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I'll take it you take it, take it alright. So yeah, we're gonna have just a kind of a different rundown tonight. Marissa is going to kind of give us I don't know some tips about shipped. We've talked about in the past, but it's always good to have somebody on here. Since I feel like shipped is blowing up just due to the fact that with a pandemic, in those things, there's a lot of ship shopping going on.

Here, there's a recent change also. Yeah. The rules a little bit. Yeah,

a lot. Actually, that's changed since your last ship shoppers, all

right. And there's some some sort of like, pandemic going on there make it because I don't know, I haven't

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know how quick Did you order them to have them by Christmas? So you're gonna have to look that up.

Yeah, that's that's not on us. That's not that's what i doing any shipping. So, um, okay, so what we typically do before we jump into the articles is stories since last podcast now. Yes, PR is not working.

Well. I have no story.

You have no stories. And and I don't know about Miguel. If you have anything that's happened recently. No, I

haven't been driving at all.

Well, you haven't. You haven't dropped passengers. Right.

I've been doing Ober eats.

Okay. How's that? How's that been going? Are you just doing Uber Eats?

Yeah, it's been pretty slow. Yeah. Like, I don't know. People aren't buying any food or there's more drivers. How? Who knows?

I think there's more drivers. Are you just focusing in Holland? Are you actually doing it in Grand Rapids? Mainly Holland right

now. So yeah, I'm staying in Collin. Okay. probably less drivers out there. Anyways, it is not a good not a bad idea. Right now. Hey.

Do you have it? Yes.

gave away a tip. Okay.

So, Marissa, what about you? Any anything that stands out before we get into your your main section later on? Yeah,

I witnessed a fight about masks. Oh, I'm there while I was shopping. There was a woman who was not wearing a mask. And I think they were already fighting about it in the store. Because I caught them in the parking lot. And the woman like there was a guy who I think was yelling at her for not wearing a mask. And she hit his car Doughboy. Like with her hand? She like hit the back of his car and he like jumped out and was like screaming at her. I like walked right

through in the middle of them. I

was like, okay,

so yeah,

yeah, yeah,

we're outside now. It's like doesn't even matter. You guys are

Yeah. Oh, man. I i've surprisingly haven't seen anything.

I've seen three.

Really? Man. When I when I go into the gas station, though. It just there's always somebody that's not wearing

a gas station.

I don't know. I don't say anything. I'm just like, whatever.

What have half the time the attendant isn't wearing the mask right either?

Forget it. Yes.

Forget it. I had a few things. Uber stupid. They two weeks ago ran me ran a background check and they decided to run another one. And I haven't been able to do Uber for like three or four days and it was supposed to clear today and I don't know why.

I just was wondering I still didn't clear today said it was supposed to

Yeah, I checked tonight. They keep sending me their support email like hey, how do you rate your support service? I'm like, I'm not rating you until I get back on the platform. Yeah, for sure.

I'm just I don't know why it took so long for support to respond to my email, you know,

wow. Yeah, they take what your job what your email what email?

It was that bad, bad joke or


So, so I'm not doing Uber right now.

So you got

Uber. So I'm not doing Uber right now. But one thing I did do a flex route the other day, and I delivered to this lady, it was pretty nice house out in new nica. And I get up there and two heavy boxes this fine. I'm like, whatever. It's, I was like, Oh, she was actually outside. She's like, oh, here, take a little gift card for Christmas. And I'm like, Oh, sweet. Thanks. So I left it in my car for two days, I didn't really think about it. And then I grabbed it. And there's Amazon and put the code and it was 20 bucks. Wow. I know, I couldn't believe it was 20 bucks. I'm like, that's awesome. That is so nice. And I noticed on Facebook yesterday that someone else was talking about it. So she's given them white light GaNS here in a week.

Wow. I couldn't. It is nice, though, that they use this time of the year to kind of just acknowledge the the people who are and servicing so

yeah, we I run into and I'm sure Marissa does too. But like people have like little snacks outside. Yeah, I got a Snickers like two days ago. Like I need it, trying to, you know, fatten up before the diet. But

you guys have a weird about stuff like that.

Meaning about,

about whether or not it's safe. You know, that's I mean, I'm not I'm not I'm just literally xe asking. I mean, I know they all individually wrapped or whatever, and all that stuff. But I mean, I don't know.

I've never thought twice about taking


No, I won't write in that basket. I'm like, Snickers Yeah. I every year I say to my wife. I'm like, we should do that. I mean, yeah, we never do. Anyways, and then real quick, we probably won't talk about it later. But anyone that does amazon flex head that has requested the Amazon rewards card, they have a debit card now. It is super buggy. I just want to throw that out there that it's super buggy. And I wasn't able to transfer money from my debit card back to my bank. So I actually shut the direct deposit off. So just wanted to throw that out there if if you? Definitely, I mean, it's a good deal because you get percentage back on gas and food and all that other stuff. So the gallon, Marisa, if you hear those weird sounds, those are people liking the stream and stuff. I know. Miguel knows. Know, Miguel. And the noises you hear are actually the Uber pink sound for drivers. And then there's a Lyft one too. I can't remember which one triggers that one. So just wanted to throw that

out there. It's just remit those noises. We haven't heard him so long. Yeah,

exactly. Did I talk about I talked about diabet. Didn't I

emerged? Okay. Yep.

Okay. Um, yeah, I just want to thank our Patreon members, too. We really appreciate it. So. So David, what is Patreon again? If you go to patreon.com, and, boy, I'm gonna have to edit these out and post. Wow. It gets distracting. It's funny, Marissa, but when I first did it, people were so confused. They're like, wait, who's got their phone on? Because that's what it sounds like when you get a ride. Yeah, so this is amazing. Yeah, right, right. Yeah, if you go to patreon.com and search the gig economy podcast, that's where we, you can join us to support us. You get an extra podcast a month. Usually we interview somebody that's got like a new app coming out. We just recently released on an app called lender that's not an app yet, but a gig called lender, you can check that out. It's actually in the Facebook description, the last episode, and then you get a piece of merge. And what else do you get? Oh, before the show banter, and yada yada yada, so

yep. And we actually have our furthers the way Patreon is from New Zealand so we shipped it to her So absolutely, we will go ahead and do that.

Yeah, Janet, kind of how long it took. I know, you'd think it was only like 21 days.

It wasn't too long. No, it wasn't too long.

Yeah, I shipped it from like, like cheap. It was like 12 bucks to ship this hat. And it was like 21 days so

so yep, no, it's it's it's pretty cool. Yes, please, please join us. Help us.

Right. We would appreciate it. Alrighty, let me see. Oh, that's not the right one. Here we go. Before we jump into a gig economy news, I want to talk about Irvine's auto repair and Grand Rapids hybrid called mF at 532 6600. Or go to Irvine comm to schedule online. Everything's COVID safe You don't even have to see him. I mean, you want to see him back into Jamie are amazing. But they're one of the best auto repair places in the country. Now they will say and I will tell you they are not the cheapest, but they are the best and they will fix it right the first time. If you look at the screen there, Google reveals like 4.7 out of five a 276 reviews so They're amazing. We love them. They've been a supporter for over a year from of our podcast. So five, three to 6600 or Irvine's dot com to schedule. Alright, so let's get back to it. Oh shit. Yes, guess what?

I don't know what?

I didn't read my article.

Oh my gosh.

I read that one. No. So we can just talk about it Uber asked us CDC to consider ride hailing drivers essential for COVID-19 vaccine just distribution. Oh, please don't play this video. Please don't play this video. Oh, I played it. What do you guys think? Yeah. What do you guys think about that? Do you think Uber drivers should be offered the vaccine like frontline workers?

Well, first of all, would you guys take the vaccine?

No, no, no.

I think I think it just is a hot topic right now. So um,

so Okay. I don't know, I guess you full time worker. And yeah, maybe that should be considered to get the bad thing. I mean, they they move a lot of people through the day like, can be? Well, I guess. Yeah, I

guess it depends on who else they're including? Like, are they including grocery store workers and gas station? People? Like, are they including everybody who was essential in the beginning? Or was Uber essential? back in April?

Yes. I mean, what? Yeah, I mean, yeah, you're right. Yeah, you have to add like bus drivers. And like you said, grocery store workers, I might see if they do it in separate waves, like, you know, maybe like the, the medical staff first. And then maybe like, grocery store workers and Uber drivers and bus drivers and those kind of things. But

like people who are for sure being exposed people who are 90% being exposed. Yeah.

