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Welcome to the GR Rideshare Adventures podcast ride share infotainment for the new driver, old driver and everyone in between.

Hi guys, welcome to the R Rideshare Adventures your podcast. Thank you so much for joining us tonight. Super excited for live stream episode number 52. This beautiful studio is sponsored by Irvine’s auto repair and Grand Rapids hybrid. We’ll talk about them a little bit later. But yeah, thanks for joining us. 5252 Episode 52 days.

I now can you believe that? Yeah. Anybody who has been have all 52 episodes thank you so much if you raise your

hand, give us a like no one and

nobody raised your hand. I did. We can’t see them.

Well, there are some.

Actually no one in here has been here for all 52 except me. Yeah.

One of them off.

No, I didn’t think you did. Who stream then?

either. Okay.

Wow. Anyways,

yes. So tonight we have Jason and yes, first as usual. I’m Sam and our special guest tonight one of them at least is Pete he is stepping in for Ben tonight.

Yeah, Ben is taking some time off just you know, just some family time so Pete’s gonna be sitting in for a while and we appreciate it. P Why don’t you tell everybody about your gaming channel? So we’ll get a plug in there sometimes.

Well, I’ll do my writing retro

gaming channel what to do.

So writing with recap, which is Peter spelled backwards. I still have

and it’s a great family guy reference. It is it is. Yeah, there’s a whole episode recap. I did there is

Yeah. we clearly need to somehow fit this into that right?

Yeah, but I’m on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I post pictures of license plates that I see around town are ones that people send to me like yes, where

I gave him a good one but it’s not up

yet. He put in as I always save Jason’s for like the very last Yeah.

The last one. I said I’m He’s like, Oh, that’s a good one or something like that. Did I see it? No,

we’re still waiting for a special time when

I thought about sending you so there was a Jeep up on the back of a tow truck, but it had rose tire covers and I said like Jeep. It gets you there. I was like,

nice. So yeah, let’s talk about you know,

mom says the blurry

blurry and maybe it’s just her though. I’m not I yeah, it’s probably just her. Okay. Unless someone else says this blurry is good on. Twitch.

Honestly, I can’t fix it now. So

yeah, it looks fine on my screen. It could be our internet at home

could be. I think it looks good. Well, we all look mostly the portion right here.

I look about 10 pounds more than normal. So

I would say at least 28.2, I thought.

All right, let’s jump into the stories. We are very much from the last time we podcasted Sam, go ahead. Oh yeah, so

this last weekend I did an amazon flex route and that was literally I didn’t drive any rideshare. slacker before I did, but um, nothing memorable happened. It was it was an okay weekend and then we ended up at vetos until What? 445 in the morning that night.

How do you even stay up that late when you’re working day shift during the week? Like

lots of caffeine naps? I am the best snapper in the world. Like I will lay down at seven o’clock tonight will be out so 11 no problem, man and I get up and go. Oh,

I would just stay in bed at that point.

Sometimes I do but usually I’m pretty good about getting up and going and just gonna make 100 bucks. Yeah, whatever time that is. I’m done. Yeah.

lately. It’s been a little longer. It’s been about two. Oh, so that was pretty good. Yeah,

I will not talk about it. Why don’t I talk about it?

Yeah, don’t say the C word.

Woody comfort

five minutes into this and already sounds going downhill.

Wow. So so last weekend I did have I sorry, I only drove I drove a little bit fried didn’t do

Yeah, you got home.


That was his excuse.

All the times you get pulled over I

don’t know. I didn’t I don’t mind. I was looking the money for gas to go.

Yeah, Apple Pay on your phone.

No, he has an Android.

So anyway, so I drove about two hours I made 36 bucks of I got angry went home. But Saturday was a pretty good deal. So apparently, I seem to be the only driver who drives Tiago.

All comfort. You

picked up the item I have once Yeah. Wow. I’m always it’s a memorable name. Yeah. made me think of Aladdin and that’s why I remember it.

He lives at the red Roof Inn.

And I picked him up now four times. I’m pretty sure I took I took him to rumors two times one times two apartment lounge and took him home. From rumors What? So which is pretty I don’t know why that happens, but it does as well.

I don’t know. It’s amazing. You get more than like, I’ve gotten a few I probably gotten 10 duplicates. Not any more than that. I’ve had one and never triple

one girl. I’ve picked up three times. Okay, that wasn’t.

I’ve had a lot of people I pick up

that was very often but one night I took the same group of people three different rides.

Were they all XL? It was an XL

battle. But the last time we met him at vidoes Oh, that’s right. Me. Pizza too. And that’s what I took them home. Yeah, you

took them out for free, right? Yeah, I did. It was just,

it was just right down the street from my

such a nice guy. Yes, I

know. I know.

So what about Diego? There’s something.

So he’s he’s from Italy, right? Yeah. And he’s probably my guess in his 50s and he’s a professional hockey player.

That’s just amazing.

Professional harp player.

Yeah, he played has played for over 15 years in the San Paolo

Philharmonic. And and, and so he plays and he’s a conductor there. And

whereas that harmonic,

Sao Paulo, is it NGR No, no, no, it’s Sao Paulo. In Italy.

We’ve already established that this table and elder than yesterday doesn’t know anything about geography

idea. He’s teaching music. Oh, I wanted to call this is I don’t

understand, but I thought some power was GTA. So yeah.

So just you know, it’s not a made up not

sure. So anyway, so yeah, he’s a good guy. He used to tips pretty well. And yeah, it’s it’s a fun thing I just just fun that I was out by 20 I jacksie just dropped somebody off at at what’s it called the falling lounge and here he comes in.

I gotta go pick up Joe

soaz here just for like a semester or something.

I think he leaves at the end of February. Okay, so then he’s done. Yeah. So, but yeah, so that was that was that and then I actually I set out to make 200 bucks was my goal for Saturday. And I started at,

like, 830 I remember at

830 and at 242 No, 225 I had made $285. So

a heck of a night.

Well, but it was

but I mean again I did have for comfort rights.

AJ message

AJ message me at like 1030 it’s busy out here you should be out here and I was like no I should be a bad

Yeah, but but the thing it didn’t feel it was that busy it was just

it was just too bad happen though you just it’s just that perfect amount of study where you’re like wow, I mean

like when you when you go to look at earnings, you’re like, oh, okay, okay.

I made like 60 bucks in in tips. So that was nice big part of it, you know? So yeah,

my driving is I’ve been driving but I don’t.

Okay, I’ve been driving a little less, a little less.

Some of the other some of the other gigs have been good. So I’ve been driving a little less.

We did a remote controller for that.

You’re welcome to sit

my feet up. Not to say that you put your foot

Cape Cod, hey.

But base country was in town and that’s kind of the same kind of clientele as

base and actor basics. Why never remember that. And you were halfway there.

Literally two words. I had 50% but no again, I had a bunch of bait base country rides and they were all cool like the base nectar fans, so that was pretty exciting. But other than that, you know, nothing. I didn’t slap any mother’s hand touching my stereo. I didn’t deny an ox core job. It’s just been good.

I did have one else. I did have one more quick story. I had somebody come in another repeat. And, and they were they were remembering my tablet. So

this is the guy with the tablets. He handed it back to the CEO.

Oh, yeah. It’s just one of those cheap ones. It just case they walk out of it. You’re like, Hey,

I think he’s got a nice one. And it’s a $50 Tapi Oh,

oh, the last about six months and nobody still

I mean, I’ve had phobia you know yeah,

I’m surprised though because it without having it mounted. I thought for sure within the first weekend that sucker be gone. No, it seems to me still

everything else. otters candies score. But that’s

why and that probably is like the moral border for a lot of people. It’s just it’s too expensive. I’ll steal

a $2 cord, but not a not a tablet. I

mean, it’s been thrown to the floor several times, but it has a nice case i’m sure.

I’m not sure if Alan is listening or watching but I’m telegram he sent us a message saying driving a grocery cart. That’s what you’re doing.

I didn’t even do ship this week. Yeah. So I’ve been doing some other things.

elaborate on

it. Get your car fixed today. It was in the shop all day again. That Yeah, I was mad too because it was busy. Busy on flex. Oh

yeah. Busy all week. Flex

What about up you’re typing, you don’t have to type you can just say,

Oh, well, so I haven’t driven les Yeah, I haven’t driven much like in the last three weeks because I was in the shop for two weeks and then finally got it back and I had to drive to Fargo, North Dakota. Don’t do it live

going on in Fargo.

