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Hi, guys, welcome to the gig economy podcast. Thank you so much for joining us. Tonight. We are live while I am live in the studio sponsored by Irvine to auto repair in Grand Rapids hybrid. And we have Mike from Mike delivers podcast on tonight. Yeah, yes, I was on vacation. And this is kind of a makeup stream at last week we're supposed to be on and I in the last hour before I decided to do the show I brought all my equipment to Nashville and everything i thought you know, I'm here to network I need to do those kind of things. So I decided not to do the show. So I hope you all aren't too mad at me. But I appreciate you guys all coming on tonight. And if you could do me a favor and share the show with anyone that you know or love or hate. I don't really care. Just share it with them in your Facebook group, Twitter, YouTube, whatever. Anything gig economy related, you can go to gig economy hyphen, podcast, calm, awful. There is a link tree in the description. You can go ahead and click that that has all our information. want to give a shout out to our Patreon members Keith Janet, Larry Samson and Steve and Leo from Detroit. We appreciate the support every every month. And then of course our telegram group where you can talk rideshare talk shit, do whatever you want. I don't care Just don't be racist or a bigot that would be appreciated. Don't talk about VC reality to only a few people know about that joke, but please don't do it. It's frowned upon. And then lastly, rideshare roadie our boy Steve, he's actually on Chad, the gig economy show right now. So hopefully he jumps over in a little bit and say hi, check out his podcast. You can download that anywhere. You go to Uber and Lyft drivers calm. You can get it there too, or anywhere. podcasts are downloaded or whatever. But Mike, how are you doing tonight?

I'm good. Thank you for having me. Jason. I have to say I'm not I'm not mad at you for going to Nashville, like I'm so jealous that you went to Nashville. I wanted to go to Nashville. I want to eat in Nashville. I want to drink in Nashville. I want it to be you in Nashville. So I excuse you for missing that episode. You had so much fun networking to do you had people to meet, you had to make those connections. Good for you, man for doing it. I am so jealous of you. I went to my wife and I was like, you're not gonna believe this. But Jason went to the Nashville event. And I'm like, I even went to her. And I said, What do you think about making a family vacation in Dallas last year? I pulled that bullshit. So no. For real, though. That's pretty cool that you got to do that.

It was an amazing experience. I'll be honest with you a lot of the sessions, some of the things that we went over. I knew a lot of the stuff. I'm not bragging by any means I'm a bad casting since 2017. I've read the, you know, I'm not perfect in and I took at least one actionable thing almost out of every session. So I happy about that. But the networking was amazing.

Yeah, that to me seems to be yes, you go to these sessions and you'll learn stuff, but to me, it's just you're in a community of other podcasters other gig economy podcasters etc. Yeah, and that you can make those connections and meet people is something that especially in the last two years Where we you know, the only people we've gotten to meet our scales? It's pretty cool that you can do something like that. So no, no, that's that's really awesome. Well, that's

cool for you is now that you're working for a kind of production company. Maybe they will pay for it for Dallas.

Yeah, we actually had for this past year we have like virtual passes to go. Okay. But what have I just had? So I was working. So it was like, it was hard to do it. I wish that I did. But yeah, no, it's something that's definitely on my bucket list that I really want to do in the future. So I just want to hear like, I want to hear everything you did. I want to like you woke up at 752. You brushed your teeth. get coffee, you had a bowel movement. Like I want to hear the whole deal. I want to hear everything you did. I'm so jealous. That's really cool.

Yeah, it was great. Larry, Larry and I went down. And yeah, it was good. It was a good time. So before we get into, you know, ride, share in the news, why don't you tell? I'm just going to ask you to tell people right now, because I know I'm gonna forget at the end of the show where to find your stuff.

Yeah, absolutely. So as the mic delivers podcast, I tell my stories from the road as an Uber driver. And then my wife and I review foods of Uber Eats places that we went like I went to and picked up from, and we do food reviews on that. So you can find the mic deliveries, podcast, wherever you find your pods, apple, Spotify, all the major players, and then on social media, Twitter, Instagram at Mike delivers pod. That's where you can find me and yeah, we have some fun. We do food reviews. And I tell all the crazy shenanigans that happened to me while I am an Uber Eats driver in the last couple of years. Well, I'm very envious of the amount of content you put out. So I'm a Patreon member for some punk. There he goes. He put in Can you see the chat? No, I can't see the chat. Either way, I'm scared to see the chat because last time I tried to see the chat. I left the room and I'm very I'm like my anxiety is through Okay, you.

You don't have to look at it if you don't want to. But up in the upper right hand corner should say comments. And okay, I was just gonna talk about your Patreon and literally, your boy who I love and Edie Ginza hosts it but yeah, so Mike has a Patreon, which is dirt cheap, by the way, I told him was too cheap. But this dude, what's up so much content, I can't keep up with it. So if you want a lot of content on both either Patreon, or just as regular podcast, like, seriously, I have like 10 or 12 episodes that I'm so far behind and not like us where we only put out two or maybe three a month. So I appreciate you guys checking them out. So thank you appreciate you're welcome. All right before that we're gonna get into Okay, so, but oh, no, I bet I gotta do one thing. So bear with me. I'm using the stream yard software. So not that anyone cares, but it might be a little clunky. But I just want to say the picnic is coming up. It's less than a month and oh, what day is it today? The 11th so it's September 11 2021. from one to four. We will not be having a petting zoo unless you want to pet yes for this is a perfect opportunity if you're in the chat right now. to tease yes for he's not here. His internet. He's in Missouri. He's what show is that? That took place? Oh, the Ozarks. He's the Ozarks. Oh, wow. Yeah, like near that area with all those you know, the big lake and stuff but anyways, so you can tease yes for tonight. He can't even connect to the internet, which is good. He's on vacation but it's at Riverside Park at the island shelter just google it we'd love to have you there we're gonna have food everything's provided probably some giveaways and those kinds of things. It's time you know again, fucking COVID is ramping up again. So I mean, we did it last year it was okay you know we're outside but anyways, please come if you're in the area if you're not in the area, please come we would really really appreciate it. Laura Hello from Houston. Thank you. Laura from Houston. What What do you do down there? Are you a Uber driver or Lyft driver? Looks like Scott's from the road Oshkosh to Green Bay. I'm so distracted add is kicking in. I was so sorry. Before jumping in about people petting expert. I know he's he's very credible.

That would be so nice. Like we were like just just be gentle under the chimney bites, be careful.