The other side of it, though, is we all servicing people who are out on the front line every day. So it makes sense. It makes sense that that we get it right. I would I would take it absolutely in a heartbeat if we were to get it offered. Just because why not? Right. And when you are, you know, servicing. If, like Marissa, if you get COVID and you have to stay home. That's two weeks where you are not able to help another family who potentially is on the front lines. Right. So I think you have got you got to think about it that that way as well. We help we help out.

Yeah, so different at a loss if we're not able to work? Absolutely. Yeah.

Yeah. Again, I don't, I don't really care. Regardless if they do or not. I don't think they're gonna get it with them. I don't think so. I don't think so. Although there's like, a fear, like there's four or five people, you know, four or five companies that put out vaccines. So it feels like, you know, by January, there's gonna be so many of them. But yeah, well, I

mean, right now they're talking about whether or not we're going to get it first or whatever. So there's a lot of talk about that. Be I want to bring on Peter from the from the group. He his comment is he says he thinks if you're full time, and if you're working full time, then you should get it. But if you're just a part time, or maybe you don't have to, you know, so So, you know, I think that's a good comment. And if you know, maybe that's a good way of distinguishing between the two.

Yeah, I don't know. I mean, yeah, I would never it would be I mean, everyone, if you're gonna want it, you're you're eventually going to get it. But yeah, if you're driving 20 hours a week, I mean, there has to be some sort of like, you literally drive 40 hours a week.

And another thing I was thinking about earlier today is so let's see, when when the when when the vaccine is here, right, and we have it. Do you guys think there's gonna be a notice in the app, whether or not your driver is vaccinated or not? Are they gonna go that far? No.

It's HIPAA HIPAA violation.

I don't think that's legal.

Well, and that there's some truth to that. Marissa, that's absolutely true. But I can see benefits. I can see absolute benefits and knowing whether or not that you have it. The driver could put it in his profile. I think that'd be right. Yeah, you can write it in the profile. Absolutely. And then you run yourself and then you're not. Yeah,

maybe you would get more people wanting that.

Yeah, definitely. Uber's not going to be allowed to do that. In fact, my son got exposed last week to somebody and we don't they don't tell you who it was or how it happened or anything. They're just like, oh, by the way, and we're like, Well, what I thought like the eye contact or we're getting off. I'm gonna I'm gonna report. We're getting off topic. That's okay. No, I knew it was bound to happen. Well,

I think it's a hot topic right now. Yeah. Talk about how that's all gonna affect us.

So Marissa, Chris. I don't know how to pronounce his last name said that. He He's pretty sure that you delivered his groceries last night probably don't remember. Like, yeah, I can't

remember Chris, but it's possible. I've been working so

you didn't do a very good job.

Hey, I've got two months of five stars.


Wow. You didn't say you did great.

I'm only a 4.7. So I mean,

overall or your I think I think overall

I am no member I've only done 100. Right. Um, but like, I don't know, I just I just don't think when

was the last time you shopped has been

like a month ago. Okay. Yeah, cuz

you know, they do the last two weeks your for your last two weeks and then have a score for your last 50 days. And those are both 5.0. Yeah, but my overall score is four 4.9. Okay, how

many? How many have you done total?

I think it's almost 1600.

Oh, yeah. Wow.

Mm hmm. And how long have you been? Have you been doing chip?

almost three years.

Okay. All right. Well, we'll

talk about that a little bit more. Mark dammit. He comes up with the best jokes. Mark says a 4.7. Because of the Santa beard random beard. All right, next up is a yesterday's video. It's it's kind of

playing right?

Well, you told me you wanted to see it before. And that's why I kicked Miguel out of the studio earlier because you want

so here's a here's a video about a doordash and tipping. tipping.

Yeah, this is this is this, this podcast is tip heavy conversation. So I'm just gonna throw that out there. It's

good. We gotta gotta get some more people tipping. That's right. Just put in your food order with doordash feeling all good. Leaving that $0 tip for your driver. Here's what happens next, your food is about to be ready, it goes out to the closest doordash driver for $3. He doesn't accept the 35 seconds later, because the next doordash driver for 325, then the next 350, then the next 375, then the next four then the next 425 454 75 $5. Meanwhile, 35 seconds are going by in between finally a driver accepts it. Maybe 750, maybe eight bucks. The food's already been sitting there ready for about 10 minutes. Now it's at the 20th closest driver to the restaurant who now has to drive 15 minutes to the restaurant, the time they get to your food. It's been 25 minutes. Now they got to drive 15 minutes to your house, it took you 40 minutes. You're wondering why your food's gone. You're wondering my doordash charges you so much. You know why? Because they got to make up for the cost. Because you didn't tip you chose to leave the $0 tip. So guess what they added it on, they keep paying the driver. And when they pay the driver, I lose, you lose. We all lose. Tip your friggin drivers start with five bucks, get your food hot and fast.

Do high energy there. But there's some truth to it. Right? There's some truth to it. So because that's how these systems work. So that is interesting.

Yeah, I mean, I can give a little feedback about doordash. They all kind of work the same. But I've done doordash this week, just due to the fact because Uber is dumb. So I've had to do doordash and doordash is the lowest paying one out there, they actually give you a base pay of three. And then the tip is what you make on top of that. And I've seen orders for $3 350 $4 for 25. And what happens is he's exactly right, I get one for three, guess what? decline, the next guy gets it for three decline, decline, decline, decline, decline, decline, you know what I mean? And so then it sits there for a while. And then finally it gets up to let's say eight bucks. And when I see one for eight bucks, I often wonder if if it's been sitting there for a while, but I typically won't take anything less than $8. Because I mean, I mean, I'm not going to deliver something for three bucks. I mean, you're you're gonna have to be next to the restaurant for me to do that.

Can people tip after you deliver?

So I'm not sure on doordash. I know grubhub has enabled that feature they can tip after But yeah, I don't know. I mean, he makes a good point, though. We've always talked about that with Uber driving as well. Like there's a someone that's trying to get a ride that lives out in the boonies, and they like can't get a ride and can't get a ride or like, well, if you can pre tip if you pre tip 10 bucks, I'm gonna come pick you up.

I mean, I used to say that to anybody who was whenever they were in Allendale wanting to go downtown, I would say, you know, the moment you you ping me, you tip you text me immediately and say I will tip you $5 or something like that. Because then I will drive out to get you. You know, otherwise I'm not driving 12 hours 12 minutes to drive it down the street. I'm just not. But then go get the LTP on the app, bro.

I know that's what I'm

saying. And you run you run that risk. Absolutely. But you guys

all the time.

Absolutely. Yeah. It's and then you have you sitting there you'd never get it right. But I've had several times, Miguel where I drove out out to Allendale and they were nice gave me a 10 $15 tip. It's you know it They just do. I mean, I had one time this was back when everything was crazy time, right? I picked up it was a, it was at 2am in the morning, and I actually took him home. So that's always better. But it was a four, it was a four time ride until I made 200 bucks going from downtown to Allendale. Because they also tipped me $20. So hey, I'll take it by. Yeah, you know, sometimes they do one. As I said, whenever I picked something, I live halfway between downtown and ellendale. So that's a little easier. So whenever I go online, I always kind of I watch for the ones coming from Allendale because they want to go down to the to the to the Grand Rapids at that time. Until I you know, I'll go out and pick it and get them up. And then I say, when you got a home text to your driver immediately a letting them know that you will tip them and then do because then they will keep your otherwise they might kick you off because people they don't want to drive that far.

Yeah, I think a pre tipping option would be amazing in the Uber app,

just like it's doing Uber Eats now. Right? Well, there's the estimated with a tip. So I mean, yeah, that would be great. And Uber as well. Absolutely.

