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yes for that was me. Oh, my bad. I can't access the comments.

You can't read it on your iPad.

Yeah. Oh, I'm logged I'm logged in as dammit dot

bat. Download it back on your phone. All right, just do it. So I am back. Yes, I have been driving or I should stop say driving. I mean, most of the gigs involve your eye on any. Like gun moving, right. Yeah, none. I'm gigging I'm back to gigging full time and I'm really enjoying it. We'll talk a little bit about some of my stories. I don't have anything that stands out a lot. But there's some different topics we're going to talk about that will probably trigger my memory a little bit about that. So also, I want to promote our last show that we posted. It is with lead ship shopper. So if you are a shipped shopper out there and new and want to hear some tips, if you go into the description of at least the Facebook post, you can find that link and you can download that episodes about 30 minutes. It was good. It was good to learn some things I learned some things and I'm a ship shopper. So I'm almost at 100 shops p I'm at 95 Oh, total since I started.

So I only been doing it

probably two years. So it's not very much but seems like a lot. Yeah, my ratings sell 4.7 that's not good. That's not good in the in the shipped world.

So why don't get them good orders. Oh, yeah. Get you some regulars. Buy some hula hoops.

I mean, come on. You know how that goes. Yes. berzon. He's in Tennessee. Dave the Uber slave. Thank you so much, Janet. Thank you for for tuning in. We super appreciate it. All right. Before we get into all of this, it's so weird. Not having Esper here. Yeah. There has been at every I'm pretty sure since he came on every single show, maybe one he just about

because he was in Nevada. Right. Wasn't at the Grand Canyon. This summer.

Yeah, but that wasn't during a show that he had he scheduled that on an off week. Oh, that's right. I'm pretty sure. Anyways, it's just weird not to see his beautiful, beautiful face over there. Before we get to the gig economy news, we'll talk about our studio sponsor Irvine's auto repair Grand Rapids hybrid. You can follow them on Facebook on Irvine's. I don't know why I said that. You can follow them on Facebook. I don't know why I said that. You can get to their website or vines.com. You can schedule online. You can also look at their Google reviews, which are pretty nuts. This is an old slide but it's a 4.7 out of 276 reviews. So they respond to everything. And Megan was supposed to get me a slide for tonight. But she didn't. They are giving away you get free wiper blades with any service for the month of November. So that's pretty cool. I mean, you need wiper blades going into fall maintenance. So call them at 532 65 three to 6600. Slow down Jason or urban Irvine's calm to schedule, we appreciate them supporting the gig economy.

system working,

what's not working in the comments, really. And my last pass isn't working for Facebook.

Okay, so just a heads up like Pete and I both deleted Facebook on our phones. I still get on it on the desktop when I'm in the studio. Oh, but apparently comments aren't loading on on the on the

on the phone app on the iPad. Yeah. And then on my phone. I have to log in with my password for Facebook, which is I don't know what I don't know because it's one of those weird so LastPass


down. No, I have to you have

to put your main one in your like, I'll screw that. I don't know what to tell you there buddy. Well, I can see it on stream yard. Okay. I don't know how else I can show you Mark says he can see the comments on his iPad. Just force close it and bring it back up again. What do you come on? What do you new shoot? Alright, so, first on the agenda tonight, new privacy features for Uber and Lyft, not Lyft just Uber. If this shows a little off the rails tonight, I mean, I'm fine. I'm not I'm just out of my element. It's just crazy. But, um, so basically, requesting a trip on the way during the trip after your trip, it's just telling you what they're going to release as the driver and what they're going to release as a passenger. So you can see the rating can see the address. And then after the trip, you can see the approximate location. So just another step for Uber trying to reduce. I mean, I don't know how this has reduced the sexual assaults. I mean, I think for them to reduce that kind of stuff they need to if they get better if riders get bad reviews or bad ratings, they should kick them off the platform, right? I mean, I get it, it's money, but that's going to reduce the assaults. So according to Uber safety report, released in December of 2018, more than 5900 riders, and drivers reported Uber rated related sexual assault in 2017 2018. Honestly, that's way too much. But for the amount of rides it takes for two years. I mean, what is what are they consider a sexual assault? Like? Like someone? That's a good question your beard, right? I mean, that tactically is an unwanted Yeah, approach. But you know,

what I find weird is that they don't say anything about Megan shrim I guess this is more lift. But there's nothing in there about making sure everybody has a picture the

passengers. See, Ubers never gonna do that because of people being racist. That's the problem. And I'm surprised that Lyft doesn't do that. They're supposed to be more woke than Uber. And I wish everyone did. Just for like, security purposes. If If so and so, you know, this looks like you and then yesterday rolls up of the I grabbed your to this for somebody else. Yeah, like what's going on here? But

I doubt y'all need to stop being racist.

Yeah, I mean, I don't think that's ever gonna go away. I think it's always gonna be something where

you always always see, I'm just I don't ever think about that. Because that's not how I operate. You know?

No, but a lot of people do, right? I mean, they do. Yeah, look at all the crap that's been going on. But yeah, it's it's not cool to do that. But I think that's why they don't put the pictures out there. That makes sense. Could be like that other ride share we talked about last week where now I'm getting cold at 66 in here that Windows only open a crack. Where you they wanted to get the passengers background check.

I'll close it. What? What app was that?

That was the one I don't know. I don't remember they were trying to get it funded or something like that for development. And that's what the Bitcoin one. Yeah, the Bitcoin one. So

that's never gonna happen.

No, that is definitely never gonna happen. Alright, so what else we got here? Oh, fuck fate. I mean, this was Tim's article. Hang on one sec. So Uber is gonna start doing reservations. Larry, I'm gonna bring you in after this article. Basically, like, what it sounds like it's Uber reservations. Uber reserve offers drivers more control of their schedule, to ditional earnings opportunity as drivers overseas receive 72% of the reserved fare fee, regular Uber rates for their city share, like 72%. I mean, I, as I was reading this article, I'm like, what's the reserve fee? Like? two bucks? It's actually eight to $12 for a passenger to reserve a ride.

So what is the difference between reserving a ride and schedule? What are they scheduling a ride? Yeah,

I guess it's just the the skin in the game. So like, if that person doesn't show up, they, the driver gets the full rate of the trip. So perfect drivers is that Uber and Uber reserve riders canceled less than an hour before the trip was scheduled to start the driver see the full fee associated with the fare meaning it's logged as a $50 trip the driver will see the full $52 trip. If it's canceled within that timeframe. And you'll receive 72% of the eight to $12 paid by the passenger. I think there's just more skin in the game. Like the passenger is going to show up. And but so you're wanting to know if the driver doesn't show up? Yeah, what

if the driver doesn't show up? Huh? What's the day like? So does it pick a driver ahead of time and say this is a reserve?

How does Uber reserve work for drivers as a driver you need to be on line an hour before the scheduled trip. In an Uber app, you'll receive trips heading toward your reservation in the meantime. So maybe you, you, I read this article, this is from a driver. It didn't say so basically, huh. So you must get you must, it must pop up and then you just grab it right? So then the rest of the time you end up getting rides towards that so you don't miss it. within the app itself, you'll be sent navigate toward or your reservation when the time is right, comes to do so to look like the image above on the right. My thoughts as drivers, she says there's upsides and downsides. Like I can see happening already. Sometimes it's difficult to find a passenger. So being on time, it's not always possible. Yeah. But also, I would not be happy with myself, I arrive 30 minutes early to the destination set outside waiting for the schedule, right? Because they get 30 minutes to like, that's their flexibility. So you could visit 10 o'clock pick up you roll up at 930 they have full 30 minutes before they can come out. Yeah, I know. I don't, I don't want to get there and wait there either. That'd be terrible. Right? So they're launching in some of the major markets. I wonder if it's

like how Lyft you go in there for scheduled rides? And you assign that to yourself?

Yeah, it doesn't really say in this article. I'm assuming it just pops up, you just look for reservations and grab them.

As a consumer, I would, I would hope that the drivers get like biffed pretty good. If you accept a ride, and then you, you know, show up 30 minutes early, and then you leave because you don't want to wait, or you don't show up at all. As a driver. That would suck. But yeah, but how are the consumer like?

Yeah, it didn't, it didn't really say any penalties for the driver. But yeah, what's keeping him from saying ask screw it?