He bites he bites, Irvine's auto repair great appetite but as a studio sponsor if you can. Anytime you can support the sponsors, it really helps us and if you do go to Irvine's which I just got a call a while. I don't know maybe like a week ago Megan. She's like, Hey, we had someone come in and use your name. The gait Academy podcast. It really helps us and they're like okay, we want to support this show. So 532 6600 Irvine's dot com. I just updated this picture. It looks like the same one. But it's a still an average of 4.7 with 325 reviews. We just had a big boom of thunder rolling. Mike was talking about that earlier that if our power goes out, we're screwed. So yeah, call them at 532 6600. Irvine's calm, you can schedule everything online, you can do it COVID friendly, meaning you don't have to see them. I mean, you want to see them but you don't have to and we'd really appreciate it if you support them. Okay, real quick before we jump in the news I want to talk about para. Para is back on line working with doordash. Again they were they got a cease How do you say that cease and desist, desist cease and cease and desist. desist

Now see, I thought I knew it but now that you know like all messed up cease and desist. No not assist because yeah, no, no, it's like it's like, it's like a, like a basketball assist. Yeah,

it is.

No, I have no idea. I don't know what it is. I can I can. I told you before we started this, I was like, we were reviewing stories. And I was like, Jason, there's one story that's giving me massive anxiety. I don't know what any of these words mean. So now you're going to ask me with it cease and desist, cease and desist? Yeah. See? This is nervous, man. It is

dentist dentist at an ad in there. But anyways, so fuck doordash I shouldn't say fuck doordash I use them. But anyways, parrot took their app offline, tried to meet with doordash and say, Hey, this is what we want to do. doordash refused to respond to them. So pair up with the app back up. So anyone that has not used parrot, or hat is using pear and then got offline because they weren't working with doordash they're back on line. They're not back on originally the where you could what was it originally, it's you can see the subtotal now. So doordash should change some code, but it's back working again. So please use that app to make more money. I just wanted to throw that in there. I don't have any other look at other people cease and desist. Like, good lord.

It's so funny. The second you make a mistake. People are just all over. It's like fine, I'm fine with it. I know. But it's like you say 8000 words a day. And the second you say one wrong one. Everybody is all over. I know. It's just amazing how it works. But hey, now it's good to see the you know, people coming through and help it out. But I get it.

Yeah. So just for everyone listening because Peter is good friend of mine. He's a big gigster full time back in the day he we know each other quite well. He said I'm sick and Peter I am sick. I actually got the vid from Nashville. So I am kind of quarantined for a while. But I have been vaccinated so the symptoms are as bad and I'm not gonna die. So you know, it is what it is so. Okay, so this first tip, tip talk. No, that's not what it is. Tick Tock is interesting about even Scott's get in the season, Dennis. Oh. This is why you don't want to cause he is so fucking distracted.

I know. It is crazy. It's pretty funny. You mentioned that. Yeah. Now you just started the start going at it. Yeah, Jinx myself.

So this first video is about, of course, tipping your driver. And we'll watch that and we'll be right back.

Alright, so I want everyone to look at this right here. You see this? Do y'all think you know what this is? That is a taco bell filled with doordash orders that nobody is picking up? And you may be asking yourself, why? why are all these orders just sitting there? Why is nobody coming to pick them up and deliver them to the customers? By the way, you can tell that these are doordash orders? Because they're all sealed? Well, allegedly, it's because all of these people didn't leave any sort of tip on their doordash. So nobody picked up their order. And now they're all just sitting there getting cold. And my response to that is good. I hope it's stone cold. By the time you morons get your food. If I've said this once. I've said it 100 times, if you can't afford to tip don't order out. Now I know people are gonna say well, the fees are too high or go pick it up with doordash if the fees are too high, don't order then stop being cheap.

Sweet and it's I'm sorry that the stream yard thing is cool. It just stops playing and pulls it Oh sweet. Yeah, there's a fucking fly in here. Have you seen it? My camera buzzing me around. But no, I have not been now I'm gonna be looking. Yeah. I just shouldn't opponent it out. Anyways, I was great. So yeah, I mean, this is reiterating. Tip your driver. I know those fees are jack like I've ordered it a few times. And it's just, it's expensive. The fees are expensive. But literally you you need to tip you can't. I mean, what are you doing? And as Mike? Yeah, he's full time. You know, not full time. But he's, he's Uber Eats. He's doing all food delivery. So

yeah, I love this video when I saw it. And I could obviously relate to it. And I think he brings up a lot of great points because we hear people bitching all the time about like, Oh my god, the fees are crazy. These fees, are you insane. I'm not gonna tip anybody. Well, at the same time. It's like, Alright, you just spent $162 at a steak house and you got steak, you got mashed potatoes, and you got this and this. And then you're like, Well, I'm not gonna tip at this point. It's like, wait, this is what's gonna happen. So it's cool to see too that the doordash drivers in that area are being smart and revolting against that action so that people can tip moving forward and learn to do that. So you know, bigger picture, okay, if you can't afford if there's a big difference between 20 $8 and then $32. If that's a huge difference where you're like, I can't tip, that's a bigger problem to me. So at that point, I agree with him. And what he's saying is, don't believe in go do the order, if you can tip. And if that's what you were to expect expect to get Taco Bell, you know, three days later. So well produced video I thought that was really cool.

Yeah, I wonder when people are going to get the idea of not or get the idea of tipping because clearly some people must be taken those those cheap orders because people still do it.

Right. Right. That's a great, let's see, that's the great boy is somebody falling for the gimmick, somebody's doing it? Well, that's why it'd be so interesting. If you could ever, like go behind the scenes and meet the Uber Eats doordash people and how they scam this. I think that makes for a fascinating interview. Like, oh, there's the rookie guy. Let's go get them. Go get them $2 for an order. He's not gonna know what to do. He's just happy to be in this car.

Yeah. And it might be just new drivers not knowing the game. Exactly what I mean. But I actually put this clip together. It's not that complicated. But the guy that runs doordash His name is Tony. So here we go.

So that's actually from a tic tac, those dogs that say, fuck you, Tony, what's your name? Have you ever seen that one? He goes, my name is zekiel. Anyways, if you're not on tik tok, and haven't seen that, but yeah, Tony, the owner, fuck you. You need to do something. Because I mean, they've even lowered the base pay from $3 to like, $2.50 in some areas.

Do you think that they like what happens? I guess Taco Bell just says we don't we don't care. No, you already they already paid. We can just let this food sit here and rot from there. And I guess they just don't really care. Right?

I mean, I mean, they're paying the fee. So they're paying their fee on that though, right? Like I would be curious what happens if the order doesn't get delivered? Oh, where they can't? Oh, interesting. Yeah. So where does that 35% come in? Does that apply if the if the food is actually delivered, or each order regardless, you know, it's a $10 order. Uber gets or doordash gets 35% and doesn't matter if it gets delivered or not? That's actually a good question. I have no idea.

Yeah, like the food's just sitting there. Obviously, like, if I'm the customer, I'm going well, nobody's you know, getting my food. I don't know what to do. I'm cheap. I'm not tipping. Let me cancel it. And then those bean burritos just sit there. What happens next? What's the next phase in the production? of the cheap, you know, to keep order? Yeah, that's, who knows? Yeah. Fascinating. Well, I

think the bean burritos get thrown in the microwave and they eat them on their way home from work. I mean, that's right. Don't waste the food guys. I like that. I wouldn't I wouldn't we talked about on your show the the the breadsticks. You know that chick was eating those fuckers in the back like they weren't gonna give. Yeah, I love that. That's an all time story with the breads. Yeah, it was. So Mike's gonna talk a little bit about what we're all going to talk about. Hey, Megan, what are we talking about in this one? Oh, yeah. doordash grubhub sues San Francisco for permanent delivery caps.