I often wonder though, now that grub hub, but they can go back in and change it I wonder and Uber you can to the first hour, they have one hour to change the tip, which is nice. I think Uber has actually done a good job with Uber Eats between all the companies like given the opportunity to change it. And if they don't, and they're like enjoying their food and the hour goes by then the tip is mine. So nice. Yeah. All right, let's check this one out. So this one, I'm gonna make this one big, small. So this is a text conversation. So this is the stuff we deal with. I'm not kidding. So this is your grubhub driver. I've left your order as specified in your notes. That's that's a default text in room 247 Yes, I dropped off the order room 247 that's what I Cress that's what I requested be brought and that's where it is. Food was dropped off at 247 was laid on the ground outside and I don't want to tell whoever brought it there that there's no dogs here refund my money. I don't get what that means. That's the gross Shit I Never ever heard of. Kind of cannot read this on my screen. I'm sorry. Hold on. That's the gross Shit I Never ever heard of refused to eat this shit for to walk or not to leave people's food. This is I'm reading what he typed so it doesn't mean it makes sense. I don't want it I mean, since it was so hard to knock in the door to present to me. grubhub deliveries are contactless due to COVID that's why there's a mask. I don't want this. I think he meant shit. I need my money return. Incorrect. The delivery was marked as con contactless, that's a hard word to say. You can you can contact grub hub customer support for refund Have a great day Enjoy your meal. So yeah, I mean, here's the thing. I think as a default on a lot of these apps, it's marked as contactless that was that's a hard word for me to see how slow I said that contactless. I knock regardless. So I mean, this is another one where he didn't knock he just left it. I don't understand people that don't knock, I would want somebody to knock. Because it's food, right? It's gonna get cold. A lot of people aren't glued to their phones all the time. So they may not see the notification that comes. I mean, it's probably just pops up and then goes away. You know how it kind of scrolls down and pops up. So yeah, I mean, I don't know why it's a big deal that he left it on the ground at the hotel. I mean, I don't know where the dog ship or

not eating the bag.

Yeah, I know. It's so bizarre.

I saw one this way. I saw one somebody, somebody had placed a food right on on the on the stone in front of the door, and the door opened out. So it would actually, when they opened their door, it would push the food off the ledge. seems stupid, right? Maybe. But yeah, that was like, Huh.

Drivers are so dumb. In fact, I had a delivery this week that said, Please don't put it in front of the door. And I'm like, okay, clearly she's had some issues where Yeah, I'm like, when people deliver packages to them, I always look when I deliver a package where the door opens. So I don't block it a so that when they open it, they can just grab it. They don't have to walk all the way around. I don't know. Maybe I'd be in to consider it. But

I mean, like because Pickens, you know, you look at a door. Yeah, yeah. Okay.

It's just customer service. I mean, like, I treat people how I would want to be treated. So anyways, Mark,

what about what about Do you have any weird like, drop off stories like that?

Kind of, I delivered an order last week. And it was a pork chop off and I usually send a text lay you know, show me to drop everything off on your porch and you text me It's all there. And she's like, Yeah, great. So I drop it off and get back to the store. And you know, I send a text when I drop it off. Everything's there, have a great night, blah, blah. And I get back to the store. And she's like, um, nothing is on my porch. And I'm like, my heart is racing. I'm like, No, I cannot do this. I am not a new. I will not accept. So she's like, so then she says, because we don't have access to their address after we deliver. So she sends me a text with her address. And I'm like, that was not on your account. I looked at my map history. And I was like, but you know, I try not to be like, this is your fault.

Yeah. So I was like,

Oh, I'm pretty sure my app said this. I'm so sorry. I'm jumping back in my car. She's like, no, so I call her and she's like, don't worry about it. It could have been she's like, it could have been me. I'm gonna run out and make sure it's still there. So then she texts me and she is like, yeah, I put the wrong address in my account. I'm so sorry. I was like, thank God.

So did you run back and grab it?

I was in my car. I was going to go back and get it for her. But it was her next door neighbor. I think they must have shared the account.


Okay, thankfully, she was like, I'm putting my slippers on going on.

I would like it. I'd be freaking out.

Right. Where's my groceries? Yeah. So bad for a second. I was like, I couldn't I can't do that.

No, I would do the same thing. I've had it where I forget the this week I forgot drinks twice. Now they got because they text because I always it's been with grubhub too. That's why it's I kind of like grub up because you send a stock tax. And then they text me back. Hey, was there a drink, I'm like, batch. So I'm like, turn around and like, one was like a kid's milk. And the other one was like a mountain dew. It doesn't really matter what it was. But but with doordash you like confirm delivery. And then there's no texting. It's like all through the app. And for grub hub, it actually pulls your SMS message. So you actually have you can contact you know, the customer through SMS not through the app. So thankfully, it was both with grubhub. And they're like, hey, did it have a drink? And like

I had one this week where she had ordered for fabric softeners. And I was like, well, that's kind of weird. So I asked her, I was like, did you offer these? And she was like, she said something about one of the items. And I was like, Okay, great. So she only wanted one. So I put the rest back. And then when I delivered, she sent me a text and she was like, hey, did they not have those fabric? softeners and I was like, I thought, Oh, I must have left the one that I got for her in the car. And I was like I'm so sorry. It must be in the back of my car and coming back right now and get back to her house and it's not my car and I'm like so confused like Where could it have gone if she didn't get it inside of my car? So then she's like, no, there was a there was a sale at Target. If you buy for you get a $10 coupon and I wanted all three of them but English wasn't her first language so it was like kind of a choppy text and I just didn't understand what she meant but it was like she wanted all four of them. I only brought her

what I bought so bad sees it happens.

I know all right. Yes, we're moving on. This is a kind of a scary video coming out right now and and i think it I think it probably is like a worst case scenario what what could happen but just shouldn't but go ahead and play the video.

Oh my God wasn't that bad? No, no, no, no. Why are you getting back in there? You put your fucking gun on me. I'm doing my fucking job. Now

Oh, by the way, he uses the F word quite a bit.

You know, we all watch what? Amazon tried a big ass and

I literally wave to your back and work.

Bro. I'm doing my job. No,

I want to

jump on a pistol in front of

you with your pistol gun show. No, no,

no, no, no,

no, I'm turning back.

No, no, no, no fuck that. I should call the cops or you would call them as you get away from the band. Anyways, we don't have to play all of that. But you get Yeah, you get the gist of it. Um, it is honestly he's actually in an Amazon van when I deliver Amazon packages. I'm in my personal car.

But the story doesn't we don't know that he's in the mo it was Oh, he says he's an Amazon driver. But you don't actually see the side of the van.

No, you don't but through the rest of the video. No, the rest of the video does say that. He's in a prime van. Oh, yeah. So but my point is is like We drive our own vehicles. Yeah, I have a sticker that says Amazon. And it's okay during the day, but still, even now they're like, Oh, they make you drive your own car. Now I'm like, I always drive my own car and I have to explain to them that amazon flex This is the overflow. Like every single time. I had a lady day come sprinting from her barn because she saw me pull in the driveway. And I'm like, it's okay. I mean, I wear Amazon fast. Like I step out, like, you see, like, I just don't have the van. And there's been people in the Grand Rapids group that have had guns pulled on him. Oh, my God. Yeah. Especially late at night. I try not to deliver at night. So I won't usually take a night route like a wall. Dark at 530 in Michigan here in the winter, so anything after that it's kind of sketch because you go out to the country, the city's fine. No, no problem in the city. But if you go out to like Cedar Springs and or Kansas City or wherever you move, man. It's It's dangerous.

But why? And this is what I don't understand. Maybe it's just because I'm not from here. I don't know. But why is your first thought to pull the gun? I don't get that

America, bro. Well, but

I mean, maybe right. So that that but why are you worried about your safety because somebody comes driving down your driveway in a van? I don't. I don't get that.

Well, especially like you're in your house. Right? I mean,

it's the middle of the day.

Well, I mean, it's it's they deliver up to 9pm. That for him.

I know, this was the middle of the day, right? I mean, what was he scared about? It's not like he didn't look like he couldn't handle himself. I mean, he Yeah, he was old. But he wasn't that old.

Yeah. I think people I just get it. Yeah, yeah. I mean, so anyone listening that isn't a gig worker. If you do see a car in your driveway, which I'm a neighborhood watch guy, I'm gonna be the 80 year old looking out the window every day, because that's how. So if somebody rolls up, I'm like, what's up? My daughter does the same thing. It's freaking hilarious. We kind of live on a dead end two. So I'm like, looking in the back like people will park back there. I'm like, what's up? You know what I mean? So I get it. But my first reaction wouldn't be to come out with a pistol. No, no, but I mean, so.

No. So Sam, Sam, the gun in the chat is Is she doesn't understand it either. And of course, Matt Maher gets the other side of it. Right. Yeah. So again, if you have both sides of that all the time, I just for me, I don't get it. But I also you know, then Mike is very, very, very different when it comes to those things. I don't know if you guys remember anything about this. But about 25 years ago, right now, there was a lady. She was over here from them, like, on a longest day and she had her baby with her. And she happened to leave her baby outside in the stroller in the bar, downtown Manhattan, which you could do any day of the week. And then like in Copenhagen, because you just do that. And she did. Oh, yeah, you can it's not a big deal. It was it was a police car came by they took the baby, it was a huge deal. And she was reported to the to the to the child protective services and everything, which is a huge deal. But it's just a difference in mentality. Even in a bigger city. Again, it's going back to this whole thing and why is your first thought to pull the gun I don't I don't get that.

