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Hi, guys. Welcome to the gig economy podcast. We are in this beautiful studio in Grandville, Michigan, of course, sponsored by Irvine's Auto Repair in Grand Rapids hybrid and EV. We will talk about them a little bit later. Thank you guys for joining us tonight. Super excited. It's been a long two weeks till the summer we should podcast every day. He gave me the middle finger. I did not. So I'd never ever said that we would every day. Can you imagine podcasting every day about the gig? What were we talking about? Oh my gosh. I mean, we would just shoot the shit for an hour. And we it's always fun to do it is you know, every day it totally this. Hey, Peter. Hey, Megan, thanks for joining us. If you can go ahead and share to your Facebook page, your local rideshare group we'd really appreciate it. If you're on YouTube. If you could subscribe and hit the bell notification. Twitter. I don't know. Tell us that we're nasty. I don't know. Don't tell me nasty or nasty. If you could give us a crying emoji or an angry face on Facebook. That's the new trend right now.

And Maria Yes, we would have a mental breakdown. If I had spent an hour with Jason everyday I know it will break down No way.

Maybe we could get coffee. We could have breakfast. We could do it in the morning. Yes. So like half of that we could do eating Starbucks not a sponsor not as fun not that's our new saying not a sponsor yet. Everything gig economy related or gig economy podcast related go to gig economy hyphen, podcast comm also, there's a link tree link that has everything in there that you could heart's desire. Click on that. And all that fun stuff. We would love for you to know everything about us the picnic. You guys, you're gonna love this. I updated the slide. It is September prints. I know. It is September 11 2021. from one to four, and a lot of food and fun stuff. And I hear there might be a petting zoo. Yes, we're still we're still working on that. But I don't know about that. I don't know if that's in the budget. Megan. It's at the Riverside Park. I think it's having to roll out the island shelter. But we'd love to have you even if you're not local to Grand Rapids. You know, we have people drive from Detroit. I think Larry's gonna be there this year from Bowling Green, of course. And

we live stream from the event. So we might do that again. We'll see. Yeah, we'll

see. Jerry Jerry Gillette that's on the live stream right now. He's from Bowling Green. Larry should pick his bot up and bring him up to just make it a road trip. Absolutely

mega road trip. We have lots of cool airbnbs in the area. You can get a hotel room, whatever. Yeah,

yeah, for sure. Let's get back to the main screen there. Just want to mention our Patreon members which are really appreciate. That's Keith from Georgia. Janet from New Zealand. Larry we just talked about from Bowling Green Sampson from Grand Rapids. Steve from rideshare. rodeo from Colorado. And of course my main man Leo from Detroit that shot some great drone footage at the last picnic. He did that drone of his is so sweet. I can't justify the cost of it though, cuz I'd use it like three times a year.

What I mean, you know, we should just run it through the company released get the drone footage from the different picnic? Yeah, that's true. No, no, not happen.

If you'd like to join chatter, about gig, right driving, gig driving rideshare driving food, deliver whatever, you can join us in the telegram group, the link is in the description. Click on that. It's a pretty can be a raunchy group. So just a warning. If you're sensitive. Be careful.

I cannot wait to start driving regularly and I will be begging that group. I know. I know. I only go in there when I'm doing gig work. And it's not very often. Well, not right now. Anyways, no drive all we have UK correct all week, all winter long, right?

Yes. But in the last two weeks, I did go out for a day. And I made like 120 bucks on doordash. Here we go. And there was an advantage I had on that. But we'll talk about that a little bit later. Of course, Steve from rideshare. rodeo the basically the he's so knowledgeable in the gig economy. He's more Hmm, what would I say more intellectual when it comes to like all the rules and regulations? I don't know. We don't talk about that shit. Because we don't know. I mean, we talk. We just talk about the gig economy. Have fun around it. But check him out. It's rideshare rodeo podcast, obviously you can download anywhere you. If you listen to ours, whatever platform you're on, you can check him out. I think I'm going to be on the show on July 12. With him we need to get him on to maybe to have him

on. And Megan, you are welcome to join the group anytime just for the wrong.

Yeah, you can also want to give a shout out to Chad the gig economist on YouTube. He him and I made a connection recently. Unfortunately, it was through like Instagram, and I the only reason I saw the message is because Facebook combines the messages now and I happen to be in the business suite and I'm like, he want to do a collab. So I'm gonna be on his show. He's gonna be on ours. He's got some good content. So I'm looking forward to that. Chad says you can barely hear Yes, sir. Okay, I can bump him up a little bit to appreciate that feedback. Normally, Jason says I'm too loud. Or Yeah, see? Behind behind the curtains. I try to keep his mic down because I'm too loud because it bleeds over onto his channel. I know. It's it's is that better chat? Oh, I realized I just realized too that I don't have your channel recording now that I look I am. What? How many episodes? You said your professional. I know. I know. Hold on. Stop talking a minute. Okay, there we go. I'm just gonna be over in the corner and fetal position. Yeah. No, that's gonna be that's gonna be me. Just see, like, you know, you may see a bathroom break slide up here. I'm having some issues tonight. I'm not going to go into any other detail Other than that, but do you want to if you want to find out the details, listen to our other. But But yeah, exactly. If you want to find out the details, listen to our other podcast threads podcast.

You can get into that out the other part, but you can also maybe hear about it in the pre inner banter you can get into by getting to the Patreon

That's true. That's a good point. Yeah, that we're plugging that right now. But that was a good transition. I want to right Yeah, exactly. All right. First up before we get in the news Irvine's auto repair Grand Rapids hybrid. Meghan's in the chatter. At least she was a little bit earlier. They are the studio sponsor. Five three to 6600 to go to Irvine comm to schedule which I my car was just in for ride day. Scheduled everything online Of course I get personal service from Meghan, she personally texted me and said you're all set? Oh, yeah. I'm so famous. So yeah, I feel really special. I did feel really special. So I did not update update this slide. But I did go there today and it was like up to like 350 reviews still at a 4.7 but I mean that's almost I mean you're not going to get a 5.0 I don't care what company you have no

See I hear the Megan makes everybody feel that special is not just you dammit. No, she is just on top of things and she makes everybody feel special.

You know interesting enough we were just having some contract negotiations and she had said you know if yes for brings this car in there, then maybe we'll sign up for another year. But

you had to bring it up, didn't you?