Yeah, this was the one where they were saying about a certain percentage they that they wanted it underneath that 30%. And they were getting upset at this this cap level, basically, from you know, the restaurant perspective saying, Okay, I'm a restaurant and I want to give out, you know, I want to make sure that I make enough money. And we're gonna give a 40% increase so that we can make as much money as we can. doordash that is off the restaurant, right? But then the laws saying no, you can't go above 30% because we need to make sure that these restaurants are are making enough money doordash they're saying no, this is unconstitutional, we needed to make our money we can we don't want to a hard cap at that number. And all I could ever think about when I was listening to this story was like sports, and sports have cap numbers, and they don't allow you to go over caps. Now that might make no sense whatsoever when it's controlled in this conversation. But I you know, as a delivery driver, and as a consumer of food this delivered to me, that's good to hear. You know, as far as like on the economy side and going into with the free market. That's an even deeper conversation. But my initial gut reaction was look good.

Yeah. I mean, there's, I see two problems. While I see one problem, I see a lot of problems. Well, I'm not even a number it because then I'm going to be called a liar. Well, one of the problems is getting the government involved. You know, they're capping by the government's coming in the county government, hey, you can't do this. But on the flip side, as a driver, if there's less fees, maybe they'll tip you more. I mean, it didn't. That's great point. Logically, you think that would happen, but I don't know if it actually would.

That's a really good point. I didn't think about that. I'm glad you brought that up. That's really interesting, right? So if you go to a restaurant, and that $8 that isn't going for your delivery charge of your, you know, mozzarella sticks and the burger all of a sudden goes into your pocket. That'd be awesome. Who would So yeah, that's you swayed me initially I was thinking that, but never see now it's interesting because now I'm thinking from a, there's so many angles to this, right? Like if I'm a from a restaurant owner, I understand that perspective because people can come into my restaurant, I'm forced to be doing these third party apps, because I need to make some sort of money, right. Then from my end, I'm like, Well, hey, I want to get tip more I understand and respect what you're going through. But I need to get some more tips. So this means people can give me more money. Hell yeah. And then the consumer is just like, I don't know, I just don't I'm too lazy and fat to get out of my house. So I understand all of these perspectives. It's a really like, I feel like this is going to be such a great issue to be talked about in like the court of law. It's, it's really, it's really cool to to be experiencing in real time, sort of, you know, maybe 1020 years from now, court cases that make a difference in how things are established. But we're kind of learning how it's going through this. Yeah.

Megan says, Hey, I'm not lazy. I was actually gonna bring that up. Megan's actually worked for Irvine's her parents own it. So don't be too mean to her. But um, it's, it actually is a laziness thing. Because I I literally live, like I said, you Mike, before the show started a mile and a half from all these restaurants. I can go pick it up, right? You know, there's times where like, you're in a pinch or whatever. Or Megan's hung over at the baseball field. And she needs food. Like, I remember that. Yeah. So But no, I it is pure laziness a lot of the times and then I'm usually fussy, because it's not warm enough. And it's just like, I don't know. And then all the fees, I'm the same way the fees suck. But going back to this story, 35 40% is kind of highway robbery. I mean, I'm kind of liking that the county stepped in a little bit and said, Hey, this is ridiculous, especially during a pandemic. But anyways,

yeah, no, I agree. I see. I do think that a number has to be established. Because at some point, if you just keep you keep going and going and going, and they can test their limits. Yeah. And all of a sudden, they're at 50% 55% 60%. And local, you know, Mom and Pop restaurant that's really need the support of this is like we don't know what to do you need to protect them. It's one thing for the Applebee's the TGI Friday, yeah, the world, the McDonald's of the world. But you're a local restaurant and you're relying on this, I could understand seeing that support and having it and how it's a good thing and not allowing these numbers to go out of control. You know, we would have to talk to maybe a restaurant owner or a business owner to say like, What is 30%? And what's the difference? 20% 30% 40%. How does that affect your bottom line? might be interesting to know.

Yeah, I mean, it it. The problem is they get you locked in, right? And then they slowly creep up the percentage because like, oh, you're using that great service. So now we're at 40. Now we're at 42. And they're kind of like, I mean, I'm sure there is a breaking point, they will figure it out. I mean, it's obvious. You just look at your stats. You're like, Okay, this company or this business, this business cancelled, but yeah, everyone's got to get their money. jumping to the next article, Amazon's mission getting a key to your apartment building. So as a flex driver, and I've done a lot of apartment buildings, I absolutely hate them. It's the bane of my existence. I mean, some of the apartments they have like individual they're like outside stairs, you can go out and put them in front of their door, but a lot of them have buzzers and it's just a pain in the ass. And you know, you don't really want to leave that package outside. Have I done it? Yes. As against the rule. Yes. Did I want to get home? Yes, I've my thing with amazon flex. I do not want to go back to the warehouse because you got to remember you deliver all your packages right? You know, you're done. If you have to go back to the warehouse of London was undeliverable, it costs you money you're driving back to the warehouse and time and gas so yeah, I'm to the boy I haven't done flex yet this summer. They must be desperate look. So email me every day. But if I get to apartment complex, and I'll get into the story a minute I'll hit I'll hit my my my apartment. Let's say it's for I need to get into and no one answers. I go one, two, I bought every single one until somebody opens it up. It's rude I get it but I want to get this package inside in front of their door. But and what Amazon is trying to do is in some of them do have this some of them actually have lockers, which is kind of cool. And these bigger apartment complexes, you deliver to these huge set of lockers you know, you scan the package and it goes in but they're trying to get basically keys into these apartment complexes just going around they'll put all the you know, the whatever the fobs and everything. But a lot of people don't like it because a security someone said, Oh, you know, it's hackable. I'm like, What is it hackable? I mean, the right the library, the key five you're using the customer or the the resident might be using to get in anyways is hackable. So that's not really a good case. But apparently their salesman's going around to all these apartment complexes trying to get people to sign up for this. For me as a driver. I think it's amazing. I love it sure when we have easy access to apartments, but what What's your thought about that as a consumer of Amazon, Mike?

