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Welcome to the GR Rideshare Adventures podcast

rideshare infotainment for the new driver, old driver and everyone in between. Hi guys,

welcome to the GR Rideshare Adventures podcast on your video. Why am I hearing an echo somewhere

who doesn’t have theirs needed?

Am I is

somebody is muted because I keep hearing myself

Snap me. Oh, it might be me.

It’s me. I’m a dumbass twitch was sorry. I apologize. All right, let’s switch was a

heads out. So sorry about this. So as you can see this is kind of a different setup than we normally do. We are all in separate places kind of in support of everyone that has not been able to write your drive because of the corona virus so we’re just kind of decided to stay away and we kind of put this together and so hopefully, things go okay. This studio is sponsored by Irvine’s auto repair. Thank you so much for sponsoring us. We really appreciate your support. So we’re just gonna get right into it. Obviously on your screen you can see yes for in the right hand corner. You can see Pete in the middle and double Sam, double Sam Sam

mean trouble? Yeah once bad enough but geez two.

Oh, I heard that side so

we’re gonna do our best not to talk over each other obviously there’s a little bit of delay being outside the studio but uh, yeah, let’s just kind of talk about stories.


yeah, yes, but I will say nothing. It’s Corona time.

P you don’t have any Ah, last Friday was slow like definitely slow. It was really bad. And then Saturday, which was supposed to be Irish and Ionia actually ended up being really busy. Anyways,

so Oh, I guess I only did even though they canceled it. Yeah. Oh, yeah, that’s right. We were I was loading some laughs fess up over by Tavern on the square and there was a line out the door. I’m like, Oh boy.


Hi. Sorry, I can’t even hear you. Sorry. Yeah, headphones on. Sorry, pizza wife.

But anyways, so um, yeah, it was they were like bumping music. There was lines out the door. And I’m like, oh, man, isn’t there some sort of recommendation to not be in groups of more than what was I think at that time it was only 250

Yeah, it was 250 at that. Yeah.

And then they I think it was Monday night they changed it to No, it was Tuesday. They had to close everything by three o’clock for diamond.

Yeah. So this This night is gonna be obviously heavily focused on that just how it’s affected the rideshare industry um, we definitely have, um, you know, other things to talk about, but as far as ride driving, we we got nothing I quit, not quit, but I started My lawn mowing job according to john.


it is a what was that ongoing? No, it’s not

over the grass.

That’s true. I do push it down with my big tires.

So I stopped driving soon as kind of the virus thing kind of came around. Couldn’t have been great. It’s great timing for me because I was able, you know to start my regular job and so yeah, I haven’t driven at all.

Sam What about what’s your big news?

Sam’s got Sam’s got at&t internet.

Everybody in the telegram chat already knows but for the rest. I have been locked down at work. We’ve been working from home all we did yesterday we found out it was mandatory from home and today we got a lovely email saying That someone in our office has been exposed. We all have to go under quarantine.

Oh, man. So does does that mean they’ve tested positive or just that they’ve been exposed?

Now that somebody tested positive

it last time they

kind of feel like they should tell you who it is or maybe through the grapevine you find out.

Yeah, I was thinking that too and she was tired. She said that they wouldn’t say who it was. And I’m like, Oh, I

kind of wish

that was possible. But he laughed. Well, I think

you know, her voice. Her voice is still here. Camera cameras,

phones still here. I don’t know why my computer knocked me out. I got

you back. Yeah, I got you, dude.

I got you, girl.

I got you. Okay. All right. Um, so just want to talk about telegram a little bit. Obviously, it’s one of our favorite groups. We just added somebody recently. They always chime in and They just disappear. JOHN puts, you know, gifts uh, butts up and then

just goes to shit.

Crazy but yeah, you can check out our telegram group download telegram and then click on the link in the description on Facebook or YouTube. And then you can join our group and it’s been heavily focused on Corona virus. I tried to steer the conversation about a week ago, but basically everyone told me to fuck off and they just kind of did what they own. I just I don’t know. It’s just getting a little depressing a little bit. I’m kind of overwhelmed with all the corona even though we’re going to talk about it tonight, but it has rideshare driving but um, reviews, please leave us reviews on Apple podcast. That would be great. We did not get one recently. So we did get a notice from somebody who was commenting today on the GR Rideshare Adventures page.

So that was a Sharma Janet from New Zealand. Yep. Okay. Yeah. So it was kind of cool. She was asking, you know, Let’s use. Right and Uber partner from New Zealand. She was asking what that would be, you know, nine, nine o’clock eastern standard over that being her time and I kind of asked the Google and Google knew. Yeah,

I was looking at. I was looking at the time stamp, and you enter that pretty quick. And I was like, Damn, yes. First time, so

it was all me.

No, so that’s a new though. way ahead of us. But yeah, so say at 2pm. So hopefully you will join us if you haven’t already. So you know,

Yeah, that’d be good. I mean, New Zealand is, I mean, Okay, here we go. Geography right here. Okay. New Zealand is in Australia.

Just above it. Yeah. It’s not even there.

There. It’s like an island floating off of it,

but it’s scary. I’m in the general area

in the general vicinity


Well with all this talk of Corona virus or Cova 19 we are having a picnic. It has not been canceled, so everyone can fuck off yet. We’re still going ahead with it. I saw somewhere something canceled in June. It was something I’m like, Oh,

good granted festival. Yeah,


Yes. I saw this time in 50 years.

I’m like, why are we canceling this in June? Do you know something that we don’t?

Well, I mean, the President has said it could last until August.

It better not because then I’m my den. My trip is gone. And I can’t

have your Denmark check was probably already.

Don’t say that. Okay, it’s in July.

Did you buy Did you buy insurance?

No. But

most flight insurance doesn’t cover pandemics anyways.

It doesn’t.

No, no. They’ll work with you. Wait, what is that?

What is the airlines bankrupt?

Your money back? Oh no they don’t

fly with will fly with British Airways of Canada I’m going bankrupt, this probably is pretty slim. Well hopefully Yeah.

All right, then then I think we are talking about some of the Apocalypse, right?

Okay, I’m going to share this picture this this came early. This is a late entry This is kind of gonna get us started with Cova 19 talk and Uber. And so I’m going to pop that picture up. And basically this kind of sums it up with how slow it is. Someone from the local group in Grand Rapids here said if it gets any slower I may get to the point where I’d pick up a baby smoking a joint hashtag paying. Oh my god, that’s so true.

