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Hi guys.

Welcome to the GR Rideshare Adventures podcast rideshare infotainment for the new driver, old driver and everyone in between. This beautiful studio is sponsored by Irvine’s Auto Repair in Grand Rapids hybrid. We thank them so much for sponsoring our show in the studio. Thank you. So we are Jason and yes for and P and we are down a member tonight and Sam is just not feeling well. So we’re gonna try to do it without her. I’m not sure if we can But we’re gonna try so she said headache. Yeah, Sam’s working her butt off. I think this is a shock to her system with corporate america

corporate america corporate shill. I think

it’s good for at least you knows you ever had right?

Has a head to mouth. I need a quick I need a crickets one for ya.

So let’s, uh Yeah, I just introduced you guys. That’s my job. And we’re just gonna jump into the stories because that’s what y’all like to talk about. And we’re always open to hear your stories. You know, if you got a good one, we’d love to hear it. You can always email us. Yes, we’re doesn’t have much this week. But um, so I’ll just start. I had we had winter beer Fest, which was really good. I didn’t drive during the day. I did clean up that night. So I wouldn’t I don’t know. I was recording doing something that day. But so I picked this guy up and he’s going to the ballpark and he He’s a little tipsy. And I’m like, Okay, all right. I was like, are you going to meet somebody there? He’s like, no, my car’s there. I’m like, okay.

So, remember that.

So we’re kind of going down the road after about maybe three or four minutes. I’m like, man, are you sure? Like maybe I just think maybe you’ve had I mean, it smelled like a brewery in there. It did smell like a brewery. So I’m like, dude, I think. I don’t know. It’s just not a good idea. So we keep going. I tell them one more time. I’m like, maybe just grab a hotel room. I don’t sleep it off in your car. I mean, technically, you can still get caught for drunk driving. The keys are in the trunk or something. I don’t know. I don’t drink and drive. So. But so we get there. And he’s like, Yeah, I don’t quite remember where I parked. So at the ballpark. Right. So he worked for a brewery so he had been there all day. So the must have gone out with his buddies downtown GR. So we start driving and we go around the back side of the ballpark is you know, maybe people aren’t listening, you know? And then he’s like, I’ll just keep going in the back. So we’re We’re going we go through the parking lot, we get to the gravel way in the back. We keep going. He’s like, not keep going. I’m like, this is the end of the road, like by the bridge. Yeah. Well by that, like, that landscape company that at the end there, yeah. And it’s like this. We’re at the end of the road and he’s like, Oh, no, I meant you had to go all the way around. I’m like, okay, you said, keep going back. So there’s another indication that he’s had too much to drink. So we turn around and he’s like, no, it’s this way. So I was like, Okay, this this row right here. I’m pointing to me. It’s like, yeah, I start turning. He goes, No, it’s over. Here I go, this ride is done. And I said, you’re gonna have to walk the rest of the way. But I felt really guilty. I should have followed up on a drunk guy. Yeah. Well, I mean, we’re in the ballpark. I mean, heaven forbid, he has to walk around. I was just tired of him because he wasn’t gonna listen to me. Right. He wasn’t gonna sleep it off. He was gonna drive and I’m, I’m, I don’t know, I don’t know what you guys would have done. I probably should have got his plate number and then there was no cops. But of course, as I’m pulling out of the ballpark heading to my next ride, there was a cop about a quarter mile down to sit down. Yeah, I didn’t stop. But

it’s only happened to me once that I had somebody drunk in my car was gonna go drive. And you know, I still wish I would call the cops on I

know. I find it to be it’s a tough spot to be in I felt real guilty of not looking at his car and his plate but he would piss me off at that point. I just wanted my Oh yeah, by the way, this is gonna be an explicit podcast From now on, we’ve changed everything. So if I mean we’re not gonna go for broke saying Fuck, but we’re gonna just let you know what I’m saying. Fuck. Okay. Yeah. So just to let everyone know, sorry not say for kids anymore. After our last video that it said the effort. Remember that last one towards the end of the pocket? I was like, Alright, I’m not beeping these out. We’re just gonna make an explicit so it’s not for kids. But, uh, I wanted him out of my car. And so I but I did feel real guilty. Yeah. So what would I mean? Well, I was I mean, clearly you’ve had the same it was three years ago.

It’s pretty. I mean, I’ve only been a rideshare driver for about it. Yeah, that’s true. And I was in my black car, and I picked up these two girls. Wait a minute you

you bird with that Mazda I did

that. I never told you the story at one time.

Oh yeah, the basketball player. I

picked up three Knicks player. Yeah, my mocks.

Yeah, that’s right. How

about the one that’s parked outside, right? Yeah, that was before it’s all doing don’t pick three. Next player. Yes.

seven foot three mix player.

I don’t even know how that’s possible because I picked up a couple of dry players from the Delta hotel on the beltline. 28 Yeah. And I have a bigger car and they still were cramped.

They were crammed in there.

They probably needed some massage I haven’t seen

all the way back right. I actually I used to drive with the master. I used to drive with the seat. And then I was a little bit cramped when I drove I gotta be honest. Just to give them a little bit more room, but they were only going I mean, it was probably a two minute ride. I picked him up with beat ups. Surprise. I know.


And I drove them over to the hotel. One parallel so it was,

yeah, it was a very quick ride. But anyways, get back to your drunk.

So yes, I agree to two girls and one of them was not the drive on she was not drunk. But yeah one was what’s the drive on? She was in no position to drive but she couldn’t go home without the car because something about her parents not knowing yet the cause I don’t know what it was. Well, I thought it was just and I was I dropped them off. It was the apartment complex up behind Wendy’s up on Lake Michigan drive a truck move there. Yep. And and I just feel so bad. I felt so bad for not calling the cops on him. I mean, today I still think about him like, Well, why did what what would have happened had something happened, you know? It just you just never know. Yeah, it’s but it

well, I talked to Megan about my wife about liability and she’s like, you wouldn’t be liable. I said, Yeah, but

a bartender’s are liable.

Exactly. But I think their license says you have a legal duty to not over serve. So I think that’s part of them, they probably have training to their bartenders to get that license. So we don’t really have a legal obligation to stop somebody. This guy wasn’t going to stop anyways. I mean, he lived like Way up north in Mount Pleasant. I mean, I didn’t even offer to take him up there

because like he would have said no way but now it’s been would have taken me Oh, no, he would have taken him out.

He would have done it for free. He would have done it for free. So a couple other things.

I’ll go to the sad one first. I was having a I will stop swearing again. I was having a shitty day with with miners, as I’m not going to talk about today because whatever I made a video I haven’t posted it yet. But um, and I picked this in you. You heard me bitch, and like I was just I was just at my wit’s end. I had like four miners in a row. So yeah, I remember that too. Yeah. So um, then I picked this lady up and she gets in and like One minute in, she’s like, I’m so sorry. I just found out some terrible news. My cousin just shot himself this morning and he’s dead. And I was like, oh man, and she just lost it. So it was a really eye opening. I teared up whether it’s hard not to you know, especially when that when the emotions are so raw, like it’s it just happened like within the last couple hours, she just found out. And it just, it kind of put things in perspective. Like, it’s not that bad. Jason, you had a few miners. It’s not your problem, just move on. But we connected we talked about Grand Rapids a little bit. It was a shorter, shorter ride, but I remember her name, her name is Ashley. So hopefully things are looking up for her. And then the last one, I had a customer buy me breakfast in the morning. It was I mean wasn’t Wendy’s. No, it wasn’t I had Wendy’s yet. I have not but I went to the drive thru the day with somebody and she did not offer and I was fussy because I said that chicken sandwich looks real good in it. Have nothing but crickets in the background. So, yeah, so she didn’t bite But no, it was, uh, I don’t know it was McDonald’s and then it’s like, I didn’t add I never asked. And usually I turned it down. I was like, no way. I’m hungry. I know. I’m not getting a tip from her. I’m taking the sausage biscuit or whatever. So that was kind of cool. I absolutely I don’t have that often. I don’t do drive throughs at night. I know y’all don’t either. So it was in the morning. It’s like, like

I did do one Saturday night, because it was the taco bell on Lake Michigan drive. And like stand down. Okay, it was slow. Oh, nobody in line. So they

were close. Now I have to do.

It was probably it wasn’t after two. Oh, it was probably like, one o’clock or so.

Okay, that makes sense.

All right, Pete. I know you had a rough Saturday, so yeah, yesterday doesn’t have shit.

Oh, you do actually have something. We made a lot of money. You did a ton of comforts. Next.

Hashtag comfort. comfortable. Come for gang. That’s right. I saw that. You’re so rude. Okay, go ahead. Oh no. It’ll be over in 20 seconds he

can do it. No, it’s fine. It’s fine.

I’m mad now.

My story is I don’t have any good stories. I just had a rough Saturday. It was like minor city and kids without car seats just all day. And it wasn’t like normally

Saturday it was minors. Yeah.

All day. What was

going on that you know, I don’t know. Was it the like the winter snow fast dance or? No, that was like last week before

but socks the all of the the people who had kids and no car seats were just angry and just cussing and it was I think I called lift. Three times. Why passengers? Why are you calling them

Well, I mean through the app.

Yeah. What are you doing through the

app? Oh, come on. We didn’t have Carsey

but don’t why you just get your five enroll

because they were so angry I didn’t want to stick around there.

Oh, she Okay. Did you get your five Yeah. Oh really? Yeah. What do you like a diamond bits for lift two.

But I thought isn’t that there’s this in some markets the legal right. A dry writer a rage for lift is 16 I was reading the terms conditions and there was something about in some cases, you can actually have a writer account and be legal with as your 16 I guess you know what, I don’t know. I’ve always just assumed it was 18. Right. And it certainly isn’t all my good I know that but there’s there’s a certain type of writer account what if you’re 16 you’re fine.

Well, that’d be one of those things like where you if you’re getting a Uber or Lyft or somebody else There’s a way to do it in the app. Right? No, no one does it. Yeah. So it’s probably a way to do it in the app. Sure. And Nope, just Nobody does it.

But I mean, I would never do it in all my kids. Absolutely not.

What the 16 and under

no, are 16 year old Sorry, I’m yeah, yeah. No. Yeah. I mean, not not unaccompanied.

