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Hi guys. Welcome to the GR Rideshare Adventures podcast. Thank you so much for joining us. rideshare in for infotainment for the new driver, old driver and everyone in between. Again, thank you for joining us tonight in this weird weird time that we are all experiencing together. Tonight the studio is sponsored Of course by Irvine’s Auto Repair in Grand Rapids hybrid. We’ll talk about them a little bit later but thank you so much to them for supporting the podcast. So we all are doing social distancing again tonight. And we have Yes, pepper, and P and then of course me Sam’s off tonight. She had a hot date or something I don’t know.

But, uh

so we’re all Glad to be here. Yeah, we’re just gonna jump into the stories. I don’t have anything. I did a little bit of food delivery, and then I decided that might not be worth it anymore now that unemployment is a factor now for gig drivers. Although I went back To work for one week at my lawncare job and then was laid off so I just been home doing daddy daycare and

all that fun stuff one week. Did you even get to mow lawns in that one week?

You know, I didn’t. It wasn’t.

It wasn’t growing very long, like only six people get that job, but it’s still funny. Every single

I think that’s a shout out to john.

Yeah, of course, for everyone that knows I don’t mow lawns, I do lawn fertilization. I’m not a lawn mower. I don’t do that. I’m a professional. I’m, I’m certified. I have a license. So

but actually, as you say, you should be essential, right? You’re an essential worker.

Well, if we want to talk about that, I may be back to work. homeland, Homeland Security actually updated it and landscaping is considered essential. So I know I’m not but

I saw some some talk today on Facebook as I some of my clients is some of the local What do they call florists? The grow flowers right. And and they can’t have that they can’t open their degree greenhouses for for pickup.


Yeah, but they can sell they can sell flowers at Meijer and Home Depot. That’s

straight. Did these rules are so strange?

Yeah, it’s so weird. So what ended up what might end up happening and a lot of these greenhouses all the flowers that they were going to sell early on are going to go last because it

can’t get rid of them but by

by right

excuse me, my nose is running iPod.

So who knows what’s gonna happen there but yeah,

real quick on the flowers since I’m I love flowers like my, my garden is full of flowers in this in the summer and I was looking in snakes. I was looking at prices and the prices are really high this year. And then I there’s a local place that’s called countryside greenhouse, right? And they have they sell a ton of stuff. They have no online store. They’re so screwed this year. Like a lot of these stores already have an online store. And they don’t.

Right, but yeah, but what are they gonna do anyways? You can’t pick them up.

Yeah, but you can get them shipped

once sure. But then you have to have a facility with the ability to ship them.

Right my cousin actually

the local greenhouses don’t have that

my cousin actually the 60% of their greenhouse businesses online shipping. So it’s it’s big business online. In fact, most of my flowers everyone’s like leaving the chat right now we’re talking about flowers. Most of my flower Yeah, can we do a gardening podcast because I would be really gardening most my flowers I buy online. So anyways, but Pete, what about you? I know you got a little bit written down there. What you did?

Yeah. I mean, I think I took In the last two weeks, I think I took three total ride share rides, and kind of halfway gave up halfway said I don’t want to do ride share, you know without risk. And so I’ve been doing instacart because I wasn’t signed, signed up for shift and I finally actually got approved this last weekend. But I’ve been doing instacart and just been doing all the runs. And then Sam’s Club is part of Insta club instacart as well. So the only real story I have is I had an hour long shop at Sam’s Club. And then it was a drive. Like, I don’t know 15 or 16 miles into Rockford Ada area. And no tip. Oh, it never came through. Yeah, I checked it. for four days. I checked it. Why is it like Was it a pretty nice house? Oh dude, it was probably five $600,000 house why is

it that usually the wealthy ones don’t tip it’s always the the hard worker that’s like man I just needed delivered today cuz you know I’m in a pinch or whatever.

Yeah notice done. I like I asked my instacart runs had been out to eat or Rockford and the tips haven’t been bad for the most part but they haven’t been great either comparatively speaking to what’s going on you know in the grand scheme of things

yeah you I mean you guys gotta remember I mean not not preaching to the choir here but I kind of posted about on our social media like these gig drivers and people are saving our economy for these restaurants and these grocery stores and all that stuff. And it’s actually probably flattening the curve because there’s not as many people going to the grocery store and in in you know if they are sick, so If you see a gig worker or no gig worker say thank you for delivering, you know, your McDonald’s, your Outback, your whatever restaurant and your groceries and tip them accordingly. Especially if both up you know, if you got a house full that both the husband or wife are still working they’re essential there’s there should be no money issue there and, and you know good Uncle Sam is gonna send us some money too. So tip your tip your peeps. I mean, come on. Tip. Yo, Pete speaking of instacart P, I should be getting my $60 bonus. Like how many shops? I gotta look at that. Because I think you signed up under my

code or whatever. Yeah, pretty sure I did. I don’t know how many.

How many shots? You have to how many Was that supposed to take?

Yeah, I don’t know. I have to look at the app actually deleted it because I kept getting like batch notifications. And I’m like, Oh,

you only can mute them, though, that if you don’t open the app for at least on iOS. You don’t open the app for a while you stopped getting the notifications.

Oh, okay. Yeah, I wasn’t gonna do it anyways, so Yeah, I definitely just deleted the app. So I should go in there to look and see what you got to do to get for me to get paid. So, and I know you Esper, you’re just growing a beard.

Yes. Oh, sorry. No, go ahead. on Twitch says, that’s how they have so much money, they keep it for themselves.

Referring to people.

Yeah, I think I think the problem is they take us for granted, right? They take everything for granted. And that’s kind of why they don’t tip more because it’s the same thing as when you do rideshare driving out there. in those areas. You drop off to all this super, you know, 500 to $500,000 houses. They don’t have a tip. I mean,

yeah, I guess it is true.

It’s not like spectacular, like you would expect from now no higher and maybe that’s our fault for expecting it. But whatever.

I mean, I mean, there’s been a couple I’ve had a couple of good ones. Down to Bowling Center. And sure I would get away better tips that way. Then go the other way. So yeah, but no, you’re right, Jason I haven’t I haven’t driven now for three weeks, I think I can actually count on

your fingers and toes. On one hand, how many times I’ve actually been outside my driveway.

The last three weeks, actually. And it’s pretty crazy. I mean, we we go for walks, right. But it’s interesting because I’m finding myself and I’m sure a lot of people in this whole COVID-19 times, we’re finding our time, actually spending a lot more time with the children or with the kids playing a board games, just spending time together, which is very interesting. And then of course, watching shows like crazy, right, I signed up for NBC. Now what’s called not NBC HBO just for the month and kind of been watching a little bit there and so yeah, mean it’s it’s that you know work from home and I’m blessed to have a I’m a software developers I can I can work from home and so I get up and I I we kind of do the we do the key business in the morning pack packets you orders and then I go to work around 830 and starboard five and you’re done

So Mark wants to know how those comfort rides are working out for you.

Yeah they’re very comfortable

your chair you’re sitting


my chairs super comfortable

Well, you’re right Mike my unfortunately my my comfort wise have not been been have not been busy. Oh, no, man. It’s it’s been crazy. It’s kind of See you later, Rebecca. Yeah, it’s kinda it’s just been a weird it’s just a weird thing. I miss you guys. I actually have noticed we’re not telegraphing as much as we used to. And I even I even said the Esper and in band It was like we need like a Google Hangout meeting. Just to choose The shit and in yup see what’s up so actually and I don’t know if I should officially mentioned it here but people are signing up for the newsletter knows now but Ben his history time and from the group is is

is is

not just temporary unemployed it’s official and it’s an actual retirement his his personal life just got too busy and so we wish him all the luck and all the other things that he’s doing and he’s still definitely a great friend of everybody so yeah,

yeah, it’s you know, it’s sometimes you just got to move on and it’s it’s all yeah, it’s all good. Nobody’s mad at them so Yusef said how can we apply unemployment in Pennsylvania so I know everyone wants to apply for it and you know what, I get it but most of the sites are not ready. I know in Michigan, it’s not ready. And yeah, I just don’t know. I wish I could give you more advice. I would just recommend getting on your your state’s unemployment site and just do it at five in the morning. Like here. You cannot get on it during the day it is so bogged down. But if you get on it crashed

every single day.