Yeah, I was. I was out this morning for like two and a half hours and went out at like, just before Seven. And I took two rides that I accepted. And one that I turned down because I wasn’t going to go to that neighborhood. Now is that

when you made like, four on four off,

basically now actually the two rides that I got were were both like, almost 20 minute drives. So they ended up being pretty decent. Yeah, but I spent the rest of the day doing instacart and then having Justin thanks Justin. Do my brake pads and


earlier. Justin p said he was changing his brakes. So just to let you know. Yeah.

Hey, I put the tire on one side and I tighten the lug nuts. Did you put the lug nuts on right? Maybe actually, Justin put them on I just tighten them up.

know they’re on right now. So Pete, why don’t you tell us a little bit kind of how it’s affected. All three of us have, for whatever reason have stopped driving. I mean, obviously for the Cova 19. My I would slow down anyways, just to the fact of being back to work doing the lawn care. But how has this affected you? I know you’ve been kind of been a little anxious about it.

Yeah, I mean, I think the the real test is going to be this weekend. But judging from what I’ve seen so far from just the chat and in being out this morning, it’s bad. I mean, Sunday, I was out for six, six hours, during pretty decent time. We would normally make some good money and I made like 30 bucks. Oh my god. Yeah. Oh, wow. I spent Sunday night Monday and Tuesday, like just throwing apps at some places that I kind of wanted to put in Apps anyways, but it was a little more motivation because It’s currently untenable in food delivery. I think if you can get your slots has been okay, I know Gabe has been doing all right with it. But like, I don’t sign up for slots, and I just have doordash and I haven’t had an area turn red.

At all week so far.

I talked to one of my friends today, and he’s back doing Uber Eats

a lot.

nine hours last week, not not full time, but you know,

the eyes just lit up a

lot better than the last time I tried to bring it.

Yeah, I mean, I recommend people and unfortunately, it’s probably happening but Well, fortunately or unfortunately, is to do food delivery. grubhub sign up for whatever you can. But I think unfortunately, in about 10 days that that’s gonna be pretty saturated. And if you can’t get blocks that you’re you’re kind of it out of luck. Although, I

don’t think people are gonna slow to stop using it. I mean, they can’t keep eating. I mean, I guess they can.

This is America yo.

No, I know. But there’s no more money, right? Oh, no, we lost it. No, no, she lost the

other one. She’s making me work tonight. Like, I gotta go to a different screen to add her ass back end. I don’t think she realizes that. It took it down. Anyways. I honestly think it will continue. Yeah, I mean, there are some people, especially my family, we’re like we’re not eating out right now. Just because we don’t want to expose not expose ourselves. I want to kind of change the verbiage like, I don’t want to expose others. I may have it I don’t want you know, like I told my dad, please don’t go out. My mother in law, please don’t go out like you’re vulnerable. So that’s more what I want to do. But I mean, I think I think it’ll stay busy for a while. Honestly, I mean, yeah, people love their junk food. So, no, it’s true.

Oh, not only that, but I think all of the major food delivery places are now doing zero charge for delivery. Yeah, I forgot about that. I know Uber Eats is doing it doordash I’m pretty sure grub hub is doing it.

Yeah, and for the riders who happen to be listening in please remember to tip in this times particularly, it is extra extra important that you put in those tips both for both for the restaurant but certainly also for the ride.

Over the past drivers, sorry.

Yeah. Pete, have you tried Postmates I know that’s something where you don’t have to have a block and I know grubhub you don’t either. And it might be okay right now because it’s so busy. But usually grub hub without a block is just garbage runs. But

yeah. Now I haven’t I’m not signed up for Postmates yet, so I will Have to try that. Okay. Um, where are we at here? Sorry, it’s got tons of tabs going on but

so we’re gonna jump into our studio sponsor Irvine’s auto repair, booties. frickin crap. What are you doing?

Oh, I can’t mom is running it in the kitchen I’m bringing her room I’m running out my phone and my laptop.

can tell mom she can slower roll and just play with the cats for an hour.

Yeah, good luck on that.

Anyways Irvine’s auto repair they’re located on Stafford just east of 131 off 44th Street. Man they are doing their best to you know deal with this Cova 19 and they actually were offering right now they will come pick up your car. Wipe it all down after they get out. So basically the it’s a delivery service. They will come pick up your car if it needs to be repaired or maintenance. or whatever and come back and take the necessary precautions. I don’t know exactly the steps they’re taking but definitely something to look into but we super appreciate them supporting us. They fix Asian domestic, some beamers not that none of us have beamers who just deleted my rundown just disappeared anyways, so you can call them at 532 6600 it’s gone whatever I was looking at the Google Docs, it’s somebody just deleted whoever did that. Can you please undo that please?

Wasn’t me.

Okay, I got it back.

I’m sorry. Irvine’s this has been a terrible ad spot. This is why I do them at the beginning too. So yeah, check them out. 532 6600 Irvine’s comm Megan or Jamie will take care of you can schedule online. They’ve been supporting us for a couple of months are more than like six months. So we really do awesome work. Awesome work. They do. Great, great job.

So Janet is on Twitch. And she says that she’s from New Zealand. It’s its own country, about 40 4100 kilometers east of Australia. So I’ve learned

heaps from

that must be a big thank you. I’ve been overdriving since

December 1 of 2018. Almost 1300 rides 4.93 stars. I work full time. Wow. Awesome.

Yep. Well, Welcome gentlemen. Welcome to the group and remember to join us on on telegram.

Yes, definitely. I don’t have the links in

I don’t know if I can do that in Twitch. But yeah, join us on telegram. That’d be great.

Yeah, download the app first and then go to the website and and join the app through there.

Are you there Sam?

I am now I can date off my phone but yes,

okay, here’s your screen is the Wi Fi off. Okay. Your screen is frozen. So I just want to make sure do you want me to take your articles or you got it?

I got it. Okay,

we’re gonna jump into the news. And Sam’s got the first one.

Frozen picture. Sorry.

Oh, well,

Uber and Lyft virus warning, some drivers feel left pillar. So I yeah, this has been rough for a lot of Uber drivers and Lyft drivers. The business being down for, you know, for a while they’re having a word for a favor going to do anything to help compensate us. It looks like they are but I mean, it’s Yeah, people who collect the bills don’t care that you’re an Uber driver.

That’s just Oh,

yeah, I mean,

you know, this whole thing that’s going on it’s ever changing. Megan from Irvine is actually sent me a message Tuesday, and I hadn’t been on Facebook all day cuz I was at work and I was like, Like, oh shit What happened? You know, I’m like, What changed during the day that I need to freak out about but, uh, or be anxious about or whatever. But yeah, it’s it’s definitely affecting drivers and I’m curious with Janet New Zealand as she experienced those kind of issues as well. You know, being super slow as far as just because people are driving.

