This is another video where a uber passenger drinks to much and ends up going to the hospital. This doesnt happen that often, but with our drivers it has happened twice. The  first one didnt end up at the hospital but he did drink until he passed out and could not tell the driver where to go.
The driver in this video did a great job. You should never touch a passenger. Always call the police and let them take care of it.

Driver observes an altercation after midnight in front of one of the larger bars in Grand Rapids. 
A bouncer throws out a very intoxicated guy, resulting in the guy hitting his head hard on the way out/down. (The bouncer 3 times the size of the "twig"). Driver stops the rider from creating more issues, and offers to drive him home...about 45 minutes away. 
The Video starts off with them arriving at the trailer park, and tells the tale of what happened following.. Enjoy. 
The video is recorded from a smart phone.

Here we have another front cam Friday where Uber/Lyft drivers park like idiots while they pick up passengers. Rideshare drivers please stop blocking traffic while picking up! Also a few guys end up having a rough night by getting arrested. 

Another night, another set of crazy happenings. This is actually from 2 different nights, from 2 different vehicles - but interesting none the less. Enjoy !

Crazy talks we hear inside the car. From doing something to Jesus to girls on the dance floor with something out.

This video includes your typical dumb ass drivers!

Very frustrating when people do not time the lights. Meaning make sure you know if you are going to make it through or not so you do not block the intersection. Also the special guest is my wife running a red light! Busted!

Here is some examples of talk going on inside our vehicles from drunk men talking about certain body parts, to women hitting on our drivers, to passengers so very drunk or tired that they repeat questions over and over.... Enjoy !

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