It's the same reason why I'm gonna say this and we're gonna move on because I don't want anyone else to talk about it. It's the same reason we're still dealing with this pandemic. Alright, Marissa, it's your show. Cheers. Cheers. It's your time to shine, it's your time to shine. So Marissa is gonna talk about a few things and then we're gonna do an ad and then she's gonna wrap it up. So we just kind of split it up a little bit. So a couple of things I want to know about. You know, what your ship shopper wants you to know. And then like your best five star tip?

Yes. All right. Okay, so if you shipped This segment is for you. The first thing that I want people to know is for pickup orders. When we mark your order, as ready for pickup, we sit down and we wait for you. We cannot do anything else. Until you come and pick up your order. We don't have a place a safe place to put your cart we don't have We can't leave it with somebody we sit and wait for you. So please, please, please please please try to coordinate with your shopper and come and pick it up. ASAP when we're ready for you and then also along the same lines with pickup orders if you come late, we are marked late and we will be penalized for that.

Yeah, it's also good to just to clarify as you continue on that you want to present you know because you know as a customer Right. So some of the shoppers have never taken an order. So it's also good to think you know, as you're listening to this, like what the what the customer sees so you can provide a better service.

Yeah, exactly. The other thing as a customer, I think it's important to know that we can't add alcohol onto your orders unless you already have alcohol on your orders. So there's some sort of legal thing on the back end paperwork, when you first submit your order, you're signing something, and we don't have access to that a shopper. So it's a huge legal no no for us to deliver alcohol if it isn't originally on your order. So if there's something if there's like a beer or something that you want, that's not in the, in the catalogue, don't put it in as a special request, put in a different beer so that you have that already. And then you can just tell us that you want something else. And then another thing that's important, so we can't deliver tobacco, which includes smoking cessation, private products, we can't deliver propane fireworks or any live items. So can you get cars? We can't do gift cards either.

Can you add additional alcohol if they already have some alcohol? Okay,

yeah, we can.

That's so weird. I know. Like you've already like, I guess you're like opening the door. So they can add as much alcohol as long as they have like, give me a give me a Mickey's 40 or something. And you're like, Yeah, I'd like some, you know, founders. I'd like some new Hall. And then that's totally fine. Yeah, it's

totally fine. It's all just, it's just the legal thing. When you first submit your order, there's something that you sign Oh, is required for alcohol delivery.

So each time the customer place the order they sign this? Yes, like check a box and say, yeah,

it's probably a box that they check. And we don't have access to that a shopper. So we can't like have them sign the form or whatever to get that.

Yeah, Samsung order. When you order alcohol, you agree to be present? With ID. So how does that work with? Is it anyone that has an ID? Or do do you have to have the customer that ordered the shop?

It can be anyone over the age of 21? I can't have a 10 year old can bring me their mom's ID right. But we can accept any valid form of ID so we can do a passport or address. It can't be an expired driver's license, either. If you have an expired license, unfortunately, we're now

it seems that to me, that seems weird. Like, I agree. You're clearly this is you I see you on the picture. You're clearly over 21 just because it's

cheating. Well, they have to do that at the grocery store, too. If you have a an expired ID they're not supposed to sell it at the grocery store either.

Really, but don't it's because they don't actually get rid of the expired ID right. So technically, even if they get a new one they could, quote unquote, give the expired one away. Yeah,

that's probably why. Oh, yeah, that's

a good point. Yes, we're coming in strong. Logic. Yeah. Even from Denmark. He's like, Jason.

Since I was 13. He says,

right? Isn't your son 15?

Isn't your son 15? You shouldn't be bragging about that. I'm gonna send him this clip.

legal drinking age and then Mike is 15 right?

Is it really?

You can buy into 18 and 21. But you can drink you

can drink at 15. That is not Wow. is the same for tobacco.

They don't care. I mean, whether or not is the guy I don't know whether or not they did. There's no control. I mean, I think you have to take them to bat but anybody can go by to cigarettes.

Yeah, it's also interesting. And this is completely sidebar, but like, I was watching a tic tac the other day. Yeah, I know. I watched tic tocs all the time. So addicting. There's so addicting. It says you can you know, you can be 18 to vote, but and you can go die for your country. But you can't buy booze till you're 21 Yeah, it's so weird.

There's a lot of double standards going around there. Right? It's you know, yeah, America. America. There you go. So,

what's that?

says it all doesn't.

So what else can you tell us about? Uh, you know what your ship shopper wants you to know?

Yeah, um, our ratings are very sensitive. They're very strict about our ratings. So unless you have a specific reason to rate us down, please don't we could get fired. Sorry, Jason for saying this, but we could get fired for 4.7 and then you have a 4.7. So don't just give us a four star because there's always room for improvement, please and thank you. And then another thing is shipped has started bundling orders. So that means that we are being offered orders that are Two together. So we don't have a choice. We have to shop your order with somebody else's. And I know that that's really frustrating from the customer perspective. But please just bear with us. And we are getting paid less for them also. So yeah, I, I apologize for the slow communication and slow delivery, but it's a it's not our fault.

Are you kidding? Are you taking bundle orders when I have nothing when I'm not ordered or offered anything? So when you're like, it's like me with doordash, like, you're just like, dead in the water, you're like, I need a bit of work.

I'm not just gonna sit here. I'm like, okay, I could sit in the parking lot and make nothing. Or I could make 10 bucks and go do this

bundle, do you have the same kind of mentality? And I'm sure you're in some maybe or some Facebook groups, I don't know, that they're like, and I'm kind of like, I'm kind of a jerk like that with Amazon. So just real quick, Amazon starts out at a certain rate. And if you leave the routes alone, they'll go up in price. And some people take them at the base rate, and I get so fussy, but I don't you know, I don't I try not to judge them because I don't know what they need for money. Yeah, I just like yeah, for me $18 an hour to drive to Kalamazoo and back is just not was not worth it. But do you guys have that in your Facebook groups like

doubled orders?

Um, I'm not in the Facebook groups. I don't have a Facebook anymore. But I know a lot of people are like, let the promos go. But then there's also on the other side. If you if you let orders go to promo too much. Then they're going to hire more people. And then there's less orders for everyone. So there's a lot of push to like don't let them go to promo. Don't let them go to promo.

Yeah, I mean, it's kind of a it's kind of a catch 22. I mean, yeah, you don't want them. Yeah, I guess Amazon would be the same way they might hire more drivers. Oh, yeah. Just to just try to fill that but. So you don't have Facebook? Well, congratulations. Yeah, sorry. No, don't apologize. Don't apologize. I deleted off my phone. So that's I don't have it on my phone anymore. So I only get on it when actually I don't even post anything. It's just all for the for the podcast. That's all it that's smart, though.

You kind of have to be on social media.


Yeah, right. Right. So do you mostly communicate through Reddit? I know. That's how I found you.

I actually just made a Reddit to I was browsing on something and, and I just made it so that I would stop getting the stupid pop up like, oh, we're better than yet. You know, so I just made all that. And then I was so frustrated about pickup orders. And star ratings people rating down. So I was like, I want to tell people about this. You need to know how I don't know how I just I just feel like people if people knew that pickup orders were so inconvenient for ship shoppers. I feel like they would be more flexible. You know what I mean? Yeah, like, I need some way to tell people about this. So I just I don't try it on Reddit. And a lot of people enjoyed it. So

yeah, no, that was good. That was good. All right. Before we continue, I want you guys to get to another ad here. Our sponsor, I know segue here. Whoops. Oil uber.com. We can't thank them enough. They are doing amazing right now. They're launching all over the country. So well oil Uber is, is basically you can get your oil change on demand. So someone comes to you comes to your home, they bring the oil, the filter, they change it right there, make sure everything's clean and all that stuff. They also do is they offer jumpstarts and fuel delivery. So if you're looking for another gig to do go to oil uber.com to sign up as a customer or as an another gig worker, I am signed up as a jumpstarter I'm not going to change oil. I don't know about you guys, but I'm not going to climb under there at someone's house. I just not that I don't know how to do it. But I mean, I don't want to be driving around in grubby clothes. You know, I got I got I mean I'm doing you know, we talked about 17 different gigs at any given moment. So I got to be available to not be dirty. So but if you go to oil luber.com to sign up as a customer or you can sign up as a tech they do. Like I said, I signed up to do jumpstarts and fuel delivery. You can do it too. We appreciate oil Uber for supporting the show. All right, where are we at here?