I'm sorry. Oh yeah. Megan did hand wash the car. Unfortunately the next day it rained like buckets. So I felt kind of bad. She's hand washing the car, I locked the loaner car that I took. So I'll do that after your lender. No, that was before. So anyways, 532 6600 Irvine calm for all your automotive needs. There we go. I get sexy there for a second there. All right, first up, dear john. I'm sorry. Was that your sexy voice? That was my sex. How successful is that? Not very good. So our friend john from the telegram group, he's pretty much the Oji in that group. I don't know he'd been in there. I don't remember. It's been years. I think he joined before me a problem. So john got this letter from Uber. And I think I got it too. But of course, I'm like, What? So he got the agenda. He got it to john letter. Yes. So I don't know about you with email I delete so fast like I half the time, I don't even read them unless it's business stuff. I think I got the same letter. But I thought it was funny that it says dear john, on May 26, we sent you two emails with a subject line, it's a great time to get health coverage. One of those two emails told you that Uber can help cover your healthcare costs. Yay. Unfortunately, we made a mistake saying this email to you as this policy only applies to drivers and delivery people in California. I think that they forgot to apply the filter for California. I think they did it on purpose. I mean, I don't know why they got into that. Did you? Okay, I just deleted it. But yeah, I did, too. But yeah, it definitely is hilarious. Although I don't need health insurance. I don't want it from Uber. I mean, it's one of those things that you know, we always go over want to be independent contractors. But it was just kind of funny that said, Dear john, and they're like, oh, by the way, yeah, that one member the email you sent out, like, look at even Uber. This billion dollar companies still makes email mistakes.

Oh, absolutely. But the problem is, there's probably been somebody in India. Yeah, unfortunately. So what's your excuse? Well, my Indian friend couldn't do it. So I had to do it myself. So you still screwed it up. I know. Right.

Steve for rideshare. rodeo is up in the house. Good evening, Steve. Thanks for joining us. Okay, Megan, if you're still on this slide is actually for you. This is your slide. Made you know that when you read this slide or not?

No. Okay. You want me to read it? Well, you can read it. Well, so drop of options. It's a doordash door. Dr. antosz? are friends is that the posh version of doordash? doordash. How would you like the order to be dropped off handed to me or leave it at my door? baseball field. Number 2/3 Bayes loan royal blue shirts look for hang on mom's No. hung over? hung over my

usual red.

I think she's still drunk because she said third base loan instead of third base line. How to raise how hung over you, Megan. She sent that to me. I just died laughing You got a nice charged battery and good LTE signal. So good job.

I am I was impressed that it says handed to me. So that means that we are getting more back to normal. Yes. You know, it's not it's not the you know, leave it leave it by the door. Yeah. Which in this case would have been tough.

When do you think that Uber is going to drop? The mask thing?

I don't know. It's still it's a federal thing. Right. So we're waiting for the federal to kind of change the transportation. I think like I think Alisha can just open up everything. Yeah. You know, is that yesterday today? 22nd. Yesterday, so But, but obviously it's still there. How are you saying about la?

I think LA is completely opened up to without mask and they were like super vigilant. So I'm thinking it's time to open that shit up. But it is. And the problem is there's gonna be we're gonna get some videos in the next week or two because as everything's opening up, people are not wearing the masks and drivers are be like, you still gotta wear it. That's the rule and people are gonna get pissed about it. And right. I mean, if you go to the hospital, it's still masks as usual. Like, I just went in there for something on Monday and it's doesn't matter if you're vaccinated or not. You still wear the mask. So I thought that was kind of interesting.

I mean, honestly, I could solve the problem. I keep saying I'm not driving on until I get them I know I can do it without mask and you know, I could I could figure out how to do without mask. I just don't really want to, but I am totally fair. I'm really missing it. I really am. We had Jason I had a great interview earlier today with somebody and you know, if you are a Patreon, you'll be listening to that first. But but we're talking about his stories and it just I just I'm so missing it. Yeah, I'm just I just want to get back on the road. Um, it's driving me absolutely bonkers. Literally driving you. It's literally driving me bonkers. Yeah,

well, I want to be on the road too. In fact, Live keeps sending me these bonuses. 10 rides for 100 bucks. Okay, pretty sweet, right? But it's Monday through Thursday. Ben's getting these weekend ones I don't maybe I don't really look again on Friday or something, but I'm not getting any weekend ones. I'm like, I'm not driving during the week like now.

So I still not back on lift yet. I should probably get you back on that one. You probably could. Oh, I'm sure I could. I mean, I'm, yeah, I may or may not have had a trouble with my my left. I guess No, that would I write my right foot in the in the past. But that's been more than four years now. So it's it's I mean, it's gone. It should be gone. Yeah, it shouldn't be. So I just I have not I have not got not be obliged to lift.

Yeah, I need to upload my inspection form, which I got done at Irvine's. And then interesting enough. I know we're completely digressing. But Uber did not have a place for my inspection.

Well, so how old is your vehicle? It's old as hell. Okay, so you should be there. My, my inspection went away because I have a 15 because now the Michigan requirement is I think seven years. Okay. So you don't require

Yeah, I don't know. There was someone in the local Facebook group said the same thing. And I was like, Yeah, I went to go look for mine to see if it was expired. And I couldn't even find the place where it went. No, I haven't looked under the document section. It's not interesting. So. So Chad,

I'm not that I want to, you know, pull you out. But you say you haven't worn a mask since September. Does that mean they stopped asking you for the mask picture? Because I heard somebody else saying in some other markets that they're not that the app is no longer asking for the mask picture in, in their market. And I was just again, I haven't I haven't driven Yes. I don't know. I was just wondering how I know. Even though it says you're required to wear the mask. Are they are they doing the mask picture?

Yeah, and it all depends. I don't remember if Chad is actually doing Pete that's rude. Just driving or or if he's doing charity saying when he goes out in public. Oh, yeah.

Yeah, so I'm fully vaccinated to and I just I'm not waiting I'm asking you this. Oh,

yeah, I'm not exactly sure what market Chad is in but looking forward to having a conversation with them. I'm gonna block P Yeah. Just kick him out. kick them out. Real quick. I kind of I don't have a sign for this. But I put fuzz Ollie's I was doing the two weeks ago, I was doing some gig work. And I was doing just doordash and I understand kind of what happened but it was just kind of funny. So I go in there, I'm waiting for the food right now. She She has a bag. All that's in there as breadsticks. Now, the breadsticks are in a bag already Sure. And then she put them in a brown bag in close to the top. Well, the brown bag fell over on the ground. I had to wait another 10 minutes while they cook breadsticks. She wouldn't pick it the bag up. I was like, I know I was like, it's fine. It's double wrapped like the brown bag and I'm like, it's it's totally fine. I and she's like, Nope, can't do it. And I'm like, I'm thinking that she wanted him for herself. Because I'm like, Oh no, I don't want to wait here 10 it was like about 10 more minutes to brown them through the I mean they're already bagged but they like warm them or crispa mop or whatever they do. Yeah, but I mean is is is real. I mean how many bags around it Do we need before we can still serve it? I don't know. That's ridiculous. Maybe it was just because I saw the backdrop and then maybe if it was in the back, she would have scooped it up and I'm

telling you if that would have happened that night I did the smokey bones I would have taken the bag and I would have run because no way I'm waiting 10 minutes no you would have taken the bag you would have beat him over the head and then you would run with it. I have already waited half an hour and a half for these. Anyways, check it out. You didn't have to wait another 10 minutes. breadsticks and

no worry. I mean how do you like it's such a good point you did bring up how does smokey bones run out of chicken?