Yeah, it’s just not it’s very common to use someone else’s. Oh, yeah. Oh, speaking of that, I didn’t have it in the rundown. But it just triggered my memory. I wanted to talk about pin verification. Did you know that’s only up to the customer? The customer turns that on that is not from Yes, yes. I actually watched Dustin’s video about how to turn it on. Thank you, Dustin. I didn’t even know that. So that’s why we only get them random. I had one this week. So I kind of started digging into it a little bit.


I don’t know if that’s exactly true, though. Because Gabe. He had like, I don’t know two weekends ago. He’s, like 75% of his rides were pinned writes,

maybe it was somebody who, you know,

it may have been just by chance, but I mean, I’ve got that

he’s in the beta though. So that could be none.

Because it’s basically giving it to the customer the option to do it. So I’ve had

more lately I’ve had probably, I mean, last week, and I probably had four ish.

Okay. Would you just want Uber to make them do it? Or do you not want to do that?

I think there’s you just make them do it.

Yeah. I mean, it’s gonna cause trouble with

the ride on rides for other people. Yeah,

you have to have that pin.

I don’t know. There’s got to be just, I take people. I mean, if I didn’t, I’d probably lose 20% of my income. Oh, yeah. I mean, cuz it happens all the time. Yeah.

Does the pin expire? Sure. Get a new one or

I don’t know. I just noticed that to start the trip. I had it. I swiped it. I asked him for the pin. He gave it to me. We kept on going. Right. And I did say to him, because his name was on the account. Maybe it was we just had a conversation. Well, this is gonna eliminate a lot of people using other people’s accounts. So with the pins, but

right, I actually had an issue with the pin system. Yeah, that that same lady that I brought to the Taco Bell. Yeah, I picked her up. Not Joey’s puppets. Oh, good old pot butts. And apparently in that back alley is like a dead zone for Verizon. That’s what, that’s what so I didn’t have I could not get signal. And I couldn’t like start the ride because it kept on asking for a pin. And so I type it in and it wouldn’t be able to connect. And so I finally had to pull like, on a Fulton Street. So

you figured out my must be in some weird dead zone? Yeah. Okay. After like, probably a minute or two. Yeah, like trying to trying it.

Yeah. So the weird thing is once I got out of the dead zone, I didn’t even ask him for the pin again.

Well, maybe it had already even though it was just spinning. Maybe as soon as you gotten the signal it sends Yeah, right. I don’t know. But okay, yeah, spur. It’s your turn.

Well, I just have it I remember one

Oh, I didn’t even pay you to you got three more things on there. I got to just jump in. Don’t just tell me to shut the fuck up.

Like one of the videos we’re gonna watch actually late later. But I had to rise my last to rise the night Saturday. I caught it early. Normally I stay up to like four or five in the morning, Saturdays and Fridays. But I called it good at like 230 on Saturday because I picked up while I went to go pick up this guy over in East town. And we’ll watch the video later. But that was terrible. And then so I went downtown to be dubs. And I pull up there and there’s like three guys standing outside, like not really yelling at each other. But they’re like, loud.

Yeah, they’re yucking it up, right?

And so two guys get in. And I’m getting ready to pull off and the guy in the front like, Oh, wait, hold on a minute, hold on a minute. And so he rolls down the window, and he yells the N word out the window at the at the bouncer at V dubs and I’m like, get out. Because like what man You don’t understand. He called me first and so I don’t care.

Was it was it a black guy you picked up or white guy?

I think he was mixed.

Okay, well, that’s fine. I’m just curious cuz Yeah, like, I mean, not that it shouldn’t be like that anyway I just curious if it was

no I he I don’t think he was black he might have been I think he was Mexican to be honest either way, right? I was like I’d already had a shitty day. I don’t laugh at that. I’m

sorry. It’s so like, you could laugh at it now, but during that time, you just wanted to be like, I hate my life,

right? I’m like, get out. Keep a guy on I went home. Yeah, hold a good color.

Good. Oh, man. So any comments on Facebook before we jumped into your amazing stories Esper? No, no,

nothing. No, no. Wow. It’s very quiet tonight. We have 18 people watching. It’s so quiet.

Maybe everyone’s on YouTube.

And no,

maybe everyone’s on pair. I would

Facebook know about the noise. So I had my own story I kind of wanted to bring up was, I actually picked somebody up at It was a family picked them up at beat ups on 44th street I think. Right 44th Street out by the mall? I think so.

Yeah, I mean by my house.

Yeah, exactly. Around the corner,

right Jason lived

a mile and a half from my house.

So So yeah, they’re kind of broken down. And did they had they had four children three of them they own and they had obviously car seats so were those really nice and so they took the car seats out and put them in my car and I kind of got him home and so that was that was really cool they had abandoned broken down and like all of a sudden out of nowhere in the parking lot. This something stewing broke on and so wouldn’t steal at all. No cheese. Yeah, sorry, obviously couldn’t drive at home. And so yeah, I picked them up and took them took them back home. They had been down in the Z DC and ice and wanted to get get some food after that. So okay, so that was kind of a cool story. Thought and kind of a positive story on top of all the No.

Well, that’s what word is used for. Like, I really like it when you’re like, oh man, I’m screwed. My car broke down, you just come to the rescue like, I’m so thankful that the customers are so thankful because like, Oh, I can ride with a while you can ride with a tow truck guy, but you can’t fit all Pitt can’t fit all the kids in there. So that’s

why this way you know, he could do left to the van there and you can come and pick it up the next day and get it fixed now. That was pretty I

probably fixed it in the parking lot.


so calvess opinions and thoughts says Why does a person’s skin color matter when you take in a way where all the blue and safe underneath?

Yeah, that’s true. Yeah, I was just curious. It doesn’t matter at all. I was just, I feel like black guys use that word a lot more freely. And yeah, it’s, it’s, it really has nothing to do with it. So I was just curious, because they whoa boy, I’m going down a rabbit hole. I’m just gonna leave it at that. So that’s what I said I that’s what I said in chat. So

yeah, I mean, we have a couple of new guests on you on Facebook now things are looking up we have Scott Rhymer from Green Bay. And we have john McBride none Roma john. Oh, he’s from Pennsylvania now. So we just found that out. And then Sean says Aloha. So maybe he’s from Hawaii.

Yeah. Whatever happened to what’s his name?

He doesn’t drive us as often. Right? Because Carter? Carter Carter. Yep. Dallas Carter. Yeah, those Carl. Yeah, but he doesn’t have as often because he’s a teacher.

Yeah. But he kind of like fell off the planet. I don’t know if he’s still in the group. He is.

Comes back on once in a while and kind of he joined in about a week ago. Just kind of took a couple rides and went home. Okay.

Oh, you he chimed in?

Yeah, like, just a little bit. Oh, hi. In the group. Yeah.

Yeah. So I do

want to shout out to our Washington listeners. I keep forgetting to do that. The tri cities in Washington, it’s Washington, Washington. 10

in Portland to is looking at porn and like we have a ton of business and

yeah, I don’t know we I’ve never connected with anyone, anywhere from Washington and it’s our number one market. Like there’s three cities that connect around Washington. What is it Oregon, Oregon, whatever, say whatever the hell you want. But in that little connection there I don’t know the name of semies like Yokomo

Yokomo I don’t know.

Yeah, we’ve gone over that several times. We suck at geography. So and

then I hit I picked somebody up at the airport later and I kicked out my bag and I went home so I actually missed out on the bobcat. So I just couldn’t anymore I was just I gotta go home. Yeah, so yeah, 130 and like,

I think I was home before bar close to I think I hit my goal and I’m like, peace out.

But I still had a decent weekend. And then of course, BMP weekend was really solid. Yeah. And I know I need to mention this because a lot of people really want me to talk about my comfort. Right? Right. So I know I got to do that. So I had 12 conference, BFS weekend. And then I had 11 comfortable last weekend. So I’m

gonna go up to Once I select goes away,

yep. So that goes go away. So

no, it won’t because I never get a select. Although I’m not picky. I’ll take an Uber x. And so maybe if I would get more if I would eliminate Uber x and XL, maybe I would get more. Yeah, but my guess I’d get five rides for the week. I mean, I don’t remember the last time I got to select.

I remember that. Oh my god.

So how you want to do questions on Facebook? Let me just

yeah, if it’s if it’s Yep, legit. So

Kaz 6439 says, Wait,

well, one of them’s like hidden for some reason.

I don’t get any questions.

Are you on our account?

Yeah, you on Oh, you’re

on YouTube and I’m on so you can on block that I think it’s because they think it’s spam. Sometimes Yeah.

So his first question was, well, he or she, I guess I don’t know who cares is but will Lyft and Uber ever have cameras in the cars? I I’ll never use or have used Uber as these rides are companies are taking away from real cabbies.

So obviously, he’s not an Uber Lyft driver, right. I know, Uber offered a camera for a while. You can lease it to them

as young right? Which was

Yeah, I haven’t heard much. It was terrible. Yeah. And it was probably a crappy camera. And what was his original question? Will they ever have cameras in the car? Yeah, I don’t think they’ll mandate it. No,

I but you should have it you should I mean, absolutely. You should have it.

Yeah, we definitely recommend it the end to pro we are in the process of demoing a their newest two way camera so to Yep, no, that’s nothing for right. So the unfor Yeah, the one we just did is for Yeah, talking about the next one. Yep. Okay. I’ve tried to lie a little bit. We haven’t quite got the camera yet. Can you just go along with the frickin lie?

We’ll get it. So Judas

Gordon Joe has 20,000 rides for Uber 6500 for Lyft Yep.

Wow, somebody is

we bow before you go someone’s

got a soul sore ass

is a guy that he gets his ass or when

he drives so so john McBride did ask a serious question and what what do you get with a comfort? Right? So let me just spend a couple minutes on that. And yeah,

just real quick.

I won’t for a long time on it. But basically you get a vehicle that has a little bit more room. And then you get the ability to actually set your your conference, your preferences, the right I get to define Yeah, you know, the heat of the vehicle. He could decide whether or not he wants a lot of noise, you know, quiet or not quiet and whether he’s talking to him or not. So that Kind of give someone some some preferences to me as the driver as to what he wants beforehand.