Yeah, if you get up at 5am no one’s on. I know, it seems like obvious but no one. I mean, I had to set my alarm to get up to File my claim and I did it a while but even broke down. Our excuse me, our state down by the last name on which day you can sign up. Right? Right. It’s still crashing.

Yeah. Michelle was able to get her signed up. She was laid out a couple weeks ago from her work. And she got signed up almost immediately. Oh, yeah. We actually CBC the debit card the other day, so that’s how she’s gonna get the funds. Yeah.


Yeah, I just get it direct deposit. So I

was pretty lucky I i

when i saw things starting to slow down. I actually went on there and created my profile and got signed up. ahead of time. So now as soon as I can file, I go on there and get it taken care of. Sure I have to try to create my username and all that crap.

Yeah, Michigan, what I saw is says, if you haven’t applied yet, don’t just wait. And if you already have don’t apply again, because it’s gonna make it worse. Yeah, um, at least in Michigan, I know they do have a chat function, which is amazing. Obviously, if you can’t get on and can’t use it, but even at 5am someone was able to chat,

and it’s way better to try to chat and it just it just closed.

No, did it? Yeah, I haven’t done it since this all happened. But I know last fall, I did it and the chat, instead of calling so yeah.

So Kevin on Facebook said he got caught finding out through on on chat.

He only was only four hours. Yes. Yeah. But

he got he got through. So, man, that’s crazy. All right. Well, just going to jump in to our telegram group. We have a new member Janet. She’s actually on Twitter. TWITCH right now. You know, Twitch is a new platform that we decided to add. I know it’s more of a gaming thing, but there are quite a few podcasts. In fact, I listen to a podcast the other day, and they’re like, Hey, we stream on Twitch. I’m like, holy crap, I was pretty excited about that. I’m like, yeah, I’m not, we’re not the only one. So we are actually having a small contest. It’s taken a long time, because we only have six followers, maybe I should have put a goal of like, 25 instead of 50 Oh,

no, 50 stop spending our money.

I didn’t say I was gonna, you know, buy him something for 75 bucks. But when we reach a certain point, we are gonna do a giveaway on Twitch. So I know most people are on Facebook, and we’re okay with that, too. So, and just if you get a time or a moment, everyone has time now please go to Apple podcasts and leave us a review or Google podcasts or wherever you leave reviews. We prefer Apple because that just moves. You know, moves the needle a little bit. And yeah, we would really appreciate that. So we actually have some pretty big news. I mean, even to this turbulent time, I was pretty shocked by this. And you’re gonna see it on your screen now Uber has reached out to us. And we are now the Uber adventures podcast. They want to partner with us. We really had to think about it because man Hoover can kind of screw you and you know, we got to dump Lyft but, you know, we are now that Uber adventures podcast.


Where’s the slide?

There’s a delay a dummy. Oh,

there it is.

So you mean your silence was like not supposed to be there? Because it was a perfect spot for it.

No, guys, yeah, we’re not the Uber adventures podcasts. They didn’t

tell them already. Oh, man.

I was doing good. And then and then you’re like, Where’s the slide?

Okay Boomer

I didn’t see this

I know there’s a member 15 second delay So

anyways, yeah, that would be I don’t think we do it although for the right price I would do it. Although they probably screw us anyway should be right. I mean it should really be right. Like, like seven or eight digit right?

That’d be okay.

That’d be okay. All right. Well before we get to right you’re in the news a real sponsor Irvine’s Auto Repair in Grand Rapids hybrid. reach them Irvine’s dot com or you can call them at 2025538 still an update, upload or update that number but it’s fine you will get to them. They are located on Stafford just east of 131 44th Street This is for the local folks. They are still open their essential business they will come pick up your car they will sanitize it when they pick it up and when they bring it back. So you don’t have to leave your house. They have been just an amazing sponsor to us and we’re so thankful for them supporting our show. I know a lot of people that have gone there, they do a great job they do obviously Asian domestic and they do doo doo doo cat that dude cracks me up every time such a child to also repair mini coops BMWs. And I don’t know there was something else maybe Mercedes. Not that any of us have one of those. But yeah, go to Irvine comm to schedule they can do everything online, you can pay online, you don’t even have to see them if you don’t want to. But we thank them for supporting a cool

system though that it is a system and how they take pictures of everything that’s wrong and send them to right in the app and you could get to see all that stuff. That’s pretty cool.

Yeah, they show you that what’s broken, what’s leaking right in there real high def pictures, they really make sure that you know what needs to be fixed. So check them out. 20255 through eight or Irvine’s Alright, first up, you know, we got a smattering of different things some funny, some serious. I don’t know, I feel like I need a little bit more funny lately with all this crap going on. So some of it is

a lot of stuff.

Yeah. So this first one up. It’s something that we always talk about with support. Support for these apps can be can be trouble, and I’ve thankfully never really had to call support. I’ve messaged them a few times through the app but Jerry Vela from Grand Rapids, Michigan in our group there said due to developments related to this he got a text remover due to developments related to COVID-19 some support centers are unavailable we are not offering texting support at this time, contact us via help dock he responds your support sucks even when you are available. Yeah, I mean, again, never did. never did any cat. I didn’t even know they did texting support like that. That’s how much I’ve never had to reach out to support.

I don’t even know when I left. Talk to Lyft or Uber,

Uber? Well, we know it’s been about two years since you talked to live, but

more than that, has it Really?


So that’s kind of funny. I don’t know. What about you? Did you ever text with support at all?

You know, I was just trying to think I don’t think I’ve ever texted with Uber support, because I’ve talked to them quite a bit. But it’s always been right through the app.

Yeah, that’s how I’ve done it too. It’s it’s like you’re kind of

Lyft will text you. Okay. Yeah, but I’ve never texted Uber before.

Oh, the 75 minor in car seat pickups you get a week. I’m sure they know you by you know, you know, on the hotline. Yeah. You just, you know, dial them up there. And there you go. So,


so yes, for next up or Yes, I was gonna kind of talk about an Amazon drop shortage. And this is kind of not really right. You’re really But some of the stuff in here where you know, we’re going to talk about some food delivery stuff, just due to the fact that there’s not a lot of rides going on. So take it away.

So basically, this article is all about another service that Amazon have, which is called Hang on, which I’m waiting for to come up. So it’s the Amazon fulfillment service. So basically, it’s another way, if you’re not a gig worker, you can go out and you can send your stuff to Amazon, and then they will fulfill it for you and send and so basically, the whole gist of the article is that they’re saying, Please don’t stop, please stop sending us stuff that is not if it’s non essential, because we are so busy right now fulfilling all the essential stuff that that’s what we’re going to focus right now. So they’ve asked people who are utilizing their fulfillment service. And again, these are not people buying off Amazon. This is people using their platform to also sell their stuff. And if your stuff that you’re selling is not meant as if not a an essential part. Then they have said, Please stop sending stuff to us. We need to focus on all the international essential stuff. And of course, that’s all the toilet paper. It’s all the cleaning, cleaning accessories to hand in hand sanitizers, all that stuff that is important for us right now as you go through this COVID stuff. So that’s funny, that’s essential. That’s what the article is all about.

Yeah, one thing I’ve experienced myself is the one day shipping is gone for as as a consumer and I’m okay with that. Like, I don’t need my you know, vitamins the next day. I mean, it’s fine, but the estimates that are giving as usually a week but I do it does show up usually earlier than a week, but but it’s usually four or five days before I get my stuff and that’s okay. I’m okay with that.

We we’ve still been getting it within a couple of days. Okay. So and honestly we got we have toilet paper and industry garbage. We got that the other day and pretty much on time so that was you know there at least they have TP back so

yeah it was unavailable for a while

you know the real question is

do you use Flintstone vitamins? Me

I don’t use any vitamins at all Oh I got yeah sure to get my beard to grow better

yeah look at that that’s fish oil

Rosen takes all kinds of vitamins Scott here guy yet yeah

How do you know Pete hey

it’s getting second anyways

Scott said I had eath added back to my account recently I think it called diamond support took eight minutes hung up and he was like that just happened that fast Yeah, I know beats talked about the diamond support to when you do email them. It’s It’s quick, so

Okay, yeah. Yeah, I wonder is there was one time I had a puker and I sent them the pictures and it was probably 10 minutes. Wow. Hundred 50 bucks.