I know what listen smokey bones but you should have chicken and you should have smoked meat

right? What's the big I can't believe that you'll probably never go back there will you know have you ever eaten there

once but it was at the at the It must have been the prior owner because this was ridiculous. Oh my gosh.

I've eaten there twice. It's nothing really to write home about I mean it's not great but it's a complete side note to have you ever eat at Dickey's barbecue?

I have not yet but I'm wondering how good they are max up on Robin we really want to try the 1.0 Okay, is that the one that at the downtown market now

who I don't know about that one closed down in the downtown market like it was open for like one year and then close but I don't know the the barbecue joints in the Downtown market see other than slows I think slows has been there but it might still be slow. Okay. Larry says we love Dickies we get it a lot so that's a good

Dickies not a sponsor yet all they have free ice cream when you eat in shit that he's gonna well I'll put this slide Come on let's go to Dickies yeah

put the bathroom side we'll be right back No there's one in jennison I think there's one in Rockford and there's got to be one over on the west side by you somewhere but maybe not

well I don't know they're building a ton of stuff up on the on the site they're putting in a chick fil a chick chick fil a would you say chick fil a chick fil a yes they were right in the corner opposite opposite Maya yeah You're shitting me No I'm not right there somebody Google that I never saw anything about that they are putting in a chick fil a opposite Meyer I am not kidding you.

Claudia We are from Grand Rapids, Michigan Northwest Florida. Nice. Nice to welcome Claudia. Thanks for joining us. Are they really?

yes now? My kit? I'm no kidding. You also said that freaking five guys was closed down so I you are not trustworthy.

But this one I know I'm googling it. I know. The middle of the show. Yeah, right if daghan the instand nail the Wilson and Lake Michigan drive corner. Well, it's not up on their website yet. Well, of course not. This donut walls right now. So chick fil a stand Dale. Yeah. Stand blonde. No stand out. So let's see. Oh, shit. chick fil a approves a plant. Walker city approves the plan. Are you Oh, you are right. I am. Why kids are gonna lose their ass. Oh, Pete found it. Oh my gosh. So basically, the proof was there now Wilson in Lake Michigan drive?

Yep. Right next to the new the new the new rental complex. Okay and call verse. Yeah. And all the lead a little bit further down yet. How are they going to manage that traffic? I have no idea that is already a shit show. And all these already bringing a ton of stuff. New people over there. But it's gonna be a very interesting corner. It is.

Yep. Anyways, Larry, Larry, you should do the first 100 customer promotion. You when it opens you he's done it four times. You get chick fil a Larry Dunkin

I can so see Larry do it though. I mean, the chickens not that good. Oh, it is

you know what the only reason why I go they have by none the best chocolate chip cookies in town. Really? Yeah, I've never had Oh my god. I love their waffle fry like this that really

cloudy wants to know our lobbies for fast food open? No, no, they are not. Mo I have

sure though. I mean, I read an article the other day that they tick this could be again a lot of our clothes because they can't find people. Right.

Right CRP Thanks for checking in. Yeah, I most of them are closed I don't even try to go in but the mask or the the the mandates just ended yesterday. So right some of them may have open I I don't know. I don't know why they would they're more efficient without it being open. really wasn't the old people. I mean, the only reason I want open want to open is like if I'm going to do if I'm doing gig work like fast food. delivery. I'll go pick it up inside just so I can go pee. What what a pizza.

He says he leaving because you said the chicken Isn't that good? Oh. I mean, it's not worth like standing up IP. It's not worth standing in line. I mean, jeez, Louise. That's the thing I like about chick fil a they know how to handle that. traffic. They are very lame. People outside with a tablet when they got it down. They do. So

speaking of bathroom breaks, we have a video to share to share with you.

Yeah. This is gonna be fun. Do you want to this is a video of a special bottle found in the backseat of a car. Not Jason's car should stipulate Yeah, although I think the bottle might be just about as big as this. Well, where

would I hide that? This is why this guy has the problem. Okay, we'll watch it and we'll discuss. Dustin holy smack. I don't know what's in this yellow jars. This looks like it. What's in the yellow jar here the jar with the liquid Bathrooms are closed. If I'm just I have to like a bathroom to pee long when like a

boyfriend power appeared in his late night when there's no one around. sometimes have to put a bottle in the vehicle just in case I can't find the bathroom. Gotcha. I'm fine. I'm gonna get up so much. I just wouldn't put it back here if I were you. I mean, gross. Yeah. Okay. What's in the yellow jar? Anyways, good night. Megan. Unite Megan.

Yeah, that dude now she says that dude needs to drink water. I will let you know when you let the PIs sit in the jug for a while. It just does turn yellow. Regardless of how hydrated you are.

So see, I didn't know that. Yeah, yeah, you know that because

Yeah, sometimes I have to pee in a bottle. First of all, I if if that was me, if I was the driver and I left that in there out immediately pull over and take care of it. I wouldn't like having explained. You know, how things how it happened. Like we know what happened. You had to take a piss like, just pull over and get it away. Hopefully there wasn't just one. Oh God, that'd be a monster piss or you have a gun. Yeah, Claudia says How about using a bag? What? A bag. Now I do have a story about a bag. Those are very airtight I will say but I have peed in a bag before. So you know the little invoice you get when your tech leaves it on your door? Yeah. paetynn those before and tie them off? Because I didn't have a bottom to Savage. I need therapy. Oh my gosh. I mean, oh, you cover the bottom. Okay, good one Claudia. Yeah, that is true. Well, I always discreetly hide mine if if the car if the carwash company wants to go in there dig around in my car, take out piss bottles. Me they have done in more than one dog. Just one. After that. I hit it because that's just gross. So Alright, moving on from piss jog moving on. So this guy. It's a picture of a baby in the back of the car. In a car seat. It says so I was driving Uber today and this lady put her son in my backseat and said he was going to daddy's house. What the hell? She tipped me 60 bucks though, so I'm taking him

oh my gosh, that's a big no no, guys. I mean, it's an absolute No, no, but everyone's got a price. Oh, sure. What's your price? Oh, it would know what you mean price five grand. Okay, so don't even know you can send a kid you know if I would know I wouldn't either. Yeah, I wouldn't be like Show Me The Money first. situation you're putting yourself in? Why do I Why don't she What if she was to say he never got there? I know. In this day and age? No. is no it's a disaster waiting to happen.

Yeah, I think at that point, you don't you don't deliver the baby to the dad you go around the block and you call the cops and call the social services? Because like, that seems a little weird. One would be an appropriate age. Probably none, right? No. Like, what about if you had a 16 year old and you're like you're just in a pinch and you just need to get into baseball. I know. You wouldn't do it. No. Good your mom and dad. Yeah, but what if you're in a pinch? I don't think he's not going to baseball. No. Okay, well you don't like your kid then?

No, it's not that you don't like your your kid. You can't put yourself in that situation. No, I know being alone in the vehicle with with a six year old girl boy. No. Oh gosh. Yeah. For sure. No, absolutely not.