So speaking of that, what happens does a notification come up if someone wants quiet

instead, instead of instead of accepting the ride, you can see it says, See preferences, that your next


and you click on that, and they’ll say, I want it to be I want to be quiet or whatever. And then you see, and then you can accept the right.

Oh, so if you don’t like those preferences, you can be like,

you don’t have to know that you’re saying but

it’s still, you know, I had a comfort ride once. What? Yeah, as a driver. Yeah. I was last year during beer fest. Actually. I picked up somebody from the hotel out there and

run about a an st No, Grand River.

Yes. Thank you. Well, that’s an answer. No, no, not that one. The one right by the ballpark. back behind whatever.

Yeah, Hampton.

Yeah. So I picked them up. And when I got the request, you know the thing popped up and apparently the rider before them had canceled the ride and somehow it slipped through to me why wouldn’t you want a second screenshot of that? So I this thing pops up says they want to chat and they were very chatted It was a great group.


yeah, that’s cool. Yeah. So funny so so just to do the follow up for john real quick you gotta have a new enough vehicle john, it’s got to be only certain vehicles just like we select only certain vehicles will be will qualify for comfort and if you if you do, Uber will let you know. Nine to 10 Rep. 900,000 miles. Ah, what’s up? That was golden Joe? Yeah.

Where’s he from? 900,001 car.

No cars. Oh, shit.

Sorry, golden show. I didn’t mean to love it

that fourth guy. So.

So I want to just address Scott real quick you said most time to Comfort people don’t select an option for me they do more than half of my comfort wise they’d have definitely selected and often option here in Grand Rapids, you know some preferences as to what they want. And but most times, it’s just normal.

You’re getting it like don’t want to chat.

Oh yeah, absolutely. I want to get one that you can put your own custom in. Like, I want the driver to sing. You know, go tell about the mountain. That’s the first song that

I had somebody who said he wants to be quiet and he would not stop talking. You’d be like Hey, yo,

you might want to check your settings

he said Mr. Bass Am I supposed to answer this over corporate and I

was really I didn’t know what to do I bet you

should have just you should have just said it like hey, you know you’re on your site because it’s a set it and forget it. Yeah, don’t do it each ride so he probably said at one time because he was pissed at the world and then it’s been like that. Why these drivers never talked to me What the Hell

yeah, man. Oh, anyways, I’ll stop it here because I know people hate it when I bring out comfort but yeah,

yeah, we were we might have to skip some articles. We’ve been Talking about so we’re gonna jump into the picnic. It’s August 15 in Grand Rapids, Michigan at Riverside Park. This is our second annual rideshare picnic it’s open to anyone that wants to come we’d love we should have a contest whoever comes the furthest gets some Yeah, I don’t know.

Yeah, we have a camera giveaway. Yeah,

we do. We’re not sure what we’re gonna do with that camera yet but but yeah, Saturday August 15. We’ll have some food and not

so great hotels and Airbnb and I don’t even want to come from long time. Yep. And I

I didn’t think you were gonna say hotels. thought you’re gonna say hookers. I don’t know why I always say

I don’t know if we have any of those two maybe my

Yeah, I don’t know. P I mean, whatever. Like, if it’s if it’s super, whatever, then just skip the same one we just talked about.

Different 102 this

so Larry. No, no. We said maybe you couldn’t make it now. He says he can’t make it.

Oh, he’s making Can I

know he says I’m bummed? I can’t No,

no. He’s gonna make it.


So wait, I don’t have it’s not up on mine.

What? It’s on YouTube, so

it’s not on Facebook.

What’s not a Facebook?

Well, none of those are coming up for me because he’s on YouTube.

But why are they not coming up on Facebook? But the the what the comments

know that that thing?

Oh, it’s like a 15 second delay. There it is. Oh, you just put it up.

No, I didn’t. It’s clearly a heavy delay tonight. Yeah.

Sorry about that, guys. My job. My problem. Yes.

Okay. John’s on YouTube.

I just sent you a message and telegram, Pete.

No, coming. I

can’t hear my boy. No, you can but I’m trying to stay on the download. Good God. Okay, so john, thank you for Being on YouTube, we are going to talk about our telegram. The telegram is a group that we connect you can see the link in the in the show notes or in the comments. And it is a messaging app where you can talk to us and people all over the country we got people from we obviously talked to back feet, dammit, you can’t talk well, again. laughs

john said to tell you sexy tonight. Oh,

he’s just not because he wants to hear his little his little video or audio put together. But yeah, look in the comments. Download the telegram messenger app, click on the link you can join our group it’s nc 17 group. I say that they don’t ever read anything nc 17 but when I was growing up, I felt like that was like the then LBL so we don’t do politics or religion in there, but there might be some butts. Some butt gifts. So check that out. I’m gonna play

from john by might be he means there will be

there might be one up right now. So I’m gonna play this. This is our john does our weekly recap and, and I’m gonna play that and then we’ll be back. It’s the GR Rideshare Adventures telegram weekly recap week 27

I’m ranked 1382 for the week,

bro. Yeah, I guess I missed the messages john put together. You know, john.

I don’t care. What Jason says about you. I think you’re right.

I knew that Mitch was going to do that. Ah, they want though lift and go fuck itself. Talk dirty rideshare daddy

came didn’t even wave at me when he drove my first offer of sex by a female that I would consider. Wow. Maybe it should have stayed home.

Go Go. Go. Go. Go.

Oh my goodness take a ride and come back and wow look what did I miss? Wow.

A chapstick on my phone. Now I’m going to apply the chapstick. I hope everybody’s having a good night.

Yes. And the amazing thing about that company was a company.

New Year new me.

start chanting freedom. That way when I get pulled over, the cop walks up, I’m just chanting freedom.

I drink me some beer. I need to work on getting you some good material. I haven’t got anything in a while. She’s trying to hook a brother up. I’m not dipshit I just wanted to hear I need to work on getting you some good material. You’re awesome Taylor Swift.

JOHN, I’ll have you know that. I just tried to go to Popeye’s again.

To try the chicken sandwich. You bougie bitch.

I wish my ass would look that good in a speedo


That was lovely $2 and 80 cents.

starting to get a little slick, come with it around the corner. come from

out to the airport to the hotel.

drop them off and I got a Excel pick up at the airport. I gotta be really close to getting back to my 85%

core. Yes.

I just had a one star this

time I’m a robot. Well fantastic and all the time.

It does Blake

she doesn’t love us anymore right yeah, I’m gonna bring it way back

to yours This is this 1997 that’s shaggy

sorry my screen fucking go home

what I’m hitting the home button it’s not going home god it’s f1 Judas. So I hope you enjoyed that that is a little bit of the sample that we we talked about so there was maybe I don’t know 8% ride share in that and that rundown or that video or that what the fuck is wrong with me that audio so, but no we really have fun and it’s always good to have somebody there’s usually somebody on there 24 hours a day that you can you know who knows If you need if you’re having a bad night and need somebody to talk to, you can talk to somebody. So

check it out. Scott wants to know what the regular schedule is for the shows. Nice. I just replied, oh, did you?

It’s every other Wednesday for the live stream. And on Mondays following the live stream, the audio comes out and you can find that on any podcast. Why isn’t

there a thing though? If you go to patreon

you don’t get it early.

Well, no, but you know another video right?

Yeah. So I like up. So if you do go to patreon.com, slash GR Rideshare Adventures, it’s $10 a month. You get a gig economy podcast. Once a month. You get mirch a hat after two months and then you get some like some some banter before the podcast. It’s not I can’t claim it as well. It’s not safe for work. But so is this now. So you so hate you We just yeah, it’s just kind of fun. We don’t really realize that the mics are on and sometimes we’ve had to go back and edit some stuff because some sensitive information get out. So, yes, were you ready to talk about a review of the week?

I am so love the podcast. He This is from Tesla, Arizona. I’m a rideshare driver from Phoenix, Scottsdale Arizona. Found you guy I guess it’s Tesla from Arizona. I guess when I found you guys on Apple podcast. I searched and searched on Arizona rideshare podcast to no avail and appears there are none. Anyways, I’m grateful I found yours. It is very informative and absolutely entertaining. Keep up the awesome job. We actually just got another one today. Today. Yep. And it has a super long comment, comment and so we’ll go through it and we’ll talk about next time but yeah, he had a lot of cool stuff to say as well. But thank you so much Tesla from Arizona. I wonder if you drive a Tesla if you do, I am so jealous because I’m I think

Leo’s gonna buy one.

I’m not gonna buy one because I have kids. So I can’t afford, you know, Tesla’s

but yeah,

no, that’s this is the last one we got. No, wait, wait. Hold on, hold on, hold on. Anyways,

thank you so much. If you liked the show, go ahead and rate us on.

Hmm, this last one. We didn’t get another one. We did. And

I’m looking at it right now. Wow. Show it to you after the show. No, you find it now. Oh, my gosh, thank you so much. Find us and rate us on?

Yeah, our goal is to get one a month and so far in 2020. We’ve had at least one in January and one in February.

I mean, I’m finding

my pits March 4, we would appreciate a review.

You’re so demanding. I

know I am. I’m sorry.

No, you’re not. Don’t say you’re sorry.

So we’re going to talk about Irvine’s auto repair which we appreciate them so much. They’re our studio sponsor and They are great. Irvine calm. They’re located on Stafford just east of 131 44 St. Pete’s putting chapstick on. This is epic. You see this and telegram all the time if you’re into that thing. Yeah, you can call Tim I forgot to update the number. You can call him at 202553 I did it again. I updated in the rundown. No, I didn’t. So Sam uses this stupid No, it’s not stupid. Sam uses this template and I need to figure out how to update the template But anyways, yeah, they are the number one repair place and Grand Rapids. I take my car there. Also if you drive a hybrid there when the dealers have trouble with hybrids, they go to Irvine to get it fixed. They’ve been doing hybrid since hybrids are around. They do Asian domestic and they now do BMW Beamer and Mercedes. So they’re, they’re moving up in the world. Megan and Jamie will take care of you. They’re great and we super appreciate them being a sponsor the studio sponsor of the GR Rideshare Adventures pod Cass, you can call two oh to 5538. But apparently that’s not the it’ll get to them. So don’t frickin worry about it. All right,

I want you to worry about it.

Are you still looking for that review? Yeah. How can you find it? You have an Android phone?

