Fun dash cam  videos of dumb ass drivers. Enjoy!


Lots of different stuff in this video! Ducks, Christmas Lights, and asshole drivers :)

Driving laws broke, driver cant find his lane and a pee break.
Thanks everyone for watching and sharing. 

The first clip is someone that clearly drank too much. The second is  another video of people trying to fit more people than legally allowed in the vehicle. They were successful this time by pulling a fast one on the driver.
The lighting isn't correct in the cab video. Driver forgot to turn on the infrared light.


This is a video is example of why these drivers make it harder for the drivers that try to follow the rules. A few of us drive a bigger vehicle(Uber XL or Lyft Plus) and people try to fit more in than seats. We say no, they get pissed and say my last uber driver did it!
The middle clip is something we see all the time. drivers stopping in the middle of the lane and picking up or dropping off. At least in Grand Rapids this needs to stop. The police have taken notice and are issuing tickets.
Thanks for all the support this year, and thanks for the haters watching and leaving comments. :) Have a great 2018!

A couple of videos of bad drivers while we were out driving over the last week. Thank you for watching our videos. Please subscribe!

Thank you everyone that has subscribed and shared our videos. We appreciate your support. 
This last video highlights a few videos that stand out to us. It features  terrible husbands, rude passenger that gets kicked out and a very confused passenger.
Thanks again and we will see you in 2018!!

A compilation of all the terrible drivers and people we encounter while ride share driving. Enjoy!


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