I kinda

what do you guys think about when you see people getting on the drivers? And I haven’t really seen it in the local group but it may be peak and speak of this that are like why are you driving? you’re exposing yourself? you’re exposing others. What What do you think about that, as far as does that piss you off does that?

Well, I guess for me it’s kind of like not a lot of other choice. You know, I started doing this full time knowing If there was going to be, you know, risks of you know, your car breaking down or you know, something happening and so which is you know, you want to diversify and have other options. And I think this is just another one of those things. I think as far as the riders go, most of them are pretty good. I’ve been pretty, you know, respectful, been very nice. I’ve had a couple who got in and they’re like, Where’s your hand sanitizer and like, well, I don’t know if you’ve been to any of the stores they lay, but you can’t buy enough sanitizer enough.

They said, Where’s your hand sanitizer? Bring Your Own bitch.

Sorry. Yeah. Actually, one girl gave me She’s like, Where’s she? She was really nice about it. She’s like, Where’s your hand center as I told her I had mailed to find a so she like gives me a couple squirts. You know, everybody had a good laugh and but I did have another couple who like got in and the first thing they said was, where’s your hand sanitizer? I said, I don’t have any. There’s there’s no lights in the stores. There’s no sanitizer. Yeah, it was a little quiet for like the first five or six minutes of the ride and then I don’t know if they got over it and just started talking and being fine but

didn’t Mark me down. I haven’t gotten any one stars.

Well, we supposed to. I mean, again, I go over this on and on like, Hey, I’m getting you save. I understand what’s going on. But clearly you’re not that worried. If you’re writing if you’re that worried. Why are you writing in a rideshare car? I mean,

I did have a girl.

Tell me Was it Sunday afternoon? I think it was.

I picked up her and her husband from the mall. And she rolled with her head outside the window.

Where’s the video on that? I want to post that holy shit.

Yeah, man. I was just like, if she tried it. She was like super nice about it. And she kept trying to talk to me and I’m like, I can’t look at Dog barking and when I can’t hear you

please tell me save that video is nuts you know what i think i format in my

son of a bitch What

are you a rookie too?

So Emily Sears chimed in and said I thought about buying a bunch of toilet paper then giving a role to each of my writers. That would be hilarious that’d be that’d be a fun video too.

Good Good luck finding that.

Hey, my wife went to all the on Sunday and the store there was 10 people in the store and it was fully stocked so

we went on the family.

Yeah, when I went to Aldi today there was like, probably 10 packages of toilet paper left.

Well, I heard that they’re they’re monitoring that like there was somebody there that only lets you take two and then they’re really hard on you if you try to take more than five.

Why five? Who shits that much?

Yeah, my ears changed. There’s there’s signs originally instead of five cross it out and put 202

is it not two rows or two packages? Well,

it’s two rolls two rolls.

So Janet says still reasonably busy. Only 28 confirm Cova 19 in New Zealand to our in our area all cases so far have come into country from overseas, all those frickin American


are going to jump in the next article. We’re going to talk about unaccompanied minors, you know, that’s kind of left the Facebook Uber world is the unaccompanied minor, but this is just a quick article about it. That got posted early March. But uh, the Uber for kids is going to happen, I think, obviously, everything has been put on hold right now with all this going on. But I mean, I don’t know why they aren’t doing it. They love money. So why aren’t you doing it? Maybe they’re not willing to put it They already they’re still doing it. Well.

Yeah, policing it. Yeah. Well,


they’re never gonna do anything about it. We go round and round but I’m excited if if they do, do it, I did a little poll which, you know, not a lot of people chimed in on it but I asked if if you will you drive minors if Uber creates a platform for notice 321

that yes, they would. So should it is made two poles. The first one will you drive minors? If Uber creates a platform? Yes or no? And then the second one, or do you already try?

What is it not? I don’t know if you can see who who voted. But if it’s a you can’t tell, then I bet people would vote honestly. Yeah. So yeah, what do you guys think as far as on the team here, would you guys consider doing it?

No no

well you hate kids anyway so

that’s that’s no surprise but what about Peter yes spur

I wouldn’t know what I just I don’t drive in those times whether it’s really necessary I don’t even remember the last time I’ve had somebody try you know

right I’m just saying personally if you were a full time driver and you did drive during the day I probably would

yeah i mean i would it yeah I would take I would take take the training whatever was required and do we go

I do bitch about minors but in when people say something like, Well how am my kids going to get to work or get to school or whatever and and, and I and I do get it I do understand it and but I am willing to change to by saying well it’s 2020 so the technology is there to do it. So let’s let’s do it. Let’s do it the right way. Let’s you know, not try to skirt the system. I don’t

know. I don’t know if, if I would do it or not. I’m, I’ve I have not made I would have to do a lot of thinking. Really? And just kind of depends on it would probably be very situational to me.

Yeah, I mean in again Are you getting? Are you getting the same rate?

I mean, I’m assuming you’re gonna get paid more by do I assume that? I don’t

know. I mean, why did I Why did

that even come out of my mouth

seesee says Can I walk them? No Then no.

Went on this is part of the training I got. You kicked

my seat again. I’m pulling this car over. I’m gonna walk you

there’s a right right right on the wrong way. whooping people right so if you do it, right. Yeah, that’s the lesson on the end of money.

lever marks What is going on? Oh my God all right we’re gonna jump into the next one which another thing that kind of went by the wayside is the free Esper the new change yeah the rate changes and I for a while there I thought it was just Grand Rapids but apparently they did it nationwide basically downtown ish

ish is so

go ahead yes for

well sorry i mean you know you’re good just want to give me some time

so yeah it’s about as no off as Leonard on 131 as solid as I think that’s wealthy Street

and then

yeah that kind of quadrant ish and habits in that area it’s it’s a

What is it? It’s 10% higher and all around that is 10% lower. I don’t even know because I haven’t driven but

10% higher. Outside I’m sorry 10% lower charge to the to the rider outside of the downtown area.

That’s what I was saying. Yeah. Does anybody

does anyone can anyone share the the link for the telegram group and then in our private chat and put it in


just I was just looking at our stats at our telegram chat. We’ve had 53,564 voice message.