Yeah, you know what I mean? Cuz 72% of the company times, and we've talked about it, like we showed up to a scheduled ride. You know, 15 minutes early, and

you're fussy at 15. I'm out. Yeah. And that's, I knew where it was going. Like, if it was gonna be a $75 fare, right? Or maybe it's just like, you roll the dice that the passenger is gonna cancel. And you get I mean, I don't know. Yeah, it doesn't really say that. But um, I do like, if the if the, if the customer screws, you, you at least get the full fare, which is great. But yeah, I mean, it is 72% of eight to $12 going to keep you there for 30 minutes. I mean, what's several 75% of $10? Was that 737 50 for a half hour? I'm just trying to do round numbers, because you know, math.

Yeah. I guess it depends on where if you do you know where the rise is going to go? It doesn't say, Well, I mean, if you're a diamond pitch, then

Yeah. Or if you're in California, that you get to see where it goes to but

brings up a lot of questions.

It does. Yeah, and surprise how expensive that is, though. Eight to 12 bucks. And it all depends

on I'm thinking there's got to be like a pretty significant detriment for the driver. If they don't show up or they show up and leave early.

Yeah, it doesn't say that.

This isn't the customers paying. You know, all of that then.

Yeah, there's

got to be a balance. You know,

there definitely is I'm going to share this in the chat so you guys can take a peek at it if you want to. at your leisure. take a gander ppds nuts. I love that guy. He's comment on some of our stuff. I thought he was always trolling us like, uh, but anyways, he's comment on some of our videos. Like I always smashed drunk girls, like one of those comments was, so I thought he was just like, trolling us or whatever. Okay, Larry. Oh, I should probably send you the link that might help. Let me do this. Coming Your Way, Larry.

Larry, Larry.

Larry, Larry, Larry. Pepe is not in the house. Trying to catch up on the comments. I was hoping you could watch the comments still, that

we're gonna get into. It just won't give me the option to show the that's so weird comments. Like, even if I hit comment, to make a comment. It pulls up the video. But doesn't.

That's so weird. I wish somehow I could share the if I knew this ahead of time, I would have just given you this monitor.

Yeah, I just I didn't.

It's alright. We'll see if Larry. He hasn't looked at the message yet. So I'm on Larry. Yes. It says a way to go. Jason. I don't know what that means. I don't know what that means. All right. Moving on. Ah, I think that those are the only two rideshare things tonight. Why don't you? You want to do yours? Oh, yeah. It's just funny. I actually have see this is the stories. I have a story from this. This link Really? Yeah.

Alright, so it's a comment. And I don't need to go the link rag industry. Yeah, okay, so since passion is out of their mind, if they think this is acceptable, and the pickup note says, I just want someone to bring me a six pack of white claw, 50 bucks. And then the first comments 50 is 50 like fish say it's 50.

Like we say in the group 20 bucks buddy is 20 bucks, 20

bucks or 20 bucks doesn't

really matter how you make it? Well, it does kind of thing. So my story for that, first of all, what do you think of that? When you see that? Would you do that?


probably not. No, one of the reasons.

License issues are age.

That's a big one for alcohol. Yeah.

I mean, if if I would ask them to send me a picture of their license or something, maybe. Here's a.

Here's another problem. I don't know, what if they just get an ID for someone in the house? Right? That's, I mean, when we do it with ships, when we scan the license, whatever they do, after we do that, that's their business. But that's, this is all through the app, and everything's legit, but doing it on the

50 bucks is 50 bucks, though. So I can guarantee you that probably 5050 of the people that get an offer like that are probably taking it.

So here's my story with it. I did a food delivery. Random like, early Tuesday at like, loving 15 some guy ordered I hop 1115 and I'm like, Okay, this is weird from Granville. So I was like I took it, it was a pretty decent tip on it. Well, I don't know what the tip was grubhub it just shows you the amount you're gonna make on this. Oh, hands down like so it was enough for my I looked at it. Like I think it was like 16 bucks. Like, that's fair. Nothing much going on right now. Yeah, you know what I mean? A little far of a drive because it's up. Wilson in Richmond, so a little bit north of Lake Michigan drive. Oh, but anyway, so it was a little bit of a drive. And in the notes, it says, Hey, grab me a pack of cigs. I'll give you 10 bucks plus a tip in the app. So I've been a little slow today. I said that. I said, Okay, this is what I'll do. I say you vent. I'll give you my Venmo if you Venmo the money $10 plus an extra five ahead of time, I will do it. That's what I was going to text them. And I texted him, I'm like, Hey, you still need cigarettes? He's like, Ah, no, because people people understand when they're writing comments in there. It's not for that order. It's directions to your place. Like you can add comments. So every time someone orders that pops up, but I did think like if you Venmo Me the Money, here's my Venmo link. I'll do it. What do I care? Right? I mean, I'll pay for your cigarettes, but it does have the little the legal thing again. But I mean, it's 1115 in the morning, the guy I think works third shift I my guess is used to get into breakfast. Yeah, whatever. But I think I would do it if they prepaid. like everyone's got Venmo now or, or cash app or whatever, even alcohol.

Because alcohol is a is a is a bigger beast. Yeah. And somebody had pack of smokes.

That's so true. I don't know if I do the alcohol.

That's it's a tough call. Because 50 bucks is I mean, depending on what day it is and what your money goal is. walks is

50 bucks. I mean, I try to make 60 at lunch, right? That's my goal, right around 50 or 60. Now, during the week, the weekends are different. It's a lot busier. But uh, yeah, I don't know. I don't think I do alcohol. I think that's, I think I draw the line. Yeah, cuz if a kid smokes a pack of cigarettes, it's like whatever, but Okay, we're gonna try to add Larry. Hello, Larry. Larry. Hey, what's

going on guys?

Is there any echo for you at all?

No. Sounds great. Sweet. Yeah, I had to turn I had to lower the volume on the Facebook page, but I can hear you to the stream yard so

Oh, okay.

There's there was an echo. But yeah,

yeah. Maybe that's what was going on with Sam. She somehow had something else on I like these headphones you got on. They look very familiar.

I wonder why. I swipe those when I was down your studio.

I am missing one.

No, no, no. That was that was on the equipment list you sent me?

Oh, okay. Yeah, they're great. I think they leak a little bit of audio sometimes if you have too high but well, Larry, why don't you tell us a little bit about yourself if people that don't know you and and just what you do and all that stuff?

Sure. Well, I'm full time I'm a computer systems engineer for the city of Bowling Green Kentucky. But in the evenings and on weekends, I do gig work. Mainly rideshare Lyft and Uber, but also do grub hub. roadie Uber Eats a little bit of this and that but it's mainly rideshare

Okay, and how long you've been driving,

been driving for three and a half years now.

Okay. I have a little story about Rody, all these things are triggering stories. So I tried to I tried to you know, I i've been laid off for two weeks, and I you know, you got to relog into all your apps and I logged into Rody, and it said your account is locked. So I sent him an email. I'm like, why is my account locked? Oh, you were inactive. Do you want to be reactivated? Yes. Okay. Wait a couple days? wait a couple days no response and I get the the the response? Well, we haven't heard from you. So we're gonna mark this ticket is closed. And I'm like, No dude like I want to be in so I emailed them back, and I'm like, never heard anything. So tried to log in, same thing. Exact same scenario. If you Jason, do you want to be an active roadie driver? Yes, please unlock my account two days later. Well, we haven't heard from you. So I just I just deleted the app. I was like, I'm done with you. I mean, what is going on? Yeah,

I mean, I mean, me.

Did you do? Have you done?

I probably done maybe like 30 or 40.

Okay, we've done more about them.

Yeah, I did a lot in the winner like later at night at the airport. You know, when I was hanging out the airport,

and playing golf with the old guys.

Now this is during the winter. I was not detailing my car. But no, I would get a lot of bags. But I mean, it wasn't really super profitable. It was basically like, there's nothing else going on. So

yes, he said we don't have an airport, you know, here in town. We we get very few roadies here.

Yeah. Yeah. It's there. I mean, it's there to use if you you know, want a little extra money. But now with so many other apps. I mean, if it's not poppin why even bother with it?

Yeah, I mean, unless it just pops up and I happen to see something and it's worth it right then I'll grab it. But yeah, it's mainly been medicine here that I've prescriptions that I've delivered. Okay. and deliver two hours one time.