You’re looking at your thing.

All right. So we’re going to jump into ride sharing news. Only, like 54 minutes after the podcast started. Well, maybe 44 minutes. So this first article is, you know, I read it today, while I read it a half hour ago because Sam, this was Sam’s article, but this woman was charged or not charged. She has a book out about Uber sexual harassment. I kind of you know, breezed through the article. But basically, her life turned upside down after she kind of came out about this with the book, or maybe before the book, but when she had, you know, told them about the sexual harassment, she was Stark, she was hacked. Like, everything was crazy. They This isn’t like Uber corporate. Right? Right. She was a software engineer I believe. So it’s just interesting what Uber went to the lengths they went to like they had private investigators. They were digging up stuff from her from like her 13 year old friend like people that she didn’t even remember because they were get she was getting messages from these people like someone snooping around like I know we haven’t talked but this is this is weird like someone’s snooping around so they did they wanted to quiet her as much as they could. It’s it’s a long article, but we’ll link it up at some point probably on our on our Facebook page, and Twitter, but you can read that it’s just kind of a I don’t know, we all heard about the good old boys club back in Hoover. I’m not I’m sure it’s cleaned up a little bit but and that’s what kind of makes me feel bad about Lyft because I really respected live. They treated their drivers good. And now I hate Lyft right. They’re fucking the drivers and it pisses me off because that’s You when I said that?

No, it just, it feels like you are making a point of me using more words.

I mean, it just I just feel a little more. You know, my potty mouth in the telegram group. I mean,

it’s just funny.

Um, but yeah, I feel like lift has kind of taken advantage of the the writers of all the riders and the drivers because we’ve seen these huge surges on lift, and I don’t know, just pisses me off. Like, I’m kind of leaning towards Uber again. And that pride

that reminds me of that scene from Star Wars. You were the chosen one.

all upset, you know what I mean? Yeah, lift was the woke rideshare company, like they’re all into, you know, REITs and, you know,

whatever doing this, I started with Lyft. Yeah.

Yeah, mainly, and I started like doing Uber as like a side thing. But the more I when I was like,

well, and I hate I try not to say to the riders, but they I’ve been if they’ve opened the door of opportunity to talk about two platforms, I said, I’ll be honest with you, you should take Uber and they’re like why I said because Lyft discharging a huge rate, and we’re not getting any of it right? Very rarely. And they’re like what I’m like, yeah, at least Uber gives us a sticky surge. I mean, yeah, it’s not the multiplier, but sometimes they even give you more if you go a certain distance, right, lift.

Nada. So every once in a while, I think Gabe and I have both caught like a $17 surge on lift on the weekend. But it’s here and then gone. Right. And you only I mean, only God knows how much they’re charging the rider.

I know. a ridiculous amount. Like I’ve even had riders get in and I didn’t ask them how much they’re like, Man, it’s ridiculous how much this is costing me. I like no.

Interesting. I’ll take my $3 and 75 cents

right. I’ll take my min fair. Yeah. and move on. Yeah.

Yeah, it’s just a shame.

It is. It is. I mean, yeah.

No doubt you’re gonna go on a

second break.

Talking about the penny stocks and you know, that kind of stuff is that that was one of the Worried about what’s going to happen when someone the multiplier started swinging away and became became something else. And it just it? It never happened. Right. So Uber stayed. I mean,

I disagree a little bit, because I think your comfort has blinded you a little bit about how much you’re earning on the weekends. But although you’re doing that before comfort, I was always

making 375 400. The big differentiator right now is it’s comfort. Yes. But it’s also promotions. Yeah, I mean, they are they’re doing promotion and a half. Last month and a half. I’ve been making an extra $40 every weekend because of emotion. They should have closed that Uber office a year ago. Right? Because it was kind of the same time and they closed the Uber office and now we’re getting promotions.

I don’t know what it is, but

what the hell 1600 dollars a month they don’t have to spend on rent.

Is that how much that place was? I’m sure it’s still for rent. I’ve

been looking. There’s been a lot of people checking it out. There’s been a lot of cars

really in there. Yeah. Huh. That’s still around. They must have made it public. Well, no, yeah, if anyone out there I should always bring this up to if you guys want to sponsor the show, we are cheap as hell so and if you have a studio space or a small space that you want to rent me for dirt cheap, actually we can trade services. I’ll talk about your business and you just give me the studio. Not that we don’t love the studio in here. But yes, burn I got big plans.

David says it’s funny. That’s exactly the opposite of what’s happening in Washington DC. Uber is cheaper than left.

Okay, I think the rate honestly here Lyft is a smidge cheaper, right? But I’m just noticing just not the surge. Although the last weekend I don’t know. Son of a bitch. Sorry, one of my rookie. rookies scared the shit out of me. Last weekend, everyone was getting surges from lift added on the right bonuses just randomly. They weren’t even in the box. So I don’t know if that’s the new thing. will see this weekend.

Maybe Yeah, I don’t know. I mean, I haven’t. I probably should start getting back on lift now that I can. I just I haven’t really focused on I don’t want

what do you Why would you if you have the comfort? I wouldn’t?

Yeah, I mean, well Lyft is doing their new thing now, right? What’s that? Isn’t Lyft doing like a select B? I have no idea.

Oh, yeah, I don’t know if that was that offered in GR I thought it was just Detroit. I haven’t seen anyone get it from GR maybe they did

think that. Yeah, maybe. Yeah, I think you’re right. Maybe that is just to try it though.

I don’t know. All right, next video is kind of a fun one. And it’s about a guy did it damn about my wife has been catching me too. She’s like, what do you mean about this guy brings a puppy with him while he’s Uber driving, and it’s the best saw that I watched this whole thing and I had like warm fuzzies at the end. I mean, I I know the beard. You think I’m scary and mean but I really love this video. So we’re gonna watch this real quick. I hope you

don’t mind having company in the car.

We have a special guest.

Say hi Susie. What’s up? I’m Susanna. I came from Alabama with a banjo on my knee. They shipped me up here because I was a straight man in the barn. Do you take Ubers often?

Ready for the best Uber ride of your life.

excited for Monday.

I’m a little late.

That stress you out or you’re just used to it now.

Oh, you know it helps with stress.

puppies. Stop it. You want to

say hi. I got a little puppy here. And who doesn’t love puppies on Monday.

My baby everywhere.

I do say hi Susanna

she’s about a month

or so so

you okay you can queue

if you don’t mind having company in the car.

Get my Mustang

back to Daddy.


We don’t want I didn’t realize it was three minutes apparently I didn’t want to thing I was like shit. We’re not playing this whole thing.

There’s a couple of people in Grand Rapids that do this.

Yeah, regularly. Like they have a small dog or something.

Yep. One of them’s got a pretty big dog from what I’ve seen. So is it a service animal? I don’t think so.

For a while there, I thought I read somewhere that the drivers are allowed to bring a dog like it’s his prerogative. But then I like a month later, I went back to try to find it and I couldn’t find it. So I don’t know.

I think it is allowed for them to do it. I just I don’t know if I would.

But I mean, the problem is,

people might be allergic, like,

or if it’s sheds. Yeah, like if you get a group of people, where’s the dog gonna go? Oh, what does

more than shit on your panel? You mean shit.

One month old puppy.

Yeah, boy. Yeah, that one he probably had to bring out but yeah, I mean, it’s cute. It’s fun. Gave me warm fuzzies I wouldn’t do it. No, I got it. I got enough trouble keeping myself on the road without a dog in there. I don’t need a dog. You

need to use the bathroom all the time. No Hey

good for you.

okay yes for bed bugs

bed bugs crawling in your eyes. Sure. I mean goosebumps just

I know well, we’ll play it but I’ve never heard this and now I don’t know why it’s just this one guy in Texas like why aren’t we hearing this like crazy because when you hear how many he cleans that week, you’re kind of like Yeah, but how

much so here’s the thing right? He cleans maybe that many a week. But how much of it is fear and how much is accident? Yeah, he never does say like

no many actual cases of bedbugs are in the car because

he probably just smokes it and then but you should still be able to find some carcasses I mean, they’re tiny but you if you look enough, you could probably find them but we’ll play this video and you can creep out with all of us. This is a level nine

john Brooks has a job that will make your skin crawl.

I have nightmares at nighttime, but

he runs Duff done pest control and treats bed bug infested homes across Dallas. By the time you start seeing them, you’ve got a bigger problem than probably you had any idea and get this Brooks can also treat your wheel out spray all this area here but lately he says he’s been treating more cars where you wouldn’t expect to find these little guys. I probably do five to 10 rideshare cars a week. Yeah, bedbugs in rideshare vehicles. Not a great combo. But it’s not crazy to think a lot of customers get picked up every day and those cars it can be just one of them that just crawled off of someone. A small study last year by insurance company net quote, even found rideshare cars are 35,000 times more germy than a toilet seat. And drivers Brooks has met they either seen him saw one or someone complained or they don’t know and they just want to make sure Brooks often puts cars needing to be treated into a tent and then turns the heat up inside to 150 degrees to kill those little guys. There’s no better bus than a dead bug, or he just sprays the interior of a car, which is cheap. I could square the car in 15 minutes, and they can be off. And hey, this story isn’t to scare anyone. There are hundreds of thousands of rideshare drivers in the US, and they’re required to keep their cars clean. But if you see one that’s not it’s not a matter of if it’s I think it’s a matter of when they’re going to get them in Dallas. I met our

Why is it playing it again?

Well, it’s weird. Yeah, even at the end, he’s like, I don’t think it’s a matter of if it’s a matter of when.

Yeah, and I have to say that we are required to keep him clean. We know we know who controls it. Now. We all do, right? Yeah. I mean, I always clean my car before I go out and drive and

he does. Okay, I’ve ridden in his van before

about once a week. I will I will spray down my little seeds. Yeah, cuz I have little sheets and it’s easier. But so it’s Yeah, I know.

Well, it’s funny. Bring that we bring up the cleaning part because when Megan when I first started getting into rideshare, and we would use rideshare. She was shocked at the cars. How dirty were she just assumed that everyone kept their cars as clean as we did. And I’m like, No, I mean, some people just like don’t care. That’s why it needs to be another tier lower than Uber x. There needs to be I don’t give a shout

out. There was another tear. I thought it was Uber Uber x Uber XL.