Dang Mark Spaulding says New York is quoting 30 days for stuff to get shipped. Damn I know they’re having somebody like Didn’t they do like a walkout today or something? I think if

they’re fired the person now the fire the person who kind of set it all up Yeah, one one woman day fired Yeah,

it doesn’t surprise me that that happened I feel bad for that person but

you Yeah, I mean I don’t know

why does Miguel on Twitch say no faces tonight? I don’t know what that means.

No, maybe he meant the funny faces that you did v i don’t know. Ah there you go. Who knows? All right p you are up for the next article. Of course the stock is

shitty. So the next article His Uber stock skyrockets after CEO says it has plenty of cash to get through Coronavirus crisis. As the key points for this article, we’re setting a call with investors. It has enough cash on hand to get through the Coronavirus crisis, said its ride segment is seeing a 60 to 70% decline in areas hit hardest with the food delivery segment is picking up and their stacks. Stocks rallied as much as 40%.

You say 40 or 440

Oh wow, Johnson caused lifts stock to rise as much as 31%.

Really? Yeah, what’s Lyft gonna do?

Well, the interesting thing is Lyft is saying like they’re sending out this thing to everybody, that they have all these programs for its drivers that you can sign up to do to deliver different things for like hospitals and things like that. I actually signed up for

I got zero respect.

Not a single thing. Okay. Yeah, not even not even a confirmation email that I signed up.

And that doesn’t surprise me,

right? No. Yeah. Well, I think what’s interesting about this, the article says that Uber thinks that the worst has already happened. Ooh. Hmm. Right. And I’m like, I don’t know what you guys are talking about, because the rest of the country is like, we’re still got the worst to come.

Yeah, I wonder if they’re gonna ban rideshare driving if the governor I mean, it’s, it’s it’s kind of weird to say that it’s not essential. But man, you got like one car. I mean, if you take I know the rides are down, but let’s say you took 20 rides a day at 20 different people in that car. I mean, man alive. Everyone’s touching the handle. I mean, there’s a lot of industries that really been? I mean, look at the police. Yeah, New York. Was it like 1400? Oh, no, that’s Detroit therapy.

That’s Detroit or is 1400 Yeah, I used to have gotten infected no

that are under quarantine that may not have gotten affected but they lost. They lost a captain bought to it. And the the chief has actually test positive. And then they have a bunch of them. I’m pretty sure it’s Detroit. You can you can look it up, but

I just read some

just read some about other lives like 1400 police officers in New York. Well, I know it’s 1400 New York City police officers test positive Holy

shit. I mean, in the skate in the scale of how many cops are in New York, that’s probably the same percentage in Detroit, but I know Detroit’s got 17%

that’s more than I thought it would be.

All right. So we’re gonna jump into, I guess, to talk about stocks. I still have been, I’ve been, I’ve been buying Tesla stock. Good. It’s my lowest one, but I know it’s gonna bounce back. But yeah, you should actually if you have some money, you should be investing in some, some stocks that you know, are gonna recover pretty well. So the next one, you know, everyone’s trying to be creative with how they deliver food. You know, I see that the governor has allowed some of these restaurants to sell essential goods like toilet paper, and those kind of things. So we always get some creative things when, you know, when the when things happen, you know, so new businesses and stuff like that. So we’re going to be talking about boober eats. So what is brewery to say? We’re gonna play this little clip, and it is, I mean, it’s kinda not safe for work. But I mean, we’re all adults in here. So

I will be play this and then we’ll go from there. Yeah.

Hi there. Thanks for calling.

Delivery Service.

So yeah,

I mean, I didn’t watch this video before. Oh, you did it. Oh, no. I’m like getting a drink look over like, Oh,

hey, oh,

yeah, that’s I said, I mean, it was like,

not safe for work. So yeah, I mean, I’m assuming it’s a joke, but that I thought that was pretty funny. I mean, they’re, hey, they’re, they’re not essential worker. So they’re paying the price too. So they got to make their money somehow, you know, at least they’re not essential. What are you talking about? At least they’re not being illegal, you know, like, you know, selling their bodies or something. I mean, let’s Give him a little bit of credit. So. Okay, so the next one, I you’re gonna laugh and it has nothing to do with rideshare driving. I just want you to watch it. Enjoy yourself, and then we’ll talk about it.

Thank you, Mayor. I’ll try and keep this break. I won’t belabor all the details. I’m sure most of you remember Mr. Guests his presentation from last time and I imagine he’s going to hit some of the highlights here in a minute. But the thing is that these deadly infections, there’s something we can do about it. And what we can do is call on represent a governmental representative

that are higher

up the chain of

ask for action at the federal level. I am

aware of Mr. Brainard concerns that he raised last time There were there would be instance where I actually agree that we should take action locally first, but there are not any cafo operations in Georgetown. So for us to just say within the

I mean, I don’t know if that’s real or not but I mean obviously they amplified the the farts, I mean, you can hear the volume went up on them, but oh my gosh, I just had to play that I the other podcast. I have threads replayed that and I’ve seen it a couple times. So I’m not reacting as much as I did the first time. I had tears rolling down my eyes. I don’t know were child I childish farts are funny.

Of course they are. I mean,

come on.

I know it has nothing to do with rideshare driving but I just I just had to share that with y’all. So for the people that I didn’t get to see the video because you’re listening, which most our audience does. There was the lady was just cracking up there at like a board meeting talking about actually

a local local board. Yep.

So, enjoy that.


next up, we’re Yes, we’re going to talk, I’ll share this picture. I know it’s a little bit delayed for you yesterday. But, you know, one thing that we’re experiencing with all the, you know, not a lot of people driving is, you know, should we add new drivers and somebody bites it in the Grand Rapids group.

And so basically, it’s Lyft is now officially not adding new drivers in IRA which is good, I guess. Right. So yeah, it is good. But I also saw that I think that was just a couple of days later. Uber also took away that signup bonus for new drivers. So I guess they Until now at least they’re done signing up new new drivers, right? For both Lyft and Uber. I mean, I guess I don’t know if Uber officially is done not accepting new ones, but at least they’re not. They don’t have any signup bonus for it anymore. So

I know grub hub was also they put a pause on bringing new drivers aboard to go that wasn’t signed up. But I signed up, you know, because rideshare had died. Yo and I got put on a waiting list, which I actually I got an email today saying that they’re opening up signups again, but for grubhub won’t sign up.

Yeah. I also saw that was it Amazon claimed that they were working together with Lyft

to get lift.

Go ahead.

Actually, I had a you go ahead and talk about I have a page here that was earlier.

Okay. Well, I just saw that. That lifts Amazon was working together so that they will get some of the some of the Lyft drivers who was already approved to drive for Lyft was going to start driving for I’m assuming amazon flex. And it’s going to take advantage of the fact that they were approved for Lyft to then could automatically also drive for flex. Ha so

yeah, that that kind of segues into the next article that

that I was going to talk about after our next ad.

Yeah, I just yeah, I want to go back to the flex so flex like really died down for a while, but it’s, it seems to be picking up a little bit. I’ve been getting notifications. I’m not doing that either. I’m trying to do my due diligence to social distance out but

I know it is tough, though. I mean, it’s tough because we have I mean, my children luckily is not that old that okay, but today she’s 10 she’s struggling not being able to see her friends and my sister in law has two grown children and they are just having a tough tough time not being able to go out and see their friends and spend you know spend time with them and it’s not what you do right this also this thing is real to get to flatten this curve. We got our own stay at home.

Yeah, it’s just tough.

And we got a little before we jump into this ad real quick. We got to brag about Michigan a little bit because we got a an A for social distancing. Apparently they looked at our GPS and everyone was home and not everyone but everyone was doing what they were supposed to be doing. Did you guys see Florida on that one? Everybody was on the beach.