I will like the bird I will.

They were plastic the plastic that you put on your porch? Yeah. That would have been that would have been interesting. Oh, yeah. I got to TSC and I had no idea what it was. The guy went back in the bag and it comes out with these two plastic outs. He's like, there you go. That's what your cheese Louise.

So as far as Uber ride share rides, you know how many you have approximately for both platforms? Um,

let me see. I can pull it up here real quick. I've got my phone. I think on Uber. It's around. Maybe 3500.

I see. I thought you were a lot higher than me. I'm.

I can't remember though, for sure. I can't remember where you find it on the app nowadays.

I think I'd look in your ear. Good old Keith. Larry. Such a hoot with these owl stories.

Hey, no, yeah, see what I've done. 2700. Okay. And lifts significantly less than? Okay. Probably 1600 or something.

All right. So how's that podcast years coming?

Well, I've been doing another podcast now. I do the podcast with my friend Antonio.

Oh, yeah. You're still you're still doing that.

Yeah, we've been doing it. We've we've probably done as many of those now as I've done just mine. Oh, wow. Generally about he's pretty good about having somebody lined up about every other week here. So we were supposed to do one tonight. But the lady she has a five year old and she couldn't get a setter till next week. What's uh, we're gonna interview her next next.

So you're, you're on like, it's just like an interview show. And you're a co host?

Pretty much. I mean, we talk about really all different subjects. We did a couple episodes about the pandemic we talked about. We did one show just mean ham on being you know, hustler, being a go getter, you know, working all your gigs, making money doing what it takes. Last one we did. We talked to a guy who's a realtor. He's developing kind of his own kind of realty website. Okay. The way we're talking to you, I think, this coming week, I think she owns it like an auto glass repair shop. We've had a couple of singers on there. So yeah, just a little bit everything.

So the question is, why have I been invited as a guest? I'm a hustler. I mean, come on. I love I love podcasts. You know, I love to talk. I can't shut up.

I'll see what I can do about that. But I in my defense, Antonio is the booking agent for the show. So he he's the one who's who's booked all the guests.

Well, if he is he who's doing the editing is he doing it to

um you know, we don't do we really don't see much editing. Okay, we

need that we need to have a conversation after this show which are rookies over there. Oh, kidding.

No, no, no, no, you know, my show, you know, I spent hours but he he. He just likes to throw it up there. So So yeah.

So during this pandemic, have you been driving passengers?

Ah, when COVID first came out, the city of Bowling Green, where I work at our city manager came out with kind of some rules and regulations since they were having probably, you know, most people work from home, they did say some I did lay down some rules about what you could do and what you couldn't do as far as your secondary jobs. And rideshare was not something that they were going to let me do. And so I switched over to doing all food delivery, and did that for about six months. And as y'all know, food delivery was off the chain. So I was making as much or more doing that than I was doing, you know, driving rideshare. So that was fun and kind of got, like you were talking the other day, Jason kind of kind of got to where I like doing food delivery on time. It's kind of nice. At first, I hated it. When I first did, it couldn't stand it didn't want to do whatsoever. But if you do for a while you're like, hey, it's kind of nice. Like listen to my music. I can. No, I have to worry about sort of puking in my car. Yeah, I worry about it being clean all the time. Well, that

Yeah, the clean thing is nice. If you look at my passenger floorboard, there's Wendy's bags and straws and water bottles. But I also think why people don't like food delivery right off the bat is because you don't know the strategy around it yet. You're feeling a little out of water. And once you figure it out, you're like, Okay, I got this, like I have my little areas I go to in my area to sit and wait for, for deliveries and in the big

thing is figuring out on the apps like making sure you look and see where where you're delivering. Yes. Because those squeeze that map down here. It looks like the delivery is not very far. Yeah, except the ride is like 30 minutes away. Oh yeah, for number pain. I'm not have done deliveries that far, but not for, you know, not for 10 bucks.

Yeah, the problem I'm running into is grubhub. I'm on the schedule. So I'm kind of and I have Uber running also. And sometimes I'll get a nice Uber one that's a little bit further happened today. And then I'm like, denying all these grubhub ones and then I'm taking right should I have done Uber one it's and grubhub you turn it off, they give you like five minutes and they're texting you saying hey, they're basically like you got enough time to go pee, you need to be back on the app and so it it can get a little challenging juggling

apps. And during during that time I did do a schedule a lot of blocks. But now I don't ever scheduling blocks and I really have not been able to tell any difference what's really

we can tell it because we get I get the the crappy ones. I get the $7 Taco Bells or the $6

Well, I just declined the

Why do to even if I'm on the schedule or not. I don't take anything less than 10

Yeah, and you learn to during the during the pandemic when all the lobbies are closed what fast food place off not to accept because I'm not gonna get stuck in Taco Bell Hill drive thru for 30 minutes for

$1 McDonald's on Michigan Street,

the Danish who's not here who is who is making comments. I told him several times, please don't go to like fast food. Like Like, you know, Wendy's is okay. It's a little step above like Taco Bell and McDonald's. But you're gonna wait in line, you're probably not going to get a tip. Or you know, it's just not worth it. So,

yeah, Taco Bell and White Castle. Here are the two I just

I've never had White Castle.

My castle is so good, man. Is it?

Yeah. Larry, is it good? Is it better than in and out?

No, see, we have we're the only place that I know of in the country that has White Castle and crystal. We haven't both. If you go anywhere North it's all White Castle. If you go anywhere South it's all crystal

now. Is that a situation kind of like? checkers and rally's was actually the same company. Are they two different companies?

Oh, they're two different companies. Okay. Yeah. I like crystal a little bitter. And I'm like why castle? Fine, but I got I got burned last time. I went there about two weeks ago and got something really late night. After I'd been working in the food. You can tell they've been sitting there for a while now. Also got a big chocolate milkshake. Had a real urge for chocolate milkshake. It was so thick that it you couldn't get it through the straw. So they want to see it at home with a spoon when I get home. opened it up and there's a big black hair inside there. Oh, yeah. So I'm done with White Castle for the foreseeable future. Oh, man. That's, you know, you can

go to the grocery store and buy like the frozen white castles.

Okay, like can you buy it in our groceries?

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, yeah,

not they're not as good and you don't get the crinkle fries.

Well, you can make your own crinkle fries. You can but yeah, so to answer the question, you weren't you are taking passengers now. Now? Yeah. Okay. So

about probably six weeks ago, our city manager said things that he's up enough so he's restrictions. So I started doing makes a passenger food. I turn them all on and whatever hits hits. Okay. So yeah, especially a lot of times during the day, on weekends, I'm doing a lot more food. But you can definitely tell also that there's less drivers in or used to be. Hmm, I've noticed that because, you know, I used to be here I would sit for 10 or 15 2030 minutes sometimes between rides. Yeah. And especially when I first started back with rideshare it was just back to backs. I think more of the drivers are slowly coming back now. Because there for a while I would only see like, three or four other drivers in all Bowling Green. Wow. It used to be wherever you went, you went up and you'd see the maximum amount of drivers she has sent her home. Yep. So yeah, it's definitely scaled it back on the drivers.

So Larry, if you don't mind me asking, what's your facemask policy? And have you had any riders that have like tried to fight you about either Uber or Lyft rules or your personal rules?

Now I've always been pretty good I keep packages of disposable masks the ones that Uber or grubhub or somebody sends to us every month or to keep them in there and if they don't have one I'll give them one everybody's been you know pretty cool about it. And you know, it's um, we've had so many like warm sunny days that I've had the windows down here lately and you know, gravel drive around with the windows and everybody's enjoyed that.

Yeah, it's been nice up here to key says they don't call leiria Hill topler Hill topper hustler for nothing is that where is he just come up with that or

they call you that? The the the university here is Western Kentucky University Hilltoppers. Oh, that's the name though.

I often wonder why Keith's got a bills hat to like maybe he's from Buffalo because does he live in Georgia?

He went to he went to school at Western. Oh, he did.


Yes, he did. I can't remember for sure where he's at now.

I think he's enjoying us. Georgia. Yeah.

Yeah, maybe. But yeah, I'm pretty sure he went to school Western.