Oh my gosh, just a lot not going on in Fargo is like halfway through Minnesota. It just turns into flatland. But you can’t see anything because it’s like so it’s like foggy, sorry. And cloudy somehow at the same time. Or maybe the clouds are so low that it’s all I don’t know.

You just can’t see what does nothing to stop all the cloud

crashes. It’s all flat, and there’s no trees. Like there’s tree clumps here and there but just open roads. It feels like you’re going a mile and Alex is

how long or how far in between our gas stations every 200 miles.

Definitely Felt like but it wasn’t. You

know, like if you see when you’re like okay, we

definitely, I drove that stretch one. I think it was probably like six hours where there’s nothing but just flat. Yeah. Yeah.

Well feel blessed to live in West Michigan then. Yeah.

And it’s weird because Fargo is the biggest city in North Dakota. It’s like the size of camp.

No, I don’t think we have any but we’ve had zero downloads from North or South Dakota.

They don’t have intimate over there.

Now, I don’t have too many stores. I did pick up one of the girls from Hamilton though. Oh, yeah. Yeah, she was really nice. She actually made her debut here and then happens.

You stepped on it. Yeah, you gotta give you gotta let them talk and then do the joke. Okay. He said he thought you were married. Oh,


She was really nice and she actually made her debut. I think it was this week actually. So

hippin what are you doing looking at the podcast?

I’m glad you said it.

I wasn’t datacom

watching us. So I just want to jump in to jump into telegram. This is a group that we use the message and with people all over the country I want to welcome I think you said George.

Yeah, George. No, it’s George.

He did say George but I wouldn’t know I was gonna gas Jorge to Yeah, I was too. He’s moved. He’s in West Michigan now but he moved from Las Vegas so kind of a sticker shock. Well, good sticker shock for buying things but yells shy with the amount of how it can be slow and Grand Rapids for rideshare driving

but basically, I’m sure his, the airport queue is a

little bit different. He said in that group. Is there no queue for left like No brother. Nothing. No, apparently you just park wherever you want to park as close as you can to the airport.

A Texas spy Hidden with us tonight.

Yeah, and sanfran Yeah. Welcome to those people too. Yeah, um, so telegram is a group, you can download the telegram app. It’s a messaging app. And then in the show description, there’s a link and you can join our group. It is nc 17 at time, so if you’re offended easily, I mean, it’s, no one’s going to offend you. There’s no racism or anything like that. But it’s it’s pretty racy, sometimes as far as like adult entertainment

sometimes. Yeah. But it just it keeps it lively, right? Yeah. Just Yeah.

It’s it’s one of those things where you get lonely on the road. I mean, it sounds like we’re truckers but I mean, it’s nice to have someone out there. So if you’re in a pinch, you need some help. Or you forget your wallet and you need gas.

Yeah, or some soda or your pee at the store and you need your alternator taken out then nobody answers you unfortunately. It was a rough night last night. Nobody has night or tools. Yeah, yeah, I was all driving.

drove for like an hour and a half stop this little caesars to grab hot and ready pizza like 10 o’clock got in the car went started up nothing nothing

since you just put an alternator in there and a battery Yep.

So what’s what what was the so I brought it into AutoZone today and they tested the battery and they said it was they thought it might be bad so they swapped it out because it’s still under warranty.

Okay, so and then it was fine it’s been fine since so say that alternator going bad seems a little Yeah, little strange so.


courtside you’re up. I’m up for what?

Well, I was looking at the post. Okay, so.

Oh my god. Sorry about that.

His response was pretty good. It was only like two seconds. He’s like, what’s going on? No one’s talking.

I was trying to get your attention in the doc too. And you weren’t. You weren’t answering? I’m not look at that.

Looking at so you supposed to be looking at YouTube? Well, I am trying to do all of it. I can’t keep up. So anyway, so this is the point where I’m supposed to talk about Apple podcasts and asking you guys to review us

on Apple podcasts.

Basically just help us all out if you go in on there and kind of rate us and give us a good review on that podcast if we can get up high on the list. Yeah. And it says talking about Alexa Spotify. So that’s the whole point of our now you can actually talk to Amazon you can talk to, well, not Spotify, but you can talk to Alexa, you can say hey, I want to listen to GR Rideshare Adventures and it was something

you have to actually ensures you actually I have trouble saying I have trouble adding the s on that and I say it all the time. The point about Spotify is you have to x ask Alexa x y I just got the welcher up in this sucker. You have to ask her to play it on Spotify or Apple podcasts. You can’t just say play it

in specific directions. So

yeah, she’s a woman. So


we are going so I showed there is actually a newer review than this. I don’t.

That’s the one that was in the chat.

Yeah, I know. We had another one. But anyway, so yeah, just review us. That would be great. So we’re going to introduce P and Pete’s got a video that he sent me. Apparently Pete gets like, he gets jumped, and you would I don’t know what’s going on. I swear he’s got his

life. He’s

got like a sticker that says, Come

with me. He’s the person I know who’s has the most Andres drivers and kid kids without car seats, right?

Yeah, he does. I don’t know what it is I even me driving during the day. I don’t have

that much trouble with it. I just specify he doesn’t ever take them. Right? Yeah, I mean, boy take them, right. But he follows the rules he missed. He doesn’t take them but he

does take them and then report them. Alright, so here’s the video p this is about a month ago.

You got a narrator Pete.

So I’m driving down Plainfield. And I had to turn around to go back to Leonard to pick somebody up. And somebody races up behind me flashing their lights and then cuts me off right here.

And so I decided to be a race car driver.

Throw it in reverse, get away.

Now mind you, I don’t know if he caught the audio out of these but he didn’t say a word like he didn’t like why is this guy chasing me? He ran a red light right there. But yeah, the guy ran a red light. Cuz he’s still behind you. Right? Yeah,

he’s still behind me. Sometimes you can see where he comes up to the side of the car. Here he comes right there. You can see it came up to the side. Try to cut me off. Then I whipped up this turn. Right here,

we’ll let it play through one more time just so you can kind of see it. But this guy was basically like harassing Pete driving around in Grand Rapids. I don’t know what his deal was, but

he came out of nowhere and just like flashing his lights and honking behind me

right there. He’s like, what did I do?

If you were talking about it in the chat, because you can be where you’re pretty upset about that now, and there was somebody else who said they had seen that car that night and had had issues with them. I remember I am because I was not. I was in the area at the same time. And I saw and I actually stopped several other cars and I was kind of telling them about it. Keep keep an eye out for this black car.

I would have liked to see them do that to Michael Howells truck. He would just be like

bright light.

Bright light guy.

I don’t know there’s a couple of trucks right? You’re driving one gas,

just right like what

do you got a haircut? No. Well, I might have

you interrupted Jay talk about a haircut.

This is hair sticking up in the front.

It caught my attention.

All right, we’re going to jump into our first ad Irvine’s auto repair and Grand Rapids hybrid. They are our studio sponsor, and we really appreciate them supporting us. It is their 25th anniversary this month, and they want you to stop in and grab a cup of coffee and they have prizes, and they want to meet you. So stop in there. They’re on Stafford just east of 131 44 Street. You can call them at 2025 538-202-5538. And you can schedule service online or via calm domestic and Asian cars only. But they did just hire somebody for mini Coopers and BMW not that a lot of rideshare drivers drive those but if you do, they have a professional that specifically just works on those. So thank you guys so much. That they do an amazing job. They fix it right the first time. They’re not the cheapest, but they’ll fix it right the first time. So stop in, say hi to Megan or Jamie and try to win a prize. I don’t know what they have for prizes

because they may ask you they’re like online billing setup is really awesome. Yes, we’re like they just send you everything you approve it, you decline it. Yep. You don’t have to go in you don’t have to talk to anybody. Like you can, you don’t have to

write and the the pictures they send about the repair or high def pictures like they get right up in there. And so you can kind of see, you know, someone says is broken, you’re like, Okay, I believe you, right. I mean, you know what I mean? But when they show you a picture, you’re like, yeah, oh, okay. I don’t know how to fix it. But I see that that’s not correct. So yeah, check them out. We really appreciate them. So

all right. So

right, sharing the news. Yeah. So tonight, we’re going to bring on Dustin from Dustin is driving, he said 930. So we’re just going to jump in and we’re going to add him at 930 and hope it works. But

that’s our second So in case you’re wondering,

yeah, and we we’ve talked about Dustin a bunch of times, so he’s gonna kind of chime in So, Sam, let’s talk about this.