Doing like, ah,

I saw a article earlier today that the local police filled in a skatepark with mulch because the kids wouldn’t stay home and they were skateboarding so they put a whole bunch of mulch in the

well they’re on Florida fishing went on quarantine now, right Think so at home or whatever.


I’m pretty sure. So and it’s just and it’s gonna get worse before it gets better. So you better get used to it. It’s gonna be I mean, well, it’s the last date now this month, right? Through through through April, right? Yeah. Is what Trump said and and and who knows it wonder if that’s gonna be enough.

I think it’s gonna be state specific as Michigan is starting to ramp up some other states haven’t even been touched. And so after it kind of goes through Michigan and may go down the east coast, while it’s already hitting New York, but like maybe the southern east coast and you know me, we may be back to life where they’re still in quarantine. So it’s just kind of making its way around the country started kind of, well, Washington was kind of the first state that really got hit and then it’s just kind of moved east. So

I think the scary part is they talking about there’s actually a second round to it as well. So the people Got hit the first time, Mike, you know, there might be a second segment hit.

Yeah, let’s stop talking about it.

Let’s go back. Let’s go back to farts.

All right, just want to talk about this kind of a little ad for us. We’d love to get a new Patreon, Gabe and I are actually doing a gig economy podcast next week. I know we did not get one for this a month with all this stuff going on. But uh, you can sign slash gi rideshare and the $10 tier, you get a gig economy podcasts, you get the before chatter. That’s usually pretty funny because we forget that we’re being recorded. And sometimes we, you know, get off the rails a little bit, and then you get mirch. After your second month, I just delivered hats to Miguel.

Anyway, how did you do that? Did you do this? The social distancing?

Yeah, I actually did. I did. I did March drops. Yeah, at gapes and animals. I actually saw an animal I dropped it on there and then walked away and he opened the door and we were like Six feet away and talk so yep, good. Yep, I came through and delivered all those. But yeah, go to slash gr writer, the link should be in the comments on Facebook and YouTube.

I want one more tonight guy. Yeah,

that’d be great. I know, I know, some people were interested in last podcast, but then we kind of, you know, quit a little early. And yeah, so we appreciate the support because yeah, this stuff costs money. All right, where are we at? Peter, you’re up talking about the left. Is this Yeah, refundable tax credit.

So I had to ask a pro. What all this meant. So basically, this is a a segment from lifts the hub. And it says also in this legislation is a measure that will offer a refundable tax credit up to 511 a day for up to 10 days if you’re unable to work because of issues related to COVID-19. This credit would also be available for drivers as self employed individuals individuals, individuals. Yep. And so I didn’t exactly understand what that meant. And so I asked, I asked our resident Pro, I said, Well, how does this help right now? And she said, Well, it doesn’t really. It’s, it’s a tax credit, you can use, you know, come tax season, and it’ll help them help then, but it doesn’t actually really help right now. So, there are some things for Lyft that you can sign up for as Jesper was saying, you can sign up for Amazon. Supposedly, there’s some like hospital and other delivery stuff you can get. Like I said, I signed up for that and never heard a peep. So

yeah, there’s there’s there’s so much going around right now. And I wish I I mean, I could have spent all day trying to figure it out. Because I don’t know I don’t want to tell you know, come confidently on here. We’re not experts. In any of this stuff, I know, it’s an iconic time iconic. No iconic, iconic time. I don’t know, just a time that 1099 are actually going to get unemployment. I mean, that’s I don’t remember. I mean, you know, I’ve done like 1099 for a long time, and I’ve never heard of a 1099 person getting unemployment. So this is this is insane. And it’s new for everyone. So these states don’t really know what. Yeah, so we kind of got to bear with them.

What I mean, as I my skew is more who’s gonna pay for this?

Oh, yeah, we’re all paying for it.

Well, yeah. It’s just it. That’s the scary part.

The one thing I do want to know and this isn’t really rideshare related, but the stimulus check that’s supposed to be coming in a couple weeks. I’ve heard rumors that said that we have to pay it back. Like it’s a it’s a it’s a forward for refund. I’m like why don’t get a refund. So good luck getting your money back from me.

I guess I didn’t hear that at all. I didn’t hear that. It’s a payback. I haven’t heard

that either.

I mean, the idea about a stimulus check is obviously nobody put it in your bank right? go out and spend that money use it to boost the economy. That’s the whole point of doing this.

It’s the whole point of it, but I disagree. I think you hang on to that to a grim death until everything’s back to normal and then you go blow it.

No, yeah. And that’s fine. Okay. Do you mean as long as you blow it eventually, you know,

yeah, no, I agree. It’s for and I will do that. I mean, we already got plans for that, but, but I want to make sure we’ve passed this because who knows? I mean, my, my beautiful wife is an essential worker, but who knows if she gets Coronavirus she’s got to stay home and like you never know. So we’re gonna hold on to that money until everything is kind of panned out and then we’re gonna buy a new dishwasher.

I know Miguel. I think it was Miguel. Yeah, Miguel was asking earlier, there was I should have copied to the Facebook post is another thing that some people are kind of floating around about a $10,000. loan for small businesses that would apply to gig workers. That isn’t No, I looked it up. And it’s from an official government web page. But I don’t they’re there. The claim is that you sign up, you get 10,000. Guaranteed. You don’t have to pay it back. As part, it’s part of the federal and I can’t find that verbiage. In the 15 minutes. I looked it up before the show. So Well, what I don’t have an answer for

Yeah, I think the 10 grand is a small business loan. I thought for like people just to kind of in a pinch there for some cash flow

and extremely low interest and Yes, they they The idea behind those is that they have to be paid back. So

yeah, I doubt the government’s gonna give 10 grand to a rideshare driver for free so it’s probably like a Walmart gift card for $150 it’s

probably seen so many of those so I just jumped

I just jumped into the

this the stream on Twitch and the gal says as long as you blow it Jason I don’t know what that means but I feel free it’s gotta be like something sexual from Miguel. He can talk shit and I don’t see it for like an hour until I go in there but Oh, geez all those guys talking about Xbox Yeah, that’s another thing I’m gonna buy when I when this all blows over.

My 360s to old either new one a new one is gonna come in like six months. No

way I can get an Xbox One with no disk drive for 150 bucks with a controller. one terabyte memory card.

There’s a desert this driving race by experts.

Mm hmm. You can only get downloadable games, this one on Amazon. So trust me, I looked it up. Alright, let’s get going. So the next article is mine. This is kind of kind of a sombering. One mute this site now because who knows what the New York Post on an Uber driver in New York City did pass away from Coronavirus, Queens driver. He had already stopped two weeks beforehand to stop getting the disease and I mean, as much as I can read. He didn’t have any. Like my wife says core mobility, mobility morbidities something like that. Basically didn’t have high blood pressure or anything like that. But, man, that’s socks. That’s why I see that like, man, I know we posted maybe I should just take that YouTube video down because I’ve been getting some shit for it. Like everyone’s freaking out. And then also a week later, we’re like, holy shit. This is real. People have been kind of talking shit on YouTube and maybe I’ll just pull that video down initially I was like alright guys, just calm down wash your hands. It’s okay, but now this is serious you should not be driving and I know I know my heart goes out to y’all that are just working and they don’t you don’t know what to do like you’ve expected this income and you know, we’ve talked about it before diversify. You know, do instacart do ship do Amazon do food mangry

instacart right now in here in good habits is crazy, right? I mean, there’s always like, hundreds of orders. It’s not

it’s not and but again, let’s look at rideshare driving over grocery shopping just for a minute I just kind of like cuz pizza in the grocery shopping so he can have good input on it. How much are you exposing yourself when you’re going to the grocery store 10 times a day, let’s say compared to having 10 different people in your car.

Well, let’s see that. The whole problem with This whole situations the people that when it comes down to people, but it’s the people that wear the gloves, but they still touch their face, they still touch everything. And they think that because they’re wearing gloves, they’re safe, but you’re just doing the same thing as if you weren’t wearing gloves. So right. Is it any safer? I don’t know.