Alright, Larry. Well, why don't you give everyone like one tip. Any of the apps that you think like, Man, this is this is something you really need to focus on? I don't know. I'm putting you on the spot. So?

Oh, well, let me think. Yeah, my biggest tip, I guess said, This popping in my head is, is make sure if especially if you're doing food delivery, make sure you take a little bit and make sure you know where that delivery is going. Because I used to burn me all the time when I first started it pop up and that, you know, it looked like the delivery. And the pickup and delivery were just right and few miles of each other. And then when you actually accept it, you know, they trumped the screen down so much. And it Yeah, it's 20 miles away. Like dang it. They got me.

Yeah, yeah, definitely know your area. Look with our shirt. Take the time to do it. Especially now Uber is little quicker. You only get like was like 30 seconds. As that little timer goes. But grubhub you get about a minute out of it.

grubhub is more of a pain to cancel an order once you've accepted. Yeah, for sure. You know, where it's just you know, you swipe it up and cancel it but Uber they are grubhub they want to they want you to explain why they want you to call them. Yeah,

yeah. When you when you first started the tip and you said something, take a little bit. I thought you're gonna do a joke, like, take a little bit of the food off the top. take a little time. I'm like,

No, no, don't do that.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, I don't want to be on on some viral YouTube video. Right?

Unless you're unless it's your page and you're making the money.

Exactly, exactly. Unless it's something good.

Yeah. Hey, Larry, before you go, what, um, what service were you in?

Oh, um, I

was a I was a combat medic in the Kentucky National Guard. Okay.

All right. Well, thank you for your service, Larry.

You're welcome. And it's been a pleasure. I enjoyed it quite a bit.

Well, enjoy. Well, you've already eaten the food but enjoyed the the glow of the smoky bones and the Dairy Queen. Oh, and

yeah, it's funny cuz actually, me and me and a buddy of mine. He was in service we we obviously have together on Veterans Day and go get some free food. So we actually smokey bones for lunch today. And then me and my wife went to smokey. Oh, your

poor wife later on tonight. That rooms gonna be there's gonna be like a fart fog. over the tire.

Top. Baked Beans

inside. Oh my gosh.

Your poor wife sleeping on the couch tonight.

She's a saint.


she is. Well, Larry, thank you so much. I'm glad this worked out.

This was fun. This was fun. Thanks, guys. I really appreciate you having me on. All right. Have a good one. All right. Have a good rest your show. All right. Bye.

Well, that was fun. It's fun. Yeah, like a Larry.

I'd love it. I'm glad at work two must have been Sam. I'm to say operator error on that one. Way to go, Sam,

you broke it last time.

All right, sorry for that little delay. I thought it was fun to talk to Larry. He's he's been one of our Patreon subscribers from the beginning. And we really appreciate his support on the show. So hopefully you can get me on the other show is on I'm always looking to be guests. And I want to, you know, you got to share the podcast love, right. Okay. Next up from Uber, Lyft drivers.com, a new app helps gig workers find where to whiz. So what is this app called again? The Wizard. Hold on. I thought it was in my it's just named Wiz. We're actually going to interview these guys next week, described being developed by gig workers for gig workers whizzes a bathroom finding app that is partnering with restaurants to provide gig workers with some smutch. some much needed relief.

It's a bad time to kind of work on that, because a lot of the restaurants have their bathrooms closed. Yeah.

So we're going to talk about that. And I want to encourage him. And to expand that to let drivers maybe, I don't know, somehow you can certify that they're rideshare drivers because yeah, a lot of restaurants. I mean, if it's fast food, it's closed. Yeah.

And I don't think just go to Johnny's on Michigan. Yeah.

So we're going to talk to him about that. Basically, with attempts to incentivize restaurants with free advertising exchange for bathroom access and promotional offers. So it's not a bad idea. Most drivers aren't going to use a restaurant to go potty though. go potty. What are we cheese? I mean, I don't even have toddlers anymore. I'm like, I got a poppers. Maybe Donegal body. I don't think I mean, I would never go into Logan's to go to the bathroom, right? I mean, it's probably cleaner. But I mean, it just

a lot of the times I'm going to that's we're messing up. We're so busy trying to decide whether to go to Speedway or Johnny's should have been going to Logan's where,

but how many times you go to Johnny's and not grab something to drink or a snack out of there, because that's why you're kind of you're kind of going to pee and you're kind of grabbing a snack. Honestly, the last thing I want to be doing on a Friday night is walking in Logan's,

you know when I'm already probably hungry. Walk around in there and strong stakes and yeah,

like, wow. And then even if they're partnering with with let's say then you're like, Oh, no, I'm not here to you. I'm here to whiz. I mean, like you're gonna have to say that every time because they greet you. When if they give you a little quiz. Yeah, a little bad. You hang on the door. You know, they bring up to bathroom access is a problem for like, homeless people and everything. I totally agree. What what could we do? What could somebody create that? You could put it on the side of the road? But it's not like some porta potti like, I mean, or maybe it is but it's just a little better. You know, the porta potties you open that up and I mean, you're just looking at loads of shit and they're NP like it's kind of gross. But if you got to do it, you got to do it. But it is something to think about I mean, we always Mark I am the one that peas in a Gary Bell I'm sorry I do that's called me a savage. I don't care she then. I mean, if you gotta go You gotta go right I heat then I pee in a Gatorade bottle. I've yet to be caught and in my daytime job or my gig job. Okay, so we're going to talk to them next week. This will be a Patreon only for a while. So if you want to hear it right away, we got a bunch of them in there a new app called wonder where you can get your you can wash people's clothes. And it's very profitable for the Why

should I should really like look into that

as a customer or

as a as a worker? Of course you got to go get to pick it up, right?

Yep, you got to pick it up. You can go to a laundry mat. If you go to a laundromat. You can write all that off. Now you can in your home too. But it's a little I mean, how do you track how much water raised or how much electricity you so while your your hourly hourly rate goes up at a laundromat because it's quicker? I mean, you got five washers, I mean, you can have all of them running at the same time. But you do lose a little bit because you have to buy you know the time for that stuff. But yeah, so go to patreon.com slash gig economy podcast if you want to get first dibs on some of this stuff. launder is everywhere, but it's not. There's no customers here yes for an hour.

I think they do background checks on the people that do it. You

know, because

I can't you if you get some perv and you're

there that's the number one. You're talking about the undies? Yeah, the number one question they get is the underwear and they're like, you can just wash your own underwear. It's probably like 1% of your total Daily laundry if you think about it, yeah. But I, you know, I can't remember in the interview, if they did do background checks, they have a ton of insurance. In fact, I'm telling you the whole interview, go to patreon and listen to it. It'll come out it's coming out in December for for all you cheap Fox. I just said it. I was gonna stop. But then I just said, um, the insurance they have if your machine breaks at home with you pinky out. Yeah, I am kind of. I was hoping that if your machine breaks, they'll cover it. Really? Yeah. And then the acid is like, Well, how do you know, it's a job for Lunder? I'm like, well, that's what insurance investigators are for. They can figure that stuff out. Yeah, I mean, but the insurance is insane. Like if you rack you know, because you're supposed to check all their pockets, let's say for whatever reason you had a pen in the load before for your home and then it ruined. It's covered. Wow. So great insurance, which is good. But not to spoil.

I won't spoil it. But you should definitely check it out. Because the pay. The pay is nuts. It's nuts. It's it's not going to spoil it. So go

check it out. In fact, when I when he told me how much the worker gets paid compared to what they're making, I'm like, how is that even sustainable? He's like, Don't worry, I got you. I was like, Damn, this guy really takes care of his workers. Right. So pretty nice. All right, my God, we're like 40 minutes in we're only on our second ad spot. Where are we at oil Ober. Joe go to oil. luber.com. They just signed up for another three months. Thank you guys so much for believing in us. They need new technicians. What oil Uber does is they are on demand oil change company they come to you. So they need customers, you can be a tech or a customer doesn't matter. All oil uber.com. And now with jumpstarts. I just bought my jumpstarter. So Brian, get me some business over here. I am ready to rock to help people. Nice. You can do that too. You don't have to just change oil, you can do fuel delivery or jumpstarts. So pretty badass oil uber.com for all that information to sign up to be a tech or to be a customer. It's all right there. We can't thank them enough for supporting us. And I'm really hoping these guys take off. It's It's It's a great idea. And why would you want to pay for those really loud? Sorry. You know, I think about the jumpstarts. You know, to go through your insurance app. I mean, especially if let's say it's bad weather. That's when everyone seems to need it, you know, in a bullish course. Right. You're gonna wait three hours to get a jump right. You call oil Ober or you request one. There's drivers driving around with either jumper cables and or jump box. And we all know Just be careful when you're doing it. We talked about this last time. Yep. So thank you oil. boober oil Uber for supporting. Okay,

this is just a Alright, so this next one is a guy that lost my spot. All right. It's a video of a door Dasher.