All right, let's

talk about your most embarrassing ship shopping story. Okay,

so I was living to this older guy, and he had made a comment about how impressive it was that I brought everything in one trip from the car and I'm getting ready to leave And he's standing next to the door and he puts his hand up like this to say goodbye. I thought he wanted a high five, because he thought I was so cool for being a one trick wonder. So I high five. He was like,

he was like, Okay, good man. And I was like,

oh, man, that

I'm thankful it wasn't a hug.

Right? Right. That would be crazy.

But that's definitely my most embarrassing.

No has that. So did you go I was gonna ask you to now with COVID is probably different. But I do ask people. Would you like me to bring the groceries into the house for you? Is that was that one of those situations?

If I'm, if it's an older person, and they open the door, I always ask and I would say nine times out of 10, they opened the door because they want you to ask. So I have brought groceries in for older people. But most of my orders are drop offs, except for alcohol deliveries. And I can kind of gauge where they're at because I always offer Do you want to sign my phone? Or do you want me to sign it for you? And most of them say please sign it for me because they don't want to touch my phone. So I'm like, okay, they don't want me in their house. Well,

it's funny because I when I started shift again, Samantha that's commented in the chat. She's been on the podcast for a long, long time. She's been a host and contributor, yada yada, but she said that she just signed it for him. She doesn't even ask. So that's what I started doing. Because I had one lady that I gave her the phone and she kind of hesitated. So I messaged Sam, I'm like, hey, are they What's up with this? And she's like, Oh, do to COVID they don't have to sign I'm like, that makes sense. I don't want to hand somebody my I think

they just changed it. I think they are requiring people to sign it now. Mm hmm. But I'm still offering Yeah, cuz like they're gonna make somebody do it.

Yeah. Like they're really gonna verify the signature.

Yeah, exactly. And most people just, I swear, most people just do a line anyway. So what I do for everybody, right?

It would be fun to write silly things out there and see how long before you got an email? Like, if you shipped this voice


When you're really done when you're ready? Yeah, you're ready to burn the bridge? Yeah, yeah.

That'd be a fun way to go. I like it.

Oh, do you ever feel uncomfortable? If someone Have you ever had someone say, yeah, you can bring them in. And you're like,

there was a there was one time that somebody lived way out in, like Timbuktu. And their address was actually not in the delivery zone. So they the address on the app was different from where they sent me.

I would never do that.

Yeah, I my husband was very mad at me for and it was really creepy because he like I saw him as I was pulling in. And then he went around to the back of his house. There was a fire going in the back of his house. He had a bonfire. And he just disappeared. And I was like, this is it. This fire is for me. This is my this is my life. And he had he had the door propped open and then I heard him say, oh, did come? Yeah, he just bring him right. No, I just stopped him writing friends writing go inside. But yeah,

yeah. And then you're not the wisest out of the driveway.

We do always talk and make sure Miguel is talked about this before like women. Right? You're driving like it's just a geyser such creeps. You know what I mean? I mean, we none of us are, of course, but maybe 20 years ago. But it's just so it's such a dangerous thing. Uber driving? I don't know. Would you ever do Uber driving at night? Or what your husband probably like, that's gonna be a no for me.

That's a no for me. No, I don't think I would ever want to do that.

Yeah, yeah. But she was mostly we have

we have some drivers in the group that female drivers and they have no issues at all. Oh, that's good.

I think it's just personality. Like, I know, we always talk about I know this is a ship segment but commanding your car. Like I always tell the female drivers like when they get in you greet them. You say Hey, how's it going? Thanks for riding with me or whatever. And then they're like, Oh, this woman. You know, you don't mess with her. You know what I mean? Like

it helps that everything is traceable. Like they have an account and like, who knows where they live and work? Well,

you put a fifth patrone and somebody and they do not care.

True. That's true. You guys are dealing with a lot of drunk people

a lot. Oh, yeah. A lot of drugs. Yeah.

So um, your next thing you want to do Talk about is your horror stories and it says you've been bitten by a dog. Yes,

I was actually going to segue into that because he was drunk. The dog owner was drunk.

I said the dog was drunk.

Um, the owner had just ordered a bottle of rum. And I dropped it off to him and his dog came to the door while he was signing my phone. So I put my hand out for the dog to smell my hand, and the dog bit me pull my hand back. And I was like, Oh, my gosh, what do I do? And the guy was like, Oh, don't worry, she won't bite you. And I was like, well, she just did your way. And he was like, Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry. He freaked out. And I was like, no big deal. Maybe just put her away next time. And then I went about my business. And he texted me. And he was like, totally drunk texting me like, like, I should have my dog or he like, texted me and was like, I am so so so so so sorry about that. And I was like, no big deal. Seriously, don't worry about it. I promise I won't sue you. And then he kept making jokes. And then he's like, I should have my dog bite cute girls more often. And Oh, boy. like not even trying to be smooth about it. Like was he was like,

we're not doing? Yeah, yeah,

I was like, okay, you're drunk. I'm just not gonna read it out. Anyway. So and then I've actually had another dog. Like, ready to pounce on me like rallying with their butt up in the air like chasing me around my car. Yeah. It was like a six year old out in the yard too. So I was like,

are you? Do you have a dog at your house? I hate dogs. Okay, so yeah, that that's tough man. Being in the delivery business. You don't like dogs I had, I just, I

just pretend like I love them, though. Because they're like people's kids, you know. So you just have to

fake it. You know, you know what you can do? And this. I told this to Sam the other day and she bawled me out. But I don't have any dog treats. You know what I say? I'm like, Oh, you want to treat? You want to treat? Come? Oh, God, boy, come here. You want to treat, and I dropped the packets and I walk in my car and I get the hell out of there and like smile. I know. But I may feel bad for the dog. But I'm like, hey, they know that treat word like,

right. That's so smart.

Yeah, yeah, I mean, it's kind of mean or just try to have treats with you. But

I had a dog jump in my car and eat my lunch while I was delivering. I had my lunch and my passenger seat. And while I was delivering their dog, this big dog came tumbling out, jumped right into my car and ate my lunch.

You know, it's funny. I have to be careful with that because I actually leave my door open when I deliver for Amazon so that if a dog starts charging, I don't have to spend time opening the door. One of these days that son of a bitch is going to sneak around the back and get in there. Get my old granola bar that I have. Yeah. Funny. What other horror stories have you had and then we'll move on.

I think those are all my good horror stories.

Yes, sir. A lot of cars going on. I get lots of dogs get in the car. Well, yeah.

I was gonna say have you ever had you? Well, you don't you don't really do any kind of delivery. So you've probably never been a dog.

never hit by No, never bit by a dog. No.

What about you a gal you're doing Uber Eats? I mean, you do run into alone. You're quick.

Yeah. And I step on some droppings Where?

There might be worse

every day. I'm like, Don't cut the corners. You're gonna step on dogshit don't don't

cut the corners. I went to the grass and like went

through the grass. Well, I actually had one today where I it was like two o'clock in the afternoon and there was a dog out and it was head invisible fence. And that said it was contactless delivery. I'm like, I can't leave this here. So I'm ringing the doorbell. I'm like, nobody came. No one came and I went to go, I actually didn't have my phone on me when I do a delivery if I if I don't have to, like grubhub it doesn't make you take a picture, which is Yeah, only Uber Eats and doordash does. So grubhub doesn't so I just leave my phone in my car. Like I don't need to grab it. Drop it and knock on the door and there was a dog there and I'm like, What am I can eat. And it was a big dog too. And he's super nice. Like, I was like patnem I'm like, yeah, you want it was B dubs. I'm like, You smell these wings in here. Like me to buy me to it's two o'clock. I have not had lunch yet.

I'm good job not leaving those wings. dogs do not like chicken bone.

Yeah, she eventually came out because it was like I rang the doorbell and I was just walking back to my car to call her and she walked out and like, I'm sorry, I didn't leave it. I know you wanted it. But I didn't really want to leave it with the dog. She's like, yeah, that's probably a good idea. So all right. Um, so this one's kind of funny. Like I said, this is a heavy doordash or heavy tipping issue. So we're gonna watch another video about Oh, no, this guy. This hasn't do a tipping. Sorry. I kind of lost track of it. But yes, for Yes. We're headed actually see this on Tick Tock. So

it's pretty funny. All right, it is pretty fun. I have been in isolation, quarantine now, whatever you want to call it for seven days.