I mean, really to for the gloves to work you legit. You can wear the gloves. But if you’re going to touch your face, you got to take them off and put a new pair on. Because the second you touch your face, you’ve touched all the other food that people have touched and so you’re not really protecting yourself.

So Francis, unless you’re unless you’re walking around with like sanitary wipes, which you can’t find anywhere, right? We’re bleach wipes, which you can’t find anywhere. Yeah, you know, it’s getting more difficult and more difficult to try to maintain At least a feeling of being safe.

Yeah, I think what you do I think that for the gig work right now, I think the safest is going to be Amazon. Now I know it does stay on the boxes, but you can actually wear gloves the whole time get gloves that can touch screen on your phone, you know, they’re special gloves you can buy. And yeah, don’t touch your face. But, you know, I mean, but at least you could even if you didn’t wear gloves, you could sanitize after each delivery. I mean, I don’t know. And then I think the next is food delivery and then probably grocery shopping because yeah, you know, what my wife has been frustrated with as she’s going she goes in there and she sees families have people in there like the mom and dad and the kids I’m like, right What the actual fuck? Like one of y’all can go to the store. You don’t need to bring the whole family there. That’s what she’s frustrated about.

But that’s that’s just people don’t care. That’s the whole problem. People are not taking the serious and they simply don’t care. Yeah, and it’s like, it’s drives me nuts. It just drives me nuts. It’s just

Yeah, yeah, I was in I was in Sam’s Club last weekend. And just like kids like running into me and like, like bumping into me and stuff and I’m like,

I will fucking drop kick your ass. You better stay away from it.

Oh, yeah, we swear now this podcast by the way y’all so not safe for work. I want to go back to Francis. He said instacart didn’t accept to me as a 4.96 on Uber and five point on Lyft, which is great. That’s great. But you know, it doesn’t really apply to instacart. I’m surprised that they didn’t, I feel like shift is real strict. In fact, when I had my this big, long beard and I applied, they would not take me and then at some point, I shaved it for something and I reapplied and they hired me. And I didn’t upload a new picture. Not that I’m doing it now, but so yeah, I don’t know why they didn’t accept you, Francis. I would try to put in another app. Gabe says Of course doordash sent their drivers sanitary wipes and So that’s pretty cool. That is cool. I think he only had to pay for shipping on that. So yeah, that’s that’s really good to them. I don’t think anyone else has done anything. grubhub hasn’t has instacart or shipped, although I’m kind of out of the ship, but Lyft

Uber both said that they would supply but they’re only supplying to the cities that had the Uber and Lyft hubs, which are now closed anyway. So

yeah, well, that’s kind of stupid. Yeah. All right, let’s jump ahead. I know we’re gonna get off track, but that’s just kind of how it is. Yeah, super.

So talking about more sick time, basically. Uber driver who got COVID-19, but he couldn’t get the company to cover the promised sick until he called out the CEO on Twitter. So basically, we all know that we talked about that last week or two weeks ago, we talked about how Uber was going to doo doo sick pay if you will, either. If you were either asked by a by a professional healthcare professional to self isolate, or if you had COVID-19, then Uber Uber would, would compensate you. And basically this guy, he got COVID-19. And he tested false positive is a Dr. Anton Francesco. But it he just had a heck of a time getting Uber to do anything. And basically until he actually called out Dara, Dara, whatever his name is, nothing really happened. So that’s kind of a that’s a sad thing. Right? And then kinda, again, I think I think we’ve had that situation with Uber before they say one thing and then they quite often don’t really is it’s tough for them to kind of follow up and really do what what they say they’re going to do. But, you know, they did finally own up to it. And finally did get him and get him to check for I think he ended up getting 2100 or something like that. But firstly, they were gonna shortchange him almost like $1,000 less than he then then then he was supposed to get so but eventually he did get it so those that those that you know, so that was good.

It doesn’t surprise me that they kind of tried to give them the runaround I’d be. I wonder if legal rideshare in Chicago is getting a lot of business because I think you should hire an attorney. If you get denied that stuff from the rideshare companies I think you should call them and they’ll they’ll help you out. I know they typically specialize in accidents, but at this point, I think they would be willing to help you out. They were a sponsor at one time but I still believe in them. They’re they’re good guys. Oh, yeah, Brian there he was very easy to talk to and a really nice guy. So check them out legal rideshare

They’re probably super busy right now. And there’s gonna be some Fallout as well, to both Uber and Lyft once all this is done to try and figure out, I mean it but the other thing about this too is you got to remember guys, this is all new for all of us also Uber and Lyft. I mean, they’re still trying to figure out how to deal with all this stuff as well. So it’s tough. It’s tough, and there’s gonna be just like, I mean, I hate to bring up you know, this thing, but for a long time, we all know that, that the puking situations was they weren’t fine, right? And then all of a sudden, we had puke fraud and, and NP and all the drivers starting starting to take an advantage of that situation and huben diff had to come down on that one and change that and, and now we know it’s a pain in the neck to report when we have something like that. But that’s because, you know, people started taking advantage of this situation. So I’m taking away and taking advantage of that system and then misusing that system and, and so on. Uber Lyft has to make sure that obviously that that doesn’t happen here. So,

yeah, but they basically go ahead, Pete. I’m saying technically, I mean, if you’re being really, if you’re just being straight hardline about it, they don’t have to do anything

true, right. But they said,

and and so that’s what they have to do. They have to live up to what they’re saying. If they don’t want to do anything, then don’t say it. Right. Right.

Just a quick on Facebook key Molson welcome. I haven’t seen him before. It looks like he does lift in Philly but hasn’t really done anything since the crisis started. He also does doordash I know doordash has been blowing my phone up to trying to get me to come out. And yeah, you guys get it, man. If you’re gonna do it, you might as well do it good and get that money and hopefully I get tipped a lot. But I know

I know. Gabe has been

given cleaning up. We’re gonna talk about that that the gig economy podcast next week. So check that out if you want to be a part of that. gonna bust them out.

He’s going to be cleaning up.

And going back to what we said about, you know, some companies doing to them Jamie mentioned. Jamie Lynn Sorry, I mentioned on on Facebook that flex have been given involves a URL. So

yeah, I know I had a conversation with a driver on Facebook

here locally, who said that he had gotten denied.

Help through Uber after getting COVID-19 and I told him to go check out legal rideshare as well.

Well, the one thing that I’m kind of complaining about with Uber and Lyft is like how Pete struggled to get his car repaired. I mean, they’re gonna do whatever they can to get out of it until someone calls them on their shit. So, I mean, I don’t quite believe the money thing until I was get a check. And I guess that goes for the government. And the stimulus checks. Oh,

oh yeah, you don’t? Yeah, one until I see it. I don’t believe it. Right, but

All right, we’re gonna go ahead and sorry. Yes, sir.

Oh, I was just gonna finish it up anyways. All right.

All right next we’re going to jump into kind of a gross video and we’ve seen these drone delivery drivers do that and we’ll play the video and then I’m a little out of sorts here.

I’m still setting it up I just for the people who don’t have the video. So this girl is doing a delivery and she walks up to the door and she sneezes into her her arm like she should. But then she sticks her fingers in her mouth or by her nose, and then rubs him on to the door handle.

Now more than ever, he realized I

know it’s only in the left ear for some reason. Sorry guys.

You can imagine this Monroe woman shock when her ring doorbell captured a doordash driver making fun of the health crisis, sneezing on our families order and putting her finger stir mouth before touching their doorbell. I opened the app and I watched the feed and was completely shocked and literally dismayed at what I had seen Laura grecco says she feels the driver purposely expose them to her saliva and says even worse, they didn’t watch the video until after she and her son ate their food Monday night. I watched it back a couple times. And the more I watched it, the more angry I got the homebound mom says she called doordash who told her the driver would be tested for COVID-19 but didn’t say whether or not the woman would be fired. Either way. It’s now little consolation for grecco who lost her 72 year old cousin Tuesday to the viral I can’t stress enough that people really need to be careful out there and this video is proof that you younger generation doesn’t take it seriously a rep for doordash.