Yeah, so I love the

I know I bought take, sorry, I

was excited to say something. It’s just people say like the lift menu that you put the options there that we would actually like to see. And I mean, I’ll go through it for you guys. So it’s I’m your driver. Roger, can I use your bathroom?

That would be my number one.

We’re not gonna talk about

not for the new listeners hashtag

or Hi, where are you?

That’s the No, that one’s normal. Yeah, that was already in there.

Yeah, that don’t piss me off. bfh Yep, okay, stuck in traffic. Call me again and I’ll cancel your effing right. Oh, good job, Sam. I did a good job there. Can’t take call now. Sorry, you can’t effing understand. Those are the words and people call you three times. Straight when you’re in the middle of another ride to ride I’ll cancel

yeah I’ll cancel I’m not dealing with your high stress

and then I’m I’m in a white folks wagon Jetta smoking a fatty

Oh, so yeah those are great great lift options there gate gate code

well that one’s already yeah

see I don’t know cuz I don’t have to live Why don’t you reapply? I because I’m too lazy. I’m doing pretty well Uber Why are you doing well

till the day that he doesn’t Uber comfort goes home and complains because he didn’t make any money and we’re like oh, well we all made tons of money tonight see

what I like about all this is how good now the the the Photoshop it’s a little off but yeah, it’s close. But last podcast and we that Uber walking, buddy that looks like legit. I get fooled. So easy. Yeah. So I mean, I laughing that I get full.

Yeah, it was pretty, pretty good. photoshopping there honestly.

Yeah does so next up this is super exciting for our for the Grand Rapids P. There’s a huge concert in the late summer usually called breakaway and it’s like hip hop, right and r&b hip hop.

EDM. Yeah. EDM,

no hip hop done. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. And that’s usually a good weekend for us. And it’s, it’s a little congested on pickup, but a local. Yeah, the problem is, you know, I noticed my son plays hockey, right. Well, you know, the hockey place

right at colebrook grifs. Ice House. Yeah.

It says division on one side and Plainfield on the other. So when you tell the packs, I’m on Plainfield. They’re looking at division and they’re like,

they’re not from the area or there’s a DOM and they don’t know that it’s the same road. Right?

But why clearly I didn’t know

man. I thought division and Plainfield split at Leonard.

No, it’s that colebrook

but I welcome to Grand Rapids. Yeah.

guy was probably the most rides here

that lives up north side. Yeah, and I live right over there.


But But the people putting on the show could do a better job at

sign and you know what? They did a decent job last year except they’d let those those people scalpers sell parking spots they weren’t supposed to be Oh, that wasn’t

legit. Oh, that was a scam

like $50 a pop.

They probably made way more they probably have a lot of money.

So anyways, I’m gonna go back to the picture this is called upheaval. I’m not I don’t remember exactly what it is. I think it’s July but they got some good bands

July 16 and seven Okay,

I can’t read that. I need glasses. They got disappeared like them disturb skill it Hell yeah. The rest of those I don’t know on the first day. And then the second day staying Chevelle avatar. I don’t know the rest of them either. But I’m sure they’re all going to be good. Oh tattoos. Some Colors coat your tattoo and art show it slowly.

Sorry. Tell you what, you guys can have my comfort right.

Can I use your van?

Sure. That would be cool. Actually, no, because it’s coming in Chicago.

You’re going to be Chicago. No. Okay. What’s the matter? I was just making sure that was normal. what’s normal?

Yeah. Nobody else

is wondering why there’s nobody on Twitch Pete. Hey, I just said hi.

Is he okay?

Shout out to my resume. 99

All right, well, thank you. Alright, the next video up is this is this is kind of a shitty story. Yes, sir. It’s yours and let me know when you want to play the video. Well, yeah.

Do you want to go ahead and play the video? Basically, it’s all about Uber each drivers whose car was stolen and insurance won’t help.

Many people are trying to make money by driving for rideshare services, but there are risks and we’re learning that the hard way and less than two weeks, two different Uber each driver had been carjacked. in Memphis

Yeah. And in both cases, crooks got away with the victims cars leaving them without a way to make money. Now one of those men has learned his loss came at a greater cost than he thought. That’s our T’s kyrsten garris is live in Memphis and kearson we’re now learning it may be a while before these drivers even get any relief.

Yeah, one of those drivers we talked to last week said you know what, I have car insurance I’m gonna be okay and he thought he back to work delivering more meals very soon. But he quickly found out that he didn’t have car insurance and so that setting him back even more. This was Timothy Davis more than a week ago as you get material things man. Davis was grateful no one was hurt after a man took his card during the UberEATS delivery at the Melrose apartment. When I first talked with Davis last week. He said he had car insurance and felt good about getting back to work soon, but now he says Getting those material things back is going to be a challenge or to know that there’s somebody out there that, you know, took care of the nature insurance company is not going to cover any of that is kind of a blow because you know that in the end, they’re still expecting you to make monthly payments on a vehicle that you don’t have under Tennessee law rights, your drivers must maintain primary auto liability insurance. But the law doesn’t explicitly mention insurance requirements for food delivery services like Uber Eats or doordash but I’m just taking people meal so I didn’t understand the whole purpose of having commercial insurance for them because to me this no different from one of my friends calling me saying Hey, I’ll pay you $5 if you you know stop by Pizza Hut and bring me a pizza Insurance Agency before you join a rideshare or food delivery service. Talk with your insurance company to make sure you have the right coverage down Don’t make assumptions that you do, but know what you have and why you have it. And I think therein lies another deal is why do you have what you have? Is it providing you the protection that you want?

So what do we all think about that?

Well, I mean, basically, we’ve talked about the writer many times before, right? It’s all about the traditional writer writer. And and the big difference here is whether or not you are committing, quote, unquote, committing fraud. In the sentence, are you doing? What is the term livery library, whatever library? I mean, it doesn’t matter whether you’re delivering food or you’re driving people around or doing rodeo, whatever it is. You’re making money on your vehicle commercially, and right.

Samos different forms. There’s different forms of using your car commercially. Don’t know that the rideshare waiver covers food delivery because you’re gonna say,

Well, no, I do. I was gonna say even at 18 when I worked at Jimmy, John’s like, I knew that I was breaking the world’s not having commercial insurance on the car for food delivery. Like I understood that. It just

will. You’re smarter than the average cookie. But so I will let you know I sat down with Jackie one of our sponsors, and she said that rideshare clause at least that’s what she said covers food delivery.

Well, yeah, the big things as I understand it, the big difference in the rideshare clause is that it tells the insurance company let you as a personal personal

individual, let you use your personal insurance to make money using your personal car. But I will let you know when we first started in Michigan and I went with farmers that it did not cover food delivery. So I think that’s changed. I don’t know. She said it was fine. Okay.

But we should go through or watch company.

Jackie? Yeah, I went She’s a broker. She’s a broker, but I went through progressive.

So that’s what progressive, they write it as a limited commercial policy. Okay, so that’s a pretty big umbrella.

It’s not full commercial, but there are a lot of things that can fall under it food delivery can be one of it, she did say that she will write an umbrella if you want to if you want even more coverage. I think if you go back to the to the video we just saw, I think it was pretty apparent that he had no clue and had done no research. No other than what you know, he just quote unquote, thought that Uber lift was going to cover him on his case, who was gonna call them

it does suck though, because you shouldn’t do your research. don’t take our word for it. We’re not insurance people. When you sign up for Uber Eats and stuff like that. Don’t they tell you that you have to have

you have to maintain your own like full coverage, but I don’t think it mentions that you have to have commercial of any kind

but do you have to have full coverage also for each because I know you have to have full coverage.

They will only match what You have so if you don’t have full commercial Uber is in Uber is on the hook for something. They aren’t going to pay full commercial out either.