Larry made a good point. I'd make her ride and take her back. I would do I've done that before not with a baby but with like a younger kid.

I might even turn off the turn off the app I know and do it for free. That's your whole you just talking about liability and then you're gonna turn off the app if I was just you. And I know I should just refund you the money. Yes, that will be the right thing to do. Absolutely. Yeah. We went to helping out refund the money that's Yes.

Right. Although why would you want to I mean, maybe she's you know, underprivileged. But I'm like, why would you want to help her out? Because she's being an idiot. Like, I don't know. It just seems.

I reach to talk to Pete mister mister no car car seat, right. I mean, he was like, the guy in our market who always got hit with the note with the people without cars, you know? And it's like, no, I

talked to Pete the other night. He is his life is so changed. He doesn't even own a car anymore. He doesn't have a car. Oh, he works from home. delivered, like he he's God. He came from the gate. Master, like I would say he was even higher than gigster game. They were both pretty high up there in the gig world. And now, he just sits home any order and he uses all our services, whether it's good,

so he's he's now he's a client. He's receiving end of the gig economy. Oh my gosh, if I ever get a heat order.

I don't know what I mean. I won't do anything to the food. But I would like Sure. Sure, though, if I was near a sex shop, I go by like a Dell though. And like drop it in his bag. And can you imagine? Cuz, you know, Pete does contactless so he won't even know it's me. So I'll just drop it off, and maybe a drive around the corner, get out with my camera. And although he probably wouldn't open it till he got inside. But how epic would that be? I've never delivered anyone I like you could just deliver something even whether he wanted it or not. That's true. That's true. But I think it would be funnier with doing it like with a food delivery again. I'll make sure it's full. may or may not be sealed, but it's full. Oh, my gosh. Oh, Steve, have you ever tried the whiz app? So we actually interviewed Robert from the whiz app, and it only worked. Now I haven't used it in a while. But at the time, it was only the restaurants that they were working with. Maybe they've updated where you can add your own? I don't know. Yeah,

yeah. We're talking about possibly doing that.

Yeah. I'll have to check back into that. But thanks for that reminder, Steve. But yeah, that there are several other apps out there, but his app was based on like trying to work with the restaurant and give the the rideshare driver like a free coke if they came in and then they found that they actually made more on the sponsorship because the the driver would come in and, you know, bring in their family or whatever. So they ended up you know, making more anyways, Larry says no Gatorade bottles in Nashville. So Larry and I are going to a podcast conference in the first week of you guys still going? Yeah, it's not it's on. Let's get it on. Like we were listened to earlier. I'm so excited for it. I actually have a flight down to Nashville because I was gonna go to was supposed to be in Denver, or no, not Denver. Dallas, sorry, started with a D and then the pandemic habit. So I just switched my flight to because normally I wouldn't drive to Nashville or I wouldn't fly but

American Airlines is American Airlines it is yeah better check that can allow the rights they are Yep. They can't find any people. There's no employees. No, I thought it was united or does American. Oh, no, it was the article I read was American islands. What have they have they sent the emails off to people because I have not gotten one I was no email it was just I read an article about how American Airlines

all but I'm wonder if they've Oh, shit. Well, I better look into that. Well, when you imagine what is it going? Yeah, anyways, yeah, you'll be fine. I think Nashville is pretty a big flight though. It's I can I can't see that they would cancel a Nashville flight. No. They did it like four times though, since I booked it like really jacked the times around. But Alright, we talked about piss jugs. And now we're going to talk about our new sponsor. We like that music. That was interesting. Interesting. Oh, a little salsa. Okay, guys, para, what is para. Para is an app that you pair, get it with doordash. So you all know, doordash is shady AF. They hide a lot of their tips behind you know, whatever, like for whatever reason, they hide their tips. So what para does if you can look at the picture on there. So see how doordash is offering this right at eight $8. If you look, the total is actually $9. The tip is $6. So what they do is it's an immediate notification. Okay, not immediate, maybe two or three seconds. It may be even less than that. It's really quick.

I'm telling you, the times I used it, it was very, very quick.

So right from the app, it comes down it lets you know hey, this this person tipped? I mean, I went out two weeks ago, I made so much more money. It was so much more efficient. I mean it I made it.

So how can you how do you make more money? You're able to cancel the ones you don't want faster?

Right? Well, exactly. What what you see it come up and it might say $7 doordash might say oh $7 but then you look, I'm gonna go back to the main screen because this music's too loud. And then I don't like it. I'm disappointed in my choice of music tonight. But yeah, you go it says $7 parrot notifies you and there might be a $20 tip on it. But they hide it behind them. They hide it and I don't know why. I mean I do know why. They're trying to get drivers to take everything. But that's what para does. You know Steve is part of para. So that's why he's saying we are the bomb. You use our link. Yeah, in the show notes. It should be in there. But yeah, use our link to sign up. If you're doing doordash You're stupid. I'm gonna say it. You are stupid to not use para, because why wouldn't you want to make more money be be out on the road last time. I know they are working dude, beta testing grubhub. Now grubhub does not hide the money. But it definitely does. They're going to try to show the mileage that's where grub hub comes in. So what I'm hoping that parrot does, which I really like there's an app called da It's short for driver utility helper. Yep, I like that app because it declines all the low paying offers. If para My gosh, if para can do that. Right. game changer. But why wouldn't I be there? I'm sure they're working on it's coming. Yeah, Chad says amazing. They give it away for free. I, I can't believe it either. Because you know, Matt from our group in Grand Rapids here. He was like, Oh, my gosh, Jason like is increased my hourly rate. It's a game changer. It is again, I mean, I don't change it's a to shade thing to say game changer. But people, it's true. You will make more I guarantee it. I will guarantee you will make more money. If you don't, then don't. Then your phone's broke. I was gonna say the app bro owners. But that's not that's not good to do for a sponsor. But if you guys have any questions about it, there is a Facebook group. You can also message us too, but please use the link to sign up that helps us grow the show. We appreciate it. But oh my god, Steve said we went from 200 A users to 29,000 active users in seven weeks. Holy shit. That is that's I don't know how it didn't crash. Well, that's some growth right there. Oh, you can use para and, and clean up only on Android? Yeah, da only works on Android. I'm amazed that pero works on iOS, because I'm sorry. It's so hard to get iOS apps through because they're so don't don't.

Don't you dare? No, I actually run an iPhone and an Android phone. Right? Your

only true phone to use an Android pixel. Not a sponsor? No.

It's not an Android pixel. It's a google pixel. It's still on Android. Not a sponsor yet. Alright, let's move on. Good lord. Download pair if you don't, you're an idiot. How you like that sponsorship?