So when I ordered doordash today, I didn't exactly care how I looked. I went to the door and my boxers. As he handed me my food. He looked down with fear in his eyes. I looked down to realize that my whole Dick was outside of the box.

My first reaction was to say something funny, and I said, Oh, I guess he's hungry, too. And then suddenly cringed.

Moral The story is, does anybody know

how to use grubhub? Because I'm banned from doordash now.

Not creepy.

Okay. I mean, I feel like it's fake. Because like, how does that, doesn't it? I mean, you're married, like, how does that just sneak out? Like, it's very sensitive to temperature? Like, I mean, maybe he's bragging because it's really big. I don't know. But I've never really had it smoked out

if you didn't feel it couldn't be that big.

Oh, you got me on that one.

I always thought the fun part was was not about that. It was more that now he's all about you know who's out. I use grub up because I'm now paying

it. Well, yeah. I mean, there's so many. Don't worry. Well, yeah, he's quarantine. He wants to get his food. Oh, my gosh. All right. So yes, for insurance.

Why don't you give me that. So you always give me this

because you love insurance. And you know, okay, so

this is a I guess is the Reddit? I don't know. Yeah, read it. So can insurance company find out? If you are doing Uber after the accident? Let me know. Ben has had some experiences with that. And yes, they absolutely can. If you get into a crash and decide not to tell the insurance company that you do Uber, do they have a way of finding out directly by talking to Uber or the company or the agency if it wasn't mentioned in a police report? Or was just with doing eats and no passengers kiss? Just curious. Thanks. And yes, they can find out. And yes, if you don't have the rider, you are committing fraud. Just get the rider it's very easy. It's very simple. Most of the companies in our in Michigan now offered an accident most of the companies in on a national level. Yeah. Most of them is not that expensive. Yeah. It's a business expense. Right? You get to the doctor the end of the year. It's just

wait, what? I never did shit. I should go in there and do that. I never did.

costs you can? Yeah, it's like

another deduction I missed. I never thought about that.

Ben Ben, he just joined apparently he stopped by because you heard my mentioning

Oh, no, he lurks you know he lurks

he was in an accident two or three years ago, whatever. And within hours he was automatically banned from from it.

Yeah, they they have a very pipeline now that they communicate with and they because neither mana pay, right. So they're like, Hey, you know this guy cuz cuz the because Ben's insurance company knew that he drove for Uber. So they immediately sent to Uber like, hey, was he on the app? No, he was it. Okay. All right. I guess we're on the hook for paying it was

but they still turned them off. They still, they still immediately deactivated the car until Ben could prove that it was fixed. It was repaired. Oh, it wasn't even a big deal. It was just had the taillight that was broken. It's not like he was not able to drive. You know, it was Yeah. So that so yes, they absolutely. You know. And when you have a personal insurance, you cannot, you cannot I guess it's called do library livery. Or you want to say, which means you cannot make money using your car only on a personal insurance that is committing fraud. And they can cancel you for it. So it's just

here's a question for Marissa. And I don't know, what about shipped? Do they require you to have any additional insurance? I know you're not taking passengers. But

yeah, they don't require additional insurance. But they do require obviously general insurance but no additional?

Yeah, I wonder what would happen. So you know, yes, for is like, you know, he loves to talk about insurance. So I wonder what would happen if you got an accident when you were actually delivering someone's? I mean, you assume it would go to your regular insurance, but what if they said, What were you doing at the time and let's just say you didn't lie. And you said that, you know, that you were delivering for ship? Would they say oh, sorry about that. Um, we're not going to cover it.

I actually was in an accident, while going to the store to start a shift order and I Did not to tell my insurance about the accent and just paid for it on pocket. Okay.

I mean, it might be something to look into. But here's the problem like, you know, with rideshare, they have like a specific rider that's built in. I don't know if they have anything for for shipped. I mean, they've probably like, Oh, you need a commercial policy?

Yeah, I've never heard of anything, but I know that they shipped has their own insurance policy, and they cover if you're at fault for an accident, they'll cover somebody else's, or the other person's damages. Oh, they were yours, but they'll cover the other person's.

Okay. So the liability?

Technically, you're still is still the whole library issue is still there, whether you're delivering people or, or, or groceries?

Yeah, but I mean, I'll have to talk to Jackie about that. But before I the insurance company that was dealing with before that they did not cover anything but Uber and Lyft. They said that does not cover amazon flex. It doesn't cover shift. It doesn't cover

anything. But those riders is also specifically meant for those models. That's why they have the period one, two and three. Yeah. You don't have those periods and shipped.

Yeah, right.

But you still have the same problem. It's still the same technically. I would think we should talk to Jackie about that. Definitely. But technically, I would think that, that if you had an accident, either delivering the groceries on your way to the store technically doing the work. They could choose to say No, I am not going to call it the accident. Because Yeah,

I mean, they tell you I think you're right. I think technically they could choose not to cover it. Have Miguel Have you ever been in an accident at all while driving or not?

No, no, no, I'm a good driver.


you forget you forget that. We are good drivers, but everybody wrote a good drivers. Yeah,

we're all good drivers until we're not. Yeah, yeah. All right. Yeah. I've never been an accident either. Oh, speaking of insurance, I'm going to skip number seven, y'all. Jackie, let's do it. Jackie is the insurance agent of the gig economy podcast of Jasper and I, since that's who the podcast is. We can say that now right? Yes,

absolutely. Again,

you can call her at 269-569-6127 or email Jackie at Mia Fs calm She is an independent agent meaning she can shop several different insurance companies get you the best deal you know yes there's got a lead foot so you know maybe progressivism for him maybe say

Hey, hey, take a three year Hey,

I'm doing an ad here. I'm doing an ad here

dumping me into it that I know this season.

So yeah, she can shop several different shirts Yes, we're just recently switched and and she that number that I give you that 269-569-6127 is her personal cell phone. She's responsive she'll take care of you it's just nice to have somebody that just a personal insurance agent and Mark yes she does auto and homeowners yes yeah for sure. She does it all Yeah, I got my home with her too It's like almost a no brainer when you get oh yeah auto insurance like why wouldn't you get your

do both same time you get the you get the two paws discount

so right so again 269-569-6127 or email Jackie at Mia Fs calm it was

the one thing that was very interesting to me when she did my quote I didn't know about this. But since I've been home since April, since whatever I have not been driving very much on my one vehicle and have so she automatically put low mileage discount on that one. Oh, nice. isn't a discount. So if you if you have a vehicle that dies list your plant you're thinking is gonna drive less than 6000 miles a year. She's going to give you the low mileage discount which my blackcap I think I'll be lucky if I get 3000 miles on that one this year. Because I don't ever drive it.

So I drive 150 to 200 miles a day. Does that qualify for a low mileage? You do

the math

every month an oil change every 5000 my house? No that is probably not that is not going to fly. Alright, okay, this is freakin hilarious. So I got a full screen this sucker. So this is from Amazon. I didn't know you could actually chat with your Amazon driver but it says Amazon driver I am your Amazon delivery driver and you have chickens roaming here yard. I am afraid to come out. How can I deliver this package to you? I mean,


So listen, so Have y'all ever been around chickens like, like real real?

Yes, yes, I

have chickens are fine. roosters are assholes. I would be afraid of a rooster like We when we lived in Byron center was like allegan we had chickens we had like, I don't know, 10 hens and then for some reason we got we got more and one was a rooster. It wasn't supposed to be. That thing was in a hole. I almost cut its head off because like, I was done with them, and I had to kick them in the chest like I would try to go in and get the eggs. And that son of a gun he just like would not, you know,

he would not be bigger than him though.

I mean, nobody is terrifying when a bird you're still muted. morosa

Alright, again, when they put their wings out there huge stuff.

Yeah. roosters, it's like you see people running from turkeys to and I'm like,

oh, turkeys is much bigger than

chick. That's true. Yeah. All Hands are portable. So if you just need to pump that thing, just go ahead. But if that not that I'm condoning animal cruelty. I love animals. But if you are, if you're scared of chickens, you're gonna run into a lot of dogs and you maybe Amazon is not for you. Oh my gosh. I can't believe that. I've never seen anyone say I'm scared of your chickens. I word What do you want me to do with your package? Just throw the damn thing. Adam like cheese? Yeah, they're punishable. Like just get it done.