Okay, I mean the other thing that was kind of sucked is the fact that he mentioned that he still had to go here to make payments to a vehicle he no longer had which means he obviously didn’t have he didn’t have what’s it called gap insurance either. So it’s

Gavin church is weird because when I bought my pilot he said now the value is on this pilots are so high you won’t need gap insurance, so I didn’t buy it on my pile. But what about if it’s stolen? Well, it’s just me it doesn’t matter that the insurance covers at the same regardless a

red or a hotel out from stolen will be high enough to cover your

Yeah, that’s what he said. But I don’t

even if you don’t purchase it with the car, you can purchase it through your own personal insurance too.

I think Dustin is ready by the way.

He is ready. Just waiting for us to get rid of. Yeah, so you guys can keep I’m gonna Okay, so Dustin’s gonna come on there’s gonna be a little bit of a he

did he did mention that he’s on YouTube he did mention that he did in fact change right turn Joseph so

Dustin nice bad

what’s going on what’s up I’m going to add you into the chat here real quick so bear with me

actually watching I guess the live on youtube is actually delayed


yes it’s delayed just a little bit

all right Hang on one second here yeah you

guys were talking about I love that hat

you guys see what I made it say

oh that’s awesome

love it man

I can’t was always

the best pocket of

your drivers and GR rideshare has the best podcast on YouTube.

Thank you so much.

So Dustin’s gonna hit Hang around a little bit, just get his two cents. Do you want to add your two cents about the insurance? Did you hear that?

Um, yes, everybody should have insurance, you should have the right endorsement. Okay, if you don’t, then you are risking it because you’re not covered between a but it’s phase one, I believe the one when you’re online, but you do not have a passion.


Well, it has always had that because some people try to think they Oh, I can just get around it. Let me just turn my app off real quick. Well, guess what, if the insurance knows you are driving for rideshare they will definitely get those records from Uber to see if you are online because even if you’re not getting passengers, we all know if you’re driving around that timer is ticking. And even if you’re sitting you’re not your timer is not ticking anymore, but they still know you’re online.

But didn’t they change that and maybe that’s just in Michigan I thought they cover period one, two and three, not not them all.

Not them all. You buy it you opt into that extra insurance where they take like one cent out or two cents. Oh you do not Get that, then. Yeah, you’re not covered in that. And a lot of people have misunderstood you know, misunderstood that or don’t know. Everyone just thinks, Oh, don’t worry.

All right, come on now.

Yeah, do you do you have that extra rider? Were you because you’re in Jersey now?

I’m in Jersey and yes, I do have the rideshare endorsement. Now. I did not while I was in Florida, I was rolling it but it was so expensive in Florida, I can understand why they don’t. Right. And in fact, my insurance went down $100 even adding the rideshare endorsement by just moving to Jersey.

Michigan had the

housing went up like 50% but yeah,

I’m still renting at the moment. We sold our house in Florida. We’re probably gonna rent another year and then buy something

right. There is actually the one insurance company

I think we lost Austin’s audio


we have to do that there’s

my fault so there’s actually one insurance company here in Michigan to also covers a period one now. I forget it that’s the one Ben just signed on four. He’ll Liberty Neil. You know, they covered period one period one yeah. Hmm.

Who do you guys I have USA.

So I think most of us have on the table today have have progress. Yeah.

I have progressive. I just switched to progressive so I had farmers, but it was the price was going Hi. Hi. Hi.

I had Geico but they didn’t cover writers in Michigan.

Oh, and he had a great experience with the progressive so I thought progressive is the way to go.

Yeah, he had. He said, Well, you can you can talk about talking to this or worse. And the cool thing I thought was the fact that lift wouldn’t help you and progressive stepped up.

Well, not only within it wouldn’t they help me but they kind of gave me the finger while they weren’t helping.

You could do a whole podcast just on the like, you could sit here by yourself and tell your story about the lift.

Yeah, that was that was crazy. So so

awesome. That must mean I must have another smack of his fan over there huh?



no it’s me lift is my trash can sponsor

what’s that I was like oh, that’s my sponsor. Oh that’s hilarious alright we’ll do a couple articles or a couple pictures and we’ll just get your feedback on it. We’re going to jump in there. Peace. We’re gonna talk about Oh yes, this is for you. We’re gonna talk about Uber select intentionally did not give

it to him.

Wasn’t yesterday talking about?

So this one out through Uber. Uber select will not be available. We’ve learned from our drivers that Uber select product is too similar to other right options. And that fewer riders are choosing to use it. Therefore, as the July 31 2020, Uber select will no longer be available. Your ability to drive enter into the Uber products won’t be impacted by this change. We’re committed to providing an excellent experience for all drivers and riders. And we appreciate your patience during this transition.

And we know yes for you love comfort.

What I mean, it brings me more money as if I wouldn’t.

I know but you’re the only one and I in our tire group, right? Not just oh, there’s

several other comfort drivers also on

to the airport. It’s gonna be empty. You think July 31 2020

without select Yeah, yeah, you’re probably right. Do you guys have that market down there? Uber comfort Dustin.

Oh, yes, comfort is here. Sadly, my 2015 band and no longer qualifies for comfort because it’s not 2017 and I’m like, we’re gonna have 2017 is bigger than my 15. So how do you get more room is beyond me. So I don’t know. I’m excited. But I’m not comfort. How does that work? What van Do you have

a 2015 Toyota Sienna.

See I have a 2015 Town and Country and I still qualify,

but it’s different years and different markets. Yeah,

yeah crazy that that’s totally insane that’s like a

yeah i’m saying i mean that’s just me

well just like just like you and sorry. Just like you in Florida the lift that you had to have like a two year or newer car in Florida so you wouldn’t be driving.

That’s where people thought the misconception was going on there too. When they said 2017 for comfort people thought I was getting confused with like lift and it’s like no no lift is just flat out making you have these newer vehicles to even be on the platform. Wow. Uber is just you know, you can’t be comfort you can still be an X or be XL but you can’t be comfort unless it’s like 2017 or newer depending on the vehicle. Some vehicles were still qualifying for comfort diver 25th Teen down there as well. But it’s just whatever certain I guess high brands as they like to call it.

I wish they would cut some of the old some of the older Uber x off as well here and there’s a lot of junky cars in them. I

think you can have it like 15 years old or something I know.

Crazy yeah,

that’s pretty old. How many miles that van got on there? Doesn’t

my bed my man’s only got almost 50,000 That’s it. I’m only drive this baby part time. I don’t go out there go crazy. And then when I didn’t have the rideshare insurance, that I always felt weird when I go out so I would just do a couple rides each weekend. Yeah, I mean, make make my quick money. Yeah, I did. Um, I did have some private clients to that I would run through the app. What? You know, I’m saying so I already had like, my weekend. Pre plan before I would go. Yeah, I’m saying they already were telling me I was already getting guaranteed tips beforehand. And for those that don’t know how to do the pre plans before they did all this scheduled stuff is you have whoever’s going to get in your car you haven’t get in there request a ride until you get you as the driver. Nope, sometimes it’s on the first time, sometimes it takes up to five, yep. But then, you know, you do it until you get them. And then bam, then you continue on where you got to go. And you just rinse, repeat, do the same thing. Especially you’re covered under insurance and everything when you have them. You’re not making that much money, obviously, you know, do that. But that’s why, how much they’re guaranteeing me and tips and everything is what makes it all better. You know, I mean, I can make like 6070 bucks on the app, you know, catering to three people around for, you know, a couple hours, but then I’m going to make like five to 700 and tips. You know, I’m saying so,

yeah, it’s good for full time drivers. It’s good for full time drivers to make a connection with people. So you can do those scheduled rides. I mean, you still use the app. So you’re

even a part time drivers to as long as you know, it’s like the weekend, you only do like one or two nights. You know, that’s when most people get to plan themselves that work all week. So you don’t have to just be full time to do this. You have to be smart time. Smart tech me part time. I thought you did that on purpose. There you go. Smart time. There you go. We actually have time wisely because hey, we all know time is the one thing you can’t buy more.

That’s true, right? We had one local market. He sold his vehicle New Year’s Eve for $350 basically said, if you can get three or three your buddies, you can have my car the whole night for $350

I mean, that’d be great if you did it, but I don’t think he did it. Was he successful? I don’t know. But I

made more than that.

He got a lot of negative feedback, right?

Because he said he was for 20 friendly and

drinking in the car. Yeah.

Which is fine, but you’re not covered. Right?