All right. So the next one is very it's a local piece of news, but I'm excited about it. Nonetheless. With the driving starting back up. Unfortunately, I won't be able to attend the first one but a big thing here in West Michigan is the beer festivals. Yes. article here is about the next. They have now the Michigan brewers guild has August and September beer festivals has been defined, defined. And the next BFS Devo ad the lmcu ball bite that just changed name Did you not? Yeah, I did. So that's gonna be August 14, at the BMI at the ballpark. And then August 14, August 14. Ah, that's a tough mudder I'm going to be gone too. There we go. And I unfortunately won't be able to make it either because I'm going to Dana's festival and anybody locals you go to Danish festival in Greenville. Anyways. Are they a sponsor? Now? Yeah. There you go a little bit delayed. But then the other two ones, obviously is. Let's see. I just had it right now. August 28. It's going to be in Traverse City, and the up phobia festival is scheduled for September 11. At Madison's lower harbor park in my cap, obviously, you won't be able to make a dent when he's a because you're going to our picnic on 911 gets in the way of my money making things so we are happy and excited for the opportunity to get back to Michigan brewers guild be a festival and look forward to seeing people in person. And obviously the reason why it's such a big deal for us is because Michigan via gills or beer festivals is usually some pretty damn big days to drive.

or interesting enough with all the driver shortage I mean, that day it might be a shift show this year. Well, I'm just saying I think cuz I think the last one I worked it wasn't I wasn't very profitable for me and I don't know if it was too many drivers. But I'll tell you something right now if if it's the same level of drivers that I mean, you're gonna make $1,000 I mean, I'm not guaranteeing that no, I'm guaranteed to pair Apple making more money but I'm just saying you could make a shit ton of money because last

time I draw a BFS which was though that was when the when the went to be a first in 2020 I made I made pretty well. I mean, I think I made close to 400 bucks. Yeah,

so 1000 isn't crazy with all the bonuses they got going on now i'm not saying you would so actually stay off. No, you know, I'm not working go. I was gonna say stay off the road buddy clean up. Yeah, exactly. No, that's good to see that things are starting to open up and excited about. I mean, honestly, there was a concert I wanted to go to it's sold out in like three minutes. It's because people have been craving to go to the concerts and stuff like that. So I'm pretty much if you want to go to a show you better buy that. Do not wait. You better buy the tickets right when you wanted to go see, yeah, they're actually at the machine shop in Flint, and it was all sold out. They're playing in Detroit too. But it's like Detroit on a Wednesday night during a work week.

I mean, you guys, you and Megan went to Detroit one time and saw people

yeah, we've seen them a couple times. We've seen them at the machine shop. I actually got a buddy that I got into pop evil and so I really kind of wanted to bring him and I wasn't I ain't gonna pay no scalping tickets for it. worth it for that. Don't come to grind right. There'll be back to grind right? You think they'll come? Well, they're from here. Oh, see? I didn't know you didn't know. Where to pop people. Sure. I never realize you're staring at my shirt. They're not a sponsor. I just looking at Yeah, and hands on body. Sorry. I've been working out. All right. This next one. Oh, this is kind of funny. It's a text. It says this conversation is related to a doordash order. Sorry, the restaurant took forever. I'm on my way now. Get your bitch ass out of my lane. Versus like laugh my ass off. What voice attacks my bad? Yeah, this is fake. Because see how it's blue? That's iOS. That doesn't happen. Anyways, not that one. scares. It's still kind of funny. No one cares. No one cares that it's fake. But it's funny when voice to chat or voice to text is just terrible. You do have to proofread that y'all. You can't just do that without it. Pete said he picked up their manager once. Yeah, I think I picked up. He doesn't play for the band. The drummer. His name was Chachi I think he was a drummer. I picked him up before. They're cool band. They played a lot on Well, there's no rock stations around here anymore. But they played a lot on our octane which is Sirius XM channel. Claudia's still with us, Claudia, thank you. Make sure you like everything download the podcast you this is a mod join the group. Yeah, join the telegram group. Most of our listeners are actually not on the live stream. It's the audio podcast. So anywhere you download podcasts, you can search the gig economy podcast. There we go.

So this next one confused me a little bit. It is a I mean, I know what it is.

So sorry. I didn't I should explain that one. I shouldn't give it to you. So this is from Ben. Ben is kind of an odd to he was actually on the second episode of the gig economy podcast, which formerly GR Rideshare Adventures, right? He was on cash at least. What do you think? At least 50 episodes? Oh, yeah. Or at least something like that. But he's been going out hustling and making that bonus money from lift. This dude tipped him $40 on top of the cash. And it's just it's just kind of a note. I appreciate everything you're doing out there basically saying these people need drivers out there. Right. So if you're interested in making some money, now's the time to do it. I'm definitely waiting for Uber to give me that three $400 but I've yet to get it. I know I know. I gotta hit the road. Yeah, you leaving by to go out right now? No, I'm not Jana just joined us late start for me today has been driving with packs.

Okay. Janet is from say it I was gonna say you're gonna fuck it up. I was gonna forgot down on Nova doesn't know where it is he she is from. It's two words. Come on. Starts with an EN. New Zealand. There you go.

Good job. Oh, thanks, Steve. For the super sticker. That's sweet. $2 $2. Appreciate that. Thank you very much. Everything helps. Oh, see, Claudia knows. Claudia knows what's up. She said bonus of left here is 150 for 20 on rides guaranteed. Yeah,

but is that is that? Is that the bonus of that? That's the guaranteed

No, I think well that. I don't That startled me. I think I'm saying she thinks it's a it's a guarantee. So it's it's not a bonus. No.

So that means it's just they'll do add up to the 150 Yeah, at least Yeah, it's a joke.

Anyways. Okay, so real quick, an article about arbitration. Why won't this link work? What are you doing? So this is in Seattle, and I think Seattle has Don't they have some of the similar rules in California Don't they have like the minimum wage And all that shit I honestly don't know I'm pretty sure they do. But starting next month in Seattle, Uber and Lyft drivers who are kicked off the apps will be able to consent contest their deactivation seek other support through a resolution center, funded by the city and run by a diverse group. The city funded $5 million for this, I'm like, holy shit. The group will provide consultation to drivers facing deactivation from ride hailing apps and legal representatives to drivers and deactivation arbitration proceedings. It will subcontract with teamsters 117 on the work, which is kind of union esque. So yeah, I mean, I think this has to do with Seattle, like I don't think this would go off in like Michigan, nothing Seattle is Steve would know this. I think Seattle does have the minimum wage kind of same thing as California. We want to become workers, right kind of thing. So I don't like it, that that's why they're doing it. But they definitely.

So why would the city fund this? I mean, that is odd. Well, unless it's because the more drivers The city has the more tax dollars they end up getting anyway. So they would get it all back. Maybe, you know, and if the city already. I mean, I remember Grand Rapids, the biggest problem they have, and they might still have it right now is downtown parking. And it's very beneficial for the driving for the city that there's many drivers. Absolutely. Right. And so maybe Seattle has the same type of problems, obviously, on a much larger scale. And so it's been efficient for them to have many more minimal drivers. Yeah,

I mean, Steve brought up a good point. It's with teamsters not a good plan for resolution because they are the Teamsters union. So interesting enough, of course, Uber and Lyft don't like it. They said they're worried about the sexual violence concerns that were raised last year if these drivers that are accused of that how are you know, they could stay on the road? You know what I mean? And where Uber Lyft got deactivated? We do. Seattle is on the way to pushing Yeah, he's only be fine. Yeah, that's what I thought there were something like California, we do need some sort of resolution. Here's my only caveat on that. I say that tongue it not tongue in cheek but I'll but then that then it's kind of like we're not 1099 no contractors a more if we have someone protecting our rights, like, for instance, a drywaller. Right. He comes in does my drywall on here, but he's got no one that to protect him. You know what I mean? That's a true 1099. So it's kind of like, we need you're paying his

company, though. You're paying a 1099.