Yeah, as a consumer, so I live in a condo that's outside and people leave it at the door and they just ring the doorbell. And the package would be in my front. If I lived in a condo, though, I'd be into this. I mean, I gotta be honest, I'd be into this because I think of the efficiency and how much easier it would be to get things. Now I understand it's 207 in the morning, and you're going out to walk your dog in your underwear, and all of a sudden, you see somebody in your house, your apartment complex, like who is this? That would be a little concerning. But I think as things modernize, and we get, we're just in the infancy, in my opinion of all this. So these are the growing pains that we have to go through. things need to change to get more efficient at this. Yeah, at some point, you know, some some jackass is like, I want to just swirl around the neighborhood, I want a new electric toothbrush, I want to get in, you know, a new Polo, I want to get a new Teddy Bear, whatever is in for teddy bears, weird example. But there's things in front that you could just take whatever you want. So I think that we're gonna have to modernize. And then we're gonna have to adapt and get better at this stuff. Because people are going to catch on, and there's bad people in the world. And we need to find a way to be more efficient at this. So as a consumer, I'm good with it. Because I respect the idea that we can get more efficient, we can get smarter. And then you know, I've never done this type of delivery. But I could just put myself in the shoe in your shoes and be like, Oh, my I could already like when you were talking about 1234, my brain was going I could feel the anxiety. So I totally respected as a driver, obviously. And as a consumer, let's roll like we got to get we got to advance this stuff. Because this is not slowing down. And especially with everything that's happened, people are going to not go shop anymore. More items are coming to your house. We got to find it in New York condos and apartments, we got to find a way to make this more efficient. If the driver can get in and out of there. I applaud the idea. Yeah.

I mean, it's it's in Amazon's best interest to do it because it makes the driver quicker. They have less stolen packages. I mean, it's a benefit for Amazon. So I mean, I love it to Amazon, and I haven't done it yet. This is one thing I haven't modernized. Do you have a garage where you park your cars or not? Well, we have a garage. We don't park our car in it. But we do have a garage. Okay, so I you can get like a Wi Fi connected garage door opener. Like you can add it on there. So like you can do it with an app, right? Just like everything else. Right? Well, apparently with Amazon, you can set it up that they can open your garage door and set your packages in the garage and then close the door off from the app. I've done it before. But not a lot of people use that feature. It's kind of another security thing too. I wouldn't mind doing that. There was a while there. They had something where they would open your house door. They could open your house, sir and set the packages inside. too far. That's too far. That's a little weird. I think that's a little far. Like if I had a four year Listen to me like if I was rich and had a foyer, or even like a mud room where they could get into it. And then he couldn't access the main part of the house. Again, I don't have a mudroom either. We have three in our house three bedrooms. How bragging can auto breeds money there? Yeah, yeah. It I might do it. But I think it's good. I think they should do it. So can my apartment complexes? Yeah, no, I

get that having somebody that can go into your house would be a little much like yes was walking in. You're like, why is somebody you know, hanging out watching Ozarks in my house. Right? It would be a little much Yeah. But I totally completely understand just trying to trying to streamline all this to make it better and more efficient. Because in 2030 years from now, if we're doing things the same way with with like, No way things are gonna get better, things are gonna get faster. And we're gonna get better at this especially is more like, people just don't go grocery shop anymore, right? Going in grocery shop for you. So things are changing. We got to adapt.

Yeah, bring it up the Amazon. I'm terrible. Like I don't go to the store anymore. I buy everything on Amazon. And this is where something like we talked about the price increase, they could slowly increase the prices. Because I've literally don't if I have to buy something, I go right to Amazon. I don't even search the web for anything anymore. It's terrible.

Then it has everything like we do stuff where it's on auto renewal. Oh, yeah, Subscribe and Save. Like cat litter. I'm talking about like cat litter. All the essentials cat litter, coffee, toilet paper, paper towels. We're just on like such a kind of rigorous schedule where you know in two weeks, we're out of toilet paper. There's the toilet paper order and you don't even have to think about it. I know that much better than you know going into the grocery store and fighting for things I mean, it's just streamlining life magazines. I

got also school supplies an Amazon I have 30 glue sticks 26 to bag. But that's a lot of glue stick. That is a lot of glue that those sticks go a long ways my daughter's into crafts and they go a long ways all over my table. So all right, Mike, you want to grab the next article. Let me just bring it up on my handy dandy notebook. $6 for 30 glue sticks, Megan. I mean how can you go wrong? Yo yo Use all of them or the kids will or the dogs will eat them. Cat what would that do? That's alright.

Yeah, they'll glue sticks or the you know, I always think I remember that they'll never bring this up. Never forget about this, but I was in the second grade and J. Samuels was there. And she was she ate glue sticks, and I'll never forget that it's like a name. I'll never forget,

I wonder because the glue sticks. Obviously you warm them up and they become glue. When you swallow them. I'm thinking I know I'm way digressing. But if a dog swallows it, does it get hot enough in his stomach that it becomes liquid? Okay.

We're not going to find out No, that Alright, so the next story here is I get myself organized is a private pool rental industry is growing in West Michigan. And basically what's going on, there's a handful of people in Grand Rapids area that are renting out their backyards, pool on swimmingly, an online platform for private pools, and what's going on here as homeowners Think of it like, I guess an Airbnb, but they're renting out their private pools for people on this private pool platform. And people are renting them out and using these pools as vacation homes or vacation spots that they can go out and hang out with. And it just it just, I think this is another great idea and another advancement in technology. And I love the idea of other just different ways, Jason just a pace. Okay. You're not lying about reading these comments. I think it's really cool that somebody could go out and just continue to develop ways to make more money. And you know what, like, let's rent out the pool. Get out of the house for eight hours. Have some fun a couple $100,000 later in our pockets pretty dope mega Nari beat me to the punch. What

if someone dies? Yeah, I mean, I'm gonna need a 30 page liability thing. And then the truth though, but if I can make 50 Okay, 50 to $100,000 a year. So that that happened in Michigan, because we got like three months of summer here. It's like right into August and September, I get a snowstorm. But if I could make that much, I'm gonna convince my wife to put a pool in because you know, drop 20 grand out of pool and if I can make 50. But it sounds like a lawsuit nightmare.

Yeah, it does. And that's the scary part. Like, do you rent a lifeguard? Do they come in? What happens on that side of things, because you got to make sure all your family is safe. There is a lot on that side of things. I mean, it seems like it's a lucrative business though. Something else like that you can make, you can do that. I also just love. On a side note, I love local news reports. This is something I did in college when I went for broadcast journalism. And I was so bad at this. And there's just one thing I did at a bowling alley, and I have like the biggest wedgie I've ever had in my life. And so anytime I see these old school news, like these news reports, all I think about is my ass crack, which has nothing to do with this. That's hot. But yeah, so we could go right here, if you want to say yeah, no, but you know, like, just be safe. Make sure everything's required. And you know, you're right. There's 75 pages of if something happens. No, I probably Well, unfortunately, I'm sorry. Yeah. What

makes me think about it is a lot of drivers. And I don't know, if you have this mic. I don't know if you have supplemented car insurance while you're out driving, but it's probably something you should look into. It's more impactful for passengers. But it reminds me like, they're probably like, oh, we'll just use the apps insurance, you know, they'll cover us, but I would recommend if you're using this what was it simply? or? Yeah, simply simply simply, I would look into some extra insurance on that. And a lot of homeowners policies probably don't cover that kind of stuff. You know what I mean? Like making money off your home and stuff like that, but

I wonder if they require you to like leave the house. If you're having a party like I mean I'm this is kind of simple questions, but like, okay, let's say you have to go to the bathroom. Are you allowed to go into the house? True? Is the family there? Do they have to leave? are they watching you like his Little Timmy in the back room watching Power Rangers like what happens jello during this time? I I don't know. Because I guess if I rented out somebody's pool, I personally not want to like look into the kitchen and there's the owner staring at me. I don't think I'd be able to relax as much. So the pool is the bathroom. Yeah, I guess you could just urinate right there, you know, do something else. Little over the line. You know, truthfully though, I don't feel comfortable doing that. I'd like to go into an area that has a toilet. So I just be like, what's the rules of that? Is there a bathroom? Can I go in your house? Are you there watching me? Do you have to leave and go to the Bennigan's for eight hours? What happens?