A lot of people love to love to roll the dice. Yeah, that’s exactly what they like to do. And then they want to complain after they crapped out. It’s like, but I told you

Yeah, all right, we’re

playing somehow I get blamed but you see this those that you see those? Yeah,

they always just can’t they just start Your name out if they get busted by the cops or something like,

the cops are just like, Oh, it’s okay then don’t worry about it.

Okay, we’re gonna jump in the next article. This is a shooting in Seattle and how Lyft and Uber were gouging the customers.

Okay? So have you heard about the article title pretty much sums up what people kind of feel like happened. The reality is when the shooting took place and hundreds of people flip their app on to get out of the area, Uber and left didn’t know there was a shooting going on right then. That’s the reality of it. All I saw was tons of people trying to get a ride all at the same time. And shockingly, it searched. I mean, it wasn’t like there was no malice. It wasn’t intentional.

Yeah, I felt that that was kind of a hit piece on them because they didn’t know I mean, algorithm. I mean,

yeah, I guess after the fact Uber could have gone out of their way but you know what, we’re going to refund a portion of your fare because You were overcharged and you were trying to flee for your life.

It was 30 minutes, and then they had shut it off. So that’s pretty good response time. Yeah. Hey there. Yeah, it’s not bad at all. Yeah,

I mean, that 30 minutes, it’s hard to sit there and say that everyone that took a ride that time was playing, you know, right,

right. So I just, it’s just an excuse for people to complain. I mean, you just you can’t expect Uber to be my hydrators they didn’t know it’s gonna happen.

No, I took the same approach. When I posted that on Facebook. I’m like, this is I again, they are kind of can be dirt ball companies, but

they’re this Yeah, this

computerized me raised this question. So since they refunded the money to the writers, did they pull the money out of the drawer? No.

I don’t think it would have been worth the lawsuit.

Eat it. Yeah, they do. false report. Yeah. Like they refund the passenger and then you see it even comes out of your account and then you messaged them back and be like, Look, I took the right message. The money back.

So, yeah, no, trust me if people if drivers have lost money that day we would know. Right?

Yeah, you would have got blamed, I’m sure.

All right. So next one.

So this this one is just kind of an interesting and kind of a dirt, dirt ball move. This guy fell asleep or this passenger fell asleep. And the driver picked I think it was a female. But I guess it doesn’t really matter but picked him up at 1257 dropped him off at 459. Now it is he said she said but if you look at the map, the way it’s drawn, he’s just driving around.

They’re just having a good time racking that bill up, but it doesn’t make sense. Their pickup was at one o’clock in the morning. It’s about to get busy. It’s about to surge. So why would you add that time of the night Paul something surge

could be but even searches that One o’clock here

it does. But live doesn’t always pay out extra. There’s no guarantee like Uber, you can almost count on the fact that if you go a really far distance, they’re going to adjust your search. Lift. It’s happened once in our market. I think Gabe had had it happen once.

Yeah. palca Well, the the weird part of it is is like it doesn’t look like how did he drive that? I mean, is that four hours? Maybe it’s scale, and I’m not seeing how far that actually is. But it doesn’t look like he’s driven that far. No, I don’t know if he said she said, but I’m sure lift refunded the money.

One is too long, too. It’s been too long since I’ve seen the lift man so but is that an actual lift map or is that from from Google Maps or whatever?

Yeah, I can’t even see the map. It’s all white. I can see all the blue and stuff

drop off. Yeah, that’s why

Yeah, they turned out but as it’s Yeah.

Could be could be. Photoshop again.

Yeah, who knows?

According to Diego, you’ve got a haircut. Pete

he doesn’t like that you’re wearing a hat.

Why? Why is that?

Because he’s not showing off his haircut.

Diego. caught it.

I told I was gonna say that

must be my daughter’s boyfriend.

I didn’t I didn’t have a head on.

So you’re old enough to have a daughter that has a boyfriend? That is pretty. She’ll be 19 and a

23 year old.

Oh man.

four kids.

Yeah, three girls and one boy. Dang


rough household shanno

Well, Dustin, we super appreciate you coming on. I always refer people to you because the I like yeah, we run our mouths for about two hours but Dustin’s got the 411 like if you have a question or if you like, I don’t know about this. Not that we can answer. But if you go search his YouTube channel is Dustin is driving one on one, right?

That’s just Dustin is driving. Okay,

sorry. He dropped the one on one. Okay. Yeah, Dustin is driving on YouTube, go ahead and subscribe to him. He’s definitely full of information that his Link is in our show notes on YouTube as well too. So you can click on that. So, Dustin, thank you so much for joining us. We super appreciate it.

Thank you. I appreciate you guys having me. Yep. You guys have a great show. And I’m privileged to be on it. And I love what y’all do.

Alright, thanks so much. Have a good one.

You guys have a great night. All right, bye. Bye. All right.

Give me a second here.

So I would have kept him on longer, but I think the delay was throwing us all I was a little tough but that was okay. That way okay. I wanted to keep him I’d love if he ever drive up to GR I’d love to give him Maybe he’ll come

to the picnic. I mean, if we have beer.

Hey, we’ll have

no no

Wait, wait, wait. We talked about that park. Right. So yeah, but we could have got a beer license. We do want to talk about that day just randomly. Yeah.

So we are planning our second annual community picnic for cheer, right sharing up second annual for August 15. This year is the fourth Saturday in August technically. I think their third day now. Yep. set the date will be at Riverside Park.

Yep. We’re going to put it more in the city of Grand Rapids. We hadn’t jennison before not it was a great part. But yeah, it’s not central to where all the rideshare males so

there’s lots of room

to have food and just

fun stuff to do. Yes, girl wear a banana banana hammock and I heard the joke. Oh, he’s

supposed to smoke some meat though.

Only Johnny Cash,

smoke somebody. All right, we’re gonna jump into our next add our next sponsor dhanam accounting services. Obviously, it’s tax time. And if I see one more stupid question about taxes I’m just like, I can’t even know I get it. It’s frustrating, especially as an independent contractor. That’s why you need a tax professional. I even saw somebody say like, Hey, I wanted to h&r block. And it was a disaster. Yeah, they do the regular 40. Well, they do 1040. easy’s there I mean, they’re not accountants

know there are tax preparers who go to a four hour boot camp and then they’re good to go.

Yes. So you need a professional and Dunham accounting has decided to support the GR Rideshare Adventures podcast. You can reach them at Dunham accounting. com or 7346914. Call Kathy and they can hook you up. It’s not too late. Don’t panic. Don’t Don’t try them yourself because you could be missing out on a ton of money. I’m not saying that you couldn’t be right. But why wouldn’t you pay for a service, get your oil change, you pay somebody you go to the doctor. You see a doctor for if you broke your leg. I know that was a stretch right Sam Sam’s giving me the I like that’s a stretch. If you need and this is fine as this Big stuff you screw it up ranking get audited.

Yeah. And the penalties are just outstanding.

I actually just learned this morning from another tax professional that last year, there’s a brand new set of deductions stepped in for small business owners and that’s what we are. Yeah. So I mean, just go to a tax professional.

I mean, most people if I told them they need to apply for their KBI introduction, look at me, let’s say I have no idea what a

cutie pie. Is that what you said?

The cutie pie.

So, you know, young

people don’t even know what I’m talking about. Right?

Right. 734 6914 Yeah,

I actually got to share that in the GR rideshare. group about done um, somebody was asking for a tax professional.

Yeah. So it’s,

I mean, I’ll tell the story. The first time I started using a professional probably 12 years ago now. I was said to have to pay

your account back

that far.

I was gonna pay $1 back to Texas. Read on my taxes. I got $2,000 back in debt.

Wow, that’s a huge It was 20

and hot all difference.

A lot of money. I mean, imagine paying that much right? I’m not gonna lie I had to pay last year 1600 bucks.

Well, that’s why I started doing mine. Okay, disclaimer, I’m studying to be an accountant. I’m not one yet. But I was going to do mine on TurboTax. So

she plays one on Facebook.

So I have to say, I have to say,

as I started my return on TurboTax, and I wasn’t like 100% down, but I was close. And they had me going, like 400 bucks and I’m like, that cannot be right. Like I did not make that much money. So I was like, You know what, screw it and I printed every form straight from the IRS and I’m doing it by hand. I promise you not owe anything when I’m

gonna fill it out in pencil. Yes

doston did say that he had to pay he had to pay 7000 last year anyway but he also did say that he might come for the picnic Wow, I might be able to make it bring your kids Dustin does give me lots of food a lot lots of activity so

I could make a trip out of there and rapids is isn’t is a nice city very family friendly there’s a tons of stuff to do so

yep, we have a Bruce ADA and everything.