That’s a few

at 116 shared lengths 31 audio files, 29 files, 300 videos and 5000 photos

and 4995 of them are butts

Maybe an array. So in this particular case that we were talking about there was a gentleman called Mark he was posting something on in the in the Uber Lyft rideshare group. And basically, he was stating that he normally was to do a driving to a drive 70 7030 over two left, but that would definitely be changing, he would start doing a lot more lift than Hoover, because he a lot more his ride originated from outside of the quarter and so he was actually he was feeling a lot of this the change in a negative way so so from that perspective, again, I haven’t driven since yet so I don’t know yet whether what it’s gonna look like and you know, I have so many comfort, right so it doesn’t really matter right.

Now, so again, I don’t know whether it’s going to affect positively or negatively

I know I’ve noticed that it’s created a and I don’t know if it’s because of this or not. But there’s been a very weird surge outside of the core of Grand Rapids really, almost at the same time that this changed. And it’s not a real search. It’s not a sticky search. But what is it then? It’s you go out there, you get your dollar 25 or $1 50. And that’s it.

Oh, there’s no rights there.

And, and yeah, there’s no, there’s no, that’s the other thing is there’s no rise when it’s surging. I mean, it’s not no rides, but right. You would you would expect if it’s surging, that it’s going to be pretty much, you know, one right after the other, but it’s not been like that. Right. And this is even before you know, this is as of like Sunday night or Saturday night.

So even before the bar is called

Yeah, I mean, things are gonna be messing with Ubers algorithm, just because there’s less demand. And I don’t know, maybe their computers are freaking out or something like that, but

I’m just bummed the airport, the outside.

What do you mean?

The airports in the lower 10%? Oh, yeah.

Yeah, we just kind of came in just late before I stopped driving. So I didn’t really have a good fit. But I would say most of my rides are outside that, that increased area during the lower area, to be honest with you.

I mean, I think most of them I know on the inside, I never had any problems getting any of those requests. And my guess is it’s it’s all of them. We do have a couple of questions from Facebook. Basically, the big thing about his whole both CT center Is CC and the bad guys is kind of talking about that and then hoping that this is not a like a real thing that’s gonna stay forever this this rate change but I mean, I guess we don’t really know anything about you know if everybody seems like it’s a thing that’s here to stay.

Well, what I don’t understand is

Yeah, there was there really wasn’t any

you know notice about it it was just like all of a sudden they usually they kind of give you like oopsies


Sorry about that. Usually they kind of give you like an email. This is what we’re doing coming up next month I feel like it Maybe I was wrong, but I feel like it just kind of dropped and we were like, oh, okay, I guess this is this is the new rate. So

if anyone noticed, but it was like, it was like two weeks I think,

oh, was it? Did they? Maybe I don’t I don’t know those notifications never clear. It’s got it had the same thing about my registration for three weeks on there and it wouldn’t clear And I just stopped reading.

I couldn’t help but thinking that before that they had an awful lot of I mean, the quest was almost every weekend. You know, we would we would we had we went we had quests for I don’t even know, almost two months straight I would think that we had every every weekend every night, Friday and Saturdays who ain’t making extra money I was making 30 $40 You know, every time period extra was that before this rate change came? Yeah, that was just before the rains came that that started. Yeah,

maybe that’s why they did that.

I don’t know why. That’s exactly I would think maybe that kind of the two goes hand in hand.

So they wouldn’t we wouldn’t be as pissed because we’ve been getting quest. Maybe.

All right, you think beat

you know, honestly, I never even realized that the work was because I wasn’t paying attention. Pete I know. I mean, it wasn’t till I I did notice this probably two weeks ago, I started like realizing, oh, I’m getting like quests. But before that, I wouldn’t even look in.

Yeah, I didn’t. I didn’t really pay a ton attention. I mean, if lift was really busy, some of the I wouldn’t deal with Uber on the quest because I mean, I’d rather stay busy then. Then basically, you know, try to chase those quests because I feel like even when lift had the streaks, like right before I stopped driving, they had $25 streaks in the morning. I did eventually get two of them. But it’s still hard cuz like, everyone’s trying to get that streak. So it’s kind of like, Oh, this is great, but I’ve always felt like, if you could get the rides on Lyft you would make more money.

Yes. Then you do on Uber. But the problem is, you don’t get the rides, right. Yeah. Hang on. I’m doing something here.

Sorry, Pete, why don’t you jump into the the ban on pool rides real quick?

Yeah. So the next article is Uber and Lyft. Drivers call for a ban on pool rides. And this is some sort of it’s from an independent drivers guild out in New York City. And they’re calling for a ban on Uber pool and Lyft. I’m not sure what it’s called. But basically, it’s because they don’t want to get coronavirus

but didn’t they just announced yesterday that Uber is shutting down pool right.

I heard that they were talking about it. But I haven’t I know.

I’ve read it several places that they did.

Yeah, they did. This is the article that we are sharing is a little bit old. Just because we podcast every two weeks, but yeah, they they definitely did. shut them down. So

we don’t have Uber pool here. So right

I don’t know. Did you hear the buses got shut down in Detroit too? I did not hear that. Yeah, the drivers to be safe they decided that they were going to drive anymore. Just because of you know, the virus going around.

What and the latest that I just heard today is Amtrak just got shut down. really gonna have a jail.

Am train or Amtrak?

Amtrak okay. I just just clarifying what is the M train? I don’t know. That’s why I asked it. Yes, we made it up. new thing.

All right. So, and you know, I think my biggest frustration about all of this coronavirus stuff is that everybody knows about it. Everybody knows what’s going on. I still see people like out in public

Like really

cover your mouth. I know. I know. I mean, but what if somebody like allergies are popping right now? I know that I’ve been sneezing a little bit more, but people definitely

look at you like you have Cova 19

when you cough or sneeze, I would care less. I would still care. I mean, I’m gonna look at somebody if they sneeze by me, but if they at least make an attempt to like cover their mouth, okay, you know,

Oh, so you’re saying these people are making an attempt. They’re just like coughing they’re

often like out there like just like sneezing or like whatever like

Oh, so um, Oh, there she goes.

So did you call them out on it or just to be like now?

Now, Rebecca says Don’t make me spray with Lysol. Yeah. Thanks. Yes for for sharing that. I’m gonna jump in next article Sam’s Having some internet issues. This is another thing too. Uber is gonna suspend the counts of drivers and delivery people affected by Cova 19. But it has offered financial assistance. We’ll talk about that a little bit later but I mean, it’s, they have to, I mean, they have to like, with all this going on, I just go back and forth with all these bands in my head. I’m like, Yes, this is gonna help but this is unprecedent I mean, I mean, yes, verse 45, and a little older than me or maybe it’s 46 I can’t remember what it is. You’re an old Fuck, but

I like it. You just like Yep, that’s me.