Yeah, I mean, if it was me, I would if I make an even if I'm making 50 grand, I do it up, I'd hire a lifeguard. I'd get one of those Deluxe porta potties where it's like air conditioning and shit. I'm like, yeah, making 50 or 100 grand. I'm gonna spend a little bit but that's a good point. Where Where does that kid got to go take a deuce because you know, I mean, I grew up I grew up in a pool. I know when you drink that chlorine water, it makes things get get to get in and you need to get to a bathroom quick.

You're just a funny story like Mommy, Mommy, I got to go to the bathroom. I have to poop. Sorry, Tim, you can't go poop. If you read the contract from simply right, you're gonna have to hold it in, or we're not going to get our deposit. Right, just

the whole thing that made me laugh or there's there's a shed in the back Go behind there. Here's some toilet paper. Alright, moving on. This was kind of interesting. Can I get a job at Lyft? I was acquitted of a sexual assault and I'm a felon. Do I have to tell them about that? Do they even hire felons? The job sounds great get to meet new people that don't know me to see new places work my own hours. But no, you probably can't get a job. Why would you say you were acquitted of sexual assault? Because if you're acquitted, it's not on your record. So I don't understand the point of view of bringing that up. But that brings up a good conversation. I do feel bad for people that do have like felony stuff that was like 20 or 30 years old, that can't get jobs. But yeah, that guy i'm not i don't think you're gonna be able to get a job with Uber. I mean, my guess is they don't let you on if you have any felonies, regardless of what it is. But so anyways, uh, so real quick, before we get the next one, I just want to, you know, take the time to say if you are a business owner out there, or if you even not a business owner, I don't care. I'll sponsor No, I will not sponsor anything. We talked about tampons. Although we have female listeners, so I guess I would do it. We do have a new sponsor coming up next week. We're actually doing two shows in a week. So put, put it in your calendar, y'all. We're gonna give you your product. You're just gonna be two weeks in a row. But yeah, if you could send me an email, that would be great if you're interested in being on the show as sponsor. Also, if you could review our show on Apple podcasts, we would really appreciate it then of course we have birch link is in the description. We don't make any money on it. I mean, if we do if we sell a T shirt, we make like two bucks. It's not about that. It's about repping the brand if you're interested in that we would really appreciate it so alright, Mike, we're gonna talk a little bit about a doordash driver, contaminating cops field I do have a video would you like me to play that we can discuss, please. Alright.

video posted to social media shows a delivery driver tampering with someone's food. And tonight investigators say the person who placed the order was an NYPD officer. As far as that a seagull was in Brooklyn, with the investigation now underway and the charges the driver can face. The video is disgusting. This is a doordash delivery man sticking a note inside chipolte Lake and contaminating the meal. The person who received that delivery, was a police officer at the 61st precinct in Brooklyn.

And I think it's disgusting. I mean, even though it's like he's a police officer, I believe that you know, even if whatever biases you have towards police, obviously that shouldn't affect your judgment and you delivering food

look again and you can see the note says hope that blood might have been tampered with in other ways. Police say it happened between two and three in the afternoon on Monday and the officer through the food in the trash.

I just think that's you know, just not okay. In general, you know, probably had some kind of intention behind it. bad intention.

The incriminating video was posted on a Facebook page by a user called so certified in the comment section. He claims to be the one who put the note in the food saying this is a Facebook public announcement. I don't violate people food like that. This was personal we wore the Facebook page has since been deleted. We reached out to doordash and they tell us in a statement this behavior is absolutely unacceptable. It has no place in our community. We take the trust and respect of merchants customers and dashers extremely seriously. We have deactivated the Dasher and have reached out to the customer involved to politely says in a statement that the drivers actions are inexcusable and they've made sure their delivery partner has deactivated that account. Ever wonder like are they messing with my food

or I wonder that everywhere I go to the honest

police are now searching for that delivery man. And if they end up placing him under arrest, he could be charged with reckless endangerment, which is a felony reporting from Sheepshead Bay is legal news for New York.

Yeah, so I actually have a great another video. I don't have it for this show. Because I prepped a show last week and I was like fuck it. It's already prepped. But another driver doing something stupid like that. Sorry. Cut out there a little bit. I don't know. I wasn't.

That's the video I watched to be like some random spots where it was going in and out. I think it was over some curses to or something.

Yeah, towards the end. It was. Yeah. I don't understand people that do that. The dub as videotapes that are takes a picture and posted on his social media page. Like, I don't understand people's thought processes. You know,

I know it's bizarre, and I loved the statements that like we heard from doordash and they gave this statement like doordash wanted to be like, we went to doordash and what did they say? Oh shit, like that's what they wanted. Like we really have to deal with this right now. Right? This idiot decided to open up a food container and put A note in there like, come on, man, you got to be smarter than that. It's just, it's just bizarre. It's just, it's just bad behavior. And you know, whatever your personal biases are, and whatever your politics are, do your job and do it well and take some pride in what you do. Yeah, delivered. Like, you know, I make a joke about it on my podcast that I haven't stolen food from anybody. And it's a big joke, but the truth is, it's not. It's disgusting. That somebody's meal, why would I ever want to go near it and tamper with it? That's their, that's their dinner. You know, we talked about like, they, that's their hard earned money going to spend this meal. It's just bizarre, that someone's like, I'm gonna go get them and then the dumb ass thing. And let me post this on everything possible to brag about it. Now you lost a job, and you're never gonna do the gig economy anymore, like stupid?

No, the sad part is he'll just go to grubhub or Uber Eats? And it'll be,

you know, and there's no way for them to have like, do you think there needs to be some sort of like circle communication, that's not, not for not for when like, it's a bad customer that just wants to be a jerk. And you know, like, Oh, so and so's food was 20 minutes late, I'm going to try to get them off and whatever happens, but something like that, where it's warranted for that person should never be involved in this, that's

actually a really good point, because it takes so long for like the legal system, or anything to get through one of the background checks they do once a year. So if you had this driver doordash, that I don't know, assaulted somebody or whatever that driver could go, I mean, he could like rape somebody. I mean, okay, obviously rape, he's going to be in prison. So that doesn't count. But my point is, if it's something that they can get out of jail, within a day or whatever, post BOD, they can be on any other platform for another year, until they run the background check. And honestly, I don't think any food delivery companies have rerun my background check. It's only been Uber and Lyft.