Let’s jump in the next thing.

So I want to talk about this new cool app that remind us now we’re not gonna use it tomorrow. Who am I talking about?

We’re gonna use it this

winter has I mean yeah, no, it’s been a crazy winning the snow does increase business but I mean for driving in. It’s been so nice. Not having a driver. I know.

So basically the guy who Hasn’t driven

I can push

my cars in the shop I mean, you don’t go in the shop if you haven’t driven

So anyways, this is yet another app for it’s for the gig economy. You do have to be licensed and you do have to have a plow if you want to do that boy You can also do it flush with the shovel. I can’t I can’t bungee my shovel to my front of my Honda Pilot and just I don’t know, I think he’s gonna have to be licensed.

shoveling pavement you probably. Sure.

So anyways, the app is called Quick plow as as you can see on your screens. And it is it is a local app development company that is spearheading that owning that. And basically, it allows people who are licensed to to plow to be teamed up with with people who need that the driveway plowed and you can get get that done. You know.

Instead of instead of having a contract the contract then you could do it once ago. What do you think?

I was jumping in here? It seemed like

coming on. Do you happen to see the and the prices? I have not?

Yeah, I think it’s up to each contractor. I think she just yeah, their office. They’re a technology company.

guessing the people who want cloud service can say, Hey, this is what I’m interested in pain, and I don’t get a response or they don’t eventually click in their mind to offer more.

Yeah, I’d like to try it out. I mean, I did actually buy a service this year, which I’m losing money. I think they’ve been out lights out winter.

Yeah. But uh,

yeah, I would like to try it. I’m

kind of happy because my driveway is very long. It’s

it’s not great. I don’t like your driveway. Yeah,

it’s long is it one seller to stall?

It’s one stop

like one lane

but it’s still a big tall stone retaining

guy. Applause service. haven’t pulled that sucker right out back that blade up. And

so, so yeah.

All right, next up, Pete’s going to talk about this lawsuit, which is,

Oh, I forgot I was gonna make a segue. So say, Oh, sorry, but no, you’re good. So as you said, it’s part of the gig economy. And if you decide to become a Patreon member, you can listen to our economy podcasts. Yeah. All About.

Yes. Good. Good call. We will probably talk about that kind of stuff. Because not that any of us have a

plan. No, but I mean, maybe one of us will stop being lazy and go out and shovel for desperate enough for money.

Hey, nope. Now.

I might lose weight. Maybe I might do overeats over that. Yeah, that’s

that’s saying something. Yeah.

I had a shovel from my house out to the front to the driveway, and I swear I died.

I mean, we’re not look at this table. We’re

not marathoners here. So

yeah, I was ready to die. When I had to shovel

was a month ago. Huge snow

Yeah, this isn’t your first winter is it?

No, it’s not. Okay. We moved in like, it’s been almost a year.

Alright, let’s get into the circle. Go. You don’t have to read the whole thing we can so summarize.

Also True story. I did not realize those under my name until Oh,

so you didn’t prepare?

Well, I went through the thing and I swear it wasn’t there. But sure it was but All right, so this lady was taken an Uber like four miles, and she was two miles from her house. And the driver ran a red light got into a car accident. And so she sued Uber, its subsidiaries and city area subsidiaries and all that. And she lost they from the judge

gonna be like, What do you

understand? Let me give you the ground rules. I should have all these look at each other when it’s not their turn. They’re like children. So just plow through

self just look at the screen. Don’t look around

don’t look like if he’s doing an ad. Look at him. It’s

so yeah, the judge said that in 2013, when she signed up, signed up as an Uber rider, she waved her rights to sue. And she agreed that she will only use arbitration

to solve

Yes. And actually I brought a consumers report down to show yes for something about Wi Fi mesh thing, but in there, there’s an article about our arbitration how many companies that you actually sign away your right yeah, when you know, not even knowing

about it? Yep.

It’s most of them that you sign away that you’re not You can’t sue them. But I, I feel like if you got the right judge in the right jury that maybe in

the circumstances were right,

yeah, it’d be good. Well, it’s kind of like the non compete in Michigan. It’s really not held up in court. Like if you get a not if you get fired some from somewhere, and then they’re like, yeah, you have not compete for one year. Or if you leave, like I signed one for my job for my lawn mowing job. Yes. For

when I was. When I was in the pizza business. We had to sign an arbitration agreement,

right, just basically saying that you’re not going to steal customers. At least that’s what I signed.

I signed one before the internship. Oh, did you really? Yeah. So I can’t take our clients to another intern. Yeah, next time, which I mean, not that I’m ever going to meet any of them face to face. But no, then again, any information I learned about a client I was I can’t share with anyone but right.

Yeah, there’s a

time limit on that NDA.

No. So now when it comes to the client information, I can go work out places but no, I have a legal fiduciary responsibility to not share their

well. Yeah, but I mean, we’re talking if you went to Yes. Can you back up two words? Tell me what fiduciary

fiduciary is a real word. It’s like a legal financial responsibility.

Basically some do with finances. Yes. But um, you can still like, go start your own business though, right and take those clients. I mean, not like right away, but like if you made some connections say hey,

yeah, like eventually is at least 24 months.

Yeah. So that’s what the timeline Yes. Yeah.

I’m sure if I were to that they could seek me out. And at a certain point, but

yeah. All right. Um, oh, yeah. This is sorry. I’m behind a ball.

No, yeah.

Oh, yeah. This is your pictures.

There were no

okay. So we have not seen these photos. Just so you guys know that. This is this is a stock photo from one

splash. Oh, it’s

like I should have just ran with it. This is what happened.

Okay, so team crashed Uber Lyft drivers car after driving off in it. So I’m


Are you okay? Is

it? No? Good, really hard to walk around. So, a teenager asked a guy to go to the store, buy up cigarettes and for whatever reason, the dude was like, yeah, sure, I’ll buy you cigarettes. Whatever. I have a story about your prerogative. But then he got into the dude’s car which apparently was turned on with the keys in it and left. And the guy who owned the car was an Uber driver and just, of course, sounds like something that happened here. It sure does. Except pizza.

That was that was that

pizza place? She was at a freaky bees. What happened? You don’t say the name when the person went inside to get a food delivery and left the car running. Oh, lock it, and then the car gets stolen for the night.

But it was all good though that back that night.

Yes. Okay.

So the cigarette thing it’s funny you bring up I mean, I didn’t even I didn’t read this article because it wasn’t mine. But I didn’t know how to do a smoking but I had a guy asked me he was over 18 clearly, but he had forgotten his wallet. And he’s like, man, I really need cigarettes. So you you go in for me. I’m like, I’m not buying you cigarettes to what happens by chance if he is under 18 Why shouldn’t be taking an Uber

and now it’s 21 is it? 21? Yeah.

I know it’s been live for like two or three weeks. I don’t know if

it’s in the show.

Wow, look at that. Like I don’t know cuz you’re too busy trying to get in the door because dummies got it.

Touching the doughnuts.

Only we know this story like no one knows the story.

But anyways, I didn’t buy him for him because I’m like, What if there is an honor? There’s a sting or something but he he actually was able to buy him without ID. Yeah.

Oh yeah. So people think it’s like oh you look old enough

to but he was a giant man but he did not get a baby face.

Yeah I am face me. I mean this it was the driver that went inside to buy the cigarettes that they were making a stop. Yeah. And he’s out throw five bucks. But yeah, take take a couple of rules, right?

Don’t ever hand your phone back to the rider. Don’t ever leave your car without you know, with the engine running.

Don’t hand your phone to somebody in the street, right downtown Grand Rapids


Just Yeah, they did find the car. The kid abandoned it. Yeah, but the kid did steal hundred 50 bucks cash out of the car. Who? I don’t know why anybody would leave that much money in the car.

Yeah, but there’s been two carjackings in Grand Rapids in the last month where the kids have been in the car. Like one was just last week

the killer find out like, oh shit moment Do you have when you just go to like steal someone’s car and then you realize there’s kids back there. So that’s a whole nother crime like, yeah, it’s terrible.

When I saw that second article, I thought it was just the first article that popped back up. So I clicked on it. I’m like, what, again? Somebody did this again.