Right? My point is, he doesn't have anyone protecting him. Oh, sure. You know what I mean, that's like, me asking for protection. But I want to be an independent contractor. That's why Uber's like, I'm not getting work. You know, we're not giving you protection, because you're you're an independent contractor. Right. But maybe there needs to be another classification independent contractor, regular employees, and I don't know there's another name for it. That's been going around. freelancers, maybe? I don't know. I can't remember. But I really do think there should be some something because of all the the terrible deactivations right. I mean, I knock on wood. I've not been deactivated from an app yet. No. Which is shocking. Shocking that I tell somebody to eff off. I know something. But I don't know. Interesting. I mean, I like that they're trying to help people that are deactivated. often wonder though, What is there? As Steve is like, you know, Union equal employees. no two ways about it. But yeah, I mean, Steve's on our side, which is good. We could I don't think we could work together. We did have somebody reached out that was totally on the other side. They want to do a collab and I'm like, I don't think we see eye to eye I just don't think that's, that's gonna work. You know what I mean? How can we do a collab if we don't have the same ideals about, you know, how we want to be just independent contractors. So

let me know and it's true. Can I can I exchange objects and address address Claudia's question for sure. Obviously, Claudia, your new HIPAA debts. dashcam is something that we talk a lot about on this show and we are firm believers in dash cams. Now, Michigan is a single consent statute which you brought up that you are in a in a dual consent state so you obviously know the difference. Honestly, most people that I had, they don't dry they don't know about single or dual consent and they don't care. I have had absolutely zero people even questioning my my. I've had people bring it up. They will mention and bring it out but they don't care.

I had one person care about it at the airport and they canceled. they canceled the ride. they canceled it. Yeah. I said I'm not gonna turn it off. But I said you know, it's for your protection. I don't ever take the SD card out unless something happens, which it never does. I don't remember the last time it took my SD card out. And that's fine. That's that's totally fine if you want to cancel the ride, right? What was it gonna bring up? Oh, Sona dual consent state. Do you just have to put a sticker on there that says your recording? I don't know how that works. I

don't know how that works either with the camera? Well, because technically, if it's a dual consent, say you can't legally record me playing with your court over there. Of course I am. Stop it. I can't hear it. I'm an audio snob. I just like when I play with something. Well, I'll give you something to play with. Anyways, so.

Okay, so But no, I don't take I mean, technically in a dual consent that you can't legally record. Right. But no, I

think you can I think you just have to notify them would Well, I think by saying having a sign in the back, is it?

So unless it says it must say something about by getting the car you are agreeing to the fact that Well, yeah,

because you're saying dual cassette states no one has dashcams? That can't be true. Or if they do, it's all illegal. That can't be true, either. Yeah. And I just think you have to notify like, we don't have to put any stickers or anything. Right? We don't have to do so I think that's the only change is you have to I'm guessing.

Right? I'm just procardia definitely use it. Yes, you can registrated with Uber now we still I think there's a lot of talks whether or not that's actually going to do anything, because it's a fairly new feature. Right that you can you can register your dashcam. So what it's gonna do, we don't know. But

yeah, Uber analysis to register your dash cam number with them. So they are full support of dash cams in every state, right. I mean, if they're, if they're willing to take the footage and on deactivate or do something with it. Yeah, yeah, I'm all for it. If they just want just want to know, just to know, I don't know. I don't know. Yeah, I mean, I kind of like keeping stuff away from the big guy like, right. Why do you care if I have one unless you're going to use it? You know, because what if they use? I mean, they couldn't actually force you to take it. Take the you know, they couldn't say I need to see this or you're deactivated? Maybe they would.

So Claudia, it is it is just audio recording. And in Michigan, you we can obviously being a single consent state, you can legally record in the car, but you can record if he's on the phone. Yeah, that's the weird Oh, well, yeah. Because the person on the other end of the phone, exactly. To commerce, that whole weirdness there Yes. But I guess if you don't record the voice, or you stop, whatever, but definitely have it no matter what for your protection, because you just never know what you're going to run into.

Yeah. Don't worry about the legalities of it. Because chances are, it's never going to come in play. And chances are, you're going to need it for something else. Some asshole over the legalities of camera,

we follow I follow. And this might be a good group for you to join as well. On Facebook, there's a group called legal or league website is called legal rideshare calm. And you can it's a law group out of Chicago. And they talk a lot about incidents that different drivers all over the America has had and they definitely is also big proponents of dash cams and what they can do with that footage. So definitely, you know, that's a that's a way for you to get some more information as well.

Yeah. All right. Moving on. This is kind of interesting. People just love to push their politics, no matter who they're talking to wonder why he

gave it to me. I don't know. So this is what what he said.

I don't know what app it is. So yeah, maybe instacart I would say either instacart or shipped.

He's maybe so he goes this. This is very generous of you. Thank you so much. You've made my weekend. Enjoy your dinner. Thanks for delivering gas has gotten so much more expensive. I was just crying about that to my to my brother. Right before I left today. Yes. And my son's Mustang take so much gas to Have a nice weekend. Both those dems out of office to go back to our energy independence. The inflation is also bad to take care. Hmm, you do? Thanks again.

Yeah, I mean, like I was just a conversation. It just escalated. Like why Why are you talking about politics? Like what does that have to do with anything people

makes it about politics? Like, yeah, we're fast on that and I just don't get it. That's

the kind of person I do not ever want to have a conversation with. Because you know that that's the first thing that goes

to those things. You don't talk about it in the car, right. I used to have I mean, when I drive and I back when I will be driving. He does a couple things I try not to ever talk about in the car, right? abortion. Well, that's a topic. I don't even know how I would answer that topic, Jason, or if you're picking him up from Planned Parenthood, our grandma But then maybe I would have a little bit more empathy, empathy then talking about

dajin the awkwardness of saying, Oh, she's coming from Planned Parenthood you have an abortion. Oh my gosh, Jason seriously Come on. That is just terrible politics

is one of the things that I tried to definitely shy away from in my car. Right and the other thing is religion because you just never know i mean it my profile does say I'm a Christian until if people want to talk about it they can Yeah, but I you know, a decent just just dangerous topics.

Yeah, this is a tip for a new driver as he as yes were brought this up just just I almost kind of agree with them. Like when they're talking about it, it's hard to you can try to steer the conversation, but you have to be somewhat polite, be like, Oh, yeah, I know. That's crazy, huh? Like just just superficial responses. And hopefully people will get the idea like oh, this guy's uncomfortable. He doesn't want to talk about that.