Oh, yeah, I want to say maybe want to tap in that I adopt a newborn two plus years, but not enough where, you know, something bad's gonna happen, you know, I'm just saying like, you know, it's not enough words, it's recurring enough. And I'm not doing bad stuff. But, you know, you want to make sure that like, almost like they're doing audits on the drivers. Not a terrible idea. Yeah, every so often just plucking people because, you know, we're consumers to, like we talked about before people are bringing us stuff. And if they're going to making changes, and people can go in and out of places. There needs to be, you know, a little little more systematic parts with that. So I, you know, I wouldn't be opposed to that.

No, I don't know how I don't know how they would implement it. But it does seem like that's something that they could do. But like I said, I can see Uber even though you're only doing food delivery, I can see Uber run in yours, but I'm talking about grubhub and doordash. I've been on both those platforms for years, and they only did it the one time.

Yeah, and I wonder if it's like, I guess from there, and they're just like, we don't want to deal with the expense.

I guess. I don't know what some point means. We're at a war with grammar. Is he talking about cease and desist? I don't know. It might be that I'm not the best grammar person. Oh, I'm horrible. We say on this podcast, though. We don't we're not experts in geography or math. Those are the two issues so alright, buying some okay. Talking about Oh, yeah. Talk about You're the man brought his own scale, the Texas Roadhouse. No video on that, right, just an article.

Now just an article and I love this. So basically, somebody went to the Texas Roadhouse, it was his birthday, and the Texas Roadhouse said that you would get a six ounce steak. And what he did was he brought his own little mini scale, you know, like a food weight scale, not when you, you know, you put on to figure out your body weight, but a food weight scale, he went on, he brought this scale to the restaurant. And after the steak was delivered to his table, he put the scale, he put the steak on the scale, and it said it was fit 4.6 ounces. He then complained about it made a whole stink about it got an extra steak, and they and he went viral over this whole idea that he was promised a six ounce steak, but he brought a skill and got a 4.6 ounce steak. Now I do believe though, and there's a point, bring it out here that on the on the comment section that it's six ounces before it's cooked. And once the fat renders out of the meat, It then goes down a little bit. Now probably the more it's cooked, the more ounces it will lose because of the fat leaving. So I do believe that this steak was probably a little smaller, but not as much as he had thought. And also that is psychopathic behavior to bring a scale to a restaurant to measure how much your meat is, is absolutely and utterly ridiculous.

I think this guy's a professional. I mean, he he probably goes to Logan's and Applebee's and does the same damn thing and he gets that shit for free. But I mean most of them I shouldn't say most of them I'm talking out my ass. But I would think most of menu say six out and then in parentheses before ranking because every every piece of meat is going to shrink down a little bit.

Yeah, I mean it has to now is that there was a good point and there was comment sections that I was dissecting and analyzing that like maybe if you got a better higher end meat. Yeah, until like a high end Steakhouse for dinner went from six ounces to 5.3. Or if you got a well done and became a briquette, like, you're gonna lose all of that, you know, rendering down to the fat, right? And it went down to that. But I'd love to be at that table. You're like you're out with your buddies. And you're going like, Frank, what are you doing? This looks like it's a 4.5 or bill. What are you talking about? Yeah, that's right. I'm going to shrink it. I'm going to take out my scale and weigh it. And then I'd love to see the reaction of the waiter. Yes. Can I get you another drink? No. I just took out my scale and I weighed my meat. And it's 4.6 you promise me six ounces and like the server's probably going. Okay, I found my meat on the scale of the table. Yeah, man. Like, here's my meat. I'm gonna weigh my meat. You're gonna tell me that you promised me more meat. I came here for meat and you didn't give me enough meat. Just kind of being like,

oh my god. Well, when you have when you put up the or when you said the comment of a high end Steakhouse. My guess is a high end Steakhouse actually cuts their meat a little bigger to compensate for that kind of stuff. out there. Yeah, I bet you to do James little. Can you turn off the closed captioning please? James. I don't know what that is. I don't have it on. I think Facebook puts that on themselves. So I can't help you there. I apologize for that. Can you all say me a couple more times. Meat meat meat. I love me. Beep beep beep beep beep I love some pug. That guy's so fucking funny. COVID Jason sounds like Zach Galifianakis. I know I'm so fucking stuff, y'all. I appreciate you dealing with it. Oh my Lord. Hi, Steve. Thank you so much. I appreciate you coming on. I know Zach. Hey, Zack Galvin. That's a good you know, hey, that's not bad. Have you ever seen the little clips between two ferns? It's the funniest fucking thing ever.

I just want to tease for it. It's a good it's a good movie that is but it's a short show. Right?

I don't even know. I have no idea. I see him on tik tok. But I saw one between him and Jennifer Lawrence for the Hunger Games. It was fucking hilarious. I was I laughed hard dude. Both of them are hilarious. She's like, you're fat. And he's like, you're that the dad? They're just going at each other. But that's amazing.

Yeah, that's all I'm gonna be thinking about right now is you just uses your your, your ego inside coming out Zachary like I know, but your suit or whatever the word I'm looking for. I

will I will tell you that. I will tell you I did not smoke any weed before I started. So I know he likes weed too. So James says, Okay, let's talk pair. We talked at the beginning of the show. So I'm not sure where you're from James. I appreciate you tuning in. Moving on. Thank you for that story. Mike. That was good. Absolutely. Yeah, let's see. Alright, here we go. This is kind of funny. What's the strangest delivery you've had? And I know Mike's got a billion stories. Again, check out Mike's podcast if you want to hear some crazy stories, and he does a great job. describe him. What's the strangest delivery you had I delivered to a graveside service. 44 apple pies from McDonald's. That is incredible. Yeah, I mean, I've never delivered that. But clearly the guy that died love those damn apple pies from McDonald's.

Yeah, that's got to be the tie in like, hey, let's celebrate so and so's life by getting all these apple pies. I could not even imagine what that delivery driver is thinking and going in his through his head. Yeah, he or she is going to the grave site and they're like, Oh my god, what am I out in the wild?

Yeah, what am I getting myself into? Seriously? Crazy. What do you have anything off the top of your head? I know I'm putting you on the spot. Hey, no,

no, of course. You know, the, the thing that jumped in my mind that I've been thinking about was I do a lot of deliveries from I hop, which is not a lot of deliveries on a Sunday, which is very normal for I hop, you know, right cakes break horrible deal. But I'll never forget getting an eye hop order. It was Sunday at 945 in the morning. And the person ordered the fresh fish tilapia meal, and had it delivered to their house at 10 in the morning on a Sunday. And I was like, This is unbelievable that somebody is getting some fish from tilapia, and I hop which is one thing to have a discussion, but before 10 in the morning, and I'll never forget I bring it up and I go to this woman and it's just like, this beautiful woman ordering tilapia from I hop at 10 in the morning, and it just maybe not the craziest story. But I did always just struck in my head. I'm like, Okay, this, let's do that. My wife and I had to try this tilapia. We had to do it. For one of our episodes. I had to try it. I was like, I gotta know what this tastes like. But that always was weird. Like, wow.