But um

it’s just seems so weird. Like we’re so used to having the rights to do whatever we want and not that they’ve taken them away. They’ve just suggested it, but it just feels really unAmerican doesn’t it like

it I mean, I’ve said it several times tonight guys, it these are all President at times. I mean, I talk to my family and then like almost every day these days, and it’s crazy to think what’s going on over there. I mean, they have in such a small country, there’s over 1000 cases of covert people people were infected. And it’s just the latest thing they did was they just banned groups of people, 10 people or more, can you imagine? You can’t get 10 people together in a room that is illegal.

I know families that have more than 10 people.

And so it’s just it’s just crazy. Right? And and you’re right, Jason, this is just

yeah, I mean, Todd on on YouTube was kind of alluding to the fact that he thinks that it’s, it’s really crazy, and everybody is very much over overreacting all these things. And yeah, maybe they are. And I keep saying I go back and forth to is I think we should just let it ride out. We should just kind of get back to work on it and kind of let it run its course and what we’ll The best. And I don’t know, I don’t know the best, but I do know that we are being asked to do social distancing, distancing. And if we don’t

who’s who should know that we’re not part of the problem?

Yeah, I look at it like this Yes. For and I know you don’t have great. I mean, I don’t know if your grandparents are still alive. But if you if you live real close to them, would you be more cautious on going out and being like, oh, man, I gotta do my part to keep my, my grandparents safe. I wonder? Yeah, I just wonder if it’s kind of one of those things where, you know, you’re not affected by it. You know, so

it’s like, yeah, it’s fine. Well, I mean, right. We don’t we just don’t really know. Now, we don’t really know.

And it’s hard for someone to tell you like, Hey, you need to stay home. When we’re like, after you. I’m an American. I’ll go wherever I want now. I mean, it’s I’m not doing that. By the way. I’m not a rebel. I know. I’m not Doing that I am doing the social distancing. I’ve cancelled all podcasting, although then remotely so like, I am doing my part, but it just seems so weird. Like, I’m super scared if they say we’re going to arrest you, if you leave like that is like the next step not that we’re getting. I’m not trying to get in a rabbit hole with it. But

I was gonna say we’re not there yet. Right. But it’s, I mean, yeah,

we’ve gone since Monday without another order. So I think we’re a recommendation. So I think we’re improving a little bit seesee said they said to keep funerals to 25. Yeah.

Like, oh,

sorry, you die, do you? I’d be like, whatever.

Well, Joker on Twitch says I still think that is being blown out of proportion. But now I’m to the point of rather being safe than sorry.

Yeah, I mean, I think that’s what’s happening again, I I definitely was in the same boat where I was like, it’s fine, but now As every day a new order came down so I was like, Okay, I I’m sorry, I gotta follow the rules. So

yeah, so

let’s let’s see what else we got. I’m probably up.

Oh, ad sweet.

This This is our second sponsor, it’s Michigan insurance and financial services. They are my insurance carrier actually progressive is but she is a broker, meaning she can get you quotes on so many different insurance companies called Jackie at 269-569-6127. And then you can email her, which I always get the email wrong. The last two posts I’ve asked it up because Mia Fs I screw it up but you can email her at Jackie at MIA Fs calm and yeah, she can get you a quote. I mean, you should get an insurance audit once a year anyways And now’s a better time no better time than now with the shutdown. going on, you probably need to save a little money especially if you’re a rideshare driver if you’re doing that as full time gig work, so thank you, Jackie. All right, next up, I mean, there’s a little humor in some of this stuff. We’re trying to keep it light so don’t be offended.

I don’t know why I said that. But

of course the the old Uber Photoshop made it reared its ugly head again. And you can get a regular Uber for 3402 or Uber no Cova 19 you can get it for 4893 which should

Photoshop though,

I’m pretty sure. I mean, I could be wrong. Like $14 for the safety and security knowing I mean, what’s what’s your safety worth? I mean, come on, but

apparently $14 and 91 cents. Yeah.

That was fun.

Next up, yes, sir is going to talk about supporting you during this coronal virus. Sam is actually kind of part of this now that she’s been quote unquote, quarantined. Yeah. So why don’t you talk about that? Yes, for

sure. So, this is Ubers latest addition to one, I guess the addition to the terms, whatever they came out with a big announcement on the 15th, March 15. And basically talking about how


they are going to start paying out

to people who are covered 19

infected or what I’ve been told by having personally told by a healthcare professional that they at risk for being affected that Uber will cover their their wages or we want to say help people pay for their wages for up to two weeks. So There’s a big announcement on on Google blog. You can go read read that. But basically the big thing is you have to have driven you have to have driven take at least one ride 30 days since the days passed, so before APR clicks,


what you get is a is a an average of your earnings for the last two years average of your weekly earnings for the last six weeks, six months so and there’s four, there’s four qualifiers are a one a four qualifies. You’re either diagnosed with code 19, you’re placed in an individual quarantine by a public health authority. You are personally asked by a public health authority or licensed medical provider to self isolate, future risk of spreading cobit 19 or your account is protected by HIPAA as a result of information provided by public health authority that you have been diagnosed or have been exposed to someone diagnostic over 90. So if it’s one, two and three, then you do, you are required to fill out a special form the Uber has to prove that you actually those two cases, but obviously, if if Uber shuts off your account because of code 19, then they already know or they have already approved it. And they stay there with you two to five days, they will have your money in your account. So I think that’s actually really cool. And it’s very awesome as a company such as Uber, stepped up to the plate and kind of helped that.

I’m probably I know I missed it because I was doing other things. But what is the timeframe that they’ll pay you for just for the

two weeks, no more than two weeks.

Finance, financial assistance for two weeks and basically there’s some there’s some There’s examples and these are just examples where basically if your average daily earnings was 2857 a day then you can expect to receive $400 for two weeks. If you are expected if your average daily earnings within last six months worth 6428 then you can expect a check for 900 off. And then the last daily earnings was 121 42. And if that was what there was, then you can expect the check for 17 hours. And again, that is a one time payment

for two weeks.

And then what they say what I like is nobody’s gonna if you if you qualify, you won’t get less than $50 that’s like the minimum you’re gonna get 50 Yeah. So that’s for the people who are taking 123 rides, that kind of stuff, right? Don’t really drive a whole lot. But then what I also like what they say is this the situation Up until most the date hang on April 6, this is effective up until April 6. At this time, we will reassess the situation and release a call for privacy. So they opening up for the fact that this may go on for a while. But as that now what they also do say at the end of the article, which is interesting is that this is for individuals only. If a whole city or a whole part of a city gets shut down because of a big outbreak, this will not this wouldn’t matter here to those situations, they’ll be special. There’ll be special negotiation special things coming out for that. It’s just the individual drivers.