Could be there could have been way back in the day.

There’s the Uber pool pool, but yeah, they

don’t have that here. I mean, we were in one in New Orleans, Washington. It was nasty.

Was it i’m sure yeah, we gave him five stars and a tip.

No, I did not get one star no tip. We will we will get about to get late to the boat. We were you know,

you didn’t care. You’re just like we had to

go right. We had already waited 15 minutes to for them to get there. And then we have to you know, embark with it on the cruise. So it’s just one of those things though. gave me a guess we’re doing it. Well. We probably should treat us home for bedbugs afterwards.

It’s fun. Yeah, the last time Megan and I took a lift together. I we were both a little tipsy. It was like a Thursday night. Like, what are we doing out during the week? I don’t know. must have been some random thing we were going to I think it was at the mitten. Of course, my favorite brewery. That’s a free one.

No, you’re gonna get another free beer next time though. Yeah,

no, I’m just saying that’s a free ad for them. It’s great. Every time everything remains in Maine. Yeah, get a free beer. But yeah, the lift pulled up. It was kind of snowing. And I get in there and it smells like cigarettes. One of his headlights says out and apparently his defrost wasn’t working because he had a hole the size of a softball driving down the highway. I’m like, Oh, we dead. We are dead. But I was a little I was like, I don’t I was you know, I was drinking. I was I just want to get home. I don’t really care. I want to go to bed. But I did read them once or report it to left but right.

And I think that’s the that’s the right behavior. Right well When for riders and drivers only out writing other cars, make sure we actually treat treat this as an MPP a writer, I mean be a driver, right? Because we understand we know what it is. But also be a writer. Make sure that that don’t don’t

accept something that is not acceptable.

I’ve heard drivers say they’re like, no still took doom. And I’m like, What are you doing? Right? Like, yeah, you don’t want the awkward conversation to call them out. And that’s fine. Be you know, be like a millennial. Like, I wouldn’t do it either. I’d be like,

I’ll tip you in the app.

Yeah. Tip you in the app as long as you don’t out yourself as a driver. But I always when I did take rideshare I never said I was a driver. I wanted to see how he acted and did things. And then if everything was on the up and up, then I would say, Oh, I’m a driver too. You know, then you know, you kind of bond with them. But

one of my car was in the shop. I had to take an Uber there. When I dropped it off, then that ticket will be there. When I picked it up. And the one I took there, the guy was really Nice his car was like pretty old but it was really nice car was clean. good conversation. Yeah got it picked me up. He had like a an Acura like it was really not or not Adi sorry. Oh nice SUV, like probably would have qualified for like Uber black or select or whatever. And it was dirty.

This is trashed.

Yeah. On the I mean look nice on the outside. I’m like, oh man, I’m about to ride in some style style and yeah, I opened up the door and it was like trash on the ground and I’m like,

I don’t even know. Like, I don’t even know why you’d want to even drive on that normally, right?

I mean, I yeah, he was retired. Yeah, he was, uh, he did something else for a

while but just driving like your daily vehicle like that, because clearly he doesn’t care. Yeah. I don’t know. I didn’t keep the most clean car before I drove for Uber, but it wasn’t trash. I mean, it wasn’t like you know, cheese sticks in the back that have been there for

cheese sticks. Yeah, cuz my wife’s fan. I’ll find cheese

Not the new car. Hopefully she’ll keep that clean for a while. That’s a sensitive topic. We’re not gonna talk about that. All right, we’re gonna jump into this video from Dustin. I don’t know if we’ll watch the whole thing. I did. I liked Dustin’s videos. They’re good. Yeah. Do you know?

Yeah, it’s, it’s about a feature that Uber is starting. And so it’s gonna be cards in the window. Yeah,

I think the I think he shows the pin thing. Yeah. In this video. The pin thing?

Yeah, it’s on its own in some markets, right?

Yes. Yeah. It’s not gonna happen. But

I thought it was because it’s a requirement of the market. Not not Uber.

Ah, no, the

day it was because of was Megan’s Law, or

I think it’s Sarah. Sarah’s law, whatever. Yeah, the South Carolina one. Yeah, but that was the license plate one. This is a little white placard, like a piece of paper that you’re supposed to put in your window.

But let’s see. Okay,

can we watch the video and see? Okay,

this video guys I am talking about the new Uber place cards.

Did you see that guys, you see that? That’s right, we all will have place cards in our windows. Now. It’s not good enough that we have the pin service. Yeah.

Now, we’re gonna start as a little extra precaution to make sure passengers do not get into the wrong vehicle. In a way though, this should be helpful for the simple fact that we should no longer get the false reports of we took the wrong writer for the simple fact of if you have to scan this or input a pin before we can start the trip. It had to be you right? It just had to be and if people don’t know why this is in place right now, it’s because of sammys law. With the sad incident that happened in South Carolina where a passenger I was too much to drink and got into a vehicle that she thought was her Uber but wasn’t even a driver. So now they think that putting these in the back Windows is good. To make things okay, I hate to say it but if you take a look at this right here, as you can see I’ve opened my sliding doors here you’re gonna put it on the back left and back right

people that are listening you can’t see shit to the to the window right?

Yeah a lot better in camera then you can actually see it in person because the tint on the vehicle is you know 10 It’s not easy to see so I can’t imagine how this is gonna go down at night when people are drinking you know, are they gonna be on as you can see right now it’s been raining

so do you think that’ll you’re kind of familiar I think that will pick up and it’s a window isn’t gonna be a struggle.

All the way down. Same problem I had was

required to put the finger in the bag windy. I didn’t even put it back there. I know. Nobody can see that. Yeah.

Well, once you put it on the inside, you can’t see jack. But that’s where you’re going to be. She says that was all this gonna prevent people from jumping into the wrong vehicle. I sure hope so. mean they already have, that’s a good point to sure make model

dollars and a rip it

have everything in the palm of their hands passengers, you just need to pay attention and look at your app. And now that they also have the pin system in play, make sure you actually enable it, you have to go in your app, right here.

And then click this.

And you slide it over, and that’s it, then you’re on. So every other trip you ever take, it’ll have a pin, okay? It won’t be in play unless you put it in play. So if you’re really worried about your safety, you should definitely be doing this. Now, for all those wondering if this is in your market, just open your app, go to your inbox and see if this popped up.

Or they’re

right here.

If you didn’t see that, you ain’t gotta worry about it for all those that did. Get this, you need to actually worry about it because if you don’t do it, you will be fined $250. And you could potentially get deactivated. And if enough of these citations do

anyways, you get it. So we’ll go back when I go I saw thing but I

think I’m gonna stop telling my my writers that they can turn it on if it’s something they need to do in there.

Yeah, I mean,

I mean, I think a pin things better than the Oh yeah,

picture card. Absolutely. It’s better than the plate. Yeah, I mean well not necessarily because someone could be using the drivers phone. So I mean, again we talked about this a nauseum Is that the right word nauseum?


I’m Why am I asking the Dane? No.

No that that, like he said, you have a plate. Picture the driver picture of the car. Right. Then you’re gonna have a placard and then a pin. I mean,

how much you can’t even get pictures of my riders.

Yeah, I think that should be a requirement to But people would be racist because you know,

people are assholes. So that’s the other thing. So we, as drivers, we were required to upload a picture of our I know our driver’s license, why wouldn’t right us be required to upload a picture? You know, think about

their day to day ID. It’s funny.

I mean, I think Jason said it, but doesn’t have to run the background check on him. But at least you can optimize that shit. You can make it you upload the photo, and you can read the name automatically. And if it matches what they put in, you’re good to go.

Yeah, they’re gonna lose much money. I mean, why many drivers and Grand Rapids drive around miners? Because they want that extra, you know, five bucks. So they don’t say anything. And so we’re getting all that money. Yeah. Our land and lift. I mean, it’s worse on left in my opinion, but yeah.

Yeah, you did say that. And I thought about that today when I was on lift, but I really do feel like it’s in work. The area that you’re in Oh, that’s definitely if

I was, you know, well, you live Kenwood.

Yeah. But today like I was, I was a lot of the downtown and just kind of the outskirts and that I didn’t have a problem with it not to say I wouldn’t but every time I got a lift ride I was I don’t think I only got to today. I was on over the rest but as I so

I’m not doing that again. No, I was gonna say something else. They love me.

All right, so it wasn’t that

the NC 17 Oh, shit. Sorry. Sorry, sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. What are you talking about?

The bots

now somebody Leo just posted a link about sex and prostitutes and police or something

on YouTube. Now in the chat,

there’s all you also can look in there that’s that. When I talked about butts, someone posted bots. That was yeah okay this next video I think it’s in the chapter right? I don’t know.

Maybe not I think that little

No, it’s about stupid disgusting toilets which I know that Detroit D Tw has had a hell of a time le x is the LX but anyways so enjoy this video it’s grown

yeah of course we can see trawling the drivers they get up

so this one I was here and it was late and I was like I have to use the restroom you like

nobody can use this is because those those dirty is smells bad.

So I go over here and I said oh my god helped me I can’t and this guy comes running up with a can of Lysol

and he’s like, Look, I’m going to spray you down. When you before you get in and I’ll spray you when you got out and I was like tempting but I can’t even enter in our browser. It’s so disgusting. I gotta use this because this is an insult

to every driver. I’m mad, because we have to treat us with more discoveries.

Well, I’ve never seen them played. So I don’t really know how often they came up. And we asked him the authority, we’re asking me to work on these changes that outrageous kind of a thing you have

for drivers to use immediately.

The least kind of services would just be a working restroom. And if they say this is working, I would beg to differ. It’s not I mean, you can just see the condition that they’re in right now. I mean,

there’s a petition, oh bitly.or slash lacks hygiene 2021.

And then if you go into more, if you saw the T shirts, he was Was NWA the mobile web or mobile workers Association. Okay, so that’s actually they have a big Facebook group as well.

So I didn’t actually look at this article before. Are these paid for by Uber and Lyft? Or

I think they are by the airport. I’m pretty sure that I don’t know. I know that Detroit ones are paid lift, provided them and then took them away and then brought them back. While we can I ask why we’re blaming Uber and Lyft these are animals using this toilet? These are fellow drivers


right? Well, no, but hang on. We don’t know if it’s drivers does use him in peds doing it?