Yeah, right. Yeah. And I don’t think I bet they don’t get any extra charge because how do you charge them with kidnapping when they didn’t know as long as they pulled over?

First of all, just don’t steal the car. Right. All

right. Yeah. But I mean, in general, why?

I don’t think technically you have to know if the prosecutors feeling awful.

No, I know. A true you still. But

yeah, I’m sure most of the time, they’re just gonna say, Hey, I could charge you with kidnapping or we could play the carjacking.

Yeah, they always at least Yes, that’s the deal. So we’re going to jump into the next article and it’s lift business parts to debris. This is not from Grand Rapids. Obviously, if it was I probably would do it and have a stupid 1099 for it.

That would still fall under. I have so many.

How many do you have this year? All right, let’s see. I got

so so yeah, Uber lift. Amazon rhodey shipped. I don’t think I made enough on instacart I would have doordash. But I didn’t make enough. So like a probably.

So even though you don’t have enough, are you still sobota

so my now I’m not. We’re called Donna? Call Donna. But my accountant said technically even if you don’t make 600 you still should claim and she just wants to add another fee formed

is not wrong. It’s just that they’re not likely to come after you because it’s not worth it for them. But technically it’s your cumulative income has to be Under 600 to not file forms. Well,


Yeah, that doesn’t make sense technically. But again, it’s one of those things. It’s not enforced. Yeah, it will cost the IRS more to audit you. Then the $600. You did it’ll cause IRS more for the agent to go get a cup of coffee, right? Yeah.

All right. Well, our last sponsor of the night is

Michigan insurance and financial services. Jackie. I asked her on the podcast when I did with her if they had, like, if you said if you could say my Fs are like no, we just say Michigan insurance and financial services, but every law everyone loves acronyms. You can call her to 695696127 or email or Jackie at m i a She hooked me up with progressive they had the best deal and I’m glad because he had such a good experience and progressive. And yeah, please reach Or she can shop all different insurances for you. It doesn’t have to be progressive, but that just happened to be the best deal for me. She can do all of them. Well, not probably not all of them but she has a bunch of them. So yeah, check her out. a plethora See that’s a big word.

big words to

I don’t know if I could say food dish fiduciary

fiduciary fiduciary to shear

danishes in the house

alright call Jackie 269-569-6127 or email or Jackie at Empire at Fs tech job you did it No I want to say like my office, we have to figure out how to say that like just make one Fs the efus Mia Mia


is keep going

Yep. Oh yes for your up but this is a special one. I added I’m not up.

Yes you are. Yes you are.

It’s above the picture.

I can’t believe Sam refused about this.

Oh, it’s

about the whole top and bottom. And

when you’re on top of bottom, I know Yeah.

Hey, oh,

anyways, on your screen is the corona virus.

Corona virus is two minutes away for left, and it’s a Long live 45.

So everybody was so on top of that.

It’s great. First of all, I wouldn’t take it. Second of all, I don’t get that lift kit that you can do that. Can you do that over to

Yeah, you can make whatever whatever name you want in there.

Yeah. But it’s so funny. I mean, I gotta give it to him. I guarantee it probably wasn’t a 45 minute Plus, he’s probably just did that and to get somebody to take them. I would do it maybe just for the conversation, like huge reaction.

I think that one’s better. But

anyways, kind of funny. I have Jesus a couple of times. Well,

it’s not pesos Yeah, well, yeah. Hey Suze. Yeah, anyways, don’t pick this guy up or gal or whatever. And if you’re a writer and you’re actually listening to this, which I don’t know why,

yeah, don’t don’t do that.

Put your frickin name in there don’t creep your driver out. I mean Jeez,

I’ve had a couple of dollars with writers just put like g

picked up g

g that’s fine g money.

There’s a few of them now that I just like, especially if it’s like princess. No, I just decline educate. I’m not I’m not doing what’s the funny is a princess on over on the southeast side.

You would know. Pick up everybody. It’s funny though.

You want me to cut that out and send that to her?

I forgot to have some I forgot to have somebody do know it so well. Yeah, bad.

I was gonna ask but I didn’t want to volunteer to do it. Yeah, I don’t get it.

I lost my train of thought I’m on. Yeah, you’re right. But I mean, I was gonna say something else about that, but it’s too late.

So this is a message between a writer and a driver. The driver is in blue. So there’s nowhere to park. Passenger says, Oh, well, I have to complain. I put in the note. I didn’t. Didn’t I

think there was a language barrier on the Skype but

and the driver said, why would you make a complaint when it’s neither Ubers nor my fault that there’s nowhere to park? The passenger says if you can’t bring the food, forget it. I will complain.

I mean, I think there was some I just spit all over my screen. I think there was some miscommunication you’re a big Yeah, yeah. Well, I need to protect you from the coronavirus

because that was funny. So

Leo apparently downloaded periscope to watch us on there. Just a

One view we do get a few views on there. I don’t think you can comment on it though. That’s the weird thing. But he was just surprised he was the only one on there.

I’m not either. That’s funny.

So yeah, apparently this guy I don’t know. I wish that we didn’t have to go into the apartment or I don’t know. It’s just weird. I wish the customer would come out to us.

Yeah, I will never do we

never we do a neat. Well, you did. I was looking at my doordash referrals and it said how many dead it was two rides or two deliveries? And you probably ate both of foods in there.

No. complete them. Yeah. But then the throw away my doing does red card. You did?

Oh, man. So we’re going to jump into tip time. This has been a little shorter. podcast tonight. We’re only at our 17 so that’s okay. We’re going to talk and we talked earlier about rideshare insurance. It’s super important to have their was very important. Yeah, I mean, basically, it’s a piece He got in an accident. Well, long story short he got an accident lift wouldn’t cover him because he’s on the deductible and progressive stepped up because of that rider and paid for his repair. So without that he’d been Well, I mean, it was kind of drivable, right like

he was driving. I’m still still driving. You are deactivated. I was deactivated I’m left

Yeah, so he had to get it fixed. Otherwise he wouldn’t be able to drive for Lyft

Well, you could still make good money

or get really creative and take pictures of somebody else’s car that looks just like yours.

Why would you have to include the license plate down do okay? Well, I do you did you just have to submit a picture did you have to submit the receipt? You have to submit pictures of like all four corners of the car.

Okay, somebody that’s what they wanted from me when mom crashed the Fiesta.

Yeah, you’ve like lost three cars and like the last one. Yeah, Fiesta, the the cruise and the Ford Fusion. You know,

the Fiesta was year ago but yes,

so the three in the last year

it was September of that no August of that year and then exactly but to a year and two weeks later was the

cruise and then when when the fusion golus him where we that was a

rough month for you,

they were all your fault, right? No.

You want to trade in and

I just don’t like it.

I just don’t like it at all again, where we’re gonna do a video of all bus big guys trying to get the back of her car. We got to do that before you still do before we got traded in until we get

today we’re gonna add you to that.


That way when people passengers asked me Can we fit one more? I’ll just give him a picture of you guys. Back there.

So yeah, Please get the rider almost all insurance companies cover it or do the rider and it’s not that expensive. Well apparently in Florida Dustin said it was super expensive by

so Yeah, go ahead. I was just gonna say on on Facebook Larry is actually asking again when is the picnic?

Larry who

who was lifting with Larry

Larry. So when is the pavement? August 15? I did

and Megan would like to come and I said Sure thing.

Yeah, we’re looking for sponsors.


Sponsors yeppers meets

Irvine’s auto sponsors yes for smoked meat

and said you guys are not allowed to break our car.

I think it’ll break us. All right, we’re gonna jump into it. Social media some shenanigans, but first we just want to talk to Patreon. We had a new one tonight.

Thank you so much

from Grand Rapids. So basically it’s a $5 tier just because you love us. You get nothing. At $10 tier, you get the gig economy podcast, a free hat after two months of like being a member. And then what else? Oh, yeah, the before clips of us being inappropriate. Usually mostly experts always

say that before we becoming inappropriate or is that for the


No, he doesn’t deserve that. I have another one that goes where or but I currently have that one for our outro so I can’t

use that I am we should have consulted with Larry before we made the picnic date. Why he might not be able to come

Why? I declare he doesn’t come I’m not coming. I’m not coming either

was nonrefundable Larry so

Oh shit.

