk about. But speaking of money, no, I had terrible transitions tonight. If you want to know about extra gigs, when we interview tonight, why don't we interviewed last Wednesday at one we're interviewing next week. Next Wednesday. We're going that we're killing it. We're killing it. Go to gig economy. No, go to I know I still can't get it. Go to go to search the gig economy podcasts, you can join the $10 tier and you get free merch. Just talk to emerge person today. So we're getting that signed up. And you also get one extra podcast a month. You get to this month because we've missed September. And then you get behind the scenes before the show starts or dark shit and all that stuff. So and happy birthday to our good friend john volet. I don't know if I said that. Right. He is probably the Oji of the telegram group. I mean, as far as like,

a fan almost said Who cares, but I'm not gonna

Oh, wow. Oh my gosh, he received that

job. That's something he would say.

That's something he would say

he goes, thanks. Yes. Let's

see Genesis. Have a great fortnight might miss your next cast as I'm away on holiday. Yep. Well, we appreciate Janet from New Zealand.

We don't play fortnight Yeah, what's up with that? Have

a great fortnight. What does that even mean though?

fortnight is like is a term? Yeah, but

is it is it for I want to say like a fortnight it's like 40 days. Hey, Siri,

what is the Forte? My fortnight it's

fortnight. I put it up the speaker do it again. Do it again.

Try it again. Put it up to the mic so people can hear it at least.

What is a fortnight in terms of


She's an answer from I fortnight is a unit of time equal to 14 days, two weeks.

Oh shit. Two weeks and she called us. Wow.

My brother says back to it. You know what, listen, hey,

we've talked that we're not geography people. We're not tying people.

By the way. You can go on holiday.

Two weeks. Hey, you know why she go on holiday? Because she's an independent contractor. So vote Yeah.

On that note,

good night. Have a good night.

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