It's a chicken. I mean, come on. Hey, I'm

gonna deliver that package. I I do not bring packages back. So here's another one. This is your grubhub driver. Ashton, I left your order outside of your front door. Common. That's the stock text. Any reason why you place my wings like five feet from your door. Okay, this is gonna be controversial. He says, I waste the least amount of time possible and zero tip orders. He's like, how do I speak to your supervisor? Oh, I mean, here's the thing you chose to take that order,


You should do the job. If you chose to take it, you can be fussy about it. See? Here's the weird thing like on grubhub you see what you're gonna get paid. Like they don't tell you if it's tip or anything like it says let's say it says $10. Sometimes you look at it after you're delivered and or right before you deliver it. You can see the tip. It says zero tip grub hub has made up that money. But if you have a minimum that you're gonna make, like my minimum is like eight bucks. That's on you. You took it? Why would you be like, you know what I mean? What do you think about that? Anyone jumping?

Well, I mean, then he earned his here. He earned his low rating, right?

Yeah, I mean, his low rating. I mean, if you're gonna take like, like me if I took it $3 doordash. I know what I'm getting. I'm getting no tip. So why would I be pissed at the customer, I took it, I am an independent contractor, I have the opportunity to deny it. And I didn't I mean, my accepted three on doordash is like 14%. You know what I mean? So I declined more way more than I take because I'm not gonna deliver it for three bucks. So

well. And the other the other side too is the more he takes those orders with no tip, the more people continue doing the orders with no tip. I mean, it's learned behavior, right. So he is encouraging them himself.

In you know, that happens that was shipped. It happens with Amazon, you know, we used to get paid $30 an hour for routes. We don't see that anymore, then the minimum used to be 23. Like, now it's 22. You know, they're they're figuring it out. They're slowly just whittling it down. And if you keep taking it for cheap, cheap, cheap, they're gonna keep offering it for the customers do. They're gonna keep saying on off the tip. This guy is gonna bring me my food. But,

but yeah, you don't have the person for you don't leave a tip. Give me a tip. Something like that. Like, come on.

Yeah, I know. I mean, I just don't understand why people don't like why is it like you get your pizza? And you tip like pizza is the staple. Right? It's been around for forever. And that was the first delivery item. But I mean, it must be because people are delivering those $3 doordash orders and that's why they're not tipping. Oh, yeah.

Yeah, I feel like for ship there's a little bit of a people don't understand they marketed ship shoppers as earning 20 to $25. Yeah. So a lot of people don't tip their ship shoppers because they think that we're good at you know, making lots of money. Yeah,

25 an hour. I mean, that's pretty sweet.

Right? you're rolling in the dog. Come on.

Well, it's kind of the same thing with Uber. They started out saying you didn't have to tip Yeah, and so that says Do they read

denic they say tips are never expected but always appreciated.

I mean, I they have to say that as corporate but it's just like really, I mean, I II I have shipped shop. It's a lot of work. I have been. I have sweat more and my pits doing a ship shop. Because like they're like you got to be on time and So you're like Holland App Store and yeah, I don't mind the heavy stuff is just like, I mind. You know what I like? And maybe they maybe they didn't do that. I swear before you couldn't look at the order back in the day, like

a couple years ago, and it's a new feature.

Okay, so now you can look at the order and like all this organic shit, I'm like, I'm not taking this. I'm never gonna find that stuff.

I don't know what that is. That is.

Yeah. I can't pronounce half this stuff. I don't know where it is

calling Megan. Megan, what is this? Why can I

know I call Sam. She gets so mad at me. Because when she ships shopping, she turns her notifications off on telegram. I'm like, Sam. Hey, it's me. Pick it up. I'll call her and she's probably like, I'm gonna stab him in the neck.

I leave me alone. And I can call Marissa. Nah, no. No,

I don't know. I was shopping for a while but we'll right now. Melissa, you can kind of comment on the bonuses that they've been offering and how there's no promos anymore.

Yeah, I think the bonuses are mostly for them to look good. I think they're mostly because they sent out and like they made like a public statement like we were doing so much for our shoppers Oh are offering them such and such amount. We've offered like 15 bonuses a record amount of bonuses. We've never offered this but this many bonuses.

But well, you know, like Sam and I when we were when I was starting shipped again. I only did promos, and all of a sudden they offer that bonus. And there's no promos anymore.

Yeah, that's the thing. Sunday's I mean, Sunday's used to be chaos like yeah, and we still are really busy but a lot less. No promos. I used to be able to ride promos all day on a Sunday.

Yeah, well, Sam used to work just Saturdays and Sundays to make her money during the week. Yeah. Now she

can't because no promo

I think it'll I think they'll go away after Christmas. Hopefully.

Yeah. And especially, I think there's a lot of new shoppers right now, too. And, like you said, when you're you do your first 10 orders in the honeymoon phase, you get all the good ones. And then after that you don't and then people realize how much money you're not making. So they kind of stop. It's not for everyone.

Yes. I mean, Sam said the bonuses aren't attainable. I totally agree. You got to do like 12 orders to get $200. So that doesn't sound like a lot. But you have to do that one day. Yeah,

I am there. There have been some that are like 18 for the whole weekend. Or I think one was like 12. Yeah. 12 for one day, they they're doing a whole bunch of I think they're kind of probably testing out. Yeah, it is. But they're Yeah. Do you

think they probably pay out less money when they do it that way? Because I'm sure yeah, I'm sure. Yeah,

I think that that I think that's the thing that is kind of the wrong thing about the whole k economy is just the constant search of new people doing it, which is it's feeding the mail, right? It's feeding the and, and and, and so they can change the model. Right? And yeah, and the people who have been round doing whatever it is, for a while, we experience like what you're saying, Jason, now what have you experienced that the client exactly like Jason says, For the flex stop being $30. Now he's 24. And now it's 12. Whatever. But because people take it right away, and there's nobody to teach them the ways of doing it. It's hard. Yeah. And then there's too many people who they just don't value their own time. Right. Yeah. And, and, and the whole concept of, it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. No matter how much I'm gonna make an hour. I just need to make my rent, whatever it is,

and I totally get that I don't judge anyone. I do tell them, I would wish you wouldn't take him for 18. But I get it. I don't know your life. If you need to do it for 18 an hour like, I get it man like you do what you got to do, but I'm just saying it's hurting the whole package as a whole.

Oh, it is it's hurting all the apps, right?

Yeah. So well, I also think was shipped, they just changed their pay scale. So a lot of the veterans are a little bit peeved about the new pay scale. And it just like I've never, I've never, I've always loved working for shift. But now I kind of see the downside of being a 1099. Because you don't negotiate your salary at all. You take it or leave it and they're hiring a whole bunch of new people who don't know better who don't know how good we used to have it. And that, you know, they're not hurt at all by the veterans. Are the old people not working?

Yeah, let's face it. We're not, we're not true. 1099 because like, if you were a drywaller, you could set the price, whatever you want. I mean, within reason, if you set it too high, you're not gonna get any business. But yeah, we really don't have any say on our pay. And we can just be like, yeah, we're flexible, but this is what the pay is if you decide to do it like that. Is What You can turn it down,

right? You can turn it down, then you can say I don't want to do that.

Right. Alright, couple more. Yes. We're going to skip the one that had in there I really don't know but that was just kind of in there. This is this is kind of fine this all these crazy people on tik tok? I don't know why. I mean, I'm on tik tok way too much so that's probably why. But we'll do that one.