Well, I think it’s a TNC lot. Its drivers that’s not pub, I

know but those public, it’s not like it that lopped off. Anybody can use them.

In LA x, there’s gonna be a you know, two to 300 Uber cars in there. I don’t think there’s other people

but there’s probably lots of people who don’t have access that uses these all the time because I can guarantee you Those are not marked off. The law isn’t locked.

No muscles lots have a security guard

at night 24 seven.

What what what was I listening to?

Anyways, and I was

reading that guy’s book, and it talked about a lot. Oh man, I may have just made this up. But I think on those bigger loss there is security in there. I don’t like put

it this way. maryna naturally is just as bad and his thing is to drive

nine to 10 maybe I’ll give you 10% I’m not giving you any more than that.

But obviously the drivers need to you know not being

Yeah, I feel like they’re blaming lift. Yes. should lift once a week come clean them. If they’re not doing that, then that’s a problem that that’s just

that brings extra costs. That’s the problem. I’ve we looked into it for a little bit. It’s about $100 a

month. We didn’t look into it. We talked about it, but we never called.

I got the prices. Oh, you did? Yeah. Oh,

it’s dollars a month.

Hundred 25 $250 a month to get it emptied once a month.

Once a month once a month,

Leo says his lot does not look like that. I just asked him if his are owned by the airport or by Uber and Lyft.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure I it’s Lyft but um, but either way I don’t like them blaming lift unless lift is not clean them. It’s the drivers like who How do you get shit on the opposite side of the toilet? I mean, you literally must have just decided to go in there and it was gross. So you just shit on the side of the toilet or on the

stand in front of the speedway. Yeah, pull people come on out of the bathroom. Right? How did that happen?

Right. I haven’t been in there in probably a year now. It’s just I don’t know. I I feel like they’re blaming the wrong people. Like stop being a savage and poop in the toilet. I get it if it’s gross. I don’t know.

It’s Oh, Leo says his are bad. They’re on my left. Yeah,

like I said p don’t ever doubt me.

Try to deadpan um, you weren’t looking at me.

But yeah, anyways, you know, make sure you wipe

appropriately. Make sure you poop in the toilet.

Yeah, I mean, I know that people listening to the podcast can’t see it but so think about if you’re sitting on the toilet and looking at a wall, there was poop on that wall. It literally somebody must have turned around and squatted right there about if you went in the bathroom and decided to helicopter.

You know, we we were asked, we briefly discussed how do you how do you do that? How do you do a group toilet like that? And we talked about one point. And maybe this is just something I’m just going to ask the question move me somebody is some of the drivers watching would chime in and see if they were willing to pay for that. Would you be willing to pay for access to a toilet that was locked and only usable for us? Because you can get pin toilets you can get out with it with a pin code and we would know for sure who uses them. And it was just because we were talking about how do you how do you get the money back for doing something?

Yeah, it’s almost beyond like, yeah, it almost be like on an honor system like, I mean, it would be a pain in the ass. I would rather not do the pin thing. I’d rather just be like, here if you feel this is a good service, pay us five bucks a month. So we can reduce the cost. If not,

but but you give them a pin.

Yeah, but I mean, that’s but then the like, what if they don’t pay? And then you got to take the pin away? Like how annoying would that be? Well,

you just reset the pin once a week. Yeah, yes or no? And then post a new PIN. Anyways, but I’m just wondering, you know, if that’s something people are even willing to pay for?

Yeah, it’d be good to if anyone that’s listening would be willing not say we’re going to do it because I don’t ever go to the airport anymore. But when I did, I would have loved it. I mean, we do have a giant airport here in Grand Rapids, you know? Yeah, our queue is often five to 10 people. Yeah. All right, let’s jump into the app. Next add is Michigan insurance and financial services. Who is my agent Jackie who is a badass, you can email her Jackie at Mia Fs calm or call her at 269-569-6127 she sent me like 70 bucks a month. So you should at least once a year get an audit of your insurance. Maybe she can’t save you money but why not reach out to her and just say hey, can you quote me on insurance and she’s kind of like she didn’t call it a broker. I keep calling it a broker but she has several companies she can look at and get you the best price because Company A might be cheaper than Company B or might not be fit and your your circumstances you may have children in your home that are young drivers that like oh this company does not deal well with them. So give her a call again to 695696127 that is her cell phone number. She will get back to or email her Jackie at mia fs.com What’s up feed


see being a joker

you’re not gonna tell me what it is or it’s not safe for this or not

could just crap in a bottle


crap bottle crap jug

yeah the the picture we saw on the back of the wall that one probably could have gone in

there’s a description for you

I didn’t know that this is this is what article is this?

Oh, so this is about gay but if we need to

Yeah, you know what I’m gonna skip it. Good call because we’re running.

We’re running behind running over anyways.

Yeah, so yes. Briana

read this one. And you’ll get to listen to more my Danish This is good. I guess English me Dang. So this customer gets in my car this morning and smells mint in there because I use Icy Hot on my elbow. That’s been hurting lately. He asked me all about icyhot and I told him it’s good for arthritis and pain. So he asked me if he could try adapt because he has arthritis in his wrist quite unusual question on passenger, but I oblige him and give him a dab of ice. About 10 minutes into the trip, that guy’s squirming around in the backseat and I’m wondering what the hell’s wrong with him. Then he demands that I urgently stop at the next gas station stating that his nuts on fire. I know got him with a positive look as he’s getting out of the car. He says he scratched his nuts and did not get all the Icy Hot out from under his fingernails. Now he’s not burning, and he has to go into the bathroom at the gas station to watch them off. I was laughing so hard that when he got back to the chi couldn’t stop laughing the whole way to take him to his destination. I thought for sure I’d get one stop because I couldn’t quit laughing but I didn’t. I know he was super embarrassed. So

the real question is is why He’s scratching his balls. Uber. I mean, come on. We’re all we all have alone time and we scratch our balls. My wife complains about it all the time. Like, get your hands out of your pants, scratch your butt. Who does that in an Uber? I will tell you

that I picked up a guy twice. Over on the west side off of Lake

Oregon. The West Side, not the best. I don’t know. Like

the good part of Lake Michigan drive up by like, just before staying down. Oh. And I picked him up and he works, I think downtown. But I picked him up. And I’m driving and I had to like turn to look. Oh, no. And

it’s it wasn’t out. But he was doing something in the front of him. Do you think it was broken? it? Yeah.

Oh, so it wasn’t just a scratch. You know? You got to tell the difference between that.

Yeah. And so I picked him up. I picked him up probably. I know three or four times in the past year and a half that I can remember. Yeah. In two of the times. I picked him up. He was down there like

Do you want to stand up and show out a phone?

And his phone in one hand and then

he was private for when he got home?

So to answer your question, that’s who puts the hands in your pants and scratches the ball? That’s

so gross. I’m more grossed out with that story than the Icy Hot but why is it like that area so much more sensitive down there? Because like you can put it on every place of your body except your butthole and your balls in your in your Johnson? Well, you know, I was telling you this before the show,

yeah, tell you again, but they’re saying that your balls have taste buds. Now.

How does somebody even know that and where’s the test group for that? Because

did you have to? I mean, I couldn’t tell you. Okay, I just I just remember seeing it was floating around Facebook for a while. Okay.

You sure it wasn’t from the onion? I mean, or Babylon wasn’t? What is that? Other one

Babble Babble online Avalon,

Avalon online or something that’s

up solera wants to know he can’t believe why Pete didn’t one stop him. And he didn’t because obviously Pete enjoys it.

I mean, she didn’t account for time. He’s got mine there.

I slow down. I said, Hey, guys.

I like what you’re doing. Yeah.

All right.

This one’s mine. Yeah. So this is a story about an Uber driver, who picked up some people in the I think it was the Memphis, Memphis area. And I couldn’t tell by the article in New Orleans. I couldn’t tell by the article whether or not he was actually going the wrong way or not. But these passengers were trying to tell him that he was going the wrong way. And he wasn’t listening when he wasn’t listening. Finally, he pulled over and argued with them and they got out in orders. Another Uber and Driver waited till the other Uber got there. went over to the other driver pulled his keys are the ignition, and then gotten to the fight with the passengers again, and then shot at them.


Yeah, he returned to the scene later. Yeah, he

left the scene and then came back. And that’s when he got arrested.

What a dumb ass. Wait, he was later released from custody. What kind of bail did they get? I didn’t see that. Yeah, the last line before the comments is under the you know, Panda Express ad. So looks really good. firecracker shrimp. He said he was later released from custody. Like how do you get like a $500 bond on aggregate aggregated aggravated assault with a firearm? illegal use of weapons like I wonder if

and theft. Three different Yeah, favorability price alone?

Yeah, you would think would be

Yeah, it’s a felony. I mean, anything with a firearm is a felony. firearm

in different states. Yeah. And Michigan’s what, 10 years automatic, right?

Something like that. I mean, at least you may not serve that, but you definitely, uh, so he’s a douchebag. Yeah. Um, see, he’s so this tweets kind of funny. I know, Pete can chime in. I think he actually shared this. I actually thought this was p on the retweet. But as somebody said, seriously, ask Lyft and Uber support How do y’all expect people to toddlers to carry a car seat booster seat if we don’t

own cars or child in on that one? I chimed in on that one. But I mean, it doesn’t matter what they expect or not.

Yeah, if you don’t own your own car, I mean, Oh, wow.

What I’m just gonna put in Angela said that she had a guy suspected of finally I’m saying I don’t like saw that one. Yeah, really kept on telling her how beautiful she was. He was like, dirt. Whoops.

That’s twice getting over here. Hey, new pay rookie. That’s my new term. What are you doing over here?

But you still are. I mean, I get it if you don’t have a car but I mean okay so you take the train all the time take the bus

or the train right

you Those are not required to have car seats. I don’t know if taxis are I don’t

axes or not. See, I know what

is that?

Right? Why wouldn’t you?

I don’t understand what the differences Why Why is it so much safer? Even in buses? Like why don’t kids have to?

Yeah my kids ride the bus there’s no seat belts in there.