Yeah, I mean,

I think the sneeze actually I don’t think she did cover it the right way. You’re kind of supposed to do it in the, I mean, she kind of like coughed it. Like right here. You’re kind of supposed to like tuck it in like, yeah,

like the count. Yep.

And I don’t think she did that. But it does. I mean, it’s so disgusting. I mean, why would you even do that? And I think their food is probably okay. I mean, it wasn’t a bag, hopefully. Right. But what a piece I think I think just

kind of goes back to that video that you guys played before the guy who took a drink out of the milkshake the most? Yeah, like, what are you doing? I mean, that’s I don’t know. But

like, why would you lick your fingers and then touch the doorbell? Yes. Oh, gross.

But I think what what they said at the end of the video kind of really touch base for me and that is the fact that that Young people, they just don’t even they don’t take it seriously at all. No. They, they go out they you know, the social distance and they don’t take that serious at all, you know? And

yeah, look at the number of people who went to Florida. Yeah, for spring break in the last, you know, week or two after being told don’t go anywhere bad. Yeah.

I think the problem is they that you know, this virus even if it even if it hits them, they’re not gonna die from it right the chance of them dying is gonna be so, so limited, but they forget that they’re still gonna be a carrier and they can bring it on and give it to grandma or grandpa and kill them that way. I you know, it’s just

I think Gabe, I think it was Gabe shared.

A little meme that just kind of fits it perfectly. was about Betty White. Remember if you guys never seen that?

Yeah, I do. Basically you don’t beat it. You don’t want to be the one that kills Betty White something that was like the gist of it

right? You’re not going to get sick. Maybe the person you give it to is not going to get sick. But then they might give it to Betty White. And then she she might die.

Right which is true. Gay said he’ll be honest with you. Time goes by younger people are are doing no context deliveries and they’re all in their houses. Yeah, I mean, kind of, I think probably you’re delivering to, you know, mid 20s we’re talking about you know, like under 21 I mean, some 21 but I feel I don’t know that most of the people are are are like mid 20s that are ordering food. I don’t know. Jeez, it’s it’s weird. I don’t know what to do about it. I mean, I was in I actually did get some beer. Tonight I went to the central store of the schuler’s in Granville. And there were like three kids in there and they just walked right past Me, and they were like getting sodas. I’m like, they’re all three were together. And I’m like, Can you at least not walk past me? Like, can we at least keep our distance in the in the beer store while I get my my libations? Like, I don’t know, kind of crappy but

so let’s, uh, and so that’s the next thing. So what do you guys do with the bowties when you bring it home?

So I’ve seen a lot of people saying they leave them outside for three days or they wipe them down and my wife is a nurse, and she, I mean, you just need to wash your hands. We come in, she washes her hands. When she gets in. She puts all the groceries away, and then she washes her hands. Like that’s what we do. I don’t know what all y’all y’all are doing.

I’ve had a couple people, too, and they were both older couples, but they had me deliver their groceries into their garage. And there was already like little pile of groceries from some other delivery. And so, you know, just leave them over there. Somebody told us we have lever stuff out in the garage for three days or something I’m like,

well, there was a doctor from Michigan State that did a video about it and then everyone kind of kind of got freaked out about it. I mean, I guess it’s not gonna hurt, but I think it might be a little extreme.

Maybe so and it is extreme, but it is kind of we’ve done last time two times we’ve been out and chopped we have actually done almost everything that he showed in that video, like get rid of all the extra packaging, you know, try and do that whole thing about keeping you know have the stale and non stale side and packet, you know, unpacking out of the garage and kind of use still wipes and everything so, but it’s it’s weird.

It’s weird and, and I’m not going to shit on anyone that does that. If you guys do that, that’s fine. I don’t think it’s necessary. But, you know, Hey, everyone responds to stress and situations differently and it doesn’t mean it’s wrong as long as you’re not like, as long as you’re trying.

Yeah, like some of these other people.

Yeah, as long as you’re trying as long as you’re not doing scare taxes, posting things on Facebook. The problem is everyone to click the Share button and you really know if that’s legit like the media kinda. I know I hate to say it’s not like it was back in the day. alan alan on Facebook. So

all I know is I haven’t gotten my five Walmart gift cards for $100 yet I’m sure that thing like seven times. Stand.

You know, it’s funny about two months ago, I told my my father and my mother in law. Listen, okay, we need to have a talk. Like don’t share any of those. When Apple when you get a text from Apple that says you’ve been compromised, don’t go there is all like It’s legit. They’re like, Oh, you bought something. There’s a problem with it. Like, did you buy anything on Apple? No. Then why did you click the link?

Like, you want something now?

Here’s a PSA, talk to your, your elderly parents about not clicking on shit.

Right. All right. And then for this whole thing about the stimulus, don’t you know, that’s another thing. The last thing I heard is they’re sending checks now. Like fake checks to people saying it’s from you know, some bank and when when the moment the moment you start the moment you cache it, they’re going to get your carrier bank information.

Yeah, it’s just don’t do it. Just don’t do it. In fact, if you’re listening and you’re a boomer like me, just talk to your kid like my son’s 23. I brought everything past him. I’m like, hey, son, should I click on this? Is this legit? Just do that. Okay, just do it. Alright, next video. Okay, Boomer next video is kind of disgusting. This is actually a rideshare video shocker that we actually called beats freaking out. So yeah, we’re gonna watch this and then you guys can be grossed out.

I don’t know if I saw it


So for the people that are listening straight up cockroaches in this guy’s car and the funny part of is the guy’s like wearing a mask so he doesn’t get COVID-19 but he’s got cockroaches running around

and it’s he’s got SARS from the cockroaches running around.

Oh, that I mean, how does that even happen? I mean the car,

guy, I don’t understand. How you’re in the in the car long enough to take a video. Oh yeah, one cockroach in a car. I’m done.

Oh and that out it looked like he had food too.

Yeah. in that bag. I’d be like,

I’m you know, he just dropped me off right here.

Yeah, I’m good. I just realized I want to walk home. I mean,

yeah, I’m gonna walk. I haven’t lived in a city or an area or I guess you can get them in Grand wrap or in where we are, but I know they’re not gonna bite you or anything. It’s not like bedbugs. But what what could else be in there? Like, could there be bedbugs that you can’t see or lice or whatever, but my gosh, I mean, just wipe your car down once a day. If you’re a full time driver. I mean, that’s all you know, pick up your french fries that you draw. I mean, man, that guy needs more than a

wipe down of his car once a day.

He needs to push that hammer effer off the cliff.

Because you got to remember when it comes to cockroaches you see one yeah A dozen more you don’t see.

I gotta tell you uh, we that was ridiculous that one time so again I’m from Denmark right so one time I was I was in vacation in Spain. And what they said there is if you see a cockroach Do not kill it. Because if you do, the family is gonna come for the funeral. That’s what they said to basically is you just kind of kind of wipe it out of the way. Because if you kill it, there’s gonna be hundreds more really, and I can’t I kid you not one morning we woke up and there was a car there was a dead cockroach in the pool. It was the size of my hand. Okay. It was gusting?

Well it probably swelled up from the water. They don’t really come the size of your hand.

They was giant. Okay, it was it was giant.

Okay, Boomer.

Maybe not the size of it. It was at the time. I was a boomer

isn’t going out

2025 years ago, we’re in a quick jump in our last sponsor, it’s Michigan insurance and financial services Jackie Koller at 269-569-6127. Or you can email her Jackie at EMI ey Fs calm I keep screwing up that email when I post it because I’m a dummy.

I am a Now technically none of us are boomers.

So but Jan can help you save money so I called her

Yeah, please call her for your insurance needs especially now. I mean, why wouldn’t you want to save money she is kind of like an insurance broker so that you can, you know, she can shop a bunch of them and she saved me like $80 a month, which is a lot of money, especially if you’re not working right now. So caller 269-569-6127 that is her direct line her cell phone or you can email her

Janet’s taken off. So have a great night Janet.

Yeah, Janet. I think it’s like 230 in the afternoon there. She’s watching us in New Zealand

New Zealand, right? Yep.

Yeah. 230 in the I think nine o’clock is 230 for them so that 18 hours ahead

of us, I think Yep.

