Wow this one is a good one. The woman in the video is way beyond drunk. I can figure out if the guy is creeping on her or actually trying to be nice.

Awesome video about some dude with nun chucks, guys talking about getting laid at a strip club and your typical drunks. Enjoy!

We have another compilation video of the fun and interesting rides we get while rideshare driving for Uber and Lyft.
 First up we have the uber driver asking some dad jokes with a girl thats not so bright.
 Second a women is very touchy-feely in a Mcdonald's drive-thru.
We saved the best for last. This dude talks about how he loves to eat dog treats dipped in honey. He is obsessed with it!

What is Front cam Friday? Every Friday we focus on the dumb ass drivers we encounter when we rideshare drive. In this edition we have a red light runner. A truck almost hits another car when he takes off fast in the snow, and a rideshare driver that gets stuck in the gas station.

Another eposide of Front cam Friday! More jaywalkers that do not obey lights. A women that fell down from drinking way to much and of course your typical asshole drivers.

This was a fun weekend of driving! In this video you will see everything from a woman asking if these cakes were pot brownies to a group of guys trying to fit 7 in a van that can only handle 6.

This is a Special Edition Front Cam Friday! The first clip is a couple of dudes that are exhausting to listen to! The second is some dipshit that decides to exit right in front of me. The third is a clip of one our own parking like a dip, and some rideshare chatter!

Another addition of Front Cam Friday. We have spin outs, a major slip and fall and your favorite dumb ass drivers of the week.

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