Another compilation of crazy things people say in our cars... the middle clip is pretty nasty - consider yourself warned !!

A Police officer tries to convince the driver by showing his badge, that he can cram 7 in the drivers van. The driver stays firm.


This was a crazy frustrating ride. Front seat passenger was drunk and did not know what house he was going to. Had the correct address but he doesn't recognize the house. It is a long video, but worth it. My guess is you will be as frustrated as I was by the end.

After the Chris Stapleton concert, group of 7 tried to catch a ride...  The rider who ordered the ride was not OK with being told no, and got openly rude. Enjoy the video, and comment below !

This is a short compilation of a couple of requests we received, as well as a passenger breaking out in song ! Enjoy !

Picked up a party of 6 (7), 5 at a local reception hall... Here is what happened.  What surprised me, is that at no point was it suggested that 2 of the gentlemen would wait... Enjoy ! This was Halloween weekend, hence the costume.

This is a compilation of 4 videos, of Driver-Rider interaction - Fairly low drama, which is nice sometimes. Enjoy !

Four supposed friends enters the vehicle.. One of the "ladies" are really  rude most of the time, and quickly tells everyone that the rest of the group is not her friends.... Enjoy !


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