Man. That’s a long ways away. One of it’s like living in the future.

You guys got Coronavirus there. But

actually she did mention

a little while ago she said New Zealand’s on whole country lockdown. Stay at home except for essential services supermarket pharmacy doctor. Kind of like to work no food, no food delivery, no restaurants, no cafe. Wow. One week down three to go.

Yeah, hopefully three to go.

Yeah, but she said possibility for an extension. Yeah,


Um, Next up, we’re gonna Yes, we’re gonna kind of talk about this which is kind of cool. This guy, the bearded Uber guy. He actually He does have a podcast, I’m gonna throw it out because it’s okay. It’s okay. It’s just him. But that’s, you know, it’s it’s good. He he’s a he’s a good gig economist. And this is kind of something I saw him post a while back.

So basically what he’s saying and you have to follow him in his early life community forum group, but basically is a we all we are, we are all we got. So if you have been impacted by Corona, drop your cash app name, and let’s support our fellow hustlers during this time Anything else? So again, it’s pretty cool, right? But the idea is that you if you need anything, push your cash have been in that group and then other people who have extra that way encouraged to to transfer a little bit of money to them, doing it using the cash app. So I just think that’s a really good initiative. Yeah, a great way of us to helping each other

and yeah,

Could do we could do as well, right? I mean, in both in, in the telegram group or or in the Facebook group. So yeah,

this is a good idea. But you have to be careful. Yeah. Oh, sure. Because you can just as easily get somebody’s cash app and request money from them. And if you’re not paying attention, instead of receiving money, you’ll send somebody money. Yeah, but

double, triple check before you hit send or whatever. Because right, yeah, those apps are a little tricky. Like, sometimes it’s to it, maybe it’s Venmo. But one of them you have to put the period in or the period, the decimal and one of them you don’t and sometimes you’ve put like $57, but without the decimal, it says 5700. You’re like, Oh, Jesus now like, not that I would have clear, but you still kind of go Whoa, whoa, whoa, what’s going on here? So yeah, please pay attention to that. I always worry people are going to take advantage of that too. Like I really need the money and they don’t need the money but I appreciate that. Better just make

me with that situation. You don’t treat it as alone. Right? Just know. Just give it away and then at the same time, also give away what might come of it.

Right? actually happened to you didn’t it? Yes. Barry Didn’t you have somebody that you helped out once and they you didn’t expect them to pay you back and then kind of out of the blue? They did? Right?

I think that was Sam Sam. Yeah, it was me it was Sam. Sam. Somebody went up north didn’t have any gas money and she sent her like 10 or 15 bucks or something. And like six months later, she paid it back. So that was pretty cool. But we actually did a we didn’t do it this winter. But the first winter it didn’t go as successful as we would have liked it. Maybe we’ll circle back on that. I did forget to talk about the picnic by the way. But not that long. It’s still on. It’s in August if my god if we’re still in quarantine August. I’m gonna I don’t know, I’m going to be drunk 24 hours a day, what’s gonna happen? I’m gonna be six feet away from the SP while he’s cooking his meats, he’s gonna have to toss me a burger. That’s what’s gonna happen. We’re all gonna be like 800 pounds. I saw a meme of like, so who do I call for my 600 pound life? when this is all over? They do they come pick me up, or do I send them an email or what?

I tell you what some of the means that have been coming on. I

know. People are so creative. I mean, you

know, good.

Some of them are terrible. Like, that’s kind of mean but some of them are so funny. I’m just like, oh my gosh. So next up is Pete This one is frickin crazy. So this is

great. Oh, as he is on something that I’m hate. Right of all, but it’s a it’s a screenshot of the president of the CEO of Uber. And

yeah, please pronounce it Can you please pronounce his last name p

i don’t know. I just

Shai costura

Nope. Is that like, is that Polish or Russian? Or name is Daria. I know that. Like it’s some some Ukrainian. Come on, please.

Yeah, I should probably get my wife in here. She could probably pronounce it. Yeah, she probably could. Middle Eastern or something. Anyways, says fashi exclusive.

Today I wouldn’t put my kids in an Uber because San Francisco is in a lockdown. So there’s several things wrong with that. Several. Go ahead. First of all.

I hope you wouldn’t put your kids in Uber. Because it’s your own damn policy.

On the attendant though now come on.

He might be in the front seat.

Why don’t you just move to San Francisco and be his buddy?

Yeah, no kidding. Your Uber comfort buddy.

Son of a bitch. Second of all,

he wouldn’t put his own kids in an Uber but he expects everybody else again Uber around and Coronavirus

yeah I mean in his defense and I’m not defending them the the media is a little shady. So they may have like twisted his words but man alive. Why would you even come to say anything close to that? That seems super dangerous. Yeah,

that’s one of those things where like, you should have thought about that for you let the words come out of your mouth.

Yeah, yeah, totally. Totally. All right, the next one is I kind of added this late but it’s just this guy. I mean, if the if you’re gonna do this, why even go out in public so we’ll play it and then kind of talk about it.


Yeah. Hundred Are you

What the


So So describe the people that are listening a guy pulls up in the drive thru I think to Timmy horse.

Tomorrow Timo What do you say Timmy? Whoa is that Timmy horse D that’s terrible

and Jason’s still stuck on boober Oh man,

I’m gonna go watch that video after we’re done here one more time and he getting a coffee and he’s spraying it was some sort of Lysol sanitizer. I mean saturated. I’d say spray

it’s not even like the right word.

Yeah, I mean soaking it. And um, I actually didn’t remember the last part of it but he gets all the way done. It’s probably 1015 seconds of him spraying it. And then he takes the lid off, throws it back into the drive thru window at the the gals working and then dumps a little coffee out and then dry starts to drive off someone honked and then he, you know, swore at him but I’m like, you, you’re gonna put your mouth in your hands. I mean, what are we doing here? I mean, if you’re that paranoid about getting it, which I get it to be i’m not i have to shit on him. I know. I said I wouldn’t shit on people, but that’s a little extreme. I mean, take the coffee, put it in your car, pull to the side. sanitize your hands. Maybe dump it in another cup or something. But if you’re that obsessed with it, just make your own coffee at home and Timmy hos coffee. Isn’t that good?

I mean, it’s okay. Maybe

you want to you want to dispute that. To me house is some pretty decent coffee Really? Compared to me house compared to what?

Like what do you think? Like what’s your like? What’s your

second Starbucks drink I ever drank is the vanilla Sweet Cream cold brew. Or the Java chip which isn’t even coffee? Yeah, I don’t. I like their coffee. I think big he’s big. He’s good.

Yes, but we drink baby hose.

Yeah, I mean, the guy said my brother said it’s it’s illegal to throw anything through a drive thru window here in Michigan. It really Yeah, he’s to where he worked at Wendy’s for a long long time.

Boy you both were in the the food industry there. Oh,

me my brother and my sister. I’ll work at Papa John’s. Damn Damn. That’s right. My my wife is that Papa John’s? Yeah. Family Business family business.

I’m just confused as to why you know why you don’t own at least one of those franchises

right all right,

you guys should all go in and buy one

so we’re gonna jump into tip time it’s pretty simple guys just please stop driving your your health isn’t worth it I understand. And I’m not gonna judge anyone that does drive if they absolutely need it, but man, I mean anyways if you are driving you’re kind of it’s not worth it anyways right now cuz

you’re not making any money exactly like you shouldn’t even be driving anyways. You should be doing food delivery like at least there is there was one day when I had I was doing instacart and I had started out when I left the house. I turned Uber and Lyft on and I turned Lyft off because I just didn’t want to deal with Lyft but I went and I shopped for an hour and a half. I think I did two to instacart Forgot my Uber was even on till I got a ping. Oh my gosh.

Yeah, that’s how slow it is so yeah, I mean, why are you even doing it now? Like it’s not even worth it. Please just do food delivery. Just stay safe. Just be smart. This is serious. This is nothing. I mean, I don’t want to sound too Boomer but I mean, I’m 44 I think. Yeah 44 and

you are holy fuck, I know

you’re older than me, grandpa.