I am so mad just started doing doordash this was literally only my second order ever. I get that I have to go to Walmart to pick up for doordash Okay, the Walmart employees bring out an entire grocery cart of groceries. Okay. And one case of water. One case of Mountain Dew and one case of root beer. I'm like, Okay, I get it in the car. I go to the person's place. Okay, I start reading the instructions on where to put this stuff. Okay, reading reading. Instruction say take it to the top of the apartment building on it didn't take me 123 or four, five trips to carry their groceries. Myself sounded like the damn squeaker toy from Toy Story by the end of it. wheezing. Okay, I know I know. That's what I signed up for over doordash instacart and to top it off for you


high energy

Yes, yes. I don't know what I feel. Yeah, I mean that's another thing that if you're listening to this podcast and you may be new to doordash it's not just food they do. Walmart they do Michaels I got an Michaels no that Yeah, I got a Michaels order today. It was like for $10. But it was two orders. I think Ben did a Michaels wants he's like don't ever do Michaels. It's never ready. It's never they don't know what they're doing. So I turned it down. But yeah, I think it's Walgreens like CVS, all that stuff. I would turn down a Walmart pink sofa. I mean, she obviously is new. So she didn't really know. But

she learned she


in doing that no more. Yeah,

I mean, that's kind of why we did this podcast. So to kind of tell people like we're not going to tell you all our secrets, especially if you're in this market, because we want to make money too. But we're gonna try to help you and say, you know, these things are, you know, don't do that. Don't take a Walmart on doordash. So, Alright, we're gonna do tip time real quick. So this is actually from Marissa she says, never deliver produce, that's good enough are the best that's available but not perfect. Unless you check with a member first strawberries are looking good, but almost over the edge, almost over the edge of overripe tell the member the strawberries are looking good, but will probably last a day or two. Is that okay? remain hard packages all have at least one brown spot. Just don't throw them in. Check first. Um, I don't do that. Well, I

have a lot of members when I do it. It's always up. Oh my gosh. Thank you. Oh, really saying that? Yes.

That's a good tip, because I'm

going out to chase your 4.7.

Yes, ouch. Yeah, look at Ouch.

Yeah, I mean, I do look at I don't just throw it in there because I bought in strawberries, or Megan has my wife and and she flipped them over. And you know, or like, the next day? They're like, what the hell? Um, I don't know. But do you do that every time or just only when there's a question of like, maybe quality like, ooh, they're not. They're all looking pretty sketch.

I do it for anything that's not absolutely perfect. If it's not absolutely perfect. I send them a text and let them know do you sew on it or not? Because they're paying for it. And it's different when you're shopping for yourself versus when somebody's shopping for you. You know what I mean? If you bring yourself home moldy strawberries, no big deal. Yeah, if somebody else brings you if you're a Karen, if somebody else is doing well, the strawberries she's getting a three point average or whatever. Yeah, I

mean, you got to look at your produce, at least I mean, like I said, I look at I flip the strawberries over I look on the edges and I'm like, okay, I don't see any mold or smokiness or everything. But

I'm surprised at how many people don't want things that aren't absolutely perfect to there's a lot of people who only one perfect produce

like that's why Megan Megan, we've done shipped a few times. She's like, I'm just a little pickier. And I'm like, it's okay. Like, I totally get that. But it seems to me I'd be like, that's fine. I'll eat it. It's Yeah, it's not the end of the world.

We had we had the groceries delivered last week. And another tip I guess is to make sure you read it in the instructions. It's about you want it my wife ordered a bag of apples. We got one apple.

Oh no. Oh, that's

awful. Did you guys get refunded? You can get refunded for that.

It was it was through my or so we didn't actually pay for it until the end. So you put you know he put in the order. But a pay for actual so we didn't wait okay to pay for the apple. But it was like Yeah, we got one apple

Did you guys share it? Did you cut it all off and ration it?

Usually the eighth the day

All right. Uh,

let's see. Yep. Last add and then we'll be moving on. Scrolling bar tax and accounting. This is the time we're gonna get so many Tax Questions. Yes for in January. Oh, yeah. And I'm already dreading it.

We don't want to ask and you're gonna ask scrolling worse?

Yes, Gordon Moore tax and accounting their local here to Grand Rapids actually, Granville 616-940-1045. He can help you wherever you are. You should use a tax professional it always pays out better at the end. Yeah, you can go to h&r block, you can do TurboTax. But the one nice thing about having an accountant all year round, you can shoot them questions. They're like, Yeah, I got your email and be like, Hey, what do you think about this, you know, is this you know, can I write this off? or whatever, you know, it's just, it's just good to have it done. I know everyone tries to save money, but it's worth to have a professional to do it so

I can only I can only say what I said the very first step before the very first time I ever used a tax accountant. I thought it was gonna be $800 and he found enough that well, she did found enough I got $2,000 back. Wow. Yeah, it is well worth it because you don't know what you don't know.

Yeah, it's amazing what you can write off for Uber driving I mean, the miles are huge for one but I mean, I write off my car washes I write off. I don't know if I'm gonna write off satellite radio this year because I've been you know, not taking passengers but yeah, car washes satellite radio mileage.

I don't bill

I Well, the phone bill gets a little weird. I actually bought a work phone this year for Uber and Lyft. So I can write that off but home office. Um


You're gonna get in trouble. You're gonna get audited. All right. Do it. Don't do it. Don't listen to yes for cost carton bar tax counter. Calling call. Oh, listen. Yes, sir. We are not tax professionals. No, no, that's Miguel is are you moonlighting? Alright, we're gonna do some Facebook shenanigans, and then we'll get out of here because I got a PR so bad. So I thought,

what was that?

I gotta put Oh, no, Pete. I got to take a purse.


All right. Does everyone know what wapa means? No, no. Yes. For you don't.

But now I say yeah,

no, don't don't No, don't say what it means.

Well, you're getting the picture.

Well, I'm not gonna. I am not gonna say it. But I thought that was funny. Actually, Ben contributed to this. And Bob stands for weekly Amazon packages. So let's see. Sam says no more carwash. Shut up, Sam. My car washes. Alright. So this is interesting. I'll let Marissa Take this. So can you read that or not?

Yes. Is Call me if you are outside. Don't just throw it on the porch. You didn't

want to use the swear words. You don't have to know the guy says effing. Time

by the way.

Yeah, effing Call me if you're outside. Just don't throw my ass on the porch. So if you look all the way up, it says customer requested drop off. Contact them after dropping off the order. Again, I wondering if these apps are putting that into just default and customers are missing it. You think that's what it is? Yeah.

But I always confirm with my customers too.

Oh, do you

know? I'm I always send a text mm away. Do

you want me to leave it on your porch? Jason 5.0 I can say Hey, he's

a four nine bro. Like, let's not get crazy here. All

4.9 that's out of 15 1600 yeah, that's

pretty frickin awesome. All right. This one? Yes. For you can read this one.

Yes, of course I can. So I took Lyft as a peasant tonight, the writer named Sharon took me to cyrillus on 28th Street and back home Hold on, hold

on. What is surreal is yes, we're,

I'm not gonna mention now. We it kind of everybody knows what

people do in Grand Rapids. But

what about people in New Zealand? So that is a store where you can buy grownup toys. Okay, so the writer named Sharon took me to surrealism 20th Street and back home so I can pick up some goodies that I ordered online. She told me it's her birthday today, so I told her to wait a few and I had no idea what to get her for her birthday. I brought her a silicone cake. All balls that is


kigo whatever. See, you have so much fun with this. Right? Okay. You're gonna give to me. She's smiling. A happiness was fantastic. Happy Both this year and see Yeah,

yeah, what?

You always give me these,

because it makes you embarrassed and it's hilarious. I mean, why would you if that is actually true that's super weird. Like you don't even know this person you're going into a sex store and buying like kigo

she just came from the store herself. Right? So that goes to the store. True. She had ordered something from in there to pick up until he went in the garden man. Additional, you know?

Yeah, but isn't that weird? Like, Oh, absolutely. It

is on Amazon. Yes. I mean,

again. I guess he's got game and he's comfortable and doing that. But man, that seems so weird. Like Sam has given me like production tips and telegram. And I'm like, like, I really can do anything about it right now. Love you, Sam. All right, last one. So this is kind of funny. It says me getting into Ober. Hey, how are you? Me getting out of Uber. Good luck with your custody battle. There's no way the courts won't be able to see what an amazing Mother You are you stay strong. Amber, I love you. I mean, it's like we're bartenders. You know what I mean? Like the conversations that you have. It's just, it's just so funny. Yeah. So, uh, well, guys, thank you so much. I know this is kind of a longer show than normal. But we had a bunch of other people on. And Miguel, thank you for coming on. Marissa, do you have any any closing tips or say tip your ship shopper?

Yeah. Tip your ship shopper come to your pickup orders on time.

Do you think Marissa, you need to take your husband's advice and stop doing those damn pickup orders?

I know you're right. I do. I do.

He tells you.

I've always listened to your husband. I wait, wait a minute.

Well, guys, thank you so much. This is actually the last podcast for 2020 for us. So this will get this audio get posted on Monday. But we think everyone will still be kind of in and out of social media and all that stuff like that. But make sure you join the diet bet and you can check out our merge too. If you want to get a T shirt, we would really appreciate it.

Merry Christmas to all

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year. all that fun stuff. Be safe, wear a mask, all that good stuff. So come back next year.

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