Yeah, we've seen people steal food. You know, eating off the chicken nugget. Yeah. scraping off the spaghetti of that guy in India.

Yeah. But this is something I haven't seen before. So this was pretty interesting.

Yeah, it's very short. But we'll play it and we'll just describe it for the audio listeners. That's it. The comment is do you think cameras didn't exist? Hope doordash fires you? So basically, it's she comes in, she drops the food. She takes a picture of it. She picks the food up and walks away with it. How did she think that? Like? Am I missing something? Is there some sort of loop to not get fired from that?

I almost wonder. I mean, when I saw it, I was like, This can't be real like somebody. Of course you think that about a lot his videos that you see you're like, somebody can't be that stupid. I know like reaching and like that guy who ate the chicken wings on the way to the door like, Are you that stupid that you?

Well that guy wasn't even the member in the article that wasn't that wasn't driver. I'm passenger. I think he was like, bombed, right?

Where the guy I mean, any of the guys, the guy who was sipping the drink at the door?

Oh, yeah, that one. Or the guy that rubbed the ice cream on his nuts. Like, here's a tip for all you new people. There's cameras everywhere, everywhere. Every house. I mean, you can get a friggin camera for like 30 bucks now and it works great with high def, so don't do that don't steal food. Like what does she expect that? What does she think is gonna happen? Yeah. I mean, you have a car. You're not that broke that you can't eat right? It's very bizarre. Why did you look that way?

I don't like the corner. My eye looks like thing was shaking. I was like, well, we have an earthquake or something.

I don't know. Maybe I got a little excited.

Okay, this kind of

this one kind of goes hand in hand. Yeah, I'm

trying to find gosh. Oh, here we go. The tech says this is your grubhub driver David. I love your order. outside of your front door, so that's a pretty standard text. Now with the pandemic, it's already pre written for you. That was that 603 at 611 says don't go away till I verify please

I'm at home like feet up on the on the couch watching TV. Yeah, that man's later Yeah,

that's my last delivery of whatever the day I'm gone. I I drop it and leave. I mean, first of all, it doesn't matter what's in that bag. The driver has nothing to do with that right? He can't control it. Even if you complain, he's gonna say you're gonna have to call support which I've noticed Uber Eats and grubhub are really good with the customers they usually give you credit for whatever is F dot.

I ordered a Uber Eats. Last week. I ordered a will just say I ordered an item and didn't come right and I got a $5 credit.

What do you mean the ordered item? Listen, I

ordered a Big Mac with extra meat. Okay.

You got me?

You get me coughing you got me?

Oh, yes, PR Don't be talking about London calm. They're not they're not paying for this crap. You're banned.

Alright, so this next one is an app that is available on is it on both stores? Or just Google? I assume it's on both?

Uh, yeah, it is. Okay.

It's called neighbor. And it is a space sharing.

Yeah, it's like Airbnb for storage or storage. Yeah, I'm gonna play this video. It's dumb. I YouTube was down. Before we were I was gonna actually pull a video with sound, but I'll just play it anyways, I don't even know if it really shows anything. It's no sound. So it doesn't really help our audio listeners. But I did look at if you go to tickets, let's see if it pulls the app up or the website. Now it's like neighborhood.com or something like that. But yeah, there's stuff in this area. I looked at it Oh, yeah. It's it's live here. So basically, it's just like Airbnb for storage. But I don't know if I'd be like, if I had a two cell garage, right? And the person says why park on this side and then you can store your stuff in this side. Okay, what do you start a car? Okay, fine. That would be totally fine. But if you had a bunch of boxes and furniture like in the wintertime, my car melts in the garage and all I mean, that seems weird that you would do that. I don't know if I would

also brings up a lot of you were talking about how the laundry service launder launder. Thank you. Is all the insurance. Yeah, you wonder about that for I mean, you think you need a lot more insurance for storage?

Yeah, I mean, it's probably one of those loopholes. Right. We should ask s Jackie about that. Yeah, because I mean your homeowners insurance covers everything in your home but what if you're making money out of it? Because now you're using your home as a commercial? Yes commercial so that kind of throws everything out the window as we found out with Uber and Lyft yeah rideshare But yeah, I don't know. I don't know I mean, I guess if I had like an empty shed I would do it like that's not attached to my home right? I don't know

I just to me I just don't know I just don't know people who have like random space to be storing other people's stuff

well, first of all what I was gonna say is like people have so much shit like I can see the need for it but like everyone although people watching online can't see it but through that door under there the entire thing is could fill with stuff. Now you can't stand up in there it's like it's you have to it's like a crawlspace but I have plenty of room to do it. But would I do it what I want someone else's stuff in there I would just feel it's awesome. I mean potentially a fire hazard


I mean, why would it be a fire hazard

I don't know

it's more issue with a flood Yeah, everything I have in there is in totes just in case we have like you know the flood from Noah you know man, I already have water issues in my in the backyard there so everything I have in there is totes But yeah, I don't know. I mean, just throwing it out there if you're looking for another gig you got an empty storage space I think it's neighbor.com or neighborhood calm something like that.

The name the app just called neighbor so yeah, see a website on there.

Yeah, um, the thing that's my bad My bad. All right. Just want to touch speaking of insurance. perfect segue. Perfect.


a Jackie from the office. We made that up. There's no that's not a word. It's it's Michigan insurance and financial service. Me AFS my office. I don't know. Jackie is my agent Jackie. Is you aspers agent he just switched. She can save you a ton of money, especially with the insurance reform please call her at 269-569-6127 that is her cell phone doesn't go to the business line or anything or email her Jackie at Mia Fs calm. She saved me a ton of money. You work directly with her. We don't want to say broker What did we establish last time?

I don't think we did you think you were going to talk

to her? No. But But yes, we said something and insurance. independent agent, independent agent. Thank you. Jackie is an independent agent. And she basically shops a bunch of insurance companies and finds the best one for you. Yes, it was shocked how much money he saved and either his guy was ripping them off or Jackie's amazing. I'm gonna lean towards Jackie's ma right? Of course. But yeah, she saved me a ton of money. So your next, your next on the list. Thanks, Jackie. You're next to 69569 6127 or email Jackie mia fs.com All right, I'm up next. This mic stand is really getting in my way. Like, can you notice I'm kind of like, like, bear like, I don't know, the monitor is all screwed up.

Okay, you know, your again is the ones that hang from the ceiling.

We've talked about, you know, yes, we're out of town when the boss is away.

Why I brought it up.

Let's play. Let's go to Sweetwater calm and start doing it. All right, this is out of our ship shopper group in Grand Rapids. In the first sentences sometimes I really asked myself are bundles worth it? So for people that are new, and I they weren't doing this when I was doing ship back in January, but they're not bundling orders together. Like you'll get a price for two, instead of like being wanting to, like normally you could accept those two on their own and you'd make more money. It's kind of like where grubhub will give you like I had it today I got a Panda Express for like $11 and like, Hey, would you want to add this one for five more dollars? So you're getting five more dollars but if you would get that separate? It would it would probably be 11 or 12 right? So they're trying to bundle it together because you're already there and I didn't take it because it was the first runs of the morning but so this is a text exchange with customer it says Wow, this is the worst order I've ever gotten. This is the customer you just rang my doorbell at 10pm and woke up my two children who rings the doorbell by the way like at 10 like maybe a light knock you know and if no answer like idiot what my two children who does that you didn't let me know you're on your way. There's a tech there's a spot in there it says on your way Tech's hit it every time guys used to substitute items without asking when you were supposed to contact the member. You contacted me an hour and a half before you actually delivered me things, then proceeded to deliver them two minutes before the cut off as a customer. This is horrifying as a ship shopper. I can't fathom this. Do better. This is embarrassing. I've been a ship shopper since 2017. And this is the worst shop I've ever seen. He says Hi. Sorry, you feel that way. I apologize. I looked in it looks like I got everything correct. Besides the Hershey candy, I apologize. I'm sorry about ringing the doorbell that was a bundle order with $3 order and I had to make a lot of substitutions for her. I also met to send you on the way text but apparently, I did not hit that my apologies. She says I figured you didn't it's obvious you made substitution because you put too much on your plate and you didn't want to take the time to see if I wanted that substitution. It was a lazy move. If you can't do multiple shops in the time slot then don't. I'm not paying for a wrong item because you bit off more than you can chew. It also has nothing to do with you bring in someone store at 10pm on a weeknight. Don't apologize for someone feeling something that's called gaslighting. Okay, she gets a little crazy at the end, either apologize for the quality of service, which is poor. That's not my feeling. That's fact or saying nothing but thanks. I'll be sure to mention this when I report this stage q