I know. That’s what I’m saying. I’m older. You know,

it’s just I’ve never seen anything like this. My dad’s almost 70 he’s never seen anything like this. So this is this is legit. It’s not government overreach. People are dying left and right. And, man, do you really want to be the one that gave Coronavirus? A Betty White I mean, I’m gonna be saying that from now on. I’m glad Pete brought that up. So

fuck, man. Okay,

we’re gonna jump into social media shenanigans I’m going to skip what’s on the rundown after the tip time um see who’s up first Oh looks like it’s me It’s from Calvin Daniel I’m not sure what group This is in probably a national group so super denied oh this is the guy that I was talking to.

Oh really? Well go ahead take it told him to get a hold of legal rights here okay

yeah this basically says Uber denied me my financial assistance they’re offering even though I have a valid documentation nice says I must self isolate. So I hope we can file because Uber is not helping us at all. And again, guys, is they need to follow through with it and don’t trust them that they’re gonna you need to follow up you need to stay on their ass every single day because I mean, I they’re just not you know that. It’s not like it’s General Motors or anything. I mean, they’re, they’re gonna try to get out of it. There. I feel like they’re kind of I hate to say it, even though we all have it insurance companies, I feel like they try to get out of paying a claim. I mean, that’s their number one job is to collect revenue and not pay claims. And I think that’s what Uber is trying to do, too. So please reach out to legal rideshare if you’re having trouble,

and unfortunately, I think this is one of those situations that the people who yells the most and the highest Yeah, I go into being paid attention to. So you just gotta keep yelling.

Yeah, and Twitter’s a great platform for that. Because it’s like, how would you How would you describe Twitter? I mean, everyone knows about it, but is it like, you can kind of tag any company and anyone can see it right? It’s not like a private thing. And they can they go and delete that they can’t can they? If you did, the way you’re

tweeting, oh,

yeah. So like, if you did that on their Facebook page, they can go in there and moderate that and delete the comment. Like I I know there’s times where, you know, the light on these advertisements and you go in there and you’re like, oh, that shit God. You know, you can see that at some point there was some comments there, but it got deleted. But yeah, tweet at them at Uber support or at Lyft support or whatever. And make sure to let them know that the shit ain’t right and right you want to get it fixed. What are you laughing at? Yes, real

shout out lol on Facebook said that you might want to wait to buy a restaurant. Unfortunately, as I was doing

that’s so true I feel so bad for the mom and pops like oh my gosh yes man support your mom and pop I mean even even like a restaurant like Papa John’s, even though it’s a friend, it’s corporate. But you know, that store might be owned by one guy. Like he may not have another store.

Right? Does that repeat? The all the ones in West Michigan all by a local guy who lives right here in Grand Rapids.

Yeah, so I mean, you’re you’re affecting him. I mean, he’s probably gonna do okay, but I’m even talking about you know, you. You save up all your money like a big b i know. You know, you can but you can get a big For 100 grand not that that’s that’s a lot of money but you have to have like 100 grand worth of assets and you get a big big Can you imagine, you know that you lose in that like, that’s your baby you spend 80 hours a week there making sure everything’s great and all of a sudden, you know, and the big be by us and Ivan rest doesn’t have a drive thru they actually close. Because Oh, wow. Yeah, they don’t want anyone inside. So you know, just support your mom and pops. Get some takeout, you know, do that stuff. It’s super important.

Go ahead. Yes, sir.

No, I was just gonna go to the next one. Yeah, the next one. And again,


now would be a good time for hooba to allow people with trucks to just throw a couple of chairs in the back so that there’s absolutely no content. They can call it Uber isolate. I thought it was kind of funny. So

yes, we’re looked at the rundown earlier today. And he actually comedies like oh my god, Uber, isolate me.

I mean, at this point, it’s probably the safer bet, you know, then being stuck in a cab with somebody that has Coronavirus. rights. Okay, the last one Pete and I kind of debated we kind of feel like, we should have done this one first. And then we’ll get out of here but a

man. So this was this was a post just a couple days ago. Yeah. In our local group. It says, Does anyone remember our bonus payouts for Uber? I believe we get these April 1. And at first when I saw the post, I was like, Oh, it’s an April Fool’s. But then as the comments kept growing, there was like these people chiming in. Oh, you know, my cousin got his payments the last two years and my cousin’s friends best friend baby mama got hers and know that only happened last year because Uber and Lyft went public, you got a payout, but depending on how many rides you took,

I mean, it was multiple people claiming it was not just this guy. I’m like, I thought it was going crazy. Like normally I try to stay like neutral and and not be too snarky, but I’m like, No, sir. This is not true. If you did get this the last four years if you don’t show me a screenshot, you can eat uh, you know what and die because you’re, you’re full of shit. Like, I’ve been usually how long you’ve been driving. I said, I don’t know, four and a half years. I mean, I got my little bonus from over the hundred bucks. But that’s it.

I got nothing.

Yeah, whatever.

But yeah, that was a one time thing, y’all. I mean, it is just from the stock sale. They wanted you to invest in the stock. Hopefully nobody did. But there was a guy there’s a guy in our group

scoobert guy.

I forget his name.

He got 10 K, so got a shit ton of money for

that guy. That guy.

He annoys me on one hand. I know. He cracks me up on the other because it’s like, dude’s got like 10,000 plus rides or 20,000 or whatever. You know, he just complains about Uber so well, you know what he deserves to you take that?

Wasn’t he supposed to? I think he was supposed to move to San Francisco.

Yeah, he’s super smart. But yeah, and one post is like, I want to strangle him and the next one is like, this guy makes frickin sense. Please listen to him. So you know it is what it is. We’re all a little cuckoo bananas sometimes but oh yeah,

yeah, these times oh my

gosh, it’s been so nice guys to be online. I’ve missed adult time. I was with my kids all day again today and yesterday and the day before and the day before and the day before and it’s like I love them to death but man I God made certain people to be a stay at home parent and I am not one of them. I Just it’s rough out there, y’all. So say a little prayer for, you know, the homeschool teacher. Well, I did see a funny meme today. It said something about the Common Core math, and they’re like, this is homeschool. We’re doing Common Core math here. We’re gonna carry the one.

I try to do

the math on my kid. He’s like, that’s not how we do it. I’m like, Listen, Bro, I don’t know how to do Common Core math. So we’re carrying the one when we’re in Jason’s

chocolates. I tried to have my kid show me with that common core was all about and I was like, No idea. This is literally more work than just like,

I kind of feel all the teachers who take an extra steps. I kind of feel all the teachers hate it too. But they’re like, Oh, this is what we’re implementing. And you know, it comes down from the state and they’re like, geez, this is by

doing every time I mentioned that word. I hope people just don’t like me because I hate Common Core. Okay, it’s been most dangerous.

It’s almost it’s almost like the metric system.

No, the metric system makes sense. Common Core does not make sense.

I don’t even know I couldn’t tell you so, Alright guys, we’re gonna wrap it up. Thank you guys so much. We appreciate it all hope we were a little enlightenment to the shittier times that are going right now but we’re gonna make it. We are going to survive. We will be back in two weeks and I think we’ll still be in quarantine. But I’m hopeful that one after that we can all be together and and

you know the stay safe. Yes may make good logical decisions.

And if you have any questions about anything, please reach out to us. I’m not saying we know the answer, but we will hustle to try to find the answer for you. I do like helping people if they do need help so because my

baby Oh, why didn’t we call

ourselves experts?

Well, we’re infotainment experts. So we talked about dick jokes and boober eats and fart jokes and fart jokes and we also tell you to go to legal rights.

Hey before we say goodbye we gotta say hello to Dempsey from Nashville, Tennessee.

Welcome Dempsey, Tennessee. All right, yeah, thank you for

Dempsey knows the the guitarist that drives around in Nashville. He has a guitar in his backseat and that’s people always easier right your driver? Yeah. Oh, that’s cool.

Yeah. Like they didn’t passengers was telling me about it days one of my pants, they just let them you know, strum it a little bit in the back. Yeah. What a cool little thing. So, all right, well, you just joined Dempsey, you can find the links to download the podcast in the description, but we’ll see you in a couple weeks and stay


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