Oh, that’s super interesting. I that. I didn’t know that. So if it’s like a mass shut down, they’re not gonna pay that they’re gonna help do something else. Oh, then

then I gotta go down and say, well, we’re gonna pay this amount to everybody who drove in this and like, La for instance, now. Oh, okay.

Well, that’s good. I’m glad they’re doing

something. Go ahead, Pete. I was gonna say Where did you

did you happen to see what Lyft was doing? The article I read said that Lyft was going to do something also, but only if you are confirmed as having coronavirus. Okay. Whereas Uber will do it, even if you’re just scorned

by it. I think the big thing is Uber will actually shut down your account, and that’s the problem. So you’re, you’re going to temporarily lose access to Uber for up to two weeks. Right. Now, I don’t know if Lyft is going to do the same, but I would assume so. Right? But so so if they do they have to shut down your account because I cobit they’re gonna pay up you know, according to the rules were laid out earlier and you can read a lot more on it. Anytime Hoover’s blog and And the name of the blog is supporting you doing Coronel IRAs so you can kind of look at it.

I kind of feel Pete and Sam should go out to lunch.

Pete needs a payday for two weeks. Yeah.

Well, you guys can’t go in a building because you know, they’re all close, maybe meet at a park or something and just say I’ve been


Hopefully Uber doesn’t listen to this so that I fucked up so

all right, all

right. Well, we’ll stay six feet away from

the kids through the park. Anyways, this should be home social distancing at home. That’s

right. bad parenting. So Sophie, I had to share this in the chat tonight because you know, car seats are one of the touchy subject with P and he seems he has the worst luck with minors and worse in car seats, but this was posted in our in our local group and take it away, Pete Yeah. So

it says Ryder, Alpine Walmart with a toddler with no car seat heads up. And then it’s kind of funny cuz actually the guy who replied to it, I know is a buddy of mine. We used to work together. And so I had to message him because he replied back, learn my lesson on that and invested in the car seat. And so I sent a message like, No, no, no, no, no, no, you don’t want to do that man. What was this? What was his response? He was like, Oh, really? Like, yeah, you know, you don’t you want to have his little liability on you as possible. You want to all to be either on you know, Uber or Lyft or on the parents. You know, you start providing car seats and then you know, you’re on the line because you provided if it fails. Yeah. Which like you said before, you’re on mine anyways, because it’s gonna happen. Yeah,

I talked to when we had legal rideshares a sponsor for a while. I kind of sent Brian Brown. Right from legal rideshare a couple emails or actually, I think we talked about it when we were recording sessions, but he said you’re going to be sued anyways, he’s like you might have I mean, he’s like, I don’t see a huge problem with having a car seat. But, I mean, again, I why open yourself up to liability. I mean, and then you’re kind of supporting the problem a little bit. Honestly, you’re kind of be like, Oh, it’s okay. You don’t need to bring a car seat. Um,

I mean, think about it this way. If if the only reason why you shouldn’t provide a car seat is this because I’m not going to provide a car seat. So if you bring somebody down to Walmart, with your car seat, which is great if that’s what you want to do, they’re going to get stuck there. Possibly because other drivers aren’t going to have a car. See,

wait a minute p you’re not going to wait for them while they shop in Walmart.

I mean,

five, baby five and drive. Drive.

I tell you what, this is the honest to god truth. I picked up a guy and I’ve picked him up a couple times before but I picked him up Sunday afternoon. And I drove him to the Family Dollar on Michigan and fuller, or dollars or whatever it is. And I waited there 11 minutes while he went inside and shop because I had waited 35 minutes for a ride before I got

I said you know what?

This is money. I’m getting paid right now. So

So what you’re saying is the rideshare community got you by the balls? Yeah.

Yeah. Did you tip you on my head over to Walmart and pick up this rider. This toddler with no car seat? I got the dad has got some bills to pay.

I mean, don’t forget the

Oh yeah. The blonde. Yeah.

Somebody in that other posts or made a comment. So the I just got tip with crack rocks recently. like okay I don’t know I don’t know all that has to do with babies but I did chuckle I thought it was funny alright so here’s the next one that’s kind of you know not coronavirus rated Samad shared this or assigned to it but Sam are you up to date on stuff or do you need me to go ahead alright

what the fuck yes

I You made me go to the skies like what is going on

okay, so

the last driverless car

cool call them yes

people say well


I mean it kind of goes the same lines with a car seat You know, I I’ve been lucky though the last week I drove in the mornings people were hauling their big ass car seats out with their kid in them and I’m like, I’m liking this and I’ve seen more with car seats than without I mean, I don’t know about up lately. I mean, just pay maybe in the last couple months on

its peak. Of course he had him

like Nah, man.

No car seats and minors.

Lyft Lyft and Uber don’t like me apparently. That pink


Yeah, right.

So this next one is great. Um, where is it?

Um, it is.

Yeah, about the bird. Oh,

I was making sure we were talking about the same, like,

not the bird. Right.

So we don’t know what Where I found this somewhere online but said no advice needed just wanted to share what likely will be the weirdest Uber passenger I will ever have. Lady found an injured buzzard, but couldn’t find a wildlife rescue that could pick it up in a timely manner. So we’re on our way to the wildlife hospital definitely has a broken wing. no risk of trying to fly out.

Oh, okay.

I mean, no,

sorry. Don’t we have enough buzzards in the world?

I mean

that is true. I have a booth

on the way to drop it off.

buzzards are mean

sorry yes. Yes bird I stepped on each other’s joke. I said I had a boot yes for said he had a shovel.

It’s a buzzard. Come

I’m sorry.

Well I think I hurt my chest laughing and coughing at the same time


yeah for that cobit

Oh man. No that is true I mean it is a feel good story it’s nice i’ve i’ve read other stories about wasn’t it? Didn’t we talk about a drunk guy call him for like a baby deer or something or drunk I called somebody called an Uber for an injured something. I don’t remember what it was

anyone I know I don’t remember that gets

But no, I would definitely not take a buzzard. But it’s nice that dead I don’t know. would you do it? Sam course you would your animal lover.

I mean, I take food. She do it for free. She returned

it for like a kitten or a puppy or

like, I don’t know about a buzzer though, man. You do it for something cute. Not even necessarily cute just not someone’s gonna like pet cat brain our brains out one trying to dry.