All right. I feel like if you've got to lobby if you've ever worked third shift, you can eat any kind of food at any time. I mean, I worked like three years in a factory out of high school third shift, and then I'm like, I don't care what time of the day it is. I will eat a burger at 8am it does not bother me one bit but a lot. And again, who orders the tilapia from frickin I hop.

I'm with the I like to geek out I'm not a huge breakfast person. Like I don't like I don't eat eggs. I don't like that. I don't like like your traditional Breakfast stuff. Eat non breakfast things for breakfast. I'm a big fan of leftovers of dinner for the night before. But to make a conscious effort to go to I are to order I have Yeah, I have somebody Deliver me the tilapia, like that's something I probably would not do.

Yeah. Crazy. Getting fish from a delivery service seems gross to me. So yes. Alright, moving on real quick. I just thought I'd share this picture. I thought it was kind of cool. Dave the Uber slave. He's got one of our stickers out his mic night. I sent him out a little gift packet for being on the show. But I thought that was pretty cool. So I don't see him tonight. He's usually chit chatting, but cool. Looks good. That looks solid. Right? Thank you. Real quick part of being part of our Patreon is merge you actually well. One thing I learned at the Patreon, they were at podcast movement, they actually have their own merge thing built into Patreon. So you could actually create a piece of merch just for your Patreon people so I thought that Oh, cool, cool. But we'd love for you to support us everything goes back into the business. We don't take a paycheck. We're not going to the strip club or anything I promise. But you get an extra podcast a month sometimes to do we have one this month. We got something lined up I got a bucket yet but we'd love for you to support us there we have a $5 tier, I actually have changed the $5 tier. The $5 tier gets you the pre show banter we talk shit about all your Patreon people and the $10 tier gets you the extra podcast the pre show and the extra piece emerge. So if you love the show, we would really appreciate your support very, very much. Okay, so this is kind of a weird text with doordash so the customer says Why did you put this bs left wing vaccine propaganda out by bag of food reporting you to doordash driver no idea what you're talking about. I didn't put anything on your bag. I buy customer I buy McDonald's Vegas says on it. Your job is to deliver my food not to put your propaganda stickers all over my order. Let me get this straight. You think I put that on your bag? Who else would here's a tip for you don't push your copy vaccine bs at work because you will run into people like myself who will put up with it dude, I didn't put anything on your bag. That's how I picked it up at McDonald's if you have an issue with that contact doordash support McDonald's I'm just a delivery driver and nothing to do with that. Stupid left wing coffee nothing left to say for yourself Enjoy your one star to hope you lose your job reporting you. Okay, we we talk about this a lot. There's a lot of that stuff that goes on, that people get weirded out about but my guess is it was probably a damn sticker for McDonald's.

Yeah, the the number just going off what we read on the text exchange, but it's this seems like the delivery driver that had nothing to do with it. And then also if the delivery driver was was wanting to express that his his or her feelings on that situation. Now why once were in the middle of this conversation, just like, you know, lay back on it. It just like at that point, you're like, well, I want to I want to convey my point even further. So I wouldn't be like, Oh, I didn't do that you want to you would probably think this person would want to engage like this is my you know, my views. Let's get into it. They were like, I don't care. I just I just wanted to get your Big Mac and I can move along. I don't give two bleeps

Yeah, so yeah, I'm with you. It didn't seem like the driver was into you know, pushing with that person it was offended by Well, two comments one said Megan says have McDonald's coffee cups too. But Megan actually has sent me private texts that because she would see this like survey out or food or something like oh rate five stars and she thought it was the doordash driver writing that otter food I'd like if they fucking did that you better report them because that means they opened the bag. But we did figure out that the queue doba there's a newer one in town has been doing that on other food like whatever their containers, which is super annoying, by the way. Like I understand that you want me to review but actually physically writing that shit out by food makes me repulsed. And I will actually go out of my way. I only do that do those surveys when I've had exceptional service I or pissed off one of the two

whenever there was somebody I interviewed on my podcast that his name is Bugsy. He's a rapper and he's a doordash driver. Okay, and he would take his CD albums Oh no, and put them in the order not like if it was McDonald's, he wasn't gonna open the bag and put it in there but if you've done enough orders, you know how it works. You could you would take his CD and leave it in food orders and have people listen to him in his in his rat and he was a rapper Bugsy in the Tampa area. Interesting. Great. He's got like 8000 delivery sent 100% right. He's a great driver though. shit like, hey, let me let me just promote my album. And he did it that way.

Yeah, I mean, it's a good way to get reported but and then of course who has CD players nowadays? I mean, that's their I don't even know if my wife my wife's got a 20 he always talked about the rav4 my wife's got a 2016 rav4 209 or your wife 120 17 I think 2017 Yeah, gosh, do so now. You know, I listen to the show, right? Because I knew what frickin year that was. But I don't even know if as a CD player, it may have won. But I mean, that's a good idea. Like I've always just thought of trying to think of ways how can I can reach gig workers you know about the podcasts, those kind of things there's just it's you know, that's that's like what do they call that guerilla marketing where you're just like out there doing some

craziness but I mean like as a driver if you're going from house to house and I don't know how many you know, deliveries you're doing the day but if you were to take your card, staple it on the bag, you've just like say for example mentioned that you just reached out to 20 people that now have access that you would never have known before and if three people like it then you have them listen you know Yeah,

well yeah there we go. What I need to do is hook up with like a for me personally, I'm thinking about my brain out care about that rapper. Dog Just kidding. What episode was that? That was must have been a while ago.