need a drink after read all that? Right? Yeah, I mean, that guy did everything wrong. I'm not gonna lie. It's stressful to take multiple shops when I take your Are you forced to do that? Okay. Now a lot of these smaller ones, they're bundling, which I won't do. I'm not gonna do that. I'm not gonna get paid less. Just because I'm in the store. It's still it's everything is the same amount. I can see it for food delivery, because you're literally walking through the door, taking a bag and putting it in your hot bag and then walking out. Not that much work, right? Are you doing a ship shop, you're getting paid less for that second order, but you're still doing all the shopping, you're still checking out, you're still driving to the customer's house. Like none of that's changed the instacart

was doing that too. When I was doing instacart in the middle of COVID. Okay, there were you know, I'd go to try to find some orders and they'd be like, three, two or three of them all bones up together and you know, I'd never done grocery really, I had been signed up for a while but I've never done it because I didn't need to you All right. rideshare Yeah. And, you know, I just like, I don't I'm not at the point where I feel comfortable doing two or three order shops yet. I'm trying to survive doing this, you know, 25 item order, let alone,

right. It is stressful because they at least on ship, they really penalize you if you're late. Yeah, like it's a big, it's a big hit. They do not like it. Which makes sense, because people are there for that hour. Like, yeah, if you're home, you're a stay at home mom or dad or whatever, it's fine. But so I would never take an order. Like, if I take two orders, if they were over 20, I would get stressed. Yeah. And I'm not as organized as a lot of these people that are doing ships. So the

other thing, you know, when I was doing doing shipped, it was like, everything was always gone. And you know, there's couldn't find anything. Just

It was like, when the pandemic started, right. Oh, yeah, I bet that was a nightmare.

Just I don't have no, I can't do this.

Well, I'm and I think people have started getting used to this, like saying that wasn't there. But I think early on, people are probably fussy, but then they're like, this is the reality. So you either deal with it? Or, you know, don't get it, you know, right, you shipped. What else was I gonna say? Oh, they now are offering early drop off. So that's cool. So that kind of helps you on on time, like it shows you early drop off is okay. So if it's scheduled from 4pm to 5pm. If you want to shop it early, and get it done with and get onto something else, you can do that. Oh, nice. So that's nice. But the bundling is horseshit. Yeah, so I'm not I won't say I won't ever do it, but I probably won't ever do it. I mean, it's just as much work. Why don't you pay me the same amount of money right? Like it's stupid. Yeah, I didn't share the pictures of this because they were kind of gross.

Yeah. So this next article is, I found it just kind of randomly. Was Uber passenger was 20 claims driver grabbed her and hit her in the face when she tried to hold it the UK is that UK site your UK mail? It is I got like ads popping over everything. Even on my tablet. Oh god. Oh, I just clicked on.

Oh, no. Great. Not gonna virus. I told Yes. briary bought the already bought the arms. But yeah, so Pete's gonna want to get this up is going to talk about some girl

that got sick. When she tried to escape after he started asking weird sexual questions. And so the driver apparently slapped her and hit her in the face. The pictures are are bad. Yeah, they're pretty girl I was a slap in the face is not like is pretty bad. It's way worse than a slap in the face.

It just brings up what was the whole scenario around those two anyways, it was just a random pickup. Like,

yeah, yeah, she was taken over to her boyfriend's house, when he started asking like weird sexual questions. And she tried to pretend that she was on the phone yoga. And then he refused to stop at a gas station apparently and then turned into a dead end. Hmm.

Yeah, this is where zoom right in Detroit comes in as a female you can request a female only driver female only is that the right way to say?

Like a female? Just request a female driver.

Yeah. You don't have to say the only part. Because Yeah, okay. You can request a female driver, which is great. And I wish Uber and Lyft would do that. It would be a game changer. I mean, yeah, it would suck that you wouldn't get the as many rides as a male. But I mean, if you're, you know,

here's what she said. She said, girls, please never get into an Uber alone. Yeah, and if you do, sit behind the driver.

Hmm. That's a really good idea. Which as a driver Hey, we hate Sam. Sam. Sam is she was taking Ubers for a while. Like when she had all the car wrecks. Yeah.

17 car Actually, yeah, the 72 weeks.

With 17 apps.

It makes sense. Yeah. But when I try to think of my safety, as well, yeah, I don't want somebody sent behind me.

Yeah, but are you gonna say something to somebody? I mean, I don't know. I wouldn't either. No, it would just be I would be on alert. Yeah. Like it would, it would, the spidey sense would be up and you're like, Okay, this person sitting by me. super weird. Especially if you and then you get people to sit behind you. Maybe they're just oblivious. Because they still just have a conversation with you. I'm like you're talking to the back of my head. Yes. On the other side. We're kind of angled back and forth, right. Oh, crazy. Yeah, Carol chimed in zoom right to safer for women for sure. Hundred percent. I mean, I you have a daughter I have a daughter. like yours is old enough to use the right chair might not quite there yet. But I want them to be safe out there that freaks me out. Like there's creepy guys. I mean screw bird. I mean all those guys out there. What

are you laughing at?

You say screw What?

No, I never said anything of this.

What are you talking about? These headphones growing out? Yes, we're time for new headphones.

I'm a pulpy they don't even think that I would even try to say that. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Okay. All right. This is like shipped heavy. This is from I think a Oh yeah, this is from a shopper. Alright, so yeah, just go ahead and not look at your phone rant. I know my texts are going through because I only had a few customers. I only had a few customers answer me right away. Remember when I'm reading this sometimes it you know might not be English, or, you know, I typed it. But my last six customers of the night nothing list of subs. I texted because three of them put in notes text me for subs, I think did and you didn't effing respond for the entire effing shop. Some of them didn't want me to substitute on my own until I asked them first. And I did. And they completely ignored my messages. So help me if I get complaints to them, I'm going to effing lose it. And if you're not going to look at your phone, put in notes ahead of time you ephors I know we don't really say it. But that was a lot of apps. I wasn't going to rant on that. I like that. I like that next that that next comment. The people who put this is from the Yeah, this is a comment that people who put text me for subs are the types to ignore their phones when you do just that. Why though? I don't really have an issue with that.

I'm not like I did when I was doing

instacart people wouldn't text you back.

Or I would text them. You know, a couple things. Like I said, when I was doing this, it was right, the beginning of COVID. So totally out. Yeah, your text was always out. Yeah. And they wouldn't respond or respond. And it's probably I don't know, if it was two thirds of the time, but somewhere between a third and two thirds of the time. I'd be in the checkout. Oh, can you grab this instead? No. Should have answered 15 minutes. Well, if

I'm at checkout Peace out, it's not happening. I mean, it's it's definitely not happening. And I won't I'll actually make a substitution if I don't hear from them. And I mean, would you rather have I mean, there are some things that my wife buys from Meijer that is like, No, nothing like if you buy an any if the off brand. I'm not going to eat it. Right. But I actually would rather like I had the deli was closed. I think the deli is closing a lot early. And I had a roast beef shop. She did texted me back. And you know, she wanted half a pound, but it was close. I was like, hey, do you want me to grab like the box stuff? And she said no. But if she didn't text back, I probably would have grabbed up, you know, whatever, those containers a pound or half a pound roast beef. Because what if it's for sandwiches for the kids in the morning or husband or whatever? Like I would rather have it? I don't know, some people would like don't do that. But I don't know if I'm doing that. As

as a shopper, you're better off substituting anyways. Yes. Because if you remove the item, you make less money, right? Because the money you you get. And I don't know if it's probably exactly the same for ship too, right?