Oh no, no, I’ll be back from Dallas.

We went over that weekend we couldn’t do right

and Larry’s gonna be with me in Dallas. So

yeah, just kidnap him. I hear they’re

scared me. I’m like, is that the week? Like? No. So anyways, you can go to slash gi rideshare The link is also in there if you want to become a Patreon and get some extra goes out and get some extra perks.

Okay, face. I should have sent you the picture of my friend in her hat. Oh, yeah. Put that on there. Next time.

Yeah, you did send it but I didn’t save it. So my bad. So first up is what do you say?

I say yeah, you’re bad.

I’ve had a few Sam. Is this yours? Or is this mine? I don’t know.

So yeah, this cracked me up. It’s a picture of us should be a dark gray car and the caption is no money for a paint job. It’s okay use duct tape and in this duct tape is out there perfect. Looks really lined up

a salsa as hell she’ll probably tough to see but if you zoom in you can see the actual lines it matches the gray tie perfectly.

No I mean it looks it almost looks like somebody just like drew little lines across the car. It’s well done. But yeah, if that’s the color of your car,

I think that’s an old Buick well known as points

that Carlos older than me.

Bonus points for anybody listening who can say what kind of engines in that car? v six.

Engine type.

Hey, you said what kind of engine I said v six.

It’s a Cutlass. Like Sierra, right. I mean, it’s the same, right? It’s either a Buick or Cutlass. Yeah. You guys have lost me. Yeah, I don’t know should be 3800 The night

near that.

I said be six you guys can screw up.

Alright guys, so this next one is mine and it’s pretty. It’s pretty hilarious. How, I mean, that looks straight up like a body. It’s basically for the people that are listening. I apologize. I never described it very well. But it looks someone’s in. It’s like a trash bag and it’s wrapped up like a head. And it just looks like a body. Can you imagine loading luggage into that and seeing that? That’d be a good bit for a video. Would that

be good? It’d be great at Halloween to Yeah,

I wonder if the airport would let us record on there and they probably wouldn’t but because when else would you open the trunk? Right? Or when you get your grocery pickup?

Yeah. You pick someone up to go to the airport.

That’s true, but you had to be you would have to be ready with the camera outside. You have to have prepared but yeah, that would scare the shit out of me. I think I would be done with whatever I’m doing. I would run into Screen yes for. I don’t know what this is. It’s a lot you always pick the guy that struggles a little bit with the English language.

I didn’t post this.

No, I it doesn’t matter who posted it. Oh, I just assigned that

we don’t assign the Facebook shenanigans

when he didn’t have one already. He gets whatever I put up there. Oh,

see I was gonna give him credit that he actually posted it. Don’t give me credit.

When I go to make the lineup. It’s not there. You’re just getting some of

this is from the break room for Uber and Lyft drivers one of the national groups. He goes I learned to maybe not assume so much last night on a pickup. I picked up some older passengers in the mid to late 60s from a local jazz concert. They started asking if I had heard of the band. I said no. They asked why not? And I said it’s not my kind of music. That’s what I like. I had the 70 station on because I switched stations based on who I pick up. I said heavier music they asked like what So I said motionless motionless and white tool, perfect circle Deftones and so forth. I mentioned I also love Pink Floyd and various genres of music but not jazz. So they asked me to play some tool. I played to a perfect circle and Deftones and they love that I got five stars a $5 cash tip and it was a surge trip on top of it I just assumed all the people wouldn’t be open to music like that my bad lesson learned. Yeah. But and then what I made me think about obviously is Ben’s Alexa in the car people can just pick whatever they want which is kind of cool. And you know, as I said, I do have to tap it and I you know, people love it so

well so I had a friend who went to Detroit for a weekend and he you know, opened up the car door and there was rat playing and when they got into the driver saw them he flipped it to country. Really?

Yeah. Why cuz was they were white? Well, I mean,

probably not wrong, but still really, Michigan?

No, I think it’s because they’re from Detroit and they’re thinking, Oh, these are Russian or country or

West Michigan. white girl gets in the back of my car. I know I can play country music. Really?

Yeah. I don’t ever turn country on. Nope, you’re getting you’re getting up. I don’t generally

choose to, but sometimes I will me if I’m flipping through my presets. Yeah,

the only time I play country is when there’s a country show. fnn

Yeah, I mean, you kind of gotta play you guys try to play.

And sometimes Saturday nights will be in my old country nights. So I’ll put 90s country all night. I could predict the response.

Here’s a question. Do you guys play change your station before you see them or by the name?

I don’t change my music when people get in the car. Oh, you know what Don is on at that point.

Excuse me? Yeah. Are you just trying to get them from A to B right.

So people will reach out mtj

on their behalf you

know, I have told people not

to ever smack their hands.

It was not a smack y’all. I gently remove.

never touched a passenger. Okay, well, I have not touch me.

Yes. mean, they’re drunk ladies love to touch my shoulder and get my attention when they’re behind me really

all the time. Well, drunk. older ladies are like the worst. They are the worst. Like people always ask me what age group is, you know, the worst riders to pick up and it’s always like, the moms that never get out they go

to classes

45 to 60 but

probably 35 to 50 somewhere around there.

Doesn’t seem old. Cuz I’m 45 That’s why I just made the joke I made

I didn’t hear it. I’m sorry. So say like your age. You’re

46 in two weeks. Not me. Thank God all right Pete This is yours you choose this are the same assign you this was assigned

to shenanigan till

today I think he needed to know sorry the North Dakota

it’s okay we had plenty again Ben Zach Chris’s Ben’s okay.

So this is a the back of a Have a seat in the car and as a sign and there’s two like face masks, hospital face masks. sign says please put these on and if you effing sneeze The ride is over tips are appreciated.

Okay, here we go.

To edit this out,

yeah, this one’s going

to leave it let it go crickets. No, it’s so true though. Like this whole Corona virus thing is like, Am I saying it right Corona?

Yes. What are you laughing at mom trying to type in the chat. Oh, was it a struggle bus.

She had some wine, some wine Boss.

There’s no way

Oh, just whiskey

all the time going into my car with a white car.

People are like, oh, there’s no alcohol in it. Yes.

Funny story about that kind of stuff. Megan, my wife growing up her mom used to drink xima and drive them around town because she didn’t think there was any alcohol and like,

Yeah, well, to be fair, most people, our age our parents and a lot of things.

I didn’t wear a seatbelt. Right like

10 right. used to ride around the back of the station way just flopping around.

Yeah, no one cared. So

that was to drink water.

Somebody left a half a bottle


Yeah, because

that’s a shame. I mean, it’s crap around but at least I mean, they paid for it. I

found a few white clock hands special in the third row. Get better back there. What is your a candidate? Here.

Yeah, I had a guy tried to get him with a white cloth. And I called him on it is like, oh man, it’s a white club, bro. Okay, bro good.

Yeah, yeah, well, I would go down that road. Yeah.

The girl who tried to get the car with a beer and I was like, You can’t bring that in here and she’s she looked at me and she chucked it into the kannaway

most of them do,

Chuck. Yeah, they’re

throwing it out. I bet the white claws pretty delicious though. As much as we tease it. I bet they’re

good. I’ve had I’ve had

it’s kind of a pretty decent name Budweiser came out with their own white claw now so they did. What’s it called? bud claw? It’s like Budweiser.


cherry one is drinkable.


Alright guys. Well, that was loud. Sorry. Thank you guys so much. We’re going to wrap it up.

You’re the one tonight.

Yeah, it was a shorter one. I think we didn’t have a ton of ton of content not

I kept it short because we had other things so we’re supposed to listen part of Jackie’s tonight.

Oh, we’re just gonna we’re just gonna talk about it. Yeah. Yeah, you can check out talking about insurance. Jackie and I sat down had an interview. It’s on. You can download it it’s it’s been added. So.

stream. Yep,

yep. So yeah, check us out on social media, YouTube, we love you on YouTube. And then what? We love you on YouTube, on YouTube.

We prefer you to be on YouTube. You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, all that fun stuff. And thanks again to the sponsors. We super appreciate all you guys supporting us. If you are a small business out there and you are want to advertise on our show. should have some should have done this at the beginning. You can reach out to us we definitely can’t put you into a program. That’s Not very expensive. Team add GR

Rideshare Adventures

Alright guys, thank you so much and yeah

we on the flip side so yeah

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