This is like Episode 30 like 38

way back in the day I didn't go back and listen for the beginning to your show once I met you I started from there but if I get like a business to be like Hey, attach these cards or given to the drivers when they come in I'm just thinking about you know hockey Girl by show but movie got some Puck stick a micro SD in the bag. Let's see if that weird. Becca said yes, I could. Oh, but it's the better one doing it. Yep. I call the talk to them. It told me it looked bad on the drivers by a carrot shit. Think Megan stringer, white cloth. Megan. It's frickin Wednesday. What are you doing, girl? All right, Mike. We're going to talk about this Amazon are so heavy Amazon show. Do you want me to play it? Then we can discuss? Yeah, sounds great. Let's do it. It's, I don't think there's sound to it. So van pulls up in the driveway, Amazon Prime van. Again. Why are they pulling? I see this all the time? They pull on the screen. Yeah. They're just lazy. But like, okay, so he gets out, goes and delivers that. But, but what I don't understand is like I see these big bands do them. Like that's so dangerous, because then you're backing out. Yeah, I wouldn't want to deal with that. Right? Well, I guess unless you have this guy. Well, yeah, you'll see. So I know this is audio podcast. He gets back in his car. And I'm like, Okay, he's gonna back out. He's like, I don't know, a third way up the driveway. This mo folker. Okay, he backs up. And then he just drives right through the lot. Okay, here so he's backing up. I don't know what he's doing. He's turning the wheels. Yeah, this is weird. No, he just goes. Oh, Lee, you

know about what's weird about this too is he initially makes the movement like he's gonna go back out on the street. Yeah, you know what you're supposed to do back out go on the on the road D move along the way. Yeah. But what happens when he gets three quarters down and goes you know what? Not for me. I'm going to be on the lawn. what triggered in his head, where he thought to go that far. made the move all the way there. It was like somebody getting to the altar and being like, well, you marry me. No, I'm leaving. Like what?

Yeah, well, you see, turn the wheels to do the right way. I think what happened is like his GPS, he had to go the other way. So he's like, I'm just gonna, I'm gonna GPS move. Yeah. Which is? Yeah, again, I don't understand why those those Amazon vans pull into the drive. I think they're lazy. I just don't think they want to walk. And I get it. If you have a heavy package, and you back it up. I've done that. I totally have done that. But that was ridiculous.

Yeah. And then you're right, exactly. If you have like this, you know, you're you're bringing in 50 pound bags or whatever you want to limit that. But from for me, I know as a driver is different is just holding somebody's bag of food. But it's so much more convenient. We can just get on the street and you don't have to go back up and it's quicker. Yeah, it's just quicker and it's quicker. Yeah, there's that person. You know, we're seeing this now you found this great video. I assume then that this person got reported it somehow they got back to them like hey, yeah, Jeff, you're not allowed to drive on people's grass. That's frowned upon? Yeah,

I don't know. I don't know how that works with them. I've seen some stupid shit with Amazon drivers. Crazy. Crazy. Alright, real quick, two more things. So I just wanted to talk about this one. A lot of people I see this comment a lot. So any new drivers that are listening? So she said I just did 42 rides earned 560. But they gave me $237? wtf? Can you explain what's going on? So there's a difference between an earnings guarantee and a bonus. And I know a lot of you that are hearing this, I get it. You're educated. This is for new people. Or I'm not saying if you don't understand it, you're dumb. But I'm just saying a lot of people understand this. But I see this question asked a lot. That guarantee means they guarantee you again $560 so you only get the difference of that, like you know what I mean? Like a bonus is like if you do too When he rides you get $150 a guarantee is if you do 20 rides, you're, you are going to earn $150. So let's say you do the 20 rides, you only earned 120 30 more dollars, they will come up with that 30 more dollars to get that. So just something to think about when you're looking at that stuff. Don't ever do a guarantee only do a bonus because those guarantees are made for those companies to win. Those bonuses are where you're going to win the money. So I missed the date of the picnic. Yeah, it's September 11. Pete Oh, there's a new person on Twitch. I don't know who you are. But I appreciate you joining on Trey Knoll 73. I appreciate it. Alright, last video bike. You want to tell the story about this? Do you want me to play it? Let me just this is about the delivery snacks.

Okay, yeah, so I'll explain that a little bit here. This is um, this is a person I'll explain a little bit further This is a person that at their house has a nice assortment of snacks that are available for people which is amazing. Which is like you know, you can everything from gatorades and and all of your typical snacks that you can get and this person does a nice job of just making these available to it says here Amazon delivery snacks which is really cool. Alright,

we'll play this hopefully don't get kicked off because it does have some music behind it. But if we do fuck it just brought it up. Apparently the person. Oh, they can't hear me. My favorite song

that is so cool. I see that a lot during the holidays. But I don't see it much after that. But I always tell my wife we're gonna do that and then we never do because we're terrible people.

No, you're not a terrible person. But I I'm the same way with stuff. I got to do it. I can do it. I you know, little small detail on this video, which I think was a complete contrast to the Amazon driver we saw before I decided I was gonna go on somebody's lawn. Yeah, it was this person. She got the food. She got a drink and then sprinted back to the her vehicle. Like she was like I'm in the mood to like get things rolling. Yeah. But yeah, that's an awesome thing to do for delivery drivers. And I have a story where somebody did that for me. And I thought it was fascinating because I got it, I dropped off a McDonald's order dropped off the bag, and then I took a snack and a water. But the person didn't really give much of a tip. And so I always found like, like this conflict in my head so will speak of I'm a bad person. Like, okay, this is awesome. Thank you for this little snack. Thank you for this drink. This is great. But I didn't get paid a couple of extra bucks. In the long run, you know, if I had another three or $4 in my pocket? Fine. So it's probably better. I you know, I can remember that experience in that moment as a delivery driver. But it was it was a cool feeling. But I always wanted to be like, just just curious. You didn't get much did you spend it all on the snacks? Was that enough? You know, I feel like I'm Larry David. Was that enough for me? You know, I appreciate I appreciate the cooler Ranch Doritos, but I needed the $4. So right and, uh, you know, there's always kind of jogged my memory,

you know, as a as an employee of a company. It's always nice when I have those extra things though, like, money is great. Don't get me wrong. We're all working for money, right? I mean, we're not doing it for fun. Like, it's, we have a goal in mind, we want to, but it's always nice to have that little extra stuff that when the employer does go a little further, they have to do it while being independent contractors. They're not they're kind of our employers, right? Those are our customers. So right. It's kind of cool. When you get snacks. I do get excited. I've delivered I see that stuff. Like I've gotten some good stuff, some like full, full snicker bars, like the big ones and soda and stuff like that. Yeah, I always perk up. not normally I'm only delivering, you know, packages. So I'm not getting a tip from that. But either way, but yeah, it always. It always lights me up a little bit when I see that.

Yeah, you're right. And it's interesting, you know, at the base of it. We're human beings and just the simplest of things that can make you feel better and make you feel good. Always goes such a long way. And if you could do something like that, and you can light up somebody's face. Yeah, yeah, why not? Yeah, for sure.

I got a package you could deliver. Hey, oh, sexual stuff. Right. Exactly.

Anyways, Well, guys, I appreciate you guys. being on the show tonight. I'm sorry. My nose is stuffy and I'm feeling like dogshit but Shut up. Pete it's not small. And I appreciate Mike being Of course. You can check Mike out obviously, anywhere you get podcasts. I got to get Mike the link tree plant. So

that was dope. I'm gonna I'm gonna look into his list of things to do on this notebook. Yeah

linktree Yeah, do it. You could post your shit all over the place, but I appreciate y'all Listen again. Just a reminder. We will be back next week on Wednesday, two weeks in a row. I know it's amazing. Yes, but we'll be back. I'll be out of quarantine. Thank God so that he come to the studio and we'll go from there. Alright guys, thanks so much.

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