Yeah, I think is it per item? Yeah, I think you get a base of like, five bucks in this like 7.5% of the total? Right? Something like that now. So um, yeah, I mean, it's, I would just Yeah, but I would just be pissed as a customer if now if they did it without texting me, right. But you're also you know, the rerouting the phone number through their system. So I mean, ship goes down sometimes. So I don't know that guy saying like he had the last six. Not texting back seems a little extreme.

I had a day when I was doing instacart at all day where nothing was going through and was going through and I even asked a couple of the other. Oh, they same thing.

So must have been on there. And yeah, so that's like a nightmare, right? I would stop shopping that day. I would be like, Alright, I'm taking the rest of the day off.

I mean, that's one of the things that contributed to just not doing Yeah, you started at the worst time. Yeah,

it's better now. I mean, I've done two or three since I've been maybe four or whatever. Since I've been back and they barely have. Everything's in stock. Yeah, I mean, although I haven't that you still

can't find like a lot of baking stuff, though. Oh, really? I haven't been in the like when I went. I made blueberry pie last weekend from scratch. So good.

You did or your streaming partner.

Well, I made everything. Oh, you did? Yeah. I thought she was watching her. She was streaming in California. Oh, okay. I like cooked along.

Okay. I thought you would like to youtuber together on streaming and you and she was baking it. Okay. Does she have a baking stream? Is that her thing?

She's got a lot of things makes cooks Games Video games. Nice.

Okay, so anyways, shoot.

I don't know what Oh, yeah.

You are having trouble finding supplies? Yeah.

Is there What do you mean? Yeah, they were like there's still like when I went in there, I had to get some Baking powder or something and like the yeast completely sold out? Yeah,

man if I would have known that we up at the cabin my mother in law's cabin that's like Amish country. There's yeast for days. Yeah guy brought some down for my my, my other buddy. He's like if you they have anything up there even some of the spices like I had to buy all spice and the Meijer ban was completely sold out. The other brand was completely sold out. Wow. Yeah. It's just like if you're gonna make pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving, you

better start buying spices now. There's

your warning. Yeah. Oh, man. That's bizarre. All right, last article before we jump into Facebook shenanigans, and so yeah, no, this isn't me. Oh, yeah, it's fine. While it's fuckface. But it's real quick. Basically, the DOJ do treatment of justice. But why would they clear Ubers? Like, that doesn't seem seems weird. But the US Justice Department has cleared Ubers 2.6 5 billion acquisition of food delivery compact yet.

They're said to clear it. No. And they think

no, it says the us the right. The first sentence says the US Justice Department has cleared Ubers

the first sentence on article I didn't go into the article. I just went by what the headline said, Oh,

you're right. You're right. Anyways. So basically Uber Ubers buying Postmates so Postmates is live here. I've used it. It's terrible. No, no, as a customer, I did it as a driver. You don't even know what you're getting. Like you don't know any money. And I looked back at some of my Postmates deliveries last winter. And they were like $3 plus $1 tip for dollar. Like I was just throwing it on easy to buy me a two king size candy bars. Yeah, I mean, it was but that that some of that was even food delivery. Like from Wendy's and I'm like, who even does this Postmates anymore? Why would you even do it for like $4 somebody tipped $1 I don't know. I don't like their setup. So I'm curious to see what Uber does if they like just keep Postmates around now I know Postmates in like California is huge. And my guess is the prices are a little up but around here. I don't know if

I can't imagine they're gonna keep just Postmates do like

they do everything do everything. You can get anything delivered.

I just I still like and I said this last show too. But it just it's mind boggling to me that Uber has already gotten into like delivering other random stuff besides Yeah, they already have that's one

you actually have neither of us it hit the mic. Yes, sir. is usually the problem. He's adjusting his shit up and down.

Tim oh

you're right they already have the infrastructure if that said some something up and like, Oh, hey, bro. Someone just bought a microwave from BestBuy? Can you go swing by and pick it up and deliver like, and lift was supposed to do something like that? They wouldn't? I don't know. But

I don't think they'll keep I can't imagine why they would keep both companies.

Well, they're not going to get rid of Uber Eats so I hope they shut Postmates down because the way they do it. I don't know anyone that would want to use Postmates as a driver. You don't even know how much you're gonna never sign up for Postmates so it's not worth it. They're still I still getting requests cuz the other day it was a little slow and I got one. But then I got a grub hub right away so I never took it but yeah, it pops up and you just go and you do not know how much you make until after the trip is done. I don't like that. Like every other app. They tell you how much you're gonna make. You know my unless the guy like Uber's like you're gonna make $10 including tip now when you when you when you post the when you're done when you deliver it. It doesn't have the tip on there. One hour later it shows up. Yeah, so they have an opportunity to go in there. Take it up. Honestly, no one's ever done it. For me. It's always showed up.

See I happen allows me I was doing instant one out a lot. Well, I mean a few 10s of instacart.

Yeah. You mean the tip veining? Yeah, right, right. Yeah, Larry said a. Larry. That blueberry pie got off track. I know. He started.

So good. Was it good? So good.

Good for you. That's great. Yeah, Larry says I don't do post mates anymore. I mean, when every other app is showing what you're gonna earn, why would you do one that you're just like, well, I'm just gonna roll the dice. I might make 20 bucks, I might make four bucks.

Also, if you're making three bucks,

I'm not kidding. I'll show you a parable. I'll show you at the end of the show. The base was three bucks and I got $1 tip I'm sure delivered across the street. Like, I know. No, it was bad. Well, I see people on Reddit bitching about Ubers $2 and 50 cent base for deliveries but I've been pleasantly surprised at Ubers even their order ahead ones are pretty profitable because they pay you more for that. Huh? If you order ahead and then you pay for it with their card. I just order it I pull over the side of the rode, and I ordered the food right there when I get it, and then I continue on my way. So that way you're not waiting there. But yeah, he says, I think it'll take a year or so to spin off the Postmates brand. Uber said, The batching technology Postmates has the one thing it does better. Oh, interesting.

Yeah. When a company like that buys another company that does the same thing. Yes. For like the Talon some.

The one the Civic thing, huh? Yeah. Although Postmates I did make good money. They had an exclusive deal with Apple. So I was doing I was delivering thousands of dollars worth of Apple products around Christmas. I wonder if they'll do it this year, too. And you would make it was like a minimum of like 10 or 12 bucks, but then they would double up on them and you would get the same amount for them. And they didn't like put them together like they do with grub hubs. Yeah, that's right. I totally forgot about that. It was actually kind of weird because there was a big process with cuz I mean, I deliver an iPad and Apple Watch and an iPhone in one delivery. I mean, you're talking or Mac. I've had Mac books in there. I'm like, Yeah, man. That's amazing. Yeah, mark out his watch lover by Postmates. So I think yeah, I think in the Christmas season, it's booming. But I mean, right now it's probably not but but but but the day after Christmas, or not after Christmas. day after Thanksgiving. That's probably I'll probably turn it back on again. That wasn't bad. Although I've been trying to stay over on the west side, like west of 131. So the only Apple stores that woodlands. Yeah, kind of gotta be out that side of town. So all right, let's get into Oh, wait, I almost forgot. We have a new sponsor. I love that site we use that's like, this seems good for taxes. Alright, skirting board tax and accounting. They are local to Grand Rapids. You can call Dave at 616-940-1045. So we're talking about taxes. Like he signed up for three months. So we'll be doing some in January too. But now's the time to talk about taxes because y'all know on January 1, you'd be like, Oh,

how do I do this? 1099

I want my money back. And he's gonna help you through all that.

Because I'm sure most of you aren't doing quarterly.

No, I know. I've never done quarterly. So get with him 940 1045 It doesn't matter if you're in Georgia or whatever you can do your taxes. I don't know about the state one I don't know how that works if you have to be licensed for the state. I don't know that works. I feel like you can do taxes anywhere I better clarify that with him before. But anyways skirting board tax and accounting 940 1045 we super appreciate Dave for believing in us and you need to get a tax done by a professional don't frickin use TurboTax don't go to h&r block. Pete. Didn't you get audited or something? Didn't you? Did you get that straightened out? Yeah. Well, you better call this guy Well, no, you probably should call h&r block, because apparently he owes money to the city legibly. Allegedly. Don't go to h&r block either. Honestly, most of them are not tax accountants. They are just people that are trained off the street to do your taxes. So just FYI. 940 1045. Thanks, Dave. All right. Now we'll go to Oh, tip time.