I don’t know maybe they think they’re tanks or something. But yeah, they’ve obviously done a study with seat belts and buses and that it’s causes more issue if they have to get the kids out. That’s probably what it is. Yeah, I mean, the chances of it crashing I don’t know. But

the problem is not so much the car itself. It’s everybody else right? Yeah. All the other stupid assholes on the road. Look at you, sir. Oh,

yes. Oh, yes. For combo deep breaths, just the whole thing right there.

I don’t know I’m not going to read the whole thing about car seats and people being okay with take it and put their kids in my car. If without a car seat, I just don’t get it. Yeah,

I think you can order one of those like, strap car seats now. fit in your back pocket.

Yeah, I think it’s just, I don’t know, in the United States, you need a seat or a car seat. If you go to other countries. They don’t use them at all. But that’s not the United States. So I think Uber Pete from DC nailed it. Yeah, hundred percent. Yeah. He’s kind of a dick on Twitter. I mean, he, he’s really snarky. He hates like, he basically, what am I trying to say? Anytime there’s an issue. He’s kind of a dick about it. I don’t know. I haven’t seen him a while but maybe I blocked

him. For those of you that can’t see it. It says Parenthood is a responsibility. It is Yeah. So it is

at her. What do you call that the tagline for her is at suck my tweets. That’s classy. Yeah. All right.

Speaking of classic more than one child

speaking of classy

dhanam accounting services we are almost done with our ad campaign for Dunham because they are you know, they’re they’re in the thick of things right now so you can reach them at Dunham accounting comm Kathy and the team will take care of your taxes Please don’t do your taxes yourself. Please don’t use TurboTax called 616-734-6914 Yeah, I’m sure they have room but it is the window is closing quickly as it is the March the fourth the March the fourth

What is it about a month left?

Well, but I mean, if she might be booked up, I hope not but you might want to get still give her a call.

The other thing too is if you are late a little bit, you can always file an extension. So yeah, I mean, that is possible. There’s no no fee for filing extensions. So definitely talk to obviously talk to Kathy but definitely talk to a tax accountant. Yeah, professional. Make sure there’s so many things you don’t know.

Yeah, yep. So check them out Dunning that Dunham accounting service comm or 616-734-6914 You don’t have to be local in Grand Rapids they can help you. So all right, yes, sir. This is gonna be my favorite picture of the night so you ready for your article? I’m not Yep, right after the dhanam accounting ad you’re up.

Oh, yeah.

Do you didn’t read it?

No, I did.

snitches kids did.

You didn’t read it did do.

I read the article. I just don’t like that photo.

What’s wrong with it? It’s great.

Ah, discretely snitch on that drivers.

So there’s a new feature in the app for the riders and now they can do a ride. They can report to Uber. If the driver is doing something They don’t like to do right, as Jason said they can snitch on the driver that just gets stitches. So yeah, and obviously in the app itself in the article itself, that talking about you know, people can, you know, can can report it and saying, hey, the driver is texting and driving doesn’t have a phone mounting. There’s no phone mount that kind of stuff. And and, you know, I don’t have a problem with them having that feature in the app. I don’t because it’s gonna make us all safer.

Yeah, but what’s the benefit of doing it? Real time because it literally says as we’re, I’m looking at the article, it says my driver doesn’t have a phone mount. And then you click Submit says, Thanks for reporting the issue. We will contact you after the trip. So why not just do it after the trip? Because it could make an awkward exchange in the car? Well, sure. I don’t know.

But if the if they’re not feeling safe. Yeah, we saw that video. What was that last week when somebody somebody sideswiped the Uber driver and he wouldn’t allow his passengers and he was going crazy.

I mean, then you call 911. Well, that’s extra he

was already calling 911.

What What is okay? So let’s take that example. Perfect example. Let’s say that feature had been active last week or two weeks ago when that happened. But what would Uber have been able to do different for that driver that would have changed that situation by being able to tell them right away? What was going on versus after the ride? Sure.

And probably nothing. I mean, it might.

So that’s a good point. But if it’s text, maybe it can, action can be done quicker. Like if you have to call Uber if you were going to quote I mean, in that situation, it’s like you call 911. Right? Screw Uber at this point. You’ll deal with that shit at the end. But right now you need to get saved. But I think maybe texting it now. I’m kind of retracting my statement, maybe texting gets to them quicker. So if something was to happen, I mean, I don’t know. My my worry. I’m

not against the feature. Yeah. But I’m I worry that I mean, there was just a drop On Facebook earlier this week they got deactivated on Lyft because he was in an accident. Yeah. So that’s happened to me as well. On Lyft and Uber, yeah, people have done it. So I worry that having that feature, people are going to try to get free rides even more,

it just encourages them to be able to do it.

Forget about it. They do mention that, that in the article about writers being able to use that system to to trick the system or to to get know exactly as you said.

Just be able to

report things that’s not true to get free rides, right, you know, and they have to have some things in place to try and kind of

counteract it but how do you know that I’m just I’m playing devil’s advocate.

Yeah, that’s good to do that

because that does it even work. I mean, look at look at ivory.


yeah, I picked him up four times I’m left

and he just quote unquote probably been deactivated from support emailing you. I mean, they don’t actually tell you Right, right.

Well, he told me once they he had several deactivated accounts.

Yeah. And he can just keep creating them right. Well, something’s gonna happen with that and not just ivory but it could happen with him. He gonna kill somebody he killed driver for whatever reason and then what who’s like I save everything you get from Uber, y’all. I mean, text messages, emails, like do not delete anything because you never know like, if you would have recorded that phone call from Uber, you’d be like, hey, they said they deactivated or you’re dead but your wife can you know pull that up and be like I’m suing the shit out of you because you said you deactivate and he had another account. I don’t know we probably signed our rights away for Uber anyways, their terms of service.

So yeah, I mean

all right, say You’re going to snort.

Angela says Pete I’m convinced that Jason doesn’t like me. Well and wise addressed me as daddy.

What What did I miss? That I don’t like

her? Yeah, Angela, Renee.

I remember the name but I don’t know. I don’t. You have to give us more content. Yeah, I need more context.

It’s okay. And he doesn’t make any women.

So what are you implying? were like, man, what’s wrong with that? Nothing. Let’s move on. Okay.

Hi. P All right. Pete’s videos up next. This is kind of what he dealt with over the weekend. Yeah, so this was

this is my second to last ride. Saturday night.

So I want to play it. Yep.

Oh, Oh, I know. There’s a there’s a good handful of people.

It’s a midnight storm

many more people are coming that’s it we’re going out around the corner here that we’re not going for

okay I can only fit two more in the back

well you know

we’re literally going like five blocks

Can you can you can you swing us I think now yeah

check it out my my driver’s license.

We have five blocks and I probably got my backpack in the trunk.

Yeah, actually I’m canceling the ride. So

yes, cancel.

You have to call the exile for that many people.

I mean, You can’t just give me a ride there now.

Yeah, I say there’s like we could easily just get split right now because the ride because that’s some fucking dumb shit, dude. Okay. All we had to do was call

I’m gonna get out of the car.


All you got to do is get out of the car,

right? And you will be respectful. I was

until like he he started cussing at me and then right I didn’t even want to really even cussing at me. He just started cussing and I just knew like, okay, yeah, if I give this guy a ride, it’s gonna be a one star anyway, so

well you didn’t get you’re unable to get that Right. And that’s why I started telling him

Yeah, I know.

Yeah, you could hear that saying that. And he was wearing some fucking lasers. Yeah.

It was a weird party there was they were all dressed a little.

Yeah. What people understand is the reason he canceled it is because he’s gonna get a one star and he’s he’s like, I’m done with this shit. So

let’s talk a little bit about that. There was a conversation earlier today on Facebook. They were talking about whether or not you know, people some some dialers, like they were saying just do it. Just Just come down with this comment. Oh, yeah. You know something about, you know, I’ll take six people sometimes. But what he forgot to mention is the fact that he already had a van. And right different from Vans or force Excel vehicles that takes that it gets a four and they really should have taken six. Yeah, because guess what? It’s not against the law. Right. That’s the problem. Yeah. Whereas if your next vehicle and you take more than four that you said,

well, it’s against the law. There’s probably some insurance implications if you get down There is

absolutely there. Larry said I could have split the group up. And Larry’s absolutely right. But if it would have been a better interaction between me and the guy, yeah, I probably would have have offered that. It’s your call seemed nice when he first got in.

But then I just until he did the Yeah, we a little bit more than that.

Yeah. And the other problem was, it was a lot of people. Like there was at least there was one person in the back seat there was probably at least four or five, maybe even six. Okay, that were like trying to try to cram in.

See, I had I had a situation last weekend I was driving. So I was dropping somebody off. I picked somebody up at the airport. And I was dropping somebody off over an ADA and there was always, you know, cars in my area, right? But I had somebody fishing for an Excel vehicle on the next time. And it was so crazy. And I’m almost convinced as the same because they came up it actually ruined my rating. Damn bitches. Yeah, I know, but it came out four people in a row in a row first he came up with an Excel right? And and I accepted it was fine and they cancelled immediately. Okay, and I just know they saw there was a there was a van in the area, and they tried as an X up the same one save it was the exact same, you know, direction and destination to them so I knew it was the same. Yeah. And then they came up with an X and I declined them right. I declined it. And then almost immediately it came off as as a comfort like okay, fine, whatever. But then they can’t they cancel their line convert they canceled. they canceled right? And then it came back three times as an ex afterwards right. And I cancelled cancel. Can you think that I had that?

Maybe yesterday the same person. It was an interrupt. I just think they didn’t want me they didn’t want a guy whatever it was. I don’t know who it was, but

they wanted my vehicle. Yeah, that I was sure they were fishing. Still fishing for a large vehicle on the dock on the cost of a neck

now, can I encourage you next time to accept the x drive up to them get video of it and cancel right when they try to get in? like think about Sure. Think about us next time. That would have been a great video you’d be like, Suck it, man.

But you can’t you don’t think of it at the time. But now 2020 you’re like I should have accepted that.

All right, I cut out a few of them out. But the next one I don’t have a video on it.

We have next

um, this one I’m going to do. So Uber and Lyft both both bought a on the top. Although I think Ubers his cargo is right, because Uber owns part of cargo McCargo shut down shut down but they’ve they’re doing this. Well. Yeah, they’re doing the top of the car. So what are you what are you guys feeling about these? I mean, I’m not going to go into the article. You can you Well, where yourself

the issue is I, before I did this, I worked in the pizza business. Yes. Had car toppers. Yep. Most of them leased the company that we went through, which is what a lot of the pizza companies go through, right? They’re only rated for like 45 miles an hour. Oh.