That's mostly what I would get and yeah, they would change subject and it just because particularly weekend warrior at night, there's alcohol involved if you say somebody they don't want to hear I don't know what's gonna happen. bad enough. You got to deal with puke. I know. So cotton says I'm always the same opinion like my passenger and change song. Yeah,

I like it. Claude is professional. Alright, last out of the night is ad for us. slash I don't know what it is. Just search the gig economy podcast. Is giggy con something I hate.

Just get your calm. I think he's calm podcast. Maybe?

I forget to I need to change that. Alright, somebody please get become a Patreon. Damn it. Where's my pen? Yeah, so we can remember the Euro? Maybe that's why Nova is becoming a Patreon. I was gonna make it No, I've been really I've been making a point to when I write a no, I go in there and change it. But I don't have an F and pen on. It is the kick econ podcast. Did you look? Yeah, no, it's not? Yes, it is. It can't be that long.

It's The kick econ podcast.

Oh, so it I guess it is? Well anyways, if you go to patreon and search the gig economy podcast, we're the one and only you will find us. In fact, if somebody do it, it helps us a lot, right. In fact, if you google gig economy podcast, we're the only one that well, the whole page is ours. There's other crappy ones that pop up. And you get merge, you get merge. Yes. And I want to design an exclusive piece of merge for our new Patreon. So you get an extra podcast a month, time to do that, I will make time. If you pay me enough money I will make it's about the money. It's always about the money. So the money just supports us and our fees. You know, we have a budget, we're a business the whole nine yards. So we don't take any money of any of that. You know, so that all goes to help us. But like I said, you get a free piece of merch when you sign up. You get extra podcast a month. And then you get before the show chatter, you know, whatever. We talked about my bowel issues. So that was fun. And we listened to very exciting we listen to the song by Marvin Gaye. Let's get it on.

And then of course, you get the bonus podcast before everybody else.

Yeah, and sometimes it's just yes for an AI with our shirts off. So you said you weren't gonna put the video up there. I'm sorry, I slipped it. Alright, Michigan drivers say Uber and Lyft incentives are not enough to address rideshare shortage.

That is true. Oh, we got a couple more and then we're I just read this two in a row. Did you? Yeah, yeah. Oh, no. What did you read the article? I did. Okay. Just make it brief. I will. I will. So basically hang on here. I'm sorry. I make a brief. I know what the hell in life stupid in life. They won't let me do nothing. I'm sorry. I'm sorry, my.

Alright, I'll just move on. Back to it. All right. So we talked about drunk passengers and and asshole passengers. I haven't seen one of these a long time, but get off my screen.

This one's kind of still in need something really really bad. Oh, 911. Please. I'm gonna get these brides out of the way. I am sorry. I am sorry. All right. I am so fucking sorry. Hey, dude, come here. Come on. Whoa, please now. Jesus fucking Christ.

America. No, this is completely unacceptable. Okay, sorry. Go back to Asia. Oh boy. Oh boy, wow, that's that is gonna be quick.

Yeah, I did. It's interesting that guy he's like, Oh, sweet Jesus, like, let's go. I'm surprised. I he must not have like, it's weird, right? You wouldn't want to put your hands on her. But it's like that was my wife. I would like scoop her up and like, carry her away. I'm like, okay, we're done here. But those are the kinds of things that you know why you need a dashcam. Right. And my guess is that guy didn't because he didn't. Something happened in the car. Nearly. So I was pretty rough. Yeah. Did you figure it out?

No, I can't because the paywall came up. My paywall came up and he won't let me in. All right, well, I could sum it up. pay more, or we're not getting on the road. There you go. There you go. That that a well, yes. So. Okay, yes. For your favorite one. For some reason, every time does anything related to something like this? Jason will give it to me. Because sometimes it makes him embarrassing. It's funny. Ah, so this one here is the fact that the zucchini squash has been labeled as personal care, care items. So

I mean, why would you Kini? It's in the shape? I'm having trouble. Coming up with what it is. Give us some more thought. Give us a more thought. A penis perhaps? I don't know. Do you think so?

Maybe I'm kind of jealous of that size. I'm not gonna lie. It looks pretty big. Anyways, this is I'm sure this is Instagram. Small. You know, to me, it might just be picture. It need a quarter for scale. Yeah, so apparently instacart or somebody put zucchini squash in personal care, which is some developer I had fun that day. Well, I find that when I used to do whoops, hit the intro by accident. I find that when I used to do shipped they would miss categorization was pretty much every time I would shop something was miscategorized. I mean,

they're obviously important exporting 1000s of products every day. So of course there's going to be problems. Like I saw the

go, but you know, like a chopper. Jana says Just remember to keep the dashcam powered up when I turn the key off. dashcam shuts down. So recording part. Yeah, not all. Thanks, Larry. Not all dash cams are set up that way. You have to like direct wire them to your battery to keep them running 24 hours a day. I don't have mine set up that way. Parking is not an issue for me. And I'm not too worried about someone slamming into me.

And some of the gas cans will be hooked out through a UV OBD port as well.

Yeah, yeah. So that would be the same way it would power that way to most of them come with that. I can't quote that.

If not, it's a kit. Yeah, you can. Yeah, it's like, yeah, you can upgrade or something like that. So so I know with the dash cam that we always recommend. Recommend, which is the vantrue I still didn't never do that review. Yes. I still never did that review. So we have money coming here at some point when I do that damn review. But we recommend to vantrue and Toubro to pro and actually the new one and four. That's the one I have in the car. Yeah. And both of those have. Yeah, so you're right. It is a kid for the venture but what I was talking about as well they have an additional kit with a geo locator sits in the arm for it as well. So that's kind of cool as well. Oh, is that going to mount? Is that what that is? Okay, that's in the mountain. So basically you can hook that up and that way your dashcam footage will be geo located as well.

Which is pretty sweet. Yes. The NVR is nice. It's got a back camera and a front camera and inside the cab camera. And the back camera is amazing. I'm it goes through my tent. And it I don't know. I don't know what it does, but it doesn't look like it's that it looks great. It doesn't even look tinted so.

Yeah. And so obviously what Chad is saying too, and the black view I believe that's the same the big difference you have to remember to do when you when you do engage in car footage or inside photos, make sure that it's an LED recording so you can record at night so

Callie just ordered that and for a nice, you know, chat I had a blackvue they actually sent me one for free. It was a $500 camera. I wasn't that impressed with it. It couldn't be user error. Oh 100% I'm not gonna say that the camera was bad. The connection to get files off was very clunky. And I'm like, forget it. So I went back to the vantrue it's tried and true. Get it vantrue tried and true. Never had a really any issues with it. I did have some mount issues. They're like, Oh, we'll send you the updated amount but they

fixed the mount issue. Yeah, it was a known issue and they sent all of those updated mount Yeah.