Tip time. tip toe.

I actually don't have a picture. Here's your picture. What do you see there?

Not a damn thing. And that's

what I want to talk about. I have seen so much. When I go into restaurants, these doordash drivers. It's mostly doordash and Uber Eats not so much grub hub. No bags. Nobody has bags. What are you doing? Like I would be so I would be so pissed. Like it's already gonna be lukewarm when it's coming to you. Like Have you ever gotten an Uber Eats delivery where it's been piping?

or whatever?

I mean, depending how far away Yeah,

I mean, I don't think so.

The only place that I know that the food is piping hot when I even when I go pick it up somewhere. Sometime it struggles was a wing doozy

I've gotten Little Caesars delivered a couple of times to doordash Have you but that being said I live like a mile away not even probably like a half a mile from that one right there on

fuller and Oh, yeah. But the wing doozy I don't know they put their they dropped the wings in there. And then there's like tinfoil in there sound off. It radiates the heat but you open that sucker up and it's like a furnace. But yeah, please do put a bag in like, I will. I'll let you know if you're listening to the show and you delivered to me and you have no bag. I will be reporting you. I mean that I think about McDonald's drivers. What about them? Because they put the pop in the bag. They do. I mean that we can't control because that bag is sealed. So I put it in my hot bag. I mean, that's where it goes. All my food goes in hot bags and every single time and last is a nice Um, well, even an ice cream delivery I would put if it didn't have anything hot next to it. Yeah. But yeah, I don't see very many hot bags anymore. I think all these people jumped on with a pandemic and they're just like, it's fine. I don't know to me I'd be fussy. Maybe I'm old man. fussy, but no, I agree. Yeah, well, you're an old man too.

That's true. Shut up. Mark.

Don't be a spoiler. What the hell we're not done with the show yet.

What did he say? He said,

What is this popping up? What happened about Amazon driver in that job? I don't want to say at all. All right. Uh, I'm up first Facebook shenanigans. All right. This is from our boy Yes, bird, the Danish mumble mouth. It's from Wisconsin somewhere it says folks this has really nothing to do with rideshare but I thought it was good. It's a picture of a looks like a Toyota Corolla.

That's what it looks like.

And it has a snowmobile on the top. It says folks don't try this at home or state patrol friend stop this vehicle Sunday on us 63 in Polk County, because this isn't a safe way to transfer to snowmobile. If you're transporting equipment this winter you're advised to safely holid secured on a trailer or in a truck. Man I'm what's odd to me. First of all, that it's on top of a Toyota Corolla it's hilarious for

second of all, it's it's loaded wide instead of Yeah,

yeah. Yeah. It's opposite it's loaded the opposite direction the cars

traveling Thank you. I didn't know what kind of words

so it's not aerodynamic. So why wouldn't you? I mean, was I don't know why he did it that way. Oh, probably because he wanted to go through his windows but you still shouldn't be able to strap it through the windows. out what an idiot. Yeah. Larry says use a thermal bag. Yeah, Larry. He knows he's a professional. But yeah, don't transport snowmobiles on Toyota curls. The funny part the he snapped a picture and there's a big ass truck right next to the the car in the road. You like bro? Stop. I bet you that's the craziest thing he said. I don't know. He's a state trooper. He's probably seen a lot of things some crazy shit. Alright. P

Here we go. Skipping.

Oh, shit. No, it's just out of order. There you go. Mark. So

well. This is an this is actually Michigan. I didn't realize this. Yeah,

it's in Detroit area.

Does Amazon driver took a wrong turn onto a Michigan golf course. And drove into a tunnel.

Yeah, first of all, there's several several things wrong with this one. The roadies on is wide enough for a car for one car like it's it's it's it's wide enough for his Amazon van. How did he get on there? I mean, do you ever watch the office or your office fan? Okay. There's a car in a couple episodes. Yeah, there's a scene where Michael and Dwight like follow the GPS and drive into like, enjoy. It's like no stop is like no, this is where the DPS has to go. This is kind of what's done that here. Yeah. in water.

When I when I first started doing Uber and Lyft. I was always using the the internal Uber GPS because it was back when I started it was so much easier than trying to tab back and forth between the apps. And there's an area over by East beltline and Bradford right there. By the college. Yes. Got a lake back there. Yes. And one of the roads dead ends into the lake. No kidding. But on Ubers Uber zap the road goes all the way through. And I was driving it was like 11 o'clock at night. So it's pitch black out. And if there wouldn't have been a barrier across the road. Wow, let's hit because I had no idea. I've never been over that area. I was like 15 feet from from water.

That's crazy. Yeah. Yeah, I've been using the internal app and Uber a little bit more lately. It's just nicer to it's been pretty accurate. Yeah. I've also been pleasantly surprised. amazon flex their app when it first started was terrible. It's really accurate now. Yeah, it's been nice to have have it inside the app. It's just easier.

I go back and forth. It kind of depends on like, I say I go back and forth. Yeah. I haven't been driving him in months. But I went back and forth a lot because it kind of depends what time of day you drive. Because ways is just so helpful with like, the trash grams and rows that are under construction. Yeah, actually, like, downtown when a random ass road is closed. Yeah, one day and then open the next.

Yeah, ways is great for that. Uber's not gonna get you on that. Yeah, I mean, it's old data that they're doing. And this is for our guests that was in earlier

got this one buddy, right. Oh, can you go I can't hear you speak. Okay.

So this is kind of just funny. It says, pass California ballot measure allows Uber Lyft to categorize workers as car parts. The funny part is is like, I'm pretty. I would say I'm internet savvy. And I saw that logo. And I know that's the onion. Yeah. And it's Bs, but I guarantee some people fell for that. 100% Oh, yeah. So apparently are working as car parts now. So Well guys, we appreciate you we appreciate Irvine's auto repair and Grand Rapids hybrid for supporting the studio and supporting us. We really appreciate everyone. Oh, I made a new slide for Patreon. I'm going to show it new song two. Let's not wait till it kicks in. That's a good riff.

That's a good one.

Anyways, well, I see my little sign blocked the lot. I forgot about that on stream yard. It has the little gig economy. So go to patreon.com search the gig economy podcast, extra podcast a month, and we're gonna be making some exclusive merch just for Patreon members. So yeah, not just a hat, not just a hat, you might be getting something exclusive, you can only get on Patreon. So patreon.com slash the gig economy podcast five or $10 a month. We'd really appreciate the support. Like the song man. Some of these songs I'm like, I wish there was like words to it. It's good riff. So Well, guys, thank you guys so much. Thank you for chiming in. Thank you for commenting key. Thanks for being a Patreon member Janet, you to know who else is on? Well, we had CPA hustles I don't know. He said hello, fam. I'm sure he's just looking first. So we had Chris posts. I don't know how to say his last name. Chris. Post him us. post them us. post them us. He signed up for Oh, that's one thing I need to say he we are going to start doing rotating hosts the Esper. Like I said, I don't remember the last time yesterday has been gone. Yes, sir. And I will be on. If you want to be on and you're not from here. We would love to have you on. Maybe not be for the whole show. But we'll give you some articles and things that you're maybe you're passionate about in the gig life that you're doing and to talk about. So Janet, that's open to you in New Zealand.

I'd be fun. That would be really fun.

Like two o'clock there. I think when we go live at night, trying to see anyone else in here. But anyways, if you want to be a guest on the show, we'd love it. Next week, Chris is postgame. This is going to be on we are opened two weeks. Sorry, I keep saying next week, two weeks Chris is going to be on December 9 is gonna be our last show for the year. We're taking the rest of the year off. I think the next podcast falls on like December 23. So we're not going to do that. So we'll be back in January. But just give you guys a heads up I probably won't be posting any content. I don't have time to do a best of it's a lot of work. If we took good show notes like during the show. It might be easier but Gosh, I don't remember. So two more shows left for 2020. So, Alright guys, thanks so much. Have a good night. Bye.

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