Yeah, they’ve been known if you have a slow heartbeat to go through. Yeah,

if they been known if you have a slow heartbeat to go for your jugular, so

yeah, see?

Ah, where are we at here?

I think we’re already done with our Oh no, we got one article. I think

one more. says have you seen my dog? referring to me? My dog your dog with the tooth? The tooth that doesn’t stay inside his mouth or her mouth. It’s a girl right?

Yeah, we’re

at the door shut.

I definitely think it’d be cool that I would love to have my new little puppy on but man he’s a he’s a hyper he would be.

Yeah, he’d be chewing.

Yeah, he’d be chewing cords we’d go offline. Yeah, so

All right, yes, we’re crazy.

So this is the The next one is the story of Uber drivers that are losing their jobs over fake UI complaints. I think we’ve had a couple of stories locally, they haven’t actually been been banned, like, forever. But we’ve had a couple of happen on Chris Ranch, temporary bands because of the false reports. And basically, it’s the it’s the story of Shannon Powell. Who in early February, he was driving for Uber in Baltimore, and he has as he has been for last three and a half years. And he was working in the afternoon, picking up and dropping off as he goes, he sipped on cocoa butter. So anyways, around 5pm, all of a sudden, he got a ping from Uber and everything changed his his app had been shut up, because basically somebody had had reported him for having having may have been driving under the influence while using the app.

And so that’s the thing, right?

That’s that’s a real thing. More and more passengers are using that as a way to getting out of paying for the ride not realizing the effect that it has for the for the driver. And I have had people in my car talking about that talking about, you know, friends that have done that. And I’ve had people doing other kinds of things not not not doing that, but I have people who will just do the one star and I have absolutely done nothing but they will do the one star to import Uber report to Uber to just get them to you to refund the money.

Uber telling me what Uber

might have been left. Actually, I think it was left because I don’t like Lyft they told me that they don’t. They don’t give out free rides because of one stars. No, I was like okay

yeah so just real quick so the story goes on there’s a lot of talk back and forth a lot of stuff and and what was sad was Shannon does was actually I think is pretty interesting and probably a good idea is he immediately goes down to

to the hospital and has a test made


Jason’s face What does that make it a face?

Sorry, I’m looking at a pin Can someone pin the comment that New Zealand is east of India, Indonesia, and I’m trying to figure out how to unpin it that’s why my face

anyways, so he went down, Shannon went down to the hospital and he had to he had a made a test. Basically was able to prove live 24 hours a day, there was no way he was drunk, he didn’t have anything, you know, no alcohol is bought. And Uber didn’t care at all about that. But then what Uber is saying, and what they have said in the past is, other drivers have been able to use rideshare that dashcam footage, to in some cases prove that the passion just was talking about using and doing that and that kind of stuff and was able to turn around because of that. So that brings me back to what we always say is do not die without you have your dash your dash cam footage. And make sure you have a card memory card that is big enough to be able to at least or 24 hours worth of footage because you just never know.

Yeah, but I feel like if it’s your first time it’s a 48 hour band by the time you go through all that it’s gonna you know, it’s gonna take a week to do all that so you’ll be back driving again, I think it plays a factor when it’s your second one.

That may be the They’re like yeah, we’re deactivating you.

But see in this article, there was no talk about it being a second one. Uber did say that there was there was other there had been other reports about China. But not necessarily the UI of reports but those are the reports right? That’s just sounds like that’s just a cop out like that. I’m looking for a reason to to stand by that decision. me Who knows?

I do. I do feel bad for drivers that legitimate are drinking because there probably are that actually are drinking, you know, but that gave me Go ahead. Pete actually had a

buddy but an acquaintance of mine who drove Uber you might remember this happened last summer. And he’s, he’s

got about that

as Asperger’s Oh, okay. And his passenger reported him as driving drunk because he has, you know, a little bit of difficulty speaking And they, they terminate his account. I’ll try to find it and they wouldn’t reactivate him

just for one report.

Yeah. I don’t know if it happened before or not but

yeah, I mean, Uber does not care about you. They are not loyal. They don’t care how many rides they have. They don’t care about your ratings. They care about the customer. So it care about

me though. Why cuz you’re diamond.

Are you still diamond bitch? Yeah.

Yeah, hanging on to my 85% acceptance cuz damn sound doesn’t work.

Oh, come on. It’s a technology company. Now the transportation company, why can’t you get your shit together?

Larry and I are going going going on at the other day, just back and forth. complaining about it. With the technology company, right broken asset.

I mean, that kind of, you know, leads us into our tip time. Well, originally my tip was going to be

don’t cough with the packs. In the car. Yeah,

but that’s just seriously,

that’s just humorous. But a real tip, honestly, is to diversify. And we’ve talked about this before, you know, have rideshare have food delivery, have grocery delivery. You know, Amazon’s got some work here and there. There’s definitely a ton of things that you can do. In the meantime, and it’s just, you know, you never know. I mean, this is pretty extreme. I, you know, obviously, it’s never happened in my lifetime. So no one can really predict that. But definitely diversify yourself.

And so, you know, there’s no such thing as too many. I mean, I’ve got several. Yes, we’re Uber Eats Lyft instacart doordash. And still having a hard time. Yeah, no.

Yeah, I mean, you got to stop dropping the XP. I mean, that’s gonna fuck you every time.

All right, we’re going to do on joy on Pete.

All right, we’re gonna jump into

Facebook shenanigans,

which is this is kind of this funny stories. I’ve been waiting for this one for about two weeks because I think this one came out like the day after we like two weeks ago and we screamed, but go ahead, Sam.

Not great. All right, I’ll read it.

rideshare companies Uber and Lyft stun the travel community day when they announced plans to merge into the world’s largest rideshare platform in the third quarter of 2020. The new company will be called lube. The company’s corporate headquarters will be based out of Ubers current campus in San Francisco, California due to the overwhelming acceptance of lube in the Bay Area. CEO dare Dora I’m not reading his last They released a statement saying lube is the most effective way to insert. Insert ourselves into your marketplace. Our customers and driver partners should notice absolutely no discomfort while using lube. We have already started to change how the platform operates in our implementing further changes to make riding more cost effective for the average consumer, while teaching drivers how to operate their vehicles on a minimalist budget. Yeah, ain’t that the truth? I’ve seen profits for officers and shareholders will not be affected. While some driver have complained of discomfort. We found that they do not even notice after new the new application of lube regulatory records I can’t even say that word regulatory officials have said their hands are tied on how to how much lube is applied to the current driver pool or marketplace. It will have to wait and see if the insertion with lube will have any ripple effects in the market going forward. So there you go. Then new company. I feel like they should have called it Luber.