So well I had the end for actually I struggled with I don't know if they're using the old style, and they sent me another one. It was in the heat. Maybe we get so hot it would it would come down and since they sent me the new model, or the new model, yeah, it's fine. Oh, that link is in our description, too. If you're looking to order a camera, you can click on that.

That support is excellent, too.

Yeah, yeah. For overseas company. They do a pretty good job so Well, guys, I want to thank Chad the gig economist who's new tonight I want to thank Claudia Of course Janet and Larry for coming on. And of course Steve from rideshare rodeo Who am I missing Anyone else? I don't think so. Everybody we think everybody who's there buddy everybody. Everybody chit chat I used to have Megan Oh yeah, she's been gone an hour. chatted I used to have a night vision camera for the interior you can see some of the videos on my channel are caught under dashcam Yeah, um sometimes the van true didn't quite get because we both drove out we drive axles it didn't quite get all the way to the back. Right. So you needed to add like external like lights in the car. You could add like what do they not UV like kind of like a blacklight kind of thing? Yep. To get it back there but I never bothered with that. No. All right. What do we got next? Nothing two weeks. nothing's coming up at a probably add a guest

maybe we'll have Steve on I don't know. The big unknown is whether or not I will be driving before next time.

Thanks, Larry. Yeah, I wonder Will you be I'm I can't wait to drive. It's gonna be nice. I am so looking forward to now getting got it. We got to get you on the road.

I will. I will still be the original comfort. The original comforter. I remember when when comfort just came home. I was so excited. I was covered. Yeah. So I swear still today. I made more money as a comfort. I'm sure you did is Are you still going to be comfort when you get back? Okay. My vehicle is fully approved comfort and everything. Yep. Nice. All right. Well, thanks, everyone. That comfort King, Larry said Have a good night guys. Thanks. That was a good show. Yeah, it was really good. incentives are not enough to address rideshare shortage? That is true. Oh read those two in a row. Yeah yeah but the I didn't know what the hell you're doing. I did I will I will so basically hang on here I'm sorry are not enough to address rideshare shortage. I know what the hell we got a couple more and then we're out here who put them live they won't do nothing I'm sorry Oh did you read the article? Just make it brief my I know but okay

all right

we talked about drunk passengers and and asshole passengers I haven't seen one of these a long time shorter right? listeners kind of they weren't gonna be telling me something's really really bad I'm sorry my alright let's just move on. But if you can get back to it Alright, so we talked about drunk passengers and and asshole passengers I haven't seen one of these a long time, but get off my screen. This one's kind of still in need something really really bad. Oh boy. Wow. That is crazy quick. Yeah Did it's interesting that guy he's like, Jesus like, let's go. I surprised I he must not have like, it's weird, right? You wouldn't want to put your hands on her. Oh boy, that was my wife. I would like scoop her up and like, carry her away. I'm like, oh, we're done here. But those are the kinds of things Oh, boy. Why you needed? That's right. Absolutely. Yeah, I did. It's interesting. That guy he's like, ah, sweet Jesus. Like, let's go. I'm surprised. I he must not have like, it's more hands on her. But it's like that was my wife. I would like to her and like, carry her away. I'm like, okay, we're done here. But those are the kinds of things that you know why you need a dashcam and my guess is that guy didn't because he didn't Something happened in the car. Clearly so I was pretty rough

for some reason. Time does anything related to something like teaser would give it to me All right, well, I can some. So this one here is the fact there you go. This wash has been labeled as pro care. Okay, yeah, there are your favorite one. Oh it's in the shade some reason every time just give us some more thought give us a more thought.

Because sometimes it makes him embarrassed and it's funny I don't know. Do you think so? Maybe Maybe this was make him smaller you know to me It might just be picture.

I mean, why would zucchini it's in the shape? I'm having trouble coming up with what it could be a penis perhaps? Yeah, some developer

looks pretty big. Anyways, this is I'm sure this is instacart I need a quarter for scale. Yeah, so apparently instacart or somebody put zucchini squash in personal care

Yeah. Exporting 1000s of pounds

well I find that when I used to do whoops at the intro by accident I saw a go and I used to do shipped they would miss categorization was pretty much every time I would shop something was miscategorized all dash cams are set up that way you fly like a jet like a chopper. Janice's Just remember to keep the dashcam powered up when I turn the key off dashcam shuts down so recording not one part yet not all thanks Larry. Not all dash cams are set up that way you have to like if direct wire them to your battery to keep them running 24 hours a day I don't have my money is not an issue for me worried about so we have yeah so that would be the same way we power that way too but

we have Andrew with to pro and the new one and four yeah you can yeah it's like yeah, you cannot go to those have Yeah, so you're right it is a kid for the manager but what I was talking about as well they have an additional kit with a you know they never do that review Yes. I still never did that review at some point when I do that damn review that's in the mouth. So basically you can hook that up and that way you bro dashcam footage will be geo located as well. That's the one I have in the car. Yes. Nice. All right, and then

is amazing. It goes through my tip. Oh, is that going to mount? Is that what where that is? Okay.

Yep. And so obviously what Chad is saying. I believe that

the 49 friends have got a backup camera and a view camera inside the camera in the back camera. Make sure it's amazing. I'm it goes through my take and record. I don't know it. I don't know what it does, but it doesn't look like it's that it looks great. It doesn't even look tinted. So Obviously, it could be user error. Yeah, not gonna say do it and then like, I went back to the vantrue it thought he just ordered that and for nice, you know, chat, I had a blackvue they actually sent me one for free. It was a $500 camera. I

wasn't that impressed a fixed amount. It was unknown here, and they sent all of those all 100%. So

I'm not gonna say that the camera was bad. The connection to get files off was very clunky. And I'm like, forget it. I went back to the vantrue. It's tried and true. Get it? vantrue tried and true. Never had really any issues with it. I did have some mount issues. And they're like, oh, we'll send you the updated amount. Yeah, what is excellent. Yeah, well, I had the N for actually I struggled with I don't know, if they're using the old style. And they sent me another one. It was in the heat. It would get too hot. It would it would come down. And since they sent me the new model, or the new model, yeah, it's fine. Everybody. Everybody can order a camera. You can click everybody. Did you? Did you think Yeah, I can. Yeah, for overseas company. They do a pretty good job. So Well, guys, I want to thank Chad, the gig economist who's new tonight. I want to thank Claudia Of course. Jana and Larry for coming on. And of course Steve from rideshare. rodeo Who am I missing Anyone else? I think so. Right? Everybody? Everybody? I would really push it. Chad I used to have a night vision. Oh yeah, she's been gone an hour ago. chested I used to have a night vision camera for the interior you can see some of the videos on my channel are caught under dashcam Yeah, um sometimes the vantrue didn't quite get because we both drove out we drive axles it didn't quite big. You needed to add like external like lights in the car. You could add like what do they not UV like kind of like a blacklight kind of thing to get it back there but I never bothered with that. So all right, what do we got next? Nothing two weeks. nothing's coming up at a probably add a guest maybe we'll have Steve on I don't know.

The big unknown is whether or not I will be driving.

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