So you go on the highway. They don’t always fly. But good, but like their rule is no faster than 45 I’ve seen a couple that were 55 Yeah, but none of them. Oh, interesting.

But that one is that one is actually my it’s attached.

It looks pretty heavy duty. I didn’t even notice that. I mean, it’s not a magnet. Yeah. Because you Yeah, I mean, it looks like it has, I mean, obviously it has power. That’s gonna be electrical. But here’s the thing.

I mean, it’s a screen.

It’s a screen to monitor. So how much I mean, I don’t think it I wouldn’t do it for $200 a month. I think. I think it’s a pain in the ass like okay, now I can’t park in my garage. I have to take it off each I have to park in my garage. Can’t run it through the carwash. So I got to take it off when I go through the carwash i mean is how much whatever your hassle factor is worth it or do you guys just think it’s stupid and gardenia wouldn’t do I would do it?

Well you’re on that you wouldn’t get anyways because you

drive enough I have comfort sounds good

no I don’t but seriously I mean yeah, I mean what I wouldn’t even do it if I was full time driver. Okay, I think it’s stupid.

Yeah, you wouldn’t do it even the right amount of money

well, I’m of course everything has around them. Well,

yeah, he talks Well, it does. But it’s 200 enough.

No, is that what is that what they’re saying?

I not in this article, but I I heard there’s I saw it somewhere. I’m not gonna say it’s fact. But I thought I saw I saw something about $200 a month.

I guess it all

Oh, okay. This one says 400.

It says Halo is fairly simple business model full time highly rated drivers who signed up. Applications are closed due to high demand got up to $400 per month agreeing to carry a connected video cable installation on their cars while they worked

$400 a month if

you’re starting to shop, ask that’s your gas bill, you start, you’re starting to be up. I’m listening next year.

I mean, that’s gas. That’s your carwash. That’s your

That’s a lot. But

Disney is right though it’s it has to be easy to take it on and off. It’s

got to be easy. It does say marketers can even ask to shut off ads when the driver in certain areas. So an ad for a family movie won’t run while the driver is passing by an adult store. So the drivers control that. Like we got to know we’re pressing a pause

door, but they probably know GPS, so

well. I doubt it. I doubt it’s gonna be automatic. I gotta run it. I don’t know about that screw that I gotta get going on with I can’t have a puppy in the car. And I can’t be known when I go past the store. That’s why it would be GPS.

I don’t know. They’re not asking us to do one more thing like geo fenced. Yeah, yeah, yeah,

maybe. Yeah, I guess that’s I don’t know. I don’t know Florida. dollars a month. I might look into it. I’d look into it for 400 That’s a lot. I mean, that’s yes was like No,

I mean, I don’t know. I don’t know what my number is. This still seems too low.

Yeah. All right, we’re gonna jump into your video. I skipped a few. So you might see that this is the the Ubers here. That’s that video.

Do just play it. Just play it. It’s funny.

Okay, you guys have called the Uber and it’s gonna be here in six minutes. So I gotta get going.


I just called the Uber. It’s gonna be here in like, five minutes.

Okay, cool.

Just putting on my coat. Does everyone know where the code is? Yeah. Free. Yeah. Like honestly, can you put on like your coat and stuff is going to be here in four minutes. So that’s like pretty soon

hair look okay,

I think we could do better. Yeah, no, you’re fine. Your hair looks totally fine. No, no, it’s fine. Let’s do it. We’re going to be here in like four minutes. So tough time. Honestly, it’s not a lot of time because like, you have to get your coat on. You have to get your bags to get downstairs. So lobby should do French braid. I can do that if you want. Would you Okay, you know what? You guys are still trying to braid. We’re gonna be here in three minutes. Okay. You said it was four minutes away. Yeah, it got closer.

I’m gonna do a fishtail. Oh,

you guys honestly. It’s gonna be here in like two minutes Hey Ross. Another sorry. Before we go

on Well, we’re ready to clean up all this glass.

No, I don’t know.

Oh, I can make you a quick pair of shoes. just graduated from high school. I’m gonna get the elevator.

God cobbler school.

I love that.

My hair. Oh yeah. Oh shit.

You guys. Honestly no the elevators broken into the car. I can cancel the car. Oh my God, he’s here.

He’s actually here now.

He’s actually here look at the car. I can see it

we’re right behind you

so work definitely big.

Guys I’m serious now.

Come on you guys come in.

We’re just gonna make some shoes. Oh, can you rephrase my haircut? I think

you guys

have a shower.

girl that that that set up the ride that’s the guy that sits up front.

Yeah. Yeah, yeah there’s always Megan from Irvine’s our studio sponsor. She was over Uber in the weekend she like

she may have drunk messaged me and at like 130 invoices like

I said the front Jay said like the mob, cuz I ordered.

Like I remember you talking about that. She doesn’t sound like that, but I’m trying to do it girl voice. But uh, yeah, so, yeah, you know, that happens all the time. It was really funny. They did that really well. Um, tip time. Tip time is brought to you by

emesis bags. Look at the screen. Yes. Oh.

Our tip is St. Patty’s Day is coming up for those in Grand Rapids. We have Irish Antonio, which is March 14, where basically you’re it’s day driving again, like the winter beer fest. So you’re gonna want to stock up on those emesis bags. Yeah, they’re really cheap. They work well. I mean, I know a lot of people use like Ziploc gallon bags or trash bags. trash bags probably do work better because it’s hard to Miss, but I feel like trash bags if you’re don’t have it pre opened up like if they’re ready to barf and they don’t they’re like doing this trying to you know, no one can see when

this kitchen trash bags,

but even those they kind of come rolled up.

No I know but but those they’re much better in the scenes,

so they won’t believe.

Yeah, it is it is a smaller, thicker plastic. Yeah, it’s a smaller area where they have to hit but I mean, it’s like just put it up to your mouth. You’ll get it. Oh, yeah, definitely.

So the audio is cruisin for a bruisin. Why? He says Jason, you want to use a girl voice just talk normally.

That’s my that’s my Mickey Mouse voice when I get excited, Leo. Sure. You don’t

hear about you getting excited, man.

Yeah, I don’t know about Ziploc bags. Yeah, I mean, I think we all

I stood in my kitchen trying to close the damn ziplock. I know, like 100 times once not drunk.

Yeah. You can just spin them, right? Yeah. I mean, you just spin them in you. I don’t know, depending.

That’s what I did. Okay, so we’re gonna, I was doing with the Icy Hot balls. Yeah, he was.

All right.

Again, it’s a packet. 2424 bags for $10 on Amazon.

Yeah, cheap. Yeah. So I want to talk about the Patreon again, you know, for $5 a month you get nothing just because you love us. No one’s done that yet. I get it. I we had to make two tiers. So. Yeah, so the go to GR right. Or I’m sorry patreon.com slash gi rideshare. Get Free merge behind the scenes, the gig economy podcast, all that fun stuff. So we thank you for supporting.

Yeah, we

we appreciate everyone that’s on board right now. And we you know, we definitely love some more in there. It helps kind of pay the bills and that kind of stuff. So we’re gonna jump into Facebook shenanigans. The first one that was Sam, I’ll just go for it. I share This Oh, it’s a picture of a McDonald’s drive thru and it says so I was in the McDonald’s drive thru yesterday and the lady behind me honk and me and flip me off because I was taking too long to order. Who does that by the way, like, chances are it’s probably the employee that hasn’t got to the to the microphone yet or whatever. So he says I paid for her food. I moved up and she leaned out the window looking out crazy at me because the teller told her I paid for her food. She felt embarrassed. When I got to the second window to get my food. I showed them both receipts it took her food to I paid for It’s mine. Now she has to wait even longer. She’s gonna learn today. I mean, ain’t wrong. I mean, yeah, wrong. You probably should have just gave her her food. You know, you know, let’s spread a little kindness, but that was frickin awesome. I totally like that. So

this one’s totally

Yeah, so I didn’t have I don’t know why I just did the the text for this. So you just see us again on the screen, but So stank a Smith I mean, I’m just reading what her name is to Uber Lyft drivers Facebook group. Why is it always the bitches in the back whose name isn’t even on the Uber account that asked me about a fucking auxiliary cord or for me to change the fucking station sit your ass the fuck back. Listen to this good s 90s r&b and stop playing in my backseat. Thanks.

So are they the one sitting behind the driver? Probably.

Probably Sam.

I also just wondered if your name is now stinky Smith. Stan.

I like that thing in our telegram group snake Smith. So yeah, stanky doesn’t put up with any bullshit but yeah, when if when if she slaps hands, who slaps hands?

Stanko Smith. I don’t.

I gently move them.

The more I’m looking for you. This is the driver and a passenger. I’m on my way I had to get out of the restroom. A lot. Wow, shit happens. Oh wow, you just made my day. This is gonna be fun.

Yeah, this little poop emoji.

Yeah, a little bit of texting back and forth between drivers and

yeah, it’s fun to get when you get a little playful time.

Usually it’s like were you

I’m here do your dog. Yes I am. Are you at 4747 Oh yeah.

Mo front asshole.

Peter tonisha that’s your new name.

I deserve

that. Are you gonna get a new license and Nisha

plus one adult? Plus for kids? No car seats on quickly. Kids 2457 and age. Me plus the other adult will have a child on the lap. The other two were right next to me.

Know what the f

Yeah, I mean,

guys, it’s it’d be it’d be funny to think that this is like a joke. But this is a real situation. No

yeah this happened in our Grand Rapids market this happens every day yeah

so no way

well guys thank you so much we’re wrapping up you can find us on all our social media Facebook Twitter Instagram all at at gr writer I started doing stories today if you follow my page I don’t know I’m kind of having fun with it. And I can cross post cross promote to Facebook automatically

on social media I know.

Yeah, follow us on Twitch. We’re trying to get to 55 I have done 50 followers when we do we’re gonna do a giveaway could be the camera

who knows usually Miguel’s on here but he was not he was on. Okay.

Thanks again to the sponsors. And thanks to everyone else.

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