I mean, Doesn’t it sound a little better Luber instead of No, no, no.

I bet you do. I think

with it on top of this being so funny that there was actually people in the Facebook group asking if this is really happening,

the real thing

wasn’t even I put a comment. Oh, somebody leave this next

real thing

Well, I think I think people were the victim of and I do it too. You scan the headline you kind of scan the article real quick and then you’re like, Oh, god, this is disgusting. Why and then he really read it. But you heard me read it. Some of it did sound legit and then you’re like, you know sliding it in. Oh man. Maybe

Yeah, whatever. Did that is great.

I wish there would have been a no that would have been awesome. Oh,

yeah, go to cabana. You could I mean you could have this big thing. Maybe we should change our podcast to lube. GR Rideshare Adventures lube. Luber. Okay. Baba Jason’s face.

So. Hello. Oh, sorry.

I got a Pax that was naked this morning at 4am i screenshotted his message. I also took a picture of him nude outside. I bet you did. Seems like he just wants female drivers. Maybe I know his address and he was filing a police report blah, blah, blah. I don’t need to read the rest of that. But no pickup. No, it says I am an exhibitionist must be okay with new trends.

I mean, what would you do? I mean, I think clearly she pulled up just to get a picture, but I think that’s hilarious. Or maybe she didn’t see what I would do.

What’s up, I would look at that. sign off. Go back to Walmart and pick up the

car seat. In the crack rocks in the blunt

the cat cracks in the blood. Oh my god.

Oh my gosh. Okay, next up is our last Corona it’s gonna be Mr. Yes spur and you know, again we are joking. I mean we kind of are but I mean we’re trying to have a little humor with it too so as it’s got a little bit more serious but go ahead yes for

so if you ever use the bathroom at the speed with Gordon Michigan I’m pretty sure you’re immune from the corona virus. And it is pretty nasty.

Oh, yeah. But have you used it in the last 30 days? That’s

what I used to go to Speedway to get my gas because I added them to Speedway points. Yep. And ice. I went to a show one time just out of a whim and went to the bathroom. there and Stop bonus. Yeah,

yeah. Pete when you started talking about Johnny’s are easier you’re Gabe. I started going there too. And I’m like, Oh my gosh, she’s bathrooms. I mean, they’re not immaculate but I mean the speedway regularly had shed the walls.

Yeah. Why there’s no cameras that the you know, nicely lit.

There’s no cameras. No,

there’s cameras in the speedway bathroom. How do you know?

I took mine out. So

I was using the Subaru k one for a little bit. That was nasty do


they got good gas but


I would never do

anything good to know. Hey.

Yeah, I think Johnny’s does an amazing. What about your area where you drive Johnny’s here in Grand Rapids is really stepped up and made a nice and environment I wish I wish some of them had like a little seating area that would be just great. Just to kind of chill out a little bit I think I know they don’t want loitering but I think people would spend more money if you know you could take a little break in there and sit down.

Yeah. Well and honestly it’s it’s nice when you go and buy Johnny’s particularly the one on Michigan street at night. There’s often a police officer there. Yeah. You know, they kind of hang out there and so it’s good to know too that if you need it, you can you can get one there you know?

Yeah, for sure. Especially on the overnights obviously, they must give them free soda or whatever. But it’s amazing how two companies Speedway and shout that. They’re literally across the street from each other and one it’s like a warzone. Yeah, I mean, it’s it’s disgusting. So

I heard that they’re rebuilding that Speedway, though, is that is there any truth to that? I’m not sure I

can tell you haven’t walked in the building in months.

I mean,

could burn it down. It might be better at least kill all the crabs.

Rip, you’re out you’re pushing.

So this next one is

we had a we had a picture similar to this a couple weeks ago. Yeah, this one says this effing Lyft driver has a whole last Sega Genesis in the back. What the f? I mean picture of like,

we’re explicit now p o Sega.

But yeah, it’s a picture of a Sega Genesis it looks like it’s probably an emulator again. But yeah, don’t use big words Sega Genesis setup in the in the back, but then to play a little sign with directions.

You know, I’ve actually thought about hooking one of those up into the to my car. There was a you know, I have a screen and fries for rides. Yeah, exactly. My company right here. And I have a have an HDMI in and in the side as well. So yeah, it was Pretty easy to do it.

Yeah, you keep talking about it but you never do it

you know, it’s only a nine inch monitor so

I don’t I take nine inches all day long.

Hey, oh, you’re using your lube them so my boy

Oh, oh shit.

Well before we wrap up let’s I mean what do you guys thoughts on all this do you think it’s gonna be done in three weeks Do you think we’re gonna be back driving? No,

no, I don’t think so No,

what about up?


sorry I was looking at Twitch.

I just wondering, do you think this is gonna be all wrapped up in three weeks or do you think we’re I hope so, man. I hope so too. I’m so fortunate that my job I don’t really deal with the public so I’m back to work and it shouldn’t affect me.

I only have one more month of work

see, well, technically You only got two more weeks because you got a vacation for the next two weeks. Well, she’s still got to work. She works from home.


Before we check out I

just want to talk about the Patreon

what what are we talking about?

I said, work.

Oh, in quotes. Yeah, I was waiting for I thought you put like one of your little faces up. Yeah, just check out GR or slash gi rideshare. You can sign up to get exclusive content like before the show or after the show. And we also do a gig economy podcast probably is not gonna happen this month. Just with everything going on in Sam’s ghetto, at&t internet. And then if you sign up for the $10 you do get a GR Rideshare Adventures hat and I do Oh, Justin and Gabe. Just have it connected with them. But yeah, go to slash Yeah, right. Sure. If you want to support us, definitely Got some costs involved with all this stuff? And this doesn’t happen just like for nothin. So anyone got any closing thoughts as we kind of head out of here?

No. Let’s

make some money. Yeah,

I may be careful at least

they save out there that’s true and if you have to be out make sure you wash your hands and use all the sanitizer

and don’t go as Pete’s car cuz he’s if you ask for sanitizer is gonna tell you to get bent.

I got orange sanitizer

orange wipes Really?

Okay. All right, guys.

I hope hope the tech stuff wasn’t too bad for you tonight. We really appreciate you guys still chiming in and maybe we’ll be back April 1 with the regular podcast but we might be still stuck in here again. So thanks again for all your support. We super appreciate it and I hope you guys have a good night.

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